Big Brother 15 Episode 23 Recap: Nominations And The Best Have/Have-Not Competition Ever


Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 15 might have been about the nominations this week, but the big attraction of this episode was that awesome Have/Have-Not competition. I haven’t been as impressed by a competition in years.

The episode picks up right after Jessie’s eviction with Amanda boasting about being the mastermind of the game. And while she’s not exaggerating, her lack of modesty is incredible.

And then we cut to Aaryn’s Head of Household win. And you can tell Aaryn didn’t intend for that to happen. And neither did Amanda, clearly. But Aaryn tried to let Amanda have it, but it didn’t happen. And when McCrae implies that Amanda should have won the contest, she gets crazy. No, really, I mean crazy. She runs off to the storage room and cries behind a trash can.

Elissa is panicking over Aaryn’s win because she’s looking around and it’s starting to look like Elissa could be Aaryn’s only remaining target. But what Elissa doesn’t realize is Amanda is still calling all the shots and lucky for Elissa, Amanda has other plans.

Helen blabbing alert: This episode we get Helen not only telling Aaryn she’s like Janelle, she tells her she’s BETTER than Janelle. And the entire Big Brother fanbase has a collective obnoxious laugh.


Amanda is out from behind the garbage can, so it’s time to find out what Amanda’s plan is. Aaryn wants to put up Spencer and Elissa with Elissa as the target. But Amanda wants it to be Helen and Elissa. Her excuse is that if Helen wins the veto, she can take Elissa down. And Amanda has a point. But Amanda’s plan is for Helen to be the target with her thinking Elissa is the target.

And before Aaryn even agrees to the plan, Amanda tells Andy about the plan like Aaryn signed off on it 100 percent. So that’s what’s going to happen.

Speaking of Helen and Elissa, when they realize they’re backed into a corner, Elissa says that if she gets evicted, she’s not going to the jury house and will just go hope. Helen gets terribly upset because she thinks that Elissa is being disrespectful to her and the game with that kind of thinking. And of course she’s thinking like that, she never wanted to be on the show anyway.

But as Amanda points out, the joke is on Helen. Elissa isn’t the target, Helen is.

It’s the Have/Have-Not competition. The HGs divide into two teams. The Green Team is Elissa, GinaMarie, Amanda and Helen. The Orange Team is Aaryn, Spencer, Andy and McCrae. The groups have to find a key inside of a pitch-black room rigged with goo, slime dumps, wind bursts and secret passages. It’s basically the best competition since Big Brother 6’s “Pressure Cooker.” The Orange Team killed it. They win.

Elissa gets to work campaigning to Aaryn and I think she may have used her yoga mat as a ploy? You guys, I don’t mean any blasphemy, but Elissa is really bad at this game.

At the nomination ceremony, Aaryn makes Amanda’s nominations so Helen and Elissa’s keys are not pulled.

If you don’t want to wait until Wednesday to find out how the veto competition played out, check out our Big Brother spoilers.


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  1. time for everyone to all hail Aaryn, she is a boss on comps, love it or not, Buwahahahahahahaha

      • really? do you honestly think CBS is going to be giving prescription drugs to someone without a prescription?

      • She has a prescription for Adderall and the do allow the players to take their prescription medications.

      • I don’t know why everyone thinks Adderall is helping her win comps. People are acting like it’s steroids or something. Amanda can attest to the fact that Adderall does not help in comps.

      • I don´t know what she is taking… but she was doped on the last 2 thursdays.
        Look on how the moves around the house and how she moves on the Thursdays. She can barely smile, barely talks and is looking like a robot.
        Julie saw that there was something weird with Aaryn last hoh.

      • Aaryn was just declared the winner on a Las Vegas online betting site. All further betting has been closed. They obviously know something or the betting wouldn’t have been halted this soon.

      • Oddly enough, Miguel Tejada was just suspended from baseball for Adderall. Major League Baseball seems to think it’s performance enhancing.

      • In Tejada’s case, he is suffering from ADD, so he need the medication. But he need to tell MLB to obtain a dispensation. He did, but it lapse and he forgot to renew it. SInce it is his second offense, they suspended him.

    • So do to some wackos that made bombs from a pressure cooker (a thing that 100% of the restaurants have and most of the houses too, you, probably, have one on your kitchen), we should outlaw the Pressure Cooker.

      Well, due to the Alabama bombing with a Van, we should outlaw all the vans in the world.
      Due to the try to bomb a Manhattan street with a car, we should outlaw all the cars in the world.

      It´s that what you are saying? Or didn´t you ever check a kitchen and saw what a pressure cooker is?

