Big Brother 14 Episode 24: Week 8 Veto Show Tonight – Update

Big Brother 14 with Julie Chen

Get ready for the return of Big Brother 14 tonight when the HGs take to your screen and play out the latest Veto comp for the right to either secure or scramble Ian’s noms.

The Veto competition actually played out in the house on Saturday and we watched as the house reacted to the results. You can go ahead and check out the latest Big Brother spoilers, but even if you want it to be a surprise then be ready for some excitement all the way through to the Veto ceremony which was held on Monday.

Tonight’s episode will lead nicely in to Thursday’s Double Eviction event which was already the most exciting episode of the season. That means we’ll get another round of double evictions, a rapid fire HoH competition and Veto, and then another HoH comp after Thursday’s episode ends. You’ll need to have your Live Feeds ready to watch the results reveal for that one.

This is a great time to be watching Big Brother online with the in-house cameras. The action has been awesome and the drama has been heavy so grab your Free Trial and see what other fans have been watching!

Check back in tonight to discuss the show live with other fans and read our recap of tonight’s Big Brother episode. Don’t forget to join us on Facebook and Twitter.

Update: Here’s our first look at tonight’s Veto competition with the return of OTEV who seems to be an alien this year. Watch the video for a preview of the upcoming comp:


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  1. Julie Chen should be replaced, she is almost as annoying as the losers left in the house (not talking about Frank)

  2. i think it has always been rigged by production, production would always set up comps that were favorable to the players they wanted to win but they would usually loose in the end, for example frank should be leaving this week, production can only help out so much, frank was carried by Mike and production all summer and he thinks he is so great, I think this season we have heard the players talk about production alot more than in the past, it seemd like the past players felt a little to comfortable talking about production and rubbed of on the new house guests, if there were all new players I dont think they would be talking about production so much

    • Agree and because production helped Frank cheat or cheated for him or excused his admitted cheating that is why he has to go this Thursday. It hurts the entire game when this happens and makes the entire show look entirely rigged.

    • You are correct about players talking more this season because of past players being brought back yet again. They also should have cracked down on the talking and they finally did. I am amazed that people don’t realize this is a reality tv show. This season is no different than any other. If you think Frank was cheating do you really think he was the only one? People are making such a big deal out of nothing. Frank and Mike were not carried by Production. Frank still had to win the comps that he won. Did you see the veto he won with the balls with the strings? Just using that one as an example. Even if comps are geared for a certain player they don’t always win and I refer again to Jeff and the clown shoe. Last HOH was geared for Ian, but he still had to win it.

      • Yes Frank was the only one that CHEATED and then bragged about it. All of them lie but cheating should not be allowed and that contestant should not be allowed to stay.

      • I hpe he goes to the jury and I hope that
        Frank tell Brittany the truth about Dan and
        Danielle that it was just an act and Danielle
        knew about it she insn’t a friend.

      • Danielle knew about Dan’s act before Brittany was voted out. Daniell’s just another liar in a house full of liars. Her and Dan could be the king and queen of liars.

  3. production can talk and influence the players and try to give favorable competitions to try and get a player further in the game but they cant fix the game so one person can win
    it would be nice to have one season where they pre select all the comps and post them on there web site after the first show and just let the people play with out prduction interference, maybe they will try that next year especially with all the talk about production interference this season

    • I agree. It would be nice for that to happen. I don’t understand why people are even surprised that Production has a lot to do with it and always has. It’s a reality tv show. It is done for everyone to make for better tv. Everyone has to know it’s all about ratings. The person who wins the comps still has to win it. The last HOH was geared for Ian, but flukes happen. Remember Jeff and the clown shoe.

      • danielle said it was geared for her. dan said he was going to hang on for as long as it took and shane said he could hold out all night. what happened to all that? why was it geared for ian to win?

      • I think its because BB feels sorry for him thats Why He will win and thats why they are letting Ian evict Frank due to a tie vote that will happen tomorrow. this season is not about a good player like Frank who should win but a kid who likes to rock swings and pretend he’s the greatest player ever

      • First of all, there is no reason for anybody to feel sorry for Ian. He is a very intelligent young man who was probably bullied by people like you in school. Secondly, Frank is not a good player; he’s just good at comps. There is a difference. He also does not show good character, like ehen he called Jenn dirty trash water. Maybe you relate better to bullies.

      • I agree! Ian is holding his own and has played a great game in all aspects. Frank is a self-absorbed bully.

