Big Brother 12: Week 9 Popularity Poll

Update: E!Online is running a poll for the best summer reality show and Big Brother is currently in 3rd place, ahead of The Bachelorette, but behind ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ and ‘Jersey Shore’! Come on, everyone, go here and vote for Big Brother as the best summer reality show evah!

Update 2: Big Brother is up to #2 in the poll now ahead of ‘Jersey Shore’ but still ~5% behind Kardashians so keep voting!

The Big Brother 12 HGs often wonder what America (and the rest of you out there!) thinks of them, but we don’t have to wonder any longer with our handy-dandy Big Brother popularity poll that’ll show us just where they stand.

Go ahead and pick your favorite Big Brother Houseguest for this week in the poll below. I’ll run this each week and we can keep track as HGs’ stock rises and falls. You can also check out where all the HGs ended up last week in the poll. Last week Lane barely eeked out Britney for the most popular at 29% while, once again, Hayden and Enzo came in last. What an exciting finale the two consistently least popular HGs will make. Hey Enzo, I’ve got a script for ya, it’s called “Damn You!”

Share your thoughts and tell us why you voted the way you did.


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  1. i voted for britney because what i can say… shes the best. She is the only girl standing and will remain that way till the end. She fights to the finish and plays this game strategically! You go girl!

    • Enough of Enzo. Please send him and his garbage mouth home. It’s disgusting and so is he, and I have had enough of him. His foul mouth needs to be closed permanently. Every other word is profanity. His mom must be SO proud of this JERK.

  2. As the remaining HGs approach final week, they still can’t make up their minds as to “who will be the final 2”! What a dilemma they find themselves in, thanks to the choices they made!

    • I want Hayden to win, and I wouldn’t be upset if Lane came in second. Anybody EXCEPT Enzo in the finals. Let him go home and admire himself in the mirror, and he will have lots of time to do that, cause there ain’t gonna be any tours, or movie contracts or anything. When BB is over, so is this delusional moran.

      • Did anybody watch BBAD last night. So corney, with singing “Sweet Caroline.” They won’t have a musical career either. They will have lots of spare time reading how disgusted America was and is with all of them. Won’t be at all surprised if this is the final season for BB. it was SO BAD this year and I bet the ratings were very low.

      • Don’t say that !!! she does not deserve to stay she has not won much of anything she has asked lane to do all her dirty work for her thank god she is leaving

  3. Enzo
    Your a disgracenfoul mouthed pig who never stoop. I am sure you wife and mother must be ashamed of you. If wifey is smart she will run

  4. Although Lane probably doesn’t need the money and Brittany will be going home me this week…..My choice is Lane(he’s the man) if only he would use a few brain cells and use his common sense he should win this thing without any problem. Enzo has been getting by each week because of the brogade.

    • Lane can’t use brain cells cause he doesn’t have any. Doesn’t even know how to fire up a grill. His stupidity is not an act, unfortunately.

  5. Britney and Lane has kept the show from being boring. I hate Enzo he is the most vulgar person I have ever seen. Hayden is just dumb.

    • Hayden IS NOT dumb. What show are you watching?
      All Britney has done is belittle the other HG’s
      and show what a small minded person she is.
      NO way I want her to win SHE DOES NOT DESERVE IT.


      • I have to agree…Hayden has spent a little too much time on the surf board and not enough time getting an education…not smart at all…as for Enzo…there is NO hope for him…if I was his wifey, I would have the divorce papers waiting for him when her gets home…not a movie contract. All of these guys talk about women on the live feeds like we are only put on this earth to supply their needs and if they have too, they’ll just take it. SKUM SKUM SKUM….

  6. I voted for Brit, she has played social (differently than Hayden but just as social)(POV winner early on and did what the house wanted her to) and she has also played the competitions. Wouldn’t it be nice for her to break up the boregade now that would make history Enzo! Go Brit go Brit, I’m with you. Right now you make the live show and LN worth watching. Thanks!

  7. Hopefully someone got to Hayden and told him to throw loyalty out the window, and evict Enzo the PIG. He keeps calling Britney a “little girl, only 23…” Hayden (who I want to win) is only 25. How sexist can Enzo be? He’s horrible and delusional. After Dark will be so boring without Britney. I looooved how she told Enzo last night that maybe he might not have as many offers as he thinks he will when get gets out…it was great! (of course he disagreed with her…)

      • She quoted Dr. Will who said that they have some attention for about 3 weeks, and then it goes away. She also said something like, “remember how it was before you got here? Well that’s what it will be like once you go home.” She was very cool about it, not snarky. It was so awesome!

    • Actually Hayden is only 24, and Britney just did turn 23.

      This season is going to be a complete JOKE if something doesn’t happen to SAVE Britney!!!!

    • Yah I believe her exact words were “Enzo you need to prepare yourself that you may not be as important as you think you are” She went on to tell them they only had 6 months at most to use their celebrity and by next summer they’d be old news when the new HGs are in the BB house.

  8. Hey, Frankie D. I calls them the way I sees em. I called Enzo a moran, because he IS a moran.

    I know it would never happen, but, wouldn’t it be funny if the jurors, one by one, stood up and said “I’m not voting for anybody.” What a hoot that would be.

  9. Enzo
    Your a disgrace and afoul mouthed pig who never stops. I am sure you wife and mother must be ashamed of you. If wifey is smart she will run

    • Not to mention a cheater. Not only once but twice did he break the rules by sneaking food when he was a have not…cheating is cheating but when 1/2 million $$$ is on the line…BB should be a little more strict with houseguest who intentionally break the rules…ENZO HAS TO GO!!!

  10. Enzo
    Your a disgrace and. a foul mouthed pig who never stops. I am sure you wife and mother must be ashamed of you. If wifey is smart she will run

  11. How Ironic is this year compared to last! We have Enzo in the same popularity scenario as last year’s “Oh So Disgusting GNataLie!”; next to last is the Rag Doll, Hayden! And Yes, the “Three Amigos” think they are so “Incredible” that they’ll be busy for at least the next 3 months as “they’ll be on tour”!
    Lane, if somehow you can read this, talk your “Bro” into taking YOU off the block; say you’ll still vote out Bozo, I mean Enzo, and STEP UP and Kick his HALF-Italian a$$ OUT!!! It’s the “BOLD” move that just might make you worthy of at least winning your Stipend!
    And that about sums up this wretched season!!

    -From Cheap Hair Extensions to Enzo’s “Nut Must”!


  12. Britney, she has played the game & been entertaining as well. Am tired of the gossip of other HG’s but isn’t that what America likes to watch; trash talk. Sad but true; but it would be interesting if Hayden played the POV removing Lane and see what he does. Little spice to the mix.

    • We could only hope but unfortunately none of the 3 remaining guys have the b$%^& to make a BOLD move in this game. They all used Matt to make the tough moves and now he gone so their every move is so predictible.

      My vote would be “None of the Above”…donate the money to charity!!!

  13. Nice to know Rico you missed me. But have no fear I was here, just changed my name for a day. wanted to break Enzo fans nuts lol. I guess it was working because everyone is talking how gross he is. I used the name Marilyn Monroe lmao. I fell asleep early last night, guess all the late nights finally hit me. besides there was not much happening in the bbh so I got bored. Keep your poems coming I so look forward to reading both yours and Chris-The Greats. you should both do a book on poems and get a publisher to publish them you can make millions both of you. Sell them to the schools also. by the way this is Clare’s sister.

  14. thank you Cindy!!! I agree…Summer needs to get over it!!! i like Enzo….i think he’s funny and he’s real! not trying to pretend he’s something he’s not. all you Enzo haters are just Jealous!!! and if Enzo’s mouth and his ways bother you that much then stop watching him…pick your little remote up and turn him off…nobodys forcing you to watch him…so change the channel and SHUT UP!!!

    • I fast forward every time he starts talking. That way I can still see everyone else, without having to change the channel. Do you have After Dark??? If you did you would know that he is sexist, lazy, foul mouthed, and has done absolutely nothing to win this game. He talks like he masterminded everything. Really! Well he can mastermind his delusional self into major motion pictures as soon as he gets out. (which is what he thinks is going to happen.) That will happen right after Brendon becomes a rocket scientist.

