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Big Brother 11 Preseason News Round-Up

With less than 3 weeks until the season premiere of Big Brother 11 the rush of news is going to really start to build. This week there were a lot of little stories that crept out so here they are all piled together:

  • Move over Evel Dick & Janelle. RealNetworks is going to be offering a weekly commentary show starring BB9 houseguest Chelsia Hart and Missy Zeigler only available on the live feeds. If Big Brother Network sells the most live feeds preseason then all of you get an exclusive, 1-hour webchat with Chelsia, the Easter Egg smasher herself! Sign-up for the live feeds now and let’s win this!
  • The Big Brother 11 house has been completed. CBS toured the newly redone future prison for 12 though no pictures were released. You can expect those photos a week or two before the BB11 season premiere.
  • Friday is “Media Day” in the new BB house where a dozen-plus media members will play out a fast paced version of the Big Brother game. Somehow this event never seems to get much attention.
  • Live studio audiences return to eviction night and you can attend! Sign up to get tickets from OCA who has tickets starting with the July 16th episode, our first eviction!
  • CBS confirmed the houseguest count will be at 12 for Big Brother 11 with their latest commercial which you can watch below. Didn’t I already promise you that?
  • RealNetworks rolled out their Early-Bird special with the entire season of Big Brother live feeds for just $30. Details here on how you can double down with $30 in free mp3’s with your feeds subscription.

Okay, I think that’s everything. What? It wasn’t enough? Well then you better register now for the Big Brother Forum, sign-up for the free Big Brother updates, and start following us on Twitter so you never miss a BB11 event all summer.

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