Big Brother 15: Final 2 Scenarios & Strategy

Big Brother 15 - Final 3 Memory Lane Brunch

There are just two more major steps in the Big Brother season this summer. Round 3 of the Final HoH and then the Jury vote where we’ll learn who is crowned the Season 15 winner and takes home the half-million dollar prize.

With the first two rounds complete the table is set for Round 3 so let’s take a look at the potential scenarios for who could win and who might move on to the Final 2.

Spencer will be sitting this one out as Andy and GinaMarie face off on Wednesday night. While it’s easy to say Andy knows his stuff on the game and should have an advantage don’t forget that GinaMarie nearly won the previous Q&A HoH competition that ended in a three-way tie. Considering these questions aren’t always the most intuitive it’s really anyone’s game to win.

Three potential match-ups for Final 2: Andy & GM, Andy & Spencer, or GM & Spencer.

No woman has ever beat out a guy in the F2 on Big Brother US. It’s a surprising statistic, but Andy knows the game and could bank on the idea of that streak staying alive. If it does then I’d say he’s got the win either way, but there’s no guarantee.

Andy’s best shot is to take Spencer and he’s got to know it. Andy has betrayed a lot of HGs and if they’re still bitter then he loses to GinaMarie. If they’re impressed with his game then he’ll beat her out in the votes. Either way, the path of least resistance is with Spencer and that’s what he should do.

GinaMarie has told Andy she’ll take him just as he’s told her the same, but GM has also promised Spencer he’ll ride with her to the finish line. So which is it? I can’t be certain, but just as with Andy, GM’s best plan of attack is to take Spencer. She’ll landslide him with her relationships and wins.

Spencer is playing for second place and I think he’ll get it. If Andy wins Round 3 then he wins the game. If GM wins Round 3 but takes Andy then I think she would barely lose.

Which HG do you think will win Big Brother 15? Andy, GinaMarie, or Spencer?


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  1. I dunno bitter jury members could lead to spencer winning. I could see Mcranda Candice and andy all voting for Spencer over Gm just to spite her. Then he would need only 1 more to win, maybe jessie or judd.

      • Oh I’m not so sure about that… I don’t see why McCrae, Amanda and Helen wouldn’t vote for Andy (they all got deceived by him, and they’ve had time to sit back and ask themselves if they were simply too slow to catch on)… I don’t like it much, but Andy simply outplayed his own alliances using their tactics of ”Going With The House”. I think most of them will reward Andy for his methods as opposed to GM’s & Spencer’s methods (simply being people that were needed for votes)…

    • Well said. I think if people are bitter, the jury will go with Spencer to win. If they’ve accepted their outings, then Andy will win. It’s hard to see a case where GM wins (unless you can get all the women in the jury house to agree upon something….seems pretty unlikely if you ask me).

      • GM can win but ONLY if she takes Spencer. None of the HG really liked him. They tolerated him because he was an easy vote and patsy. It’s funny because some of them were as bad as or worse than Spencer. Amanda, Aaryn and GM. If Andy goes to F2 I think he will win against either of them. Helen will vote for him because she respects the game. The others it’s a toss up but I still think he will talk his way to getting votes. I don’t like any of them but of the 3 I would rather GM win.

      • Spencer can win but ONLY if he takes GM. None of the HG really liked her. The tolerated her because she did the dishes and made chicken parm. It’s funny because some of them were as bad as or worse than GM. Amanda, Aaryn and GM were all racist homofobes. Its a lock for Spencer to win. No doubt about it.

    • Even if GM sits next to Spencer, no matter what GM wins. She got Jessie, Helen, Aaryn, Elissa, Judd, and maybe MCrae..

      I think a GM & Andy final 2 is better. Spencer don’t even deserve 2nd. 2nd place should go to the person who fought to be there not be dragged there.

