Big Brother 14 Week 8: Counting The Votes

Shane Danielle and Dan toast on Big Brother 14

We’re down to just four votes this week on Big Brother 14 to decide the next eviction. With so little voting the slightest breeze could change the direction of the house and set it down a new course. Could that happen this week? Let’s take a look at the votes.

Right now only two HGs don’t know who will most likely be evicted: Frank and Joe.

Frank confidently believes he has the votes of all four people. Why? Because they’ve told him so and they’ve told him with the definite knowledge that he won’t be staying.

Jenn, Frank’s close ally last week, learned earlier from Danielle that she was going to be saved and Frank would be voted out. She shared a nice laugh with Danielle at this but never made any attempt to warn Frank. Even after she was saved she’s declined to alert Frank about what’s coming his way. Instead she’s actually talked to Frank like he’s staying.

Danielle, allegedly part of Frank’s alliance with Dan and Jenn, keeps telling Frank they’re “good” and she’ll be voting to keep him. She isn’t.

Shane has similarly told Frank he has his support. He’s also held conversations with Frank about how he’ll keep working everyone to make sure he’s safe. On the other side of that coin Shane warned Danielle to just tell Frank he has her vote to keep him from hounding her all week.

Dan, another ally from the chaos of last week, has led Frank to believe he’ll be staying this time around. Dan has even told Frank he’ll hang out more with Danielle to keep her under watch to make sure they have her vote. Meanwhile Dan told the cameras his Veto win was the ticket to getting Frank out of the game.

Frank is going to go home on Thursday, but how that vote count works out is still unknown. Shane and Danielle are definitely voting out Frank. Jenn might vote to keep Frank since she’s allegedly aligned with him while still knowing he’d leave even if she did. Dan is another questionable vote. He wants Frank to leave, but if he’s going to keep his anti-Frank position covered then he may have to vote in favor of Frank.

A split vote would take it to Ian as the HoH and tie-breaker. Ian has now twice nominated Frank, fought against him in front of the house, and privately confirmed he wants him gone. If Dan wants to hide his intentions and get out Frank then we may see him working Ian to convince him that it’d be best for Ian to put that nail in Frank’s coffin.

How do you think the votes will fall out on Thursday night? Don’t forget that we’ll be treated to another awesome double eviction so while we might know where round one is going there’s no way to be sure about the second set of voting.

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  1. Everyone that will be left in the house are two faced liars, I no longer care who wins, or why or anything at all about those who will be left in the game… to bad to think that amonst this group of sorry losers, one is going to take the prize… Hopefully, at least they will get rid of the last coach next, as I feel the whole coaches entering the game thing was a fuch up that gave them way too much advantage over the newbies…

    • Lying is part of the game. You would feel otherwise if Frank was staying. I was never a big Frank fan, but he has gotten better since Boogie left. There is no way he can stay, but Father Dan will make it look like he was still on his side so he will get Dan’s jury vote.

      • I think it would be an interesting twist if Ian broke the tie vote by saving Frank and voting Joe out. I tend to think that Frank would be more loyal in any kind of alliance than Joe would, Frank has kind of proven himself in that regard when it came to Boogie. Perhaps the ideal final three would be Shane, Frank, and Ian, with Ian leaving next and Shane and Frank being the last two men standing.

    • I’m just curious if you’re a Dr Will, Boogie, Hayden, Evil Dick fan ??? Can’t be…..because they’re all two-faced liars who have won the game.

      • I’m not sure that any of the players this season have ever been as bad as the ones you mentioned, except for Boogie of course! I was never a fan of Evil Dick, I thought he was very mean-spirited for no good reason (such as the way he had treated Jenn during his first season). While I didn’t really like him, I do have to think that Dr. Will was probably the greatest player of all time, he was very honest about the fact that he WAS going to lie to the others, but no one seemed inclined to evict him! I wouldn’t put Hayden in the same category as the two mentioned because, to me, he was just utterly forgettable and I hated that stupid alliance The Brigade. Matt was the only smart one from THAT alliance, what kind of alliance is it when you have one smart person and three idiots?

    • I agree with you completely. I think the HG’s should all be honest, truthful and should get along with each other. Big Brother would be more exciting….we can only hope..God Bless You All.

  2. I have no favorites at this point, and that’s a first for me. I hate everyone on the show now. Hopefully, if BB15 does happen, they need all new players, REAL players, real fans, and they shouldn’t bring in any bullshit twists either.

    If I have to pick one to win, I’d have to go with Ian solely because he irritates me the LEAST.

  3. When Frank leaves I will no longer be watching the show. There is no one of interest left to root for. Dan has proven that he has a ticket to the furnace below. Being a so called bible thumper and yet lying his face off. Shame on him. Ian is a puppet and thinks he is mightier than the rest. Shane has no game and depends on everyone else to carry him through. Danielle is an emotional pawn to take to the final 2. If she goes, she wins. The most undeserved win in Big Brother history. Joe is a life preserver. A lifeless floater. Jenn yet another pawn that if happens to go to final 2 (very doubtful since she aligned with Frank) would be a winner as well. So this season is basically done once Frank is gone. The people left have horrible game play. Once Dan is out you are left watching paint dry.

  4. Hopefully CBS will realize that Frank is really the only person who does deserve to be in this house, and win the cash. Dan, well he already won so that’s a little unfair if you ask me. Danielle, shes a nurse ffs, she’s got money. Shane, he’s said numerous times he has three jobs, and all three keep him very wealthy. Ian, he has no friends, rides a bike, and does nothing but watch big brother all alone masturbating to Britney in S12, screw that kid. Jenn, she had her chance but failed as a rocker, let her go home before any of them. And there’s Joe, a successful Chef with a family, doesn’t he have all he needs? Let the unemployed fierce competitor stay and just end the season early, giving Frank $500,000.

    • did you see the episode where they showed Frank’s family??? He’s SidVicoious from Wrestelings son do you honestly think hes homless and has no job no money??? Seriously???????

    • Big Brother isn’t a freaking charity. If they wanted to award $500,000 to who “needed” it the most, they’d just pull everyone’s tax returns up front and cut the poorest a check.

      Big Brother is a game of strategy mixed with physical and mental competitions. And the prize money goes to the person who plays it best and manipulates themselves into the Final 2, regardless of personal wealth. If you have a problem with that, you are watching the wrong show. Try Extreme Home Makeover.

      • Thank you, thank you for reminding people about
        how he pays his parents mortgage, works three
        jobs, and can’t afford to date. He is probably the
        most in need of the money of all the HGs. He has
        huge school loans to pay off, too.

    • The problem with your scenario is that you have no way of knowing who needs the money the most anyway, contestants lie about that sort of thing all the time, anyway, as a way of getting sympathy, etc. The winner should be based on game-play, some of the jurors might very well take financial need into consideration, who knows about that. I do agree with your one comment that it would be nice is someone other than Dan would win since he’s already won. In my opinion, they shouldn’t pick past winners when they bring back past contestants.

    • I agree!! It will be a time of celebration!!! Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord Split you Frank as you head out the door!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pissedoff….lying and two faced….and back stabbing and back dooring is what this game is about…and who is smart enough to fool them all. Cheating on the other hand like Frank did …or head butting like Willie did is WRONG!

    • please tell me how frank cheats. PLEASE! How the hell do you even think that you can cheat in the BB house? All ears and eyes on you 24/7. YOU CANNOT CHEAT IN BIG BROTHER SHUT YOUR FAT FACE AND GO PICK YOUR ZITS IN FRONT OF THE OVERSIZED MIRROR YOU NEED!

      • Dude, you clearly haven’t been following these threads. Frank was caught cheating on two occassions. We are not going to go into the details again. Take your meds and go back to bed.

      • How can people still be asking how he cheated? Did you not watch the episode where he gets caught cheating or do you not have the live feeds where Frank admitted to Boogie that he cheated and someone put it up on You Tube but then BB had it removed. Before you post do a little research please.

      • I don’t really feel his “cheating” such a big deal. I believe many of the hgs have done this, but never voiced it out though. Frank’s main fault in BB is he voice out everything instead of doing it at the right situation at the the right time. Afterall, his “calling out Willie’s trick” had cost his making further alliance inside BB other than Boogie, because all hgs seemed more likely hushed their plan in front of him instead of aligning with him for real. Tell me who want to be call out by a big-mouth when plan go sour?


      • Ok true. Let me rephrase that comment above:

      • That was already explained numerous times.
        The angle was bad however, Frank drew the House Choice Chip first time out. They re-shot the scene. Frank palmed the chip and pretended that he drew it again in the re-shoot
        so, where is the cheating? He already got that
        chip first time out and should be allowed to keep it! Why would he drop it back in the bag?
        That would be unfair to Frank but, you do not care about that right?
        As for the giving Brit the answer, Frank was
        leading and if he did not give Brittney the
        answer would have won the POV. And if
        Frank did not give Brittney the answer and
        won POV, you would still be pissed right?

  6. If frank leaves the show CBS will loose ratings because it looks as though many people like frank and if he goes my family and I will stop watching…

    • Seriously!? I find it hard to believe a fan would stop watching just cause their fav houseguest left. And I’m assuming you’re a fan since you’re on a fan site, but that could be a wrong assumption.

      Stop whining and lying. You aren’t playing Big Brother yourself. Nobody believes you.

      • I don’t want Frank to go but when and if he goes, I won’t stop watching. I like the show and have been watching it from day 1. Someone always got kicked out that I didn’t to go, but I still watched I agree it is whining. Sorry about that Nate.

      • Ok, when the gramma police watch this I will be told off for leaving out a word. It should have read “Someon always got kicked out that I didn’t want to go.” sorry gramma police it was just a small error. I will try to not let it happen again LOL

      • *Gramma is what some people call their grandma.
        *Grammar is the structural rules that compose languages, written or spoken.
        You put it out there so I’m just helping. No hard feelings :-)

      • Been up for a while. I’m trying not to get caught up in all this bs today but it’s so hard to stay away from it! I think I had some minor withdrawals when the system wasn’t working yesterday :-)

      • Oh wow, I am so sorry everyone for all of my mistakes today. I can’t seem to spell today. All I can say is I have had a headache all day and I am just not myself. I will try to get my brain working when it doesn’t hurt so much. Sorry!!

