Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 11: Saturday Highlights

Paul goes POW on Big Brother 19

Veto Day arrived for the Big Brother 19 Houseguests and it was the return of BB Comics and a little “POW!” action with it as Josh once again spent the day contemplating if he’d take the shot at Paul now or wait until later. Since it’s the same song and dance we’ve heard for weeks now with Josh it’s safe to say where he was always planning to go with that one. Then again, if you don’t have a choice, then there’s nothing left to discuss.

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Saturday, September 9, 2017:

10:20 AM BBT – HGs are starting to get up after BB starts calling them to the DR following failed attempts to wake them with music and requests.

10:55 AM BBT – Paul and Alex are hanging out in the kitchen. They’re talking about comps and general chatter.

11:10 AM BBT – HGs discuss Megan being a quitter instead of just sticking it out a few more days to her eviction. They wonder if the Jury will be bitter.

11:20 AM BBT – Paul retells what it was like with Michelle last year. He mentions how she’d attack and then go off and cry. (Sounds familiar.)

12:00 PM BBT – Josh is cooking up food for any HGs that want it. Kevin declines.

12:25 PM BBT – Christmas advises Josh to stop checking in on Alex because she thinks Alex is just using those opportunities to guilt trip him. Talk turns to guessing their BB Comics theme for each of the HGs.

1:00 PM BBT – Josh is yet again camtalking about the possibility of flipping on Paul. He fears that keeping Alex is still dangerous and if he turns on Christmas then she might turn on him too.

1:25 PM BBT – Josh worries he’s making the win or lose decision right here this week. He worries he doesn’t have the votes in Jury because he’s made them bitter by contributing to their eviction.

1:30 PM BBT – Josh says he’s sad that he doesn’t have any choice but to turn on Paul. He likens Paul’s game to Vanessa (BB17) and notes how Steve turned on her to win. He doesn’t know if he should wait like Steve did or get Paul out now like Vanessa did to Austin. Josh figures his mom wants him to get Paul out now.

1:35 PM BBT – Josh reveals he plans to take Christmas if he gets to F3 and wins his way to F2. He expects Paul to take him there too and trusts Paul’s promise on that. He’s fearful that taking Paul out now leaves him open to Alex taking him out next. He knows fans probably want him to get out Paul, but he thinks it’s too early now.

2:05 PM BBT – Christmas is talking about her workouts back home when the Feeds cut for the Veto comp.

6:41 PM BBT – Feeds return. Paul won the Veto. It was BB Comics and HGs are dressed in capes, etc.

6:45 PM BBT – HGs excitedly discussing the competition and Josh details how he messed up on his turn. Christmas asks the HGs what the zipline was like. She was not cleared to participate.

6:50 PM BBT – Kevin describes what he was doing wrong and it sounds like his colorblindness may have contributed.

7:00 PM BBT – HGs getting ready for dinner and chatting about the competition.

7:10 PM BBT – Paul is concerned why his comic was themed as him being a potty mouth.

7:20 PM BBT – Paul figures he’s the villain of the season. He’s disappointed.

7:25 PM BBT – Paul tells Christmas he will not use the Veto. Noms will stay the same.

7:45 PM BBT – HGs still hanging out in the kitchen, working on dinner, and rehashing the Veto comp.

8:15 PM BBT – Kevin tells Paul he’s still with him and will try to win HoH next so he can put up Christmas and Josh then they can get out Josh and the three of them (with Christmas) can go to the end.

8:20 PM BBT – Paul talks with Christmas and she suggests they save Alex and take out Kevin. Paul declines that idea. He says they’ll just have to spread around the blame for Alex not being saved. Paul says he can blame Josh and Christmas saying they threatened him that he’d lose their Jury vote if he saved Alex with his Veto win.

8:30 PM BBT – Paul asks Josh if he can just say that Josh told him he’d lose his vote if he used the Veto. Josh says no, that’s not okay with him for Paul to say to Alex. Christmas says if they don’t lie to Alex then she’ll expose their F3 to everyone in Jury. (Too late, thanks to Josh’s g’bye message.)

8:40 PM BBT – Christmas says she expects Alex to blow up over the situation no matter how they handle it.

8:45 PM BBT – Paul says he’ll go talk to Alex and let her know, but they shouldn’t reveal how they planned out Jason’s eviction. (Again, too late now thanks to Josh’s message.)

9:10 PM BBT – Josh tells Paul that Alex is pressuring him to stick to the plan of getting out Kevin. Paul says she’s guilt tripping Josh. Christmas now pushing Paul’s idea of blaming it on Josh for saying Paul won’t get his Jury vote if Paul uses the Veto. Josh again says no, that’s not okay. Paul says he won’t say that.

9:15 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh he’s not allowed to go off on his own little plan again. She wants him to do as he says and makes him agree to do so.

9:30 PM BBT – Christmas starts getting very aggressive in discussing Kevin and suggests she’ll say he wanted to have sex with her. Paul tells her to save it for when they head in to the next HoH comp to throw Kevin off.

9:45 PM BBT – Josh camtalks that Christmas is a fool [for believing Paul’s suggestions]. He starts to explain his frustrations with how Paul is putting all the blame on his most loyal allies while keeping his own hands clean.

9:50 PM BBT – Josh says now he has no choice but to go to F3 with Paul and Christmas since Paul won that Veto and took away his choice. (Josh was never going to take that shot.)

9:55 PM BBT – Josh continues his camtalking rant. He’s upset that Christmas is angry over his rogue vote last round but she doesn’t mind that Paul is screwing them over. Josh says he didn’t ruin his own game, that was his allies’ doing.

10:10 PM BBT – Christmas wants to go up beside Kevin so he’ll feel bad when she stays. She rants more to Paul about the mean things she wants to say to Kevin.

10:20 PM BBT – Alex tells Josh that she thinks Kevin knows he’s going next so he’s keeping things calm to avoid another fight.

10:35 PM BBT – Josh camtalks that he thinks he could expose what’s really happening if he just talks to Alex. He believes she’ll see that this is all a game move instead of a shady turn like Paul wants to make it out to be. Josh is sure he needs to have a truthful discussion with Alex so she sees his game before she goes to Jury.

10:40 PM BBT – Josh asks Kevin if he threw the comp. Kevin says he absolutely did not. He couldn’t see the colors, he explains.

10:50 PM BBT – Josh hangs out with Kevin and they chat a bit more.

11:20 PM BBT – Josh wonders to Christmas if Kevin threw the comp to expose the other three working together. Christmas says that seems likely and they can call him out on that.

11:30 PM BBT – Kevin is goofing around for the cameras and playing with things in the room.

11:40 PM BBT – Josh was camtalking again that Paul is getting away clean on all these moves. Josh says he’s going to play for himself here and watch out for his own family.

12:10 AM BBT – Kevin and Paul check in. Paul promises Kevin he’ll be safe and says his word is his bond that he’s taking him to F3. Kevin says if they get to F2 together and he (K) loses to Paul then he’d still be okay with it.

12:15 AM BBT – Paul reveals to Kevin that he voted against him in the last round. Kevin is shocked.

12:20 AM BBT – Kevin lets Paul know that Josh was actually being friendly with him again and came to check on him. Paul asks if Josh was talking game. Kevin says he only wanted to know if he (K) threw the comp.

1:15 AM BBT – Paul and Christmas are hanging out in the hammock and chatting game. Paul says he’s worried about Josh. Christmas wants Josh to stay away from Alex. Paul says they can still use the “we won’t give you our Jury vote” angle on Josh whether he likes it or not.