      If its GM & Andy, I think that GM will win, she will get Jessie, Aaryn, Elissa, Judd, McCrae, and Spencer (if Andy wins HoH & evicts Spencer)

      • i don’t think Andy will evict Spencer I think Andy knows he is a sure win if he takes Spencer over GM. Andy knows more women in the jury will side with GM

    • No, don’t think Spencer would win over Andy, bitter or not they jury isn’t going to hand $500,000 over to Spencer who did nothing but be a good pawn..all season

    • Right before the jury vote I think Julie should say, “Remember Houseguests, you will be voting for “The ‘The WINNING-LOSER’ of Big Brother 15.”

    • Looks like Andy might lose his job too!!! HA! And even Spencer could be in hot water. If Spencer wasn’t protected by the union, he would definitly be fired!

  2. I think that everyone knows about the female never beating a male and because of the fact that is is well over half female jury thyey might have Gm win just to break the pattern

  3. I hope I’m wrong but I just have a feeling Andy will win. My gut says that but I WANT Spencer to win. Now I know he didn’t play a strong game but he managed to get off the block how many times?? And he’s the only one left who I tolerate. I can’t forget the horrible stuff GM said to Candace and her racist remarks. Someone like that surely doesn’t deserve half million dollars imo. Saying to Candace that her mom never loved her when she was adopted? Unforgivable. As for Andy, hr was a sneaky back stabbing snake for sure.. but that was his game play. So my choice would be Spencer to win and Andy for the f2. Oh and ELISSA for Americas favorite player! :)

    • Spencer has said the most vile and disgusting things I have ever heard. He was put on the block as a pawn, and even volunteered many times. Andy and GM are just as bad. There are no good options for a winner, other than Elissa winning AFP.

      • I agree philly cat, Spencer said racist comments too along with kiddie porn comments always had his had either up his nose or down his pants. A vile human being.

      • I envy Spenser’s ability to articulate his wild stories about Elissa and her masterbation addiction… it was hilarious. You just can’t see the humor is his jokes, can you pilly cat.

      • I don’t know how anyone could find humor in the VILE disgusting things he said. What is funny about saying ugly things about her private parts, sexual pervesion, filthy personal things, scandalizing her family, eating feces laden toilet paper, and on and on! That is NOT funny for anyones family members to hear. If you think thats funny–you are as sick and perverted as Spencer Clawson!

      • I agree, Philly– Spencer in the past few days has made me puke, with all the vile things he has said about Elissa. AND Andy was also chiming in. I hope Elissa and her husband sue them and BB andCBS for not stoping it and let it air on BBAD.

    • Spencer is disgusting and is so disrespectful of women. The way he talks about Elissa, Amanda, Jessie, Candace, etc, is just gross.

    • Heather, Spencer was NEVER on the block as a target, he was always a pawn, he never had to fight to get off the block

    • OMG are you for real? You can’t forget what GM said but Spencer is just an awesome guy. So it’s okay for all his sexual remarks every single day? It’s okay for him to talk about child porn? He is the most disgusting pig I have ever seen and if you want him to win you are either related or just as sick as him.

      • Please. The sensitivity in this country has become ridiculous. While I neither condone nor agree with his comments; the POLICE searched his home and computer and found nothing. If you honestly think, for even one second, that someone that was truly guilty of that would say those things ON CAMERA then you’re more ignorant than they are. I’m not trying to be rude by any means, but come on. Enough is enough.

      • I was cut off there. To continue: comedy has been disturbed to a radical level because of people that complain about what’s right or wrong. What words can come out of people’s mouth. It’s been taken to this extreme because so many people, especially on here, believe that politically correct is the ONLY correct. Helen would love you. Let THAT sink in. It’s unreal to me how seriously people take things. Should he have said it? No. But people like you breed this kind of behavior. I’m sorry if offended anyone. And yes I truly mean that.

      • He took things way to far and made it PERSONAL! What he said was past dusgusting. I am not a prude and I will laugh at enjoy a dirty joke–but he was slanderous!! There is a big difference between funny and disgusting,and Spencer Clawson took it way past evil. I was uncomfortible listening to what he said. She has a family out there that was very hurt by his words. If you think that it was alright–then you are as sick as Spencer!