      • I, for one, wouldn’t mind seeing ‘the weird, nerdy dork-like’ person winning for a change. It’s always been the chick with the big ta ta’s or the tall dark and (kind of) handsome dudes that win. *yawn*

      • I think in the long run Ian will get the last laugh because even though he may have ADHA, and most people that do have ADHA have extremely high IQ’s, Ian is extremely intelligent and will not have to depend on a game show to make his millions. He reminds me of a very young Bill Gates! Love Ian!!

    • Most “reality” shows are either scripted or have some sort of production interference. Not to make excuses but we don’t even know the full extent of what is said in the DR.

      • I wish the DR would put a bug in his ear about Dan and how he is a lying, backstabbing, bully. All the HG’s are afraid of Dan and will vote or do anything he says. It’s the Mist!

  4. am i the only 1 who notices shane’s obsessive comp behavior,he is a fruitcake man ,on BBAD. Weird dude,def has more issues than Ian……. c ya frankie boy and maybe danielle(hopefully)

  5. I feel you need to quit bringing back the old and let the new players play their own game and make their own history. I am honestly tired of seeing the old faces. Who gives a crap about them. This whole season could have gone different if you haven’t thrown the old and boring back in it. Think about it for next year. Who the heck wants to see Dan win again with his lying self. He would sell his mother to win. I would like to see a new Big Brother.

  6. I like Julie as well but if she had a problem with someone saying she is beautiful it sounds like she has self-esteem issues. As for production interference…they can RIG a game for a specific house guest to win. Like the rope and ball…we don’t know…there could have been several things they did to help Frank along like the rope being easier to pull, etc…the veto comp where they had to find the 2 veto signs and ring the bell…put them side by side for him to find, etc…Here’s what they should do. After they have chosen the hg’s and they are in the house…post the challenges, in the order in which they will be played. Show EVERYONE in the house pulling a color out of a bag (like they do for veto comp’s when choosing a player except with colors)…that’s the station they will have and have them draw – on television – the order in which they will play. That’s to show that they are not interfering with the games and whomever wins, wins! And, KEEP OUT ALL THE FORMER PLAYERS!!! OMG! The only reason BB says that Boogie, Dan, Janelle are some of the best players is because they are ALWAYS playing!!!! Give it a rest and let’s see if someone else can become an all time favorite! We watch this to see NEW faces get the chance at winning this game but the first few that were evicted it was unfair! We don’t need coaches, we don’t need old players playing…let’s start fresh each season!!! Also, I’m sure that this BB season will go down in history as the MOST rigged BB but I’m guessing that Production is going to see to it that Frank does end up evicted so it doesn’t look like they had a helping hand in his staying in the house so long. They get to say, “See, he was evicted..we had nothing to do with what happens in the house”…give me a break! Glad he’s gone but he should have been gone a lot sooner!

    • When one of the hgs called Julie Mrs. Chen, Julie said “I’m not Mrs. Chen, my mother is Mrs. Chen (para-phrased)”. I thought wow, that person was only trying to be respectful. Julie is at the age where people just might call her Mrs. Chen……..note to Julie: someone calling you Mrs. Chen is not an insult, it’s a compliment……that means that they respect you.

      • Well, if Julie wants to be called Moonves, then she should stop saying, “I’m Julie Chen and welcome to BB”. Why correct a person if that is the name that you are using? She might not be Mrs. Chen, but she is Ms. Chen.

      • I don’t know that she wants to be called Mrs. Moonves. Chen is her maiden/professional name. Many women chose to keep their maiden names and using a Mrs. before their maiden name would indicate they were married to their father.

      • But Chen is her biological name, not her married name. She is married to Leslie Moonves so she would be Mrs. Moonves not Mrs Chen. Frank made a mistake by calling her Mrs. Chen.

      • I also noticed that Frank has quit calling her Jules. I hsted that and wonder if someone told him to call her Julie

  7. Production kind of needs to play some sort of role and it’s unrealistic to expect them not to. Shows are all about ratings and if they did not sometimes guide or nudge things you would end up with boring lulls and possibly a dull season at one point. People would then complain and the show is cancelled. Reality is ratings and making money… It’s just a shame that people like to blame production or to think something is automatically fixed when things don’t go right for their favorite HG. I suspect some of the HG’s read into things too much after their DR sessions. Production consists of people and I’m sure like everyone else they have their favorites. So the truly great players need to not only play the other houseguests and the viewers… But also play production. If they can entertain there is nothing wrong with hoping they can stick around a little longer. If it was actually downright rigged boogie, Britney, and janelle would have stayed longer and the floaters would be the first to go!