1:30 AM BBT – Alex sits alone in the kitchen. She says she misses Jason and wishes he hadn’t told Josh he was coming after him. (This was the cover story Josh used to explain to Alex why he voted Jason out.)

1:40 AM BBT – Alex heads to bed while Josh joins Paul and Christmas out by the hammock. They’re working through a plan on how to tell Alex she’s going.

3:00 AM BBT – Christmas, Josh, and Paul are calling it a night and heading inside to get ready for bed.

3:25 AM BBT – Lights are out and HGs are off to sleep.

Paul secured his own spot in the F4 with that Veto win and he’s ready to turn up his game at the same time that Josh is ready to come after him. The window is narrow for that opportunity though so we’ll see who gets to take the first shot as it sounds like Paul may be considering cutting Josh out in favor of bringing Kevin along to the end. It’d make more sense in terms of controlling the F3 HoH comp outcomes.

We’ll get to watch over the next couple of days how the group handles Alex’s eviction as she’ll be leaving over Kevin during the early Tuesday night eviction. Too bad we won’t get to see that drama live but it’ll arrive eventually with the special Wednesday night show.

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  1. Kevin said something to Paul about being in F2 that they agreed to 150 and that will last for years. What was that all about? If it’s splitting winnings, wow!

      • I don’t know, wouldn’t production have shut that down? And does that mean they were never keeping Josh? Was reading updates and didn’t see Paul’s response given but guessing it was telling him to zip it!

      • Yea I’m assuming they will shut it down. Josh is digging his own grave. I’d cut him too. He was originally Paul’s plan for f2 but Josh has been going a little crazy so Paul is losing trust in him.

      • Maybe I am misunderstanding what I read. According to Jokers was at 12:16 am. “Kevin tells Paul if you and me are in f2 don’t matter 150 (K-money) is what you want, that’s what we wanted, that’s what we agreed, right? That will carry us for years”.

      • I believe its in reference to a previous conversation they had about wanting to invest in a bar together post show.

  2. for me if I was in the jury house I would vote for Paul all the way because his game play was better then anyone in that house! He played them over and over again and never got blood on his hands! Paul just outplayed them period! About Kevin would they have tested him before he went in the house for colorblindness or he just didnt tell them about it?

  3. Paul should have gotten rid of Josh weeks ago. I’m surprised Paul didn’t see this coming. He had a house full of fools to groom for f2. I’m wondering if Paul should throw the next comp to kevin but then again it probably wouldn’t be wise to throw anymore comps. Maybe he should just win and cut Josh, he’d have good reason.

    • No sense in throwing competitions when there are only 4 left. They’re at the point where they can throw their social game out the window and win out to get to the end. If he threw HOH to Kevin, and Josh won the veto, Paul is gone.

  4. It’s safe to say Paul will be in F3. The real test for him though will be who’s the last two to Jury, and if they can connive the others they were all played by Paul. But even then, they might just give it to him.

  5. Poor Josh is done. He would be better trying to get Alex on his side, and voting Kevin out. Xmas is a lost cause, she is besotted with Paul, and will never turn on him. At this point, Josh is expendable, and Paul stands a much better chance against Kevin. I’m sad at the way this season is going, I know a few people who have quit watching entirely.

    • I agree he stands a better chance with Kevin, plus he’s way less annoying. Josh is a male version of Vanessa Russo and Big Meech combined, just dumber.

      • Read the the comment again honey, there’s clearly a comparison and CONTRAST there! You don’t have to agree. Bring it down a few notches.

      • Vanessa was strategic with her tears; Josh is just a crybaby. Honestly, I don’t think there’s much in common between the two.

      • Josh is nothing like Vanessa Rousso. That would be Paul, this season, IMO. Vanessa never shut up, not for one second, and she was as much a PITA as Paul is, just not as mean.

      • I do agree with you there. The only difference I see is that Vanessa used to turn on the tears when it suited her game play. Josh is just an emotional mess. She was in control of her tears; he’s not (at least not as much).

  6. Christmas is a mean person. Her and Paul wants to be unnecessarily mean to Kevin “to throw him off his game”, to piss him off… The things they were discussing to be mean to Kevin, awful. She wants to use personal attacks and call him an old perv, even Josh questioned “who am I working with?” I couldn’t watch anymore. Their game play is over the top awful and mean spirited and really not necessary this point in the game.

    • It is back to this mob mentality, the HGs have gotten accustomed to the aggressive harassment and think that it is normal behavior, it happens in society all the time, it was worse in Rwanda .

    • When Christmas said what she was going to say to Kevin I thought her head was going to spin. Somebody call the exorcist. Josh just looked at her and said he was going to hide, lol.

    • Personally , I do not live Kevin & don’t want him to make F2 . On the other hand, I’m surprised that BB doesn’t step in when things border on slander …if Christmas said those horrible things about Kevin, in MY opinion, that’s slander …but I’m NO lawyer, lol .

  7. Josh should do what paul wants and go with the tie vote and keep alex because she can beat paul in that FFHOH josh win that veto and paul would be gone.

    • That may not work because if he keeps Alex she wouldn’t work with Josh she’d still work with Paul and he will for sure be going home next.

      • Josh would have to win the POV to ensure he doesn’t go home and that he has the sole vote that seems Paul to Jury.

        Would be funny if Josh tells Alex what the plan is to vote her out and then Josh saves her.

  8. What is Christmas’ fascination with Paul? This female, I wondered if she and Paul secretly knows each other. No, is she in love with Paul because they are both mean spirited people? Does he bring out the true Christmas? Did she drink way too much of the friendship punch? She is so far gone up Paul’s rear end it’s ridiculous.

    • I think production has something to do with Shitmax fascination with Paul. They probably told her they would allow her stay only if she played for Paul the rest of the game.

    • She revealed last week she’s started to develop romantic interest in him. But I was wondering for weeks if they knew each other. One minute it seems like they’ve known each other for years, then the next I’d squash the idea of that because they will have a conversation that is consistent with them GETTING to know each other.

      • Paul has told her she’ll definitely get asked to return next year after her for heals.

        I think, subconsciously, that’s part of the reason she wants Paul to win this year.

  9. I see many seem to be disillusioned with BB this season. Some of those were Nicole fans last season. Some are the very ones who last season would never admit that production was manipulating the game for Dingus Nicole and tried to give anyone who mentioned it a hard time, yet this season some of those very same people are saying production is doing it for Paul. A tad bit hypocritical, don’t you think!!! lmbo…and I’m enjoying every minute of it. Here’s to hoping that production assists Paul as much as they did Dingus Nicole….if indeed they did. ;)

      • Well then, maybe production should have broken both of them….double the ratings! lol
        Good AM my friend, Nope!

      • Lol. I’m between 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm. On my way from Tel Aviv to Manila. I live wifi in plane.

        The 2 feet double rating is a good one!!

      • All we need is for Keith to join us. We could really have some fun. Safe flight, Nope. :)
        Raven for AFP!! lol

      • Not cool!!! I don’t want her to win any money!!! :). I know, I’m difficult to follow!!!

        If she win AFP she will think we like her, we beleive her and that she’s America sweetheart. Nope! She needs a reality check.

      • lol It’s ok. I’m always sarcastic, just so you know, but can be serious too..It just depends. I like to humour a bad situation a lot. hehe

      • Same here. No worries. But raven is a sensitive topic. ;). It has been my summer entertainment. I want to do study group about her and discuss all her lies. It’s so incredible.

      • Cyril knows I’m joking. I thought you would, too, Nope. You must be up in the air too high. It’s messing with your mind. Oxygen and deep breaths. ;)

      • Lol. I trust that everything you say is the truth all the time!!

