Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Feed Leak Reveals Evicted Houseguest, HOH


The Big Brother 16 Live Feeds had a premature return Tuesday, and in the five minutes they were back, all was revealed.

Frankie was clearly evicted as Victoria was still in the house. And according to Derrick standing in the HOH room and the basket clearly being for a dad, he is the new Head of Household. The HGs were also preparing for the Power of Veto competition that seemingly was set to begin soon.

Here are the highlights from those precious leaked five minutes

11:54 AM BBT – Feeds come back from trivia. Cody, Caleb and Victoria are seen in the living room. Derrick is in the HOH room. Frankie is no where to be seen.

11:55 AM BBT – Derrick in the HOH room getting ready for veto. HOH basket has a license plate that reads “#1 Dad.”

11:57 AM BBT – Derrick and Victoria wishing each other good luck for the Veto competition. “I got this,” Victoria says. Derrick tells her to just go have fun. “You’re in the final veto competition,” Derrick says, implying that’s something to be proud of. He tells her to play because she wants to win, not for the money.

11:59 AM BBT – Feeds cut.

So Derrick is in the final three. That is all we know for sure right now. It’s unclear who Derrick nominated for eviction

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      • Caleb winning VETO is the only thing that could make this season exciting. I would love to see Derrick lose either Victoria or Cody. Go Caleb! I never thought I would say that either.

      • That is music to my ears Grace Handy!
        I guess this means goodbye to Victoria then? Surely Derrick wouldn’t turn on Cody and get blood on his hands?

      • I’ve been trying to confirm the rumors but haven’t had any luck. It might just be a rumor after all …but I hope it isn’t.

      • Me too. This season has been too predictable. We need someone to mix things up. The way I see it, if Caleb wins the POV we have a chance for some excitement if Victoria decides to throw Derrick and Cody under the bus to save herself. Would Caleb evict Cody if he knew they were conspiring to evict him this week?

        And what about if Cody gets a brain and realizes Derrick is playing him? What if Cody realizes Derrick wants to take Victoria to the final 2? Will he evict her instead of Caleb to ensure Derrick does not doublecross him at the end?

        Its big brother and we are supposed to expect the unexpected. But this season it has been what we expected every week.

      • I would love to see Caleb as the deciding vote this week only because Derrick just might have to break a sweat when Vic or Cody leave. How will be react when things finally don’t go his way? I want to see that.
        The same with Cody and Caleb finally talking game and comparing notes. Caleb is such a blabber mouth and there aren’t too many people left who want to listen to him nonstop as Frankie would.
        So hopefully he takes this opportunity to find Cody and talk his ear off. as they compare notes on Derrick.

    • That’s equivalent to pitching a no-hitter, I guess. Derrick is as good a player as Dan was. While Dan played his game in your face, Derrick has played his close to the vest. He’s not an undercover cop in real life for nothing.

      • Str8 up he will, no one can deny that and the fact that the jury knows it regardless of what Frankie tries to spew in that house is clear indication how great of a player Derrick really is. Everyone had a favorite to win this summer and mine from week 2 seen what Derrick was capable of and knew he could pull off a win but a win like this without ever being nominated is on a whole other level. There’s critics out there who claim that Derrick being in a house of “idiots” not my words is why it was so easy for him to be where he is but that’s not the case. He literally controlled this game as soon as he got Devin nominated and evicted out of the house and has been the captain of this ship since and to never be nominated not even once shows his game play was no match for anyone this season, he will turn into the “Boston Rob” of BB when he (Rob) was first hated by a lot then respected after for his game play and then later loved except for now this season Derrick just pulled a “Tony” CopsRus style hopefully he takes Cody with him to the end to finish this season off with Hitmen loyalty in tact.

      • I also picked Derrick in week two. He has played the game exactly like I thought he would. The majority of the jury knows he has played a great game and will vote in his favor. A possible sour juror like Frankie won’t change their minds IMO.

      • I agree with you, the jury knows he played a great game and will vote for him. I’d love to see the footage of the jurors explaining to Frankie how dangerous of a player Derrick was and see if he would risk running his mouth and telling the jurors all about TA out of pure jealousy after hearing them talk about Derrick as great game player.

  1. I don’t really care that much who wins in this group. For my viewing pleasure, I wanna see Caleb win the Veto….oh and also listen to his speech.

  2. Go Victoria Go !!!

    Would be awesome to see the Beast Mode Cowboy’s jaw drop when Victoria evicts him with a memorable speech …. it is time for her to start playing … :)

    • Yes, I think some jury members may vote for Vic. Derrick should get a taste from his own training playbook. Would be the best thing. He used her all the way and all the jury so she has played the same game. Maybe she will beat him.

    • I am wondering if Victoria would evict Cody. Something tells me she knows more than she is letting on and she does not want Cody around for the final 3.

