Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Competition Results

We’ve got our first Power of Veto competition results and Big Brother 18 spoilers of the season tonight hot off the Big Brother Live Feeds! Ready to find out who has the power and who could be seeing their game end this week.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

After Glenn’s departure (read our eviction interview with Glenn) the game pressed on and put Nicole in the driver’s seat along with Jozea and Paulie as her noms. Nicole was hoping having Paulie out there as a strong competitor would help her chances of getting Jozea out the door. So did it work?

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Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Competition Results:

  • Paul won the Power of Veto!

Players today were Nicole as HoH plus her noms Paulie and Jozea plus Paul, the extra nom from the “Big Brother Road Kill” twist competition, and then Da’Vonne and Corey who were drawn. Michelle hosted.

With Paul set to come down there will be a renom named and since Paul was the 3rd nom twist thingy then we’ll see how that goes, but maybe the renom will be picked by the twist comp winner, Frank. From talks it sounds as if Bridgette is a likely renom choice.

That would put the week’s final noms as Bridgette, Paulie, and Jozea with the target squarely on Jozea. He’s going to need something big to keep him around and he might not know it yet, but he will soon enough.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? What will happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up soon and we’ll post spoilers when they happen.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. I hope Paul uses it. If he doesn’t the other houseguest might be tempted to vote him off for his stupidity. Also, I’m kind of cheering for Paul.

  2. Just heard Frank talking about putting Bridgette up so I’m assuming he won the comp.

  3. Guess Jozea’s out, then, unless something major happens between now and Thursday.

    • That has happened before so let’s hope everyone behaves so we can all enjoy seeing Jose blame production for his eviction. He might not go silently out the BB door. Seeing him leave will be the most I’ve enjoyed his presence.

      • Hey KSJB, Cheryl here, HOW U DOIN!!!!!!!!!
        I did’nt tryout for BB this season because I was sick that week, not that I would have made it on this season either, but you never know. But I will be trying again for next season, and the next, and the next…lol. Anyway, it’s good to be back with you guys, and yes, Jozea needs to go go go out the door, I can’t wait to see his face…The Messiah my ass….

      • Miss Cheryl, where ya’ been? Hey, visit more often. So sorry that you didn’t get to the tryouts, but I love the optimism. I would say that Jozea is this year’s Frankie, but that would make him happy; that’s how warped he is. :D

      • LOL Frankie that’s sooo funny. Anyway I hypernate in the summer as much as I can during an election year, I don’t know if I told you before, but I work for the Chicago Board of Elections, and we are just cleaning up the last little bits of the primarys from March. Plus I worked a second job at the United Center this past Basket Ball / Hockey season selling T-Shirts and Jerseys for my beloved Chicago Bulls and Beloved Blackhawks, so I’ll get on as often as I can if I’m not too pooped. I just got through watching BBAD that I recorded last nite, and every nite, and that helps me to keep up on things. I would like to get live feed, but then I would never get any But so far the drama is good watching.

      • I’ve never had live feeds. I read Jokers every AM that I have a chance and do most of my catching up on weekends. I’ll have to say, you have some interesting and exciting jobs. I couldn’t get enough of the Bulls when Jordan played. That tells you my age. LOL… Love posting with you. Please post when you can.

      • I sure will. By the way, Michael Jordan stuff still sales like crazy here.

  4. Jose (real name) lost his swag. He wants to call a meeting tonight lol….House meeting already?..this should be fun.

    • Well if it’s tonight (on the Feeds), I’m going to miss it, this gal is off to bed. Talk tomorrow you all.

    • I thought he was suppose to call a meeting early this morning. Did they not have that meeting after all?

      • OIC I watched it up to almost the time they were suppose to have the meeting. This should make for good feeds tonight. Some of these newbies don’t have the first clue about this game (which makes it more fun for us, lol).

    • the last one he called he got too tired and cancelled….maybe it will be more of a priority this time? I will be happy to have him head out the door.

