Big Brother 15 Episode 21 Recap: A New Alliance And Schemes Form


Wednesday night’s episode of Big Brother 15 was a pretty slow one but we did get to see some new and decently impressive schemes pop up that could send Helen crashing down from her pedestal.

The episode picks up right after Andy nominated Jessie and Spencer for eviction. Andy tells us in the Diary Room that Jessie is his target and that he has promised Spencer that is what is going to happen this week.

Jessie is hoping that she can win the Power of Veto and Andy can make a move and put up Amanda. And speaking of Amanda, she is of course taking credit for nominating Jessie. As if there were really any options. Helen is a little irritated and suspicious that Andy didn’t make the move she wanted, which was putting up Amanda and McCrae. But this was truly the best move for Andy right now. It might have been a boring move, but it makes the most sense for him.

Andy comforts Jessie by telling her that she’s not really his target but just a part of a bigger plan. He of course is lying because now he has to think about jury votes. Andy is making good moves right now. They’re not big moves, but they’re big moves.

Alliance alert! The Goof Troop lost Judd and the name. With Aaryn on board, she, Amanda, Andy and McCrae become “3 AM.” Three As: Aaryn, Amanda and Andy + M: McCranda = 3 AM.

Helen is getting very suspicious that Andy is no longer as tight with her as he used to be. She’s right, which is actually a rarity for Helen. She’s getting very nervous for herself and Helen because Andy wouldn’t make this move for her. She’s afraid McCranda will “strike” at them first.

Andy keeps dropping hints to Amanda and McCrae that Helen might be interested in coming for them, so Amanda gets wheels spinning and decides that Andy and McCrae need to make a final three deal with Helen. And then they’ll backdoor her when they get the chance.

McCrae heads to Helen to get to work on Amanda’s plan. So he tells Helen that Amanda would beat him in the Final 2 and Helen takes the bait immediately. Helen thinks McCrae has woken up and realized that if he wants to win the game he has to cut Amanda loose. She, of course is right, but McCrae is totally messing with her. We don’t get a solid decision yet and cut to the veto player draw.

Joining Andy, Spencer and Jessie in the veto game were Helen, Elissa and Amanda.

As soon as Helen sees Andy, she pulls him into the meeting with herself and McCrae. Andy floats McCrae’s “idea” for a final three deal and he’s all “sure” and Helen buys the plan even more.

Stupid moment alert: Andy, Helen, McCrae and Amanda are hatching a plan to ensure Jessie loses the veto competition. Andy basically tells Spencer to throw the competition so that Helen can go up against Jessie to beat her. Um, I’m no Spencer fan, but you can’t just go to someone on the block and say hey, you’re not going home anyway, so throw the comp. That’s as stupid as it is insulting.


At the veto competition, things don’t go exactly as the planned, but Jessie still loses. Andy wins the veto and holds all the power this week.

Helen follows up with McCrae about their talk earlier and floats a very dangerous idea to McCrae. She suggests that Amanda winning HOH at the final four is too risky so they will need to get rid of her at final six.  Helen believing McCrae with this plan is unreal. And “3AM” knows it. So they start dropping hints about getting Helen out this week, but Andy is not ready to get that kind of blood on his hands.

And he decides not to get the blood on his hands and keeps the nominations the same. So either Jessie or Spencer will be going home this week.

Who do you think will be going home?


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  1. We all know sadly…Honestly I’m shocked BB hasn’t done anything to make this week more interesting. And no BB McMandas wedding doesn’t count.

    • Tell me about it, I watching BBAD from last night, right now. Believe me, it won’t take me long. FF all the way.

      • Capt, I stayed up to watch BBAD (12:00 a.m., but when they said the wedding was in an hour, I turned off the tv and went to bed.

      • No being sex crazed for a guy is normal…. fantasizing about kids and torturing fellow house guests while having sex is not!

      • I don’t even know about most of the things that Spencer has said. When he starts talking, I stop listening.

      • I can understand that. Spencer really needs some help. I’m going to take the optimistic perspective and say he’s simply coming from a place and community where such thoughts and types of jokes are ”ok”. So what he needs to understand (through education) is that these jokes aren’t funny to many people because of what can be implied and what can happen from them… Spencer (like GinaMarie, Aaryn & Amanda) need to understand their words & actions have consequences BEYOND people simply being ”upset” with them.