      • It’s ok. It’s all in fun. You probably have such a bad headache from listening to Dumbielle and all of her delusional stories. Just imagine the headache the hg’s have having to live with her 24/7!

      • Stop being a troll. This isn’t an English class sweetheart and no ones paying you to give us spelling lessons.

      • Miss Brittany,
        Troll is so 3 weeks ago babe, try something original. If you pay attention to what people post you will notice that I am not the only one giving a FREE grammar lesson. Sign up if you need one. If you noticed the post I was responding to you would realize that they mentioned the “gramma police” correcting their language. I enjoy helping others learn, as well as I enjoy learning from others. So when you come up with a word other than “troll” I will enjoy learning about that. Until then, goodnight my Sweetness,sweet dreams to you.

      • I would never stop watching any reality show no matter who left or stayed, I would always want to see what would happen next. The game can change so suddenly, too, depending on who does leave, maybe if Frank leaves Jenn and Joe will be forced to actually start playing! Miracles do happen sometimes…

      • I’m definetly going to stop watching the show if Frank goes home because there’s nobody left worth watching. Thats like watching true blood without eric or breaking bad without Walter… lame. I know its the same for ALOT of other people, no one else I know is gonna watch after Frank leaves. The show is pretty much pointless after that, CBS can give the grand prize to one of the fishes for all I care.

    • I team Frank all the way.

  7. lot of people want cbs to keep frank then they might as well just stop the game now and give him the money now instead of wasting time i know he might deserve to win but not how the game is suppose to go it isnt fun watching production step in everytime it doesnt go there way

    • I also hate production interference. But to their credit, I haven’t seen them do anything overt to try and save favorites Brit (last week) and Frank (this week) even when their fates seemed sealed. Granted we don’t know what all they are telling them in DRs, but at least there have not been any crazy powers handed out like candy thus far.

    • Think more people want CBS to get rid of him than keep him. Lot of people wanted Brit to stay but Frank not so much as they are pretty disgusted by his cheating in the game.

    • To be fair, production has meddled in more ways but,
      some Big Brother Fans continue to ignore the obvious.
      On atleast two occasions, production has favored Ian
      and Danielle yet, I do not see any of their fans
      complaining when the Pirate Ship HOH and the Meteor
      HOH was clearly rigged to favor a lighter person. All
      the talk of Frank being favored by the reset when it
      was the coaches that caused it and also Shane was
      favored because he got to play for HOH. Hell, if they
      allowed Frank to be evicted before the coaches came
      in, Shane would not have played for HOH and the 4
      coaches would have targeted and easily evicted
      Shane right after Frank! Of course, that would have
      favored the 4 coaches and Big Brother Fans would
      now be complaining that production is favoring the
      coaches. There is manipulation by production but,
      by and large, it favored more than one house guest
      and those are the facts!

      • Production has done a lot more than manipulate when it comes to Frank. Frank has admitted to cheating and he has been caught more than once. That is when production should of kicked him out of the house. Glad he will be going on Thursday!

  8. Votes will be
    Dan: Frank to stay
    Jenn: Frank to stay
    Shane: Joe to stay
    Danielle: Joe to stay
    Ian: Frank to stay
    One can hope:) They’d be stupid to keep Frank, from a game perspective. But from a viewers perspective it’d be interesting to watch if Frank stays. Rooting for Dan or Frank to win. If they both leave then I don’t really care who wins. Still gonna watch til the end of course!

    • You know what would be really funny….if Shane tells Dan about the need to put the blood on Ian’s hands, Dan tells him to vote to keep Frank and he’ll vote to evict Frank, then Dan switches his vote to keep Frank, Joe gets evicted, and then Dan wins HOH, putting up Ian and Jenn. Shane wins veto, Frank then gets backdoored, and THEN Frank goes home. While I want Frank to stay, this would be the perfect storm for me to see Frank go home. If Joe stays longer than Frank, it’s a travesty.

      • Not likely to happen. Why spoil a good thing?
        From Dan’s point of view, there are only a
        few good players left in the Big Brother House
        so, why waste the two evictions when you can
        get two good players evicted one after another?
        First, Frank gets evicted, then, Ian in the 2nd
        HOH since, Ian cannot play for HOH and his
        only chance of getting off is winning POV. If
        he fails to win POV, Dan will move to get Ian
        evicted! Then, you have Dan, Shane, Danielle,
        Joe and Jenn left in the Big Brother House. If
        Dan or Danielle wins HOH then, Shane is put
        on the block or backdoored by putting Jenn
        and Joe on the block. Shane is evicted and
        you have Joe, Jenn, Danielle and Dan. Now,
        Danielle and Dan just need to get rid of one
        floater and my guess is Joe. They will keep
        Jenn for Final 3 where all 3 play for HOH.

    • If Ian is as smart as he thinks he is, he will keep Frank because no way is he going to get ahead of tje Dan Danielle and shane triumvirate. Especially since they want a floater beside them at the end. Has he even thought about the qp having to tear itself apart and he’s going to be on the short end of that stick.

      • Ian, also, has a F2 deal with Joe. He and Joe are
        very close right now, or so it seemed last night.
        Ian has big plans to eliminate Shane next. I think
        he would love to be the one to put the final nail
        in Frank’s gameplay. He enjoys believing he is the
        best player in the house. If he is voted out on double
        eviction, he will still be able to say he was the one
        who got Frank out.

      • Yeah I agree, he is not in a very good position and needs another target in the game or I think he is probably going to go home on thursday if he does not win pov.

      • I think Ian needs to save Frank too because Frank can be trusted more than Joe can, in my opinion, and also Frank would always be the bigger target than Ian would be. It would just be more interesting to watch with Frank on than having to deal with Joe’s DR entries. At least Frank appears to be playing the game hard, Joe does not appear to be playing the game at all. Joe goes now, Jenn goes next…

  9. Don’t know but I suspect it will be either a split vote or 3 to 1 against Frank.
    If it’s split then Ian will surely send Frank home.
    Just have to wait and see what happens but I’m 100% 98.3% sure Frank is going home.
    As usual, Matt has put some doubts in my mind. I was absolutely sure but now….not so much. Shame on you Matt.

  10. Listening to Frank talk on the live feeds now is just so disgusting. He is so delusional. Every time he opens his mouth he makes me dislike him even more.

  11. News flash: ITS A REALITY TV SHOW GAME. It’s not about deserving, it’s about playing a G A M E. A publicized game. It’s just TV.

    • II agree it is tv problem is people can’t differentiate that while in the house. They pretend they do but the are not. Dan crucifying Danielle then grinning while she was explaining how upset she was , was creepy.
      If we all were under the microscope I highly doubt we could remain on our best behavior.
      It’s human nature to pick on others. So we all salivate over the idiosyncricies of these idiots allowing us to HAha

  12. Dan is a troll if you ask me. I will likely stop watching if I have to watch a bunch of nobody’s compete.

  13. I wish Matt would put to rest everyone saying production is making the game plays….even if they are….they get paid for this job….all you complainers saying you’ll never watch the show again…then I just have one word for you….Dont

  14. oh I forgot…I never saw Dan place his hand on the Bible…he came in to Franks room with it…threw it on the couch….and proceeded to make a great plan with Frank….to get himself off….I want to see Dan in final 2…not sure who else

    • Then you didn’t watch the whole thing. Also Dan admitted twice on Sundays show that he swore on everything that he would work with Frank.

      • People,
        The week isn’t over yet! You don’t know for sure what Dan will do. You won’t know until he does it on Thursday. Don’t get your panties in a bunch over something that is still unfolding!

      • I did watch the entire thing on the Live Feeds, which you apparently did not, and for about the millionth time the only thing that Dan swore on was that he was telling the truth about the QP period. Get a life people and stop trying to blame Dan for something he DID NOT DO, and almost bet that chain and ring are fakes. Love that Dan!

      • Yeah thats what I thought to he was just telling the truth, I dont get were everyone gets him swearing on bible for something else. and then they just shoke on a final 2 deal.

      • If that is true, why did Dan say TWICE on Sunday’s show that he swore on everything to save Frank? Why would he admit to something he didn’t do? Maybe he’s told so many lie he can’t remember the truth. Watch the show online again, not the feeds. I am only going by what came out of Dan’s mouth. Also, those feeds aren’t up 24/7. I hear some people complain about fish or trivia. You don’t know what happens all the time

      • The show edits it to look however you want but the feeds are not edited so when you watch the feeds you get the truth. So once again DAN DID NOT SWEAR ON THE BIBLE TO KEEP FRANK FOR FINAL TWO, he only SWORE about the quack pack and what he was telling him was the truth and it was. If you do not watch the live feeds, you do not get the whole story, and the fish and the trivia are only during vetos or HOH’s or when they are talking about production. The discussion with Frank and Dan was all televised and he did not swear on the bible to Frank about a final two so get over it please.

      • Everyone has already answered this so many times that the SHOW is edited and they can make it appear however they want but the LIVE FEEDS are not edited. If you want to know what really goes on then pay for the feeds and watch them as it will really open up your eyes, and if you don’t want to pay for them then listen to the people that do so you will understand what really goes on in BB.

      • To Secret: I don’t give a crap if he swore on 5 stacks of Bible. That’s his life. Not mine, If you think that by swearing on the Bible he will keep his promises to Frank, then you’re kidding yourself. I’m here to enjoy the Big Brother show, not to judge Dan’s salvation.

        If he swears on the Bible, what is it to you? Why do you care so much?

    • I want to see him on F2 as well. You have to watch the feeds if you have them to be able to know exactly what Dan did and said during his meeting with Frank because the TV version is edited. He swore to tell Frank the truth about QP.