    • Production manipulating is one thing but when they help a contestant CHEAT or look the other way when a contestant, namely Frank, cheats and admits it then that goes beyond a little manipulation of the game. If you cheat you go home period!! No excuses.

      • Frank did not admit that he cheated, and he did not say, hey, hahaha I cheated! You are reading into things. The only thing he said is that he held the chip he had pulled too quickly so they could film that properly. Boogie then told him not to say that again, so the Frank haters automatically jump on that and assume that means Frank cheated or admitted to cheating. Frank is just too honest (which is truly the reason he won’t be winning and will be going home on Thursday). It is also the reason he said he held onto the chip. Do you think if he was cheating he would tell the whole world about it? Boogie is not honest but smart and he automatically assumed others would think that it sounded like Frank was cheating so he was simply coaching him not to say things like that. That is my take on it anyway, and I believe it makes perfect sense. If he was not supposed to hold onto the chip (after all he pulled the chip fair and square, and it’s not his fault production didn’t get the shot right) then I am sure they would say he cheated and would have disqualified him. You are simply reading the blogs and then taking everything that is posted to be a fact. Or at least taking the things you agree with to be facts. To say someone has cheated without proof is not cool…

      • Correct me if I am wrong, but the only video of the selection of veto players would be the directors cut. Don’t they cut the live feed of these events.

    • Roofy, are you part of BB production???? Very interesting what your are sayin! Production sucks if they do get involved. Let the people play the game, that is what it is all about…

      • Nope, not part of production, I just have common sense… It’s a show and it cannot be a show without excitement and ratings. Yeah, it sucks if the manupalation hurts a HG you like, but in the big picture, these shows would not keep returning year after year, for our enjoyment, if things get to boring. We all watch, and we all hate it when nothing is happening and it’s a boring night, just seeing the houseguests sit around and sometimes talk about really dumb stuff.. I’m quite sure that Production sometimes pushes things one way, and then regrets it too, or that they try to get something spicy going but the plan fails… That being said all the nonsense about cheating and picking the winners ahead of time just doesn’t add up. Firstly, a lot of people make up production, and don’t you think that sooner or later one of them would spill the beans telling everyone it’s just a big sham. They would never take that kind of risk. I do think they have favorites, but so do you and me. That being said, they might be sad to see Frank go (I know I will) but he is going… That alone should say enough. People are so silly… as soon as one of the players they like is up for eviction there are posts saying and praying, please production save that person… and of course if it’s someone they don’t like, there are the threats for production to stay out of it or people will stop watching. Give me a break… It’s so silly. Just my thoughts…

    • Does CBS think that Boogie is a favorite of anyone? That he would add to the ratings? This sicko is the worst piece of garbage in BB history.

      • maybe not a “fan favorite”, but he’s definitely a personality & when we are talking about ratings and $$, it’s just as important as being a viewer’s favorite. there are the fan favorites and the people fans love to hate,,,,I imagine Mike is in that category for many of the viewers. Whatever you believe, his DR’s are great & entertaining & Britt’s good-bye DR to him was brilliant, TV gold!

    • No, the jury does not get to see what is going on or what happened. The evicted houseguest brings a tape to the jury house. I don’t think the tape contains much, though (I might be wrong). The evicted houseguests (jury members) have to rely on each other for information.

      • There’s a possibility she won’t find out untill the show ends…. unless Frank goes to jury and tells all, which is highly possible….if America isn’t allowed to save him this week. ;)

      • how is America allowed to save him I thought I heard Julie say something about it I sure hope so now that would be Exciting

      • Near the end of the show, the announcer mentioned the possibility of America getting to decide who to save…. but who knows.

      • Yes it would, won’t it. Although ALL the Frank haters will never let us hear the end of it…lol…there is no one like Joe, Jenn, Dani, nd Shane should win over Frank. Each of them did didley squat. Alto Frank has taking a beating on here for his social game, what have the other four done….ZERO. Frank has taken chump bath, carrot suit, others thay do not have 2 be listed there is no way anyone has work even close to how hard Frank did. Dan pulled a little sleaze ball out of his hat on the day of his eviction and now his the BB of history…Oh plz….(rolls rolling) I would think production has some pull in the game, unfortunately, cause look what they did last season with Jordan and Rachel who I call Dweedledee & Dweedledumb. Practically just throw them back in. So if that’s the case GO FRANK GO !!!!!