  3. @Matt, I have followed you for years on BBN, but never for SURVIVOR, but I am going to this year,quick question, do you also have spoilers about that show also? Thanks

  4. When Victoria says “I got this” the translation is “Another veto competition that is WAY to hard for me”

    Our reading of it? Face it, Victoria, you couldn’t correctly run a stocking much less win a comp by yourself.

    • Drew in season 5 was the first HG to never be nominated and to win. Ian came close, but was nominated in the F4.

      • With the BOTB this season having 4 people being nominated, one would argue Derrick’s situation would be a more impressive distinction… though, he would still need to win, however ..

      • Then you add the POV renoms to the mix ….

        yep, Batman definitely helped to shield her sidekick Robin his season from danger .. Ha!!!

      • With the BOB comps this year, there were way more noms than in other seasons……4 each week they played with BOB in effect. I cant imagine any other players cheating the orange chair more often…..

    • Even with the amature contestants he played with, the fact that every nom this season passed without Derrick in an orange chair is quite an achievement! I honestly cannot remember an instance when Derrick was disrespectful or hateful to anyone in the house. Twisting the truth and scheming, yes. That’s what this game is about, though! All in all, it was a boring and predictable season, but I was just as impressed with Derrick’s clever slide to the end (so far) as I was disgusted by Frankie’s foul behavior. Perhaps it would be exciting to see one of the unexpected HGs to finish in 1st place, but I would certainly feel a level of disappointment for the cop who never took his eyes off the prize!

    • Alison in BB4 was nominated three times, but the veto was used on her every time, so she never had to face the vote.

    • That’s actually not correct. Danielle from Big Brother 3 went the whole season without being nominated also, unless you count the final 3 when Lisa won HOH and nominated her/Jason.

    • Derrick should win. How could all those people in the house not catch onto what hes doing. I mean never been on the block. come on , I thought they were suppose to have the game mastered.

  5. Derrick is a BOSS. Say what you want about the predictability of this season, who cares. You’re witnessing an all time great player. Spare me the “his competition is terrible” line. Derrick made em look terrible. He played the hand he was dealt and knew everyone’s weaknesses and strengths and used those against em.

    Top 5 player of all time.

    • Derrick is making Victoria look terrible? Derrick is making Caleb look terrible? Jocasta? Nicole? Christine?

      I think Derrick is the only one playing the game to win the $500,000 and this season that passes as great game play. But in previous seasons, usually more than one person played for 1st place.

      Think about it, who this season played a decent game? Anyone?

      I could run down the list from Joey to Frankie and explain how bad each of them played. Do you think Amanda would have let Derrick pull this stuff off last season? I don’t.

      • Amanda has no chance against someone like Derrick. You must be drinking Caleb’s Delusion Drink if you think Amanda has a shot against Derrick. Look at when she got booted out and how she rubbed HG’s the wrong way and you claim that’s better game play then the way Derrick plays it?

      • So you are a fan of Derrick’s and obviously I am not. Is that a reason to get nasty?

        Amanda was playing a great game early last season until she lost her mind. Before that she was controlling the house much like Derrick is this year, except she wasn’t the only one playing to win.

        My point about Derrick is he is the only one in the house who was not playing the game for anyone else but himself. You can’t really tell how good he is because he was essentially playing the game alone.

        Remember this season started out with an 8 person alliance – half the house. The first half of the season was evicting all of the non-alliance members who never once tried to flip the house or makes deals to try to break up the alliance. They just waited for their turn and hoped to win the POV to save themselves.

        By the time it got down to the last 8, those who were not in the inner circle didn’t have the numbers to save themselves. Again, Hayden, Christine, Nicole (twice), just rolled over and left the house when it was their turn. The order didn’t really matter.

        In my opinion, Caleb ruined this season. His foolish honesty and loyalty is admirable outside the house but its is totally contrary to the BB game. But people followed his lead claiming to be honest and loyal – i.e boring.

        But this just made it easier for Derrick to sit back and watch HG after HG get picked off.

    • The only record Derrick should be famous for is if he gets through the whole game without being nominated. He’ll for sure have the title of “The Guy Who Won Against the Lousiest Players Ever”. He’d better thank his lucky stars, 550+ times, that he played the final weeks against the dumbest, most clueless bunch of baby HGs in history.

      • I so agree with you. I wonder if CBS picked a tame bunch this year after the debacle last year?

        I just don’t get these HGs at all. There are bad players every season but this year we had a bunch of them including two of the worst players ever in Jocasta and Victoria. Caleb is not that far behind – if not for his ability to win physical comps. Nicole was pretty bad too. After Hayden told her not to trust Derrick and Cody she went right back to Derrick – only to get herself evicted again. Reminds me of Helen when she was warned not to trust Andy.

        Derrick has played the best game this year by far. But to me, that;s not saying much. I just wonder how well he would have done is there was even one other strong player in the house.

  6. Everyone start voting for America’s favorite player.

    You get 20 votes a day.

    go to cbs dot com / bigbrother

    On the blue bar look for the “MORE” button, click that and find the menu item.

    You have to start now. Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber are pushing for Frankie to win on Twitter. We can’t let that happen.