  15. this will probably be one of the last chances they really get to kick Frank out the door FINALLY. They’d be stupid to not get rid of him. They might as well give Frank the money if they vote to keep him.

    • They ARE stupid, because Frank is not the biggest threat. Dan is gonna win this game for the SECOND time, no doubt. So a return winner will win twice. I would way rather Frank had won, as a newbie that deserved it. Ian will go out next, just watch.

  16. Regardless of who gets evicted first Thursday, Ian is in some SERIOUS trouble for the double eviction. I don’t think he knows that literally everyone in the house wants him gone. Ian’s only hope of staying past Thursday is if he wins the veto.

    • Yep, the poor kid doesn’t think ahead. He’s actually been in trouble for a while now. That HOH saved him bigtime. Plus he’s been treating a couple of people like crap.

      • itis sad –I really like Ian –he came in an innocennt boy–an with all those -now he is cursing like a sailor–an i think he is just tring to keep up with the guys an going about it the wrong way–at first I thought BOOGIE or DAN was gonna help him with that —an Boogie wasn;t mad at him for getting him out–after all like he told boogie in the goodbye speech—sorry -but I learnt from the best–see ya dad !!! I almost peed my pants–

      • They tried but the “poor Kid” as U see him ( not me) threw them under the bus first. Would u have taken it from him ? Innocent boy, wasn’t it Ian who streak through the house the first night there ? What the heck was that ! Those ppl didn’t know one at all yet ,so how can u blame his actions on the other guys, seriously.

      • Disagree with your idea that Ian doesn’t think ahead. Am I the only person who caught a bit of conversation between IAN & DAN that compared BB to a chess game ? Everyone who plays chess knows you have to think ahead & anticipate outcomes of the moves you make. I’m sure Ian has a next move in mind. What could trip him up is the DE this week cuz it moves fast & leaves no time for stategizing. Ian is the type who needs to think about every angle & not good with split second decisions. I’m not especially an Ian fan but gotta give credit for his intelligence. He has studied this game.

    • Ian handed Frank’s head to Dan on a silver platter.
      Dan thanks him and now for his reward. Remember
      all the mobster movies somehow end up with the
      bad guys double crossing each other with the
      worst ass bad guys showing the other bad guys
      no mercy? That worst ass bad guy is Dan and of
      course, the patsy is Ian!

    • I’ve said it before, but will say it again. I question BB’s judgment in allowing someone so immature and socially unskilled into the house. Ian is emotionally unable to cope with the social/maturity side of the game. His behaviour is childlike—a 10 year old child. The hammock swinging, faces in the mirror, mouth noises, hand jitters, tiptoeing, etc. all lead me to believe is has a developmental problem–at the very least he has a hyperactive disorder. His attempts to fit in by drinking and swearing like the big boys are just sad.

      • he’s said several times he has adhd. he and dan had a long talk about it. he said he does not take meds for it. instead he ‘ROCKS’ out the excess energy.

      • I am probably only one in a few who commends BB for allowing Ian to play – because of his disability. I find it sad that you view his behaviors as some sort of “sad” problem…he is coping the only way he knows how. I find him to be courageous and very mature to put himself out there – knowing he will be (wrongly) judged by people watching. He is a very bright young man, living out a dream and (trying) to prove to the rest of the world he is an ABLE being while fighting against the odds. He just needs people to be more understanding.

      • Very well said. I’m getting so tired of the comments against his disability. It’s a part of him & people need to learn to embrace it.

      • So his disability which I totally understand having a nephew who is autistic, and when he was excited about the dog suit was cute because of that. But does his treating some people like crap, that Frank haters keep bashing Frank for, give Ian the exception because of his disability ?? It shouldn’t, that would be a double standard for Ian then, give him the pity vote. C’mon now, ppl dislike certain players for how they play the game even when those players kinda play it the same. Ian turned on Frank first as his “little spy for Brit” while along his back stab Frank the WHOLE time. Boogie and Frank had his back the entire time. Frank tries so hard to form alliances with ppl but has to rely on himself to win POV’s and HOH’s just to save himself. People claim he doesn’t have a social game, how in the hell can he when no one wants to align with him. IMO, he is the only one that deserves to win but want. The others have just floated by with Shane and Dan keeping Dumielle safe. Dan is the biggest floater of them all by throwing comps when it’s in his favor and the only move he made when it threw Brit under the bus and now Frank. and don’t even get me started on that Bible thing !!!!! Blasphemy if u ask me

      • Bbef, I appreciate all that you said. Personally I am Team Frank all the way.
        IMO Ian’s disability should not give him any advantage over any player in the game, or in life for that matter. I was stating that because so many people are bashing him for something that he was born with and it’s not fair. He is human and deserves to be treated and respected as one. If people want to hash it out about his game play, that’s cool. I just wish they’d leave all the comments about Autism, ADD, rocking, mouth noises, walking on his toes, etc out of the picture. I’m sure we all have some quirks whether we want to admit it or not. I think Ian is brave for putting his out there for all of us to see. He loves the game & knows how it needs to be played and for that I applaud him.
        As for people treating each other like crap in the house, it’s part of the game. BUT it does appear there are tons of Frank haters here who take every opportunity they get to complain about him. I think he’s the only one who has actually PLAYED a good game this season. He’s been put in tough spots and always finds a way out, I just hope he can do it again. GO FRANK!!

      • Jillith, Well said, thank u for that. If i mis-understood u anyway, I apologize. I think half of my long message (lol) was actually a combined messages to others. And yes, GO FRANK ! (we can only hope at this point) : )

      • I understand, it’s all good.
        You made total sense about people bashing Frank for what they see him do, but when their fav hg does the same thing it’s ok & they support it. What a silly, silly world we live in. :-)

      • Dan a floater??? What are you drinking because I want some. Dan is playing the best game in BB history…GO DAN!!!

      • DAN is the biggest floater in the house? Outside of Frank and possibly Ian he’s done the least floating! He even took flak for Ian for a few weeks…definitely not something a floater would do. BTW, puppeteering is not floating. And blasphemy? As far as I’m aware swearing on the Bible isn’t blasphemy if you tell the truth.

        As for Frank…he wins too much. If he had not tried to control the house with Boogie early this season, he would not be leaving this week. It’s his own fault nobody wants to make an alliance with him…look what happened to Boogie and Ashley and almost Jenn. This game, as much as you seem to want it to be, is NOT about who wins the most HoHs and Vetos. Big Brother would be very very boring if that were true. In fact when Dan won in BB10, he threw most of the competitions but played an incredible social game. He is the only player to never receive an eviction vote over the course of a season (still hasn’t received an eviction vote).

        Dr Will, in Season 2, threw every competition except the final HoH competitions but is (or was, Dan’s making a case for himself) considered the best player in Big Brother history. Dan and Will are so highly regarded because they don’t NEED to win HoH and Veto every week to stay in the house.

      • The only reason Dan took the flax was because at that point he didn’t want to expose the quack quack whack pack, even saying to Brit i’m tired of taking all of this for that kid. But a week later when it was his ONLY move he had left to save his ass, he threw his own alliance under the bus. Now he goes back to them again and because none of them have an ounce of brains total between the 3 of them. Biggest move ever ?? maybe simplest considering what he working with.

      • really where did you see that Ian has something like that strong—-I think he is just one of those reaaly brainy kids who keeep their noses in a science book–an not used to be around many—an lets face it –the people in BB house =come from all walks of life –lol–parts he knew nothing that it was out there an for him to come in a boy—watching these –men– he tries to copy them an act big so he isn;t picked on like the cursing & drinking–if ya notice that ;s all those guys say is the F word every 2 words an drink—he is coping the WRONG MEN—but he is tring an I give him a lot of credit to come on live TV,,, but his true dream was bigger than him worrying of how he looked—I think he brought an excitement to the show -my granddaughter watch at BB after dark an really get a laugh–when Brit shaves his arm pits —that s beyond funny—I hope this boys dream goes out with a bang an he takes home the gold—come on Ian –show them all,,

      • Love your comment. Would add also has been playing these strategic like games for a long time. Remember him talking about playing Pokeman in school a long time ago and being told by principal no more because they were trading cards with the little one.

      • The Native Americans have a saying, “Don’t judge a man until you have walked two moons in this moccasins.” We should all live like this.

      • NO__I agree with you–I like him an hope he wins—yes –he is immature an hanging with those guys –he is cursing & drinking way to much -but he is tring to fit in -I wish Dan or Joe-would stop him on it an take him aside –but he will be fine–you know how if your with a few people day & night you sort of start picking up their habits—but when he goes home he will be fine–like you said he is one smart guy—an to be in that BB house was all he dreamed of–an he did it–alot can;t say the same—sure hope he takes the win—

      • I so agree. I’m still concerned in his trusting the vicious Dan. Hope he zees through him soon.

        He (Ian) will finish this game and assess each of his moves.

        I’m still hoping he wins.

      • I agree,he dont know how to play the game,he lets Joe and Dan tell him everything and he sits in that hammock and rocks like hes watching from home and he does need meds not beer.I don’t know why his parents let him do this he looks like he could be a danger to himself and others Dan and Joe both know this and are taking advantage of him.he will do whatever they say while he rocks he knows nothing about the game if he did he would know to get sowmances out first.In the future I hope BB dont let anyone like this on the show.

      • It is clear how intelligent you are by your wonderful use of grammar and punctuation. Ian already proves to be smarter than you.

      • I am on Team Dan but I love Ian. He is a very smart young man and have to applaud him that has found another way with dealing with ADHD because he does not want to take the meds. He is a sweet kid!

