Big Brother 16 Cast Announced – Houseguest Bios & Interviews

Ready to meet the Big Brother 16 cast of Houseguests who will keep you entertained this summer as we watch their every move? Earlier this week I sat down for one-on-one interviews with each of the cast members and can now reveal what I learned from my time speaking with them.

Big Brother 16 commercial airs on CBS
Big Brother 16 cast revealed ahead of season premiere next week!

The Big Brother cast includes a wide range of players this season with the youngest at 21 up to the oldest at 42. Most of this season’s HGs are running down the middle of the ages with an average of 27 years. Along with age, there’s a lot of diversity this season to answer that question from fans on the new cast. It feels like a good spread of backgrounds and personalities and after last season I think we can expect better behavior all around.

As to what I learned of the twist, it’s obviously not an All-Stars and not a Blood Vs Water theme as many suspected. I don’t think it’s necessarily even a “teams” arrangement unless they’re going guys vs girls and I doubt that.

Interestingly though, when discussion alliances I did get a surprising number of comments from the ladies citing a desire for an all-girls alliance. Could this finally be the season to pull off that elusive dream? I’m not going to hold my breath.

Overall I am impressed with this group for Big Brother 16. I liked the personalities and I enjoyed the time I got to spend with them. Yes, there are an overwhelming number of “recruits” in the mix here but I’m not ready to count those HGs out of the race just yet.

Here is your overview look at all the BB16 HGs together with links to their individual bios, details, and interviews so you can get to know everyone involved this summer.

Watch all of my interview videos collected together here.

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Big Brother 16 Cast – Bios & Interviews

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Check our full rundown on each of the Big Brother Houseguests this season for even more details. What do you think of the cast preview? Any early favorites for who you’ll be rooting to support for Big Brother 16? Share your thoughts below!

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  1. So can we officially put the complaining about the potential of returning players to bed for this season?

  2. Wow you got these up fast haha cbs doesn’t even have the cast up yet. Nice job man! I can’t wait to watch all of the interviews and pick my early favorite!

  3. Overall impressed and happy it’s an all new cast. Though Danny needs to be the first out, his beard is heinous and makes him look creepy.

  4. Frankie Grande is annoying as hell. I went to college with him and he’s already a millionaire so he doesn’t need the money. He’s also Arianna Grandes brother.

    • My thoughts exactly, minus the going to college with him part, aha. It’s going to be unfair if and when there is a voting section as his famous sister can easily get her fans to vote for him, ugh.

      • I have my doubts her young fans will have subscriptions to the live feeds. There may be a few but I don’t see it affecting the vote. That reason alone is why I don’t worry about “her fans”.

      • I agree her young fans probably won’t be subscribing to the live feeds. But they most likely will be viewing the 3 shows a week that CBS airs once they’ve heard about his participation and relation to Arianna Grande. And she most certainly will be tweeting her support. Which any fan of hers will take to heart and do the same. Naturally she wants him to win. And having her fan base vote to have him receive any “awards or rewards” is one way to give him an unfair advantage.

      • I know that there are a large majority of fans that will do anything to help Ariana Grande which would be, if she asked, to subscribe or to watch and just vote when there needs to be a vote. I still find it incredibly unfair because she also does have 18+ fans as well.

  5. What is wrong with the recruiters? Why get people who don’t know anything about the game? This isnt a dating show.

    • I guess to differentiate them from the superfans who auditioned and applied online. Plus there are those who apparently applied for TAR but somehow Kassting, Inc got a hold of their applications for some reason.

      • Ooh, I didn’t know that. BTW, I just got word that *spoiler alert* TAR 25 teams are in my side of the world for the first time since “My Ox is Broken”. I’m excited about that.

    • it’s not the same guy. I doubt that he’d change one letter in his last name for an alias

  6. I think Devin is my favorite so far. He seems like a real good dude and He should be good in competitions.

    • I agree that he seems like a great guy and physicality can be use full early on but I think he’s just going to be chewed up and spit out, he doesn’t seem to be prepared for what the house is going to be like and his strategy is just to win everything, its a bad strategy generally and even worse now that apparently the HOH isn’t even safe this time around. As much as I will be sad to see it happened I think he goes out around week 4.

  7. RedSx799 don’t put that to bed YET …… theres a BIG surprise coming up you just have to watch!!!

      • I imagine a case where a “few” Big Brother All Stars face off against the Newbies on the first night for the right to get in the Big Brother House ;)

      • There’s 16 of them but that doesn’t mean they’ll all make it in the house

  8. Since we’ve been told the two night event is going to be something completely different I’ll hold my opinions about the HG until I find out what it’s going to be. We all know that any of them who said they had a strategy is going to be in for a rude awakening. lol When they change the rules to the game you have to throw out all those preconceived notions and reboot. It may be the ones who are quickest on their toes when faced with diversity that will adapt to the new changes on the spot.