    • Have you seen the “popularity” ratings? Enzo is last, as always, and as so well deserved!

      Oh, as much as I HATE to even admit even the possibility, but UNfortunately Bozo-Enzo “may” actually be a distant cousin of mine… ☹

      • lol Joey! maybe you can get a movie deal too! haha and yes i have BBAD and i love it…it’s kinda boring now cuz theres just 4 in the house but like i said…i like Enzo and he must be doing something right cuz look how far he’s made it!? theres something wrong with every person in that house…past and present! hg’s who lie about their wife having a disease…they lie about their age and relationship status…it’s a game and it’s entertaining and that’s why we watch it…if there wasnt someone on there like Enzo we wouldnt have anything to talk about and clown on!

  15. I voted BRITNEY! Shes the only one who plays the game good.
    Hayden and Enzo need to get there butt’s out of the house.

  16. I am so glad that Britney is leaving .I was getting so tried of her bashing Rachel and Kathy .oh my gosh leave it alone for gods sake.that is all she ever did and she was getting all the guys to sound like her , with all the trash talk, they sounded like a bunch of girls

  17. To say that Enzo is a slob does not describe it; a new word has to be coined to contain what Enzo is. Still, he has come up with some things that made me, for a second, think did Enzo say that?! When he asked the despicable Brit whether she wanted to be a “methodist” actress. I thought, can he be that subtle or that sarcastic for that matter? Or, when he said about her, “you lost everything? you won 10G’s on a hide and seek, so get the F out of here!” Still, despite everything he is, when it comes between the hideous Brit and Enzo, I definitely want Enzo to win.

  18. Why are there so many pig’s this board today? Enzo’s wife and mom love him very much foul mouth and all get over it and get a life! Enzo is fricken hillarious! Go Hayden!!!!

    • Enzo is a punk that only a mother could love…I think wifey needs to rethink why she married this bozo and run for her life…she has to be smart enough to know this…I HOPE!!!

  19. Enzo’s is a jerk & a moron and Hayden looks like the Iceman in the movie Iceman (these guys are the real floaters) Britney is the real player and Lane tries to play.

  20. I love how enzo thinks he is the most favorite and yet he has the lowest popularity! Its been the lowest for the past 4 weeks!

    • I would love to be a fly on the wall when Enzo is out of the house and someone tells him he is the most disliked in the polls…they better have security ready when he goes NUTZO ENZO!!!!!

  21. I want Enzo and Hayden to end up together…i’m sick of Britney whinings and Lane’s doofus arse that follows the ho…not necessary!! Come on Enzo & Hayden!!!!! Beat them!!

    • Amazing! I want Enzo and Hayden to end up together too! But I want them numbers 3 and 4! Enzo’s mouth overloads him. What can he say besides F*ck and Yo! What a dufus! I bet his family is embarassed! Hayden – I don’t really care what happens to him. To finish I can only say LOUDLY that I am SOOOOO GLAD that the whinny wino, Ragan is gone. I never thought anyone’s voice would annoy me more than GNATalies from last season, but Ragan’s voice topped even that!

      • lmao exactly…come on Ragan is a ragin girl inside…loved his strategies though… Enzo’s from New Yawk so i understand his lingo lol(i’m from NY) Hayden’s a kid…Land doesn’t deserve to win because he comes from $$ and that Britney can be her gold digger self(her greek fiance lavishes her w/estravagant gifts and flowers-ho-hum!!) Go Enzo & Hayden!

  22. My vote is for Hayden this week. Feel bad for Britney this week. Enzo should have been put on the block. I would have like to see Lane and Britney the last two in the house. I dislike the ideal that Enzo and Hayden the last two in the house. Maybe it will be Lane and Hayden, be the two that will win Big Brother this season.

  23. I picked Britney. I chose Lane before but after the Harry Potter comment, I don’t like him as much anymore.

  24. I voted for Britney. Enzo is a lame excuse for a competitor; Lane – I mean who really cares about him – what has he done that is remarkable? Hayden did not get my vote either just because.

  25. I don’t understand why Brit would score so high. She changes with every situation she is in. The only thing she has done consistanlty is talk bad about hg that have been evicted. Yes everyone does that but not to such a distastful degree. Not worth my vote

    • @Debra – Your comment about Britney, “She changes with every situation she is in”, IS EXACTLY why SHE deserves to WIN over ANY of the 3 Stooges!!! It’s called Strategy.

  26. Glad Brit is pulling ahead in the polls. She’s the cutest, the most fun and has the most potential in future. When she leaves the house I’ll stop watching those SHO midnight to 3am feeds and get some real sleep. :)

  27. I actually like Lane. I think he is hilarious, and doesn’t get the credit that he deserves. He is the only thing that is making this season bearable for me to watch.

  28. Britney is easily the funniest person on BB12. Cutting at times, yes, but still hilarious. Without her zany comments not sure I would have stayed to watch the entire season this year. BB needs to stop looking for size 0-2 (because that apparently is equal to their IQ’s this year) and try some exciting twists… all girls, celebrity, sports team, survivor meets big brother… etc. I could go on! I love the concept of BB and want it to stay around because let’s face it we all like to know we aren’t the only oddballs out there!

    • I like the sound of BB vs survivor conept!!
      I personally don’t want any of them to win, Brit is the only one in the group that has REALLY played the game [entertaining us]. After the other players got the good ones out. The last four just rode on everyone’s coat tails – Brit did too!! They acted dumb [acted???} and let the rest do the work, dirty or not. I go along with don’t vote for any of them!! I don’t want Brit to win, but out of all them she did win/play better than the boys.

  29. Lane’s sardonic comments are getting kind of old. That is all he’s brought to BB. One trick pony.

  30. I do not like Britney. She did not play the game.
    Lane is kitten crusher and horse abuser.
    Enzo likes “Little Enzo” in front of camera.

    Hayden is left

  31. Our first day, we watch Big Brother this season it was so hard to choose what houseguest we like best. I guess after a few weeks into the show we all know who are favorite houseguest is. There have been a few houseguest that turn out to be a bad apple this season. Sometimes it so hard to know who is this season best houseguest.

  32. Why does so many people find picking your lip’s and biting your hang nail’s so funny and competitive?

  33. Somebody ANybody, tell Enzo he is not the popular one this season. If any network gives him so much as a walk-on spot in a commercial, I wouldn’t buy the product because they didn’t have the good sense NoT to use him. He is waaaay to full of himself. His voice alone makes me want to drive off a cliff.

  34. I don’t get Big Brother After Dark or the live feeds. What does Enzo say that is so foul mouthed?

    • Enzo is funny and the hater’s on this board obviously don’t drop the f bomb in thier old school way’s

    • It’s not so much the f-bombs (which are about every other word from his mouth.) It’ more the way he puts down women, the way he eats, and generally how stupid he is (I’m not sure if that is part of his “methodist” acting tho…) On After Dark he struts around talking about how great he did this season, and the other houseguests keep feeding his ego, so he feels like he has great things coming to him. As a BB fan, I appreciate good game play, but I can’t find an instance where he played well…(please don’t tell me that he had a good social game..he really didn’t.) The only reason he is still there is because of Hayden.

  35. I do not actually care at this point in BigBrother, But I think Enzo has convinced hayden and Lane that they have to stick together to the final 3 to make history. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand Brittney because all she does is talk about people behind their backs! With a friend like that who needs enemies! At this point Hayden needs to learn how to work, Enzo needs to see a therapist, and Lane needs togrow up!

  36. I think Lane and Brit are a good couple and I think her fiance must be freakin’ right now and pissed. She did tell him if Nick does not come to the big get together after the show is over then she would come alone anyways. You know Lane is after her, big time. I think Lane is funny, too and I think somebody with Brit’s big personality needs a guy like Lane, what he said was true. Lane and Brit final 2.

    • Good grief, Lane is a self admitted man-whore, Brittany would love to have a “catch” like him. As long as the dimwit told shallow Brittany how beautiful she is (barf) he could get away with running around and never being at home.

  37. Say a sentence, then say it again saying the F word and/or YO after every single word. AlL he says is Yo & F. usually over and over.

  38. Britney should make a fake diamond POV and whip
    it out just before the vote. Those guts would
    crap in their pants.