      • thats not right, so brit will never no about diaper dan and dumbielle until after the finalle. makes me sick

      • Thanks for saying that, Matt. I tried to post it, but had trouble. (my fault, duh.. forot my password)

  8. Your all right about leaving the old players out. If Dan would not have been there lying all the time. Frank would win and he deserves too! But now everyone is lying to him because of Dan! So he will probably go home tomorrow. Wish production would step in now and give him another chance.

    • I agree that the coaches idea was a bad one. At the very least their game should have remained separate. I’m not quite convinced though that Frank would win. He’s definitely good at comps but even HE has lost a couple. And his social game has not been the greatest. If i were a jury member i would never vote for someone strictly because they won the most comps. But I hope he makes it to at least F2.

      • its hard to be social when he has had a target on his back since the coaches came in,Janelle,Britt and Dan all hated Boogie and since Boogie was Franks coach the other coaches put a target on Boogies team.I would like to know how it would of went if he had been on Dans team and Dani on Boogies,or if there had been no coaches

      • Yes it’s hard to be sociable with a target on your back. But if he had not come off as so abrasive (in part thanks to Boogie) after each win, he possibly wouldn’t be stuck out on a limb all alone. People tend to avoid obnoxious shows of superiority, even when justified.

      • I don’t disagree with you. However, when Shane tries his best to lay low, be humble and stay under the radar; everybody here and even Brit call him a fool. IMO, there can basically be no perfect way that can please everybody.

      • Absolutely agree…it just isn’t possible to please everyone. But i was refering to Franks game. Shane is a different story. Shane is still in the house…and Brit is not. So which one is the fool? I’m not saying either one of them should exactly lay low. Just don’t make an exibition of chest thumping and rubbing it in the others faces. There has to be a happy medium somewhere.

    • Why do you think Frank deserves to win…. He is an idiot! He has no social game, he thinks he is the greatest player that ever played this game. He won POV and HOH BFD! You need to play the smart moves… he put the nail in his own coffin when he believed Dan, that was his chance to stay strong in the game…. He deserves to go…. bye bye Frankie!!!

      • Maybe Frank didn’t believe in Dan, he only believe in the Bible (sarcastic)! Even I can appreciate Dan’s game, I still can’t get over his taking the Bible hostage! A very bad example on TV. Mind you, I have no religion and of course am not a Catholic.

  9. Production would NOT have to interfere, if they would just listen to ME!!!
    Evict players from the game…. NOT THE HOUSE. The evicted players could interfere in everything.
    Make the have not room the coolest bunk room ever. Give evictees spcial privelages that the Hg’s do not get.
    Keep the house lively all season.
    Ratings GOLD!

    • Perhaps the most idiotic thing I have ever heard. What sane person would agree to spend 70 days trapped in a house after being eliminated week one, with zero prospects of winning anything?

    • That would put a spin on things and be hilarious. Better for the evicted HG’s and more fun than sitting in jury. Oh can you imagine the sabotage!

  10. i am so sick of danielle looking at herself in every mirroe ans window she pass’s or sits in front of and asking everyone which movie star she looks like i’ve never seen any one so stuck on herself, she makes me want to just yak

  11. Sorry, Frankie Poo! You gotta do more than win comps to be a BB winner. Who does he think he is? The way it looks right now, his big hair and big ego will be right where he DESERVES to be..Jury

    • So, who has done more to deserve to win than Frank? It seems the house guests who play a good social game stink at comps and vice versa. I don’t see where any of the other house guests have had to beat the odds from the beginning of the game when everyone in the house is against you and wants you out. I will be sad to see Frank go. If he goes, then who are they going to constantly target? Can’t wait until the QP starts having to turn to cannibalism.

      • Danielle, Ian and Shane already know so the only one that might be surprised would be Jenn and doubt she would care since Dan saved her, and get serious all of these houseguests are lying and swearing on their lives to get one more week, but Frank thinks he is more deserving than everyone else to stay or at least that is exactly what he said to Danielle yesterday via the live feeds.

      • The main fault I find in Frank is his sense of entitlement. He doesnt “deserve” anything in this game. I dont feel that anyone does. I am Team Ian.. but he doesnt “deserve” any speacial treatment, either. The ONLY time that word should even be mentioned about game play is on F2 voting night.

      • I agree, Becky. Just because he tried “so hard & so long” to get on the show, doesn’t he realize that others did too? That is no reason for them to “deserve” to win!

