‘Big Brother 19’ Popularity Poll – Week 9

We’ve got our latest Popularity Poll results for the Big Brother 19 season along with the next round’s voting now open and ready for your picks. Read on to see the last week’s results and your chance to support your favorite HG this week.

Big Brother 19 memory wall

You can start off with the detailed results of last week’s poll to see the full set of numbers before we run through them here.

For the second week in a row we’re seeing Cody Nickson in first place (32.3%) ahead of Paul Abrahamian (23.5%) as Jason Dent climbs up to third place with 10.4% of last week’s vote.

Meanwhile Kevin Schlehuber is dropping another spot this week as he’s dropped to fourth place with 9.9% of the vote which still keeps him ahead of Mark Jansen in fifth with 6.7%. Following Mark is Jessica Graf in sixth, drawing 5.0% of the vote. Not bad for having been evicted for a few weeks now.

Alex Ow is dropping like a stone as she’s gone from second place at the start of the season all the way to seventh with just 4.1% of the vote. She’s still ahead of Josh Martinez who has lingered around eighth, pulling 1.4% of the vote this past week.

For the third straight week our readers have made Matthew Cline (0.49%) and Raven Walton (0.49%) as the least popular active players. They actually tied this week, but even though their vote count is surprisingly high for what I would have expected.

We already saw Cody and Jessica as the most popular evicted HGs, but the other six former HGs make up the last row of placements. Cameron Heard has 0.3% in 12th, Elena Davies with 0.28% at 13th, Dominique Cooper in 14th (0.23%), Megan Lowder tied with Ramses Soto at 15th (0.19%), and Jillian Parker coming in last place with just 0.09% of this week’s vote.

Here is this week’s updated graphic for the popularity rankings based on your votes:
BB19 Popularity results in Week 8

So who is your favorite Big Brother Houseguest this week? Cast your vote each day in our poll below and check back later to see how they all stack up against each other. You can use whatever justification you want so there’s no wrong answer. Tip: If you don’t see the poll below & are on a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the option to “View Non-AMP Version.”

Don’t forget to let us know why you picked your top fav this week. Share your thoughts below.


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  1. None of the people in the house except long shot Kevin is worthy of a vote as I post this.. Jason is iffy due to comments made unnecessarily…. There is nobody else to vote for (in the house)..I am not voting for anybody that has been evicted

    • Not even poor Cameron or Ramses? They got the poor end of this season’s stick.

      Seriously, Cameron was the lucky one. He never had to put up with any of this.

  2. I think Matt is the one voting for Cody all those times. There is no way that he is winning on this site. Most people here hate Jess and Cody.

      • I think the issue is that people fall into the either the Paul camp or the Cody camp. Paul fans are too busy watching him still play the game and don’t care about taking the time to vote in a poll. While Cody fans – well, let’s face it – the poll is the only thing they have left. In short, you will never convince me that the majority of BB fans like Cody. I just think the rival fans aren’t as passionate about voting.

      • I loved Paul, Josh and Kevin. Then came the week of Cody’s demise and I honestly believe that’s when people started liking him. He started opening up about himself and his life. He almost seemed human and like there was a fire under his butt. And this week I think he will be liked more then ever because of Kevin. People are feeling bad for Kevin and going “Hey, this is what happened to Cody and he survived wow he was actually pretty good and the game and winning.” I know only like Kevin and Cody. It’s kinda weird I never really liked him until then.

      • I actually caught myself liking Cody for a bit during that week, too… until I saw his DR sessions where he admitted it was all an act and that he hated everyone in the house. He went on about how much it pained him to be civil (and human) to them. He said he was only pretending to be decent because it was his last resort to stay. No thanks. I choose not to like someone based on who they are (admittedly) only pretending to be.

      • I actually kinda liked that because he at least he was talking. Hatred aside.. lol

      • Either Cody is a true sociopath or a brilliant actor, and I don’t see any Emmy, Oscar, Tony or Critics’ Choice awards in his future. How anyone could actually respect or admire that misogynistic, self-important, hate-filled poseur enough to vote for him, even in a poll that has no value to anyone outside the BB sphere of influence, is baffling. This has nothing to do with Paul, Kevin, Alex, Jason, Matt, Raven, Josh or Christmas, this is about supporting a man who deserves scorn, not praise.

      • Same here. He wins by default, really. I don’t really like any of them, but he shared the same disdain for the season I did, so he gets my vote.

      • I can’t stand him either. Don’t understand why he’s way up there. On other polls he’s in the very bottom just one spot above Raven.

      • Why would u want to vote for Cody? Have you not heard the conversations he had with Jessica about ruining all the others’ businesses when they finish the game? That is way personal. And he said a lot of other things about hurting them physically too. That is not someone I would stand behind at all.