    • Hey Cyril Axel, miss you. Cheryl here. Can’t wait to see this meeting or at least hear about it on BBAD tonight, this self proclaimed Messiah is such a joke. Makes good TV you think……

      • Hell yeah, because it’s going to get better I believe. Lines have already been drawn, haters are already hating, and this is just after one week. They have already been in the house for a week before they show us viewers the first show, so the battle had already started, that’s why I don’t mind the spoilers at all. This is going to be a good season, especially with to sibling from past seasons in the house.

  5. ughh i really wanted to see paul gone! Welp i guess we’ll just have to go with option #2 his partner in crime Jozea(aka BB messiah) Rolls eyes -Pathet

      • He bragged about how good he was in the game, that he is the BB Messiah, but he’s not Matt. I don’t think he understand the mechanics of the game. He doesn’t know Ian Terry. lol

      • I’ll leave it alone. he has really put his foot in his mouth with lots of comments from what I’m reading. I have reached Frankie status w jozea. yuk yuk yuk

      • And if your definition of “Frankie status” is the same as mine, that’s about the lowest of the low as far as having morals, humility, and integrity…and I’m being nice.

      • He’s referring to himself being the leader if the BB Newbies. Ya. Anointing that you are a leader. NEVER WORKS!!! ADIOS JOSEPEPPA!

      • lol he had told Davonne at one point that he was the BB Messiah to the newbies

    • rolling eyes while going ugh. both r just needing an attitude and character change

      • Oh no do not get me wrong I was rolling my eyes at the fact that Jozea called himself a BB Messiah and yet he’s a newbie who ruined his own game by stating that and how pathetic he had sound for saying something like that so early in the game. I, in no way, need an attitude/character change for I know that this is purely just a reality show and I was just stating my opinion/thoughts to a subject. However, I completely respect your thoughts and reply :)

      • LOL sorry for the above rant Talula! I now see what you meant by “both” implying that Paul and Jozea needed an attitude/character change and I couldn’t agree more. Once again my mistake for reading wrong!

    • Hopefully next, Coco, hopefully, unless some unknown cretin appears out of nowhere.

      • Haha right KS! Fingers Crossed he doesn’t win HOH next week and he’s put on the block again

  6. I was really hoping Paul stayed on the block. Now they have to go after Jozea. Paul may end up one of those players you have to backdoor to get out of the game.

  7. It’s amazing to watch these Vets playing mind game with the Newbies..they bs them a lot. lol Frank is good also.

  8. As far as I’m concerned, Jozea NEEDS TO GO! I usually try not to take things said in this game personal, but when you’re going to throw the military under the bus, I think you’ve crossed the line! Those men and women put their OWN LIVES on the line all for people LIKE YOUR UNGRATEFUL ASS! SHAME! He’s a disgusting person and if I were on that production crew I’d be fighting to have him EXPELLED for saying something like that! How DARE you have the AUDACITY to say “No one told them to do that”. THEY ARE PROTECTING YOU you whiney UNGRATEFUL little prick!

    • I’m lost. What did he say that was so bad. Just bc you’re in the BB house, your first amendment rights still exist. You have freedom of speech in the house. You really shouldn’t be getting upset over an opinion.

      • He disrespected the military. YES, he has freedom of speech, but SO DO I. I do not TOLERATE ANY disrespect thrown towards the military. If you support such shameful comments, then I really have no words for you… no better than Jozea I guess?… Those men and women put their LIVES on the line for underappreciative BRATS like Jozea. Yes, he has freedom of speech, but that will never take away from the fact that it’s a horrible comment to make about people that risk their lives for others they don’t even know…

      • I didn’t hear what he said, or the context of what he said. But if all he said was “No one told them to do that,” you’re overreacting a bit.

      • If saying we shouldn’t celebrate the fourth of July because the very people that protect us don’t matter is something you AGREE with, I am sincerely praying for you. They die every day for people that don’t bother to give them simple respect. My generation has a bad rep for being disrespectful, but I’m actually 16. If you are a FULLY FUNCTIONAL, GROWN adult and stand by such an absurd opinion, then I really have nothing else to say to you. They die for people like you and I …You’re a horrible person.

      • There’s a disclaimer that reads “Big Brother is a reality show about a group of people who have no privacy 24/7. At times, the houseguests may reveal prejudices and other beliefs that CBS does not condone. Views or opinions expressed by a houseguest are those of the individuals speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS. Viewer discretion is advised.” I think they have that for you.