      • People like you are just as disturbed as the pig Spencer if your attacking someone verbally because they find what he said disgusting. Just because he doesn’t participate in child porn does not make it okay to talk about on live cameras. That is not even something to joke about. But hey if you want to think it’s okay and accuse people like me of breeding this behavior maybe you need to take a long look at yourself instead of accusing others.

  4. So this is it huh? Horrible casting, alliances, tactics, attitudes & actions… so we’re left with a horrible final 3. I think I can safely assume the final votes being…..horrible! Andy for the win (sigh).

    …Having said that, is there a better alternative? Nope.

  5. Everyone seems to forget Andy bragging to McCrea about the Exterminators before his eviction . Mc said he would remember Andy betraying them when he is on the jury. Andy has to many enemies to win the game. Whomever he takes (if he wins HOH) will win BB.

    • That’s all Andy does now is brag. He is taking credit for everything that happened in the house. He forgets how he cried and whined like a 3 year old when he thought Elissa was going to put him on the block.

      Andy is a liar, not just in the game but all the time, That has become obvious at this point.

      • Prince, you are correct. The jurors will remember his lying and bragging. He cannot win! Only hope for 2nd if he makes F2. Best bet is GM and Spencer in the final 2.

  6. Anybody but Andy. I want him to to get no money and then watch as Elissa wins AFP. Andy is a creep and a jerk.

    Spencer is a disgusting, vile deviant. I would hate to see him win anything either, but I think he is a lock for 2nd place, unless GM wins HOH and does the dumbest thing on the show this year and takes Andy to F2.

    GM is ignorant and I think she is a phony too. I wish it did not come down to these three, but if one of them has to win, I begrudgingly have to go with GM. Maybe she can fix up her house or her parents house or whose ever house was destroyed by Sandy.

  7. Spencer deserves the win, not sure why nobody sees it. He’s played the best game out of the 3 by far. All their “big moves’ were his idea, and he’s also won as many competitions as GM up to this point. Plus he managed to obtain a BB record that will likely never be broken, which is no easy feat.

    And in terms of bitter jury he could be set. He never voted against the majority of them, since he was on the block with them.

    • hardly getting to vote against HG’s because he was a pawn all the time does not give him points, all WHO’S moves were his ideas? No.. I’m sorry but I don’t see how Spencer did anything to win this game

    • Spencer floated to whoever had power. All he did was talk disgusting all day long, pick his nose and scratch his balls. He did not have one idea. Just went with the flow. Oh he also ate all the time. Yea sure give him the prize. NOT

  8. I really don’t want any of the final 3 to win. If they had a no one key that is the one that I would put in. I won’t vote for Andy because he floated. Granted Spencer was on the block 8 times but each time the was a PAWN and NOT A TARGET. GM although has made racist comments which I find deplorable, hasn’t joked about self gratifying themselves to kiddie porn as Spencer did. Whoever goes against Spencer gets my vote just for that reason. My choice for the winner is GM.

    • No actually I would have liked to see these 3 evicted first and those HG (except David, sorry he didn’t belong there) being F3 or at least on jury. I hope next year they go back to basics in selecting HG.

  9. GM, Andy and Spencer are the most vile excuses for a human being that I have ever seen. It is sickening to know that one of these three pigs will win. Their actions in this house are deplorable, and have actually decided after watching and hearing what they have said about others that even though could not stand her, Amanda, Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn were nothing compared to the hypocrites, racist views, homophobic, derogatory women view points, just plain old hate spewed by Gina Marie, Andy and Spencer. BB really just needs to give the money to charity because none of those final 3 deserve a penny.

    • You might be surprised, but I agree with most of what you say. BUT…. I disagree with you dissociating Amanda and Aaryn from the 3 leftover sub-human POS left in the house. All 5 are as bad as each others.

