Big Brother 12: Week 4 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

It’s an inside lockdown for the hg’s today in the Big Brother house and we see a lot of laying around, chatting and eating.  Nothing too exciting going on but Enzo tries very hard to not get cornered by Kristen who is still trying to save herself.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 4, 2010: Shout out to my mom, Happy Birthday!

10:22 AM BBT – Ragan informs us they will be on lockdown all day. possible endurance comp tomorrow night?

11:21 AM BBT – Lane and Hayden talk about how if people think Brit is aligned with Lane they might put them both up but the brigade would save him.  They believe Kathy will go next week no matter what which leads me to believe no one will have the balls to put up Brenchel.

12:47 PM BBT – Hayden, Brit and Brendon playing chess.  Bren is talking about physics and Lane is pretending to be very interested and asking him questions while Brit laughs.

12:43 PM BBT – Brit does Rach impressions.  Matt and Ragan make fun of Brendon’s horrible abilities as veto host.

12:58 PM BBT – Rach says it’s picture time and she only has 30 minutes with the camera.  Ragan and Matt put on her hair extensions and Rach videos them making fun of her.  Says it’s going on youtube.

1:46 PM BBT – Brit is laying on the bed talking to us live feeders.  She says Rach looked naked today, Kristen is mad game talking and no one wants to get trapped by her but since it’s an inside lockdown there’s no where to hide.  She says Enzo wants to talk to her the least and that Matt is cracking up because he misses Stacie.

3:58 PM BBT – Kristen is close to tears talking to Kathy.  She doesn’t want to go home.

4:41 PM BBT – Kristen shaves Hayden.

5:36:PM BBT – Kristen is giving it one last try to save herself.  She is in the HoH with Brenchel while they’re under the covers and Rach has her shirt off.

8:25 PM BBT – Rach is telling Bren he has to win and not to give up and make deals with anyone.  He wants Matt out and says he will put him up against Ragan.  He says there’s not a house, that the HoH is the house, and people will vote how he tells them too.

12:34 AM BBT – The brigade is talking about Brendon and say they are done if he wins HoH.  They can’t stand hearing Rach cheer for Bren during the comps.  They want one of them gone before the double elimination.  They think Rach won’t be able to handle it without Brendon.

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  1. Lordy I sure hope whoever wins HoH puts Brenchel on the block.

    I’d love to see Brit doing her Boobzilla impression!!

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  2. Hope Kristen leaves this week, and the lovebirds leave the following week, and then Ragan. That way, I can start watching BB again. As the dimwitted redhead would say “like, you know what I mean, like, you know,”

  3. Hey Kristy! Yeah we are hardcore BB! :) Thank you BG for that. I had no idea but I like Team ABR! As long as it is Brendan. lol

  4. Like Summer Like Hey like you know good morning…. and like you dont understand how stressfull it is on these board like it soooooooooo hard to be here and no that not everyone wants me here… ROTFLMAO!!!!!! Hope every one got enough sleep

  5. i thought i heard enzo and lane talking about keeping brit and kathy around for the final 6…man, kathy is being given a free ride if that happens…

    i am not a huge rachel fan, but i don’t dislike her completely, i just think she isn’t very smart with her decisions. I like brit cuz she can be pretty funny and animated, but when she “pretends” to have fun w/ rachel and then goes to ragan and matt and makes fun of her, just a little tacky…
    i guess i don’t hate rachel enough to find those antics very funny.
    what is with the double eviction talk? I have only seen the last 2 seasons and don’t remember neither of them having double evictions. how would that work?? does production drop it on them on eviction night??

  6. I like Ragan but I hope he is not HOH this week cuz he will not put up Rachel. He would put up Brendan and Kathy then Kathy would go home cuz Brendan would win POV. I hope Hayden wins POV.

  7. Hey only half of Brenchel is dumb. Not my beautiful boy Brendan. Wait, in a way he is because he is letting Big Red lead him around so ok, WISE UP BRENDAN!

  8. @ TINA yes they have had it not every season I dont think Id have to well we wont go into how far back Id have to go, but yes the housequest arent sure when its coming so the drop it on them. Sorry I dont hate any one personally in the house but I do hate the way some of them act at times. Alas, id laugh if B/R were up at DE ( double eviction) or 2 of the BRO GADE, just cause it would dhake things up .. Not because I have favorites

  9. * SHAKE* sorry only 1 cup of coffee, Wel lTrish guess that shows ya were my typing skills are at HAHA AM I still hired?