    • Jess and Cody are leading multiple polls. It wouldn’t surprise me if those people are starting to come over here.

    • Picturing Mark, getting a contraband smartphone in the jury house, pulling the covers over his head at night and repeatedly pressing the ‘vote up’ button for his true love Cody

    • I voted for Cody. I don’t like anybody but I liked Cody’s attempt to campaign his last week in the house. Plus it pisses off the Jess and Cody haters.

    • Haven’t been on this site for a few days and I couldn’t figure out how Cody became number one on the list.

      • Not at all sure, Lisa, but someone said Jessica had a coworker who had over
        2 million followers and she recruited that person to help her with votes while she was in the house, like the Halting Hex. The two weeks since Jess has been evicted, Cody has been gaining support. Personally, I think that has something to do with it, but of course, I have no way of knowing. Just a thought.

      • Sounds good to me. She has been pretty vocal on social media as compared to other evicted houseguests that didn’t make jury. This is one wild season. Any favorites for you?

      • I’m still going for Paul for the win. It has everything to do with last season. Nothing to do with this season. Hope “they”let him win. ;)

      • Really? That is just stupid. If Jessica had that power she’s have a ton more followers on her twitter and other stuff than she has now. And while we are at it people continue to think Paul is great and Cody is vile, yet anyone with a brain can clearly see Kevin is getting the same hate as Cody did in that house, but Paul groupies will have to admit when it comes to who is vile he is the prime candidate. Paul runs this house and has instigated everything.

    • ridiculous- chooses to play with Jessica instead of playing the game- gr8t
      was meant for Brenda Harbin…

    • Disagree – Cody has my vote! He was the only one who was genuinely willing to make the “Big Moves” they all keep saying they will play; then they chicken out everytime. Cody had real game but was playing too hard too fast.

  3. Vote for Megan… she knew how screwed up this season was going to be and made the biggest move of the season by saying “F” it.

    • I agree. It showed the beginning of justified bullying to get your target out. She had the biggest impact of this season and set it on the trend that it became. With her in I doubt week one would have turned into what it became. Also she did more in a few days the half the final 8 have done.

      • You know, I was just saying that tongue in cheek, but you make a great point. It really did set the tone for the bullying we’d see.

      • Yeah. If Megan would have stayed, it would have been interesting and I don’t think the storyline would be the same.

      • It would be a statement to CBS if she started to lead the boards. Normally I have someone to root for. Or a favorite. First week was the start of me starting to pick the better of the worse. Hope someone shocks me soon. Right now Kevin trying to be a human to evictees gets points and Paul for managing tokeep his game play undercover. But not hard with this crew.

    • Megan vs Josh was the first of his many Battle Royals watch Jody vs Josh – Mark vs Josh – now Kevin vs Josh . Now Josh was funny dancing in front of the mirror … he so needs to chill. What state are they in ? Just asking .

  4. Can Production Please Kick MATTHEW out of the house? That would be some drama!!!
    Please Please Please

    • Agreed … Production must not be able to agree on how to proceed with Matthew, but they are setting very bad precedent letting the game get out of control. If it was me there is no way I could get away with breach of contract, then get a stipend to boot but some people are lucky that way

      • and what is with all the violence with Raven. She hits Matthew all the time, but if anyone else put their hands on someone they would be gone.

      • Strange lots of HG were poking butts, Paul, Ramses, Matt, and Matt punched Jess in the crotch and laughed. Thing is Jess has said she could have reported it, anyone could and no one did. Jess said the butt poking finally stoped when Cody was carrying her, and Matt tried to poke her butt and said thanks for holding her down for me so I can get her butt. Cody got mad, BB told them to stop.

      • Oh really! All along it was painted that Jessica was the only one poking butts. Guys “punching” Jessica in the crotch? Seriously? That is weird and highly inappropriate. Matt? Wow, this dude really is something else. No wonder he hooked up with someone like Raven. If they remain a couple outside the BB house, I will be shocked. Shocked!!

      • Matt seems to be the frat guy mentality in the house, yet he is 33-34? Raven dared him to punch Jess in the crotch and then they both laughed. I don’t like watching Matt and Raven (the stupid food fights and screaming are hard to take) but I have been listening to them to see if he does plan a future. He is saying stuff like I will visit your doctor, leave with you after the wrap party, go on GP awareness tours, so who knows what his plans are. Something is odd about Matt. He is from an educated upper middle class type family, brother went to Harvard, Matt has an MBA, had a successful career as a financial analyst , lived all over the world, gave it up to body build and work a commission type job part time to pay the basic bills so he can body build all day? In the house 6 showers a day and wears dirty clothes after the shower , eats a bowl of cereal then does 100 sit ups and does this over and over , just an odd person to figure out.

