GinaMarie Zimmerman - Big Brother 15 HG

GinaMarie Zimmerman
Age: 32 (will turn 33 yo during the season)
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York
Living: Staten Island, New York
Occupation: Pageant Coordinator
Marital Status: Single

GinaMarie Zimmerman – Big Brother 15 interview:

GinaMarie Zimmerman is coming at you from Staten Island and she won’t be holding back this season on Big Brother 15. But after a few minutes of our interview we don’t think that should be a surprise.

GinaMarie is a real fan of Big Brother, but she’s not ready to claim the status of “hard-core fan” since she knows there are viewers even more dedicated to the series than she is.

She thinks her strong, thick skin is going to help her in the house. Her people person skills will round out her approach to the game.

Don’t expect GinaMarie to make any early alliances. “I want to get to know everybody. I do want to make an alliance but not so much at the beginning of the game.” She wants to wait and get to know the other players before setting up an alliance and sticking with it to the end.

Her plan for the first few weeks is to lay low and avoid winning competitions at the beginning. She wants to “root out who is strong and who is cocky” so she can bring them down.

At the end of the game, GinaMarie wants the other players to vote for her to win because of how she played overall, not just for wins.

Watch GinaMarie Zimmerman’s interview with Big Brother Network to hear the rest of what she had to say including why you should root for her on Big Brother 15.

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