    • I would pay to see THAT… Will have to be satisfied with imagining it!
      Thanks for an image I can live with…

  39. I am sure most households use foul language. Enzo is from the East Coast, and most of those mannerisms and what he says makes any midwestern person uncomfortable. Don’t watch the live feeds or Showtime if you are offended. Far worse things happen other than language. Like all the blood and gore on TV, yet showing caring kissing and affection, which is rarely shown or not shown at all, is totally acceptable with all youse people out there. So to all those offended, grow up.

  40. I spoke to RealNetworks (SuperPass) today….

    They said that CBS has “divided the finale into four weeks: Finale Week, Reality Week, Julie Week, and Winners Week.”

    Anyone out there know what that means?

  41. This totally stinks!!! I just read this and thought you all might want to know…..Real networks the company that provides the internet stream has said this “CBS production is blocking the live feeds today. Subscribers to SuperPass will have access to special programming during that time. The block will occur for an extended period of time starting Tuesday morning BBT.” So this is what i’m thinking CBS doesn’t want us to know Brit is getting evicted and they don’t want us to know who wins the Endurance component in the final HOH competition. They want to maximize the number of people that watch the bile they pump out on the Wednesday and Thursday shows. The feeds will probably come back tomorrow night at which time we’ll know who won the first and second part of the final HOH..

    In a lame attempt to make this news not suck Real networks have announced “special” events on the feeds which I guarantee will blow like Rachel after a shot of $30000 Tequila.

    If you want to bitch about this send CBS some feedback I’m sure no one at CBS will care. This news hits OBB hard since feeds sales, traffic from feed updates and Generous donations are what keep this site running., the feed watching community, all the great big brother blogs out there and casual fans of the show are all taking A HUGE HIT with this decision by CBS. I have a feeling this is the tip of the iceberg for what CBS will be doing next year on Big Brother 13.

  42. i want hayden to use the veto tomorrow nite @ pull britt off & put enzo up & out the door. britt & lane in the final 2. thank’s b.b.

    • That would be nice, and fun to watch, but probably (unfortunately) has a slim chance of happening.

  43. i would have never believed bb was set up but after this season of Hayden getting away with brakeing so much and Enzo eating when he was a have not ! this is the worst bb EVER ! Brit has nothing to fight for this week cause they told her so not even worth watching late night on showtime ! THIS IS THE WORST SEASON EVER and i may not even watch next year cause it is set up all in who you know so whos family member on the staff is Hayden and Enzo realated to !!

  44. Brittney is the best HG…i hate when i hear people say she is “just a spoiled brat and don’t need the money” at this point i’m thinking NONE of them need it more than the other. At least Brittney is entertaining to listen to. Hayden & Enzo say nothing. Lane is only entertaining in the DR. I will not watch it after Brittney leaves. It’s tooooo boring.

    • @Stacy M: Just how is britney entertaining? All she does is trash the other HG’s, B/R the most, If it wasn’t for that she wouldn’t have anything to talk about, If you think that talking like that about another person behind thier backs, is OK and entertaining then your wrong.

    • Britt is the true meaning of a mean girl Except the spine. (she only dishes in the dr and the couple of occasions she thought Lane would protect her) Glad she’s not my daughter.

      • I agree about Britney. She can dish it out but can’t take it. Do you remember her setting in the tub with rachel for Two days,crying her eyes out,couldn’t keep her emotions in tack and then talked about Regan for crying and Kathy for her southern accent.. Britney, You are from AR. Do you not think you have a accent? She is so full of hersself..And she dosen’t need the money Look what she spends on anyway. I think at this point Hayden could use it more I don’t think he has finished college although he said he went to work at a shop so he could get his ski clothes cheaper..Who pays for those trips.. I think maybe his dad and stepmom..I know he willhelp his mom out. Not too many to chose from. I say go Hayden..

    • Brit lives by double standards. She is everything she has trashed others about. The trash talk about Rachel, well Brit has been in some skimpy outfits including boobs hanging out, she has lied, back stabbed, and had the pity party just like everyone else. All in all she won HOH once, POV 3 times. And in reviewing how she won, many of the times it was pure luck. She is not an exceptional player.

  45. Clare Ann got me going on a song last night and I told her I’d post it today, so….
    Here it is Clare Ann…
    To the tune of “Crying” by Roy Orbison:

    Brit was all right for a while
    She could smile for a while
    But she found out last night
    That the brigade was so tight
    That they kicked her out the door
    Aww she had no chance, to make the “dance”

    Now she is cry-i-i-i-ng, oh so blue
    Cry-i-i-i-ng, oh so blue
    Now Nick might say “so long”
    Leave her standing all alone
    Alone and crying, crying, crying cry-i-ing
    It’s hard to understand but this house sure can
    Can start her crying

    She thought that she was in “top 3”
    But it’s just not to be
    She wants to stay some more, be Lane’s two-bit whore
    But there’s nothing she can do-o-o-o
    The boys will set her free and she’ll always be

    Cry-i-i-i-ng, oh so blue
    Cry-i-i-i-ng, oh so blue
    Yes, now she’s gone and from this moment on
    She’ll be crying, crying, crying, cry-i-i-ing
    Yeah crying, crying, boo-o-o-o-o hoo!

      • yes CT wanted one about the MC priceless, so I’ll have one about too,

        Matt started out asking us to vote for BB, which I would do if there was a place for it, But Ican’t vote for anyone in the BB house, Beacuse I can’t stand any of them.

    • Rico This was HILARIOUS!! Thank YOU!!! You guys ROCK!! You Guys have brighten my day,I haven’t laughed this much in such a long time! I look forward everyday, just to chat with ALL the BB FANS & FRIENDS! YOU, Q, and Chris the GREAT add the WHIPPED CREAM on the top. I have been sick for the past year,3 surgeries, I am recovering just fine!! :) My sister & I talk about you guys on the phone, even though, we chat in here! She now lives in FL. & I in DE. but we are TRUE ITALIAN GIRLS from PHILLY!! THANKS! :)

  46. In my opinion everyone in the house right now has offended people in different ways…
    Brit-has been quite vulgar when it came to Rachel,just because u dont like someone, there really is no need to go as far as she has with her comments,it puts many people off
    Lane-he kept Brit around cuz he did want her in the finale with him, he thought he could beat her with votes,Lane has put off some people with his animal abuse stories, as an animal lover, I know it turned me off…really who thinks these stories are funny?
    Enzo-well I never met anybody who thought so highly of themselves, and for what reason, because
    some people who needed some humor in the house and kept u aroud so they had someone to laugh at,(yes Enzo, they r laughing at u not with you)what a joke! Nobody is looking at Enzo as a great player and the polls show it, always on the bottom, that should say something
    Hayden- sat back and let the other hgs play their game, another one who thinks the world of himself and views himself as the ultimate game player, oh please u r 24, grow up and see the light,u were boring and only won comps when there was less than 4 people to beat..
    I hope these guys really read all the things people were saying about them and realize that even though the ratings were high this year, it wasnt because of them, it was just because america likes BB and unfortunetly they ruined this year for most of us….

      • I sure she knows the man she married-do u think the man doesn’t cuss or say Yo at home c’mon I don’t think the mans an angel- perfect husband at home and then comes on here and says and acts like he does now- now Brittney that’s another story

      • No you are wrong about Enzo, He’s a different person, at first, but then changes after, Do you really think all these women knew that man married or got involved with, was a women beater.

      • No not saying that at all- only point is his about his crude mouth everyone seems to have a problem with so..yeah who know maybe she wanted him out of the house for awhile ha

      • No not saying that at all- only point is his about his crude mouth everyone seems to have a problem with so..yeah who knows maybe she wanted him out of the house for awhile ha

      • @chris, just wondering do you really know Enzo? Cause i’ m pretty sure that cussing dosen’t make you a wife beater last I checked!

      • @Christine: Didn’t say he was, But he is the type that thinks women are here to take care of him, He the kind that doesn’t do anything, Is the womens palce, I used the wife beater, to show that you can’t always tell.

  47. Love Britney’s game play so far. They say she’s whiny and sneaky and manipulative … but, hey, what is Big Brother but eaxctly that. Also, she befriended the “Braaaa-gade” and got this far. Too bad she can’t have a chance to win it ALL!!!!

