Big Brother 14 Episode 24 Recap: Dan Continues To Play Hard

Dan wins Big Brother 14 Veto

On Wednesday night’s Big Brother 14, there might have been a power of veto game played and a replacement nominee named, but what stood out was Dan’s continuing saga of great game play.

Dan officially has three (or maybe more by now) Final 2 deals and is practically in an alliance with everyone in the house. He has everyone smoked and unless the jury house gets together and figures out Dan played them all, he might be the first person to win $1 million from Big Brother.

The episode picked up right after Ian’s nominations of Frank and Jenn. Frank notes his alliance with Jenn, Danielle and Dan and thinks he’ll be safe at the week’s end regardless. Jenn is fired up and talking big. She thinks because she won a veto by default and made a terrible move by using the veto, that she’s now on Dr. Will’s level of Big Brother game play.

Joe reads between the lines and knows if Frank or Jenn come off the block, he’ll go up. So he goes to Ian to check things out. Ian puts Joe at ease by saying he may end up on the block, but he won’t be the one going home.

Frank and Dan have a Final Two meeting and they’re talking about the veto. Frank says it would be best for Dan to win so he could pull Jenn down. That way Joe can go up and they can vote Joe out. Dan plays along but then heads to the Diary Room to let us know that he does not plan on upholding his Final Two deal with Frank and that his goal is to get him out this week.

Dan’s the only one playing dirty between the two of them, however. Frank is actually afraid that if the veto is used on him then Dan might go up. That’s why he’s hoping Jenn comes off and Joe goes up. Oh Frank. I don’t even know what to make of the situation you’ve gotten yourself in now.

The veto players were chosen and Shane is the only one not playing. At the competition, we find out Otev (Veto spelled backwards) has returned and this time he’s back in the form of an alien who has crashed landed in the Big Brother backyard. He needs ears of corn for fuel to return to the planet Veto but not just any ears of corn. They have to be ears of corn with particular names written on them. And the only way to figure those names out is by solving a riddle Otev spouts off.

Danielle is out of the competition first, followed by Ian. (Take not that Joe or Jenn were not the first OR the second out in this game! Congrats!!!). Joe is out next, however, and then Jenn. So it’s between Frank and Dan. Frank has finally gotten nervous about trusting Dan so he decides to play the veto to win. But he doesn’t succeed. Dan wins.

Frank still feels pretty safe though, because he trusts their plan to pull Jenn of and put Joe up will work.

Ian and Dan get together to talk about veto options and tosses out the whole Renegades reference again. He goes in for the kill with the Final Two deal with Ian. He accepts.

At the nomination ceremony, Dan does take Jenn off the block and Ian, pretending to be irritated, puts Joe up as the replacement. Ian and Dan’s plan is playing out all while Frank thinks his and Dan’s plan is playing out.

Who do you think will be going home Thursday night, Frank or Joe?


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  1. Keeping Dan was the worst decision Frank could have made. He should have taken Dan in Week 5 ( and would have gained Jenn, Wil and Ashley), but he wasted a week on evicting non-threat Wil. He then took out Brit last week. Too many mistakes.

    • Wil was a threat, and then with his cocky attitude, it just added to the reason to get rid of him .

      Plus at the time, wil was the only one actually playing the game and not hiding behind a coach.

  2. Lets talk about want be evil Jenn what the heck is she kidding us! oh0 well she got her 15 minutes of being a complete idiot in front of all America…you think she can really sing????

    • I agree. When he swore on the Bible as a self described Christian he was obligated by faith and respect to keep his word- the fact that he didn’t, is not a good thing. Swearing on the Bible is NOT a game – the fact that Dan is playing a game means nothing to the Bible – taking the Lord’s name and teachings in vain is never a game it’s pretty darned serious and the fact that Dan is fine with that is pretty bad.

      • Seriously, can a dude really live inside a whale for any amount of time? Come on. I’m just saying MY opinion.

    • The real question is, what would you do to get $ 500k. OMG dan swore on the bible… Big deal. I don’t know why people over react over a book. Really if its that big of an issue, then the one he is going to have to answer is to the big guy up there.

      Not to mention that more than likely most of you that keep complaining about the bible being sworn on, dont yourselves follow or do what the bible says

  3. I’m actually starting to feel sorry for poor Frank…..he was definitely bamboozled. With that said Dan is a BB Superhero!!!!