  10. Last season there would have been a double eviction had Chima not went crazy that week and sent home.

  11. I want to see what Brit can do with HOH, I think she will have the “balls” to shake it up, Id think Id like to see her put up Brenden and Kathy, and as long as Bren or Rach didnt WIN POV have whomever does win it take Kath down and put Rach up there… DUECES..VEGAS

  12. Thats what I was thinking Trish they havent had it the seasons they had to send some one off the show, which was like only 3 season I think and since we are short one this season I am still wondering IF we will have one.

    P.S thanks by the way, way oback pedal there :P I all but had the job last night. Throwing me under the bus already

  13. Since they started the season with one less HG than planned, are they going to have a double eviction week this year?

  14. I had to throw you under the bus after I found out about YOUR secret alliance with everyone, everyone but me! LOL

  15. I don’t know if there is going to be a double eviction. I remember reading somewhere that a 14th houseguest backed out at the last minute. I hope whoever wins HOH puts up Brendan and Rachel. I really liked Brendan at first, but now he is disgusting. Can you imagine what his students think of him now?! And for that matter what him employers are thinking of him?

  16. I hate Rachel (love you nic btw) I thought at first they would send one of the HG’s that got voted off back but now since they are no longer in seq. I don’t know what they will do. I wish they would have a double eviction this week, wouldn’t THAT be kewl?

  17. I dont think they will, but you never know maybe Matt can find out? I thought they might IF they had brought one of the evictees back but since they didnt do that. They (production) may have other tricks I am sure

  18. Michelle you are kinda right. I love Brendan but even I can’t stand him sometimes. I want Rachel out so bad so he can play his game.

  19. TRISH you know your my only true alliance :P

    MICHELLE – Im with you mostly I still like Bren and HOPING that he comes to his senses before its way to late. And I agree I stated yesterday I HOPE he still has a job after this is all over with. Crossing my fingers

  20. Can’t wait to see what happens tonight – what Kristen will say when she leaves. Wonder what Julie will say – hopefully something juicy is to come!

  21. Do you think the week before the season finale they will leave in 4 hgs?? the SF will be 2 hrs long…
    they only have 6 more weeks!!

  22. Good Morning Mary and Tina! And all we know for sure is what Rach will say, Kristen your tried Oh I cant even say it LOL. I am still hoping that Kristen somehow teleketically got all we said yesterday about kissing Bren on the way out, but sure that isnt the case. Oh well. Im already prepared to see her go and ready to see who want HOH bad enough tonight

  23. Morning Kristy.
    How can anyone think this season is “SOOO Boring”???
    I have been anticipating the HOH competitions everyweek!!
    I am the most impatient person, I have to find out spoilers on everything!!!
    I am so not bored this season :)

  24. Hi Kristy! I start laughing just thinking about the videos the other hg’s taped for Kristen. I wonder what Brit will say in her ‘goodbye message’…they’ll probably show hayden saying something stupid and sappy and hopefully kristen will cry! i’m SO glad she’ll be leaving!!

  25. “Kristen just HAD to go b/c NO ONE comes between me and MY MAN!” gag… my finger will be ready to hit the mute button once I see rachel’s mug.

  26. LOL @ Mary, Right someone NEEDS to come between them before they become fused together hahaha.

    TINA – Im not bored either Im not as bad as I have been in past seasons in that I havent chosen my fav and pushed for them to win it all but I am still amused at the goings on and the antics that arent offensive (LOL)

  27. funny thing britney said when talking about kristen HARDCORE game talking

    “i dont know why she keeps doign that everyday, like what has changed in 12 hours?! i should tell her; if ur outfit hasnt changed, my mind hasnt changed”

  28. lol Marcus. Right?! How many times can you go up to the same people and preach the SAME scenarios etc… I feel bad for the other hg for having to listen to her whine and complain for so long!

    I think it’s funny they’re trying to TRAP each other…lol, we used to do that in high school!

  29. who exactly was shirtless under the covers..Rachel or Kristen? I am guessing Rachel since she is nude most of the time but prolly she just finished doing the 2 back beast with Brendon….I kinda like Kristen’s angle take her to the bedroom…lol I might get live feeds for THAT…this Brendon just confirms to me that these scientits aren’t too swift what does he see in that hosebeest

  30. hahaha exactly.

    the one thing that kinda bothers me is how nobody is telling her straight up-“ur not getting my vote”

    like same thing with monet 2 weeks ago, and same thing with annie.

    like if u want it to stop so bad, tell her u dont have ur vote. be honest. its kinda effed that u have her go around to everyone just cause none of u want to tell her the truth.

    and eventually someone is gunna have to stick their neck out. all of the votes can be landslides.

    but at the same time if im in kristen’s shoes i woulda stopped talking to ppl heavy on game talking tuesday

  31. oh, tell me about it! why are these people all walking on eggshells every week! i want so badly for someone to say to Kristen “SORRY CHICK! It’s not going to happen – you’re going home!” lol.

