Jason Roy – Big Brother 17 Eviction Interview

When Jason found out about the twin twist he did exactly what every Big Brother fan out here would do: he told everyone he saw! Looking back, how does Jason wish he had handled that information?

Jason: I should have held that and used that for leverage with those two. In there you are just so bored so it’s just so easy to make that the gossip of the hour. It was our main entertainment. The more people didn’t believe it, the more I tried to prove it to these people.

I think I was being too much of a Big Brother watcher and not enough of a Big Brother player. I definitely should have used that to my benefit.

After Jason’s eviction BB12’s Britney Haynes said her silver lining was she could soon talk to her new BFF in Jason. He was thrilled to hear this. So what was his silver lining?

Jason: My silver lining is that I made it in to that house to begin with. I didn’t think that would ever be possible. Just having gone through this experience is my silver lining.

I think I’m leaving with a little bit more self-confidence than I walked in with. I didn’t necessarily think I was going to be someone that the public enjoyed. I expected to be loathed and to find out I’m more loved than loathed is nice.

[Jason thanked everyone on our site that has been voting for him in our polls.]

As a Big Brother super fan and historian, he knew what to expect, but knowing the game and playing it is very different. What surprised him the most once Jason got on the other side of the cameras?

Jason: I thought it would be easier to pretend to like these people. You spend so much time in there that it’s really hard to pretend to like them. So I was more surprised by how the social aspect is grating on you.

I thought even as a Feed watcher this is easy, that you’d just pretend to like these people. When you’re in there you don’t want to pretend to like them. You’d rather just avoid them.

Since leaving the Big Brother house and learning more about the season’s secrets, what has surprised him the most to discover?

Jason: I haven’t heard anything about America’s Player. No one has spilled that tea to me. Granted there wasn’t a hinky vote last night. Do you know who that damn vote was off those other weeks??

[I explained to Jason there was no America’s Player & we ran through the hinky votes each week.]

Well that’s no surprised. We sorta figured out Liz [voting for Jeff to stay] yesterday and I was suspect of Steve for that Jeff vote all along.

Leaving Big Brother 17, what will be Jason’s favorite memory of his experience?

Jason: I’m not really sure. I’ve had a lot of memories. One of them for sure is winning that first HoH cause I wanted to prove that I could.

Definitely my relationships with Da’Vonne and Meg. It was one big long memory, but it’s lose memories that I’ll embrace the most. The silly moments where we just laughed, left game behind, and just had a good time.

Who does Jason think has the best shot at winning the whole season from where things stand now?

Jason: I could see people like Vanessa, who is clearly masterminded it yet always comes out looking the most innocent. I could see Johnny Mac towards the end. As much as I hate to say it, Becky is a bottom feeder floater but I could see Becky getting down to some of those final numbers.

What is next for Jason Roy after Big Brother?

Jason: Jason is going to go back to his mother’s basement. Back to the damn grocery store. He is not excited about it, but it is what it is. He would have loved to hang out in Jury house all summer but it’s time to get back to life.

I don’t know what’s next for me in life. This was my highest aspiration and now it’s accomplished. So it’s time for me to ponder and come up with some new crazy thing I was to accomplish and head out for that.

Jason’s fans can find him on Twitter @TheJayRoy.

Watch our preseason interview with Jason Roy to see how far he’s come on BB17:



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  1. I found it interesting that Julie Chen came very close to calling Liz a “zitch” with the comments Liz made to Jason. Julie said “what a _______” and it was either censored out or she caught herself before she said it. But, I couldn’t agree more……….I want Liz out……..even more than I want Austin aka Judas gone.

  2. I think Jason is right, l think the house should pull together and evict Vanessa & Austin. They should fake an alliance with Clay & Shelli, then send them packing too. I would love to see James, Johnny Mac & Vicky as final three. And wasn’t JMacs little brother hilariously just like him.

    • And you’re right Liz completes the three headed monster that has to go. If this happens we all just might get to see a game

      • Get to see a game? What do you mean by that? Because I feel like we’ve seen more game in the first five weeks of this season than both seasons 15 and 16 combined!

      • Because last year it was Derricks zombie line, and this year so far. it’s been Vannesas zombie line

      • Initially, I didn’t want Liz to get stuck in Jury with Austin. After her nasty Goodbye mssg to Jason – that’s good enough for her. That can be her penance. But Julia, I think, will be the opposite and be a force to be reckoned with. :)

      • Yeah if only the underdogs can some how manage to get Julia in their alliance! She’d be great to watch since she’s nothing like her awful sister Liz

      • They can get rid of one of the twins and/or Austin in DE! No time for thinking should go on for that. LOLOL

      • Austin and Julia as the 1st 2 in the Jury house. ROFLMAO (Except that I want Julia to stay longer than Liz.)

      • That would be hysterical! hahaha But yeh, I want Julia to stay longer too!