  4. Like him or not Dan is a great player. Its fun to watch how he goes about winning. On the other hand, its sad to watch Frank pouting when he loses. He’s a bully and a sore loser. He’s added nothing of interest to this season’s show.

    • And Dan doesn’t pout when he loses? He’s had a couple of episodes and showed his true colors… No one is happy about losing… Oh yeah, unless they are throwing the comp because they simply are not man enough to get a little blood on their hands…

      • Beautifully stated. If people would watch more than the 36 minutes (due to commercials) CBS airs 3 times a week they would know more. Frank isn’t a sore loser like people think. Of course he’s had outburst directly after something happened but that’s human nature. You put that boy on the block and he’s gonna be all smiles and laugh with you an hour later. He’s no more a “bully” than anyone else in that house with the exception of Joe (who will poison you with his food), Dumbielle (who will just talk about herself all day & night ’til you go deaf or poke your eyes out), and Jenn (who’s finally starting to play the game). Dan is a much bigger bully than Frank & I think Frank has added a ton of excitement to the house. Plus he has nice legs. ;-)

      • You go girl! I agree 100% and then some.Frank has played a good game. No matter what the rest of these people think. I am going to be sorry to see him go, but it isn’t over yet. There is still hope. By the way how was my spelling and grammar? Ha Ha!!!!!

      • I agree with you. However you went a little too far with that nice legs comment -hahaha-. I do want to say that I saw Frank in a different light last night. Frank is actually really cute (he was wearing a bandana and I was able to see his face).

      • No Dan obviously doesn’t he could of cried and did nothing like Britney last week but instead he made greatest move in BB history. He actually fights and doesn’t complain.

      • That is exactly so true of Dan. I don’t understand why ppl can’t see it. I’m sure when ppl in the jury house discuss and see exactly how evil he was to everyone they will make the right decision as to who to get the money too. Dan may have thought this his best way to get to F2, BUT when their all in jury house discussing how it all went down, Dan may have another funeral this HG have for him by giving the money to whoever is sitting net to him.

    • not just dan, they’ve all told him they would keep him. he thinks he’s coming off the block with a 4-0 vote.

      • Me too! It’s not over yet, Frank still has a chance. And let me explain before anyone jumps all over MY opinion. Dan has proven that he can turn the house upside down in mere seconds. I have no doubt that he will do that again to save Frank. It will be so subtle that no other hg except Frank will notice until days later when they think they knew what happened but swear it was a dream. Dan is being sneaky saving Frank and wants it to remain a secret. I’d say it’s not over ’til the fat lady sings…but anyone who watches BBAD or feeds knows that’s not true. So tomorrow will tell. It’s gonna be a good one.

      • Well, I am speaking with the benefit of hindsight, but it was obvious to me that Dan would not use the veto on Frank. Frank wins too many competitions…there’s no doubt he was the strongest competition player in the house this season.

  5. It will be funny and disappointing if Jen, Joe, and Dan end up the
    final 3. I have no respect for Dan. I know it is a game and people lie
    to win Big Brother, but swearing on the Bible is not a game – far from
    it. Tonight, Dan admitted he’d had no intention of taking Frank to the
    final 2 and he admitted he was lying. If Dan had kept his word and taken
    Frank to the final 2, Dan would have won – all he’d have to do was
    reveal to the jury he had to keep his word because he gave his word by
    swearing on the Bible and his wife. He may win, but in my opinion, he’s
    lost far more than he will ever win. He’s a dishonest person who is
    willing to lie on the Bible and use God in order to win a game. I know a
    few people have supported this (I’ve wondered if they were Dan’s family
    members), but it is just plain wrong. Not worrying about how anyone else feels about this, I feel it is wrong and that is what matters to me.

    • He swore everything he was telling Frank about the QP was the truth. He never swore on the bible he would take Frank to the final 2. And Frank has still been talking about getting Dan out. It’s ok for Frank to make a deal and lie to everyone but not Dan??? This is a reality show people and a GAME for $500,000. Have a cocktail, sit back and enjoy the show. And if you don’t like the way it’s being played then don’t watch!!!

    • He swore on the bible about telling the TRUTH when it came to the Quack pack not the final 2 deal, did you not pay attention…. its a game not reality, he is the only smart player in the game using his head and not his heart of emotions to help himself and his wife better their futures. You have to be ruthless in this game or you get taken out *key example Britney…. Dan has what it takes to make it to the final two. Get over this Bible swearing spat and yourself he stayed true to his WORD about the quack pack, and when he votes Frank out he is following house vote!!!