      • If that is all true, something is definitely off with him. Like I said in an earlier post, having a higher education does not mean you are smart or having common sense. Raven is a drama queen, one can only imagine what it must be like to be in a relationship with her. Why someone with an MBA would be attracted to an individual such as Raven is beyond understanding.

      • I have two masters degrees and went to top schools and I’ve seen some odd matches. My BF growing up is a successful lawyer and married a high school drop out. She wanted him to be a stay at home dad and she wanted a career. Married 21 years and happy. I wonder if Matt has some mental health issues, being serious, maybe he was burnt out of work and college was fun? And wants to get back to college lifestyle and forget he has grey hair and is hitting middle age soon? His obsessive habits and the way he went from angry to laughing to raging angry after the veto didn’t seem stable. Maybe he was great at math, got his MBA, but had poor social skills, no joke. I studied math in college in order to take advanced computer classes and some people who are great at math are pretty odd socially, brilliant but odd. Matt i kind of feel is no math whiz but I still think stuck wanting to be in his frat boy fun years. I hope he doesn’t think some paid tour of America bringing awareness to Ravens condition is his next free fun ticket. It don’t think life after BB with Raven is going to be a dream to a man child stuck in frat boy mode.

      • Jessica was punching vagina’s, I saw her punch elena, and Jillian, heard she also did it to Alex and that’s when it stopped because Alex threatened to punch her in the face if she did it again…. but I never saw Matt punch any of the girls in the crotch. Did that happen pre-feeds? If not, time stamp please!

      • Matt punching Jess clip was so popular , the clip is on tmz, I think just search tmz big brother Jessica. Tmz posted it after the butt poking because so many people said Matt started it. Jessica is leaning on the hammock and Matt comes from behind punches her in the crotch and runs over by the pool table laughing with Raven. This season they are all pretty sick. Doesn’t help Paul is running the house. Also if you go on YouTube and search for Jessica’s live streams I believe it was the second day out of the house she discusses the crotch and butt poking and how BB stepped in during filming (it was a ceremony can’t remember if it was veto or noms) and told the house guests to stop the touching.

      • Here is a freebie :
        You had Jody vs everybody especially Josh, Mark vs Josh now Kevin vs Josh . Thinking when Josh got sent to talk in the diary room they were trying to tell him not to follow Paul quite so easily guess it did not sink in. I am thinking cage matches with robot tazers if they get out of line and lock em up at night so they don’t hurt each other without bets on the line. Just saying . ‘ It’s closer than you think ‘ it is to laugh

    • In the past if they proceeded to do what they were being penalized for, they were automatically evicted from the BB house, no jury either. Why have they changed the rules now?

      • Who did they evict that way? Or maybe you mean you heard that used to be the rules, but no one was ever automatically evicted? I know Jen got a penalty nom for eating and Chima just straight up destroyed BB property and ignored BB requests repeatedly to go to the DR but I don’t recall anything like what’s going on with Matt. Makes me think they don’t know what to do because there’s been no precedent…

      • Chima was evicted for not following the rules…when she threw her mic into the pool as well as took a hot shower while being a HN.

  5. For people who don’t like Paul DON’T EVER ask for good game players again! When players suck you complain when players are good game players you complain about their dominance! Make up your damn minds!

    • I don’t dislike Paul because he’s a good game player. I’ll say it, he’s a great player, the best this season. I just think he’s an egotistical ass and I don’t like him.

      It just helps if you have a few good players in the game together rather than one good one and a bunch of non players.

    • Except I don’t consider Paul a good game player. He did better last year. This year, he didn’t have to do anything to get there. It was all given to him by either America or the recruited HGs.

      • 4 weeks. Mark gave him an additional week (not that it mattered, cause he was safe anyway).

        But that’s kinda the point. He had weeks where he didn’t have to worry about a thing because he was safe. That is not playing a good game. That’s sitting pretty.

      • Well that’s not Paul’s fault. He was given 3 weeks of safety, but he has played a fantastic game given the circumstances.

      • I think he has played a good game, sure. But isn’t that bound to happen as a vet? You come in second place last year, analyze your missteps and make sure to fix them a second time around. Then, as the newbies try to gain their footing and try to manage such an overwhelming experience, Paul is already steps ahead of the competition. The other house guests are star struck, but if you weren’t at first, you were after having to try to get Paul to like you for a bracelet to stay in the game. Four weeks of safety offered through the game with apathetic players…and it becomes hard to gauge how good of a player he really was.

      • No. Read my comment above. He’s only perceived as playing a masterful game because of the mindless zombies that are doing the work for him.