      • The thing is that the others didn’t. The majority of the newbies on the show auditioned for love shows (Ashley and Danielle), were scouted for their looks (Shane & Jenn), auditioned for cook shows (Joe), were put on the show based on their kin (Willie). Ian, Jodi & Frank were the only BB fans who actually watched the show beforehand. Why do you think that the players this season are so weakminded? They don’t know the show because they’ve never watched or heard of it until they were scouted. He was fighting since day one. He does deserve it. Get past your hate for Frank and see that.

      • I agree. Actually he got his dream….being on the show. If he loves the show as much as he says, then he knows that just because you’re in the house doesn’t mean you will win. NO ONE deserves to win just because they passed the audition and made it inside the house.

      • Actually everybody is against EVERYBODY….they just pretend not to be. Frank just happened to be at the bottom of the pecking order. It could have just as easily gone another way for him. But he chose his strategy and now it’s not working for him. That’s the way it goes.

    • And who does Dan think HE is. He has really turned me off big time. I understand wanting to win the game, but the cut throat he is doing to Frank is down right nasty. And this dude works at a Catholic school ?? Maybe Dan should stop hiding behind his Bible, it’s a turn off. He needs to stop reading it if he’s not gonna use what it says.

  12. I think Jenn should just jump Danielle’s bones already..this girl is in love with Danielle. Frank actually thinks he is going to stay tomorrow..poor guy, I hope Shane or Dan go out right after him tomorrow night.

  13. 2012, Ian loses his virginity to Dan in seasons showmance.
    2012, Danielle get’s reality check, that she’s irritating and chubby!

  14. I hope if it’s Frank to leave, most likely, he will call Dan out before leaving. All hgs knew Dan had promised Frank with the moon, but if Frank say, “Don’t believe one word from this guy’s mouth, this guy has swore not only on his wife, his grandpa, but also the Bible to take me to F2”, that can be a bombshell.

    • he didn’t swear on the Bible, his wife, etc. to take to F2 but that what he was saying about the QP was true.

      • And a million times Bbef you have been incorrect. He did not swear on the bible to take Frank to final 2 and if you have the live feeds you would know that. The show edited it.

      • No, I don’t have the luxury of live feeds so that makes me wrong a million times. Excuse me Sharon, whatever…

      • Yes, it does because you do not know what happened so why don’t you stop accusing Dan of things that he did not do because saying he did it a million times will not make it true.

      • This is ridiculous. I really don’t care anymore. I have my opinion and u have yours, respectfully. We are all on here just to have fun. Nothing more

      • Just saying if you would of been watching the Live Feeds you would know the truth and have the correct information because right now you do not and just tired of everyone accusing Dan of something he did not do, and agree accusing someone of something they did not do is ridiculous especially when there is video that totally exonerates them.

      • I’m done. I’ve seen your other posts on here and u luv telling others they r incorrect. You r obviously a HUGH Dan fan and as Roofy called u out on, whatever u seemed to agree with that favors Dan then it is correct. Maybe u need to watch the flashbacks !

      • Do not have to watch the flashbacks if you watch the live feeds and yes I am a huge Dan fan but even a bigger Ian fan. Just do not like bullies who try to blame people for things that they have not done, but if is obvious that you are pro Frank and are oblivious to the things that Frank has done in this game. To each his own.

      • @Bbef: i was just typing to not even bother with this “argument” and that you weren’t going to get anywhere with her (when I saw your last post). I have been at the end of a few of her snippy little comments. I have a feeling she is an avid viewer who, when not sleeping, is just sitting around watching the feeds. It’s sad because viewers like you & I come on to get involved in the community and give our opinions & ask questions on things we may have missed. Unfortunately, as I have said before, this is a “bully site”…if you don’t agree with the majority, these blood suckers pounce & then they start in on your grammar, spelling & punctuation It’s quite stunning, really. I’ve never seen anything like it. I still get the BBN tweets & every now & again if I see someone getting the ol’ one/two, I will take my time and write/send a post.