    • I’m sure they did it on purpose, they gave us a bunch of tease but we still don’t really know how all the domino will fall in place. Can’t wait to see.

  9. I hate when psudocelebrities like Frankie go on the show. They don’t need the money, they have a huge advantage, and can sometimes leave without a scratch on them inside the house.

  10. Good job Matt. Very well done.
    Based obviously and solely on these interviews, I’m not impressed by any of the female constestants. And that’s new for me. I’m sure that will change once we get to know them better. I would say i’m 50/50 on all of them.
    I think the male contestants have more potential. I don’t have a favorite yet either. I think Devin, Caleb and Derrick will definitely connect. More than likely become friend. Cody and Zach might make it to jury if they are lucky. Donny might stay a while because nobody will find him threatening. But that Frankie has to go early, he’s going to ruin my enjoyment of this game.

  11. My early fave is Nicole, based solely on the fact that she knew what she was talking about and is extremely pretty. Frankie will be out first week if he loses the battle of the block, because the competitors will most likely know who he is and will vote him out before America can twist it to make him stay.

    • Nicole ? Hummm… Obviously she just graduated nursing school, so she’s not stupid, but to me she look pretty naive. We’ll see.
      But I agree, if they know who Frankie is, he goes out early.
      For the record, I had no idea who he is and I don’t even know about his sister (who I understand is more famous than him).

  12. Just watched the bios and based off that here are my thoughts:

    Players I think will do well
    Caleb. Cody, Paula

    Players I think are dead meat:
    Zach, Victoria, Jocasta

  13. Besides amber the rest of dem girls are 5’s out of 10 bad lady casting BB. Once Amber is done I’m out. Ain’t nothing good watching some ugly hoe win 500000 dat ain’t rite . I suggest u put a hot middle aged lady. Dang rite sir

  14. From their bios, I like Amber, Christine, Derrick, Joey and Frankie. I like Frankie because he seems like he’ll be very entertaining on the feeds.

    • I agree with you on Christine, Derrick and Joey. Amber i’m betting will be a drama queen. Frankie i already have a bias against because of his obvious advantage. Although i will agree he might liven the feeds up a bit.

      • After watching Amber’s “Reality Relapse” interview with Rachael Riley, I’m not so sure about Amber anymore. She was supposed to be “catching up” on past BB season and had supposedly already watched one with Rachael in it, but still didn’t realize that she was being interviewed by Rachael Riley! It just made me say, “Hmmm… Maybe not Amber after all.”

  15. Favorite whines I read about the BB16 cast on BB’s Facebook page:

    1) “They’re all models!”=No, at least three of them ARE models.
    2) “Stereotyping much, CBS?”=You guys asked for diversity, sheesh.
    3) “Too many young spoiled brats”=As if you were not young yourself. And I wouldn’t call the likes of Devin, Derrick and Brittany brats when they have mouths to feed.
    4)”No above 40?”=Obvious you don’t know how to read. The oldest in the cast is 42 older than last year’s Helen Fitzegerald.
    5)”Another year of young people, is this the Real World?”=Uhm many of the best seasons were filled with people in their 20’s, including winners Will Kirby and Dan Gheesling.
    6)”Why are they all famous?!”-Only 1 is famous and I don’t even know him prior to the cast reveal. Would you care less about the cast if he’s not a sibling’s celebrity?
    7)”Why no old people? AGEIST!”-Do you fancy a lawsuit? I know Jerry and Renny were quite the elderly pair in BB10 but I always see Jerry as a feet away from getting himself hurt because of his age. Casting has to be careful when nabbing above 30’s/40’s for they rarely get someone good like Kent, Renny, Evel Dick, Chef Joe and Jerry.
    8)”Why are they all white people?! RACIST!”-Diversity is not solely define by race.
    9)”They all look the same. They’re all pretty”. Take a good look of yourself in the mirror.
    10)”I want real players not people who wants showmances!”. If you’re a fan of Big Brother, you’d know showmances are here to stay.
    11) “Frankie will win AFP because he has fans!” Well, Elissa was BB15’s saving grace and her getting America’s Favorite was much deserved.

  16. First impression I am going with Donny. Hoping this superficial world will look past the beard.

  17. Why do they always cast a flamboyant gay guy?!?! All gay men are not feminine. That’s why no one ever likes any of the gay cast members or lists them as a favorite, because big brother helps support that myth by casting unlikable flaming gay guys only put in the house for entertainment value and laughs. They never have any serious game play. If they want to tone down the bigotry, they should do their part in breaking down the stereotypes. Missed again CBS,

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