      • I understand people have different opinions, BUT SO DO I! If your opinion happens to be that you agree with disrespecting the military, then fine. Just know that MY OPINION is you are a horrible person for standing by such an opinion, if you do. And I understand there are people out there that disrespect the military, but that’s okay. They can have that opinion. BUT SO CAN I WITH MY OPINION! So go ahead and call me ‘thin-skinned’. I really don’t care. I stand by the military and if someone else doesn’t, then I consider them a horrible person. That simple.

      • Here’s what I found:

        “Jozea has apparently upset some of the other houseguests by making some nasty remarks about how we shouldn’t celebrate the 4th of July because ‘no one asked Americans to die for their country’, called Native Americans indians, and said something negative about slavery abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Production keeps turning the Feeds to fish whenever someone brings up Jozea’s comments, so it is difficult to find out EXACTLY what he said. But regardless, he’s already basically everyone’s most disliked houseguest by both the other players and the fans watching the Live Feeds.”

      • Unless we see raw, unedited footage, nobody will ever know what he said for sure. But I’m sure CBS will twist his words, and distort everything he says.

  9. Shocker, Nicole’s DIPSHIT of a plan failed. Wasn’t it obvious it would fail from the second it came out of her mouth? Paulie is going home now, she’s worse at this game than last time she played.

    • But who cares if Paulie goes home? I would rather see Paul go home too. Paul should actually be expelled for his behavior. But it’s not like I’m rooting for Paulie.

      • Yeah, another mega-alliance formed and he’s somewhat part of it, so isn’t he practically guaranteed to survive this eviction? With all the “blood” everyone gets so worried about, whoever would even suggest evicting Paulie would throw themselves in front of everyone’s radar.

    • Seriously, couldn’t she had put up Paul instead? That made so much more sense! She’s messed up again!!! And I like her….. But Grrrrr!!!!!

      • Of course. Prefacing a post with “shocker” is an indication that the post will containing non-shocking and probably incorrect assumptions.

  10. Jozea the “anointed one” more like the “annoying one” amirite?

    I’ll see myself out.

    • Yah! He needs to stay & work with the vets! BB make up a way for Paulie to stay in the game….. Please?

  11. Oh my… things happen so fast it’s hard to keep up (especially if I can’t keep watching the feeds or these reports each day)… Who’s up for giving me a catch up lesson?

      • No no sadly it’s because I don’t have the feeds and can’t read the updates each day that I end up needing some people to get me up to speed on the latest happenings. :)

  12. They just had house meeting, called by BB Messiah. How he was able to sneak in some crack in the BB house is a mystery. He was incoherent. He just keeps saying repeatedly “We run the house” lol.It was twilight zone…the guy is a joke.

      • Paul won the Veto, but Jozea is still in trouble. I don’t why he called a house meeting. To campaign?…I don’t know. It was weird. He was preaching. He actually called himself Obama. lol I was being sarcastic with the crack joke.

  13. I wish Paul was gone. He has a big mouth and people with bug mounts always leave the game early. I hate the team comp idea.

  14. Got last night’s BBAD playing.

    Shotgunning beer. Spin-the-bottle.

    Better check their IDs again. They’re acting like they’re 15.

  15. Jozea’s arrogance and big mouth will be his undoing. He’s more off-putting than entertaining. Where did production find him?

  16. He said something very anti american Uncalled for not nice remark

  17. Jozea, and Paul should have been nominated together, but then again, she’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer!

  18. They’re getting rid of the Entertainment of
    the season this is why in quit watch it’s going to be another boring & predictable season.

  19. Jozea is arrogant and laughable. Clearly he hasn’t watched the show; the houseguests had to explain to hi what zingbot is. He needs to go. Now if they could do something about the incessant profanity on the late night and feeds; it seems these guys have a 100 word vocabulary, if we are lucky.
    I’m starting to think they need a BB season with everyone over 30 so we can have a break from the extremely juvenile behavior and a chance to see if some people wth a little more living play smarter games. You can still have endurance and strength competitions, people would just be more evenly matched unlike the odd man out Glenn.

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