      • Ian has beat all other QPs in comps and if he makes it through the double evict, is sitting good to make F3

      • This is quite possibly the most offensive comment I’ve ever seen on this great site. ADHD sufferers are a danger to themselves and others? ADHD is not a psychotic disease like schizophrenia or something. The meds that are prescribed for ADHD leave the patient lethargic, depressive, unsociable, and inhibits learning. Ian’s method of dealing with it (simply allowing his body to show ADHD’s symptoms) is the best solution for him, especially in this game. His only real gameplay mistake (outside of the verbal altercation with Frank) was backstabbing Frank and Boogie too early. As for getting rid of showmances (which isn’t good strategy at all…you can’t get rid of both in the same HoH) he DID put up one of the only two showmances this season (Frank and Ashley). Putting up Shane and Danielle would have been suicide for his game. I’m very glad Ian, and not you, are in the BB house this year, even though I’m a Dan fan.

      • Even if he has a developmental problem, so what? He is human at the end of the day and deserves to be treated equal.

        I will admit his hammock swinging makes me dizzy at times lol

    • I can ONLY hope Ian is gone double eviction. He bit the wrong hand. He should have his ass handed to him, royally. It made no sense for him to turn on Boogie, Frank and Jenn when He was at least 3rd tier.. instead he trusts his quak quack pack that will totally sell him out and are doing so, where he ranked 5th. Plus those members are too tightly wrapped around each other to care about him. It would have been Dani and Shane.. or Dani and Dan… and Brit and Ian were the expendable.

    • Really, who has said they want him out?

      It’s funny to me how no one seems to find Dan a threat. He literally throws every competition, threw the quack pack under the bus when he was about to leave the house, and when he does actually try he comes close to winning a comp or does win it.

    • I do not think there will be veto on Thursday, as the recap and votes takes about 1/2, then there is HOH, think it will be like previous, after HOH, all to couch, pick 2 and vote, then Sunday new HOH again.

  17. I am thinking Frank is going out on Thuraday… But u never know.. It really Is the only chance to get him out if he goes this week. Am looking forward to the double eviction this week to see how that plays out and guess no one is going to tell Frank he is going …

  18. OMG. Queenie is going to be very surprised when she gets out and looks at the feeds, to see just HOW much time she looks at herself in the mirror. Like ALL DAY LONG. The HG’s already make fun of her…she denies it..but, here she is again, in the bathroom admiring herself. Come on already…give the viewers a break.

  19. Frank “tried” to tell secrets to Danielle, to turn her away from Dan. Sorry dude, she already KNEW what Dan told you! Oh Frank, you’re being so clever you dirty dog….hahahahaha.

  20. We may very well see and 2-2 and Ian making putting that nail in the coffin. He has mentioned a few times that he wouldn’t mind it being a tie and him being able to send Frank packing for Britney. Only time will tell what really happens.

  21. For those of you who haven’t noticed yet. Danielle is playing Jordan’s game. If I remember correctly, Jordan loved looking at herself in mirrors, had a showmance, had a handsome guy (hell, I think Jeff is hot), had the same voice that Danielle is using (sweet, innocent, baby voice), loved playing with her hair (not sure if Danielle plays with her hair, but I can remember Dani telling Brittney that she likes for people to play with her hair….and Brittney proceeded to do so), thought she had big thighs and was fat……Danielle thinks and wishes she was Jordan….enough said.

    • Dumbielle wishes she was anyone but who she is! Did you happen to see BBAD last night when she was getting all the other hg’s to say what celebrities she looked like? Sh*t the list ranged from J-Lo, Kim Kardashian, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Marylin Monroe, Kate Beckinsale and so on. Oh ya, even Tyra Banks!! She said people tell her that she looks like these celebs all the time. If she was to ask me I would say she looks like Miss Piggy, but that’s an insult to Miss Piggy she’s got much more class than Dumbi.

      • Tyra Banks…..really, now that is delusion at its best. I don’t think Danielle is ugly. I actually think she is pretty. In my opinion, her actions make her ugly.

      • I think she’s physically a cute girl but to me the overall package includes attitude. Add her attitude and love for herself just equals ugly. I wonder if she is really like that in real life? Could you imagine working with someone like that? I wonder if she has any true friends.

      • She probably has friends, but only because they don’t have to live with her 24/7. I doubt any of what we see on the feeds is an act.

        As for her attractiveness…she has a very nice body (face is just ok) but is extremely self-centered. She was complaining about what Dan did to her (saying she is dead to him) for hours, even after he explained that it was all an act to keep BOTH of them in the house.

      • jillith i really do think in her neurotic mind she thinks she looks that way…nobody could be that blind…but wait queen nurse can cure that…agggggggggg when you think it couldn’t get more pathetic she steps it up a notch….really is anybody that blind?

      • well shane turned her down twice last night once when she kissed his neck and he didn’t move then she rolled over and put his hand on her breast..he got out of bed and went in the backyard….really…lol she doesn’t get it…it will be a replay again tonight…just like every night…and the cameras keep focusing on her…not sure if they are for her or against her.

      • I heard her tell him that she loved him too when they were in bed.WTF? I don’t like Shame but I do feel sorry for him that everyone is forcing Dumbielle on him. He just needs to call a house meeting to tell everyone he’s gay & maybe then they will all drop the Dumbielle-Shame nomance.

      • LOL…Danielle on the same level as Kate Beckinsale? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Why is Kim Kardashian even on that list anyway? The others are/were all good looking.

      • They told her she has Kims body! Hahahaha!!
        I swear they were all just saying a bunch of sh*t seeing how deep it’d get. Jenn looked like she was gonna bust out laughing uncontrollably at any second but kept feeding it to her! It was funny.

      • I guess they mean, like Kim K., she has a lot of junk in the trunk. And a few other places. She looked better when they first came into the house.

      • Yep she is delusional for sure. I laughed out loud when Joe was commenting on her boobs looking good in a shirt she was wearing—she pretended to be offended, then oops, next shot the boobs are even more uncovered and hanging out.

      • Yes, I watched that, she was looking in the mirror that was in front of her the entire time, making sure her hair looked good and her boobs were being displayed to the best advantage to get the guys attention. She got it. She is so FAKE! I want Britney back in the game no FAKE, LYING, SELF ABSORBED (she is not nearly as good looking as she thinks she is) Danielle!!!! UGGGHH!!

    • Yes but I think Danielle is screwed if Dan was to leave. Jordan beat three other people to the end without Jeff’s help.

    • Jordan is much classier than this attention craving creature. This morning on feeds, she kept making that little pouty mouth she always does and just watching herself in the mirror for what seemed like forever. I did see somewhere that she did some kind of provacative model shoot, where she was posing like she was a “playgirl.” Poor thing. I think all of these people are going to be very disappointed when they come out of the house, Joe thinks he is going to get his own cooking show, Shane thinks he is going to become a big name model, Jenn thinks she is going to be the biggest DJ in the universe, Ian, no idea what he thinks he may become, maybe holding the world record for the longest hammock swinger, I liked Frank, he just made alot of mistakes socially in the game and now it has cost him, Dan is a blatant liar who only cares about Dan, he has Danielle and Shane fooled. Bring on Survivor!

  22. Frank’s done. Ian and Shane are too stupid to see that Dan played it perfect and they’re now bigtime targets once the big lug walks out the door. Dan misted that house bigtime. He want Joe in the end, so it’ll be interesting watching him knife everyone else.

    • I don’t get that misted part, its just not that hard to convince stupid ppl. Won’t it be funny if he does take Joe and everyone else gets so pissed at Dan when they discuss in the jury house what really went down and they vote for Joe. LMAO, but I really don’t see that happening either, but it would serve Dan right

  23. Dan says to Frank, if i keep you in this week then we don’t have to worry any more ? Frank says, if you save me this week we are solid gold…there you go that’s the latest. So, there’s still hope for Frank and Dan.

    Really, I’m not sure where the vote will go. There’s still a lot of time to scramble.

  24. i almost fell out last night when danielle was rubbing shanes chest then bent over and kissed him on the neck and he didn’t even flinch! the fake drunk last night was a all time pathetic low for attention. and what is the deal with jenn putting her up on a pedistool like she is unbreakable…jenn news flash “tanks are breakable” . i cannot believe no one has called her out about being a attention freak and thinking she is gods gifts to men. as soon as i think it cannot get any more pathetic she pulls a fake drunk and molest a lollipop! are you serious..who does that? and god forbid someone is eating something…her eyes are begging for a bite and when someone gives her a bite…the plate miracuously ends up in front of her…and people that is our nurse…the charge nurse in charge of 60 patience in a trauma center…(i guess elderly can get pretty fiesty in their walkers) oh please oh please someone in that house call her out for being a pathetic 1/stalker/neurotic/duck sucking cheek/whiney tank!

    • I hate to admit this, but have seen it on almost every
      reality show. Men are easily fooled by women, because
      they are not as devious as women. Their protective
      instincts come out with women and often blind them
      to the truth. Men do not like to see women cry, so they
      give them a great deal of leeway when it comes to judging them. Just saying….

    • I agree I wish someone would tell Dumbo the truth because she has told so many lies about herself she don’t know what is real. why don’t they paint her grey write Goodyear on her big butt and fly her ?

    • When Danielle was on the block with Brittany, she said she had to leave nursing school and would have to reapply in October for classes in june. I think that is probably closer to the truth then her administering any help in a trauma center.

    • Thank you SOOOOO much. I said the same thing about the fake drunk.That girl needs to go she is driving me crazy. I record the bbad just so i can fastforward when she is on her Shane thing or just out lieing about everthing.The girl has BIG problems hope she gets the help she needs when she gets home.Sorry to sound so harsh about a personI try not to judge people but she makes it impossible.

      • Did you just comment on your own comment? Either I am confused or you have issues. (?) – It’s the same name (?)

      • Wow that was like watching a train wreck. Dum y’all on beer woo.

        Wow on BBAD she’s creeping me out the way she’s flirting w Dan and touching Joe.

        Shamus doesn’t like her cs she’s a Cling On. He knows he’ll never get rid of her if he “goes” there. Good job shamus.

