Big Brother 17 Spoilers: Week 3 Nominations

The latest Big Brother 17 spoilers have arrived courtesy of the Live Feeds today and we have our first round of nominations. Want to know who is on the block?

Big Brother nominations memory wall
Big Brother nomination spoilers revealed – Source: CBS

The plans quickly came together overnight and the HoHs have agreed on a target. Now they just need everything to go strictly to plan. Welcome to Biiiig Brother!

Remember that we’ll have four noms each week instead of just two thanks to the return of that “fan favorite” twist, Battle of the Block. So get ready for another season of overload of nominees each week.

Big Brother 17 Week 3 Nominations:

  • Austin: Jason & Meg
  • Vanessa: James & John

The Battle of the Block should be held later today with Austin’s goal to be dethroned leaving Vanessa in control and him open to win a physical HoH comp next week. Their upfront target is James thanks to John planning to throw the BotB.

Should things fall apart and James come down then they’ll go with Jeff as the renom. I haven’t heard any discussions about what happens if Jeff wins the Veto and saves James. Hmm.

Good times ahead on the Feeds! Grab your Free Trial to watch the next week for free then keep it for $5.99/month. Silly cheap.


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  1. Oh man I hate that there are picking on James. He is laying low and out of the drama that I know of and would really like to see him move on.

  2. ” I haven’t heard any discussions about what happens if Jeff wins the Veto and saves James. Hmm.” Thats cause they do not think more than 1 move ahead!

    • Why think that far ahead when the weeks are filled with BB Takeovers and twists all over the place?

  3. Why not Audrey? I don’t get it. Da-Vonne was right – if they don’t get her out soon, she’ll sail right through to the end.

    • No, Da’vonne said that they were all cowards because nobody wants to put her up because she is Trans, when that is not the case. So no, she was wrong. If they did not have other targets that they wanted to get out first, they would put Audrey up

      • I agree 100%! Well said. Da’vonnes big mouth got her ass tossed, nothing to with Audrey!

      • So just because I think Da is a big loud mouth annoying person I am now racist? Jesus, you are such a shallow person if that is your only reply. I bet you use that line a lot however! #hateful

      • I agree…..and anyone who thinks that’s a racist comment is really the problem

      • I think that both of those reasons contributed to Da’Vonne’s outing. Audrey was everyone’s target except for Clay’s. Even if Da’Vonne acted like Meg and got on nobody’s bad side, they still probably would have materialized another target.

    • I have a funny feeling that Audrey may float on to win this show. She seems to be skating on by every week. She’s a threat but no one plans to nominate or even backdoor her. Very scripted prehaps in her favor.

      • Actually Becky planned to backdoor her, and if she stayed HOH instead of Shelli, she would have

      • But someone’s always changing their minds at the last minute or realizes that someone else is a threat.

      • The air needs to be let out of her float and we could get Tonya Harding in to “fix” her skates. hehehehe

      • The word from Nancy Kerrigan is that Tonya wouldn’t know how to ‘fix’ a pair of skates if they bit her in the butt!

      • She heard you, nodded, and it now crying you a river Karen. R U happy now? ROFL

      • Bless her heart, she could have been hurt really bad and I’m glad it wasn’t worse. That was crazy.
        I don’t have time to read all of the info that has been posted, Cuddles. Tell me some good BB gossip.

      • I know nothing (Col Klinger) … I just got here about 45 min. ago and am also playing catchup. Good news I’ve heard ~ Jeff may be backdoored.

      • Mash him and trash him and good riddance. A little extreme, I know. He has not entertained me in the least, though. Thanks, C. Later.

      • later K ~~ but Col. Klinger was not on MASH. Remember Robert Crane? What’s the show’s name?

      • Corporal Klinger was a character on Mash .I don’t remember a Colonel Klinger, but there was a Colonel Klink on Hogans Heroes. I’m not sure.

      • oh dear me, mother caught a flea, flea died, mother cried … Oh dear me! You’re right!!! give that lady 3 carrots and a bunch of celery. Forgive me Karen ~ my mind is playing tricks on me today. I’m not sure about “Colonel Klink” (name) either but you know who I’m referring to. How could I have forgotten that wild and crazy Klinger on Mash!

      • Cuddles, PLEASE, no references to nursery rhymes. I’ve just gotten out of that phase for the umpteenth time. Sing me some Grand Funk, or Three Dog Night. Please???