      • I said “given the circumstances”. The circumstances are that he is the lone vet who had several evictions of safety in a house full of “mindless zombies”. He’s just playing the hand he was dealt, and playing it well.

      • Actually, he had safety from 4 evictions, because he didn’t have to participate in the night 1 eviction that got him back in the house, followed by 3 weeks of safety.

      • He’s the biggest treat and never get the block even when not safe. Jessica didn’t put him on the block and he wasn’t safe.

        Come on, he make it to final 2 last year and lost by one vote.

        This year is allied with every single player and get to run every hoh.

        I’m not liking his personality that much, but I cannot think he get a free ride. It’s all his doing.

    • AGREED…complaints about lack of game play, then complaints about too much game play by Paul, then complaints about vets coming back, then complaints about not having an all-star season….

      • I’m really tired of the complaining and whining too. He’s a bully, she’s a bully wawawa. This is a game for half a million dollars and sometimes the shiit hits the fan. Paul gets blamed for everything that is going on. He’s forcing this one to do that etc. Grow up people…its a game. I’ve yet heard him say he wants to rape someone’s wife like Jason did, or call the authorities that Josh is a pedophile like Cody and Jess did. Sometimes things go to far but at the end of the day its still a game. None of these fools could ever last on Survivor!

      • Stuff has gotten out of line no doubt. But honestly I have seen fan sites, not this one, where people say horrible things about the hgs , much worse than anything that’s happened in that house. That’s been a bigger shock to me

    • I don’t like Paul for one reason, and that’s because he’s a scumbag. Only a scumbag would purposely incite all others to gang up on a couple of people. He did so within the safe confines of the house where he’s protected. He’s a coward that wouldn’t even resemble a man out in the real world and confront Cody or Mark, or even Jessica! He’s a bully that hides behind simple-minded bullies.

      It is waaaay too much to even consider him a great player because he’s a master mind because his followers are all simple-minded zombies that are easy to manipulate. Put Jeff, Will, Derrick, Boogie, Evil Dick, almost anyone in that house with him and he’d be shown the door right away.

    • I’ve learned to ignore it, collapse the comment or block the commenter if that’s all they have to say over and over. It’s a big ole nothing sandwich over and over.

  6. I voted for Kevin. When Alex said today that Kevin exploited Josh’s weakness and is grooming Jason, like a pedophile (referring to a tv program she saw), I can’t say that makes her popular in my book. She said let’s wait until Thurs to start up again on Kevin and Jason saying Kevin can suck his d$&@ re: F4, that makes them less popular to me. Oh oh, and Raven promising to make an old man cry..this stuff isn’t game play!

    • alex is such a disgusting human being…isn’t she afraid of people bashing her? and not winning America’s fav player?

      • I think she will react the same way out in the real world as she does in the BB house. I don’t think she gives a dam what anyone thinks of her. She lashes out, hits people, holds grudges and thinks she is smarter than everyone else.

      • Alex gets a great tv edit compared to feeds. I know casual viewers that think she is the underdog fighting against all odds. Of course watch the feeds at night, she is hitting Jason, laughing at others weaknesses, pushing Josh to bully people and trash talking for hours. Not the same Alex CBS wants us to see.

      • Alex has no idea of the kind of game she is really playing. If Paul were smart, he would most definitely take Alex to the end because her jury management is abysmal. Does she even know that she needs to manage the jury votes or is she okay with 2nd place/not winning?

      • She may well be very smart and nerdy. Being smart and nerdy doesn’t mean you have common sense as well or are able to read situations and people. An old roommate of mine was scary smart, but scary dumb at the same time. It baffled me how she was able to get from point A to point B, she was that clueless in the day to day smarts.

      • Right. It most certainly does not mean you have a good social game. I have worked alongside with so-called smart people (Masters, PhDs, etc.), and sadly most of them are the stupidest people I have ever worked with. I am baffled that Jason hasn’t clued in to her.

      • No, because they’ve probably not ever done a lick of manual labor in their life….they would get swallowed by other Survivor castmates in no time flat!

      • Asperger’s Syndrome
        -having no common sense is one of the symptoms amongst many others.

    • Wow, she actually used the term pedophile? As if I couldn’t dislike her more than I already do!!

      • I know, right. It’s wrong to use this term to describe someone. Especially a respected father.

      • She’s so disgusting. I was onto her right away. I’m glad others are seeing what I’ve been seeing all along.

    • I’m actually wanting to cry for Kevin. I am so disgusted with everyone in that house for doing this to him.

    • Whaoahahahaha. I doubt it. She’s really naturally mean. Sorry but to treat Kevin, her elder, that way for NO reason, she’s just a mean bad person. I still don’t get it, Kevin is a number for her. And as I always said, she’s not smart enough to be able to change her personality for game purposes.