      • AGREE—-an if she don;t stop staring at herslf flopping her hair all over –than saying—I;M A FUN PERSON -I ALWAYS HAVE A SMILE ON MY FACE -PEOPLE CAN;T HELP LIKING ME–I;M FUN!!!!! give me a break—if she has to TOOT her own horn –then her friends must think she is a boor—–miy letter is above–on her fake drunk,,,BOOGIE was right when he told Frank –the night before he left—that DANELLE wants us to think she excerises–do ya see that chick do a few bends than loooka around to see if anyone is looking -then she yells -she is soo tired she just worked out 20mins when it was 3—an that with all the carbs she eats–cereal-an cookies -in 2 yrs she will be a BIG PLUMP MAMA))–right on BOOGIE–he pegged her right—now I can;t help but pay attention at how much she walks around sucking up the cereal milk slurping every last drop–then comes out of the pantry with a new bag of cookies with one already in her mouth—-hahaah

    • Glad to hear someone else sees her pathetic stalker tendencies. I’d like to know what she sees in the mirrors as she stares at herself in every room of that house. She is mesmerized by herself!

      • i noticed her from the very beginning denise, i wish BB would read all of this and find someway to get her out.will britney see these videos in the jury house? the heavens will open up when she oinks out the door.

      • WOW–so glad to see others not believing DANELLE–shit–I have been telling all she is a big fake–an did you see her in her shorty nightgown -when she bend -her boobs almost came out an she all the time showing her undies –an the fat shin hanging out —an she keeps saying–I’M A GOOD GIRL–I WON;T EMBARRASS MY FAMILY” well -goof-ball–YA ALREADY DID OVER & OVER—I seen her fake drunk -an didn;t remember her drinking alot -like Brit did that night–poor thing she drank that whole coffee mug full—an who kept pushing it up to her lips an forceing her to drink—OUR SO CALLED NURSE–so anyway I rewinded an watched closly an NO way in hell could she get drunk off 2 shot glasses of beer—(they were sharing –I seen her guzzle down almost entire bottle of wine a be fine—so who the hell was she doing all this act –but for the men–who were dumb asses to fall for it—an what was it about with JENN & Shane *& Dan making her keep sipping water—GOOD GOD- she wasn;t that drunk that the poor nurse would bot know if she dehydrated—-I AM SHOCKED HOW SHE PULLED OFF THE BIGGEST FAKE DRUNK OF THE SEASON— I bet her family was really proud of her now ,,,,these guys sure prove how dumb they are to let a girl fake them out—–IAN & FRANK were the only 2 not falling for it—an she hates Joe–did ya see her call Joe over to sit next to her so she could put her head on his shoulder—UGH–I still say when see smiles her big puffy face –if ya put green & purple make-up on she;d be MRS JOKER– from batman—lol–oh I;m mean—this chick has got to go—I do admire Joe for asking her to please change her top –from that yellow lowww cut her boobs were falling out—he said –after all he is a man an away from his wife along time–an he doesn;t need to see them—what did she do—lay on the couch an stretching her arms over her head all the while watching her boobs fall more out -than stare at herself in the mirroe making kissy face at herself—-sick—-

      • Danielle is such a jealus twit!! When she kept forcing the wine on Brittany, I could have sacked her in her fat face!What kind of person pushes that much alcohol on a 100 pound girl.the whole time I was watching in horror thinking it was gonna end badley. If Danielle is a nurse then how come she wasn’t worried about alcohol poisoning? Danielle also said her Dad is going to beat up Dan for making her cry.He might have to wait for brittnay’.s husband and Dan’s wife to finish with her!!! Last night on showtime she told Shane she was gonna get him some adderall so he would sit down. So now the so called nurse is a DRUG PUSHER!!! Her moral turpitude has no limits!!!!!!!!!!

    • Wow I take it you don’t like her. LOL She gets on my last nerve too. Very insecure girl that has to make everything about her.

    • I have had to turn my TV off when Danielle is on, I can’t stand her whispering, playing with her hair, whining and complete oblivion to the fact that Shane IS NOT interested in her. She is always sitting there with her mouth hanging open too (my son says she has the Jokers mouth)

    • Guess it’s time for me to turn feeds off for the night. I’d actually rather watch the fish than watch Danielle!

    • there are different kinds of prejudice but when she called Frank a “red-headed oaf”, i lost all respect for her… and its not the first time in BB house this year that someone’s color (hair) has been called out in a derogatory vexatious comment… I find this many many times worse than will’s (fake) headbutt… this years BB is LAME

    • Danielle is absolute scum, who the hell is in charge of selecting the houseguest ? BB production needs a major shakeup before next season.

  25. the wack pack are a bunch of cowards I have never seen a group of people on big brother before with so little back bone step up and tell frank hes going home these people all suck none of them deserve the money!!

    • You know what, I am that fool in real life, and end up ditched by a coward! I told my co-worker she needed to be alert to certain stuff she has been ignoring which could cause trouble to the team. She, instead told me, I was the only one accusing her. I was then forced to tell her that many of the staffers did put forward the same issue of her during our last staff meeting. Turn out what, that B* yelled at me and said, `Why you guys didn`t tell me up front and talked about me behind my back?’ What do you think?

    • I don t think you can use the word coward, I think its more they just don t want to deal with him keep harassing them for votes all week and theirs nothing he can do or say that will change there minds.

  26. After they get Frank out they would all be very stupid not to take out Dan cause if they don’t do it soon enough he’ll make it to the end. Oh and whenever Dan is in the DR, I feel like he’s reading off a board cause he doesn’t sound convincing! Haha

  27. every night i just hope for good game play not danielle barking up everyone’s tree begging for a compliment…i still have brain damage from the other night when she wore the pink tank top and laid spread eagle on the kitchen bench…really! and the whole thing last night “i drank the whold bottle of wine” was just a downright lie..shane and dan did say…no you didn’t it was a 1/2..but buddy she was sticking to her story…but wait..there was a shot of beer. really a shot of beer????? lol..just creaks me up

      • which one…she has 2 moms remember…they just adore her! may daughter is the most amazing trauma charge nurse there is…lol…my belly hurts…laughing so hard.

      • I forgot about the other mom. I was refering to the one she always talks about. The one that allegedly had no idea Dumbielle was going into the house, yet told her not to show too much skin and stay covered up. I hope that mom was watching when she threw her boobs at Joe the other night. She wasn’t even drunk then was she?

      • nope stone sober..just wanted a male…any male…a married male…i wierd male…just to show her attention!

      • That two moms stuff was a crock. My husband is ex-military. When both parents are in the military, they are required to have a legal guardian for their children, just in case both are deployed or away on-duty. The catch is the legal guardian can not be active duty military. I believe Danielle said her second mom and dad were active duty at the time. Danielle is full of crock. Plus I believe she trashed her real dad a couple of days ago.

      • I remember her saying her real parents are/were active duty and her godparents had legal guardianship over her too. You heard something different than I did, BUT I’m sure both stories came out of her mouth at some point. I just find it funny that a 23 year old needs to have a legal guardian. That suggests to me that she has some documented problems and is unable to care for herself.

    • I don’t know why everyone bashes Danielle all the time. I think she is very pretty but a little unsecured. I feel bad for her because Shane should just tell her he is not interested in her and not give her false hope. He was telling her last night that he was making a move on her and she rejected I’m. Then last night when she tried to make a move on him, he pushed her away. He is leading her on.

      • I don’t remember him telling her that he is not interested. He said that he doesn’t want to do anything in front of the cameras. He told Janelle and Britney that she is not his type, but not her. I know he needs her and it’s part of his game plan, but I can’t help but feel sorry for her. She is going to feel like a total idiot when she gets out of the house.

    • you know Jillith, you are kind of pathetic, dont you think? Does putting people down make you feel better? You seem insecure. am i correct in saying that?

      • i am not jillith protector but are you serious…when you see a pathetic soul you open yourself for comments and opinions. its called reality tv! if you want to chat about the wonders of the world go to the cum-by-ya network! i mean no disrespect to no one…but maybe this is not the place for u!

      • Haha, I was thinking about my stalker too, but I think Jessie threw him in the trash with the rest of the junk food. I’m just glad there are other people here who are real & understand & appreciate where I’m coming from. Love ya guys! :-)

      • BB give me a good lesson, no roomate forever even he/she is your bff. Otherwise, you are asking for trouble! And if you move in with your soulmate, expect the most unexpected and suck it as long as you still love him/her.

      • Nice to see you got my name right this time Bro.
        I don’t think I’m putting people down, I am putting my opinion out there just like everyone else. It would be different if Dumbielle was next to me and I was saying to her how I feel about her delusional ways to her face and not giving her a chance to speak, but she’s not here so I thought share with everyone else. Apparently many people share the same feelings I do.
        As for insecure Bro, I am far from it. In fact I am so secure with my life that I don’t need to strut my stuff in front of cameras 24 hours a day in the hopes that someone will notice me. So you are incorrect in saying that.
        I get the feeling that you don’t agree with my comments and I appreciate that. I think this world would be such a boring place if we all thought and acted the same way. With that said you don’t have to read my thoughts. Have a good day Bro.

  28. I wonder if the vote shouldn’t be split, with Ian the deciding vote and Ian should vote Joe out instead of Frank. How about Ian having a secret alliance with Frank and Jenn, with their being the last of Boogie’s team (Ian could say that Dan manipulated him into voting Boogie out and putting Frank up). No one would be expecting that. Ian could tell Frank that Dan turned on him, so Frank might not want to have Dan sitting next to him at the end.

    I think it’s unfortunate that Jenn isn’t still on the block, I would love to see her evicted. I can see getting rid of Joe, though, because I don’t think he would stick to any kind of alliance, he would only suck up to whoever was in power at any given time. I can see what others are saying, though, about the advantages of getting rid of Frank now before he can compete again for HOH. I, too, find Frank to almost have a sense of entitlement where it comes to remaining in the house. I’m tired of him going on and on about how often he’s been on the block, he’s fought so hard to get off the block, etc. A lot of what has happened to spare Frank has either been manipulation by the show’s producers (negating Shane’s HOH, thus Frank’s eviction, when the coaches entered the game) or just plain luck.