      • Yo Karen ~~ the “Oh dear me, etc” is from an old German poem, not a nursery rhyme. Grand Funk/Three Dog Night is completely out of my scope of knowledge. Sorry.

      • k ~ I give ~ hands up in surrender ~ I googled Hogan’s Heroes and … ding ding ding, you’re right again (so I corrected in my post ~ editing feature sure does come in handy). Later ~~

      • I named my German Shepard after Sgt. Schultz. His name was Schultz Bernard (then my last name—which is extremely German).

      • I didn’t name my dog (the Duke-ss) after Sgt. Schultz ~ so funny Sharona ~ who knew? LOL But I am of German descent on both sides of my family ~ Brand, Nickolaus. Have you searched your roots Sharona?

      • I have! They (both sides—very German names) came to the US in the early 1900’s. My father’s side started a brewery; Mom’s side changed their name and went into showbiz! Very big on the Vaudeville circuit. Guess that’s why I went into the ‘biz’ myself. Not performing anymore due to RA and Lupus, but I was quite successful. Love the name of your dog! What breed is/was he? I hope you still have a puppy companion. I’ve turned into a cat lady myself. NEVER thought that would happen!

      • I too have done some research. On Mom’s side they owned vineyards in Germany, but they had some bad years, so they sent their eldest daughter to America around 1849 to earn $$ and send it back to Germany to support the family. I have all the info written down, but it’s not readily accessible. Dad’s family came over about the same time ~ farmers one and all (primarily potatoes), and my Dad followed suit. Mom and Dad’s parents both got married in 1915, one in February the other in April. There’s lots of pics,and letters going back to 1850. I love knowing where my roots are and why I am who I am.
        A brewery ~ wow! Showbiz ~ double wow! So you were in Vaudeville?? Geez, you’re OLD! LOL! If you told me your former name, would I know it?? Sounds like you had quite a life. Sorry about the RA and Lupus. I, too, have arthritis.
        I’m a born and bred cat lover and already had a cat when Duke came into our lives. My friend bred lhasa apsos (royalty in Tibet = Duke ~ The name King was for a big dog not a little lhasa). So it was decided on our way home after seeing the 2-day old pups and choosing one, we would name him “Duke” = The Dukess.
        When I retired I had a cat and a blue crown conyer ~ I gave them away and moved to where I currently live in NH. It’s hard at times without my cat to cuddle with but it’s for the best.

      • YOUR family history sounds way more interesting than mine! As far as the Vaudeville remark (ya wise-a**), I actually WAS in a Vaudeville Tent Show while in college, in’81-’84. Went to small towns all over MI during the summer. It was an Olde Time Repertory Tent Show. Did 3 act plays Tues-Fri., and a musical extravaganza on Sat. Then we’d take the tent down on Sunday; move to the next town on Mon.; put it back up and do the same thing over again for 12 weeks. I went back in 1988 and again in ’89 to take it on the road as Managing Director. I did a lot of theatre, some TV and lots of commercials. You might know my name ;), but I don’t want anyone to think I’m bragging, otherwise I’d tell you. I don’t want to sound like Frankie Grande!
        Oh, I’m so very sorry you no longer have your kitty. :( Don’t know what I’d do without mine. I’ll give my little Lula (all black stray with gorgeous green eyes) a bunch of kisses and cuddles for you, OK? I probably won’t get a chance to talk with you for the next few days—but I’ll be thinking about you! Have a wonderful week! Hugs!

      • Wow ~ what an experience you had! ~ you have my Spooky reincarnated! Spooky was a stray on Shelter Island and my friends took her in. When I visited one weekend, they insisted I take her with me. I did ~ for the next 9 or so years, she demanded to be the center of attention. Always came to me, wiggled around and then sat on my lap where ever I was planted. She had 1 litter which pleased her greatly. My Spooky is now residing with you as your Lula ~ all black stray with gorgeous green eyes! Yikes!

      • Corporal Klinger was Mash. Col Klink was Hogans Heros. Cuddles was Sargent Schultz. He always said he knew nothing

      • Hi Jeannie: So it was Sgt. Schultz, not Col. Klink who always said “I know nothing”?

      • That’s right Cuddles. My dad and I would watch Hogan Heros together. Fond memories of that show.