  3. I still do not understand the Jason love – He did absolutely nothing with his time in the house.

    • He was fun to watch, won the first HOH, and clocked everyone from day one. He revealed the twin twist with Day, knew Jace was lied to by Austin, and knew who was aligned with whom. He was intuitive but he gossiped instead of using any of this to his advantage.

    • Its personality, not game play. He is a likable character although I agree not much of a player.

      Then again until his week I think only 3 people were playing the game. The rest were either floating, hanging on, or chasing a twin!

      • I can see where you’re coming from, but I still think there has been way more game play in this season so far, even if it is by only three people like you say…which now that I think of it is kind of funny.

      • And now that I think of it even more, if they get out all of the bigger players, then it will turn into another season 16&17, and then maybe they’ll bring back the BB Takeover.

    • True, but why not get the bigger threats first? Oh NM, Vanessa likes numbers…and felt Jason was expendable more than a threat to her game.

  4. He was cool dude on the show..was rooting for him but never felt he was going to win. As for the rest, I have racked my brain trying to figure out who I want to win. Crazy enough…I’m rooting for Jackie now (she seems to be the last one playing and one I would like to see win) maybe John; but if he’s aligned with “Tinder the Trainwreck” I can’t root for him. The rest are some of the worst (and for Steve; boring) people BB has casted.

    Hopefully Julia won’t be Liz’s lap dog and maybe I could root for her. But man has Liz fallen of the map of decent people in the house. Her, Shelli, Vanessa and Becky are some of the worst. Shelli is the head cheerleader all the other wantabe “cool” girl and and tell everything. Vanessa thinks she is much smarter than she real is. Becky is just there.

    The guys aren’t much better. Clay wants to be bff with everybody which in turn will turn everybody off you. Austin is…well Austin…he thinks he’s the main attraction in the house and every week he will win because every week he is the target, what has he done besides friend the annoying twin. John and James are ok for now. And I’d rather watch a camera film a camera for an hour then anything the edited for Steve. Waste of space.

    • Jason’s problem was he thought if Frankie could make it so far, so could he. But Frankie pulled the I have a famous sister (that nobody heard of but that one little girl) even I never heard of her. Derrick asked what was her song, as in ONE song, She was nothing back then, even now she’s from the chewing gum set. Jason must not have been paying attention when Frankie verbally stated it was time for him to play the “I have a famous sister card” to stay in the game when they were out to get him. And Jason stated he thought being gay might make them afraid to evict him, because of the backlash that may have come from it. He played just like Frankie, running his mouth every time he heard anything.

      • Frankie was awful! As a gamer Jason was well below average. Who do you want the winner to be? More importantly, who do think the winner will be?

      • I don’t hide I’d like to see, James, Jackie & JMac in finale three. They just have to wait to stand up and start playing. Every year those who come out swinging, go through the swinging door. Now that they are at least in jury it puts them closer to being able to turn the odds in THIER favor. It’s out now about Shellie and Clay. So if they all band together as an alliance they can get themselves there. Who do I hope will win JMac!

      • Frankie is awful and not near as famous as he thinks he is, but Ariana is certainly famous. Top 10 songs all over the place, Grammy nominations, she is crazy famous.

      • Never heard of her then, never heard of her now. but if you want to talk about Megadeath, Pantara, or Danzig, etc. I’m right here

      • Not a huge ariana fan, not really a pop music guy, but based on pure vocal talent there are not many better.

        Little Bio:

        She signed a recording contract with Republic Records and released her debut studio album, Yours Truly in 2013, which debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. The album’s lead single, “The Way”, became a top ten hit on the Billboard Hot 100, with critics comparing her wide vocal range to Mariah Carey. Her second studio album, My Everything (2014), also reached number one in the United States. It contained the hit singles “Problem” and “Break Free”. With songs “Break Free”, “Problem”, “Bang Bang” and “Love Me Harder”, she spent 34 continuous weeks in the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100[3] and had the most top 10 singles of any artist in 2014.

      • She’s also the one that posted a pic of her bare bottom on twitter, when she knows that most of her followers are 12-14 yo girls. So wrong!!

      • More and more comments coming from her will slowly dwindle her popularity eventually and Taylor will be the only Pop singer extraordinaire left.

      • Your right and Taylor controls the music world as it is, so other artists really need all the help they can get.

      • ROFL! I don’t know. I saw it last year when I was looking to see if she said anything about Frankie making rape jokes. I don’t follow her. I’m a bit older than that!

      • Excuse me but that is not awesome, that’s plain mean. I joined this site to talk about BB and strategy, not to see people put others down. Regardless if Becky isn’t playing the game the way you think she should or if you don’t like what you watch about her, you don’t know her and to insult someone about an accident that greatly impacted their life really shows you’re true character.