  29. Sorry, but I just dont get all the fuss about Frank. The only positive thing he has done is being a comp beast. Why do so many think he “deserves” to remain? There is waaay more to BB than comps. He doesnt deserve any more than anyone else playing the game. He played a terrible social game. He is a sore loser. In fact, in some ways he reminds me of Rachel. Both thinking that comps is what the game is about and pouting when things go against them. Maybe he should try Amazing Race where he cant be voted out.

    • Yeah, Frank does remind me of Rachael. I guess I wouldn’t have team Rachael that much if Season 13 was programmed bf 14. However, I am not so sure if there were still Dani, Porsche and Shelly that pissed me off so much.

      • Not even close. Frank never cried like Rachel, never yelled to the floaters grab a life vest, constantly picking fights, pouting and throwing hissing fits when loosing comps, cursing (was told by Julie Chen) several times to watch her language) etc,,,,,,

    • You people make me laugh, HOW is Frank suppose to have a social game when NO ONE wants to align with him. They say, i have your back, but no one has ever done it (except Boogie, of course) besides Jenn recently cause she had no one else to cling too and now she thinks she’s the best player using as laying low as her excuse. LMAO… Shane has back stabbed Frank 2x when he gave him his word and now sleaze ball Dan is doing the exact damn thing.

      • At the very beginning…when they first entered the house…..Frank seemed to be a very likable, social person. As time wore on i think his ego was inflated a little more each time he won a comp. I’m not saying it shouldn’t have….just saying that he should of been a bit more humble…talked with others more (besides just Boogie), downplayed his wins….sort of like Hayden of BB 12 did. Hayden was a beast at comps…just like Frank. But the difference is he never tooted his own horn, downplayed everything and talked to others like he was truly concerned. Everyone wanted to align with him. Everyone loved him….and that’s why he won. He wasn’t strictly one side of the coin. I think if Frank had opened himself up to others…had been more available socially…he wouldn’t be in a tight spot now. Having said that…i hope he stays. He’s one of the best comp players BB has ever seen.

      • The only thing I think otherwise I (personally) i never saw Frank gloat about his wins. In fact when he crushed all 6 players in the comp with the ball getting to the top he didn’t say a thing when he won. I do admit Hayden was a very likable guy but i still think Frank is also. When they are not competing and just eating or hanging out, Frank’s probably the one who talks the most in the house with everyone. Dan reads his Bible, which makes no sense, especially how he is lying to everyone with at least 3 F2 deals. (whatever) Honestly, Hayden really only had Enzo, Lane and Brit. In fact, Rachel and Brandon weren’t one of his biggest fans. And the vote between him and Lane was very close.

      • Why do you think nobody wants to align with him? He’s just unlucky? It’s easy to have a social game: don’t make yourself the biggest target in the house when more than 10 players are left. Don’t win the competitions that almost everyone else is throwing. Don’t target the best competition-player in week 2. Don’t make a 2-person alliance with the least-liked player in the house. Don’t trust anyone wholly.

        Let’s not forget that Frank would have been gone in week 3 had Willie not got himself booted.

      • Frank was a target from week 1 and its been that way ever since. Janelle pointed him out as a “physical threat” before he even won any comps. I honestly think if Frank could afford to just throw some comps here and there, he would but he can’t and he knows that. That’s why I feel really bad for Frank he’s pretty much had to save himself every week he wasn’t HOH otherwise he was out. Frank kept his end of bargains to people and he still gets screwed over. ( I know everyone says “but oh frank was going to put dan when he was hoh until boogie talked himout of it but at the end of the day the proof is in the pudding, cause he didn’t). If Frank was a skinny little dweeb like Ian, no doubt in my mind he would been able to skate by and float like everyone else but because of his physical stature he’s been singled out and ostracised for being a “threat”. In big brother,when you’re tall and in pretty good shape you are always put under the “big threat” category even if you don’t win comps..that’s just the way it is. Lucky for Shane he had Danielle who was in an alliance with Dan to add him to their alliance.

      • He didn’t make himself the biggest target in the game, Janielle did. Boogie was his coach what was Frank suppose to do and at Boogie worked with him on an honest level. Was it Frank’s fault he got chosen by Boogie ?? Dan and Danielle made a 2-person alliance right from the start. Don’t win comps, that’s a good

      • “Don’t win comps”, or at least “don’t win comps early” is a huge rule in Big Brother. ALL the best players (Dan, Dr. Will, Evel Dick, etc) follow that rule.

        While it’s not Frank’s fault he was chosen by Boogie, it’s his fault he stuck with him so strongly after the coaches twist was removed. Did Ian and Jenn stick with Boogie? No, and it helped them.

        I have nothing against 2-person alliances…just pick your ally wisely. Don’t pick a former winner (although Danielle profited from doing so) and don’t pick the least liked person in the house.

        What should he have done? Well, in week 1, after Shane and Willie win competitions, he should have gone to both of them and promised not to target them. Then, in week 2, when he won HoH himself, follow through with that promise. He should have targeted Danielle, to eliminate Dan as well. Dan wouldn’t be in the house and Frank would have had a real alliance with Shane. Can you imagine how well Frank would have done with no Dan, no Danielle, and Boogie still in there?

  30. Last night on BBAD Danielle said she would rather be a drunk than fat. She should of thought about that before eating all of Ian’s snacks and everyone elses food. Maybe she could lose some weight if she keeps chasing Shane around with that hula hoop in the backyard. She thinks she looks like all these movie stars. When in reality she looks like Heath Ledgers Joker in Batman.

  31. Frank goes.. i can’t watch the show anymore. There’s nothing interesting anymore.. other than Joe winning the show.. and that would be somewhat funny… and least likely… but I hardly like Joe however I like his family. Dan, Danielle and Shane are kinda pathetic to me at this point. Britney was the comic relief and Jenn is.. well she’s Jenn. She hasn’t done crap this season to earn where she is, while Frank has fought his little heart out and has been punished for it. And Ian.. he’s little snivveling brat. He THINKS he’s this wonderful classic player. How much you wanna bet that Frank will brought back in future seasons before Ian? Frank is at least a good sport.

  32. Let’s try to put an end to whether Dan swore on the bible or not. There seems to be much discussion regarding that. First of all, I like Dan. I don’t care if he swore on the bible, his wife, his mother, his grandfather or his dead dog. If he wants to go back on that, it’s between him, his family and his God. I went back and watched the CBS show on Sunday night. These are his exact words, coming from his mouth. This was not edited. The first is at 17:20 into the show. “Last week I swore on everything to Frank and pledged my allegiance to him, but now Ian’s won HOH and the Quack Quack is reuniting. Sorry Frank, I’m going to join my former team because I like them better.” The second clip is at 24:07, “Even though I’d sworn to Frank that I’d take him to the final two, it doesn’t matter in this game. Everything that I swore on I hold near and dear to my heart and these are the exact same reasons that motivate me to be in the house to do what I have to do to stay alive. And while I don’t take it lightly having to break my word to someone that I swore on my wife, it’s what I have to do to benefit her and me in the long run.” This is irrefutable. The admission came from his own mouth. Like I said, I don’t care if that is how he wants to play the game.

    • I do not have a problem with people lying on this show. My problem is when people swear on the bible or their family members. Most people take that type of promise seriously. Then to just turn around and stab a guy in the back the next week? Dan could have made the promise without all the extra swearing on everything and everyone,and I would respect him for it. The way he does it is just disrespectful. He is a teacher at a catholic school what kind of example does that show for his students?

      • What people need to remember about this whole scenario is that the week isn’t over yet. Don’t be surprised if Dan holds true to his promise to Frank. Also keep in mind the DR’s we see on the CBS show are edited to make that hg look a particular way. They showed us Dan being true to the QP, but what happens Thursday when CBS shows all of America that Dan votes to keep Frank in the house? Is Dan gonna be a bad guy for screwing over the QP or is he gonna be a saint for staying true to Frank?

      • You are right he is going to make it a tie by voting to keep him as this is his plan as well as the other hgs this way he can get Frank out without getting his own hands dirty thats why Ian was so excited last night he gets to evict Frank so he can say he got another big player out and made a big move Dan knows that this will ut a bigger target on Ian and not him.If Ian was smart which he isn’t he will vote to keep frank and keep the target off him

      • I agree Sue, but that is for him to work out with those he offended. I am sure his employer will have a few questions for him.

      • Please read the above posts that tell you DAN DID NOT SWEAR TO TAKE Carrot Top to the FINAL TWO! Finally let this crap end and read the posts from people that actually paid and watch the LIVE FEEDS and know what happened and that DAD DID NOT REPEAT DID NOT SWEAR TO TAKE FRANK TO FINAL TWO!!!!!!!!!

      • I suppose…but there are hundreds of hours of him rocking. I don’t have a problem with him rocking…it’s the noise.

      • @dinalee9907…you just posted this below – The Native Americans have a saying, “Don’t judge a man until you have
        walked two moons in this moccasins.” We should all live like this….So what is wrong with you?! You are always in here saying one thing and a minute later change that opinion.

      • If you refresh the page the names will fall into the proper place. I heard there was a glitch that puts the wrong names on the wrong comments. It’s kinda funny though reading people arguing with themselves!

      • It’s all good :-)
        I was just sharing with everyone what I heard about the glitch that messes up the names.

      • You’re rude. It’s not a crime to state one’s opinion, over and over and over again or change one’s mind. That’s what this site is all about.

      • and what is this deal about native americans? really…dude you got issues..(sorry to be rude but this makes no sense)

    • Was just about to write the same thing…I’d rather watch Dani and Shane sleep and snore, than hear that #@@#$$% noise! What must he use at home to handle his need for constant rocking/moving? He needs some serious mental help. Nice enough kid.