        But I might be a bit list in time zones as well.

      • Ha! Ha! “trust everything I say is the truth”… You know I’m FOS(full of sh*t) and I enjoy the constipation. lol

      • Of course I do. And I’m not far behind you!!

        It’s even funny that you had a little doubt That I beleive you about raven AFP.

        I’m on fire tonight!!

      • OK, you! You got me back, for sure. What do you mean “on fire tonight”?? What time is is where you are? It’s 1PM here.

      • Glad I got you!!

        It will be 12h difference when I land. And Tel Aviv was 7hours. So I’m at night. Lol. I forgot for a minute it’s day. So my plan was to watch the episode once I get to the hotel, but it won’t work. I should arrived in 2h, 3 to make it to hotel. It won’t be late enough. Even if it’s Monday their!!

      • I hope you can find a way to view it online. Most of the time, I DVR it and watch it early AM. I’m one of those early to bed, early to rise type, and I really dislike commercials. And I’ll admit, DVR has spoiled me with the ability to FF, too. Hope the remainder of your trip is safe with no turbulence or mean people to disrupt your peace.

      • Thanks. No worries I’ll find the episode with no ads also. People are very generous to share that over the internet!!

      • omg..It’s crazy. They’re ready to march in front of CBS. There’s some people suggesting boycott, beat the crap out of Paul onlive TV. It’s unbelievable. haha. This season is definitely not good for their health. Do you think they would love my ‘dream cast’ for BB?

      • I’m eating salmon and you’re talking about Alexis Texas. :( I started my list: Geraldo Rivera, Bret Michaels, Dennis Rodman….maybe Rodman could get Kim Jong Un to come over so he’ll stop playing with bombs.

      • What has happened to him??? I use to think he was a fairly good actor in his earlier days. He was on Apprentice and was a little flaky acting, imo.

      • Ew ! Haha .. why ? Why are so many mad at him , did evel dick get flack , did Rachel , 🤢 I hated !!! Her !!!!! But it’s over in a few weeks so u can all calm down and stop the protest and the bs . Game ! 500,000 for your morals and your soul . 🤷‍♀️💵🖤

      • I know..funny huh?..cant wait for the next one. If they think these casts are vile, wait for the Celebrity version. lol

      • Same here!! And I’m happy you understand my love/hate relationship with raven.

        Actually I learned yesterday that her mom claim she’s a virgin and did never make out with matt. How lovely!!!

      • I read that this AM. You know that publicity hound of a nightmare female has been watching the show. She knows better. She might be sick, ahem, but she isn’t blind…at least I haven’t heard that is one of her ailments.

      • And those used condoms that Josh found???

        I can’t even type. That still cracks me up. Josh’s reaction! Lol

      • It was just to do bday balloons. Come on. Mommy said she’s virgin, so she it. Mommy always know better!!!

        Josh was hilarious.

      • Teehee .. well she def is not or should not be wearing white IF she lives long enough to get married . Maybe they don’t understand what sex is where she is from 🙄

      • My favorite hashtag this season came from her accident. CBS is a bunch of trolls sometimes!

    • I’ll admit, K. I still think that offering the first temptation as three weeks of safety, knowing America would vote for the only house guest they really knew at the time was a bit sketchy. I think it was their attempt to make sure the one veteran (who would have a large target on his chest) wasn’t immediately tossed out. Having said that, I’ve now realized that there are apparently people here and elsewhere who genuinely believe that CBS is actively setting the game up for Paul to win every step of the way, which is ludicrous. I am not a fan of Paul, but to suggest production is intervening to keep Paul in the house is an over-the-top reaction to his success in the house.

      • I mean, I don’t care for Paul so I’ll be moderately happy. But he definitely has outplayed everyone else so it’d be a tempered satisfaction.

      • Hey, Zino. Imo, I think most people, even the HGs, realize production interferes and manipulates. I have no idea how far they actually take it. It definitely is not the show TV only viewers see.

      • Oh no doubt. I still remember from last season when they literally fed Nicole a line just so they could add some continuity to the broadcast. And I’m okay with that…they have to make TV work for them. They also give special edits (i.e., Alex) that don’t reflect who the person really is.

        My only thing is I don’t think they are literally trying to fix it for anyone…like that movie Robert Redford was in, Quiz Show I think it was called. I think they have to do whatever it takes to make good TV but whoever wins, wins.

      • Yes, and they have every right to do so. There are laws that I’m sure they are careful to follow, but will push as much as they can to up their ratings, and the ratings are up from last season.

      • And I’m also questioning how Jessica got the hex. She was nowhere close to the favorite hg at that time.

        This being said, I’m not believing the conspiracy that it’s all rig from the start for one particular player. But they just try to keep up the viewers rating by scripting some outcome.

      • Reading parts of some of these threads while waiting for the new morning BBN thread, got me going MG. It’s very amusing how so many Dingus Nicole lovers have suddenly opened their eyes to production interference this season. I guess some would rather see a gal win who stays in bed the entire season sexing it up with a dude she just met than someone who is actually playing the game. Like Paul’s tactics and personality or not, he hasn’t been in bed taking a vacation.

      • Girl that’s the truth! I had that debate with someone a while back. Another thing they don’t mention from this season is all the twists that seemed to present the opportunity for Jody to stay in the game. Jessica had THE BEST week in big brother HISTORY yet we didn’t hear a peep about that did we? Paul got 3 lousy weeks of safty and they claim it’s the bases for Paul’s success. It drives me up the wall! The guy has not been on the block all season, explain that? So clearly he could have survived Cody’s poorly constructed backdoor plan. It’s insane. These people are ridiculous! So I’ve resorted to pissing them off on purpose! Lol

      • I agree with you. I did explain many how he would have stayed anyway the week Cody failed to nominate him. Didn’t the house kept Christmas? And even when Jessica was hoh, she didn’t target him but she targeted Ramses.

      • The guy deserves credit. He went from being affiated with JOSEA to f2 with a VET and lost by one vote because of a prejudice feminist. But yet they are certain simple minded Cody could have gotten him out of this game week 1. Baby bye! Roll over and have another dream. These people make no sense! The proof is playing out right in front of of their eyes but their bitterness has them in denial.

      • Like I said yesterday. Their hate for Paul blind them. It was not my nicest post, I agree, but theirs a truth into that.

      • Screw being nice. When they attack me I attack back with some good ole FACTS, not a senseless, bitter rant with no validity theirs.

      • That was quite the feat, glad you brought it up; from Josea to the end. When he realized what a bad move that was he shifted gears pronto!

      • He told Xmas he’s had a hand in every HoH this season except for 2 weeks (Cody and Jessica) and both those weeks he flipped the house to do the opposite of what they wanted.

      • Muhahahaha 😈 But isn’t that the greatness of it . He could not have been casted with a better cast then these Yahoos.

      • The guy has not been on the block all season, explain that?
        That would be because Paul has threatened the HGs that he will not only harass and bully them, but boot them out the door. And they shouldn’t feel safe until that time comes because they had the nerve to cross him. Those tactics are pretty heavy-handed for the first two weeks of the game.

      • Idc how he accomplished it, he’s there to win. Your reasons aren’t violations, they’re just not palatable to you. Unfortunately for you, your standards dont determine who wins.

      • I didn’t say they were violations; that’s Paul’s strategy. But the HGs fell for them, and that’s why Paul’s never been on the block.

      • He never been in the block by playing the friendship card. All of them beleive at one point or another the had a final 2-3 or 4 with him. He really work on all side, all alliances and was always 2-3 weeks in advance with multiple plans.