      • Hi Jeannie ~ so you’re a spring chicken watching Hogan’s Heroes way back when with your Dad. Lucky you. I decided to Google HH and relive some of those crazy special moments. You are so right ~ Sgt. Schultz repeatedly said: “I know nothing! I see nothing! NOTHING!” ~~ so funny.The article said he was accused by some fans of being a ‘cuddly’ Nazi.

      • Cuddles you are so right I’m just a young one LOL. Yes Sgt. Schultz was a big teddy bear. It was very funny and things were do much simpler back then. I also have to say that MASH was one of the best shows ever on TV.

      • I remember him so well ~ and he certainly was a big teddy bear. Mash ~~ I agree with you. It was indeed a very special show and I enjoyed it greatly. I’ve been watching reruns lately ~~ it has withstood the test of time.

      • Have you guys seen how terrible of a player Audrey is? There is NO way she floats till the end. She’ll always be the option to backdoor if the HOH’s main plan doesn’t work.

      • True… for now. There is a new strategy that’s been emerging over the past 4-5 season’s where people try to lay low (Audrey hasn’t, but hear me out), until the midway point and then they become the most wretched and evil person possible… The reason? Because EVERYONE wants to sit next to somebody who stands no chance of getting votes at the end of the game… Again, it’s a gutsy and risky move, but it’s a new emerging strategy and one that I think BB Production actually tries to ”cast for” over the past couple years (Andy from season #15 being the prototype of that strategy)…

      • I’m going to need some further data to support your claim. Aaryn was evil from week one. Amanda Zuckerman was evil from the start. Andy was always a snitch from week 1. I look at the list of BB winners and don’t see anyone on that list that played with that strategy and won.

        And if Andy was the prototype in BB15, then the only other season since then was BB16 and the final 5 were all standup players.

      • Tom you’ve asked for proof of my assertion and far be it for me to merely give opinion without something to support it. So here you go villains that seemed to be cast as villains and somehow managed to make it far into the game: Season 16 (Zach & Christine)… Season 15 (take your pick! Although in fairness I think even the producers were surprised at how many villains emerged when it all came out!)… Season 14 (Dan & Mike)… Season 13 (Daniele, Rachel, I’d say Dick also but he pulled himself out early so that’s not really one who made it far)… Season 12 (Ragan & Rachel)… Over to BBCan now… Season 3 (Godfrey & Sindy, that’s Sindy with an ”S”)… Season 1 (Gary, Topaz, Peter)… I’m afraid I didn’t watch UK & Aussie versions to further show how people seem to desire the ”villain” role…

      • Um… Gary and Topaz were never “villains” in Big Brother Canada. If you want Big Brother Canada Villains you’re going to have to do your research a little bit better. Season One would have been Tom, Peter, Alec, Emmett, Jillian and Liza. Season Two had Andrew, Kenny, Sabrina, and Rachelle, and Season Three had Zach, Ashley, Sindy and Bobby.

      • Recreating history doesn’t make something true I’m afraid… Jillian & Emmet were the darlings of season 1, far far from villains (heck a quick google search will show how often they were compared to Jeff & Jordan). But I can respect your different perspective. Take care.

      • Well I’m not saying that they weren’t liked or mean people, I should have clarified on Emmett and Jillian a bit more I guess. Jillian was a great player but was constantly lying to people who she made deals with and was a bit cocky about it which made her a villain-type in my eyes, as for Emmett, although he was probably one of the sweetest players in BBCan to date he also had a tendency to go after the weaker players in an open manner which made him look like a villain for part of the season. I would really like to hear why you thought Gary and Topaz were villains though? That has got me really confused. I know Gary didn’t make it easy for anyone in the house but Gary was playing the game very strongly and always had his back against the wall. As for Topaz, the only thing I could think of to make anyone think villain was with her HOH when the whole house was watching and she wanted Andrew out because she knew Andrew would always work against her in the house.

      • I’d also disagree that Amanda was evil from day 1… Go back and read on this very site how people favoured Amanda in the first few weeks for being picked on…

  4. I just got home, but last I heard, they weren’t going to use John as a pawn again. Why did that change?

    • I heard that too…and also Austin plans to be dethrowned as HOH, so you never know, Vanessa might backdoor Audrey instead of Jeff..just like Shelli changed her mind and chose not to backdoor Audrey

    • John throwing comps is very irritating. It’s so funny because if this was Surivior John would be looked as weak and Jeff Probst and the other cast mates would not respect his game.