  32. Its hard to say Marcus, I mean its a catch 22 if you will.

    Some people campaign right up till they walk out that door sometimes it works, but others it doesnt. And then your either applauded for working so hard an staying in the house an being a fighter. But if you do that and get voted out then your seen as pitiful.

    On the other hand if you dont fight at all then your seen as weak and you must not want to be there bad. Its a hard card to have to play either way I think.

    She was a bit to stand offish in the beginning other wise I think she MIGHT have been able to sway a bit more in her favor well Not the Brigade but, she might have kept Rach’s radar off her.. MAYBE..

  33. she could have campaigned real hard for a day or two… but once you realize that no one is actually ‘on your side’ and you’re not actually ‘swaying’ people to vote your way…you just need to give up already. she KNOWS she is not going to get the votes she needs to stay in…so she should just cut her losses and stop irritating everyone.

  34. MARY – Valid points But I cant recall to many seasons where any one was that UP FRONT to the nominated house guest and said straight up IM sorry I cant vote for you. WEll Evil Dick might have LOL..

  35. SUMMER – I hope that in my #9 post you knew I was making fun of Rach’s speaking and not you.

  36. regan tried to tell her nicely…and she didn’t take the hint. lol! i think they can be somewhat upfront without being offensive

  37. Dont start being mean to me but,,, I agree Rachels laugh is annoying shes not fun to look at she sometimes doesn’t know when to hush, but she has more balls than Brendan and she is palying the game. Kristen thinks shes beautiful and has NO game and Brittney makes me sick with her floating and talking out both sides of her mouth! I hope Rachel figures out the (bro Gade) and is not presuaded by Brendans softness. this is the first year I’ve watched and was not with the rest of the followers on favorites!

  38. Boobzilla’s world is black and white.

    You’re not 100% with me? You’re against me and you’re trying to get between ME AND MY MAN.

    You don’t like something about me? You’re against me and you’re trying to get between ME AND MY MAN.

    You don’t agree with everything I say, even the tiniest little thing? You’re against me and you’re trying to get between ME AND MY MAN.

    She’s a freakin’ lunatic. When the hell is Brendon going to see it???

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  39. You know I really hope that Rachel goes.. and soon, very very soon! I really dislike her, and for a whole bunch of reasons.
    1) her choices are all personal, not at all stratigic.
    2) she is a very mean and bullying person.. If things don’t go her way she bit*hs and complains until she gets what she wants. and when Brendon tried to reason with her like after her Nom. speech, she got pissed at him cause he has his own opinion, and god forbid he someone disagrees with her.

    Personally i want Hayden to be HOH and put her and brendon up and just say..” You wanted me to bring it….so i just did!!!” Blam!! Brendon told you to play nice with the other kids!!!!!

  40. SHEILA – No one should be mean to you, just expressing your views. She does have balls BUT thats is not in my oppinion what makes her strong its actually a weakness because going balls out can make you a bigger target. But IF she pulls it out an wins this as I have said before then she might have played it right I just am not convinced that is the case at this point.

    I can not say Brit has no game, I think she layed low, maybe a bit longer then needed and once Monet left I think she realized she had to win to keep herself here, she has won 2 of the 4 POV, floaters dont win and she saved herself once and also chose not to use it this time INSURING she didnt upset the power couple and protecting her friend Lane also insuring her safety with the Bro gade How can that not be game play and be consindered floating?

    Kathy yes full on floater, cant and wont win doesnt play the game and cries with all the girls. She gravites to the power.

    Ragan has been floating SOME WHAT but I think he MAY BE able to win when its REALLY in his best interest Im not a RAGAN fan either but In not counting him out YET

  41. Hey, she’s a chemist. Can’t be all that dumb. For all we know, she’s the nicest person in the world and just playing the role… but I doubt it!

  42. I would like to see the whining Britney and annoying Enzo be put on the block by whomever wins HOH tonight.

  43. HEKE – LOL @ Blam!

    I HATE RACHEL – with that logic she should be thinking that Brenden is trying to come between her and her man LMAO Peronally I think her “man” is Mr.Fame I hope Bren wakes up too. (sigh)

  44. Kristy281, from what I saw on the show last night, that’s pretty much what she was thinking when Brendon was trying to make her feel better.