      • Haha. Man, I can’t wait for Dan to get out of the house and hear about all this sh*t. I bet he’s just laugh at it all while holding his fat check for 500K while saying “who’s the idiot now?”

      • Oh he will for sure hear what people think of him and maybe he’ll think it’s funny, but there won’t be a cheque for 500G in that hand of his, there probably won’t be a job waiting for him at the Catholic school, and Danielle will be hiding in the bushes outside of his house stalking him because Shane will have his restraining order in hand! Oh Karma….

  6. He can swear on the bible and then lie, because it is a GAME people…………. not real life. He is amazing how well he plays, have to admire that.

    • Really?? It’s ok cause it’s just a game… Even dumber reason to do something like that… Let’s be honest…. The only thing that matters to Dan is the money…. Let him try and explain that to his Sunday school students :). He should be ashamed of himself… Great role model. The 500 G cannot buy him back his integrity, dignity, or respect… Funny the things money just can’t buy :)

      • He did. That was all included in the conversations. Way too low, besides the point that he already won half a million dollars before. House guests will be stupid to give him another 500G.

      • Wait… People didn’t go in ther for the money? Wake up roofy, everyone in there is there for the money. It’s just a game.

      • Of course people are in the game to try and win the money and like everyone else I watch to see the drama! Love the lying and watching everyone stab each other but I think it was offensive for Dan to pull religion into it! If he’s such a great player I’m sure he could have misted Frank without pulling out his bible. It’s one thing if a person isn’t religious (and maybe he is just putting up an act that he is), however if he is truly a devout Catholic he is a snake! It’s just my opinion and I know I am not alone in finding his actions disgusting… I’m wide awake, but you are obviously “misted”

      • I’m so glad that you mentioned that about maybe Dan is just putting up an act & that maybe he isn’t religious & it’s an act. I’ve been wanting to throw that out here the whole time but didn’t want to deal with the backlash. I get the impression here that most people think everyone is religious- especially christian- which is far from the truth. Personally I’m sick of the whole book scenario. That’s just MY opinion.

      • OMG, You’re an idiot. It’s a win at all costs mentality. You obviously haven’t played any kind of athletics in your life.

      • If I tell you my Battleship is at A6, and you try for A6 and miss, have I lost my integrity? Should I be ashamed for using other people’s gullibility in a game where everyone agrees, lying is necessary to win?

      • Nothing wrong with using people’s gullibility to win, or lying in a game that is about lying… And this season is definitely packed with a bunch of gullible HG’s. It however doesn’t make it right to swear on the bible or your loved ones without an ounce of regard to following through on your vow… This is where the integrity is lost. Everyone has different standards they live by, so I’m sure to some it’s no big deal… To others that crosses a line.

      • From my understanding and what I saw Dan only swore on everything that the information he was telling Frank about Quack Pack was the truth and it was. They just shook on the final 2 deal.

      • LOL at throwing his personal morals into a game that has shadiness and backstabbing at the heart of it. Are you that thick to realize this is just a game? He’s playing better than anyone and deserves to win the game. I could care less about his real life. I watch the show for entertainment. Maybe you should give that a try and get off you moral high horse, clown.

      • lot of us know its a game and lieing and backstabbing is the nature of the game but there are certain lines u draw but using the bible and swearing on it is wrong but then when u dont beleive in the bible people wouldnt understand what alot of us are saying about that

      • LOL at throwing his personal morals into a game that has shadiness and
        backstabbing at the heart of it. Are you that thick to realize this is
        just a game? He’s playing better than anyone and deserves to win the
        game. I could care less about his real life. I watch the show for
        entertainment. Maybe you should give that a try and get off you moral
        high horse, clown.

      • The point of Big Brother is to win money, why do you think Dan wanted to play this game in the first place? Man you’re really dumb aren’t you?

    • I think when Frank leaves tomorrow, he will out Dan. I hope he does, he has Final 2 deals with everyone in the house, Frank needs to expose that to the other HG’s.

      • :-( Makes me sad.
        I think Frank gets it. I have all the faith in him that he will do what is necessary when the time is right. He’s got an easy going personality for all that he’s been through in the house. Sure he’s had some blow ups but who wouldn’t being put in the same positions? I sure as heck would. The thing about Frank is that he can have his blow up but hours later he’s laughing & having fun with everyone not holding a grudge. Anyone watching BBAD or the feeds would know. To me that makes a good social player. That’s just MY opinion.

