Big Brother 13: Week 1 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

Hey all you Big Brother fans!  I’ll be bringing you all your Live Feed highlights each weekday.  Already we have craziness in the house with Evel Dick leaving the game and Keith freaking out to anyone who will listen to his endless rantings.  We get you don’t want to be the first one out of the house but come on! Give your house guests a reason to want to keep you. 

Sunday’s are generally the laziest day in the house with the exception of the POV ceremony which has two hg’s scrambling for votes.  The others wanted a little R&R but game talk is constant with this group.

Big Brother 13 Live Feed Highlights – July 10, 2011:

8:25 AM BBT – The HGs are awake and the game talk has resumed.  Brendon tells Porsche they will call her to the HOH room if they needed to talk to her and asks Shelly to come up when Cassi is ready and gets Dom and Adam.  A busy morning for Brendon who makes Rachel’s coffee wrong and has to redo it lol.

8:45 AM BBT – Dom and Adam tell Brenchel they will keep the couple safe if they’re not put up for eviction this week. 

8:55 AM BBT – Keith enters HOH and wants a reconciliation and says he will work with Brenchel.  Rachel trusts him but Brendon doesn’t.  They decide to talk to all the HGs and Bren goes to get Lawon and Kalia.

9:00 AM BBT – Bren tells Lawon and Kalia that they are the newbies they trust them most. They want safety assured for themselves and JJ.  Quite a change from last season when the two, especially Rachel, didn’t care about anyone but themselves but then they do realize they need JJ to get through the game.

9:19 AM BBT – Now Bren is telling Shelly and Cassi they are the only ones he and Rach can trust.  Hmmmm I’m seeing a pattern forming here.

10:20 AM BBT –  Jeff in HOH now and they are discussing how Dom and Cassie want to keep Keith around and how they’re stories were exactly the same.  It sounds like some trouble for one of them if they don’t win the HOH comp this week because they want them plus Lawon gone.  Sounds like the Regulators may be coming to an end.

12:35 PM BBT – We are back from the POV ceremony and the nominations are the same. 

12:41 PM BBT – Cassi and Dom work on Lawon to keep Keith over Porsche.  They are getting ready to nap in the have not room.

3:10 PM BBT – Time for some laying out by the pool.

4:20 PM BBT – Adam says he was busted at age 13 for huffing paint.  Now I get it lol.

4:40 PM BBT – Rachel says Obama will lower gas prices to get reelected.  Like he has anything to do with that!

6:07 PM BBT – Rachel and Brendon admit being threatened by Adam and Dominic.  

7:15 PM BBT – HG’s working out and Rachel says she does Bridal Boot Camp.

11:30 PM BBT – Porsche tells Rachel that Cassi said “we have to have the balls to get rid of them.”  Rachel runs to tell Jordan and so the drama starts back up.  And I’m out for the evening.

So much game talk going on amongst these players.  I ‘m looking forward to see which one of the newbies really does have the balls to make a power move. 

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  1. Jeez. BB should’ve known this twist would cause trouble because the former houseguests have HUGE targets on their backs. If they’re smart all the former HG’s will vote to get rid of Keith and Porsche will play with them. Hopefully Lawon and Kalia realize that playing with the DCA is the best move.

  2. Has anyone heard from Evil Dick regarding reason for leaving? Has Danielle confided reasons for 3 year split with Dick? Just courious about family dynamics

      • I just saw a video on RTVZONE . com where he gives an exclusive explanation. But, like Matt BBN says, he doesn’t give details.

    • He posted a vid on YouTube that is vague, but at least it somewhat gets rid of the rumors. He’s very obviously reading from a computer screen, but i’m sure it’s so he keeps out the details and still gets in what he wants to say.