      • She always is talking about Jessica being the “mean girl,” I actually think Alex is the mean one!

    • Don’t buy it, She is a feral wombat who needs to be put down asap, along with Raven.

  7. I wish they would kick out Matthew and vote Raven out. Then it will be game on. Neither of them deserve to be get a cent.

  8. I’m tired of reading about what a great game player Paul is. Dude was the only returning player, and basically the whole house was “star struck” by seeing him enter, and then they were all forced to kiss his butt for friendship bracelets or risk being nominated. Everyone complied, except Cody, who saw right through this and realized Paul had to go immediately and nominated him. However, the producers knew this could happen, so they arranged for Paul to have 3 weeks of immunity (technically immunity from the first 4 evictions). So when Paul was shown to have immunity, the whole house turned on Cody for trying to put their beloved Paul on the block. It all went downhill from there. He was given so many advantages it has made him seem like a good player. If the game was a 26 mile marathon, Paul basically got a 10 mile head start.

    • You could say this at week 4 and 5 maybe , but we are at week 9 or 10 and he has kept himself in the game and got everyone out that he wanted to. He has said it himself to cameras that he has no idea how his plan is working and why people have fallen for it. Don’t blame him, blame the house

    • I don’t think he cares at all because this is who he is. I also think the houseguests forget about the cameras after a while, except for the primetime shows.

      • Raven never forgets. She is always looking in the mirror and spot camera in rooms all the time to see if they point to her.

      • She stares at the camera when she talks. Always trying for more tv time. Shes disgusting.

      • I laughed from Sunday to Monday night because of the live show edit and the veto crisis yesterday. Hilarious. She’s disgusting. But man it’s a great show.

      • I don’t think he cares either, how could he if he is hanging with a grifter like Raven, he’s just as bad as she is.

  9. Cody in first, that is Jessica out there telling her friends to vote for Cody so he can get AFP, cause he is going to need the money to support her. How do I know it is her friends, he said it himself, he has no friends and doesn’t get along with his family!

    • Host: Are you this serious outside the house?

      Cody: I promise that people that I love that are close to me are really close to me. I have the greatest Marine Corps infantry friends and everything they’ve seen with me, they understand me completely. Am I this way outside the house? I think I’m a little more respectful, polite and courteous to others. I’d like to think I’m more social outside as well, but you’ll have to ask others.

    • Yep, 100%!! Kevin deserves to be AFP imo. I hope the tide turns for him, soon!

      • I looked at the jokers updates tweets, the most liked ones at night are usually simple things Kevin says. I think he might have a lot if feeders or super fans that appreciate him saying it like it is, like last night Matt is making a mockery of the game cheating, or just simple things like hug your kids. I think it is Kevin , Cody and Jason for the top 3 right now.

      • I’ve noticed that as well. The support for Kevin on Twitter is overwhelming. I hope they pull through when it counts and vote for him and CBS better not do any monkey business and rig it for Cody, whom they seem to have a hard on for.

      • I don’t think you have to worry much about that, if anything I see Cody coming back again for another future season, but I don’t see him winning anything this season. Kevin is well-liked, and rightly so.

      • AFP is between him and Jason. The letter with the news and the family visit last week helped

      • I soooo hope you are wrong, but RHAP has also predicted BB will bring Cody back. Not sure I will be able to take another season with him.

      • The support for Kevin in the twitterverse is because while Kevin was wandering around the house looking for the missing slop, Jason sneaked out of the house, flew across the country to Boston, went to Kevins house and violated his wife while Kevin’s seven children were all there tied up and forced to watch, and then Jason flew back to LA and sneaked back into the BB house just in time to show Kevin how to prepare slop. See, it was on youtube, it must be true. Or maybe he just said something.

      • Jason said it in the bathroom, to Alex, Christmas and I think Paul, maybe it was Josh. At any rate, he said it in front of people and it was caught on tape and made the rounds of twitter last night. Jason’s wife had to make her twitter acct private because people were coming at her right and left for what Jason said.

      • After all these years why does anybody put any stock in the ridiculous bullshit that is routinely said in the Big Brother House? Is any of this really going to happen? Does anybody really believe this will occur? Does anyone really think Jason actually intends to do this? It was in context of people trying to come up with something that would piss Kevin off. That’s what snowflakes ignore, the context.

  10. I still find it a complete trip how ANYONE ranks higher than Megan. The woman self-evicted, robbing someone else of playing the game that actually wanted to play the game and remain in the game. Amazing.

    • I think there a few people, not me, that vote for her because they think she was the smartest player to get out fast seeing the cast was nuts and mean.

      • She self-evicted because she felt bullied. Can you imagine having people in your face that don’t know you and you don’t know them? She’s human, and I think what happened to her was ugly and wrong. I don’t think she wanted to leave the show, but it was too much for her. I think she might have been an asset to the game otherwise, but we’ll never know.

