Big Brother 12: Week 3 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

Wow! What a day for the live feed users!  We finally got some much needed drama up in the Big Brother 12 house!  Andrew and Kathy are realizing their days could be numbered and one of them lets their feelings out and not in a good way. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 28, 2010:

9:35 AM BBT – Matt, Enzo and Kristen are outside talking and Enzo says he still doesn’t know who to vote for because Andrew is funny and Kathy is nice.  Kristen tells him to vote for who can get him further in the game.  (Can we say neither?) 

 9:47 AM BBT -Kristen is in the bathroom getting ready and Andrew comes in and tells her not to play him like a fiddle cause he knows she is doing that and she needs to stop.  Kristen defends herself and says she’s been backing him.  He walks off saying you have nothing to worry about then. 

10:14 AM BBT – Matt heard Andrew in the bathroom with Kristen and tells Ragan all about it.  Ragan says he is suppose to talk to him later, that he doesn’t appreciate what he did to Brenchel at the pov meeting.  (Whatever Ragan! Get a clue!)

10:14 AM BBT – Heated verbal argument between Andrew and Kristen.  They are yelling at each other because Kristen has been spending so much time with Kathy and having her back and not his.  Kristen says that she was being there for her friend and that Kathy came to her and Andrew didn’t.  Andrew says she better be careful. 

10:15 AM BBT – Andrew getting upset now.  He’s saying no one in the house talks to him and he knows he is leaving.  (He is thinking that people should come up to him to talk instead of him talking to them.)  Rachel comes in and Andrew leaves.

10:16 AM BBT – Andrew is crying in the have not room.

10:26 AM BBT – Rachel talking to Brendon about what happened between Andrew and Kristen and says Kris is a biatch.  Bren thinks they can turn this around to get votes for Andrew but Rach says no.

10:38 AM BBT – A lot of game talk going on.  Ragan tells Rach and Bren why he is voting out Andrew (because of the pov speech).  He joins Kristen and Matt in hoh to talk about what happened.  Andrew opens the door says sorry and leaves.  Bren comes in and game talk stops.  Matt asks if he is still trying to save Andrew and Bren says there’s no point. 

11:18 AM BBT – Ragan is now in have not room with Andrew (ragan is all over the place today) and they are talking about the pov speech.  Andrew is still crying.  He says he has nothing against Kristen and respects Brendon’s game.  Ragan says he came across as a bully and Andrew didn’t want that.  Ragan says Kristen cares about him and they should try to talk.

11:25 AM BBT – Kathy and Kristen talk and Kathy tells her that Andrew said Kristen was running the house.  They talk about the fight and Andrew comes in asks to talk later.

11:49 AM BBT –  Andrew and Brendon now talk.  Bren encourages him to keep trying for votes.  Andrew says he is going out with a bang and needs to know if Bren is in an alliance with Hayden.  He tells Bren about Matt wanting to back door him but Bren doesn’t think so.  Bren also doesn’t think Hay and Kris are a couple.  (the people in this house have no friggin clue)

12:11 PM BBT – Enzo and Andrew are now in the backyard talking.  Enzo says he needs to watch what you say.  Andrew wants to call a house meeting to apologize.

1:11 PM BBT – HOH picture time.  The hg’s gather in the cabana room for the weekly group shot and comment that there is more room.  

1:41 PM BBT – Bren is encouraging Andrew who is crying once again in the have not room.  (Come on dude get it together!)

3:22 PM BBT – Andrew is sitting by himself in the have not room and is very upset.  Brendon comes in.  Andrew is crying and Bren is telling him to get it together.  They are discussing what he should say at the house meeting.

5:46 PM BBT – Andrew calls the house meeting.  He starts crying (GEEZ!!!) and says that he feels alone.  He apologizes to Kristen for snapping at her and didn’t mean to insult Rachel.  He says the stress of being on the block along with being a have not and having no one to talk to made it much harder.  He thinks there’s estrogen in the protein shakes and everyone laughs.  He says he has enjoyed meeting everyone and thanks them for their time. 

6:18 PM BBT – Lane comes into the have not room and tells Andrew he doesn’t want him to feel alone that he’s a shy guy too and hates that he has felt that way.  (really nice for doing that).  Bren comes in and gives him the pov necklace and Andrew puts it in his suitcase.  Matt also comes in to check on him.

10:51 PM BBT – Brenchel, Ragan and Brit talk game for a long time.  Think next week will set the tone for the rest of the season.  They are talking about who is coming after Brenchel.  Bren still trying to push for Andrew to stay.

12:29 AM BBT – Andrew telling Brenchel he has a plan to say something tomorrow that will help him and his exit speech will help them.  (please not another speech andrew!)

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So did Andrew’s big house meeting save him from possible eviction tonight or did his blow up with Kristen seal his fate?  Who would you rather see leave the game, a floater who has done absolutely nothing or someone who has at least tried in the comps and may actuallly be coming alive in the house?

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