        Anyway, good luck & enjoy the rest of the show! :)

      • Thank u KG, that was very nice of you. Seriously, it’s sad. Thank goodness there r still a few of us around…LOL Thanx again and u also enjoy the rest of BB. It will b interesting : )

  15. To no one in particular: I’d just like to say that, regardless of whether Dan swore on his family, possessions, whatever, on a real or fake Bible (which I believe he did) he still referred to the Bible and that in itself is morally wrong. Either way he still brought religion and God into his play for money… Just because it is a reality show it doesn’t mean that Dan or any of them that are Christians are out of God’s jurisdiction or that they have been given a free ride to lie or a swear to things that you have no intention of keeping His name . Which is evidently what Dan has done. If he is truly a man of God then he will keep his word to Frank not because Frank deserves the half million over Dan or because a few people at home may be rooting for him (which I am not) it is the right thing to do because Frank really went out on a line for him and most importantly he swore to God that he would have his back. If he doesn’t then he is not a righteous upstanding guy like he professes to be.

    • My take on the whole bible thing is that it was just game play. Maybe in poor taste, but just game play. When the players lie to further their game, I really don’t have a problem with that. For one thing, lying is a very big part of the game. The hgs needs to be good liars or learn to be good liars. Plus, I don’t think it’s a good idea to swear on the bible, anyway. What does swearing on the bible mean, anyway? If you swear on the bible and you are not telling the truth about something, what exactly is supposed to happen to you When it is game play, I don’t hold anything the hgs do against them. I honestly think most of the hgs are totally different people outside of the house than they are inside of the house. Now, when it has absolutely nothing to do with game play, like Danielle’s random lying, I view her as a liar inside and outside the house. Don’t get me wrong…..I love my bible.

    • I respectfully disagree. Only God could possibly know what is in Dans heart….what his intentions were OR are….and how deep his faith is. I find it odd that the people that object to Dans plan most strenuously are the ones passing judgment. When, and correct me if i am wrong, passing judgment on anothers quality or depth of faith is something the Bible speaks against. So how can you speak against his actions when you are basically committing a sin yourself in order to do so? I’m not condoning or denying what he did. I’m just saying that we all need to get our own religious house in order before we try to clean someone elses.

  16. What the heck is Danielle’s Problem for two nights now she has done nothing but fish for compliments from everyone. Am I as good looking as JLO? Do I have a body like Kim K? Disgusting, is she that insecure she has to sit in the tub and beg for compliments? Give it a rest, you wouldn’t even be there if it weren’t for SHANE who puts up with you. Your like a leach. What a looser. GO FRANK,,,, GO FRANK…/
    Atleast that man can work for it..

    • she really thinks in her big head she is the bomb…yeah like a stink bomb…she comes in the room and her voice can clear it..but these bubble headed houseguest(male and female) keep putting her up on that crazy pedistool like her zits don’t stink….i just don’t get it…really…who does and say the things that come out of her hole?….wooops! i forgot a charge nurse in the trauma center for the elderly! (walkers should be banned for there dangerous use of weapons)!!!!!!! (she also had to correct herself last night that she had to drop out of medical school to go on BB)…lol……..she then told shane…nursing school “you know what i mean shane???)…no! nobody knows what you mean…if he is just a sliver of intelligence to buy this bag of lard…. …he needs to go as bad as she does!!

    • Danielle really needs to seek psychiatric help after BB. The girl’s a loon. It scares me to think she is a nurse taking care of ppl when it should be the other way around !! And yes, GO FRANK !!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  17. serve frank right dan wanted you out since the very beginning and you choose to take his word when he was at his lowest moment in the game with everything to lose and made the guy clown you

  18. Read on an update that Danielle has spilled the beans to Jenn that she’s voting out frank! Hope so and I hope that Jenn tells Frankie so he can snap out of it and crawl out from under that poisonous slimy mist, and will now play hard ball! He should go straight to Danielle and remind her that she is trusting a person that will swear on the holy bible while out right lying. Why would he feel bad to lie to her? I think Danielle is pretty religious so that may shake her a bit and cause her some doubts. He then needs to campaign to everyone else. Being that Dan claims to be so honest and religious, everyone with even a pea sized brain will start to doubt him! Still needs to use the Brit thing with ian & Shane too! Come on frank!! It’s an absolutely easy win… I’m going to send him a telepathic message right now….

    • Even so, I doubt it will help Frank. They would be stupid to keep someone who is known to be good at comps so close to the end of the game.

  19. I can only speak for myself,..I’m in hope,s that Double eviction will send Dan & Frank out..I am for Ian & Shane to take it to the end..

  20. i can just see danielle hug frank and give the croc tears (if she has it in her) when he leaves. the tyrant she went on last night about how annoying he was just cracked me up…just insert her name in every sentence she spouted about frank and you hit the nail on the head…..under annoying in the dictionary will be dannielle..the zip popping, heffer, stalker, fake laugh, and spread eagle fake bust skank she is!