  33. believe it or not…when someone has his disorder it is soothing..yes he is a grown man but it is a disorder for life…kinda like a baby being rocked…it calms him.

  34. OMG, if I have to watch Danielle stare at herself in the house mirrors one more time during Showtime’s After Dark I’m going to puke!!!! I don’t know what she enjoys seeing so much!

    • Watch tonight’s episode…possibly a repeat of last night. She stared at herself all morning in the bathroom mirror. She seems to be having self-mance.

      • She stared at herself wearing a low cut top and acted shocked when the guys mentioned her chest!!! She is the most self absorbed wanna be and yes, self-mance is awesome!!

      • YES YES,I seen that poor Joe even asked her to change her top –to much distraction –with a few beers in him—I thought that was nice of him –an what did she do—but pop out her chest more–an say—( really do ya think they are fake tell me what he said—-) UGH- only keeps asking all—what did they say about me –tell me –I won;t cry–I need to know—sick one puppy—you see so much on BB-AFTER DARK==I BET DAN;S WIFE IS GONNA PUNCH HER IN THE FACE WHEN SHE MEETS HER—NOW i;LL PAY TO SEE THAT

      • Oh dear, you should have seen her on the live feeds last night (which I rarely watch cause they are TOTALLY boring) We got to see her picking at a pimple on her forehead for some time. It was a real treat ….uhhhhgggggg…..

      • it was the same night -she was brushing her teeth –while Shane was watching—I tell you if she hung her tongue out 1 more time an was shoving that toothbrush so far back & forth in her mouth—I was gonna reach in the TV an pull her out–an the dumb stare on shanes face was priceless

      • Hopefully they will have another comp where punishments are handed out. Danielles would be the removal of all mirrors from the BB house. Of course then they would have to remove the toaster, all glassware, ….in other words..anything shiny that might show even a smidgen of reflection. She’d self evict so she could pop a pimple.

    • where does one start lol,teacher.nurse,tomboy,pagent winner,cheerleader,in love with her fatness,thinking every man wants her,exposing herself,thinking her body compares to Marilyn Monroe among others,all this and eating everything in site and trying to talk in a little girl voice and pout like Monroe did and everyone here can add to this list lol.

    • I don’t think it’s actually hate. It’s more bafflement…confusion…or shock…that a person has such an unrealistic view of theirself. She’s a walking contradiction. Her view of herself is so skewed that one can only wonder how she has made it this far in life. And the fact that she refuses to accept the truth…even when it’s right in front of her….leaves one no other option than to believe that fantasy land is where she resides.

      • lol..doesn’t matter if they yell at us…their reply post will probably end up under the wrong name anyway. :)

      • Have no fear my friend, I’ve got some stuff to do around the house and then I will be back in full force….all you hater’s better get ready!!

      • I don’t hate any of them but since they are putting themselves on national tv and getting paid for it they are going to have critics and admirers. That’s what happens when you’re in the public eye. Fair game. But it’s a double edge sword. Would any of us want us to be judging us? Probably not. So they’re either brave or ignorant. (the HG’s)

    • You see, girls come across girls, there are always catfight. Boys against girls who don’t give a sh*, there are always BS!

  35. I love Frank and am afraid unless there is a miracle that he will be voted out. What I think is interesting is how Shane and Dan are leading that annoying Danielle along. Sooner or later one of them or both will have to break their ties with her and I think that Danielle is, well…. You know what they say about a woman scorned.

  36. Omg danyuck and dumbella need to go. TG for fast forward.
    But like most of BB shows I cringe when I see who wins yuck!

      • Thank yew. But I did kind of copy the bunny boil from another site. Wish I’d thought of it. Too funny!

      • But it just goes so well with her fatal attraction to Shame and the scene in that movie. Good thing there were no bunnies chasing Frank when he was a carrot ‘cuz she would’ve made them into dinner.

      • I’m just now watching my recorded BBAD from last night.
        Amazing the lows I go to for entertainment haha.
        Fun hearing back from you guys though!
        Poor shamus is too kind to put DUMBELINA in her place. I just wish he’d simply say “leave me the f$&$ alone you snag! But he never will

      • It’s so funny I’m addicted to BB…all parts of it! I secretly can’t wait until the season is over & life can get back to normal :-)

  37. Dumbass to jumbo “am I making you uncomfortable ?”
    Jumbo responds “why do you keep saying that?”.
    Too funny!

  38. All I can think of as dumbyella gazes at poor shamus is “please tell me she’s Not practicing Kegel exercises while stalking ! EW!

  39. I wish that when Frank swore and held his wedding ring for his wife and the cross chain for his grandfather that Frank would have kept them as collateral til they made it to the final 2 that would have taught Dan a lesson lol

    • Do you really believe that is his real wedding ring and the chain that his grandfather gave him. Why would they wear there real jewelry in the house knowing that it could become lost or damaged during the comps. I’m for sure that’s probably junk jewelry.

    • I would Never utter those words to anyone for anything. I’d kick his puny butt of I were their wife

    • Janelle offered Frank her wedding ring as proof of
      her sincerity. I would have taken it from Janelle
      because right after, she stabbed Frank in the back!
      Would Janelle have betrayed Frank if she knew he
      had her wedding ring as collateral?

  40. I am so sick of people saying how messed up it was that Ian turned on boogie and Frank. Those 2 would have easily turned him. Did everyone forget about the pirate ship comp? Where were Frank and boogie while Ian was struggling on the pirate ship? shows where their priorities were

    • At the end its all comes down to numbers. In an alliance with the whack pack Ian was # 5 in the pecking order but with F/B he was #3. The whack pack had no loyalty to him either they were planning on using him for votes than chucking him when it came down to final 4. I think it would of been smarter for him to have stuck with F/B and gotten rid of dan and shane. Ian is gone next week everyone’s gunning for him.

    • You will see how smart the Quack Pack alliance is
      because Ian has long outlived his usefulness. If
      they were not targeting Frank this week, Ian would
      be on the block. Only thing that saved him is the
      HOH he won. If not, it could have been Ian going
      home instead of Frank. Ian is an arrogant twit
      who thinks he is so smart but, he really isn’t!
      Dan is playing him like a violin and the fool still
      cannot see that simple fact! Instead, he protects
      Dan so that, Dan can be safe this week by
      bringing him back into the Quack Pack after Dan
      got Brittney out! Smart move that is!

  41. Does anyone remember if Danielle was sad to see any of the other ladies get evicted. I know she wasn’t too sad to see Britney leavie because she told Dan, “better her than me.” Just curious whether Danielle helped to get all other women evicted.

    • She didn’t appear that sad when Brit left. And for being best friends in the house I was surprised that she acted like it was nothing. Especially after some of the sappy “i love you” moments they had.

    • None of them are really sad. Remember Brittney with
      her fake surprise at Janelle being put on the block.
      Brittney was crying and saying Janelle was her BFF
      and that she was going to miss her but, she was part
      of the plan to backdoor Janelle! Hello!, it there
      something wrong with Brittney’s head? None of these
      women are sad because it is a game and they may
      act like they are sad but, not really! There is a
      $500,000 prize to the winner and that is why they
      are in the Big Brother House. That BFF happens
      outside the Big Brother House. Inside the house,
      every man for himself and rightly so! If not, you
      could be the one evicted and going to the jury
      house instead!

  42. This who this is too funny. I really hope that after Frank is evicted that Ian finds some way to get Dan out next since it seems he is the only one able to x big players.

    • If the chips fall as expected, Frank will be evicted
      however, Ian will be evicted right after him as he
      cannot play for HOH and would be the perfect time
      to evict him! If Ian does not win POV when he is
      put on the block, he will be evicted! That is what
      they get for listening to Dan instead of using their
      own heads! And Ian kept Dan safe this week
      instead of targeting him first! Frank cannot play
      for HOH next week too so going after Frank and
      leaving Dan alone is not the smartest move!

  43. danielle will freak out when she sees where she stands in the popularity polls. It will break her heart. She might go insane when she sees shane’s comments about not being interested in a showmance at all. I hope she has a breakdown and cries at the finale. With Frank gone cannot wait to see the quackpack get picked off by Dan and say to themselves that Frank was right.

  44. Dan’s is a punk, Ian is a nerd, and Joe & Jenn are a waste of space,and Danielle is just plain delusional. Last night was the first episode of BBAD I quit watching all season. Franks got to stay in the game, and take out the trash!

  45. When the BB season began in July we never thought Jenn, Joe and Ian would be around so late in the game.
    What a laugh…

    • I thought Ian would. Being that he has so much knowledge and love for the game I had a feeling he’d get far.

  46. I’ve been saying this for awhile since you guys are talking about Danielle. She is covered till the end, nobody will put her up. These guys are dumb and will keep kicking each other out. LOL

  47. For the Jeoulous girls out there, Danielle whether you would like to believe it or not has a Killer Body. She’s not that great looking without make up on but she does have a right to admire her body in the mirrors… Just saying…..

  48. to those who are disgusted at the backstabbing….a few things. 1) they’ve only known each other for 2 months, 2) the goal is to win 500K,, 3) if it increases the chances of me staying in the game and getting closer to the 500K, i’ll backstab anyone, if needed, especially those I’ve known for only two months. Just being honest.

    • Backstabbing happens in real life too! You may not
      know it but, your own co-workers can be backstabbing
      you. That is the reality of it. I know it does happen.
      Happened to me personally when a supervisor told
      lies about me to management so that, he can score
      brownie points. Unfortunately, for him, I play a good
      social game because I am friendly and treat people
      nice unless, they stick a knife in my back. That is
      good because friends in the right places will look
      after you and tell you who is up to what! Well, got
      even with the moron. Gathered lots of examples of
      this supervisor’s ineptness and showed it to one
      of the managers. Also, told the manager that he
      was bad mouthing the managers for promoting a
      highly qualified supervisor above him! The fool
      kept applying for promotions after that but, he never
      got promoted again! Lesson to the wise, let
      sleeping dogs lie!