    • No it’s not her game play….She is just out for herself….No imagination for winning the game just go with what the house wants.

      She could have made it to Final 2 if she had kept her word to Brendon.

      But she is just nasty the way she sits and the way she throws people under the bus.

    • She friended the boys because they were men. Did you notice the only girl she liked was monet and that is because she was so different..The other girls were too much compitition for her..She wanted all the male attention and was scared of Christen. She was smart anad knew the game and Britney couldn’t handle that. If they would have stuck together they would have gone far.

  48. i feel that britney should be in the final 3, enzo is now getting to be very boring and repeating himself to much. Lane and hayden made a HUGE mistake voting to evict brit and i now think they know it. Enzo wants only to be popular and thinks that he is going on to be a MOVIE STAR “NOT”.

  49. Of the final 4, Brittney has been the only true game player in left in BB house. It’s so unfortunate because Enzo the “cheater” only won 1 POV by taking the CD from Ragen–he is such a loser. Lane won 1 HOH but appears to be “just” in the game. And finally there is Hayden, who is immature at times, but seems to have a good heart and has played the game rather well. The Brigade should be called the The Takers– they “take” the prize but does notdeserve it. I wonder if they feel somewhat guilty in the way they played the game this season? If not, they should!

    • what is too feel guilty about? Winning comps, HOH and POV allow the player to stay in the house a little longer but it will not ensure they are the last person standing. There is more to this game. Regardless of how you get there, the last two people deserve the money because they are the LAST TWO. People who manage to stay in spite of doing that are winners and then some.

  50. Just can’t bring myself to vote for any of the four…

    But would love to see Hayden save Brit, so that Rico would get a chance to write a song for Enzo walking out the door:

    My Brigade was blown to pieces…
    When Hayden tossed that grenade…

    (To the tune of Patsy Cline’s “I Go to Pieces”
    Rico, I’d have to leave it to you to finish this one!)


    • Sweet Adam, you need to realize, when there is a block Vote, Like the BRO-GADE, not one of the other HG had a chance from the START!The BROS They sat back, BLEW COMPS, played Pool,& let the other HG clean-up after them! The BROGADE:3 LAZY PIGS that is what they will be FAMOUS for after they leave that house! They made SEASON12 So BORING!! I don’t care who wins the game! But AMERICA’s PLAYER WINNER will tell us all who was the BEST in BB12! that will be BRENDON not ENZO the BOZO!! :)

  52. Brittany is entertaining. She is so cute, love her accent. She is a tough competitor and very smart to kind of align with the boys. I think her and Lane would make a beautiful couple after all this is over, if her bf dumps her. I wish there was a chance for her to go to final 2.

      • ok Adam you must be someone who knows Enzo, who else would consider Enzo deserving of anything for his game play, he was a joke in this game and will be after the show too!

    • Yes she was funny but sometimes it got old. But all the trash talking she did as time has gone by have you noticed she was really talking about her self. Did you ever notice she wore her shorts so tight that you can tell what it tooked like my husband pointed it out. So all that trash talk she talked about rach was stuff she really hated about herself.

      But yes that brit would make me laugh alot and she had a imagnation that was very entertaining. But she really is as she said a mean girl

  53. Never have understood why they disliked Brendon and Rachel so much and to this day on BBAD they still are smack talking them. all four of them need to grow up.
    I hope when they go back and watch the season they can still believe that they shouldn’t be ashamed of themselves.

    • Agree. Why they can’t let it go is beyond me. But if you watch BBAD its always Britt that brings them up one or the other. The others just follow. I think its funny when this all ends and Brendon wins the America’s vote. Just like Russell (in Survivor) in that nobody playing the game saw it coming.

    • I’m with you on this one! I rather watch the JURY HOUSE, that is where the TRUE BB players are right now!!!!!

  54. Lane is the jerk. From his own lips regarding how he and his buddies degrade women with their “8 seconds” game. Also he is a cat killer. I was a big fan of his until he showed his true nature.

    • I agree. This is the first week I didn’t vote Lane as my fav. I loooved him all season……until now. What a loser

  55. It is extremely disappointing to see 3 players who have skated through this season with virtually few wins, throwing competitions time and again, make it to the final 3. I have stopped watching Showtime After Dark, checking the live feeds, etc. since Ragan was ousted to the jury house. The veto competition in which Matt, Britney and Brendon tried so hard to take punishments appeared staged for Brendon’s victory and Matt’s goodbye. It is discouraging to watch all season and see 3 idiots make it to the final 3 because of their “social” game alone. It has taken the excitement out of the game. Not fun to watch any longer.

    • Seriously, the bro-gade dominated this game. How soon we forget Matt was once one of the chossen few. He blew it, he knows he did, and the other three members know he did as well. The strongest alliance is the one that sticks together.

      • @ Sufer: Are you kidding me The ber-egg didn’t dominated anything, Matt did, Matt did all the work and the three stooges did nothing, To be an alliance means you all work together, Not just one and the other three set back an watch.

        And if you have been watching, the three stooges just sat by and did nothing because for the first 7 weeks the three stooges and the rest of the HG’s were truying to get B/R out of the house, And with all of them trying it took them 7 weeks.

        The three stooges are were they are, Because the rest of the house were stupid. This is the first season where the whole house was only trying to get two people out and not watching what the rest of the house was doing, Thats way this season has been a BORE

  56. So the live feeds say they will not be shown from today until after the Wednesday’s live show. I would be pissed if I had paid for the live feeds. Such secrecy, anyone have a guesses why?

      • @ SummerToo: OMG no BBAD tonight what will we ever do!!!!

        How’s you daughter doing in Korea? Was there for 3 years myself. Beautiful country, and great people.

      • Hey Chris were you in the service? if so thank you. for keeping me and my family safe. Hope God blesses you 10 fold

      • WOW 30yrs. I stand up and applaud you Guys like you are special. Thank God you came home safely. I pray every night for all the men and women in the service. And whenever I pass one in uniform I always say thank you to them.

  57. I love how yesterday Brit was telling the guys how she couldnt stand how vulgar Ragan was and how much she couldnt stand it, then about 10 minutes later they start talking about Rachel yet again, and Brit is bashing her again.. my Brit hates the vulgarity but only when someone else is doing it, if she does it , it is Ok though, liitle girl doesnt realize she is one of the worst, wow what a mouth on that girl!

  58. I don’t really care who wins now. ( Not emotionally invested in winner) But I am grateful Brit and Ragan did not win. They have just bashed non stop from the beginning…Brit started with Monet doing bashing with her then she and Ragan have bashed non stop through out the entire game.They bashed everone but always came back to Rachel. That gets old really fast. And Ragan coming up with an extremely ugly comment about Rachel using her tampax for a week…Who even thinks of sick stuff like that. Rachel can be loud and abrasive ok the end enough is enough. Get over your selves.

  59. Question about the HOH Room?

    I seemed to think back in the day – Dr. Will, etc they all wore a key around their neck and nobody would use the HOH room (without the HOH being there). Sure they would meet in there or sit on the bed. This year they seem way too comfy with britt picking her nails in bed. Enzo using nail clippers (without catching them) 2-3 of them laying around in the bed right after they worked out. Didn’t he prior HOH treat the room a tad different? Maybe I’m just fuzzy in my memory.

  60. Lane seems pretty level-headed, and is “mellowed out.” I hope if he wins, it doesn’t “go to his head.” I hope he will return to Texas and work in the family business and continue to make something of himself.

    • You forget, every bar in Ft. Worth has named a drink after him and every restaurant has a sandwich name for him. Remember his claim to fame was being 12 packs friend from Daisy of Love who got the “celebrity” treatment every where they went.
      I don’t know who he thinks he’s fooling but I live very close to there and there is no LANE MANIA. He would be laughed out of town.

  61. I have been reading these posted comments for weeks and I find it amazing that many of you comment on how the HGs talk so badly about each other yet the rudest comments about individuals are made right here. Many of you are nothing but a bunch of hypocrites!!! I am not crazy about a lot of the people on this season either but the personal comments made here are much worse than what are said by the HGs. How can you be so critical of Brittney talking smack about others and then turn around and call her horrible names (hillbilly bitch) on this site? Take a look at yourself before commenting on the behavior of others, hypocrites!!