      • Correct . Why is it his fault he hasn’t been nominated , you willing to believe that … he threatened every one and they all scared , instead of lapping up everything he says , as Kevin said tonight, paul gave me his word and his word is gold. Right ? Nod nod yesssss paul ! 😂

      • Lol! You do you, MG. We love it, well, I love it! And you know the basis for Paul’s success is because all of the other HGs are just plain dumb, don’t you. hahaha Yep, they don’t want to give him any credit, just discredit him. I am having fun with it.

      • It’s truth. It’s fact !!! Josh ???? That’s fact ! Hellooo HOH , paul ?? Target ! Knock knock . Oh good grief .. just end it already .

      • Yay !!! Thank u !! He didn’t go in for a shomance , he didn’t go in there to eat cereal , or cry the whole time or lie about 100 illnesses . Sucks that he had to play the way he did , but given the situation he was the only one playing !

      • After the Equifax debacle, which thankfully, my info was not involved in, and all of this political hacking garbage, you can’t be too safe, right, AG?

      • I’ve got nothing to hide, if you want me give it your best shot, but don’t say I didn’t warn you !
        Looks like Big Orange has won two, it will be a bit tougher in conference, even though Bama and FSU beat each up pretty well .
        ESPN on-line is proof positive to me that prayers are indeed answered !

      • My nephew is playing for Big Orange next year. They’ve really been struggling for a few years, and you are so correct, conf. play will be very trying for them, AG.

      • Think it was you saying you had connection problems, sometimes two people continue a few word at a time conversation and it screws up the feed
        if you compress the commentator – to + it might help
        I have also blocked a few and that seemed to help me .
        if you have android, clear the cache .

      • OMGosh, don’t say that out loud! I did a cookie clean up, rebooted everything twice and went to make lunch. So far so good. We’ll see.

    • Haha .. I was mad she won , but didn’t really care .. this season I just see him as the absolute best puppet master of all .. or a completely duh clueless cast , I don’t care if people love or hate him.. he deserves the win , he played them ALL! Bad, evil , villain .. whatever .. he did it and if he wins he will be notorious, not otb once ! Not once and a vet ..

      • You, Brooklyn, have the right attitude to enjoy BB whether things go your way or not. You’ve read all of these other comments…there are some miserable people here. Gotta laugh about it! :D

  10. This has nothing to do with the topic, but apparently they just released the first 6 names of the celebrities that will appear on CBBUS: it’s just as I’ve feared, a bunch of former reality tv “stars”, a popular youtube personality, and a washed up singer(Lance Bass, I think). None of the names so far has me excited.😑

  11. 9:30 PM BBT – Christmas starts getting very aggressive in discussing Kevin and suggests she’ll say he wanted to have sex with her. Paul tells her to save it for when they head in to the next HoH comp to throw Kevin off.

    will Production allow xmas go do that? if production allows that to happen im out, for the season and forever with BB. Cause to me xmas would be saying that he tried to rape her. I know honesty cannot be expected in the game but it should never be allowed to go that route.

      • No, this had nothing to do with Jason and Kevin. Christmas got off last night using the filthiest language I have heard from her all season. She said, ” you haven’t seen that cu*t Christmas come out yet.” And then the dialogue Queen posted above:

        9:15 PM BBT – Christmas tells Josh he’s not allowed to go off on his own little plan again. She wants him to do as he says and makes him agree to do so.

        9:30 PM BBT – Christmas starts getting very aggressive in discussing Kevin and suggests she’ll say he wanted to have sex with her. Paul tells her to save it for when they head in to the next HoH comp to throw Kevin off.

        This is all just filthy, mean-spirited talk from Christmas, and it’s appalling CBS is letting it continue.

      • I did see that. I commented below I thought her head was about to spin, she took on a whole other demeanor. Didn’t quite catch the saying Kevin wanted sex with her part tho. Another poster had said she was referring to when Kevin asked Jason if he was going to have sex with her in Jury room. In any case, it’s gone way over the line.

      • Weill, supposedly that conversation did happen, but I don’t think it was part of last night’s rant. C was really off the boards. And when she gives that diabolical smile and you look at her eyes, they’re nothing behind them. Pure. Dead. Hate.

      • She said she would & I quote “rape Kevin’s soul with her words”. She is going to accuse him of saying he wanted to “bang her in jury” apparently. It is all over twitter, This site cleaned it up a bit.

    • A number of HGs have proposed felonies in BB19, there has to be a line somewhere, are cannibals as HGs too much or would it just mean good ratings and that’s all that matters, they could have a big stew pot instead of a hot tub for the losers lol

      • Your comment made me think of an interesting twist on BB; a house full of prisoners, but instead of winning $500k, you win your freedom.

      • Hunger Games involved people actually killing each other; I was just thinking of a house full of prisoners with the Big Brother format.

      • It is called prison, there are a lot of them and they have cameras
        now if we can get a live feed maybe.
        On second thoyght would rather watch the jury .

      • LOL! Me too, AG. I’ve been saying for weeks I would pay more if CBS would allow me to watch the jury house instead of the BB house! haha

      • Freedom but freedom to go where ? when your life is in shambles after planning felonies … at least the mobsters have enough sense to not talk when they KNOW they are being recorded lol

      • I mean, I would rather be free then live in a cage, where there’s guards andor other prisoners that tell me what to do all the time

      • Everyone lives in a cage of their own making, they listen to the bad advice of others and convince themselves that their abilities are limited, if you do not even try to improve then how can you possibly change ? If you can conceive it you can achieve it, but do not try to fly before you test your wings Icarus .

  12. If josh gets cut in f4 it will be dissapointing. He has been immature and annoying but i do give him respect for being on to paul’s game. He didnt take a shot but no one else did either and I at least give josh credit but not being blind about paul. I do still think at f4 kevin will get cut and paul/xmas will stick with josh to f3.

  13. They are still all minions playing for Paul, I am interested if Josh exposing friendship Paul as the puppet master will affect the minions in jury.

  14. Is this a safer place?…There’s ‘riot going on in the other thread…aaaah ..I’m ok now….ha

      • Christmas really went on a rant last night calling herself a “Cu*t” and saying we haven’t seen that side of her yet. I watched BBAD until almost midnight last night (when it goes off the air here), and the last thing I saw and heard was Josh camtalking in the HOH bed. The last words I heard him say were, “I cannot let this season play out the way Paul wants it to.” He was angry and seemed more resolute than I’ve seemed him before. He wants to talk to Alex, tell her the plan, and possibly oust Kevin Tuesday night. If he was ever going to cross Paul, it will be now. So we’ll see.

      • It is it supposed to be a TIE VOTE.???…I have not had feeds on due to being bored with stupidity running rampant..

      • Yes, Paul will vote to evict Kevin, Christmas will VTE Alex and Josh will break the tie. This is per Paul’s orders. Christmas is fine with it, but Josh is having none of it.

      • He’s going to tell Alex he can’t use the veto on her because Josh and Christmas threatened him by saying he would lose their jury votes if he used the veto on Alex.

      • Who knows. Josh is mad because again, he and Christmas are taking the heat and Paul has no blood on his hands.

      • Wednesday, but the feeds go off Tuesday night and won’t go back on until after the show Wednesday night.

      • There’s an eviction Tuesday night (we’ll see on Wednesday night – that’s why the feeds will be down all day Wednesday), and a second one Thursday night live.

      • Actually that’s not the plan. The plan is Paul will not use veto and then both him and Christmas will vote Alex out. Paul wants to tell Alex he can’t save her because if he does he basically loses Kevin, Josh, and Christmas jury votes and with her already having Cody, Mark, and Jason that means Paul loses the game in a F2 with Alex. Christmas and Josh are supposed to say Alex is too strong and has to go so even if Paul voted to keep her it wouldn’t matter.