  7. I hate that frank is so gullible Dan is a dirty player swearing on the Bible and your wife..if you win i hope the money is cursed….oh man I don’t know who to vote for now they all suck.
    team frank!!

  8. Is anyone watching After Dark?? I cannot STAND to hear Danielle and her sometimes “Khloe Kardashian” baby voice… She seems to think all the males in the house are “into her” and that they’re always staring at her body, if she’s not staring into some reflection herself… And she must think no one can comprehend her stories or reenactments of how conversations took place since she tells each senario at least 3 times… She is driving me NUTS!!! Frank DOES deserve to stay over her. I feel bad that he’s going home :( If Dan were smart, he’d get rid of her next because she’s obviously taking Shane to the bottom 2 if she has her way. I’m team IAN all day!

    • no she’s not. she made a deal with jenn and dan today and they say they have to get rid of shane really soon.

      • Hmmm… I’m gonna hafta see that to believe it. I don’t believe a word that girl says half the time. Lol. We shall see!!!

      • I think she wants to go to the end with Dan and I think Dan wants to take her to the end because he can say he coached her to the end. And I’m almost sure he would win against her. That’s the only reason I want her to stay because I think Dan is the only one she is being honest with. But she gets on my last nerve.

      • If I was in jury and I had to chose between Dan and Dumbi, I would give the fat check to Dan. Dumbi was just along for the ride & mirrors.

      • This is a great point and might be Dan’s best move. He would beat both Jenn and Danielle easily but getting to the final 2 with one of his players would be an impressive feat.

      • You could say the same thing for everyone in the house except for Ian. Out of everyone left (excluding Frank since he’s practically already gone…) Dan would win unless it was him and Ian.

    • I couldn’t have put it better myself. She is driving me nuts too. She waffles between total conceit, delusion and bouts of insecurity. I can’t wait to see her get turfed, it will be a happy day for me. Why she had to lie about being a nurse is beyond me, oh yes, you are such a cut above everyone else in the house, yep, delusional once again

      • Did you happen to see her fit after the disgusting idiot Jessie took all their food? Holy crap! She was in the storage room complaining – umm, no yelling…WE HAVE HUMMUS AND NO CHIPS, SALSA AND NO CHIPS…NO CHIPS!! SOMEONE KILL ME NOW!! Oh my gosh it was pathetic and great TV at the same time.

    • Any chance you saw her lying by the pool tonight next to Joe? Need I say more? If I was Joe’s wife I think I’d have some words with that maniac.

  9. I find the show very hard to watch with Danielle still there… ewww.
    I cannot wait for the karma to kick in.

  10. Everyone has final two deals with everyone. Frank has a final three with Shane, Dan and Jenn. Shane has a final two with danielle and Frank. Danielle has a final two with Dan, Shane and Jenn. Jenn has a final two with Frank and Danielle. Ian has a final two with Joe and Dan and Dan has them with Ian, Frank and Danielle. The only one that does not have a final two deal with someone is Joe! Watch Joe end up winning LOL!!!

      • I don’t need glasses to HEAR Dan admit he swore on everything to take Frank to the final two. This was a confession straight from Dan’s mouth. Watch Sunday’s show at 17:20 and 24:07 marks. Then we’ll talk.

      • Don’t watch his confession watch his actual conversation with Frank when he swore on the bible!!! He did not swear to take him to final two. Watch the live feeds. And I’m done discussing this with you. Once again it’s a REALITY SHOW!!!

      • Why would Dan admit to something he didn’t do? At least he has “owned” and accepted what he has done. Why can’t you? How can you refute his own confession? That makes no sense.

      • It is called editing!!! He only swore on the bible about the Quack Pack which was the truth and if you watch the live feeds which are unedited you would know that!

  11. I hope everybody is realizing what they are witnessing. Dan is a beast. Enjoy it, Big Brother might not ever be this good again!!

    • I thought this was going to be a lame season because, in my opinion, a lot of the newbies had very lame personalities… But WOW, there were so many big moves made and I feel like I never know what anyone’s going to do because EVERYONE is trying to make deals with EVERYONE and play every angle. It’s hilarious!!