    • You totally hit the nail on the head!! People on this site are total hypocrites!! And like you said say way worse things then the people who have been trapped in a house for 3 months have said..

    • Here, here. You nailed it. I hardly check this site anymore because it is all of bunch of HG bashing. I thought this was a place to discuss game strategy, not belittle the HG’s.

      It has amazed me from the very beginning of this season how the posters believe everything the hg’s say, knowing they lie for different reasons in the game. For instance, above someone has changed their opinion about Lane based on something he said (not knowing whether he was lying or just “shooting the bull” as we might say here in Texas). However, posters are willing to overlook other comments as gameplay. I say many things in jest, but people who know me know when I am kidding or messing around. If I said these same things in a convo on BB, people would have no idea how to take me. I do know Lane, and he is really a very soft-hearted individual. I didn’t say he was perfect, though. I guess I have an advantage because I know when he is being his goofy self and playing some mind games. I can tell by his expressions. I do not know any of the other hgs, so I have no idea if they are goofing around or being their true selves. I base my opinions on the character as a whole, not one or two comments.

      • @ WOW< Chantal, and Millicent: What you said was true, But people are intidled to thier opinions.

        Also welcome the the hypocrite club.

        If you think it's just because of the game and they are just goofing around, Then you don't know people.

      • @Wow Chantal Millicent – Totally agree with all of you. As soon as someone disagrees with the “click” on here, we are called out on it. So how is that fair ?? Entitled to our own opinion but when it differs from what they are stating, we’re told not to read it if we don’t like it or can’t back our’s up with facts ??? Are you kidding me.

  62. well I can’t take the meow meow any more I hope he sees what we see but I don’t think he will because he is so full of himself he dose not see anyone else come on he thinks he is going to be in movies LMAO well moven on if I had my way it would be Britney would get 500k and Hayden 50k and Ragen 25k

  63. I just hope next year comes soon this year went really fast. I don’t have a fav anymore the 3 guys left OMG the crew that has to clean it up. I bet today these house guest are being made to scrub the place last time it was really cleaned was when brendon was there. I am glad I don’t have to pick because these 3 guys slide there way to home plate but come on guys they did play the game and good because look they made it to the end. I can’t wait to see if lane picks up the game and gets hay out because hay picked up his game will take it back hes playing with the stooges. I am kinda glad that we don’t have to listen to enzo talk about his stardom. I wish someone would just pop there ego abit

  64. OMG one more thing I can’t wait until she see pic’s of her self and all the talk she would say about Rach we can now say look! you well telling us all about your self all this time lmao


    • Adam… just for future reference…. If you want your comment to stay up, you’ll need to start using lowercase letters. BBN will eventually delete any posts using all caps.

    • Quit yelling. You’re being rude. Maybe no one was after Enzo because he’s so inept at the comps. So was Kathy and Matt really screwed up evicting her because of his loyalty to the low-down, scheming Brigade. They really had his back.

      • Adam: Thats because no-one was trying to get anyone but B?R out of the house for the first 7 weeks. And as for Enzo social game the poll’s say he sucks!!!!

  66. Brit is a spoiled brat who doesn’t need the money.

    Voting for any of the 3 BG’s is acceptable :)

  67. Totally voted for brit as she is the only one who tries at challanges and has played the game since the start and not just floated on by..Not to mention she is 10000% entertaining!! Brit all the way!!

    • Just curious, when did Bratteney play the game….She had a chance to allign with Brenchel and Ragan and possibly Matt.

      She knifed every one of these HGs in the back. She won 3 POVs but only used 1.

      She won HOH and her only target was Brendon, who if allied with, she might have gone farther in the game.

      She wanted to be the only girl in the house with all guys, now she gets to go to Jury house with all the people she evicted.

      So, just saying, when did Bratteney really play the game?

  68. Been a unique season to say the least – the HG are definitely “different” from seasons past. Brashney has blossomed to be the least matured player ever in the game. But I guess that goes without saying considering she’s been a product of the pageantry circuit most of her life. “Spoiled” is a core value – “gossip” pre-requisite and deceitfully manipulative – a success story. The moment she finally succumbed to the fact that she would not be going to the final three (Bro-gade exposed) was precious. The look, tears in her eyes just like getting second runner up. This is what happens when you have parents that think pageantry is life. Mommas, don’t let your daughters grow up to be pageant queens. If there’s anything she’s learned I hope it’s that she won’t get everything that Brashney wants…but maybe in Huntington, AK she will. Booo-hoooo.

    • Ok sorry but us Alaskans get really tired of everyone thinking AK is the postal abbrev for Arkansas. AK is ALASKA!!! Arkansas is AR. Just had to get it off my chest.

  69. Cindy. You have to have class to recognize it in others. Possibly that’s why you said I had none.
    By the way, you don’t have to have class to know a moron when you see one. Anybody who would go on national TV and act like Enzo has deserves everything he gets. He has a foul mouth, and is constantly feeling himself in his pants – now that’s what i call NO CLASS.

  70. enzo will end up winning this game. the jury house is nothing but spiteful ppl, and only ragan will look at gameplay.

    its a shame.

  71. The HG’s have played the whole game on a personl level, no strategy involved. Just shows how dumb most of them are. I think I am done. Time for BB to go away.

  72. Since when did BBAD become a show of Nicey, Goodie Goodie, lovey dovey. Big Brother, since Season 1, has been about deceit, back stabbing, lying, belittling others all sprinkled with humor and nudity. So why is this season so differengt.

    • I think the big difference is it is on and on and on and on. I remember Dr. Will & Boogie even. Hated what they did but they explained their strategy. 3-4 weeks after they got their HG eliminated they didn’t keep bashing them every other conversation.
      Its tiresome. Move on!

      • Yes we all know that, But pleases tell any other season, Were HG’s sat around for hours, days, weeks, and trashed the same HG’s

  73. WHAT I did not here that its on my listing that it is going to be on I hope its bad enough the season is all most over

  74. Where are these numbers coming from I see on the post maybe one in twenty that is for Britt. What gives BB

  75. did not vote and these guy of the Bragrade are nothing but a bunch of DOOFESS guys…not even men…

    can’t watch Enzo…he is a NJ Jerk..
    Hayden is the only sneaky person playing all sides..
    Lane…welll just a good ole country boy and he is showing his ass….

  76. Being the only girl in the house means she has to be on her toes and think on her feet. The guys need a shakedown and I am cheering for her to get to the final two, even if the odds seem against her. She is a fighter and may pull it off.

  77. Well, if the live feeds and BBAD are gone, Production has really made the decision for me… Last night I kept falling asleep during BBAD… Listening to those bozos pat themselves on the back for floating through the game (by controlling the vote) and the potty mouth vocabulary was not at all enough to keep me awake… Did wake up in time to hear Brit tell Enzo that he needed to be prepared for not reaping the FAME he thought he was entitled to… Gotta give her points for THAT, but with all the disgusting things that have been said by all who remain, I just don’t think I’m missing anything by loss of BBAD and thank heaven I never paid for the feeds!

      • Brit told him that no one has ever gotten famous after BB, but Enzo, with all the inflated ego he could muster, explained that he is so much more unique than anyone else. Yes Enzo out of the 150 some odd contestants that have played this game america chooses the balding, semi literate, unattractive chimpanze as their all time favorite!

      • That was the only right thing Brittany has done in this game.
        At least she woke up and realized that no one wants her autograph. Enzo is seriously in need of a straight-jacket.

  78. I think, the only person who fought to stay was
    Brendon. sure he fell in love with Rach. There’s
    people who fell in love at first sight. But after
    the HG’s got her out. He still fought from day 1.
    he fought and he fought. To stayed and also there
    he made deals he always kept his word and many didn’t. even Brit lied to his face. She a real bitch. doesn’t anyone think that Britney coming in the house that being engaged was all part of her of her game. She gets a friend to take a picture with her as a cover why wasn’t the so call fiance not with the family. when they talk with family members. you don’t see her guy [weird]

    • BRENDON was the BEST PLAYER! I never believed that Britt was engaged! She was layin in bed with all the guys!! Game or no game you don’t do that! :(

  79. I just want to know when these dirt bags are gonna do the dishes. I cant stand a dirty house they are all pigs.

    • I think I remember saying something about Brendon’s leaving the house would mean that we’d soon be mistaking BBAD episodes for HOARDERS episodes…

    • They are disgusting! That place is a horrible gross mess and they are all too lazy to clean it up! Big slobs, get off your a*@es and clean the place up….