  15. so I see they are still being jerks. what is this about Christmas making up stories about Kevin wanting to have sex with her?!?!?!?! What the hell is the point of that!! These people are great at demeaning other people. I wonder if they are like that in real life. Disgusting…

    • Yes, this is how they are in real life.

      No one becomes this vile if they’re not inclined to be that way to begin with.

    • Christmas actually said ” I will rape his soul with my words” about Kevin last night. She disgusts me

    • Yes does she not realize how that could affect his life and his wife and children? She is horrible. And did she not see we all saw her flirt with him?? We all watched you. Do these people forget they are on tv bring recorded?

    • Well actually weeks ago Kevin was asking Jason if he would bang Christmas in jury and Jason so no way I’m married. Kevin then said but there are no cameras in jury implying nobody would know. Jason passed that information on to Christmas when he was on the block with Kevin last week.

  16. What I would like to happen …Christmas and Paul push Josh tooooo far and he goes off on both of em while Alex and Kevin are still in the house…It won’t happen but I would like to see and hear it…Then maybe if he can coax Alex head out of Pauls ass long enough to tell her the real deal I would settle for that…
    I said that Paul given the opportunity would ditch Josh for disagreeing with him and not following orders and it might happen…
    I hope Josh gets Paul first …

    • Me too. I swear, I am so eager to see Paul get some kind of blindside this season I might just vote for Cody as AFP just to give Paul a real huge FU! ;) hahahaha I can’t argue he deserves the BB win, b/c he does, but he has done so in the most despicable manner I have ever seen on BB, so I’d like to repay him in kind. ;)

      • Its pretty bad when you know someone has played the best game yet cant stomach the underhanded way it was played.

      • Exactly. I’m sorry, but the way they keep going after Kevin is not game play. Kevin throws any comp Paul asks him to. Even if he didn’t he can’t win anything and Paul has poisoned everyone against him quite thoroughly. What is the point in continuing the verbal bashing? Derrick said it best when he said “Don’t let anyone fool you…picking on someone when they’re down is not game play”. It’s not & I seriously wonder at any fan of BB who finds that kind of crap entertaining.

      • I think Paul’s plan is to really take Kevin to the final 2. He’s setting it up so everyone hates Kevin and won’t vote for him. Very dirty play. I hope Paul somehow gets cut at F3.

      • I think so too. He’d definitely win against Kevin, especially now that many of the HG are so venomous towards Kevin. But he already had the remaining HG poisoned against Kevin. Picking on him any further serves no purpose except to amuse Paul & that is just freaking despicable behavior. It has nothing to do with gameplay. So, here to voting Cody AFP! hahaha

      • Especially if X goes into the jury house complaining that Kevin planned to bang her once they both got there.

      • Exactly. Paul wants all the jury votes this season & as far as winning BB he deserves to win. He has outplayed these HG at every turn, but he has crossed the line quite a bit too. And picking on Kevin is one of them. The guy throws any comp asked and hasn’t won even one comp. He is not a threat to paul’s game, so bashing him doesn’t serve any game purpose.

      • Xmas will lose her mind if Paul cuts her at F2. She doesn’t mind 2nd but ain’t playing for 3rd. Ha!

      • She is getting on my last nerve in this game. She thinks she is this major strategic thinker now. SMH, she hasn’t had an original thought yet that I’ve seen.

      • They were never the cool kids at school and this is their opportunity to get back at those who didn’t want to play with them or pick them for their team. Cody set a tone at the very beginning of the season and Paul has worked it to death. They’ve been given permission to take out their pent up frustrations on others. That’s my analysis, tr8ppng3 (psychologist from the same school Raven got her dance gpa) lol

      • Yep but I love you anyway! Lol we all are extremely annoyed with this season in some form or another. Lol. The reason I like you is because you categorize things accordingly. If it’s petty and personal you make that well known. If something is factual, you back it up whether you agree or not. I love that about you. I can get petty too, everyone knows that here! Lol I’M the queen of petty, not alex! Lol But I can have a strictly fact based game discussion as well. It’s all appropriate, that’s what the site is for. Shhh don’t tell anybody I said that. Lol

      • LMAO! Okay, that’ll be our little secret girl. ;) TY btw for your kind words. I do try & focus on game facts when saying whether a player is good or not. You know I think out of these Hg Paul definitely deserves the win. He has outplayed each of them at every single turn and that includes Jessica and Cody. However, no one can convince me he had to be so vile and nasty about it. The tactics he’s used on people like Kevin are wrong imo. And that’s that. haha My way or the highway. kidding. I enjoy our debates too MG, coz you keep it real, but you’re not so set in your ways that you don’t listen to reason. :)

        We are #keepingitinteresting! haha

      • Do you think Paul is creating Kevin’s hate in case he can bring him to f2, so he will have most of the jury hating hi man and therefore vote Paul for the win? Can he be that smart?

      • Yep. I’ve been saying it for the last month in fact. As soon as Paul started this bandwagon by spreading those lies to Alex, I said he wants to ruin Kevin’s social game so he can take K to F2.

      • Yes. He is that smart. And X will go into the jury house bitching that Kevin threatened to bang her once he got there. She said last night about Kevin: ‘”I will rape his soul with my words”.

      • Very disturbing. Christmas also warned us we haven’t seen the “cu*t” in her come out yet. Gee. I’m really looking forward to that.

      • I don’t understand what’s the goal to do that to him. And Paul was really chummy chummy with him. What happened? And why getting personal? The gain nothing in the game with that!!! Sad!!

      • I have repeatedly posted comments to say the same as u.. None of the attacks have anything to do with game play….But in the end that is gonna be Pauls excuse…”Its just a game”…Its not just a game when u purposefully set out to hurt somebody just for the pleasure it brings u…and that’s what Paul does.. and now evidently Christmas has shown the same mind set…Like I said Production lost control early on and it became a losing battle…

      • Maybe the people in the house need something else to do – something else to occupy their minds. I am absolutely NOT defending anything going on in the house right now between Christmas and Paul, but as they say … an idle mind is the devil’s tool.

      • Agreed. But, at the same time, many other HG have passed through the halls & walls of BB without needing to verbally bash their fellow HG again & again & again, until they are broken & bloody…

      • You’re right, of course. Absolutely correct. Just sayin’ – we haven’t had a normal bunch of HGs this season since day one, though, so maybe this bunch of brats just needs an extra pacifier or two.

      • Yeah, production is really to blame. You know, littlefly I just rewatched BB 6 & they had a big brew haha kick off between Kaysar, Cappy, Ivette & Michael… BB production immediately sent everyone to seperate sides of the house & then called all the HG into the living room and each of them was warned that the behavior would not be tolerated. And that was no where near as bad as half the crap that has happened this season. BB production just let these HG run amok & now they have taken over the asylum.

      • Yep. The inmates have taken over the asylum (as they say), and that’s not only unfortunate, it’s tragic, and could have been avoided if it had been addressed earlier.

      • I’m good, T, how about you? Just have one eye here on the threads and one eye on Irma hoping and praying Florida’s people are safe.

      • I know, me too. My mother is in Jacksonville & I have been checking on Irma’s path every couple hours just to see if it looks like it is going to hit her neighborhood bad. My prayers go out to anyone who has family in Florida…

      • GiGi (who posts on here) is in FL, as well. My husband has a sister and BIL outside of Orlando. I saw GiGi was on earlier; I hope everyone’s OK.

