Big Brother 20: The Best And Worst Moments Of The Season

All season long we’ve been keeping track of the best and the worst moments of Big Brother 20 every week. Now that we are just one day away from the finale, we thought it would be a good time to go though all of those moments and pull out the best and worst moments of the season.

We’ll be looking at the Top 8 from each. So let’s get to it.

The Best Moments of Big Brother 20 (Thumbs Up)

The House Divide. Starting with Week 1, the Big Brother 20 house was almost evenly divided and that was refreshing. It has been a long, long time since we saw a house divided. It helped set the tone for a great season and also leads us into the next on the list.

Blindsides. BB20 was the gift that kept on giving. With the divided house and neither side really knowing what was going on with the other side, we were treated to blindside after blindside. And most of the time, we the viewers, didn’t know how the vote was really going to play out. And with the rogue votes thrown in so many times, anything could have happened.

Kaitlyn’s antics. Love her or hate her, Kaitlyn gave us so much entertainment and material to last the entire season. From her bogus “hits” to the visit from Grandpa Lou, I don’t think we’ll ever have another houseguest quite like her. I don’t know how everyone else feels, but I really wish she had completed that EASY puzzle to last at least another week in the Big Brother 20 house.

Brett’s speeches. There might have been some times when Brett was as douchey as Rockstar said, but you have to admit his eviction and veto speeches were pretty entertaining. His “I’m getting a vision” veto speech was hilarious and when he threw Rockstar under the bus with his well-crafted lie, he didn’t skip a beat. I think his speeches will help land him in the Top 3 votes for America’s Favorite Houseguest, too.

House Meeting. A good season of Big Brother includes a few fights. We don’t want too many though, or we end up with a Bad Girls Club season (or worse, Big Brother 15). BB20 had just the right amount of drama, including the house meeting Haleigh called that resulted in the biggest blowup of the season with Bayleigh vs. Tyler. A lot of screaming and a bloody lip later (no one got hit, Bayleigh bit herself), we have probably the most memorable moment of the season.

The engagement. Normally I hiss and throw things at the TV screen at the mere mention of a showmance. I mean if I wanted that garbage I’d watch The Bachelor. But when Victor and Nicole got engaged, I became a softy – BRIEFLY. It was just a really sweet moment, and I loved seeing Britney and Daniele come along for the celebration. And it was also kind of funny how they showed us clips as if Victor and Nicole were together in the Big Brother 18 house and Corey didn’t exist. That was probably my favorite part. So much for being a softy.

JC finally nominated. It was nice to see no one go not nominated this season. Especially JC. He had this entitlement about him that indicated he was untouchable. I was very happy when he finally had to take his seat on the block.

JC wins HOH. And speaking of JC firsts, he also FINALLY won a competition. And it was a big one. JC finally pulled out a win when he (and we needed it most). He needed it to not get the boot by Level 6 and we needed it to not have such a predictable ending to such a great season. Angela was the collateral damage to our entertainment though. Sorry, Angela.

The Worst Moments of Big Brother 20 (Thumbs Down)

Sam is a robot. I can’t be sure, but I think Sam getting the robot punishment week 1 kind of set her down the course for failure, emotionally and game wise. I don’t know, maybe she would have cracked anyway, but having to live that first week as a robot while everyone else was making relationships, just seemed really unfair. I think it’s by far the worst punishment they’ve ever given.

The Hacker Twist. How do you ruin a perfect season? Throw in a second twist about midway through. We were on the path to a divided house all the way to the end of power shifts, but then the Hacker twist came about. Big Brother producers are great at their jobs, but they don’t seem to know when to back off. This season was going perfectly fine without this twist. And to make it worse, the winner of the comp got WAY too much power. I mean they got to change a nominee, pick a veto player AND cancel a vote. That’s ridiculous.

TMZ stories. And here’s the other way to kill a perfect season. Sigh. I thought this was the best cast in years, but it turns out when you cast the same kind of people every season, you’re bound to get some problematic ones. Angela, Rachel, JC and Kaityln all made national headlines for things they said and did, and that’s very unfortunate. I wish there was a way for casting people to filter out people like that, but sometimes I think they actually seek them out.

Scottie evicts Swaggy C in the Swaggy C shirt. For some reason Scottie thought he would throw a vote out against his ally while wearing his T-shirt in solidarity. That whole thing was a bit slimy, but what made matters even worse is it did Scottie no favors. It came back to haunt him for the rest of the game, thus making it his true fatal mistake in the game.

Sam as HOH. I, and a lot of people were fans of Sam. But then she won HOH and it was all downhill from there. From her slut-shaming speech against Haleigh and Kaitlyn to how she handled everything from that point on, it just kind of ruined Sam for me. I truly believe she was on the path to being America’s Favorite, too, but she self-imploded and never rebounded the rest of the season.

Kaitlyn in the Bonus Life Puzzle

Kaitlyn loses the Bonus Life competition. Sam’s HOH resulted in Kaityln’s eviction, but Sam’s unused power app came into play. Kaitlyn was given the opportunity to complete the EASIEST puzzle on the planet to immediately return to the game. BB intended this to be a sure thing despite what producers might have said after. And she just couldn’t do. She flopped so hard and that had a lasting effect on the game, including only one double eviction episode and a late start to jury, meaning few jury segments on Thursday nights. Thanks a lot, Kaitlyn. Why didn’t you see that one coming?

Bayleigh’s HOH reign. Much like Sam’s HOH reign, Bayleigh’s kind of ruined her BB20 existence as well. She made really dumb moves, like telling Rachel all about her Power App and then nominating her. That was so dumb. And then she was really rude to her allies and nice to her foes. It just made no sense. And it led to her eviction the following week.

FOUTTE/The Hive’s blunders. I’ve already touched on this with Kaitlyn’s failed puzzle attempt and Bayleigh’s HOH reign, but there was so much more. Their missteps, while kind of hilarious to watch, didn’t do the season any favors. Things like Kaitlyn targeting Swaggy, Rockstar helping Tyler win veto and Faysal targeting Scottie, hurt the season. They helped Level 6 run the game. Level 6 wasn’t even that great an alliance, but the other side was just so bad, it seemed like Level 6 was really, really good. Again, it was funny to watch the Dumpster fire, but the season could have been so much better had they been more savvy.

Double eviction. Not only did we get only one double, but the one we did get was boring. It was too late in the game and the outcome options were limited. So Tyler and Angela winning HOH and veto and sending Brett out was just a snooze fest. And Brett didn’t even go off because he thought he might actually be able to pull at their heartstrings to keep him. So that was even boring. I blame FOUTTE (see above, haha).

What do you think were the best and worst moments of Big Brother 20?

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