  21. Hey Matt,
    Thanks for the cool behind the scenes look at OTEV! I wish we could see more stuff like this….can’t wait to watch it tonight!

  22. Ok Ok Ok…I watched the flashback where Dan supposedly put his hand on a bible and swore…I did not see Dan place his hand on the Bible ( supposed Bible??) I did see Dan ” point” at something in front of him but his back was to the camera so the angle of exactly where he was pointing is unclear. Reguardless Dan’s hand was not on a Bible in the segment I saw. If there is another segment somebody tell and I will watch that as well. . An u know I didn’t see Dan open the Bible while he was conversing with Frank. We can’t be sure that the object Dan had was his real Bible….U never know with these people…

  23. How weird is it to see someone that claims to live & breathe the bible, swear on it & then break his word with so much ease? I wouldn’t really care if he wasn’t religious or whatever. It’s just the fact that he’s SO religious, to the point of preaching to other housemates but then in another breath, he’s extremely quick to be like “Who cares. I swore on the bible, so what.” Dan is something else.

    • Nobody knows what Dan will do Thursday night except for Dan. He has not broke his word to Frank. That will be determined tomorrow when he casts his vote in the DR for all to see.

      • Seriously, why do u feel that way ?? It’s not looking good, but I can only hope. His DR statements are saying otherwise

      • I feel that way because he has shown us that he can flip the house in a second. I have a feeling that he wants Frank to stay, but he doesn’t want that to be obvious to the other hg’s. If the others were to find out about it Dan would have a target, as of now I don’t see a target anywhere on his back. I think Dan understands that he & Frank could go all the way and easily get rid of everyone else. I can’t say much more but we will find out tomorrow exactly where Dan’s head is at for the moment.

      • He just said he has no intent to work with Frank even though he swore on his wife for a Final 2 deal with him. What show are you watching?

      • I’m watching Big Brother 14 on CBS & the live feeds & BBAD. Dan has made final deals with everyone, but he doesn’t hold true to any. Dan plays according to what will get him further at the moment. I really feel that he recognizes the fact that he and Frank together could take this game to the end. I don’t take his DR’s that CBS shows us to heart. They are edited to make him look a certain way and that’s it. I think Dan will flip the house at the last minute before voting and Frank will stay. Dan will find a way to do it so nobody suspects him of it. All we can do is wait until tomorrow and see what happens. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe I’m right, either way it’s my opinion.

      • Does not matter if he votes to evict him or keep him since he did not swear on the bible to keep him. Once again only thing he swore on was that what he said about the QP was true and for all of you anti Dan posters it was the truth. Do think if Frank had not been paired with Boogie that perhaps he would not of turned into such a pathetic human being during his time on Big Brother.

      • That’s just the thing. Half of you all hate Frank because he was aligned with Boogie. The thing is, he did nothing different than what every other “star player” did. They aligned with who they trusted, their coaches (Danielle-Dan/Shane-Britney). And because Frank was about to get voted out by everyone, he obviously couldn’t trust them , so he put all his trust into Boogie; the guy that stuck by him. And for the swearing on the bible/wife/grandfather thing, even if he did not technically swear on them for a final 2 deal, he still THOUGHT he did (as shown in his DR session), and went back on with so much ease. You all fail to realize that this “pathetic guy” has been nominated every week except when he won HoH. He’s been fighting since the beginning, and has every right to get upset. He’s upset nearly every week because he never ever gets a week off; that’s why you all never get to see happy happy joy joy Frank.

      • He has already broken his word to Frank even if he votes to evict Joe. After Frank talked to Ian, Ian was considering not putting Frank up. Dan talked him into it. He could have easily convinced Ian not to nominate Frank, so he broke his word then.

    • Did you like Frank when he told Boogie he was going to call Dan’s wife and have sex with her? That a wonderful, honourable guy!

      • Plus, Frank admitted yesterday (talking to himself outside) that he’d lied during the game. Honest?…none of them are in the house. Not one.

      • Anyone going into the Big Brother house thinking honesty and truthfulness are part of the game has been living in a cave.

      • YOU CALL Saying you are going to SEXUALLY ASSAULT a woman a joke? News for you it isn’t!!! I don’t care if they were joking around it was disgusting and should of gotten them both kicked off of the show!!!!! Dan is only playing the game and besides that Frank tried to throw Dan under the bus yesterday with Danielle but unlucky for Frank Dan had already told Danielle so that backfired and then Frank acting like he deserved to be there more than the other houseguests was disgusting. Frank thinks way to highly of himself and that is why he is so thoroughly deplorable to many!