      Please go back again to that video on Youtube:
      Amanda Zuckerman: Social Justice Warrior

      BTW that video is now up to 301,464 views

  10. I can stay silent no longer. I’m so tired of hearing people complain about the cast and how this is the worst season of Big Brother ever and that every producer should be fired for the horrible casting this season. You guys pressured them to make this an all newbies season relentlessly and they gave you what you want. Now that you have what you want, you’re going to throw it back in their faces and complain even more.

    Second, the idea that you should crucify Aaryn and Amanda and Spencer for some of the awful things they have said yet root for Gina Marie over Andy is the most hypocritical thing I have heard in a while. If you don’t like Andy, that’s your choice, but STOP masking it as if you’re taking the moral high road. I’ve seen people talking about how they hate all three of the final three and can’t root for any of them because of the despicable things they’ve said yet still root for Gina Marie over Andy. Gina Marie has used the n-word multiple times, she told Candice her mother didn’t want her because she was adopted, and many other awful things. Andy? What did he deserve to be the punching bag of the season? I’m not saying you have to like him (despite the fact that he has managed to perfect the floating strategy, which I’ve never seen done successfully) but STOP with the moral high ground crap you use to justify your choice for who should win. Any person who understands the game knows that Andy has played a great game, though not the most entertaining, and Gina Marie is a strategical nightmare. If it’s not her game play you respect, what is it? She’s said some of the most horrific things in the house, yet you still think she deserves the money more than Andy.

    There’s just no reasoning with you people.

    • joethehobo – have you seen the live feeds and heard what vile things Andy has said? He has some insane obsession with Elissa where he must bash here at least 10x a day. He’s as horrific as Spencer and GM when it comes to nasty comments.

      GM had the guts to put McCranda on the block. She didn’t kowtow to Amanda, especially when Amanda was in her face.

      There is no “moral high ground” in this situation. They’re all so despicable and terrible that it’s hard work trying to pick the least bad one. Basically, it comes down to who you can stomach the most (or whose playing strategy you like the best).

      • Yes I’ve watched the live feeds. Show me one thing Andy has said that even comes close to some of the things that have come out of Gina Marie’s mouth. You’re not seriously saying making fun of Elissa for being a boring and less athletic version of Rachel is worse than using the n-word repeatedly, are you?

      • Too many letters. Lol. Fixed it. Yep I’m ready I guess. Even if I don’t want any of them to win at least it will be more exciting to watch then the last couple of weeks. And the feeds…boring. I’ve watched maybe all of 5 minutes a day just to see if there is any game talk about who will take who. The best thing about tomorrow is Survivor.

      • That’s it? You seriously think that’s as bad as using the n-word or talking about watching child pornography?

      • That is just one thing….he has said 50 times more. Making fun of Elissa’s son, wishing harm to her. Need I say more. And you think calling her a c**t is okay?
        That is one of the most disgusting, vile words you can call a women. So how are you related?

    • These are fans. I don’t care what they write, and I’m not tired of hearing people complain about the cast, the season, the F3, etc. etc…that’s their prerogative.

    • Easy there Hobo Joe. If you’ve read most of my postings you’ve seen that there are some on here (myself, Jacee, and a few others) who have consistently mentioned that it is hypocritical for Big Brother and the fans to crucify one contestant (Aaryn for example) and say ”good game” to others who have also said or done horrible things (like Elissa).

      Where I disagree with you is that ”All is fair” when it comes the morality of contestants. Big Brother isn’t just a game and it does have long lasting implications not only on the contestants, but also on their families, their friends, and their community. (Those who disagree should probably go hang with anyone from this year’s cast after the show and see for themselves…there’s always a price to be paid for infamy).

      • I think you’re proving my point. The idea that rooting for Gina Marie (who has said some of the most vile things I’ve ever heard on reality television) over Andy just because his game isn’t as exciting as some of the others is ludicrous to me, especially when in the very next sentence these same people bash Spencer, Aaryn, and Amanda for the things they have said. Aaryn has been painted as the most awful reality show contestant to have ever walked the planet and Gina Marie will never see that kind of scrutiny. I just think it’s hypocritical for people to not root for Spencer because of what he has said and then go on to root for Gina Marie. Personally, I root for the best game player, whether they have said awful things or not, and Andy just played the best game. And as a bonus, he hasn’t said anything comparable to the other two. But apparently the countless other Big Brother ‘fans’ who talk about taking the moral high ground are willing to overlook a few n-words and threats of beating Elissa to a pulp while the guys block the producers from intervening (look it up, she said it) as long as it’s a little flashier than Andy’s harmless but boring strategy.