    Did you see those looks she was giving him?? Holy dagger eyes Batman!

  45. Buenos dias BB posters! Dang that last post board was supa dupa long..but very interesting to read! Still wondering if anything new appeared on the BBAD or online cams? Who’s gotz da deets?

    • braychl only think mat is going after them…bri is play BR and no one care about the boys alliance

  46. why doesn’t anyone care about the all boys alliance?? Everyone only wants to get rid of braychl yet they won’t do that either?! These ppl suck

  47. I HATE RACHEL – I saw that and still need pepto-bismol to settle my stomach. Listen to REASON just once. Geezz..

    JADELLE – Torch, Trish, Wiz, and a few others have the live feeds I dont sorry:( I am at work well sorta its VERY slow today as was the case yesterday But I do know once something WORTH telling happens the good people here will enlighten us less fortunate HAHA

    POSTERS ( hopes Im not on anyones nerves with my 300 million posts a day) This is your brain on BB

  48. I love racheal from the very beginign…
    i hate the bro gade < most stupidest shit like honestly what happened when it comes down to the final 4 .. ? just turn on each other.. rachel needs to find out bout the bro grade… and end em.

  49. I don’t have BB on the brain..I just like watching the mice make fools of themselves locked in the cage that is the BB house…wonder how Kristen’s boyfriend will react to her showmance and game play when she gets home….after all, it is just strategy right?? I would like to be a fly on the wall for that homecoming :)

  50. hey, all!! sound like the fun has continued! do they have rehab bb posters? we might need it kristy281

  51. Doesn’t anyone think the potential new saboteur in the BB house might have a lot of influence on who the houseguests will target?

  52. NO EYE CANDY – I was only referring to my brain there Sorry it if came off as directed at anyone else I have been slow at work and overly active here LOL..

    Kristi – I know right I tell my friends that ALL THE TIME they have threatened me with INTERVENTION haha Good luck to them. NO One better come between me and my show…. HAHAHA

    LM067 – I hope so IF the person accepts the offer. My fear is that since the HG’s already saw what happened with Annie they wont accept and then so much for that idea, we will find out though.

  53. lm maybe but thats even if they desided to use it if didn’t catch the live show last night, the sab “might” might come back and when they were telling us to vote and the guy talking real fast about the discalimers said it again and just because we vote doesn’t mean the sab is coming back. i summed it up sorry

  54. on the lf they are talking about being locked in the house again and they are goig to be locking in the hoh room again but earlier this time. also the hg’s are also thinking this is weird and mybe the double eveiction might be tonight. that would be good in my opinion. catch them completely off guard.

  55. Thanks Kristi w/#’s ;) Oh keep posting BB Fans, first yr I’m on these boards even though I’ve been watching BB from the very beginning! I love it! Last night’s board was fierce! :D
    I dont’ feel like I’m the only BB fan! :P. I love reading posts from all over the world! Yah my fave posters online now! :)

  56. KRISTI- did you get some after all your reading up? I saw this morning about the post last night about myspace pages it would be fun to see all ya’ll and from the sounds of it I think we would have a HECK of a BB network house show all walks of life represented that would be so fun.

  57. True Kristi! I noticed that too, and I paused the disclaimer so that I can read it! The only way that new *SAB* comes back is IF the new HOH agrees to open that pandora’s box! If not, then Coup D’Etat peoples! :P, Torch/Trish/Wiz any of y’all see anything new on the online cams? Matt, any updates from your end? DO tell!
    You know you love us!

    BB Girls! :D hee*

  58. JADELLE – Im still sore from yesterday it was CRAZY! Glad to see we all pretty much made it back today I am sitting at work watching the clock tick away SLOWLY I cant wait for tonight.

    KRISTI- I meant did you get some rest after all that reading

  59. i’m taking a break today. my head still hurts from all the reading. this is what i know at this point. if production told reagon, reagon told the hg’s and us that production told him. so i think that made it legal. thing is when i find a lead i have to check for the amendments and i’m finding the amendments have amendments. i’m going to start the research again tomorrow and i might call a old friend who is still in the biz if i can’t figure it out myself, but that feels like cheating to me, so i’m realy going to try realy hard to figure it out on my own. but i promise i will let you guys know as soon as i figure this shiz out.

