Diary Room: Adam Poch Gets Us Ready For Week 5 On ‘Big Brother 16’

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

If this was Survivor they would have mixed the tribes up by now since the balance of power has been skewed to one side of Big Brother 16.

After another unanimous vote, Brittany was sent out the door. The CBS show did not give us the false edit like they did last week, Brit was a goner no matter how hard she tried to campaign. Instead we got a fluff piece with Nicole & Hayden’s slow moving showmance. Only part of that I found entertaining was the little kid saying she did not like Hayden “trying to make sex with Nicole.”

The segment with BB telling Frankie about his grandfather’s passing was very sad. I just hoped that it would not impact the game. As we saw later, it did. Derrick sacrificed himself, knowing he would be a Have Not if he did not win HoH. Would he have done that had they not know about Frankie’s grandfather? I think so, but don’t think he would have made it so obvious.

Derrick’s game of influencing others is starting to build comparisons to other great manipulators in BB history. With Frankie as 1 HoH & only Zach & Christine left to battle it out for the other HoH, he would be safe again.

Zach stunned us all earlier in the show by not being one of the laziest HGs. I guess bouncing around & flapping his arms when talking burns calories. (Weight loss tips by Zach). He was not done surprising us as he won his first HoH.

So now we have the other showmance of the season, Zankie, sharing the HoH. The Internet went crazy expecting this to be a boring week as the Detonators would be in control again. Well Hurricane Zach proved right away this would not be the case. All night & into the wee hours Zach’s brain was all over the place. And so was his mouth. He was stirring up so much drama by asking people who he should nominate & then telling everyone different things.

When word starting getting around just about everyone was a target and pissed off at him. Even one of his closest allies Cody was having a meltdown & starting to turn even more against Zach. This is playing perfectly into Team America’s task to have a fight go down at the nomination ceremony or Veto meeting. It will not take much to get Zach amped up and call someone out. Looks like Zach plans to nominate Christine and call her the Jenncity of the season. But like everything else Zach says & does, it can change in a moments notice.

At last check it sounded like Amber & Caleb are the true targets for the week. But how Zankie plans on making this happen is still to be seen. Plus after the ensuing fallout of the nomination ceremony the house may finally be divided and no one will be safe.

I am still hopeful that the 2 HoH twist will be done soon. The idea of someone being HoH at the beginning of the week and sent packing at the end of the week has not panned out. But this could be the week if Frankie stays HoH & Zach ruffles too many feathers. Although like most other wishes by fans this season, anything shocking will probably be replaced by safe gameplay. (Who else is missing Devin’s erratic behavior?)

By the time you read this everything above will probably change. So don’t hold me responsible if I am completely off base. Be sure to check Big Brother Network often for updates, or just lock yourself in a room and keep up on your own with the live feeds. Fingers crossed this will be a great week! Catch me Tuesday for my Bacon/Tofu rankings.

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  1. I completely agree about the survivor comment. maybe this is a sign that CBS needs to let Grodner go, and let Probst and Burnett take over BB…

    • OH HELL NO! Jeff gets way to involved in the game now. At Tribal Council – he tells people WAY too much!

      • Same here, I am usually saying “shut up! Let them play!”. Jeff talks waaay tooo much.

      • All Jeff does is sometimes stirs the pot and sometimes you have to throw things out there to make the tribe members think. For the most part, tribe members decide who goes and who stays! Survivor is a great success because Jeff Probst has been an awesome host.

      • but, that is a factor I kind of like about Probst. however, I do think that is why his talk show didn’t do so great, he ran his interviews like a tribal council. well, that and he decided to let Blair from the FoL cohost at the end…

  2. First: I give mad props to Derrick for doing what he do. That being said, IF I WAS FRANKIE, I would have 2 ideas foremost in my mind this week, with “end game” in mind:
    1. Roll Your Eyes & Protect Zach – Even if you don’t want him in F2 with you – maybe you do – you need to wait until Derrick & Cody are broken up. Otherwise, you lose your best ally and then you’re the odd man out and the closest competition Derrick has at F2 so buh bye.
    2. Backdoor Derrick – Not easy since Zach now has the house in a tizzy fo’ shizzy, but speak to logic when & if you can do this, especially with Christine. No one wants to go to F2 with Derrick except Cody. Put them up against each other (after POV). Christine loves Cody and even more after he’s lost without his bud (she can console) and would vote to keep him over Derrick. As goes Christine, as goes HayCole. Donny wouldn’t sweat evicting Derrick; he’d let TA go as would Frankie. That’s 5 votes (enough) to evict Derrick….BEFORE Jury so he can’t influence them either. With Derrick gone, Zach & Frankie will have Donny. I know Donny likes Cody but he KNEW in his gut that Derrick was the cause of Donny going up even though “pawns sometimes go home”. It’s not like Cody can run to Caleb, right? Then maybe next week, Bloodless Frankie agrees to throw the HoH to Donny (so he/Zach can run Donny’s HoH now that Derrick is gone or so they think) and Donny FINALLY gets the HoH. Will Donny take out “Dumbo Caleb”? Or maybe run the tables on da brats and take out Frankie?? Bust up that dynamic duo, too. Or maybe Christine?? #lawnmowerman

    • DANG GIRL! Too bad you can’t send your analysis into the house – they needs some shakin’ up!

  3. “Shocker” but I agree with you Adam. It’s too one sided right now and I wish things would get mixed up. Boring with one side of the house always controlling everything!

    • Thanks Lavendar! As a viewer I want the best show possible… there have been opportunities to flip the house. But there are a lot of superfans in the house that are playing with the “anyone but me” & “dont rock the boat” mentality. (i know that mentality VERY well!)

    • More than likely, the week after next, it will be over. When they get down to 10, it will be hard to make it work.

  4. I would not give the Zankie alliance too much credit to make any big moves! It ain’t happening with this bunch. The only one making any moves is Derrick. Donny unfortunately, is not up to the task. I cannot believe he does not know about the big alliance, Bomb Squad. Didn’t Devin tell him and the rest of the house before he left? If Donny, still does not know who forms the alliance, he just needs to look at who is being put on the block with the nominations and who isn’t. By process of elimination, you should be able to figure it out. Would understand if he did not know about the Detonators which has been on the down low for the most part but, the Bomb Squad is old news and you should know Caleb and Amber is part of that alliance at least! If you do not know who is in an alliance with who, how are you going to target them and bring them down?

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