      • Look, Rancey, your mind is made up, so it doesn’t matter what reasons I would give you to vote for Donny. Have a nice day.

      • Then Don’t vote for Donny..The only reason I have is..I like his beard..that’s all.,,so I’m voting for him

      • because he stay true to hisself during his entire time in the game. and he didnt trash the house or the houseguests

      • I am voting for Zach. At least he was entertaining to watch in an otherwise boring season. He was certainly more fin than Frankie.

        But I have to say, Cody and Caleb had some of the best BB moments for entertainment. First on my list is Cody punching himself in the face in his sleep, then waking up with that stupid look on his face wondering what happened! That was classic!

        And Caleb had so many funny moments, mostly unintentional, but when he and Cody were Judy chopping the rewind button – that was pretty funny – as in clown funny.

    • Just put my 20 votes in today for is open until Sept. can vote 20 times per day…I will be back each day until then to vote for AFP..Donny!!! Do it now!!

    • Seriously? Adults are going to do what Justin Bieber tells them to do? I put in my 20 votes for Donny, as well. If everyone who voted for him here does the same every day at CBS, Donny will get the well-deserved win.

    • would it help to ask the bold and buetiful cast and fans for their support maybe on their face book pages soap central .com a storyline going on right will have a lot of people commenting

  7. So, would this mean that Victoria will likely be nominated for at least the 10th time, assuming he nominates Cody and Victoria??

    Would it not be a fun F2 with the two HG’s standing be the one with never having been nominated vs the ine with the most nominations against??

    Assuming, that she is able to win a couple of comps down the stretch, she would have a strong argument to the Jury … in that she was in jeopardy from week 1, while Derrick was protected by his huge Alliances….

    eta: Though, from conversations over the months, not sure even a bitter Frankie, Codie, Caleb nor Zach would give Victoria their votes ….

    • Derrick and Frankie were talking one night on BBAD and Derrick said if anyone takes Victoria to the final two the jury will vote for Victoria out of spite. I think he said they should vote for her – and Frankie agreed. I think it was Derrick just playing Frankie because I am certain Derrick will take Victoria to the final 2 if he is the last HOH. But I wonder if Caleb and Frankie would use Derrick’s words against him and cause a revolt in the jury to vote for Victoria?

    • Derrick and Cody were talking about it the other night and they agreed not to put Caleb up right away since only the veto matters. They felt if Caleb went up and then won the POV he might sniff out their plan to evict him and then vote one of them out.

      If this was a regular week, I have a feeling Cody would not vote our Caleb. But being a short week, I think he will unless Caleb wins the POV. Cody needs to be smart though. He trusts Derrick the way Frankie and Caleb trusted Derrick. Derrick used their trust against them and he will do the same thing with Cody if he is the last HOH.

  8. Hope everyone takes time to vote everyday,as for myself i am firmly Team Zack,by far the most interesting and entertaining house guest this season.

  9. For the excitement, I would be rooting for Caleb to win POV and evict Cody somehow. Although, chances are he is going to evict Victoria! A Final 3 of Caleb, Cody and Derrick would be more exciting but, Derrick will still be in Final 2. Cody and Caleb will evict each other depending on wins the 2/3 Final HOH!

  10. I have been a voyeur here all season – I rather enjoy the comments – This season overall – yawn. It was amazing to watch Derrick manipulate and control everyone, but very predictable. I think the biggest slap in the fact to the houseguests that think they are best to ever play this game (i.e. Frankie and Caleb) is to vote for Victoria as a AFP. It is ludicrous, and hilarious at the same time – my votes are all going to her. If for no other reason than to see the look on everyone’s faces when she is awarded… that would be the biggest expect the unexpected – or maybe if PaoPao won… (and why are there two places for comments??

  11. Well, ya gotta admit it would be funny to see Victoria win a comp at this stage of the game. I could only imagine the look on all the guy’s faces if that happened. Not likely though. lol

  12. It looks like the POV competition has a ‘police’ related theme. The badge on the front of the t-shirt and the inmate style writing of their name on the back. Hahaha when is Derrick going to tell them his dirty secret? He should tell the four of them when/if he wins the POV. Caleb will sh!t his drawers. He spoke at length with Derrick about how he hates cops.

  13. It sucks so bad that this wasn’t live to hear Frankie get booed. At least he’s finally gone.

  14. They’re saying on Wikipedia that Caleb & Victoria have been nominated, no veto winner had been announced

  15. well caleb is going to the jury, the beast mode cowboy is a good man, he played a good game , he was loyal friend all the the way through to derrick, and somewhat cody, I forgot or missed it when cody and derrick made a final 2 agreement on week 2 , that is amazing that no one caught on,
    YOu can tell that getting rid of caleb was hard for derrick and cody, you could see it in their eyes,
    calebs exit talk with jul was interesting , she asked if it was a mistake voting out frankie, he did not hesitate and said no, he saw frankie for who frankie really was,

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