      • I agree! I think if it weren’t for the coaches, the only fun players would have been Frank, and maybe Ian and Wil. But I can’t think of anyone else that has a personality that could have made this game interesting this season.

  12. Dan swore on the bible, wife,etc that every word he told frank about the quack pack alliance was true. I didnt hear him swear on the final 2… whats the big deal?

    • If you dont know what you are talking about please don’t speak! when dan was standing up to leave the HOH after swore on the Bible that everything he was saying was true, Franks said you better not be Fing with me. Dan said “I swear to God I’m telling you the truth.” then put his hand on the Bible again and said “I swear Final 2.” Total Scumbag. Lies are part of this game and even make it fun, but Keep God, The Bible and Religion out of it! It is sad and sick!

      • No that is not what happened or you did not watch the live feeds. When Frank said Final Two they were sitting down and Dan did not put his hand on the bible. He swore on what he was telling him about the quack pack. Stop making this stuff up.

    • If you think Dan is so dumb tell me how did he manage to master mind all the hg especially by getting frank to keep him.This is a game and I am sure you would sell your soul in a reality game for 500g.

    • Wow. Dude, if you can’t recognize that Big Brother is about Machiavellian backstabbing, then do yourself a favor and find something new to watch next summer. Bloody preachy moralists…

  13. uhh i can careless about the bible. but he swore on his wife too. this canned motherfucker… there are some things you dont play around with and your wife’s life is definitely one of them. hope your wife dies now.

    • Get a life Noir!! That’s getting pretty out of control when you hope someone dies. Turn your TV off, turn your live feeds off, go for a walk, forget about this show. You are a very disturbed person.

    • As Frank once said “What does swearing on her even mean? Nothing, it’s not like something happens if you lie.”

    • It is clear that some people can’t decipher real life from fictional television to say something so disgusting as wishing someone’s wife would die! Seriously whether you meant it as a joke or serious when people start saying they are going to sexually assault someone’s wife, frank and boogie, or wishing their wife would die they have lost touch with reality. It is a game show and it is probably all scripted and all these people are out of work actors anyway so get a grip on reality please.

    • Really grow up. Its just a game and since dan played before i bet him and his wife agreed that dan should do whatever it takes to win.I really don’t see the point of calling him out cause he swore on his wifes life GET OVER IT.and wishing his wife to die is by far the worse statement i have seen on this site.

      • Him bringing religion into the game though and abusing it and the bible was too far. It’s dirty and proves he’s not christian, just someone who worships the devil and mocks Christianity. Very sad.

      • Serious? Sorry but I don’t really remember him bringing his religion into the game. It’s a part of his past that followed him into it. What I remember is a lot of people here bringing religion into it. Geesh.

      • example: He made a final 2 deal with frank, swore on dead people in his family, his sad wife and the bible. bible = religion. pay attention.

      • It’s a show.
        Bible = prop.
        Do you really think it’s there for them to read??
        You pay attention……and why do you think his wife is sad? That’s sad to me.

      • Very sad… And a lot of people that respected Dan at one point, no longer do! That is a fact! He also disrespected his family…

      • Ummm….. Reading scriptures etc… Then swearing on the bible and on God is bringing religion into the game. He portrays himself to be a Christian, speaks of church… He chose to do these things.

      • I guess it’s what the viewer makes of it. I consider it all a prop and strategy. Can we agree to disagree on this one? :-) I’m with ya on all the other stuff.

  14. DANIELL has or has had (in one of her many lives) a dog that hunts lions.HMMMM never hreard of a dog that hunts lions…gonna do some research on that one..

    • REPLYING TO MYSELF…Did research and yes there is an exceptionally mean dog called the Rodesian Ridgeback that hunts lions ..but the dogs are so mean that they are sutiable for family pets..

      • They are not fierce dogs…no more than any other dog can be. They did not hunt lions, they would distract lions so their master could go in for the kill. They make fine pets for the right people. They are dignified, intelligent, loyal, mischievous, sensitive, & strong willed.

      • Thanks for the info. That’s interesting. Still not sure i believe she had one. It’s hard to tell what’s truth and what’s not with her.

    • I wonder if that magic dog stands on its hind legs on the back of a unicorn while flying through the sky past the rainbows and flying monkeys on its way to her castle made of chocolate – no wait – castle made of chips. When it gets there it fights off all the big bad lions ‘cuz you know last time I checked there were some super crazy mean lions livin’ in Bama and roaming the streets like they own them.