      • They seem not to understand that BB is a temporary situation and that they will have to return to the real world soon. I’m not sure what makes them think that their lives after BB will be normal.

      • Dude. Lives a couple hours fromm. Sorry cupcakes I’m from the south messing with kids is worse than murder. He is screwed when he gets home

      • Sadly even wannabe celebrity status brings with it levels of acceptance. Look at Lindsay Lohan. The girl can’t keep her life together and she is poison for herself and the people around her. Yet there are still tons of guys who want to get with her, and tons of women who want to be like her… Makes no sense. I have a feeling all of the reality show contestants (on shows like Big Brother) are given a debriefing on how they need to shelter themselves after these shows are done…

      • Agreed. But people simply being angry at them won’t solve anything… they needs to get some serious education into their minds.

      • BB should have removed him upon making comments.VVictims of things like that get offened he needs to be locked away in a mental hospital

      • During the wedding they made tongo dress using bed sheets. Helen use the bed sheets that where in Spencer’s bed. Spencer told McCrea he hadn’t wash them since the beginning of the show.

    • Do you think they are going to make a souvenir DVD of the wedding. Could be in a nice box set with souvenir pictures. The perfect souvenir of the season you want to forget.

  2. You all wanted David,Kaitlin and Jeremy gone in the first 4 weeks for being bullies.

    Now you guys are complaining about the season being boring. Make up your minds. Guess that all the mindless public that voted for Elissa should be proud at all the DRAMA she is bring.

      • Oh tonight was classic though. ”This veto comp is so easy because it involves math, and I’m a math whiz. You just gotta take the estimate of the sample and ummm…. ah… guess ummm… the estimate of the sample of the actual size to estimate the right number and ummm… yeah it’s that easy because it has math.” lol.

      • And let’s not forget her further demonstration of her awesome math skills. ”House guests, this is the last question, you must be able to beat Andy’s 2 tickets to win… Elissa what will you do? Me? Ummm… I’ll fold.” Then Spencer (SPENCER of all people!) tells her, ”You know you had to stay in to have a chance to win right?”

      • I have a feeling she didn’t want to get anywhere near that veto medaillon. Can you imagine Jessie following her for 2 days.

      • Now if she took some of Aaryn’s meds she would’ve won hands down! What’s in that magic elixir anyways?!!

      • Oh not arguing with the strategy of her losing… just find it funny how she puffed herself up as a math genius (does guessing based on estimations even count as math skills?), but then she was just horrible at it.

      • Really? I actually thought she did very well at the guessing game (except at the last question of course) Most the questions she was pretty close to being correct. Even getting a ticket. I thought Amandass was going to blow a gasket. Speaking of games, how in all of the games do houseguest know exactly what game or hoh competition is going to be played. They seem to always guess it.

      • It was dumb of her to fold like that at the end, but her guesses were not that far off. She is no math genius, for sure, but she was a lot better than Jessie who folder her way out of the competition.

      • I agree about Rick’s comment being right on and knew what he was saying. I never wanted Elissa in this game so never was one that voted to keep her in. My instinct of her was correct. I’m one of the few who would rather have seen Jeremy stay. He at least wanted to play the game unlike the crew we have left. I think he would have had no problem getting rid of both Helen and Amanda.

    • I think Elissa has been in shock since her fist couple of week in the house. Remember, she was the main target of the Jeremy alliance. It took her a while to realize she needed to lay low to redeem herself. She did basically the same thing Aaryn did after she realized her alliance was dead. It will be interesting to see what Elissa does once Helen is back doored.

    • I agree with you Rick and was not one of those that voted for Elissa. I would much prefer to see Jeremy and Kaitlin in this game right now because they wanted to play and we might have a different house right now then we have. I’m not so sure about David, but wouldn’t mind seeing Nick still in there either. I believe they would have gone right after both Helen and Amanda and not been afraid to get blood on their hands. Might be a different game then we have right now. Now Helen wants Amanda out. She was handed her on a platter, but she was afraid of making a move and getting the blood on her hands. This crew is all afraid of getting their hands dirty, but the people they are sending to jury knows what’s up and will have to be voting for one of them in the end. JMO, but I would vote for someone who was not afraid to play the game. These people left are all a bunch of sheep.