  80. I started rooting for Britney the night she stood up to Brenden who at the time was bullying everybody.She’s emotinal not a crybaby.

      • Brendon wasn’t really given a choice in how to play BB. He had a target on him from day one.
        Anyone else would have let loose on the hillbilly bitch for all of her totally unclassy antics.

    • Brendon was trying to get evicted and keep Rachel safe..Interesting game play that did not work…Rachel still got evicted.

      He probably should have chosen a different tactic but was all game play and not personal. Unfortunately, Brit took it that way.

  81. Hey any one on live feed have an update? I hope something is going on in there. Maybe they are hiding all the dishes and clothes in the shower. lol. Thats the kind of class they have oink

  82. HEY CHRIS -THE-GREAT the polls your talking about mean nothing,zero,nil its all about what the people in the house think you idiot there the ones voting.where is this guy on planet mars or something

    • Hey Adam back off of Chris, u douche bag. hope you get kicked off this sight cause you just messed with the wrong guy ass hole. If anyone is an idiot its you, Chris we all love you buddy and I am sure when Rico Clare Trish Tish and the rest of your fans see this ass hole calling you an idiot, they will also go in attack mode.

      • @Adam: Don’t remember calling you an idiot, All I said was the polls, Didn’t say which ones, But if you want to put it on a personal level that’s OK, It only took two years for me to go thru High School, I was first Plublished when I was twenty, And I have 4 Doctorates, OK now it’s your turn, We are all ears

    • ADAM Don’t call Chris the great an IDIOT! You are a BOZO just like the ENZO, You choose the wrong POSTER to Bash, YO YO YO, your TRAILER TRASH!! :) Don’t mess with my MAN!

    • A little late, I just read your comment Adam, First you have the manners of a neanderthal, stop using caps!! 2nd, be very careful of what you say to the posters here!! I am willing to bet you will not be back!! Nothing less than a trouble maker aren’t you????? (ah well)

  83. I think Enzo is a waste of air in the bbh cause he hasnt done shit. All he did was talk like a pig act like a pig and didnt take showers like a pig so to you Enzo I say hope Haydon sends you home after Britt and lane goes to the f2 with him. Bet your wifey has a new man she takes a shower with

  84. I am so tired of Enzo either scratching himself or smacking lips. I love Brit she is sarcastic funny! Please people I don’t think who needs the money should be our business or it would be in the selection process! I wish the brigade would have made some moves to add interest but there is no one dumber than Jordan! She couldn’t tell time!

    • Jordan wasn’t that dumb. She won! She also had a sweetness and innocence to her that made her very likeable. She never stooped to the level of Britney, who even makes Natalie seem nicer. And as for Enzo’s scratching, etc. maybe he caught something from Britney because she is constantly picking, scratching, rubbing, biting, etc. some part of her body almost nonstop.

      • I agree about Brit picking but the ball thing was gross he even smelled it. Yikes on national TV

  85. Bratney is one of the most disgusting people on Earth. Her entire personality is in putting other people down and humiliating them in a feeble attempt to make herself look good. 5 minutes of her is all I can take and the feeds or Showtime are switched off.

    • I’m here. Had to take a break. Comment to Cindy – in regards to your statement about me – YOU have to have class in order to detect it in other people. Nuff said, I hope you get the message.

      • Summer….Not sure what class you’re talking about…But, see if you agree with this..On last night’s BBAD Britney was probably more revealing about herself than anytime this entire season..And if people listened carefully they would have seen she is far more alert, smart, realistic, and sensible than anyone remaining in this house by a long shot..Had Britney not become overly obsessed with Brendon and Rachel, people would have to admit she is the best player this season..Take away the B/R trash talk..then think about it..Hands down..No doubt

      • aoyam, I totally agree. How funny was it that she figured out about the Wednesday live show and tried to give the guy’s big hints and still they couldn’t guess it. It was so funny to watch. She is very smart girl and has been really supportive of the remaining guy’s. She even said Rachel looked pretty in her high school cheer leading picture. I have always seen the good in her I try to do that with everyone. There are a few exceptions though, lol.

  86. All I know is the show started off exciting and looked forward to each episode. Now that all that is left is the most boring and untalented of the bunch, its a waste of time. Sorry but thats how it makes me feel now. Could care less who wins or who goes at this point.

    • Agree. To all of you who are backing Enzo – It’s a sign of a low IQ when people use profanity excessively. So when I referred to him as a moron, I have statistics to back me up.
      Night everybody.

  87. tired of listening to Enzo talk and also Lane and Heydan about how they are going to be famous. At night the main one taling is Enzo and i am so tired of his voice. I feel real sorry for Britney who at first I was not for. She really did the work alone and very smart, yes the Brigade out did her but that was 3 to one.

    • Don’t worry Martha. They will only be famous in their own eyes. When BB is over, they will be too. Nobody is going to remember them.

    • Just remember there isn’t a high demand for hillbilly pageant bitches, fist pumping fools and 2 washed up ex college athletes.

  88. I am now watching season 2 that I don’t think I had seen before and it’s really good. I think CBS should try to bring back that type of show and people ! It’s so much more interesting. I’m loving it !

  89. Britney is hilarious. if you watch the show or thanking feeds you can see her sense if humor is amazing. i think she played the game well…unfortunately she got the short end of the stick. oh well

      • In the history of BB, Bratteney is pershaps the meanest and nastiest girl that has been on the show.

        Her description of Rachel’s private parts is particularly disgusting.

        What part of game play is that: let’s talk harsh trash about a HG that is no longer in the game!!!!!!!

    • omgoodness have you not heard? the season is almost over and people are STILL trying to figure out the friends… HELLO Say it with me….ANNIE MADE IT UP…. there you go.

    • I sure hope they address the “Life long friend” thing on the final show, because that is something that simply refuses to die. I have never seen something untrue with such a life, oh wait, yes I have, the myth that Obama isn’t a US citizen.

  90. I want to know why I have to keep looking at a shark or flamingos on BBAD..Im kinda getin sick of it and thinking why am I paying for this? I understand when there is personal talk but its all the time..WTF Showtime?

    • it’s not showtime that’s doing it.. they’re nothing more than the ‘messenger’.
      you can blame “fly on the wall productions” – they are the ones behind the cameras.

      but the truth is.. it’s the hgs’ fault for talking about things that we’re not supposed to hear or know about like friends/family members who didn’t sign a waiver to have their name mentioned on tv – or production issues that bb doesn’t want blabbed all over the country!

  91. Hope it’s Brit/Hayden

    Note: CBS Producers –

    Whew! Glad it’s over – it has been painful to watch BB. Don’t care who wins at this point!
    CBS has truly disappointed me this season. They let a “brograde” out smart them (CBS producers) by floating to the end! Hope the people in charge will read a few of the BBF comments and make some drastic changes next year (if there’s a next year)! Letting people break the rules without having ONE consequence, and the repetitive gossiping about their personal friends, as well as the expelled HGs, really bothered me! Hope CBS make some BIG changes, like set some limits as to what HGs can say and do – some of us like being entertained, so, we need personalities that give us a boost, not bring us down, pullleesse help us enjoy the program that you send to us. Thank you.


  93. ok just got back from having dinner out. So did I miss anything exciting? Whats happening in the bbh? have not heard anything all day. Need some new gossip to talk about. Miss reading Rico Trish Clare and tish comments, but totally enjoyed Chris-The Greats today.

    • hey PPJ – no way of knowing what’s going on in the house… all cameras are on blackout until after tomorrow nite’s show.

      MATT BBN has an annoucement here on the homepage explaining the whole thing.

      it’s a BUMMER!

      • omg what to do, I guess I will get a good nights sleep tonight.This better be good on Weds. since I miss bbad tonight, I’ll be pissed. I hate when that happens lol

  94. at this point they should just switch over to the jury house and let them compete for the $500,000 “expect the unexpected” right?

  95. Britney is the only one of the 4 who has consistently been actually playing the game from the beginning. The other 3 have floated to this point and have only started winning competitions when there were no other players competing against them!!!