    • Yeah Dan is really starting to piss me off with his smirky smiles and big fat lies. If Frank goes 2morrow, I hope he doesn’t keep in contact with any of these HG’s. I don’t think it’s ever been this cut throat. It’s really giving Frank a bad appearing. Hang in there Frank….

    • Do you remember when Frank told Roogie he was going to call Dan’s wife and have sex with her? What an honest, honourable guy. We’re all entitled to our own opinions -but the sight of him makes me literally ill.

  24. I been rooting for Frank but man he is clueless. I am sorry to say but since he made the choice not to get Dan out last week he deserves to get booted. Damn Frank! you had Dan last week right where you wanted him and you let him off again. You deserve to go

  25. Do people think Shane is gay because he wears a pink shirt? Its a great colour for him. When the show is over he’s going to receive a lot of offers to model. Its also nice to have a quiet hg in that loony bin of a house!

    • Hot pink does not ever and never will look good on a guy. A soft pink is acceptable for guys… pink is just a no no.

      • Lol…too true. Guys wearing hot pink is like a bridesmaid wearing black to her best friends wedding….it can be done…but not with class

  26. Joe loves to stir up trouble. WHY is that fool still in the house? No-one trusts him. I guess because others are bigger targets. Better be careful of him…he could slide under the radar, all the way to the end.

  27. I am sad to see Frank going, he’s the only one who has had to fight all summer. I really liked Dan until this episode, he showed a really awful side to himself. I know the game is about scheming, but at this rate, there’s no way Dan will get votes to win.

  28. Okay, I must say that I am a little disappointed with Dan. I do understand that this is a game, but Dan was just too darn arrogant about not keeping his promise to Frank. I have always been a Dan fan and still hope that he wins. I am just shocked that he never even considered keeping Frank and that he does not even feel sorry for not being able to keep Frank. I understand getting rid of Frank will help him get closer to the money, but darn, the arrogance is just ugly.

  29. so upset….dan selling out on frank hen he swore on the bible and his wife……..and a double eviction on a night when frank cant even play……i wont watch if frank goes home. this is so wrong in so many ways.

  30. I think Ian is playing a good game! Frank is just a plain jack ass! If he does not get his way he acts so childish… (grow up) it’s a game. Dan is playing a good game also. Everyone got to understand it is a game to win money. I’m sorry but, everyone would be trying to get to the winner circle no matter what it takes.
    My opinion on Frank is that he is rude, self center, ridiculous, bully. People got to realize Ian is playing the game he is not as slow as everyone things…. IT’S HIS GAME!!!

  31. IT was so sweet tonight to see Dan taking an interest in Ian’s ADHD and asking him questions and letting him know that he understands, and it was so sweet when you saw exactly how much Ian appreciated Dan taking the time to talk to him! Ian and Dan final two!

      • I don’t think it was stragetic…I have ask people about their medical conditions in a private setting and what I hoped was a kind manner….I think Dan was concerned and was genuine….All Dan did was ask Ian the question that is on “everybody’s” mind… “What is ur medical condition??

      • I don’t think it was strategic either. I know it seems like you have to play 24/7. But we do get a few authentic moments here and there.

      • What’s the rest of your thought you were sharing about you asking people about their medical conditions in a private setting and what you hoped was a kind manner….and…and?? What happened?

      • He would not of done it for strategy because the houseguests do not know what parts will be shown on television. He was doing it out of kindness and because Dan has a brother in law that has OCD, and he was very interested. It was nice.

    • I always enjoy watching them talk. Dan always listen to Ian. It’s funny when Dan was the only one that was interested to listen to Ian talk about Pokemon.

  32. If Frank goes, i’m not sure who will take his place as the comp player to fear. They all have won at least one comp except for Joe. Maybe it’s his turn. Hope it’s hula hooping.

  33. There’s like no one funny this season. Even Britney was lacking, maybe because she had no one to make fun like she did in her season. The only one that has made me laugh was (dare I say it), Joe & of course, Boogie. Boogie telling off Janelle, and exposing her, and Dan’s funeral were the most exciting things to happen thus far, and probably are the most exciting things we’re going to get this season. Whether you like him or not, our only source of entertainment is leaving the house. Who are they going to target now? Jenn? Joe? Hm, that’s some good entertainment ! (NOT)

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