Big Brother 19 Eviction Prediction: Who Is Going Home Week 2?

Here comes an easy one for tonight’s Big Brother 19 eviction. Three Houseguests on the Block and ten votes are up for grabs with the chance for a tie-breaker, but that probably won’t be happening.

Week 2 Nominations on Big Brother 19

Instead we should look for an overwhelming stack of votes against Cody Nickson as he is fully prepared to be walking out the door, or rather hopping out thanks to his toad curse. The costume curse continues!

Out of the ten votes we’ll probably see eight or seven of them going against Cody. Jessica won’t vote against him, Kevin is planning a hinky vote against Ramses, and Jason said last night that he will vote against Ramses just in case there’s enough votes.

And of course we’re assuming Christmas will be back in time for the show after her surgery yesterday took her back out of the game overnight. Without her vote we’d be down to nine HGs heading in to the Diary Room and with the right mix of votes there could again be a tie. If that happens then Paul will definitely be sending Cody out the door. Either which way, Cody is done, at least for now.

Who do you think will be evicted tonight on Big Brother? Share your thoughts below.


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  1. Please let it be Cody. I hope Jessica doesnt squeeze by after he leaves. I hope she goes next.

    • She is pretty worthless air time to me not to mention the most boring person they have on the live feeds, she’s always looking like she is posing. Maybe she is trying to leave her job and be a model after their show, but I don’t think she’s as pretty s she thinks she is… at least not without all that makeup and hair fixed right.

      • Jmo…I think this cast is pretty straight laced, & do not bring any drama, which makes for a boring season of Big Brother. It’s still early, but of late, I’m watching this season with one eye open, & one closed.

      • Something about her eyelashes bugs me. I’m not against fake ones in general but hers look wrong on her face and really don’t help.
        But I’m sure she’s already a model… her own mind.

      • Jessica is a Shortie Hottie and to small to be a model. She is the only thing keeping me watching because I HATE PAUL and this season is rigged by the producers for the Russian Fool.

    • I hope Cody stays. I hate that Paul on the Big Brother 19 is surely a favorite of production. This show is boring and I will no longer watch this show because you (production) want Paul to win. All of the temptation is in favor of Paul to win this show. All of the contestants are acting like robots on the show. They only listens to Paul. It makes this show predictable and boring. I don’t want Paul, a want-to-be dictator to win. You (production) are making this a Paul Big Brother show. If you guys continues to make it a Paul Big Brother show you will start losing watcher. I have been an avid watcher for years but I refuse to continue watching Big Brother 19 show that is so predictable.

      • I took a look at Dick Donato, Evil Dick’s, twitter, he reveals a lot of BB secrets about production. If Cody stays, it will be great tv.

      • I agree totally Renee. I mean who gets 3 weeks safety, no chance of eviction on the first night and then a rigged “everyone give me tickets” HOH? KING PAUL who I HATE. Boring robot HG’s and they don’t tell the girl with the major injury to go home. She is just taking up space.

      • I thought I was the only one who didn’t fall for the ALL Paul and mindless minion crap TV that CBS is trying to cram down, I guess, a bunch of other mindless minions.
        Give Paul the frickin check @JulieChen @CBS and give TV time to something worth watching.
        Over it and not watching. #Paulhater

  2. I’ve got a feeling Jessica or Alex will win this next hoh. Alex more than Jessica because Jessica is on slop and sleeping on spikes. If jess wins bye josh.

    • It will definitely be someone with a smaller stature.

      • Before she fell down the steps, I was really having an odd feeling that Raven might win this next HOH. Now I guess it depends on the type of comp and what kind of shape she’s in.

      • I kind of expect her to sit it out, but you never know. She might be feeling up to it later on this evening.

      • Imagine what might possibly happen if Josh or Ramses wins HOH. Josh is so emotionally unpredictable that anyone and everyone could be a target. On a similar note, if Ramses wins… Well, he’s got to think that over half the house now considers him extremely shady over his Veto challenge performance.

      • That is my dream scenario, Josh wins. It would be the best thing to happen to the house and a dream for feed watches of which I am one. Please make this so, but he won’t win, he’s too big and out of shape to win an endurance comp. I just hope Dom doesn’t win, that would piss me off, probably more than if Messica won.

      • Of course, but I think it would be only for the week, and I’m not 100% sure Ramses would understand that they were just using him. He definitely seems like the kind of player who’s HOH is really run by someone else. Of course, depending on who that someone else is… That might be okay.

        I would go out on a limb and say that I don’t think Paul would suddenly be at his side. Remember that it was the lack of respect for James’ game play that really cost Paul the win. If he had gone against James in the finale, Paul would have won. Just one more reason I do have respect for Paul. He said what he meant and then he followed up on it by evicting James.

    • I hope it is one of them, or Ramses. I know it’s a real long shot, but I hope Alex and Jessica team up.

  3. I like the ‘status post’ on previous page which lists: HOH, noms, cursed, etc. Is it possible under temptation and cursed, what the temp and curse is/was? Such as: Paul temp was to be free from being nom for three weeks, cursed was Ramses who had to put himself on block within three weeks. Christmas temp was to be able to ve-toad three, the three have to wear ve-toad-tards for 7 days. Just a thot and a help for us out here, especially me. Thx.

