Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother OTT – Week 4

It’s the 4th week of Big Brother Over The Top – and for the 2nd time this season, it looks like America will be the deciding vote. Last time Alex was in power, and we sent home Monte, one of her allies. This time with Kryssie as HoH – will we get rid of Scott (her target) or Neeley (her ally)? Personally, I would love to see Nelly go home because the LNJ needs this as a wake up call!

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13

We are starting to see bridges built between the two sides of BBOTT, and some of them desperately need to figure out a path to get to the end of the game, BUT FIRST – let’s see how everyone did this week.

Morgan Willett – 5 strips of Bacon – Sure, Morgan was just a pawn, but she was also going to be the target if Scott won Veto and took himself down. So her winning that Veto by 16 seconds over Scott was HUGE for her! She has been wavering over her vote this week because Neeley is someone from the other side she wants to work with, but Alex seems to have gotten her on board to vote out Neeley and leave it up to America.

Alex Willett – 4 strips of Bacon – as mentioned above, Alex seems to carry a lot of power in her alliance, and is playing one of the better strategic games out of everyone in the house. Sure, she was saved this week by America’s Care package, and could have easily been sitting up on the block – but thanks to “us” she is not. She has enjoyed the Servant part of her punishment (at times) – but overall is a good sport, and loves the fact that Kryssie is hating it!

Danielle Lickey – 3 strips of Bacon – for the first time this season, Danielle is not on the block come Wednesday night. She has actually toned it down a little bit, maybe safety & no Shane to distract her brought out the good side of her. She still does not realize how some of her own people are annoyed by her and as I said in my opening, they may work with the other side to get her out – but the target on Danielle has shrunk a little.

Whitney Hogg – 2 strips of Bacon – Whitney did a subtle but powerful move this week by asking to go up on the block vs Scott. She can now claim no responsibility if Neeley is voted out. If Neeley stays, she can use this move as a sign of loyalty for the people on the other side of the house and lets face it – the more people that think you are with them in this game, the better. She has also dropped a little bit of her attitude and the southern charm production was thinking they were going to get from her is coming out.

Shelby Stockton – 1 strip of Bacon – once again Shelby has been on everyone’s radar, but did not make it on the block this week. Her “dumb” routine is working exactly as she wanted it to. She for sure does not want to play it safe this week and vote Scott out – and has even said she will vote Neeley out no matter what. Way to stick to your guns Shelb!!

Justin Duncan – 1 strip of Tofu – Justin did not have a good week or a bad week – but he is still riding the middle pretty well. His goofiness is starting to tone down a little and that is what made him so endearing early on. He is still well liked in & out of the house – and the rest of the HGs have not caught on that he is one of a very few people left in the house never to be a Have Not. Once they realize this, they may see him as a threat to their end game. Look for a target to grow on him the next couple of weeks.

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  1. Adam you are the best! Love your player rankings each week. Love your true spin on things! Please always be yourself! Keep up the great work! you are appreciated!

  2. Total agree with Jason’s rating. How could he think Shelby just got a good edit? Hasn’t it occurred to him that Julie is never present for this show? I think it would have been better to have a host for the ceremony’s even if it was Jeff. I would really like some better live DR questions. I thought we were going to get to submit questions for the HGs to answer. This read and answer is not very exciting.

    • How do you get good edits when it is live all of the time. I watch the feeds and then the show and there are a lot of things all of the houseguests get edited, for example I didn’t see Krissy on the show throwing a baby fit and telling the cameras to quite filming her and flipping them off.

  3. Since early this week, I’ve been considering what Shelby could do with the next Care package. There’s a clarity to some of the observations which she gives about the other players, and I’d like to watch her have the power to weaponize it with some clout. And this is a week wherein your ratings and my analyzing align.

  4. Great re-cap and postings Adam! Totally agree with your tofurkey being Jason. Care package for shelby or whitney please:)

  5. I’m still holding out hope for a #jelby end game strategy. They clicked on Day 1. If their was no showmance to be had, Shelby was down to cuddle with Jason in a very Carrie Bradshaw (Sex in the City) kind of way. But when, Jason went OTB as Monte’s target Week 1, Jason lacked the empathy to see that Shelby was too busy trying to keep her own butt off the block (which she just barely managed to do) to commiserate with Jason the way Kryssie was able to do. Yet she did not even come close to abandoning Jason the way he made it out to be.

    Instead, Jay Roy branded her a snake for going up to Monte’s HOH and making her case to keep her off the block. She still engaged Jason in friendly banter. Took the hookah calls with a sense of humor and she still cuddled with Jason which was not helping her cause with Monte one bit.

    Shelby has the biggest balls and sharpest brain of anyone in the house. She’s by far the most loyal to #TeamBallsmashers and the only one without a “side chick” alliance. But she knows she will need one of her haters to work with her to make it to the end. Unless, America will be her side chick ally (the most valuable side-chick ally of all), her best bet among the Misfits would be Jay Roy. Maybe, the light bulb will go off over his head to remind him that if had worked with Vanessa instead of Day & Meg, maybe he would’ve been the superfan she took to the Final 3? He says he’s all about the money this season, yet rather than work with Scott, Alex and Justin together, he bailed because Scott would NOT compromise (i.e., surrender his HOH) his target to Jason’s preference – and take out Dani.

    If Neeley goes, the BSers will have a 5 to 3 advantage in the HOH over the MFers. If it’s a mental comp, that might be more like a 4 to 1 advantage. If Shelby remains in line for one of the later ACP’s (Co-HOH if she’s a target or the Double Eviction Vetoes – a BB blessing for any HG) and wins a comp or two, Jason may just see the light.

  6. I agree with you Adam. The PBS alliance are pretty much stronger and have played a tough game. Also I agree that Shelby is smarter and stronger than people give her credit for,

    LNJ is just a joke. They have little self awareness of how the come off, and are completely oblivious to how America see them. I mean how inept do you have to be? (I’m looking at you Jason)

    Also Scott sucks as a villain. He’s no Evel Dick or Paul. He’s too much of a tryhard.

    On another note is it fair to call Jason the Colton Cumbie of Big Brother? Not because he’s gay, but because of his foul personality.

  7. I am here very late, but I agree with this week’s ranking. Jason is a tofurkey and not just because of his comments, but how lazy he is and not good at comps either other than 1 which I’m still suspicious about. He is now my second favorite after Justin, but sometimes he needs soap in that mouth of his. Kryssie is pathetic and deserved to be in the bottom with Jason.

  8. I have been a Jason fan, but your analysis is correct. He needs to check himself. I give him credit for trying to steer Scott in the right direction, advising him to avoid certain behavior. But then Jason turns around and fails to follow his own advice. I hope Jason can clear his vision and see what is going wrong for his game.

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