    • If you’re upset about that, what about the name of the show “big brother”, that’s a famous book about a one world government controlling every aspect of peoples lives and thoughts and it’s actually happening right now… have you not noticed that world wide countries are forming “Unions” and diminishing the role of individual governments… I’d be far more scared of that than some irrelevant competition named pressure cooker. WAKE UP PEOPLE, obama is the worst thing to ever happen to AMERICA.

    • I know, right! I find it disrespectful to the Boston victims that they stull use backpacks on The Amazing Race.


  2. Not gonna lie despite what happened in the start of the game with Aaryn, she making it hard not to root for her. I don’t agree with racist comments but I also dont agree continued bashing of someone and getting enjoyment hoping for them to fail in life. She going through a big learning curve, and (her comments about Helen this episoded showed some of that) I think its wrong not to hope she learns from her mistakes instead of hope for a meltdown in her life. She won a lot of competition, she the one who had to do the actual nominating of Amanda targets, and she went from everyone wanting her out in week 2 to making it past 3rd jury member, say what you want but game wise she most deserving for sure at this point.

    • Ignoring the racist stuff, she is basically been Amanda’s bitc* ever since she got off the block she is doing Amanda’s dirty work and not playing her own game.

    • She’s not someone to root for IN MY OPINION. Just because she won comps is why people all of a sudden are rooting for her. What do you think it would be like if she wasn’t winning comps but everything played out the same up until this point otherwise? She’d still be hated on by the viewers(and possibly the house guests.) Also, she hasn’t learned. For example, when everyone in the house was getting questioned about her racist comments she tried to save herself by apologizing to Candice, yet up until she left, still said bad things about her. Aaryn is an ignorant, immature, young girl who is going to have A LOT of hate and learning to do in the REAL WORLD. Not somewhere where getting people to like you helps you win $500,000. Also, the only reason why she likes Helen is because Helen basically saved her in her time of need, yet she didn’t feel THAT bad for backstabbing the person who saved her big brother life.

      • Thats exactly why! Its hard not to not give a person respect if they keep on winning. Kind of like Lebron James first year in miami whole world hated him, now that he keeps winning kind of hard not to root for him, even though he betrayed cleveland. Im not saying i agree what she did, im just saying is that she playing a big time big brother game! People complain about houseguets not making big moves on here all the time yet, Aaryn made all the biggest moves, i’m not judging her on a personal level, im just judging her that she is making big game moves, and I respect that because a lot of people don’t make them in this game.

      • Aaryn hasn’t made any big moves. She did exactly what “the house wanted”. Plus everything Aaryn has done came out of Amanda’s mouth. She isn’t playing her own game and she’s been playing it safe when it comes to nominations. A big move would be to backdoor Amanda and get her out because if Aaryn, Amanda, and McCrae make it to F3, Aaryn has a 1/3 shot of making it to F2 and Amanda and McCrae have a 2/3 shot.

      • Yeah she has she been playing it smart. If you watched bb2 Will did the exact same thing even said in one of his DR well I can kick out Hardy or Nicole right now but my time going to very limited, so I have to do what they say for the time being. Thats exactly what she doing, she could of put up both Amanda McCrae numerous times and got revenge but she probably would of been evicted the following week. She went from being evicted week 3, to making deals, winning a lot of comps. The game not over yet, and I wouldn’t be suprised if she the one who gets Amanda and McCrae out, but at this point in time she played pretty good considering she was supposed to be a goner in week 3.

      • Indeed. I do wanna say that she isn’t really doing what she wants to do and I think a big part of BB is doing what you want to do not getting your hands dirty for other people. Even though, she’s doing it to keep herself safe people would rather her make a big move.

        Aaryn’s either helping her game immensely or she’s helping Amanda/McCrae’s game immensely. She could take them out or they could take her out, it’ll just come down to who strikes first and when.

      • If laying low and doing what other people tell you is her game, it certainly does not take any skill or talent to play that way. Aaryn played like that because she had not choice, as you said. But her only strategy so far has been to get rid of people she does not like personally. She wanted to get Elissa out of the house the minute she found out Elissa was Rachel’s sister. What is the strategy in that?

      • I agree. Aaryn’s only strategy has been to go after Elissa who is basically the worst player in the house and the least threat.

      • Exactly. It’s jealousy. All of the house guests have been getting people out on personal problems, nothing game-wise whatsoever except maybe Judd.

      • and honestly from who left who would you root for honestly? I don’t really like anyone thats left, Amanda controls the house, but whines a lot, McCare don’t mind him but idk seems like Amanda just controlling him, Andy I admit is playing a really good game, but still seems too non existent for me to respect the style, Helen, I like at times, but it annoys me when she does that suck up speech for everyone, Spencer game got screwed to being backed into a corner to just survive since moving company, GM naaaa, Aaryn well don’t like her, but she gotten a lot of people out. I mean who do you choose honeslty?