      • I just searched for those & found some pics. Those are cool looking dogs but it said they have a lot of physical problems, even genetic deafness.

  15. Dan is in complete control of the house, he is playing everyone. He will have Ian sent out tomorrow. Shane is then next on the hit list.

  16. All of you are BIASED! this season of Big Brother will be good with a guy winning. It will be a dissapointment if a girl wins!

    • Most likely a guy WILL win. For Danielle to win…worlds would have to collide, stars would have to fall, and some dumbass would have to choose to take her. I guess nothing is impossible but i don’t know if i could take the ego boost it would give her.

      • thats just it, if he does not win the money, i am afraid damnielle will.. that will be a screwed up bb.if that happens

    • Agreed. Hope he loses his wife and job since he swears on her, the bible and dead grandpa. Satan himself, dan wesselling.

      • Unfortunately some people have a hard time distinguishing reality. Those people usually end up in the behavior health unit for several weeks scratching imaginary bugs and watching squirrels ride horses over rainbows while walking the red carpet with have-been celebrities.

      • It’s a game show get over it. And he is playing like a beast and is single handly making this season amazing. Any BB fan would appreciate what he is doing because no one has pulled off stuff like this since Dan in his first season and Dr.will we should appreciate the entertainment because they have only found two players who could play the game like this in 14 years so maybe appreciate how hard he plays the game no one left is even playin the game that hard.

      • Don’t understand the difference between reality and fantasy it seems. Some of you have gone off of the deep end. Seriously you want someone to lose his wife and job and how immature that you call someone Satan for playing a game. Grow up please. And once again he did not swear on a final two deal all Dan and Frank did was shake on it at Frank’ initiation of a final two deal.

      • Actually you have gone off the deep end.. everytime someone writes a comment there you are being in everyone’s business! You talk about everyone else being obsessed yet you sit here all day and write stupid comments. FRANK IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Actually I find him kind of creepy this time around. I don’t know why but I do. He really bugs me. And I am not talking about his game or swearing on the Bible. I just find him creepy. Guess I am going to pay for this comment.

  17. Dan will never be better then Dr. Will. The show will suck with out Frank. Yes I will watch, but the show will still suck, no good game player left but Dan, and we have seen all his actions. If anyone thins Danille is that good, you must not be watching the same show I am.

    • I disagree tbh, I think last week’s move trumps anything Dr. Will ever did. Will took advantage of people’s stupidity, Dan convinces smart people to make stupid decisions.

    • Dan can easily be arguably better than Dr.Will. Don’t get me wrong Dr.Will my favorite player and I think most ppl will always think he better than Dan just because of how how entertaining he is. But strictly jut gameplay you have to give it up for Dan even at this point in time. And we don’t know he may win again and I hope he does. He is for sure
      My second favorite player.

      • Dr. Will was my favorite player also until last week when Dan replaced him with the funeral and getting himself off of the block. Dan first and Dr. Will 2nd and both best BB players ever!!!

    • Okay just because Dan told on the QP doesn’t make him the greatest player. If anyone had that information Frank would have put Britney on the block. Dr. Will is still the best player in BB history!

  18. What people don’t understand his Dan has played the game before!! He should be winning! Dan is getting to cocky and karma is gonna catch up to him

    • He is not cocky. How is he? He is making moves that are actually working. I would be happy and bragging about it too.

    • Because he has won and is doing what he is doing now is why it’s so amazing. Playing a second time is actually so much harder because everyone knows who Dan is he has such a huge target before even walking into the house.

  19. Sigh. Can anyone confirm if Danielles mom is a former Olympic swimmer? She and Dan strategizing about their F2 plans. As expected, he wants Jenn with them in inal three so they don’t have to worry so Shane has to go after Ian. Dan tells her to throw first F3 comp to him because she can easily knock out Jenn or Shane, if he’s silk there. She said why me? He said well, your mom was an Olympic swimmer and all… Lol

    • Why does this not surprise me? I thought she had left no stone unturned in the lie department. If this is NOT a lie…it will be a first. She should write fairy tales for a living.

    • do you really that dan believes she devil is telling the truth.he is smarter than that. but he has not seen through her like we have.

      • Lol. No, I just don’t know how he keeps a straight face. Or keeps from just telling her to shut it. Lol

  20. Are allllllll of these people gullable idiots?!! It continues to amaze me how they believe every word Dan says to them,and keep him in the house with them! I am team Ian,and if these people are playing Big Brother at all they will get Dan out as soon as possible.