      • I think if Megan and Cameron had been on this season , it would be different. I think Cameron would have teamed with Mark (Cameron had a parent die when he was young & recently had biked to buffalo), that would have been brains and Braun. Megan would have also been on to Paul and would have helped I think get a few of threats out fast. I don’t blame her for leaving, best move for her for sure, but she is AFP, just a smart player for knowing it wasn’t for her.

  11. Listening to the feeds…

    Kevin is delusional! He thinks that the only reason Alex doesn’t like him is because Jason and him are “close.” Maybe it’s because he was coasting this entire time, enjoying her HoH basket, being condescending to her, etc.

    He’s also saying “all you need to do in this game is win the 1st and the last competitions,” “my social game was good,” “don’t talk about my kids”….

    (1) wrong, unless you’re lucky enough to have strong competitors protecting you, (2) not that great, (3) no one was talking badly about your kids

      • I know! I saw it and was like woah… but I think it only happened because the lovely Alex was there cheering him on..

      • Jason just said about an hour ago, he is done playing footsie’s with Kevin and is squarely on team Alex. Made me sad. :(

      • You weren’t being stupid, you were telling the truth. Jason saying he would rape Kevin’s wife while his children watched was one of the sickest things I’ve ever heard on BB.

      • When is this attack going to occur? At the wrap party? When Jason visits Kevin at New Years? What if all seven kids aren’t present? Does he postpone the attack until a more convenient time? If you have knowledge certainly let the proper authorities know.

      • You are quite right it’s better now then never but Never would be much better. It was just uncalled for…

      • Is this the scenario where Jason said he would rape his wife while his children watched or something? Unfortunately, I cannot comment on this because I have not seen the feed. Even so, this is an inappropriate thing to say, joking or otherwise.

    • I do think Alex is jealous. If she would be smart (she is not) she would have understood that Kevin is a number for her and she doesn’t have to like him and talk to him, jason is working on it.

    • I 100% respect your opinion and you can think that but I disagree. Kevin has been attacked for something everyone does because it’s apart of the game. Sure he hasn’t won anything but his social game has obviously been pretty dang good if he has made it to top 7 with never winning and never being on the block. Secondly Alex hates him for no reason except that they need a target. She is torturing him physically (throwing out his only food supply, game or not immature and disgusting), Mentally (making him paranoid by not taking to him except insulting or disrespecting him) and socially (by spreading false rumors to other houseguests to make even his friends like Jason hate him). So I wouldn’t say delusional. I would say he’s just trying to figure out what’s wrong like everyone would do when their “friends” are torturing them for NO reason.

      • Yes I agree…they find reasons to attack him/her to make them into a target…but it seems that the attackee doesn’t know how to defend themselves….they sometimes pick the petty of things to attack one with….like your slippers make noise and it bugs me…you would tell them if we are going to get into an argument over my slippers you need to get a life…is that the best you can do.

      • Again 100% respect that opinion! He was raised that way. Honestly He was raised as a “gangster”. That means you don’t argue you fight. Now I am not saying that is right or okay but it’s who he is. He doesn’t know how to do comebacks. He knows if someone insults or attack you, you beat them up. Also why engage in complete non sense just say I am not doing this. Well I guess not engaging makes him weak in everyones eyes. I just don’t understand. Let Kevin Be.

    • Kevin has done nothing to Alex other than be in the house with Alex, which she has turned every little thing around he has done in the BB house as if he were a communist spy getting ready to give state secrets to North Korea. Alex is the one who is delusional, not Kevin. Kevin is partly right, Alex is threatened by their relationship, It’s plain to see. She wants to be the one that rules and bosses Jason around, anyone else infringing on his thoughts is considered the enemy that she needs to drag through the mud all day long. It’s getting old hearing them talk about Kevin all the time. It’s worse than the Cody slamming imo.

    • We’ve seen the same mob mentality from this group week after week. They pick their next victim and go after them like a pack of wolves going after their dinner.

      • Very True. It’s whoever one of them decides annoys them. It’s honestly a very bad representation of BB and them probably in the real world. I’m disgusted with the behaviour this season.

      • It started that way….and will continue because they achieve the results Paul wants…but not the way to play the game.

      • Well, not a single one of them (besides Alex & Jason) are good at competitions, therefore they don’t want to be singled out as a target…so easiest to go along with whoever is starting to emerge as a target. And yes, generally 99% of time this season the target has been initiated by Paul (1% = Cody putting up Paul, and Josh wanting to go after Xmas – although in both cases, Paul won).