  3. Here’s why Jessie (though I would want her to stay over Spencer) really needs to go –> ”House what are your answers? 2,000 (says Jessie) 700-something says EVERYONE else!” And Jessie feels it’s a good idea to stay in this round? Oh my Jessie, my my my. You’re cute as a button and smart as one too. ;)

    • Well, when she apologized to everyone for trying to go out with a bang, I knew it was time for her to go. If you are going to go out with a bang, then do just that. Don’t change you mind and think that’s going to change things with everyone.

  4. Helen is married to a judge. When the show is over he should sentence her to life imprisonment in a BB house for being a back-stabbing witch.

  5. Spencer is from Arkansas. In the south messing with kids is worse than murder. When he gets home he will be jobless and shunned. No one takes kindly to that even if its a joke

    • When bbad came on I didn’t catch it all but it was running a cross the screen that amanda may be evicted sooner than we think n to stay tuned for tonights live eviction for details !

  6. So much stupidity in this episode. However the stupidity of Elissa in the veto comp made up for it. And no GinaMarie in this episode, SHOCKERRR!

  7. I just heard Andy’s DR where he said that he doesn’t want to get Helen out this week because it’s “tricky” or some crap like that. He has all the votes to get her out this week – what is he waiting for?!?

    • He’s sneaky like a fox (or a snake, take the animal you like the least)… he will keep playing ”the middle” until he is forced to pick a side. Right now he has everyone still believing he’s on their side (with the exception of Jessie who’s on her way out).

      • Yeash she doesn’t. The only thing she needs to gain more number is if amanda and either McCrae or Andy on the block that’s.

      • I’m stumped. Why wouldn’t he even consider it…he would have been safe because Amanda would think she masterminded the whole thing, so she would keep him around. I would think…

      • The latest report says she might actually be able to pull a revolt against McCranda afterall. Spencer, Elissa and possibly GinaMarie are all on board…

      • I don;t understand Andy and Aaryn. How can they not see that Amanda is only using them and she has no intentions of keeping them longer than she needs them. McCrae is not going to stab her in the back because he thinks America will look down on him. He has not way of knowing we are rooting for him to do it.

        Spencer too. Once Jessie goes, Spencer, after having been on the block the last few weeks has to know he is surely next. He needs to make a move. So does GM. Helen better consolidate some kind of anti Amanda alliance in the house or she is going home next week.

      • Spencer better win HOH if he wants to stay in the house…I’m not convinced the HGs will think next week is the week to vote out a strong player.

      • True. Andy is intelligent enough as a follower to go where the power goes… this is usually a great strategy for making it into a final 4 position (but seldomly beyond that point).

    • I cringe at the thought of her winning but at the same time the rest of the house guests are handing it to her. She is just so much smarter than the rest of them. Look at how the brilliant Helen (brilliant according to Helen) fell for Amanda’s ploy with that fake alliance. Amanda is not only outsmarting them, she is toying with the best of them.

  8. Andy thinks that he is smart by playing both of his alliances but it will not work, once he is expendable both of his alliances will show him the door.

    • Andy thinks he is so smart but, even if he makes Final 3 with McCrae and Amanda, does he really believe either McCrae or Amanda will take him to Final 2 and not each other. McCrae already said to himself that he is going to take out Aaryn and Andy when they get to Final 4 so, he does not have a shot at that $500,000 the way he is playing! Andy is only a tad smarter than Helen but, not by much!

      • I don;t get why so many of them line up to be Amanda’s next target. Don’t they realize that Amanda and McCrae are the biggest threats to anyone else in the house winning the $500k? It is so frustrating to watch these people act like Amanda’s zombies.

        I want to see what Spencer does if he win HOH. My guess is he will nominate Helen and Elissa or Elissa and GM, just like Amanda wants.

    • Andy is so concerned with the ‘blood on his hands’ routine. He better get some blood on him…if only to earn some respect. As it is, the best, VERY BEST he can hope for is #3. What a dope!!!

  9. Anybody with a brain should no mcrae was sitting them up when all of sudden hes willing to ditch his love to be in alliance with u!! I can’t stand helen but I was embarrased for her !

    • Yeah I felt sorry for her she really believes he would drop the woman who is making his private parts happy to take her really ?

