‘Big Brother 18’ Winner Revealed – Finale Results

Time to find out whether Paul can pull off the win against Nicole as the Big Brother 18 season finale continues.

Big Brother 18 Final HoH – Round 3:
The Big Brother scales of justice should return for this round as the winners of the first two rounds now face off with questions from the first eight Jurors. These are usually a little luck and more of knowing your fellow HGs.

  • Round 1: Both get a point.
  • Round 2: Neither gets a point.
  • Round 3: Neither gets a point.
  • Round 4: Paul gets a point.
  • Round 5: Neither gets a point.
  • Round 6: Paul gets a point.
  • Round 7: Nicole gets a point.
  • Round 8: Both gets a point. Paul wins!

Paul wins the Final HoH! He will decide who joins him in the F2!!

One last Houseguest will be evicted from the game with just one vote decided by the final HoH of the season.

Big Brother 18 – Finale Eviction:
Paul reveals he is evicting… James.

Next Jurors had their chance to ask questions before the F2 gave their own speeches. Neither HG performed particularly well during the Q&A but Paul gave a much stronger final speech. Would it make a difference or were the Jurors already decided?

Big Brother 18 – Jury Votes:

  • Da’Vonne votes for Nicole
  • Zakiyah votes for Nicole
  • Bridgette votes for Paul
  • Paulie votes for Nicole
  • Michelle votes for Paul
  • Natalie votes for Nicole
  • Victor votes for Paul
  • Corey votes for Nicole
  • James votes for Paul

Winner of Big Brother 18 is: Nicole Franzel by 5-4

Big Brother 18 – America’s Favorite Houseguest:
One last prize to award as the AFP will be revealed after all the fans votes have been tallied.

Top 3 were Victor, Natalie, and James but the AFP is… Victor Arroyo! Congrats Victor.

What do you think of the results. Did the right person win the season? What about that last eviction and even the Fav HG prize? Are you happy with how the season turned out? Don’t forget there’s more Big Brother with the all-new BBOTT season starting next Wednesday, Sept. 28th only on your All Access Live Feeds!

Speaking of the Feeds, after the finale Jeff Schroeder will be in the house doing backyard interviews on your Feeds so turn those on and watch along. Those are usually a lot of fun since the pressure is finally off and they can just be themselves. Grab the Free Trial if you need that to watch too.

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  1. Hi everyone I’m sick, but not contiguous to the forum :( my vote Paul for the 500k, and Vic for AFP please. can’t wait too see how this turns out tonight.

  2. I am now in the midst of achieving my dream of world domination. BWAHAHA!

    But in all honesty, I’ll be happy to see either Paul or Nicole win. Unlike last year, I would have been a mess if I saw Vanessa winning it all. Glad to see she lost Round 3 to Steve that season.

  3. Hey there’s really bad weather here and the only thing on local tv is weather alerts. If I get all access can I watch it live? I really don’t want to miss it…

  4. This is the night.

    Paul deserves to win the $500k while Victor for America’s Favorite. We are moments away.

  5. It looked like both Nicole and James intentionally fell off. James smirk said it all. Such a bad actor.

  6. I certainly hope James throw that blue shirt away when he goes home. That was his dress shirt, lounge around the house shirt, sleep shirt. All around universal button down shirt smh.

      • Hey BHFan. I just wanted to drop you a line to say I won’t get to watch much this season. After being told over 1 1/2 yrs ago that my Dad had 2 weeks to live, he is actually doing better, but is still in hospice at home. My Mom is his primary caretaker and she presently has a torn meniscus along with other medical issues. They have a garden, a yard, and a home that is needing attention, besides my yard, many flower beds, and home. I’m just thankful that I am able to be there for them, but my head is spinning, I won’t lie. You are one of my favorites and I will miss your dry wit that I came to so much enjoy. I might pop in to read a thread every now and then and maybe post just to aggravate a few people but I won’t be up to date if I do. Entertain me! :D

  7. I don’t think James is the worst player in the history of BB, but definitely the worst who has gone all the way to F3. Victoria tried very hard to win, but couldn’t and she played with Derrick.
    James doesn’t even try.