  21. Heres the 3 week rundown.. Votes go 2-2, cause Dan doesn’t like to go back on his word. Ian votes Joe off, cause Frank is ‘harmless’ the following week. Frank wins veto that week, and HH the next. BB is so freaking rigged, it’s unbearable to watch.

  22. These HG’s are so darn mean..why don’t they just go ahead and tell Frank that he is going home tomorrow, he is going to put a hole in the middle of the house from all of this pacing back and forth..They all think it’s funny, true, Frank has played a terrible social game, but he deserves a little more respect, then everyone, even Jenn, lying straight to his face, telling him he is safe. Danielle makes me sick.

    • They are not allowed to tell the hg that they will be the one going home. I don’t know why that’s a rule. It made for good drama when someone knew they were going home and turned against the house the night before.

    • Because he’s a bully! Based on his prior behavior, I wouldn’t want to tell him either and have to listen to the crap that comes out of his mouth until he left!

  23. I hate how Dan’s acting like this is his first season and he needs to win so bad. I mean I don’t blame him for trying to be a 2 time champ but I don’t want him to be a 2 time champ! Haha don’t know someone has to agree with me!

    • Hahaha ahh hate to bury your bubble but big brotheris a competition of course he gonna compete! And should be glad! Dan is making the show amazing!!!

      • I find it hard to compare the word amazing to someone who has backstabbed everyone and has no ill feeling at all. I guess it was worth it to Dan because I have lost all respect for the man, game or not. But in the end what does my opinion matter anyway. He has to live with his actions which he finds no big deal, so bully for him.

  24. Frank is showing Dumbielle some one on one attention right now and she’s luvin’ it. I think he just secured a vote from her to stay.

  25. Oh all you haters, going on about the bible, if you were such “Christians” you wouldn’t be standing in judgement of others! Go Dan go!!!

  26. Wow Dan sweared on the bible, his wife and dead grandfather that he would work with Frank… What a evil person . Beng catholic I am offended by his tactics

  27. I just realized that so far Ian it’s the only HG that hasn’t been on the nomination block all this season. Although i think that streak might come to an end within the next 20ish hours.

  28. Dan is Satan himself. Shouldn’t be working at a catholic school, he abuses religion like no other. What a pathetic idiot. Way to be a role model for your students and prove that you throw the bible around like a piece of trash. I bet your dead grandfather would be proud too. It’s just a game but religion isn’t.

    • of course you would agree because you’re both idiots . Stop acting like little girls . Its a game , if you don’t think backstabbing and lying is gonna take place even with religion you’re an idiot. Dan the man is the best ever bring that money home .

  29. Cut Dan the check right now. This guy’s got the plan for knifing everyone and of all people, Joe’s the only one that sees it but who listens to that guy?Jenn dropping hints to Frank that he’s leaving after the lug can’t put 2 and 2 together.. This last two weeks are gonna rock watching Dan control these idiots and I’m not even a Dan fan.

  30. I actually feel a little bad for Frank. He seems like such a loyal guy and once he gives his word he sticks to it, it just sucks that everyone he has given his word to excluding Boogie has stabbed him in the back almost immediately after making a deal. Look at how genuinely concerned he is for Dan’s safety at the possibility of him being a replacement nominee. I really do like Dan and I know this is just a game but something about the way he seems to enjoy betraying Frank just makes me like him or I guess his game play a little less. It’s very unsportsmanlike especially for someone who’s profession is a coach.

    • He throws the bible around like a piece of trash and worships the devil – that’s why i dont want dan to win anymore.

      • I wouldn’t go so far as to say he worships the devil and I still want him to win I just wish he could’ve found a happy medium between the extremely loyal game play from his first season and his extremely dirty game play from this season. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say he had to adjust his strategy once the coaches entered the game and just didn’t want to repeat what he did in his season.

      • I totally agree! Also noted the jubilee & smug satisfaction in his face when he bragged that he had duped Frank… Utter glee… After frank helped to save his butt, and was even concerned about Dan going back on the block…. Dan is scum….

      • Kk ppl read everyone comments he only swore that the information he was telling Frank was true and it was the truth!! And he even said it in that episode that’s why he brought up the bible. They just shook on final 2 deal.