    • Personality aside, Jess and Cody were the only 2 other than Paul playing the game to win. It seems everyone else is just happy to make jury, or get 2nd place to Paul.

      • When the pairings like Alex/Jason, Christmas/josh, Matt/raven were talking about their final 3, each pairing has paul as their third. I don’t think they understand the concept of the game. You want to take weak players to the finale with you, not the strongest. Not a smart group of players

      • Yeah, let’s take the vet who was never put on the block (but almost was, of course), and ran the game and had a major role in every eviction. All dopes :)

      • yes they aren’t did they not watch big brother before…even a newbie who never watched the show would eventually understand that you don’t take people better than you to the end…dah!!!!

      • When did you actually see jess playing with anything other than Cody? Even when she had the HOH and POV she sucked.

      • They never played. They hid out in their room or on hammock. How could they have played, they never talked to anyone. It just isn’t possible in the game of BB to be an island unto yourself and be considered one of the best players.

      • So true….Paul is the poster boy for working hard at your game this year…he never stops….after comps….in the middle of the night….when their on the chair….work…work… work.

      • They actually won a few comps, but they sat around when they realized everyone was targeting them

    • At this point it has to be stupidity, that’s all I can come up with.

      • Strongly disagree. Their social game was terrible. They spent all their time making out and basically said “F*** You” to everyone else. Cody kept saying how he “couldn’t stand these people” because “they all screwed him over,” but they only turned on him after he screwed all of them first. And let’s not forget Jessica’s wonderful HOH week, when she successfully got out that major target Ramses…after Cody (in all his briliance) suggested to put him up. Yes, they were the only ones not playing Paul’s game. But they weren’t playing their own game well at all. After Cody screwed the house over, instead of doing something about it and trying to mend fences, they went the other way, isolated themselves further, made themselves bigger targets and continued to live in Jody Land. They wanted to play the victims in the “Us vs. the House” game, but it was Them vs. the House because they made it that way! Maybe if they cared a little more about the game than their showmance, they would’ve been a little more likable. But all they accomplished was being this season’s villains, which might’ve been what they were trying to do. It didn’t help that CBS was trying to shove them down our faces every chance they got.

  12. Jessica still the first female. And just the other day Alex was saying people never remember the HGs that don`t make to jury. LOLOLO And she was referring that to Jessica….She would die if she learned Jessica is still more popular than her even tough she left the house ages ago…

  13. This is when things will get tough for Paul. To this point he has controlled the game without having to do much of the dirty work. His puppets have done everything he has asked. Paul wants Jason out but how is he going to orchestrate that. No hoh comp for Jason coming up. Paul is going to try and get him out.

    • If he convinces them to throw the HOH to raven, josh or christmas….he will get what he wants….hoping he doesn’t win veto.

  14. On Jokers….Alex was saying..she doesn’t mind coming 2nd or 3rd that her exposure in BB will open a lot doors when she gets out….or it may close them especially if the image you portray in BB isn’t a good one.

    • LOL, she’s a bigger moron than I thought she was. Now she is starting to sound like HOlena and thinks BB will be a springboard for something bigger. Not for Alex, she’s a feral wombat and if she thinks people want to be associated with her kind of bitchy, she’s truly delusional.

    • She has got a good tv edit, but if the feeds are shown, different story. She said she hasn’t worked in a year and is using whatever BB money to start a business, she was asking about taxes utnever said what kind of business? From SM my guess is clothing or swimsuits, maybe she wants to stay close with Paul to help with her business regardless if he gets rid of her final 3-5.

  15. I’m sorry I just can not get over this. People are saying that Kev is weak or not a good player because he isn’t engaging in fights. I have had this argument with my friends. Kev is just playing. Maybe not good, Maybe not bad, but he is playing. If you want Josh or someone to get in a physical fight you are watching the wrong program. Everyone probably knows I am a strong Kev supporter but I can see everyones point of view. I am just so disgusted in how it is not a pecking order any more it’s a torture order. It started early in the season and I honestly thought it would stop but nope. Can everyone just get along in the house. I am so annoyed no one in that house deserves to win. This is a HUGE embarrassment of a Season for Big Brother and CBS.

  16. It’s just so sad. Honestly Cody hasn’t done that much to get AFP but he is sitting at the top of this poll and Jokers. I myself am also considering voting for Cody for AFP

    Why? Well, the reason is obvious…

    P.S. : I literally can’t wait for the fanbase to end all these HGs after the season. Paul and his sheep deserve it

    • I have thought a lot about this and will be voting Cody for AFP too. The only others who came to actually play BB wereJess and Paul. Paul is just really bugging me the past few weeks for setting up the bullying. just feel Cody came to make big moves, I like and respect that. The others? I think they all think they are on vacation or at camp.