      • Know exactly what ur talking about it’s happening to me right now but couldn’t go to the extend you did. But I did stay one step above the moran and looks like the poor sap may have dug their own grave. LMAO !! Not a like-able person and that’s being kind

  49. please,BB, GRAB miss piggys porky paw and make her waddle out the door.please please, i can not take anymore. teehee

  50. Does anyone remember dumbyell earlier on BBAD saying that she’d never been around a lesbian before and was worried about jenn hitting on her. Rude & ignorant girl!

  51. I don’t know why these doofs are ignoring the fact that dumbyelle is rising up thru the ranks floating to the top oh the toilet while they fued and fight amongst each other. She could very well end up winning if they don’t pay attention. Now that would ruin my whole summer. Can’t WAIT for Dexter!!!!

    • Maybe, just maybe if you wind up in the Final 2 that
      you will win easily over Danielle? Also, she is a vote
      still in the house. A guaranteed vote to evict whoever
      you want. Dan is using her, Shane is using her so,
      isn’t that part of the game? What has Joe for instance
      done? Atleast, Danielle has won HOH and evicted
      Janelle at Boogie’s manipulation but, still, she has
      done more than Joe or Jenn for that matter!

  52. I to commend BB for casting Ian and Ian for being a very brave young man to go for his dreams. For all of you who put him down stop for a moment and think he’s more than likely a very high functioning autistic, a savant and is smarter than most of us are. Look at all the great minds who have IQ’s that most only can dream of having they all are what people consider weird or off. Let’s face the facts people your only putting him down cause of your own personal issues. We expect our children to not bully and make fun of others but who are they learning it from? Their own parents! Great parenting people!!

    • If you cannot see Ian for what he is which is a big
      arrogant twit and a bully. Isn’t that what you said?
      You hate bullies, well why cannot you see that Ian
      was a bully? He mouthed off a lot of four letter
      words at Frank when Brittney got evicted and stuck
      his middle finger out at Frank on a number of
      occasions and this paragon of virtue of yours is
      a saint? Please. He is a turd and deserves to be
      flushed down the toilet! He is hung up on himself
      as being smart while, putting down others in turn.
      A perfect description of a bully! Ian is no saint
      and your excuse based on the possibility that he
      may have be autistic is pathetic! Ian could just
      be acting for all we know because he is playing
      a game but, he is still a loser because he acts
      like a loser regardless of what you say about

      • And that Richie is why you are a jerk if you watched after dark you would know Ian is not acting and your talking to someone who has an autistic child and has a degree in autism so your the bully sorry if you can’t handle the truth!

    • Ian was one of my favorite, at one time. Then Ian just went too far with the Boogie eviction. Not sorry that he got Boogie evicted, but his arrogance was a little over the top. Plus, it is my opinion, that Ian isn’t really being his true self. I believe, outside of the house, Ian is much different……I’m almost positive, Ian was one of those nerdy kids with mental issues that people picked on. Now he is trying to appear to be this strong person, almost bully like. I don’t buy it. Ian should have just stayed true to himself. He was well liked for being the person who got Boogie out, but then he just got so darn arrogant and crazy after that. When children are diagnosed with a ADHD and things similar to that, I do not believe that they all need to be medicated. However, I believe medication would be beneficial for Ian. He is too old to be carrying on like that. His behavior is way pass even being almost normal……all the rocking (I know, he is trying to rock it out), all the talking to himself, his behavior period.

  53. I don’t understand why Danielle don’t stop bad mouthing the players that were long gone. Specifically, Jannelle. It’s common to hear HG’s apologize to the evicted players on their shout outs because you will see them during the finale or they’ll be in the jury. You need to do damage control. She’s worried about what America thinks about her and she’s attacking Jannelle that has thousands of followers more than some of the “All Stars”.She shouldn’t look at the internet when she gets home because she accumulated so many haters.

  54. The house is so boring when they start playing cards. I wish there was a rule that they could only play between 8-10 am. Someone please wake me up if anything good happens.

    • What really irks me is having to listen to the HG’s crunching, slurping, peeing and farting… i really cant take much more of that… I think i am going to stop watching BB after dark…

      • Hey, I didn’t post that!
        I’d never say I was gonna quit watching. I’d say wake me up when something good happens but never that I was thinking of not watching.

  55. Dan is like one of those characters in those scary serial killer movies. You know the one that is like friends with everyone and one by one everyone is missing and than the main character finds it he’s the killer. Yeah, that’s dan.

  56. So let us rewind….Joe screaming floating freak is what most
    describe him…and I do agree..but how far is Dan from the same title to me
    worst. God that guy is full of it. The latest is pulling American flag, I believe
    he got enough of Bible. Little religious ass that was praised by everybody.

    Is anybody failing to see that he did nothing up till last episode;
    he is wearing the same freaking tee-shirt and shorts, and my good guess is he
    got that at the church charity event for commercializing Bible on TV. Way to go
    Catholics. On the other hand he is the coach, devoted catholic…hmmm…something
    to think about.

    Frank, don’t like him but have to say he seems a good guy…and
    good vs. stupid: nil: nil

    I just cannot believe that he cannot come up with a speech “Dan’s
    Funeral for Real” and back fire at Daniele and Dan. Honestly are you that

    Daniele not worth mentioning.

    Ian as strange as he is I like him, but it will take miracle
    for him to survive.

    Jen is a walking comic book, with couple of more holes than
    her mother intended to give her.

    Back to Dan, I feel sorry for his wife, if you’ve never seen
    Satan well here he is.

  57. I Hope Dan is out next and Ian praying for him to stay and win this game! Hope his family is proud of him they should be he’s an amazing person!

  58. The only thing worse than watching a bunch of narcissistic wanna-be’s act like fools …. is the bunch of ugly losers who spend their useless lives judging and hating those wanna-be’s. Go do something productive with your lives morons. I’m sure it will win you favor with your parole officers and welfare case workers.

  59. I believe that shes a little mental… but you cant be that harsh… people in a house only seeing eachother and no one else for like 3 month…. you can get a little crazy

    • I would say being in the house has changed Danielle, but I really think she is the only one in the house who is being their true self. Being in the house will cause you to lie to stay in the game. However, being in the house should not cause you to lie about who you truly are. Plus why tell random lies. If someone were prying into my personal life and I didn’t want them there, I would probably lie. However, I wouldn’t just make up lies about myself just because.

    • I agree…being locked away for 3 months would cause ANYONE to lose a little sanity. And there has been more than one hg, over the seasons, to lie about what they do for a living. But even when Danielle gets around to telling the truth (about being a nurse)…she inflates her duties all out of proportion. Her accomplishments, and ego, are so overblown that we can no longer find the girl that actually exists inside. She’s like watching a car crash in motion. You know the big bang is coming, but you’re too intrigued at how much damage will be caused to look away.

      • I don’t understand how she is even a nurse if she dropped out of nursing school to do BB. If she already has three degree, why is she still in nursing school? I think she works as a “nurse” in a nursing home.

  60. once Frank leaves, there’s no reason to watch the show anymore, it’s going to be boooooriiiiiing!! You need a little friction to keep it interesting. Dan already won a game, I really don’t want to see him win it all again and the others do nothing to keep the show exciting, so I might watch again next year

    • How would it be boring when there’s only two weeks left and to stop watching it when it’s so close to the finale? Get over it.

  61. People are sickening on here. I hope everyone feels good about themselves, talking so trashy about people, it’s really sad. Basing your opinions on edited tapes production what’s you to see and manipulate you to see the house guest, how they want you to see them. Ya some of the house guests are annoying but does that give anyone the right to bash them, people are commenting on bullying but seems like a lot of bullying going on. Maybe the people who are saying the horrible things so take a look at themselves, usually the things people hate the most in other people is because they are that way or are jealous.

    • Well, I don’t think most people are basing their decision on edited tapes. Most people are basing their decisions on the live feeds and Big Brother After Dark (neither is edited). You should not go on a reality show, if you do not want to be judged by all. Since we do not know these people, we must judge them by what is seen (not on the air though, because that can be edited). Most viewer are able to tell what is game and what is real, as well.

  62. What would totally rock the house is Ian keeping Frank and double crossing Dan when he makes sure its a tie! I have lost all respect for Dan. I am Catholic and what he is gonna do WILL get him fired from his beloved coaching job . Especially on tv! It will make our church/ school look bad, keeping a person of his character! Good riddance!

  63. Totally agree with others, Danielle is the MOST PATHETIC woman on BB this season, what a bucket butt with a big mouth. She is definitely not on BB to play the game, she wants a guy, any guy with a penis to mess with for 3 months while on camera. Wake up Danielle your not what most men are looking for by any means, BB was really hard up for a player to pick Danielle for the show!

  64. I don’t understand how everyone thinks Dan is the best player..all he did was lie on the bible..that is scum right there! Anyone can lie and also he had dirt on Ian and Britney! Any HG could have done that this season!! Danielle thinks she is the best and talks about everyone! She also thinks she can win every HOH, that’s why she only won one!! She talks about how Frank is an a-hole and everything, but in all honesty she is the fakest one in the house! Ian doesn’t know his left from his right, Shane is a FOLLOWER who cannot think on his own! I mean come on! Shane and Frank would have been a great final two pair. Joe thinks he is one of the best players even though he skated through the whole season making deals with whoever is HOH. If Joe, Jenn, Ashley, Wil would have worked with Boogie &Frank they would have evicted the 5 most annoying people in the house.(Britney, Shane, Danielle, Dan & Ian) I cannot wait until Danielle, Dan and Shane vote out Ian..Then Frank (If he gets evicted) can tell Ian to “pop a squat” in the jury house. I cant believe how big Ian’s head is getting, tonight on the show he said its a good thing i didn’t win the pov because of how many wins i already have! Are you kidding me? Shane let you win the HOH! how dumb are these people really? I do not get it! I really wish Frank can stay and win this whole thing! He is deff the best player in the house this season!

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