      • This is what happens in a Battle of the Block season. It’s designed to keep powerful players from being nominated. The only way to get a powerful player out is to backdoor them. John is just adapting to the twist in order to ensure he gets to the next week.

      • Why are you on this website then? No one wants to hear you spew negativity. The daily and dedicated commenters on here are right. Too much crap and nonsense has been on here lately not related to the gameplay. I’m sick and tired of it and I won’t stand for it.

      • How is Battle of the Block not related to game play? I don’t like the concept of BOB and feel it takes away from the strategy of the game. If you consider that crap and nonsense then you’re entitled to your opinion as am I.

    • I am so sick of them using him as a pawn. I hope he didn’t agree to that. Suppose this is a challenge he cannot throw.

      • I need to read to see why Austin and Van changed their minds, because I’m fairly certain I read somewhere that they said they wouldn’t use the same people as pawns.

      • I thought he promised Steve and was going to ask John. I just think that’s a coward move. I hope this season is not filled with “voting with the house” nonsense.

      • I don’t think the nominations made were cowardly. If James wins BotB despite John’s attempts, you have Jason and Meg as backup nominations who are great social players in case they can’t back donor Jeff. If James loses BotB but is saved by the veto, you can assume Jeff will be backdoored, but if he ends up becoming immune, Audrey or Jackie can still become the target, and if they picked Jackie and she stayed, losing John would not become the end of the world because the HOHs have a core alliance, presumably, between themselves, Lizia, and Chelli still intact.

      • They did say they were not going to use either John or Steve as pawns this week but I don’t know why they changed their minds.

  5. It’s annoying that they didn’t even consider Clay and Shelli…they HAVE to split those two up ASAP…

    • They’re kind of aligned with them…lol…not to mention they’re both strong players. They need to use them in the early weeks to get a tad bit further in the game.

    • Exactly…Shelli and Clay need to go head to head on block…Split that group up once and for all!!

      • What if people split up Jeff and Jordan that first week? We wouldn’t see love blossom and a wonderful couple come out of it.

      • How can you compare America’s favorite BB couple to those disgusting dirtbags? You should be banned from the site for saying such blasphemy.

      • Mr. Bill, am I missing something? Did Clay or Shelli call someone a terrible racist term? Did they threaten someone with bodily harm?Did they cheat at any of the competitions? I’m tired of people hating other people because they win comps and go after other people. That’s kinda the point in the game.

      • Tom, I don’t like Shelli and Clay because they are very cocky and weird. I’m allowed to have my opinion just like you. Just weird.

      • Fair enough. I don’t think weird justifies as disgusting dirtbags. Its a little extreme. Of course, also is stating that I should be banned from a site because of my opinion.

    • Why would they consider Clay and Shelli when they are in an alliance with them? Yes, go after them later but it makes no sense to go after them now. Clay and Shelli aren’t going after Vanessa and Austin and are clearly talking game with them. Whereas Meg, Jason, James have never talked game with them.

    • Why ASAP? There are still 14 players and a set of 2 right now isn’t that worrisome.

    • I just re-read the noms ~~ Jeff is not nominated! I’m confused (again) … R U saying Jeff is the back door target?

      • Austin wants Audrey backdoored….But Vanessa promised her she was safe…Going to be interesting seeing all the lies spin more…Vanessa told John also she wouldn’t put him in the position again as a pawn…Jeff offered to be put on the block and everyone said that was bad idea…

  6. Why didn’t the HOH put up Jason (DaVonne’s best friend in the house) He would have been the obvious choice. His name didn’t even come up once.

  7. Out of James and Jeff I would rather Jeff go. Don’t like him now any more than when he was on TAR.

  8. I like James and hope he stays but part of me feels as though it serves him right to be nominated because all this week he’s been very cocky about being safe and after his heart to heart talk with Da he still voted her out even though it was against his best interest. Turns out James isn’t in with the in crowd like he thought

    • It’s been hard for me to get a ‘read’ on James. He was cocky and laid back as HOH ~ that seems to be his mode of operation. It seems that he’s just coasting along enjoying the view.