    • I understand what your saying, but if
      Brit is so smart, why didn’t she get someone at some point get one of these ppl evicted ?? At one point or another, she talked about everyone in the house. It started with her and Monet being so obsessed with getting Rachael out and after that it was just a crap shoot. She messed up big time by not staying with Ragan at the end.

  96. @CT you asked for it so here it is:

    Enzo Dart Borad: 29.95

    Enzo “T” Shrit: With “I’m a star” on front. And “YO” on the back 19.95

    A date with Enzo: We pay you!!

    Enzo answering “Can Matt used the DPOV on the HOH

    For everything else: These the Enzo Yo Card.

  97. I voted for Hayden because he is the best of worst. He has won more comps than any of the others and he seems the nicest. I cannot STAND Enzo or Britney. Lane is OK but I still dont care for him either. I live in the same town as Enzo and I never heard of him and I hope I never hear any more about him when the show ends and he returns home, hopefully NOT as the winner! He gives this town a bad name and if he thinks he is going to be super popular when he gets back, I wont be a member of his fan club that he will probably organize himself! I feel bad for his wife and daughter for having a husband and father with such a filthy mouth! What a loser!

  98. My favorite was brandon, and Matt , but never lane and britt ,he has no respect for another mans fiance, and britt does not know what respect is no money in the world should make you act like a well… Enzo he gave up more than anyone else .. i think he just feels out of place and is acting to keep going did not like him at all in beginning but now i think he should win.. hay den is a good guy but he is intelligent and will do well in future

  99. @All my friends: Go to your “Search Eng” Type in “The A$$hole Song” It will take you to “The A$$hole song by Jimmy Buffett” your love it, When you hear it, think about the HG’s

  100. Clare Ann where you at tonight? Its me your big sister get the hell up you slept all day. You will be upset to hear no live feeds or bbad tonight. What will we talk about now. How about mommy lol

    • Not sleeping!!! :) Reading Todays POST. Thanks for havin Chris the great’s Back! :) Good Police work Sis! :)

  101. Ragan was my favorite so I really lost interest when he was kicked out. Of the ones left, only Brittany was a player–the rest pretty much floated and flew under the radar. At least she had game! She’s a bit of a princess but she played harder than the 3 others left. Hayden is next, then Enzo then Lane. At least Enzo was a little funny (mostly when he wasn’t trying to be) but Lane is dull as dirt.

  102. I think Brittany deserves our vote. She’s played hard, especially up against the guys. The thing is the guys she’s up against are pigs, None og them derserves the money except for maybe Hayden. I think Lane and Hayden are very Stupid if they don’t take Brittany off the block and put Enzo up, and get him out now his swell head is going to explode. Big Brother please don’t let Enzo win the money, he hasn’t done anything to derserve it. and from what I hear Lane and his family have plenty of money, Hayden is about the neediest one of the remaining four.I think Hayden should win,and Britt come in second. Lane is just a stump on a log, and everyone is so sick of Enzo’s filty,conceded mouth…

    • hayden gets the “bb idiot award” from me if he doesn’t use the veto on britney, but she needs to agree to evict LANE, not enzo.

      here’s the way i see it…

      if hayden keeps brit and lane is gone, he is GUARANTEED a spot in the final 2:

      hayden wins hoh – he’s in f2
      if he takes brit w/ him = HE WINS

      britney wins hoh – hayden’s in f2 (she won’t choose enzo)
      britney v hayden = HE WINS

      enzo wins hoh – hayden’s in f2 – (he won’t choose brit)
      enzo v hayden = HAYDEN WINS

      NOW… an all BRIGADE F3:

      hayden wins hoh – he’s in f2
      he will take lane with him = HAYDEN WINS

      lane wins hoh – he’s in f2
      he WILL NOT take hayden with him!
      lane v enzo = ??

      enzo wins hoh – he’s in f2
      he WILL NOT take hayden to f2 either!
      enzo v lane = ??

      i don’t undestand WHY hayden is sticking w/ the brigade!?

      • For the same reason Brit stuck with them and not with Matt and Ragan. They have blinders on and cant see past friendships. So sad.

  103. Where in rules does if say people are supposed to be sweet ? Lane actually seems to be kind to me! Kathy sweet gone wrong

  104. Brit is just plain funny. I am not sure her game has been that great. If she had just voted for Ragan last week she might have had a chance.

  105. IMO Big Brother has done alot of questionable things this season (not pentilizing Enzo, letting Rachal back in the house and the message she left, Matt getting the power just when he needed it, ect..). Britney has been the best player this season and even the voting poles show this. But where is her saving grace, or special treatment??? Come on BB pull a rabbit out of the hat and find a way to keep her in the house. She is the only one left that really deserves the win. I will always watch but I am really sad to see her go. I love Lane and Hayden but they really dont deserve it. Here hopeing for the unexpected.!.

  106. i got an email from a friend saying that live feeds are airing BBAD episodes during the blackout period.

    makes me think we’ll probably be seeing a rerun on bbad tonite…

  107. i dont mind if keeping of with the kardashians is no. 1. i do my part and keep up with them as best as i can.

    not better than BB but u know lol

  108. Hayden is not nasty like Brit. Brit needs to leave. Enzo needs to realize he is no Hollywood Star. Hayden is by far smarter and nicer than the rest!

  109. I think it’s hilarious how Enzo thinks America loves him!! ” Yo, America loves this sh**!!”! Come On!! He calls himself” Meow Meow”! He says it all the time! So do cats, so I think Puss suits him better!!!

  110. since when is jersey shore and keeping up with the kardashians a reality show? thats all scripted non sense.

  111. DAMN IT :(
    i hope hayden loses this hoh and doesn’t make it to f2.


    Eviction: Britney has been evicted. Jungle themed endurance. . The HGs are all on vines, and BB has them banging into a wall, flying across the yard, going under a waterfall, and banging into another wall.. Back and forth.

    As of 6pm BBT when the audience was released, everyone was still very much in the game.

  112. Don’t you love the way they all were saying how many comps they had thrown?
    More like they couldn’t come close to winning when the real competitors were still in the houe.

  113. Lane is a very down to earth guy. i love his attitude and his sense of humor and he seems like a good person outside of the house. Even when he didnt care for someone he was not nasty about anything. He should win. Good luck Lane.

  114. I hope Lane wins HOH he deserves to win and he is sure to take Hayden. Enzo is lazy and he just rode off the two of them so he really deserves nothing and when he does win he really thinks he has done something. He is ok but he didnt work hard at all and he should go home. i don’t like the way Hayden and Kristen lied about their showmance but talked bad about Rachel and Brendan about liking each other. They did not do anything wrong to anyone and they were basically judged for nothing. I felt sorry for both of them. Hayden should be in the jury house with them just for not being honest. Especially when he too had an alliance since the beginning and said that he wanted the two of them out for having one. Not fair.

  115. So the live feeds have been blocked all day and right now there is some type of Big Brother show going on the feeds and they are saying Britney has already been evicted and is out of the house. That explains why the feeds would have been blocked I guess. I wonder what happened exactly.

    • for a full explanation, MATT BBN has all the info about the blackout posted on the homepage of this website.

  116. I know people hate Enzo but he is the one who had the idea of the Brigade! Whether they “floated” or not they are loyal and it worked! Hayden is the one i voted for to win….he has competed the most. As good as Brit was…she could not win when she needed to! So whoever wins of the the three guys left…assuming Brit went home,deserves it whether we like it or not!!!

  117. i just learned that the “tweet” (post #34) came from someone who was in the bb audience today during the tapings. the following message from that same person (not someone i know) was emailed to me – i think it was on facebook:

    Just got home from the taping of BB12, and it was great. Lane was hysterical. His DR’s were so funny, the entire audience loved him.

    The POV comp was with the HouseGuest’s pictures but not a morph. They had huge cards with at least one of the houseguests picture on each side of card. There were 2 questions for each card. They had to find the card that matched the questions and line them beside each other in the corrct order. Hayden was so fast. Lane didn’t get any. Enzo answered all the questions but missed more than 4 of them. Brittany didn’t do well either.