      • While I do dislike her more then anyone else in the house even the vile Amanda, I do think she’s playing one of if not the best game in the house. I just don’t like how people are all of a sudden thinking she is some nice girl who changed herself when in reality, she only did so to save her skin.

      • I agree I doubt she changed yet, but I also don’t let how people root for her to fail in her life either. Everyone make mistakes, yeah she did was wrong and is for sure gonna learn a hard lesson from this when she gets out, but who are we to wake up everyday and hope for someone to just fail in the life and not turn it around either.

      • I completely agree with that. Although I do think her getting fired from her job will be a rude awakening for her and to a certain extent I agree with the company firing her, I don’t agree with people hoping her life to be ruined. I am hoping she has all the hate turn into her realizing that the world today doesn’t tolerate discrimination,racism, bullying, and bigotry.

      • Give Aaryn credit for putting up Judd as renom as well as Helen of late. The other big moves, evicting Nick and Jeremy was the work of both Helen and Amanda. Of the three, Amanda has been the smartest so far as to strategy and getting the alliances all to her favor.
        Aaryn is 2nd best but, probably will try and take out Amanda soon! Helen gets the dunce cap for being the dumbest!
        She evicerates her own allies Candice and Jessie who were loyal to her and instead, went over to Aaryn and Amanda’s side! Now, how stupid is that?

      • In the game of Big Brother, Juries are sequestered so that their decision is not based on media coverage or public opinion. I’m all aware of the bad behavior of all the HG . At the end of the day, Juries will award the player $500,000 based on game play not their character……After the game, they will face reality….and that’s a different story.

      • And that’s why I hope(as a viewer) she doesn’t make it to the finale. Because she’d be a deserving(gameplay soley) winner.

      • I think it is clear that in addition to being a racist, Aaryn is vain, superficial and self-centered. Notice how she loved Helen for the day or two after Helen approached her and flattered her by calling her better than Janelle? Then, when Helen went to GM directly and tried to make a deal with GM, Aaryn completely turned on Helen. Amanda is playing Aaryn too by appealing to her ego. That’s what Amanda is good at.

        But Aaryn and GM are really not nice people no matter what they claim. The way the talk about people all the time – and its always personal – is very immature.

      • Backstabbing, manipulation and lying is part of the Big Brother game. Is it Aaryn’s fault that Helen, Amanda and Judd all coddled her thinking at the time that they were going to take her to Final 2? Judd even made up a lie to ensure that Kaitlyn is evicted! Blame the 3 amigos for Aaryn still being in this game! The wise move was to take Aaryn out when they had a chance! The same goes for Judd and Helen passing up the 2 chances to take out Amanda! Judd got himself backdoored and Helen is set to follow his footsteps too!

    • I agree with you 100%! All comments aside, she’s the most deserving person in the house. No one else in the house has done anything. If she wasn’t the way she was and had not said any of the comments everyone would be rooting for her!

      • Considering Amanda is running the house without ever winning a comp, I would say Amanda is the most deserving. But like aaryn, a lot of people can;t get past Amanda’s bullying. Its weird how some people can excuse Aaryn’s racism, but not Amanda’s pushiness.

      • I am not at all excusing Aaryn’s behaviour! As I said if she wasn’t racist people would be rooting for her. I equally dislike both Amanda and Aaryn. They’re disgusting human beings but if these people were normal I think Aaryn would deserve it more. Could you stop making it seem like I’m fine with Aaryn’s comments because I’m not. Nothing she says will ever make me see her differently.

  3. When in the world will someone not wussy out against Amanda? We need to bring back Rachel in Pandora’s Box to boost Elissa’s morale and bring paranoia against other people. The competitions are getting better now… I totally agree and loved the Black Box competition–something original and entertaining!

  4. In the conversation about the YOGA MAT…Aaryn responded by saying “I feel ur pain they won’t let me have any foundation (make-up)”. But CBS edited Aaryns comment out to make Elissa look like an airhead. Makes u wonder about all the stuff we don’t hear even tho we have the feeds.

    • Elissa is really clumsy in conversations like that. She is clearly not comfortable kissing up to people she does not like – like Helen does. But during BBAD tonight, Helen and Elissa were having a conversation and Elissa actually sounded like the one with the brains. For example, Helen asked Elissa, “do you think America sees this years cast as the best ever?” Elissa said no, just the opposite. They hate us! Helen didn’t believe her.

      To me, this was indicative of the Helen, Elissa alliance. Helen has the stronger personality but she makes really dumb moves. Elissa seems to have a much better grip on the house although she struggles to get her thoughts out in a coherent manner.