  3. It is all so mysterious. And sad. Dani and ED put the D in dysfunction. I get the feeling it’s been going on for years and is very involved. We’ll never know the whole story. I miss ED this year. He was really opening his strategy playbook and getting his stuff together. It figures he is gone just when it gets started. Rachel, much to my surprise, seems toned down a bit. And I see a look on Brendons face, he is not really happy he proposed and may be rethinking marriage. It’s not too late, pal.
    Jeff/Jordan are the same, floating big time.
    The newbies are a mixed bag but entertaining at least. If I had a vote I would say Keith should go only because he is so paranoid and a little too needy. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he was bisexual. There is just something about him….not there’s anything wring with that…..staying tuned, love BB

  4. Watched about 10 minutes of Big Brother cause I wanted to know what happened to Evel Dick, but didn’t hear anything. Who thinks up these stupid competitions? Cows and milk? Sounds like idiot therapy to me. :)

    • Yeah, CBS said over the weekend that they’d wait until Wednesday to address ED’s departure. I guess they want to milk it for all its worth.

      • “milk it for all it’s worth” – milk competition – LOL

        Hey, Summer! Good to see you’re here – I miss Evel!

  5. I about fell off the couch when I saw who they brought back of course I definately was not a Brenchel fan, but jj and Evel Dick were awesome. Now he is gone that stinks, but I think the show will still be interesting gets me hooked every year.

  6. Thanks for the recap Chloe.

    The thing I like about the TV episodes is the Diary Room. It shows how the HG’s really feel about each other. It was good to know that the newbies are not as stupid as I thought but are playing the game by telling the vets what they want to hear.

    Could Shelly be the next Britney..she sure is warming up to Rachel but from her DR confessions she is not a Rachel fan.. It is still early but I think I like Shelly.

      • Hi Jeanne, Hi BG, I thought last night’s episode was pretty good. Chloe has good feedback. I also like Shelly, and I like Kahlia – but it’s so darn early and so much changes week to week. Well, it’s great hearing from both of you!

      • Nice to have all the girls back together from Survivor…oh yeah….

        yes BG..the DR’s is the best thing bout the tv shows…u really get to know them better…and i agree with all of you in liking Shelly…..

        i feel that a woman will win BB13, i hope Dani wins it….. :-)

      • Hey!!!! It’s awesome to see almost all of the Survivor gals back together again!! Summer, come join us!

      • sorry Kristina….ED has already released a video telling us why he left and not coming back…he felt very bad leaving but it was something he had to do…..

        so maybe next year if we have a all-stars 2….i miss him so much, he started this season so good… :-)

  7. HOH8, what a bummer! But I still love the show, there is enough that can happen still to keep it interesting even if he isn’t coming back this year. I’m not sure if I can handle the hard rock metal head though.

    • I know, i wanted to see ED play but im making believe he wasnt even there cause he left so fast, we will forget he even played in BB13, lol….i feel the same bout Adam, he’s trying to hard in fit in…im liking Dani, she’s playing like her father, nice and sneaky, lol….im rooting for the Vets… :-)

      • Good Morning HOH8 and all, I too am rooting for the vets – any of them – doesn’t really matter but mostly Jordan and Jeff. Something bothers me a little about Brendon, maybe the trying to be a man thing. I’m perplexed on why both nominees are so sure they aren’t leaving tonight, Neither one absolutely has the numbers if they think about it – 5 to 6 could happen either way. Did they reveal something in the Diary room or on the feeds that we aren’t privy to?

      • Hi Kristina…ur mornings are my afternoons, lol…i sleep all morn and stay up all nite with the feeds, lol…im in the east….

        yeah keith&porsche are both clueless, thats the way they were in the POV comp, they both think they are staying, remember only 10 votes tonite and if its 5-5 tie rachel has deciding vote and plus the Vets think they have shelly&kalia votes…i just cant wait till its all over tonite and Julie evicts whoever then the week starts all over….w00t w00t… :-)

      • HOH8, glad you get on those and can tell me what’s up on the sites at night! We are in the same time zone though, I’m also east coast (EST) just have no feed life….talk to you after the show tomorrow – my morning ha ha!

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