  60. the house guest are in the hoh room talking about shopping. i’m going to check out the other threads. i think we are going to have to entertain ourselves again today but that’s not a bad thing

  61. Oh I just got an e-mail from the site, looks like another board is up! Still hopin Bren wins HOH (shout-out to Trish!) but wonder if thunder can strike so many times with that duo!
    Wonder also if a floater like Lane, Ragan or Kathy will step up & WIN something! (shrug)

  62. Kristi’ you’re awesome, like our BB legal eagle! U go girl! Take a well deserved break! :)

  63. If there is a double elimination, would it be tonight? That would be awesome if Hayden and Kristin went home. I am totally not a fan of the Bra-Gade. Also, when is Jeff from last season coming into the BB house?

  64. J- I can barely keep up here I dont think I could post on another board haha an have any sanity left.. LOL @ legel eagle she is a trooper … luv that girl

  65. KRIS – Speculation only we are already short a house guest so we may not get an double eviction :( and I beleive Jeff will be there in like 2 weeks Id have to look again.. Im really in trouble following him on his journey across the globe GAWD I love his smile and his accent its awesome.

  66. @Trish

    Team ABR=Team: Anyone But Rachel

    And these f’in hg’s are so stupid I just can’t get behind any of them.

    I’m going to ultimately root for whichever hoh has the balls to get rid of her. Which as clueless and gutless as they all are it will probably be no one.

    Go Team ABR!!!

  67. I hafta root for Enzo anyone would be “void” himself on his wife in the shower, has stones….she must like it because he made it sound like it is not a one time event

  68. what possible conversation could happen in tnat house that would make one say…hey, you know what the wife and I do in the shower?? I void on her when we shower together…what a nasty Italian chap he is of course, I lived in Bayonne NJ for a while so I am not really “that” shocked

  69. and being a lawman myself, it makes me wonder who many criminals have escaped her? She wallowed around in that carmel crap like a fish out of water..I can’t imagine her trying to take a suspect into custody that involves a physical altercation…crime must be “non-violent” in Little Rock…wonder if she got her job when ole Bill was Governor…we know he is partial to

  70. actually, driving home the other night, a rabbit ran out in front of my car and I hit it, I rolled down the side of the mountain and was writhing in pain and being a nice guy, I pulled my weapon and offed it to be humane…in hindsight now, that rabbit, with a broken back and having been hit by a car, showed more life and spunk than kathy did in that goo…she is a law enforcement disgrace…have another donut Kathy

  71. EYE CANDY – HA! Luv that Im a cops kid and well yea I was thinking the same thing if I ever decide Im going to go on a criminal spree I know where Im headed LMAO @ have another Donut..

  72. she is a pig in every sense of the word…and to think, someone shagged this thing that it produced offspring..but after all, it is Arkansas..maybe if the kid and maw and paw get together, they will have a full set of teeth

  73. @ LONI; I’m with you. AND I’m not a hater. Especially of reality TV folks. I try to be objective and try not to judge people because I don’t want to be treated that way either. I get tired of reading all the “I hate such and such” posts. It’s so easy to be a hater. Try lightening up. Maybe some game talk instead of the same ol’ cr*p.

  74. @ Loni -I’m with you on Rachel and your posts…the rest of my post was to all the haters and people who like to point out the worst in everyone else.

  75. Please please please … I hope Brendon does not win HOH. I can’t stand to even look at Rachel anymore and her laugh is so annoying. I hope that whoever wins HOH puts her on the block. I throw up in my mouth everytime I have to look at Rachel or hear her voice.

  76. Brendon win tonight please!!! Put Hayden and Britney up. Backdoor Matt, if they get the veto. I’m tired of hearing Britney’s voice being a snake in the grass. I can’t stand phony people! 2nd choice to win HOH is Ragan.

    If Brenchel goes on the block, I’d rather Brendon stay so he can get payback on them wusses a.k.a brigade. (what a joke)

  77. OMG yessssssssssss regan is sabetur but wth tht dont really mean nothing i much wouldve prefered enzo tho omg the brigade betta step it up this week nd get rachel out the house she was so rude to KRISTEN i mean you dnt have to like her but have some class oh i forgot dirty ppl like rachel dont so the game is starting to go my waynow wassssuuup

  78. This show is WAAAAAAAAAAAY too predictable! I can’t stand “hand in his pants Matt!” Just like the surf board competition, this was geared for him….a duplicate….how boring!

  79. I also think this season of big brother 12 is tooooooooooooooooo predictable. They talk too much crap about each other. They are a very mean bunch. I would not be friends with any of them. I don’t care much for anyone but I do believe that Brendon and Rachel are being themselves. I watch all live feeds and the show. I also think I would like the other more if they would not bash BR so much. Brit, Matt, Kathy, Lane, Hayden, and even Ragen and Enzo are all jerks!!!!!!

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