      • Elissa as a person is way better than most of the house guests left in the Big Brother House but, the way she talks is totally weird. Like in the conversation with Aaryn in the HOH room, she talks about her yoga mat out of the blue when they were talking about another thing. Aaryn said to herself that Elissa is talking about a yoga mat when Aaryn is about to make her nominations? Clearly a question of priorities. Elissa seems to be all over the place and clearly she does not have her head in this game! Reminds me of Rachel who cries a lot and had her head focused on Brendon only which nearly cost her the game! I think it was Jordan who talked to Rachel and made her focus on the game itself. When she did, Rachel played much better! Elissa, I am afraid just does not know how to play this game!

    • There was another thing they showed but it´s doesn´t make a context if they don´t show the conversation between Andy, Amanda, Mcrae and Aaryn.
      The only person that talked with Aaryn that got a honest response… it was Elissa.
      Even all that botched talking, Aaryn told Elissa she didn´t knew who was going up… but Elissa was not the target. (even that all the other ones made Elissa think she was the target…and that Aaryn just told her that joking with her)

      It was the single honest answer Aaryn made to anyone in the house.
      I can´t understand that “relationship”. On old have-have-not competition, Elissa gave advices to Aaryn on how to place the things on the stoves… Aaryn followed everything, she even let 2 things that Elissa thought it where wrong and they talked outside and remembered that one was up and the other was below.
      Then that talk 2 weeks ago when helen told Aaryn to place Judd and Aaryn just stayed focuses on Elissa until she says “Judd should go”, and Aaryn let a smille and moved out of the storage.
      And now this?
      Or Aaryn dream is that she can be like Rachel… and the best thing she has in the house is Rachel Sister… or Aaryn got a thinking that Elissa is what Aaryn should be in a few years.
      It´s a very weird relation… but she has an alliance, talks with them (basically they talk with Aaryn and she just says yes or may be) and only gave a honest answer to the one person? her “worst enemy”?

    • Not only that but when she came out of the black box I the have not comp. all she could do is complain about her hair. I did not notice, but did she even get excited about her team winning?

  5. I have to say that I know GM thinks that Elissa talks down to her and says nasty things to her, but I don’t think that is nearly as bad as GM farting in front of people and not even saying excuse me. Honestly, why does she think it is okay for other people to have to inhale her gases?

    That is rude, inconsiderate and insulting too.

    • And the things GM says are extremely vulgar. Elissa has never said anything vulgar so I don’t know why GM is acting all high and mighty because when it comes to nasty comments she’s the queen.

  6. The black box competition was so funny.
    GM finding the hole and going in thinking she had found a secret passage :D
    Then Amanda hitting the button and getting a fart onto her face…
    The other team was super funny.
    Aaryn “hates” spencer, but when she saw the door open and pitch black inside, who was the one to be right in front of her?
    When she was crawling and told Andy to crawl she must have called spencer… but it was not showed. Since Spencer was nearby the middle buckets and he tells that “im going to the center of the room”. And Aaryn answers ok.
    Then Spencer finds the key, he calls everyone out… and Aaryn just grabs him for her life :D
    The wrong door shoot everything into spencer, Aaryn got some just because she hits the door when they move out.

    But the team made a very bad choice. When Spencer found the hole, he was the one with the key. Mcrae should have stayed back waiting for everyone else… Andy was lost on the room. But they still won… due to Spencer.
    (and GM splashing the spaghetti to the key and passing her hands over it)

  7. I don’t believe that crappy human beings should be rewarded, so no matter how many comps they win. So there is absolutely no scenario in which I am OK with Aaryn or Amanda or GM winning. That is all.

    • While, I agree with you. The crappy human beings are in the majority. There is only Elissa left and maybe, McCrae against Aaryn, Gina Marie, Amanda, Spencer, Andy so, it is very likely atleast one or maybe both of the Final 2 will be one of the undesirables! That is the reality of it!

      • Wait, what did Andy do? Although I find him irritating, has he done or said something offensive like the others? He seems to be okay all things considered.

    • Are we watching the same game? What’s the point of Big Brother? To get to the end and win it all by any means necessary.

      The only “nice/non-dirty” player to win that I can remember is Jordan.

      I think GM falls more on the side of stupid than crappy. Aaryn hasn’t done anything that a majority of people have done (she just happened to be caught on camera.)

  8. Was laughing my head off when the 3AM Alliance gave themselves names. Actually, I think Aaryn thought of it. Amanda is the mastermind, Andy is the agent (secret agent or agent of chaos?), Aaryn called herself the beast and McCrae is the enforcer (of Queen Amanda’s wishes?). LOL

  9. Why would Elissa just go “hope”, with her elitist attitude wouldn’t she just want to go “home”.

  10. I really don’t think Aaryn even tried in that comp. She was too busy worrying about her hair. This makes. Elissa 4x, Helen 4x, GM 2x, and Amanda 2x as have nots. With the first three volunteered last week. I will be so glad to to see Amandass not eating all the time. Maybe now the HOH will have something left in her basket.

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