  8. If it’s Nicole vs James, I would pick Nicole.
    If it’s Nicole vs Paul, I pick Paul.
    Let’s go Paul!!

  9. Dr. Will is fighting so hard not to laugh right now as Michelle breaks down into fake tears, ha ha!

    • They disagreed with her about Nicole wanting her out. She saw it as personal, everyone else said it was strategic. Even Dr. Will asked her why she had such strong feelings for Nicole. At that point, Meech said she didn’t want everyone looking at her.

      • Looking at her because she has no real reason… Just her green eyed monster rearing its ugly head.

      • Her hatred of Nicole clearly came from before the season, which is what Dr. Will was trying to get at. But, of course she couldn’t defend her position rationally.

        Notice she only started crying when she was confronted by Corey & Vic regarding her hatred of/bitterness towards Nicole. Like the bully she is, she could easily run her mouth and slam someone, but the minute others defended that person and asked her to back up her position, she crumbled and resorted to crying.

  10. Please be nice to these house guests. They have been through a lot.


    Paul and Vic for the win!

  11. Michelle is hilarious with her hatred towards Nicole. I don’t even know what she did to her.
    It seems most jurors want Paul to win and know he played the best game, but it comes close since a few want Nicole to win.

  12. There are so many people of every age that wishes to be on the show, but they keep bringing back losers.
    I did like Jason though.

  13. Man, both Nicole and Paul were terrible at the last competition. I could’ve beaten both of them.

    At least Paul won though. Now he just needs to not be stupid and take Nicole, he’d have a much better chance of beating James than Nicole (although I think he could still beat Nicole, but it’d be too close for comfort).

    EDIT: Goddamnit Paul. That might be a $500,000 mistake.

  14. Winning the last HoH..always sounds good to the Jury…you can give all kind of reasons, why you have to win…and if he take Nic, it’s even better, coz he didn’t go back on his word.

    • Yup – people are rooting for a recruit, the players who have always been the scorn of Big Brother.

      • They’re not the first, so we’ve never complained about that. Ever.

        We complain about the people who know nothing about the game. Hence why we all hated Jozea, Paul, Victor, and Bronte at first (besides the fact that they were obnoxious).

      • I don’t know who “we” is but personally I dislike people that the show finds and brings on such as recuits and returning members that get paid. They shouldn’t be paid to come on especially not if they win either 1st or 2nd place. That bothers me I can’t speak for the “we”.

  15. Paul won’t take James. He never rejected his game. Paul is a stand up up, he will take Nicole.

  16. Z will vote how Paulie wants. Da and Corey. for Nicole. Davonne needs to vote for paul in order for him to win.

      • Is it basic html? Maybe?
        Yay it worked B)

        Edit: it’s basic html. It’s Your message without spaces. Instead of x, it’s i for italic and b for bold.

  17. Everyone that thought these questions were so cut and dry and you had to know the houseguests were totally wrong. Like I said a crap shoot. Paul only got 1 more question right.

  18. It was harder to get on this site tonight than it would be to get into Ft Knox!

    WTG Paul! Friendship!!!

    Thank you for making this a fun summer here on BBN!

  19. Well, I’m glad Paul kept the speech short and nice. I remember him saying earlier he was going to say something mean. I think he came to his senses.

  20. Can someone thats not rooting for Paul explain to me in detail what lies he’s told. I know we overlook a lot things our favorite players do, so help me with that please, somebody, anybody. He calls people out in the open in front everyone, liars won’t and cant do that because they dont want people to cross reference. Paul has done that at least 4x this summer, he does it because he has nothing to hide. Im so confused. What lies?

    • I don’t remember any lies Paul’s said. I know he’s said some bad things to Michelle. Out of the ones left in the house Paul has played the best game. James is the “nicest person” but hasn’t play the game. Nicole slept all summer until the end and most challenges she won look like production helped her and corey plus Nicole has insulted every female in the house.

    • Whatever it is..Im not sure..This guy turned it around.. Became a great player I think..I like him more when he took Nic.

      • They had to stay in the game. They were on the block. They called him liar prior to that, but it doesn’t matter he lost, and didn’t deserve to win because anyone that wanted to win would have picked James. Nicole would have picked d James so the prize went to the better player.

      • Exactly, every single one of them lied. Nicole lied to stay in the game as well. It is a bit hypocritical when people say it is okay for a player they are rooting for to lie but not okay for a player they don’t like to lie. Big Brother is a game that requires people to lie and deceive.