      • Right? And what’s the worst is that they are not even making this a happy camp. Like you’ve said, the bullying and malice has gone way too far.
        If you’re here for a vacation, at least make it a happy one…

  17. Think the air the BB house is getting bit stale….people are doing and saying things that don’t make sense…like what Jason said about Kevin’s wife…what was he thinking….i think there’s some much talk going on 24/7 that there comes a point where the words said are stupid and with no thought or point…..talking for the sake of talking and not saying anything meaningful….it’s best you don’t talk.

    • Jason is a clown, open mouth insert foot. What he said was in really bad taste but its not like he would ever act on it. The rest of the crew just laughed. weird what pressure and boredom will do.

  18. Why are people thinking that because Codys name is at the top of popularity pole the he is gonna get AFP??? These poles don’t mean crap when it comes time to vote AFP…

  19. I voted for Jessica. I would have voted for Cody too if I could have. They were the only two willing to see what Paul was doing and weren’t completely star struck. Plus the fact that Alex said last night no one will remember Jessica. Sorry Alex you are the one people will forget.

    • Why cody didn’t do anything in the game but cry when he didn’t get his way.

  20. lol…Matt and Raven discussing Pauls game play and that he should have been put on the block…I don’t normally listen in on M & R conversations but Glad I did this time….

    • Lol…and within the same breath saying they know that Raven would lose to Paul in F2, but she would take him anyways.

      Paul has made a money-hungry psychopath willing to give up $450K!

      • Nah, I prefer to believe crazy people. No, seriously, people who still vote for Cody and Jess are just frustrated that their favorite player was bad at the game and refuse to accept it, so they prefer to blame Paul for it and vote the way they do as a form of protestation.

      • Kind of the reason I’m steadfast in voting for Paul. It’s a form of protestation because of last season.

  21. “For the third straight week our readers have made Matthew Cline (0.49%) and Raven Walton (0.49%) as the least popular active players.”

    Almost half a percent of votes. I’m surprised they’re even that popular.

  22. Kevin further sinking his game…trying to (fake) call-out Matt for telling people what he (absolutely 100%) told Matt earlier today.

  23. kev told jay that someone’s said “mission hill, his home town sucks” kev was highly irate. jay needs to come clean to kev about the “wife/daughter” joke real soon.

    • You HONESTLY think for 1 milli-second that Jason will admit that to Kevin’s face while he’s still in the house?? LOLOL

      Forget about losing a jury vote, Jason will be found the next morning at the bottom of the pool! I know I know, Kevin wouldn’t kill Jason (on camera lol)…but I think there’s a 1000% chance he goes after him physically, especially after seeming to come to the realization today that he’s not going to win this game.

      • you’re right. but kev is really clutching on to jay and it just makes it all the more distasteful

      • Even beyond distasteful lol…but of course you put it in a lady-like way ;)

        I actually feel sad for Kevin, thinking this guy has is back and is his only friend in the house…and he says something more vile than any of them have said/ done (I think worse than hiding the already-made slop since he could make more)

  24. you tubes of james on Houston rescues, this is so much more wonderful than these stinking punks in the house.
    his colleague, tim is he bb?

  25. matt and kev were starting a fight when the feed went to fish, I wonder if kev got kicked out. they were testing his limits.

    • Kevin already hates Matt so if he did start a fight, kev will kill him and we won’t see either of the two again.

      • joker update,kev and matt have words, matt storms into bathroom. then kev and paul start to exchange words.
        feeds fade to fish…..paul had whispered an attack plan, ready to go to his minions moments before.
        paul is a scoundrel.
        you know if this is what it takes to blow up pauls game, kev will have taken one for the feeders.

  26. I will say this. Cody is way ahead in the polls, but I have seen other polls that show Kevin is rising up. This tells anyone with common sense that America sees this group as a bunch of a-holes and the direct impact of their fire gets America’s vote and support instead of them.

  27. Still want Cory because he was the only one that showed up to play instead of being a sheeple.

  28. I am so disappointed in this game. No one played the game since cody left just sheep in the game and the things people say is just terrible.

  29. Cody is the only one that had any guts in the house this year (him and Jessica) The whole house is just a bunch of floaters and kiss asses. Paul has played them all for fools and the first one to recognize that and put him up will be deserving of the 500k. If he floats all the way to the end turning everybody against each other sad to say he will deserve the money. I can’t stand him but the followers are just plain stupid.

  30. Cody wasn’t a follower and I feel he handled himself exacted they way he should of. In my book he deserves to win!

  31. I love Josh, can’t stand Paul this year. I think BB production set Paul up to win this time making sure when they put these naive people in there. BB is kind of making me sick this year, how boring. Why didn’t BB just give Paul $500,000 and let us see a real BB game without Paul in it?

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