      • Perhaps some people have not had the Live Feeds (I haven’t) so we don’t all know some of the vile things said by any of them, Not everyone can have the same feelings or points about any of the HG’s because of this, so most likely many are basing their views on just what they have seen or read. I do agree with what you have said…

      • As I mentioned, I do agree with you in part (hypocrisy has been more evident this season, especially by Big Brother, subsequently by some of the fans). Where we disagree is what constitutes good game play…

        I furthermore agree with Cyril that on a forum like this even opinions containing hypocrisy have the right to do so and post here… I may not like some people’s opinions and phrasing, but I’ll defend their right to an equal voice.

      • We don’t dislike Andy because of his boring game play. What don’t you understand? He is just as bad as all the others. He makes disgusting remarks everyday. And he goes on and on and on about his hatred for Elissa and the harm he wishes on her. And saying hateful things about her son and calling her a c**t. And how is it hypocritical to pick who you want to win since they all suck? And where does this moral high ground come into the picture??? Like I said you must be Andy’s father.

      • How after all you did was call people on this site hypocrites and questioning are morals all because we pick who we want and don’t want to win and it’s not to your liking. You don’t sound like you want to debate anything.

      • You clearly haven’t truly listened to a word I said, so there’s obviously no reasoning with you. My massive walls of text are simply no match for your “wow bro u must be related to him ahahaha y u mad bro?”

      • I haven’t watched much of the live feeds but I have read recaps of them and the recappers choose not to write a lot of what Andy, Spencer and GM say because it’s so vile.

        I don’t understand how you can criticize Lavendargirl and say she’s not listening to what you say when you completely ignore all 95% of her argument and go straight to her “you must be related” type statements. She has made very good, very valid points about how GM, Spencer, Amanda, Aaryn, etc are bad but *Andy is just as bad* as they are. (See Lavendargirl’s examples for more information.)

    • Umm take your blinders off. Have you not heard the disgusting things that came out of Andy’s mouth also. And when we say we want GM to win it’s not because were happy with that it’s just that someone has to win and if we had to pick she is the lesser of two evils. So just because you’re related to Andy don’t come here and hand us a lecture because we’re expressing our opinions.

      • Lavendargirl doesn’t care if someone says something awful as long as they’re fun to watch on the broadcast show. A few n-words here and there and a threat to beat the pulp out of Elissa while the guys held the producers back from saving her is still better than Andy being unattractive and less flashy with his gameplay.

    • i wish someone had the guts to say.. I dont want either of u to win but I have to vote for one,, soooooooooooo I am going to put my hand inside my bag, shake it around and pull one out that is the one I HAVE to vote Good Luck for you!!

  11. In case anybody care and/or can watch, Jeff Probst will be on The Talk tomorrow.

    Plus Kathy Griffin says what she REALLY thinks about the BB15 final 3.

  12. I disagree with his belief that GM has more votes with the jury than Soencer. When Ellisa floated her view that they should vote for GM did you notice the facial expressions and body language? I think GM has Ellisa and Judd’s vote but she would have make the speech of a lifetime (and we all know how GM and speechs go together). I think either Spencer or Andy beats her. Andy when he was brought up as a backstabber got comments from Helen and Amanda the he back stabbed us all but grudging acknowledgement it was well played with only negative facial expression and body language from Ellisa. Spencer is a bit of a wild card since no jury member brought him up at all, but I think the negative response toward GM leans toward him beating her in the jury.