      • I had already planned on voting Cody for AFP for that very reason. Because of the way Paul did him and threatening other players not to talk to him.

      • Well, after this newest plan to go after Kevin once again… Paul told Xmas to hold off until HOH but he’s definitely encouraging it telling Josh if he comes in after Xmas and starts in on Kevin that will be the “cherry on top”. I want to see at least something mess with Paul’s demented mind…and Cody winning AFP will drive Paul bat sh*t crazy!

      • Who does in this cast? Kevin has already cleared over 60 grand, so why not Cody? Like I said, if only to F with Paul!

      • True, but I’m still going to vote Cody. Sorry, but I just don’t care enough for any of these players…

      • I respect that. I just didn’t like the way Cody seemed to only like the good looking players at first and the way he bullied people. To me Kevin has been the only decent person this season. Cody was ok in the end but like Jason just let himself down at times

      • I agree, Cody did single out the “cool kids” & then label the rest as “outsiders”. And I didn’t like him for it. I’m still not a Cody fan per se, I’m just not a fan of this season period, but I am too much of a die hard BB fan to quit it. Hehe. I do see that Paul has played the best game tho & think he deserves the win over these other people, but no one is going to convince me that he had to be so nasty doing it. Therefore, I am going to flip him the bird by voting Cody as AFP! It’ll make me feel better. hehe

      • I agree with everything you said and understand why you want to vote for Cody. Good reason lol But I’m still hoping for Kev. He’s the only one I would want to have a beer with after.

        But I agree as a bb fan I’ve come to realize you could fill the house with criminals and I probably would still watch it. But it’s painful

      • I’d give you a shoulder to cry on, my friend, but mine are covered with my own tears they’re over burdened it right now! hahaha

      • Touché ha ha but I want him to be able to pay for his kids. Could care less about Jessica and her needs. She can figure out how to pay for her own implants

      • Again with an inflated number. At least you went down from your earlier quote of $65K. Account for it please.

      • He won 25k He gets the 15k just to be on the show & the added stipend for jury. Which comes to roughly 60 k. happy?

      • Well, he won the 25K when he let Paul back in the house. He gets 15K for being on the show period and the added jury stipend which, from what I understand, is like 5K a week each week a HG remains in the house once jury starts. Add that up and it is like 60-65 K. I actually read that amount in an article posted here on BBN, so that is where I first got the information. Satisfied?

      • The problem is we never got to know Cody very well. From the first week he was on the defensive, having to nominate five people and trying to justify his moves when the season was not even a week old. Then not long after that Jessica took him over. So judging him on the little we saw is unfair, I think.

      • Yeah, he really did get skrewd by the twists in this season, didn’t he? Personally, I am not sure anyone deserves AFP this season, but, as I said, since kev has already done pretty well for himself, why not give it to Cody?

      • There is a huge twitter campaign going on right now that says A Vote for Cody as AFP is a F**k You to Paul! LMAO! I thought….that’s right. Can you just see his face if that happened?

      • Paul is doing this to himself. I can’t deny he deserves the BB win, but he also deserves the title he has as BB villain too. He should just own it and not whine about it like he did last night!

      • Right, I’d have more respect for him if he would do the things himself that he wants the other HGs to do. He’s a coward and pandering for jury votes.

      • He was whining last night that his comic cover portrayed him as a potty mouth villain. “I don’t f’n curse that much, do I? I f’n cursed a lot more last f’n season …” And Christmas patted his arm and said, “that’s because you were under more stress last season ..” Pobrecito.

      • IF Cody wins AFP can we get Julie to announce it as the AFP award this year has been renamed the F**k You Paul Award by the fans?

      • Cody did not impress me that much, he started out alright but then he was all ‘ whatever you think is best Jessica ‘ it is to barf .
        Then when Josh was doing his ‘ baby is in the kitchen playing with the pots and pans ‘ Cody was losing it ! Sorry but real shoulders do not get that emotional, it messes with your aim !

      • LMFAO! If he does win it should be named that b/c that is what it will be. I personally have no favorite this year. Kevin did some snaky things this season too. Like when he told everyone Ramses took the money, even got in Ramses face and scared the kid silly when Ramses said he thought Kevin took it. So, they all have done bad things this season.
        Cody winning ti will just make Paul the most crazy and I’m sorry, but I am all for that. He needs at least ONE blindside this season and that would be perfect.

      • For the first time ever, I am not rooting for anyone to win or get AFP which is very disappointing. The best strategy for me would be to vote Cameron for AFP to show my disgust at the season.

      • Unfortunately, Paul’s “fans” are just like him, so they won’t care and will continue to support him.

      • I’m not a fan of Paul but I’m also not a fan of Cody as at times he was as mean and hateful as Paul. So neither will be getting my vote. I think voting for Cody just because you don’t like Paul is depriving a more deserving HG of the prize. I realize that there are slim pickings this season but I will probably vote for Kevin, even though his BB game sucked, as he appears to be the least objectionable HG this year.

      • Agree, that’s why I’m voting for him. Honestly I didn’t care for him most of the season but I can’t see giving my vote to any of the other HGs.

      • Try to find one that won’t shutdown if she’s close to an iPhone!! That’s really a bummer otherwise.

      • Kevin has done some real snaky stuff this season too. Let’s not forget how mean he was to Ramses when everyone was wondering who took the 25K. He told everyone Ramses took it & even got threatening with Ramses, got in the kid’s face and intimidated the crap out of Ramses…so, Kevin is not innocent this season. That is why I have no favorite and if it’ll pis off Paul, then I’m all for Cody as AFP. Kev already has 65 grand or so too.

      • Sorry I can’t see rewarding someone simply to piss off Paul. In my opinion Cody was a mean-spirited, anti-social d**k and is lucky he made it to jury, so no way do I want to see him benefit from others hatred of a player.

      • And you’re entitled to your opinion, just as I’m entitled to mine, so we’ll just agree to disagree and leave it at that. :)

      • Yep, that’s why I like this site. Always gives me food for thought and sometimes I’ve actually changed my mind. Enjoy!

      • You are right. That was his mistake but honestly I liked him more than Cody so he has my vote. Cody spent a ton of time in bed with Jessica when he should have been playing a social game. I don’t think he played that well either

      • TY. I love having discussions with people like you, we can agree to disagree & still debate issues with respect. :)

      • Awww back at ya. Before I started writing on here I was a fan of your comments. I always read them. 😊

      • Me too. ☺️ It’s my favorite show. So glad we are getting a winter one this year. I couldn’t get that online one. Hopefully it’s a better cast 😂

      • Oh, I forgot about Mark, he could be a contender for me. Although I have to admit that game play is a consideration for me when I vote for AFP. I know others feel that game play has nothing to do with being AFP but I find it hard to separate the two. If I think someone is not playing the game it’s hard for me to like them no matter how nice they may appear. (eg. Donny) Therefore, I’m not happy about voting for either Kevin or Mark but will probably do so.

      • Mark was actually a very decent guy. Kevin is too, don’t get me wrong, but he has done some shady stuff to Ramses. Hmm. I had forgotten about Mark. Sheesh what does that say, huh? Lol!

      • Being very blunt…$500,000 will not make or buy Paul Abrahamian a good name or respect…His time on BB19 has proven what a mean self serving egotistical son of a bitch that Paul is…

      • Refreshingly blunt. Thank you. The rich get richer, but at the cost of your good name and reputation? Payback will not be kind.

      • This persistent need to ostracize and insult Paul’s ‘targets’ completely baffles me, there is no need and therefore no strategy to justify it at this point. Just his small man syndrome coming out. Whoever penned the moniker nasty gnome for Paul early on had it right.