      • Just a handshake? That’s the problem with this country now. A handshake was all it took back in the day. A handshake was a persons word. It was not taken lightly. If you shook on it it was a done deal. Today you shake on it,does not mean a thing.

    • Franks has only himself to blame. This is the Big Brother
      House. Even in real life with co-workers, what are the
      chances that a co-worker has lied, stabbed you in the
      back? Happened to me so, I know it happens. However,
      one should fight back which Frank should be doing but,
      he cannot figure out that Dan has betrayed him! The
      obvious clue is the veto. Dan could have thrown the
      veto to Frank if he wanted to. Also, if Frank went off,
      they would still have the votes to save Jenn. Did Frank
      not think of that? When in the Big Brother House, you
      think about your safety first and assume you are all

      • If Frank won and took himself down he was afraid that Ian would put Dan up and either way one of Frank’s alliance members would be going home. Frank was okay with Dan winning and Dan even asked him during the comp what he wanted. I’m just saying that Dan is playing a little dirty and I think Frank’s intentions are pure. That being said I still want Dan to win.

    • Frank is not the game player that everyone thought he was. As soon as Boogie was gone it became obvious that he was just following Boogie’s lead the entire time because he surely can’t figure anything out on his own now! I would feel sorry for him if I didn’t hate him so much. He had such an ego when Boogie was around but it was never Frank – he was just following Boogie’s lead and doing what he was told. That’s why he saved Dan and was trying to make an alliance with him right away — he’s too scared to go it alone and knows he needs a strong player to partner with and to tell him what to do once he wins the comps.

      • He didn’t turn on Brit until Dan exposed the Quack pack but he had every intention of sticking with her. He knows he needs an alliance and is desperately trying to form one.

  31. For anyone that cares, Julie’s gonna be on Letterman any minute. Take a break from BBAD and watch it. :-)

  32. Is anyone watching live feeds right now? Why in the world is Dumbielle STILL CRYING about Dan saying she was dead to him in this game? Wasn’t that over a week ago? She is full on snot-nosed crying about to Joe. Geesh!

    • yes jillith…another pathetic cry for attention..shane knows i was crying and he just laid there…at least shane made the comment she needs to grow up….she didn’t get her center glory tonight so she had to do a last ditch effort after dark to get it…she never ceases to amaze me

    • I don’t know how he will be able to live with himself. Especially with all the haters. Oh wait, I think 500G’s will help! It would help me!

    • What a rube. How could you believe someone who swore on the bible,his marriage,and dead grandfather. What a sucker.

  33. I don’t want Dan to win only because he already won, but he’s a really great player,and he dosnt deserve to be bashed on. its a game people!

  34. Can’t stand Dan – but give him credit for amazing game play. Frank is gullible gullible gullible. Too trusting. Why Danielle is still there is beyond me. Joe needs to go. Hopefully it will be ian and Dan in the final with Ian winning. Dan already won the game and Ian has played it well.

  35. I can’t stand watching Danielle on BBAD. She is the most annoying person on the show. Can’t wait till she’s evicted. Her tears will fill a swimming pool.

  36. It was awesome the way Dan continued to manipulate every
    other house guest in the house. How can these house guests
    be that stupid? Imagine, he makes the biggest move last
    week and gets Brittney evicted. He now takes off Jenn from
    the block with Ian’s blessing, making Ian think he was the
    mastermind of it all! Frank, of course, has no clue as to
    what is about to happen and Jenn is not that much smarter.
    She is glad to be saved from the block but, if Dan can
    betray Frank after being saved last week, does she think
    she will not be betrayed if it suited Dan?

  37. I think Dan is going to take Dani all the way. He starts with one player and is loyal to that person, and only that person. So I think she’ll be around a bit longer

  38. Can someone tell me what Jenn was wearing under her black studded jumpsuit she was wearing during the Veto comp? Good Lord it looked like a spanx! How embarrassing.

  39. frank deserves to go he made some stupid moves wanting dan gone puts him up then gives up a hoh spot to make sure the noms stay the same then has jenn take him off what a stupid thing to do

  40. I used to love Dan, and now I can’t stand him. He is playing way too hard. I hope everyone realizes that he’s playing them and turn on him.

  41. Frank should 1) contront Dan and say that if he votes against him he will fight till his last breath that he will convince the jury house to vote against him and 2) he should confront his “alliance” and put them on the spot – what does he have to lose?

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