    • This next temptation is definitely going to be a game changer or at least a game saver for someone. The Halting Hex allows the bearer of the temptation to turn any eviction night into a normal non-eviction night any time during the next 4 weeks (after Cody’s eviction). I wonder who’s going to be tempted with that one?

    • And you know she struck me as being the most annoying female on the way in, but she’s turning out to be as big a non-entity as Dom, Elena, and Jillian.

      • I really liked her. I thought she was cute with a corky personality, but for the past week she has gotten on my nerves and seems so fake. The posing is annoying. Dominique, Elena, and Jessica are equally as annoying. Jillian was as well. I liked Meagan, but she probably would have gotten on my nerves as well.

      • Yeah the only female hgs I like this yr are Alex and Christmas – and Christmas may not be long for this game!

  4. Cody is probably going out but hope he gets the chance to come back later into the group via a second chance. Cody got jipped because he had to nominate like 3 or 4 people due to someone (Megan) leaving..of course a lot of people are going to be mad at you.

      • I agree with you. I want Cody stay, he make this show watchable. This show is becoming too predictable. Please production get a clue. I do not want this to be a Paul Big Brother show. You are making it obvious that you all wanted him to win last season. Come on why did he have to come back and then give him 3 advantages. This is making it so boring. I hate this guy Paul always in these pour robots (they only do what Paul wants them to do) faces. It is too boring. You are losing me as a lover of Big Brother.

    • all he had to do was put up Jason or Ramses, and he probably wouldn’t be going home tonight

    • Cody sits where he sits because he blew his social game. He single-handedly decided for himself who he wanted to be the winners and losers and then he proceeded to be rude and nasty to those he put the outs. That’s an incredibly dumb strategy for such an unpredictable game. Then he proceeds to take a shot at Paul without discussing it with *anybody* not even his bimbo Jessica. He revealed himself as stupid, uncouth and untrustworthy all in the first week.

      Then when things don’t go as he planned he sulks like a petulant child and refuses to take responsibility for his own screw up. Cody the entitled thinks he is an “alpha” male but he’s really just an ignorant ass.

  5. I’m kind of shocked after the drama that went down with “dom’s show” last night, Paul and company want anything to do with her, much less discuss strategy and game, which they did for some time last night. I hope they realize she can’t be trusted and they should bring Rams into the fold and eject the woman whom thinks she speaks for God.

    • I didn’t watch BBAD last night and I don’t have the feeds. What happened? Plus, I really don’t think Ramses can be trusted. I mentioned this in a reply to you below while you were typing this, but I think he realized he’s on people’s radar now after the Veto.

      • Dom did her dumb talk show, not sure if it has been on BBAD, but she thinks she is the next Oprah Winfrey, her words, not mine. She had been bugging Cody to come on and let her interview him and he finally relented. She really grilled him, about the game, which was great for the feeds but it really upset the HG’s and they are starting to realize she has an agenda (which everyone in BB does), but she used her platform to gain information about the game. Usually these “show’s” are game talk free, which is why they are so boring, but for whatever reason, Dom changed the format up and it really upset the house. Afterwards Paul, Dom, Matt were up in the HOH and she was on major damage control, especially with Paul, he was pissed. To be honest, I don’t know why he was so pissed, there was nothing said that affected his game one way or the other.

      • Yeah, BBAD showed her “episode” where she talked to Raven about her condition and Paul offered to make a shirt for Raven with 100% of the money going to Raven’s family for medical expenses. Which I’m sure if you ask certain commentators on this site is just another attempt at Paul to manipulate people. Okay, I’m not going to let the haters get me off on a tangent.

        Sounds like Dom went a tad too far with her latest episode. Makes me wonder if maybe she didn’t “accidentally” mention something relating to the group’s plans while she was questioning Cody. If Paul was upset, I’m betting there’s a good reason for it. I guess it could be just as simple as if Dom upset the rest of the house it could reflect badly on Paul.

  6. Seeing how straight-faced, bland, no emotion shown , etc. etc face Cody has shown for the past weeks, I do wonder about what his daughter, Paisley, is like. Is he as staid and unfeeling with her as he has shown on the show or is he a whole different person in the real world. I will say, I did like how he kept his noms, game plan and such to himself but I think the overall effect he was aiming at was curtailed by the vet joining and Cam leaving so soon, Megan leaving and the temptation paul got to not be nommed for three weeks. Four noms in a few days were a bit much for anyone after so few days in house. Let’s see how the vote goes in the next half hour. (for anyone who needed more paul, did you see him on candy crush the other night? with what little I saw of show, that little was more than enough. glad I missed him.)

  7. This season is so rigged it is not even worth watching, this season reminds me of the one where Rachel got another chance to come back on Big Brother and she won. Same thing this season with Paul. He gets to come into the house if someone takes the 25,000, the producers know full well somebody will take the money and Paul will come into the house. Then they give Paul the power to keep 8 people safe from the first eviction, then they give him the power so he can not be nominated for eviction for 3 evictions. Anyone see anything wrong with this.

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