      • For someone who joined just to talk BB and strategy, bawling someone out here is an odd choice.
        Look. I’m no meanie. If you read my posts, you would see that. Some go too far IMO and I ignore those because I choose not to participate at that level.
        But people get nicknames – like Victoria with the crow story last year. Taken in context, I’d think it would be obv they’re harmless nicknames. No one wishes her harm. In fact, her TW story is a happy one because she survived and is fine, right? Could have been tragic but it wasn’t. I don’t think anyone here is being mean to her personally or degrading her. If you’re going to smack every person who goes too far with insults (in your opinion) about HG, you’ll def stay busy. Sometimes it gets rough on here but if it’s too rough for me, I normally ignore those and comment on threads I want to participate in. You have your opinion and reasons for being here as do I. Peace.

      • Taken in context… okay so the original post said “but if he’s aligned with “Tinder the Trainwreck” I can’t root for him” IMO that’s not harmless, that’s being mean. I haven’t been on these threads for too long and that’s the first rude thing I saw. I’m the type that would call someone out on it, and that’s what I did. You supported his statement, so I called you out too, because IMO you deserved it.

      • So you’re completely doing the opposite of what you said you joined the site to do…and that’s “talk big brother strategy”

      • Haha, good point Summs, I almost got sucked into all this negativity. Hopefully y’all understood my point, if not then that’s okay. I don’t have to live with that kind of negative and degrading mindset. Have a good day y’all.

      • WOW couldn’t even make it on the BB website, how far do you think she would have made it on the game LOL

      • I’m not playing BB so don’t try to judge how I would play by how I am in real life.

      • “Tinder the Trainwreck” is clever, because her game is a train wreck and it goes with her back story. It’s not that she was in that horrible accident and thankfully survived and completely recovered. Bashing others on here for their opinions is mean. It’s ok to disagree, but no need to bash other posters.

      • I didn’t understand it the way you just explained it, I read it as an insult to Becky and a low blow regarding the accident she was in.

      • CBS doesn’t think so. Every time she talks about the accident, they put a train sound in the background.

      • Wow, I did not realize that. That’s weird to me, but if it’s like that then I can see where the nickname came from. If that’s the case, then I apologize for jumping on it like that.

    • Ha-ha couldn’t agree more! And yes I’m rooting for Jackie, James, and John(if only he could just open his eyes and see that the Sixth sense is only using him) Meg is my 4th choice to win because she’s pretty cool

  5. Does anyone know what Jason’s snapchat or instagram is?? I really wanted him or day to win this season its always my favourites that get evicted so early :,(

    • Matt, what do you think about asking evictees for their social media handles and tagging the end of the interview with their handles? Maybe links? IDK – ???

  6. Is this the week before jury or is next week? I thought there were only 9 in the jury…unless this week is DE too!

      • Woohoo! That’s what I thought…just wanted to see if it was true. Thanks!

      • 7 in Jury, right? DE sends 1st evictee home, 2nd evictee becomes 1st Juror, right? I gotta count out loud here:
        6S (Clelli, Van, Aus, twins), James/Jackie/Meg, Jmac/Becky, Steve (12 total). 12-1 this week=11 next week -2 DE = 9 (1st & 2nd Place + 7 Jurors). That right?

      • I thought I read somewhere that this was going to be 9 jurors, like BB Can. I could be wrong.

      • Hard to have 9 jurors though if there are 11 still in the house after this week and DE happens next week instead of this week. I would think they’d send the non-jury home tonight and the other evicted would be the first to hit jury. Am I wrong in assuming that?

      • There will be 11 going into next week. That leaves 9 for the jury, if it’s DE and both go to jury. If they are going to have 1st DE sent home and 2nd go to jury, then next week wouldn’t work. You can’t have an even number of jurors.

      • Okay…that sounds right! I thought there would be 9 jurors when final 3 were left! Thanks!

  7. We loved watching you this season, Jason! You are a fan favorite because you’re funny, loyal, down to earth and a real heart warmer!! Hope to see you on TV again!

  8. Liz doesn’t seem like a very nice person. Her last 3 goodbye messages were all mean.

    • Yeah, hers to Jason with the comment about his parents’ basement – made me cringe for him. Maybe she thought it was funny but it came off badly. She lost me on that one. I have to move her to the villain category for that. But I still have hope for Julia :)

      • Austin and Liz think America loves them, so she probably thinks she can do anything and we will love it.

      • LOL I was adding to your list about Liz!!! That wasn’t a comment about you! Silly girl!!!!

      • Oh I know..I was talking about Liz and what she said to Jason! hahaha

      • “Taylor”? Lol. I thought Meg would get on my nerves initially – afraid all that perkiness would get to be just silliness. But I was wrong. I still really like her. She’s cute, sweet and loyal.

      • Well I do think that Taylor is the most beautiful girl there is (she is my celebrity crush has been for years), so thinking Meg is physically attractive is not surprising plus the great personality.

  9. the twins are bitches and will soon be on the block.. I already miss jayson and all minorities are out quick this season.. Vanassa will be next or back doored for her poker shady way she plays.

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