  13. Reposting what I wrote in a BB15 thread on PInoyExchange (which you can check it out btw so googlew search PinoyExchange and Big Brother 15 USA):

    It’s gonna be a tough call though because GM and Andy have made the bigger power moves than Spencer which should be of utmost consideration. Jurors usually base their decisions on different criterias, among them: 1)gameplay (who played it better, cleaner, more ruthless, and/or honest), 2)loyalty, 3)bitterness, 4)financial consideration (who needs it more), and 5)personal issues.

    Depends on who will end up as Final 2, here’s my predictions on who the jury will likely vote for who:

    A. GM-Spencer
    -GM=Aaryn, Amanda, Elissa, Helen, Jessie
    -Spencer=Judd, Candice, Andy, McCrae

    B. Andy-GM
    -Andy=Helen, Elissa, Amanda, Candice, Spencer, Judd, McCrae, Jessie

    C. Andy-Spencer
    -Andy=Helen, Elissa, McCrae, Amanda, Candice, Jessie, GM, Aaryn

    I’m afraid though because the Andy and GM have long standing friendships and alliances with most of the jurors that they are guaranteed a vote from at least 2 of them. Spencer may have only Judd’s vote either way if he ends up F2.

    If GM beats Andy on Part 3 of the final HOH comp, the best option is to take Spencer to final 2 to get the highest chance of clinching the win. If Andy wins, he’ll abide with his F2 deal with Spencer and send GM to jury (plus he knows he has the best chance of winning against Spencer). Andy will have a tough time, however, getting to sway jury votes but, compared to Spencer, his chance of getting most of the votes, including 2-3 votes from his original 3AM alliance, is pretty high.

    Tough call if Andy and GM ens up in Final 2 because it will go down to which of their respective strategies matters the most to secure them the win: 1)competition wins+power moves+friendships with the rest of jury or 2)competition wins+effective floating strategy to reach Final 2.

    To make his case to jury, Spencer will need to utilize a lot of convincing that his social game have made the rest of the house underestimated him, especially having used him as a pawnstar as collateral for several weeks after The Moving Company was outed and annihilated; and without any of the power players ever knowing, have redeemed his game by forming The Exterminators alliance to guarantee him a spot to Final 4 up to Final 2, landing him back to a position of power when he was heading TMC (and not Nick). By the time GM was HOH, Spencer have finally called the shots on who gets booted and who stays.

    Actually, he has a strong case for jury to give him the win as long as he tells them that the Exterminators was HIS idea. If he is pitted against GM, she will surely back him up. Andy however might steal the credit away from Spencer and claim it as his. If the jury is smart enough to see him beyond all that web of lies, Spencer just might win it (and eventually dirty the season even further).

  14. It would be only fitting if the final vote was won by just one vote and one of the goofy jurors, jumps up and says that ‘s not how they intended to vote. I hope it’s Elissa who makes the mistake and erroneously votes for Andy to win even though he really screwed her over good when she was evicted.

  15. I think if Andy goes to the final, he has a good chance to LOSE! Andy has made it a point to tell each house guest that has been evected, that HE was the one who caused their evection. He has done this with a gleeful demeaner, with a touch of superiority! His EGO is so big that he couldn’t waitt blurt it out. With this group of juriors–I think they will hold a grudge. None of them have played a good game, so I don’t think they are going to recognize any good gameplay. These past few days ,I have built up feeling of pure hate for him and especially that vile, disgusting Spencer. The way that they talked about Elissa, saying some of the most evil, scandulous things about her have made me sick. I hope Wednesday night, Elissa’s husband and Brenchel, knock Rat Andy and Fat Spencer out and then slap them with a lawsuit for SLANDER, and takes all their winnings. And also sue CBS and BB for letting it air!

    • I disagree with your premise that Andy “gloated” to each hg that was evicted to the jury. The only only he drove the knife in on and twisted was Amanda and if any thing that will help with the jurors that dislike Amanda, heck when Amanda told the other jurors about it it was with what appeared to be grudging respect. The only other person Andy spoke to about their eviction was McCrae and that was along with GM and Spencer

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