      • You dont get it. He was placed on the block because of a series of lies he allegedly told throughout the game PRIOR to nominated for eviction and TECHNICALLY, Paul NEVER, uttered a word about he and Victor not being friends anymore, he attempted to paint an illusion of it. It was actually Victor that SAID it, not Paul. Go search for it in your feeds. We have yet ANOTHER underserved winner. But I’m not hating on Nicole I’m pissed at Paul for taking her. THAT’S a lie he should have told, telling Nicole he’d take her. I thought he was setting up a big humiliating blindside for revenge of her snakey game. I would have.

    • He’s lied and he’s a D**k… As the jury pointed out… He’s just not a very nice person and I’m very glad he lost. He bullied people into doing what he wanted the whole season.

    • Paul was rude and mean and bullied everyone in the house to get his way. Wish he would of left the first time he was on the block. Just glad he lost and glad i don’t have to hear “your boy” and “friendship” again…

  21. What a stupid decision Pual. James was a guaranteed win. Now I’m officially rooting for Ratcole. How stupid can you be, Paul?

    • I really hope that all (James, Paulie, Nicole) stop “thinking” they are playing Derrick’s game

  22. Natalie may give Nicole her vote, and James needs to wake up. He didn’t even win second place. There is no way Natalie will be going out with his broke tiny self.

  23. So, this basically should put the conspiracy theorists to bed, right? This was supposed to be rigged for James and Nicole, remember? Wait, what’s that? Crickets? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

  24. I just wish Nicole would own up to her own crap. I would respect her more and root for her. Yet she still complains about Paul’s speech.
    She would grate on my last nerve.

      • Cant say I’m shocked. James knew he was a dead man walking when he lost part 2. And I knew Paul was gonn win part 3 over Nicle, and I knew he would make the dumb friendship move.

      • I think Paul has officially bumped Cody out of the top spot, for dumbest final 2 pick in the history of Big Brother, lol.

  25. This is going to be the most exciting moment of the entire season. And it took only how many weeks? Lol…seriously though—this is going to be great. These two players are so polarizing; it’ll be great to see how the jury votes. I’m glad he picked Nic.

  26. I am very surprised that Nicole didn’t win the last comp, but not that Paul took her.
    This has been let’s save Nicole season and take her all the way to the end.
    It was supposed to be James and Natalie with Corey and Nicole, but Natalie ruined the whole thing.

  27. Da is on Nicole’s side. She kept nodding in agreement when she was answering the questions. James and Nat may also vote for Nicole. She won. I hope Paul wins since his answers were better. I do agree that Nicole’s best move was convincing Natalie and James to put up Victor and Paul and she had them convince Michelle.

      • She probably felt Paul and Nicole deserve the prizes more than James does. We all heard her in the Dr. Will Jury talk.

      • I think she sees both of them as the best players and not James. didn’t you see her face when Will mentioned James. She is disgusted with his game play.

    • Agreed. If we’re just going based on the jury questions, Paul is unquestionably the winner. He was a lot more eloquent and persuasive in his argument than Nicole was. Nicole actually stumbled a few times, especially towards the end.

  28. I think Nicole might take this one because all the girls have said they want a girl to win this season. And the Jury is full of girls.. Damn, this is annoying. Paul made a big mistake.

    • I want a girl to win. I’m tired of it always being a guy. Especially one with a loud filthy mouth. Heck it was even brought up in the questions.

  29. I want Paul to win but I know Nicole will win. This has been rigged for Nicole. Its been obvious for weeks that production has been interfering. I hope I’m proven wrong and Paul wins.

  30. Paul has to absolutely win this. By far the best game,and he is backing it up with his answers to the jury and bringing out the good stats.

    • He has to BUT the girls have always said they want a girl to win especially if she is sitting beside a guy because the girls win only if they are in the final two with another girl.. I pray Paul wins

  31. Good speeches from both of them.

    Of course, at least one point on Paul’s speech should’ve been omitted. “I had the Round Trip Ticket.” Yeah, cause you lucked out! Not the best thing to talk about in a “why I should win” speech.

  32. Paulie is such a douche omg. His face is so punchable. And his walk is so bro-ish. I cant stand him

    • I’ll say this again: my dad said given the opportunity he would knife Vanessa in an alley. When I asked what he would do to Paulie, he was speechless.