      • Good morning sista! I absolutely agree. Paul & Xmas are planning a new assault on Kevin… smdh. Can’t understand the way they think tr8p. And it makes me wonder about fans that think this kind of crap is fun too!

      • Hello my little sis! Any fan who likes that part of Paul’s game play is delusional. They are as far up his azz as Alex and Xmas

      • LOL! I see so many people saying it is game play, but once someone is broken, you don’t need to keep smashing on them. Kev is not a threat anymore…leave him be already. Jeez. It just sickens me tr8p.

      • Love it, small man syndrome!! Yes there is no need for the out and out bullying going on except these are nasty vile people.

      • Forget that they are putting on a show for Alex – They’re going to tell her she’s leaving so no need for a “show” anyway.

      • Right? Alex is leaving. Kev is not a threat, he throws comps and can’t seem to win anything anyhow, so why continue to beat up on him. The dude is broken, stop smashing already!

      • Couldn’t have said it any better myself littlefly!! Have you seen Dan’s twitter response to Josh comparing Paul to him & Dan’s game?? If not, you should, it is hilarious! He posts a gif of Robert De Niro as Max Cady in Cape Fear when he’s just laughing and laughing…OMG! So freaking funny!

      • Paul comparing himself to Dan Derrick Will or ED (and others..) is in his mind what he aspires to be A BB contestant/winner that played a near flawless game…The above named people plus more don’t want to be associated with Paul…Paul is an embarrassment to the “real”game of BB…

      • When this season is over, Paul, Alex, Raven and Xmas will be getting together so they can commiserate over the ‘negative’ edits BB gave them. “We’ve been misunderstood, we’re good people.”

      • Gag. But with those four, it will probably happen. They can mewl negative edits all they want, but there are no negative edits on the feeds or on BBAD. That’s just the HGs, pure and simple. And probably at their finest.

      • LMAO! You called it! Paul is already whining about being labeled a villain this season… guess his comic wasn’t nice this season! haha

      • IF Paul wins, I hope that he comes out that door wearing that ridiculous floatie and Julie pulls a pin out and deflates that thing.

      • His comic cover showed him as a potty-mouthed villain. He was shocked. “I don’t f’n curse that much, do I? Do I really f’n curse that f’n much?” Really? It just comes so naturally they aren’t aware of it.

      • Maybe they were suggesting that he speaks sh.t all the time, a toilet and plunger were in the comic.

      • Yep. Each and every one of those players have spoken out negatively in regards to this season & Paul. ED especially can’t stand the comparisons b/c his situation during Hell Week was so different than Paul’s and he owns his behavior and admits he was a bad guy in his season… Paul is a coward, which is why I think he hates Cody so much and can’t stop talking about him. I think Cody really intimidated Paul and scared the crap out of him.

      • Correct. You can only be an outstanding winner if you’ve played an outstanding game against outstanding competition.

    • Yeah, Paul was telling X last night he’s worried about Josh. Fingers crossed his worrying is justifiable and Josh gets to Paul before the opposite happens.

  17. I love how Kevin says he will promise to win HOH next time. He hasn’t won a competition all season and it looks like he is in the final 4.

    • Well, Dr. Will won his season without winning a single competition, but really, that’s where the comparison ends.

      • Yes, no comparison indeed. Actually Grace, Will won the 2 of F3 HOH, that is how he stayed to be in F2. Will didn’t win comps as a strategy, not because he couldn’t. hehe ;)

  18. Did I read this correctly…..Xmas is going to claim Kevin wanted to have sex with her?…….this is not okay game play.

    • Yes Xmas destroy a family because Kevin did you so wrong. What did he do except say you flirted with him which you did!!!

  19. The redemption of BB19 would be Paul being voted out at final 4 and having to go to the jury house …Do I need to say anymore???

      • tr8p, you know what Paul quote I think is going to bite him in the a$$ this season…twitter was on fire last night b/c of what he said about religion. He said I quote “He wishes he was ignorant enough to believe in Christianity” and then says something about traveling the world and being exposed to other religions blah blah blah.. which is fine, he has a right to his opinions, but don’t call people ignorant because they believe in the Christian version of God you moron! Does he know some of BB’s biggest fan base is within the Midwest Bible belt?? smh

      • Exactly. Don’t insult anyone’s religious beliefs. That is possibly one of the worst things you can do.

  20. They may also win them an asswhoopin after the game also. Kevin and his family is “HOOD!” They may not take the diplomatic route, they’re going to far!

    • Yep. You got that right girlfriend, Kevin & fam might just teach Paul, Alex, Xmas & the rest of them how Homies really act when pissed!

      • Uh huh! I was disgusted with Xmas last night. I hope she doesn’t go there. Girl what is the problem with Kevin?? He hasn’t done anything to anyone. It hurt my feelings the other night because it looks like he’s walking on eggshells. He’s scared to touch food they make he asks like an orphan child being abused if he can have a little of the scraps, he’s terrified to interject himself in any conversation. Its just cruel girl! I’m like why do they like Josh and not him. It’s baffling. Smh

      • MG, I’m sorry hon, but you can blame your boy Paul for this. He started it by spreading lies to Alex about Kevin & it just has snowballed from there. Personally, I think Paulk did it to ruin Kevin’s game b/c he’s gonna take Kev to F2 b/c he knows he’ll win, Kevin hasn’t won anything & if his social game is gone…what does he have? Nothing. But it has crossed the line now from game play to just beating the sh*t out of him verbally. They were at it again last night. Paul & Xmas were trying to talk Josh into jumping on Kevin after Xmas goes off on him. Paul said “it’d be the cherry on top”. Why? IDK. Kevin has done nothing to these guys to warrant such treatment. The only thing I can come up with is they like it. They enjoy picking on people and it makes them feel good. There just isn’t any other reason for it now..

      • I saw that. I wasn’t pleased at all. I don’t understand the point. But guess what, we’re all watching. The only thing they’re accomplishing is making an ass of themselves. Just ONE of those azzholes is going to be $500,000 richer, they all seem to think they’ve won already. They all need to think about that before they go any further.

      • If Paul doesn’t get cut at F3, it’s his. No doubt about it, and it should be. If Paul does get cut, whoever takes him out should get the win, again, no doubt about it.

      • I just don’t want it to be Josh out of pure hatred. Lol I’m being petty now. Lol did you read my comment way down below somwhere? This is one of my moments here. Lol But I agree, whomever takes out Paul should win. I just can’t bare josh doing it.

      • Personally, I don’t think you have anything to be worried about. Josh may talk a great game about taking Paul out, but I have yet to see him make a move that was not okay’d by either Paul or Xmas. However, last night Paul & Xmas agreed they are going to blame Paul not using the veto on Josh, so Alex hates him & not Paul. THAT might light a fire in Josh. Doubt it, but we’ll see.

      • I hope so. I hate Josh. If production doesn’t rigg it to take Paul out, it may be too late. I doubt Josh will win anything else outright. I don’t want him in f2 either. I want Kevin which I thought was the plan originally.

      • I’ve been thinking it’s going to be Kevin w/Paul for a while now. That is why he started all this crap w/Alex, so she’d hate Kevin.

      • Ya know i was wondering if Kevin is the f2 no matter what and he’s keeping to himself, and even a secret from production so they wouldn’t interfere. I revisited that concept just last night, that Kevin is still Paul’s f2. If that’s the case Paul is brilliant!