    • I agree with you, except that I feel sorry for James. I agree he was shady and turned on a friend – but, he is there to win like everyone else. I used to like Steve – but he’s too wishy washy – I’m surprised at John and I get that he wants to win too – but as a coward? Perhaps he feels by any means? My hope is that Jason wins – I know he says a lot of things – but who doesn’t? He has a good heart and he’s shown courage in the game – he certainly isn’t rolling over. I’ll be happy to see Clay back-doored and hope he will be. He’s controlling people with the help of Audrey. I’m beginning to like Audrey again! She is playing the game like no other (she reminded me of Hardy (I was very little and I remember him!) when he eavesdropped on private conversations. She’s fun but I hope she leaves Jason alone. :o)

    • James also almost won his 2nd HOH in a row last night (he couldn’t compete last week)… Clearly he’s a threat in the game.

  9. There is a good chance that even if John tries to throw the comp, meg and jason would still lose. Jason is a fighter, but meg doesn’t seem all that athletic or smart.

    • Yeah she doesn’t which is why I wouldn’t have been mad if she went home last night, I want to see people who actually want to win the game

      • To say that Meg doesn’t want to win the game is preposterous. Everyone in that house wants to win the game.

  10. What was the deal with Jeff wiping something on Julia? Did that really happen?

    • What happened allegedly: first it was liz, but what allegedly happened is he mbated then wiped it on a halfasleep liz. Hard to say tho as he was under the covers

      • The video is on tmz and they were talking when it happened then he said you have something sticky on your back. Not sure if he was just messing with her or not.

    • That didn’t even happen, it’s the BB fandom who hates Jeff wanted to make up lies. I’m really disappointed with the BB fandom.

  11. Omg I hate clay and shelli. They r so kaki. So over confidence. Some one get them out.
    Don’t worry about Audrey she is just there for a show popularity and awareness.
    James and Jason I love u guyes.

    • I agree with you. Re: Clay and Shelli – I liked them both at the beginning, but they made sure I stopped. It would be grate if one had been put up and ended up on the block and the other backdoor-ed this week, but Vanessa is not a fun player. I am not going to cheer if Shelli, Clay, Vanessa, or Liz/Julia wins BB17.

    • I couldn’t agree more, with those two in the house. it makes it very easy to not watch or even care, but with Day gone now, we are stuck with really nobody making it interesting, just a whole lot of butt kissing and low key personalities. since Audrey feels more like a CBS PR stunt than an actual guest. I was very excited for this season with the way Da’vonne was observant and feisty, so until Clay or Shelli go home. I just won’t be watching anymore, there is no racial diversity or unique personalities, with both Day and Jace gone, its so bland now. I already canceled my live feed. oh well, but I am patient and hope something major happens, til then BB17 went from not miss television to another wait for the internet results engagement, sorry. lol

      • I feel the twist they added (BB takeover) add a layer of confusion that make it interesting to follow. So far those twist haven’t impact the game that much, which is good. But it’s fun. Day leaving didn’t kill the game, come on.

      • And even made it more enjoyable for some of us… I’ll be sad if James leaves though – I like this season’s Southern boy…

      • I know it didn’t kill the game hun, I’m just saying it was really fun watching Day and Jace making everyone uncomfortable and pale in comparison to their strong personalities, they made the feeds interesting, there just isn’t anyone left that actually makes it exciting, I do admit to liking Austin and Jason, but Clay and Shelli are making it a chore to watch, as opposed to having fun, since I honestly can’t stand power couples and everyone else following along like good little sheep, but I do love solo power players, I’m just going to wait til the herd gets trimmed a bit, and then this gal shall be back. ^.~

      • I hope you find what you need to keep you watching and contribute here. We need more contributor like you on this site.

  12. Jason, Jame,s Meg and John have to realize they are not in the main alliance. How can they not? This is setting up to be like last year where all the floaters were used as pawns but the people in the alliance rarely or never went on the block. If this year goes like last year then it will be a major disappointment.

    • If any of those names you mentioned had won HOH, including Jeff, it would have been a different story. S**t happens.