      • Her ego is getting the way of her game. Helen is refusing to believe anyone would dare pull such a trick on her. That’s why she still trusts Andy despite his constant running back and forth between Amanda and Helen. It is also why she was so ready to buy McCrae’s story. If they do back door her next week, the look on her face will be priceless. If she read her Greek literature, she would know that the gods always punish mortals for hubris.

  10. Only consolation I have is seeing Helen backdoored or put on the block. She is getting dumber by the day forming an alliance with McCrae and Andy when she was already questioning Andy’s loyalty? Now, they will know her plans because she will tell them obviously! Serves her right for how she treated Candice and Jessie! Now, when she loses her chance at that $500,000, she can see how dumb she is for getting rid of house guests who would have been loyal to her and helped her game the most like Candice and Jessie! She only has Elissa left on her side. Super dumb Helen is!

    • She only has Elissa until she finds out Helen left her alone by signing on for this new alliance. Once Helen goes on teh block, she will have to go to Elissa to ensure she has the votes to stay. When that happens she will probably tell Elissa how she was stabbed in the back after making a deal with Andy and Mcrae. Helen will be evicted with a unanimous vote.

  11. All I want is for whoever wins HOH this week to PLEASE do something other than what the house wants to do.
    Someone needs to finally step up and make a move instead of being gutless like everyone has been this season.

  12. In past seasons I’ve alway HATED production interference in the game but after suffering through this season of BB, the HG’s are soooooooo bad and boring that i’m actually wanting production to step in with some huge twists and game changers…. it still ultimately productions fault for picking such a poor cast…. Worst cast picks in my opinion are : #1, Elissa, #2, Amanda, #3, Helen, #4, Howard, #5, Gina Marie, #6, Candice, #7, Aaryn, #8, Spencer… the other eight houseguests probably would have been OK in a house with eight different houseguests.

  13. As much as most of you do not like what im going to say im saying it anyway I like spencer yeh his mouth gets him in trouble BUT, he is the only one that has the balls to do anything if they would quit putting his ass on the block things could be going alot different i really hope he stays this week gets HOH and then we will see some action

    • I don’t like Spencer as a person/HG. But he does not conform to the “house” which I do like. I could tolerate him being HOH if he would do something to shake things up. His main target is Elissa and putting her up is a waste of the chair. He won’t score any points cause when Elissa is gone he will be sitting in the chair she just vacated. These people need to get over their personal beefs and stop playing high school friendship games. They need to wake up & realize that time is getting short and if they plan to stay to final 4/3/2 getting out the big guns is the thing to do.

    • At least he is smart enough not to trust ANYONE, including Andy and McCrae. I hope Spencer wins the next HOH and put Amanda and Helen on the block. Then I hope Amanda goes home. Her diary room taunts are irritating.

  14. I think they all forgot that we are watching 24/7 they say and do whatever they want really stupid people I think I watch it even more this year because they are all so stupid I just smack my head and laugh

  15. Since this is actually the usual, does anyone think that maybe Elissa is holding back a little. Not ready to show her hand yet? And why, on BBAD last night was Mc Cre, Andy, and Spencer talking talking so hateful about Elissa? Speaking of Spencer, I thought his main target is Amandass, not Elissa. I would love for Elissa to get Pandora’s box and have Rachel come in and in private, give her some pointers

    • They enjoy belittling people and they prey on those they consider weak. When Jessee leaves it will be Elissa receiving the cruel taunts and hateful remarks. Then GM should follow her and so forth and so on.. If McCrae really knew what a complete ass he is making of himself on national TV he just might try to get back in the game amnd show a little consideration to the other HGs.

      • I agree. Talking about people behind their back like that is not a pretty thing to watch. I think less and less of McCrae and Andy every week.

    • For someone playing the game so poorly, the guys certainly do talk about Elissa alot, especially McCrae. I wonder if there is some jealousy there because they think Elissa is wealthy. Not sure what the reason is but they are always talking about her.

  16. Every week the entire house collectively gangs up on one person and collectively gets rid of them. Starting from Howard then Candice then Judd and now Jessie and next I think Elissa because McCrae, Andy and Spencer continually say hateful things about her.

    Can we please have a special power that evicts everyone in the house at one time and money goes to charity? Please.

  17. Another night of really bad bbad…puked in my mouth again. Last night was bad, and tonight was even worse (maybe because there were two nights in a row of pure hell). What else can I say? Yikes!