      • I wouldn’t go so far as to call it brilliant, I mean Kevin hasn’t won anything so taking him is a no brainer imo. But, he did have a good social game, and Paul was cunning enough to know that needed to be annihilated, so he methodically started planting lies to the other HG about Kevin and encouraged the bullying of Kevin until Kevin was reviled throughout the house. It’s cut throat game play & cunning game play, but not what I would call brilliant. Dan’s funeral…that was brilliant. Paul’s game play has been ugly, crafty, but ugly. So, Paul might as well just get used to the villain handle & start owning it b/c that’s what he’s been this season.

      • The disguise and or cover up is brilliant in my opinion, not the logic behind taking him, that’s obvious.

      • Oh. ;) I see it more as cunning, but po-tay-toe po-tah-toe! lol! It is a good move. I was saying Kev in F2 over a month ago & people were like no way, but now people are starting to see it, so maybe to me it’s obvious, but it isn’t to others. IDK. Either way, I don’t think Paul still needs to bash Kevin anymore, do you?

      • It break my heart too. And also thinking about his family. They must feel horrible.

        And talking about family, how do they think it would hurt him to say that while tonnes of people see them planing the lies? Hello??? Family watch the feeds. They won’t beleive it!!!

      • Kevin’s daughters speak out pretty vocally about their disgust for Paul & Alex on twitter…I’m sure Xmas is about to get added to that list too.

      • You didn’t copy me. Great minds think alike! We always have nearly identical opinions, mine are just waay more mean. Lol

      • Lol. We should get our Mensa invitation soon!!! Go back up and check around the comment you reply with your slang expression. You find a little thing for your laugh.

      • Lol I went up there! Don’t cheapen yourself like me. Stay up there on your level, I’ll take care of the ground work for us both. Ha haaa!

      • Exactly, I said the same thing earlier. Paul wants to take Kevin to the final three so he’s trying to discredit him. Deplorable.

      • But on a lighter note, I can see Kevin and Paul somewhere having a drink laughing with Kevin saying, ” don’t give a f**k, you didn’t cut me you little basterd like you promised and im $75,000 richer. Lol Christmas, on the hand may get her a fresh new injury and a knew set of cruches. Lol

      • IDK… Not if his family have anything to say about it. They hate Paul pretty badly. I think the one that will bug Kev the most is what Jason said. I don’t see him forgiving Jason for the comment about his wife & daughters. I think he’d even forgive Paul before Jason…

      • His family may be annoyed for a bit but I think Kevin would be fine with Paul. If Kevin doesn’t get to f2, then, I’d predict a pretty tense post show fued. I 100% agree about Jason. Paul seems difficult to stay angry with. He can talk his way out of anything. He’s just charismatic.

      • Uh huh and they used to say the same thing about another bearded Svengali back in 1969, until he had his followers kill a bunch of people!! hahaha. Kidding. Seriously tho, I think if Kevin can forgive any of them it will be Paul b/c he’ll weasel his way out of it. Plus, if he takes Kev, 50k could go a long way in making him feel better, IDK.

        And on that note, I have to say bye for now my friend. I’m off to the grocery story. My sons are coming over tonight & we are BBQing and watching BB6 together. :) Janelle is such a comp beast! Love her. Anyhow, I’ll ttyl hon.

  21. Think the jury feeds would be more interesting … Just a stray thought
    Maybe they are making an exclusive porn for rich Dubai businessmen ?

      • Me, I want a week show following raven 24/7 at her exit. Tinalee suggested it and I’m with her. That would be fun!!

      • That would be freaking hilarious! OMG, I might almost feel sorry for that girl once she sees how her plan to become America’s sickest sweetheart has utterly backfired on her!

      • Baby she’s gonna need therapy after this reality check. I haven’t read ONE thing nice about her! Smh

      • Oh my yes. She was the least favorite HG ALL season! She’s been exposed to millions as a con artist and a grifter. her mother has attacked people on Facebook & just made her situation even worse. Her gofundme accounts have all been shut down and/or are under investigation. smh This girl’s life is f’d up thanks to going on BB!

        I don’t know whose brilliant idea it was for her to go on the show, but man o man did that idea turn out to be a dud!

      • I think everyone in the house should have a bonus stipend to have dealt with her. Ouf!! She needs attention this one.

      • LOLOL! Love your reactions, my friend! hahaha

        And yes, they’ve shut pages down of hers like 5 times now & yet, her mother (or someone) keeps putting them back up! UGH!
        From what I have heard, Raven is under investigation by gofundme for defrauding the account b/c the money was not for what she stated it was for. Of course, I do not work for gofundme fraud alert… so who knows, but it is what I heard.

      • And they need to find some collage klds in film school to shoot and edit it so it is real not a CBS version they could also do the fact checking and find and interview people who must know the truth about her and they would be close by when she cracks up and wrecks her train

      • I would watch that for sure! I even sent CBS a message asking if I could switch my feeds over to jury house this season. haha. Needless to say I never heard back from them. ;)

  22. I feel so sorry for Kevin. Since Jason left he just sits in his bed all day pretty much alone. With Jason’s stupid remark about raping Kevin’s wife and now xmas plan to accuse Kevin of trying to have sex with her to upset him b4 hoh competition. What is wrong with these people??? I bet Kevin’s children would like to have just 5 minutes in the house…like Jason said when he left the house. This is just not fun to watch!

    • I found jason comments naive beside Christmas one. And yes it’s because it’s coming from a woman that it make it worst to me.

      • Where does someone come up with X’s quote about Kevin (“I will rape his soul with my words”). Who says that? Who even thinks it?

      • Because woman have more credibility when the say things like that. It make Kevin look really wrong.

        It just my opinion as a women to another, this is very low.

    • I would like 5 minutes in that house. They would get a big piece of my mind and some well aimed kicks in their azz.

    • What Jason said was more then stupid, but he was clowning around, no malice there. Xmas on the other hand was showing her real true nasty mean self.

      • I 100% agree. Jason was a beer with boys being boys comment. He should never had said that. Maybe he felt at the rodeo after hours party with drunk cowboy playing big nasty guy.

        But Christmas was a different thing. It really look more mean and planned to hurt.

      • Does Kevin even know what he said ? That would be something I would have taken straight to him and maybe that would lessen his fondness for the clown 🤡 .. not that it matters, but would not wanna be around him when he finds that out , Xmas .. same thing !!! She is horrible!!!!! That is a terrible thing to say or go through it to say . She’s trash !

      • Umm .. joking about rape is stupid , but closing or playing , locker room banter ( trump) is never ok !!!

    • I feel that way also , is why I want paul to take him … he deserves it if not for doing nothing, but for the complete aholeness he has had to put up with !!! I would def vote for Kevin ! Now !

  23. Does anyone remember Thursday night;? The trio agreed to tell Alex after the veto comp. Its after the veto comp; so why are they figuring out what to tell her when its already been discussed?
    I don’t see Paul cutting Josh in the next round; xmas would never go for it and Paul knows he can beat anyone whose left. He has even been told he wins 9-0 against Josh. He could change his mind but right now I just don’t see it.

    • Has the veto been played yet ? I mean has he used or not .. take kevin off and put Xmas up or take Alex down and put Xmas up . I can wish, right ? 🙄

      • not til Monday sometime, then the house will have an eviction that network won’t see til Wednesday. Feeds out from before their time eviction on Tuesday til after west coast network shown episode on Wednesday.

  24. 95% of these comment sections: Production rigs the game and Paul hate comments. If you don’t like the show, quit complaining and stop watching.

  25. If Paul makes it to the end with Kevin and Christmas as F3, he will definitely be in the top 2 all time of BB players. He will surpass Dr. Will and Dan G. No one has engineered a season like this other than Derrick who managed to drag Victoria and Cody to the end without anyone ever turning against him.