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‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Episode 33 — Nicole And Corey Ride The Middle

| August 31, 2016 at 9:16 PM EDT

Nicole, and by default, Corey hold all the power in the Big Brother 18 house this week and while trying to poise themselves for next week, they’ve spent the week riding the middle as they play both sides of the house. We got a better look at what their plans are for the week in Wednesday night’s episode.


The episode picks up right after Nicole nominated Michelle and Paul for eviction. Michelle feels safe even though she’s Nicole’s target and Nicole lets us know in the Diary Room that she nominated Paul to test their alliance and to keep Natalie and James in the dark since they’re also working with her.

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‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: James Worries About Showmance Status With Natalie

| August 31, 2016 at 6:00 PM EDT

Looks like the Big Brother 18 showmances could be on the rocks this week after we just got through listening to Corey explain why he and Nicole wouldn’t last and now we’ve got James telling Michelle he doesn’t know what’s going on with Natalie.

James goes looking for kisses from Natalie

James and Natalie have had an interesting relationship this season but they’ve stuck it out for most of the season after her initial showmance attempts with Corey and Victor were shot down. Now as we approach the end of the summer James seems to be questioning the authenticity of Natalie’s interest in him.

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‘Big Brother 18’ Live Feeds: James Continues To Give Michelle Bad Advice

| August 31, 2016 at 4:00 PM EDT

James Huling isn’t doing Michelle Meyer any favors this week on Big Brother 18 as she faces eviction and for some strange reason continues to rely on his guidance for surviving this week. She did watch last season, right?

James Huling waits for BB18 to end

Overnight James, Natalie, and Michelle became aware that Corey and Victor were actively studying together and short of a giant neon sign they started to piece together that they may not only be studying together but also working together in the game. Well that should worry you if you were depending on some votes there, right? Not if you’re listening to James for strategy. Matter of fact, it’d be best to just dig deeper in that sand and wait out this storm.

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‘Big Brother 18’ Final Six With Three Power Couples

| August 31, 2016 at 2:00 PM EDT

By the end of the week for Big Brother 18 I expect we’ll be down to six Houseguests consisting of three pairs and a struggle for each to make it to the end. Let’s take a look at where the targets lie.

Paul & Victor plot and plan on BB18

Michelle and Paul are on the Block but while Michelle is getting lots of promises of safety from James the outlook isn’t good for her chances and she’ll likely be voted out by Nicole on Thursday night. With Michelle gone the only HGs remaining will all be working as duos as we wait to see who comes out on top in this next round.

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Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 10

| August 31, 2016 at 12:00 PM EDT

Big Brother 18 will be remembered as the season of “Zombie Victor.” This kid has been through the wringer – evicted twice, battled his way back into the house twice – and for some reason comes back safer & in a better spot then when he left both times. While some HG’s & fans think this is unfair – I find it quite comedic.

Adam Poch during Big Brother 13

This is the perfect scenario for why I always laugh at players preseason interviews. They always say they will do this / that – but the twists and turns dictate the way to play each season. In a season of returning players, Victor joins Boogie & Janelle as the only 3 time players.

There are just a few weeks left in the game, and going forward everyone plays for the Veto each week, so there is no more true backdoor options left. If someone is going to win this game, they will have to win a few more comps along the way, BUT FIRST… let’s see how everyone did this week.

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Tonight On Big Brother 18: Veto Competition & Ceremony

| August 31, 2016 at 10:00 AM EDT

Big Brother is back tonight and it’s Christmas in August with the next Power of Veto competition. Christmas Corey should be thrilled but the pressure is on Paul and Michelle to win their way to safety.

Houseguests in the PoV on BB18

Nicole is in charge this week and has sent her target, Michelle, to the Block alongside her pawn, Paul. Now it’s time to see if those noms will change and who will be our final noms of the week.

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