    PS-That whole make-up thing? Need I say more? Don’t know how much more of bbad I’ll watch…

  18. Helen’s ego is bigger than the BB house and that’s why that silly plan to create a fake alliance with Andy and McCrae worked. One minute Helen is saying how she is not sure she can trust Anydy and the next she is buying McCrae’s story about getting rid of Amanda even though McCrae lies in bed with her all day, they whisper the entire time and they just had their fake wedding the day before! Only someone so full of herself thinking no one would be able to pull the wool over her eyes would fall for such a simple prank like that. Because of her huge ego, Helen is going to be really embarrassed when she watches the show someday and sees how it easy it was for Andy and McCrae to get her to fall for their fake deal. How can anyone be that dumb. Worse yet is she left Elissa, her only ally in the house, high and dry. Helen is basically alone now. What great game play. NOT!

    • Helen made her bed—-she can sleep on it! What utterly does not make sense is she targeted all the people who could have been loyal and trustworthy allies like Candice and Jessie and now she is almost by herself! Elissa cannot protect her. She has not even won HOH once! Amanda and McCrae are laughing at Helen behind her back because now, they can watch and learn about Helen’s plan to evict them while, moving to evict Helen when they want to!

      • I am actually looking forward to the next week when they put Helen on the block and vote her out. Not sure what the Korean word for “I am so shocked I just peed my pants” is but I think that will be the first word out of Helen’s mouth when she is evicted by a unanimous vote. I bet she claims she was evicted because she was the biggest threat in the house. Either that or she will blame it on Elissa.

  19. Did anyone read Andy’s hoh blog? Wow! He is so full of himself! He’s got a really bad case of hoh-itis. Just like Helen, he’s taking credit for things he had nothing to do with (he put his target on people and got rid of them…right…). As shocked as I was over GM’s blog, it had a certain amount of entertainment value to it (if you know what I mean). Andy is playing a game that the rest of us obviously aren’t watching. #conceitedelf #loftyselfimage

    • So far about 5 people have taken credit for getting Nick out of the house. Yet it was Elissa who made that decision when others were telling her to put up Kaitlyn.

      What I don;t get is why Elissa never told Aaryn that she wanted to put up Nick the first week and it was McCrae that convinced her to put up David.

      Also,in Aaryn’s first blog she claims she tried to align with Elissa several times early in the game and Elissa turned her away. I don’t recall that. What I remember was Elissa did not tell the house guest that she was Rachel’s sister until Judd or Candice figured it out. But once that happened, Aaryn immediately put a target on Elissa back. I do not recall Aaryn every making nice with Elissa.

      • What I find weird about the whole Aaryn and Elissa thing is that Aaryn seemed to hate Elissa because she hated Rachel but recently Aaryn’s been going on and on about loving Rachel. It’s kind of fishy.

      • Remember the live feeds aren’t on until the first show. And by that time they have been in the house about a week. So maybe something did happen in that first week that we didn’t see. It is Aaryn, so I will assume its being blown out of proportion.

      • I was confused by that too. I don’t recall Aryan ever trying to align with Elissa. Everyone got pissed off at Elissa because she didn’t come right out and tell them about Rachel…how dare she! Lol! She didn’t even lie, just concealed. But this is BB, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. She was just targeted for the 1st 2 weeks.

  20. I don’t like anyone left in the house but I would greatly enjoy watching pancake ass Amanda be punted and then her stinky, creepy, never takes a shower boyfriend. Helen is so stupid, not once, but twice, MVP put Amanda on the block, and they all sat on their hands. Now it looks like a slim to none chance that Amanda and McCrae will be split up. Always split the couples, why do players not get this? And Helen actually believes that some guy getting lots of action is going to get rid of that person and align with Helen? She is really delusional!

    • After Helen is gone, watch out for Aaryn. She can win comps and she seems smarter than the average house guest this year. I am betting Aaryn has a plan in the back of her mind to get rid of McCrae and Andy. I would be very surprised if she didn’t. It would be ironic if Amanda’s coddling of Aaryn led to her demise.

    • Pancake ass…lol! I saw that too, and if I had an ass like that, I would definitely keep it covered! It’s different if you have a nice one cause no one minds a peep at that. But yikes! How can she think that the hgs or America wanna see that thing!

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