      • For some reason, there’s an awful lot of that and bigotry on these threads this year. It makes me sad…this was (well, still is) such a great place to enjoy the show with all of our friends. BTW, good to see you, rr! I’ve been missing everything you’ve written. Must be that I’m on another thread…

      • VERY well said and a good observation Sharona. I’m glad that you & Redrose are taking a stand against the nonsense that is disrupting our community who work hard to keep things civil and respectful of each other… :)

      • Thank you, my friend! I simply cannot abide racists or bigots. Ugly hatred doesn’t fit into my life; and there’s no place for it here either. :)

    • Race is a non-factor for getting Da’Vonne out, same goes for James. Being non-white is not an immunity pass.

    • Don’t be disrespectful you garden tool. Don’t stoop down to their despicable levels swag.

  13. Might there be another surprise already going on in the house?
    There are dentists chairs, drawings of teeth on a big wall too. Is this a coincidence or are they clues that point to John? If so, I wonder what the surprise might be?

  14. My favorite right now is John. I’m upset they keep putting him up as a pawn or going to him asking to throw competitions. I just hope he doesn’t throw them then ends up out the door. I see a lot of potential in him. As far as James goes, he’s been playing a smart game. Laying low.. Not causing drama. His competition skills look pretty good. He was close to be one of the HOHs again. This season is great so far!

  15. Re: “Carol R Haddon
    I will no longer watch, after Da-Vonne got the call, I feel the whole game is fixed”

    CBS has proven in the past that they do interfere in the game – just like the real Big Brother. The producers knew better than anyone that Da-Vonne didn’t have a chance to stay – and IF they rigged it, it was to add suspense. They’ve also meddled in MANY aspects of the game so far and fans know in advance they are going to – I think they messed up allowing Jace to leave – it would have been fun seeing him and Austin go up against Jeff and Clay.

  16. Mike Wagner, I am with you on this….. It just makes no sense…..This whole BB now I think it’s all fix……. I don’t understand why if you win HOH you would go after the weakest link and not after the team players…. I know that production MUST play a big role in this ….. Come on…. Clay & Shelli not on the block, it’s just DUMB, any team player should go up on the block…

    I’ve watched BB every year, and year after year, it’s always the same……. The team players get to the end and all of the other players are just left out… it’s the same old thing year after year just different faces…

    • Because Clay and Shelli have just aligned with both Austin and Vanessa along with Liz/Julia last week in yet another unnamed alliance only a few days ago.

      So of course, they’re not gonna go after the showmance.

  17. What the hell, why you all picking on James, he hasn’t done anything, Whats wrong with getting rid of Audrey, or Jason, I hope Jason wins pov, and I can’t believe Johnny Mack is going to throw another comp.Hope Johnny don’t make it as obvious as last time.

  18. I wanted John or James to win the whole thing, but I now doubt either one is going to be around much longer!

  19. I can’t be the only one person that actually LIKES Audrey, right?!? lol I just love the villainous and sh*t starting houseguests…just me?

    • umm…i think you are the only one. my boyfriend said the only reason a person would like her is because shes transgender.

      • Of course that’s a PART of the reason I like her because she may open some closed minded people’s eyes(just being honest here) but I also love her personality in general…and about the transgender thing ummmm..why do we as a society have to L A B E L?!? For example, black, white, asian, gay, straight, woman, transgender, bisexual, ect. LIKE, WHY CAN’T WE JUST CALL EACH OTHER PEOPLE, EQUAL PEOPLE……….

      • “I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King, Jr…. This is the dream MANY people say they want Austin, but it’s harder to achieve than it appears. Racism, sexism & elitism are the 3 remaining big dividers in our world… But it’s not just that side of the coin that divides, it’s also the side that wants to accuse others of racism, sexism & elitism that also keeps people divided…. Maybe one day, somewhere on a remote island, for just a moment in time humanity will achieve MLK Jr’s dream and prove that it can be done if we just put our minds & hearts to it….

      • Audrey can stir some crazy which is good for those who watch the feeds to see crazy, and not people gathering together and singing kumbaya around a campfire.

  20. Big Brother always ends up so dull after the first couple of weeks. I liked Da’Vonne, she could’ve made some big moves in the game, she was just too emotional and louder and more open than she should’ve been. I don’t see how people would say that it was fixed for her to get that phone call, she wanted call #7, and she sat by the phone booth at call #6 to ensure that she got the number she wanted. I highly doubt that she would have moved if it took them half a day in between calls 6 and 7, that just seems like the person she is.

    BTW – BOB sucks, John sucks for letting people use him like that, and Shelli sucks for letting Clay dictate her HOH

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