    The goodbye messages to Brittany were very good. Brittany started crying a little. The interview with Brittany and Julie was good. Julie asked her about her relationship with Lane, Brittany told her he was like a big brother to her, the audience didn’t believe her. Julie brought it up several times and Brittany just kept saying no.

    It was a good show. Very funny. The HOH comp is really good. To bad we can’t watch it.

    Oh, and BBAD will also be a taped show tonight. They taped the houseguests for 3 hours today to show tonight on BBAD..

  118. Is there any news yet about the HOH game we know BRit is gone. I hope BB made it so the game goes on all night. But I wish so bad that bb would let us see some

  119. now that hayden has let britney be evicted, i want lane to win hoh and take enzo to the final 2 – leaving hayden with NADA.

    i don’t expect anymore info on the endurance comp tonite, so i guess i’ll go watch the bbad episode was taped earlier today.

    everyone enjoy your evening :)

    • No Bratteney is headed to the JURY house and the drama starts when Brenchel greet her…Have fun Bratteney!!!!!!!!!!

  120. The final 4: Emmylou Harris “Two bottles of wine”

    We came out west together to do the BB show
    Now we have the fever, We’ll be stars don’t you know
    Two months later got a troubled mind
    Lied and talked trash, And that’s just fine
    But it’s all right ‘Cause it’s midnight
    And we have two more bottles of wine

    The way the HG’s left, Put a smile on my face
    We lied, stab them in the back, We put them in there place
    Ain’t going to let it bother me today
    Doing nothing is hard work, I’m too tried anyway
    But it’s all right ‘Cause it’s midnight
    And we have two more bottles of wine

    We’re hundred’s of miles from people we know
    Been talking trash about people on the show
    If it wasn’t for that, We would have nothing to say
    Now we’re trashing the Big Brother house in west L.A.
    But it’s all right ‘Cause it’s midnight
    And we have two more bottles of wine

  121. When Brendon was blindsided by Matt’s DPOV and when he was again blindsided by double eviction, we watched it LIVE!!!!!!1

    When Bratteney is finally evicted, it is on tape delay….Is this b/c she could not stop crying or what…..We don’t see the entire drama but only selected HGs..
    What is up with that CBS?

      • Tomorrow night isn’t live. Brittney is already gone and they are playing the first HoH competition now…hanging on vines, swinging thru water and hitting walls. What you are seeing on BBAD was taped this afternoon…

      • Ok thanks, My TV com. Tells me to watch wednesdays live eviction, CBS wouldn’t lie to me would they, No need to answer that.

  122. Hey yall I have BBAD, they are making “T” shirts,

    Also the house is a pig stye, Couldn’t pay me to live in it, And the HG’s just let them lay in thier bed, If I was HOH the door would be locked.

    • LOL they go from one room to another, polluting them as they go. The HoH room is the last one left!

    • BigBrother will you please tell the H G s to please !!!! pick up their mess , in all the years that i have been watching bb I have never ever seen the house to dirty and trashy .all that it is showing is how dirty they are .didn’t their mothers ever teach them to clean up after themselfs

      • @HEATHER..

        i always look for something funny everyday to share with my bb cronies at work – and i gotta tell ya your “i’m with stupid” t-shirt comment will DEFINITELY be it today!!

        OMG – ROFLMAO :)

        THANK YOU :)

  123. As long as I dont have to put up with Racheal/Branden anylonger then I have to,
    Do you think they will be as poplar as Jeff/Jordan?
    She dosent act real to me, and he is so needy it hurts,
    she will drop him like a hot potato.

  124. Only Hayden and Brittany are making shirts. Lanes shirt is so big all the egos could wear it and of course it was way over bozo enzo’s head he wanted a eraser to to clean up fabric paint.

    Doesn’t look like any of them have bathed for quite some time. They blend in with the rest of the filth.

  125. I think Enzo thought that BB would have Professional T-shirts made for the BRO-GADE ! LOL Production isn’t telling them that we are upset with them, they are pumping them up! GOOD JOB BOZO’s ! LOL

    • Theres a video in the internet about her. Kinda funny, on how many drinks (shots) will a guy buy before he realizes he’s no getting any.
      She looks pretty her hair is brown.

      • Somewhere in the posts for this show this is what I found out about Rachel.

        Before entering the house, Brit, Rachel and Kristen were asked to dye their hair.

        BB did not want all the girls to look alike.

        Rachel dyed hers red before going on the show, she is a natural brunette.

        Kristen was and is a blond,,on pongo-pongo swimwear.

        From what I have seen, Brit looks like a dye job but her photo from the past was blond,,,could have been natural.

        BB never wants the cast to look alike.

  126. Her’s another one for enzo:

    Enzo is just standing, “The Cam, moves in on him” And he say’s;

    Hi you may not know me. No 0ne does
    That’s why I always carry the new card named after me;

    “The cam moves in and enzo hold’s up a card;
    And say’s

    The New YOYO card, Good nowhere

    So if you don’t want to be known, carry the YOYO card

    I never leave home with out it.

      • Anything I can do to make your day.

        Also have you thought about you and sis getting Cam’s for your Computers, That way you can talk and see each other.

      • Yes we have them! mine isn’t in use yet! I need my hubby to set it up for me. Haven’t been on a computer for long while 2yrs trying to get back to it! lol

  127. Britney out played them all. She was entertaining to watch and she should of been in the final 3 so she could of competed to win. She was a great player and I hate that she isn’t going to have a chance to win.

  128. Enzo may have wone 2 POVs but he is one of the most useless humanbenings on this earth.
    He need’s to go,
    at least Britany is a competer she has tried at ever changles she was in,
    Enzo did not.
    He is a floter if thear ever was one
    he shoud be with Kathy.
    Hayden can Briteny will at least hang in for quit awhil I think.

      • I give up on Enzo,
        I thought he did.
        I guess it was Hayden.
        and can someone tell me why Haden liseten’s to Enzo he has from day 1 and really Hayden is smarter then Enao.
        I wish next season they would talk to the HG about the f word. and to act like adults.

      • @Max I wish I could, I understand what an alliance is, but at some point it has to be ever man for themself’s, The three stooges are beyond me.

  129. Britt wispering something about a lady coming in the house? IT”S the FR*GGIn MAID let her in!!! LOL

  130. The Bro-gade has released their prisoner LOL BB is FREED! LOL BB is reprimanding the HG again!!!

  131. OMG Enzo is WASHIN the Dishes, & the sink is loaded with other dirty dishes. LMAO They need to get a dishwasher in there next year, I think he is just rinseing them off with water! LOL

    • Good night Girl Friend, take care, you too Chris!!!
      Very funny, entertaining and heart warming, as always!!
      @ all , have a wonderful Thursday!!

    • Someone in the DR room called Enzo in and told them to do the dishes. Enzo was not using detergent and Lane took over and he looked at those dishes like , what am I supposed to do with these. I guess none of these people have places of their own. Britney told them she wasn’t doing any dishes and she didn’t. while they were cleaning she put on makeup and did her nails. Her suitcase looks like a two year olds. I think those boys thought Britney would do the dishes at some point but they should have known, she hasn’t done anything all season but a few towels. At this point I will give her a pass because she is going home. Her lact of manners in the house were horrible. It was funny her setting at the table doing her nails and the boys(Lane &Enzo) cleaning the dishes..Hayden was walking from room to room Trying to find stuff to put in the garbage can to look busy. He must have a great work ethic..

    • Yeah, they are cleaning the kitchen because they think a visitor (female) is coming into the house…
      It appears that the time this part was taped may be around 10:30am BBT??

      • Britney is letting the guys do all the work while she sits at the table and polishes her nails…LOL!
        She knows she’s out so why help, I guess.
        Of course, even if she was staying she’d probably be doing the same thing.
        By the way, have you noticed her bio on the CBS site? “Favorite activities: Traveling, arguing, taking my dog on walks, cooking and cleaning”
        Favorite activity cooking and cleaning??? What a laugh.

      • I’m not surprised she is letting them clean-up their own mess, besides a beauty Queen needs her nails polished! Right? LOL

  132. BRitt is tellin the boys that she heard two women talkin, sayin they are coming in the HOUSE to beat them! Enzo asked if it sounded like Rachel! LOL Britt said NO! They sound like two young girls!

  133. I dont understand Hayden he know’s Enzo dont belong thear, he is just a loud mouth unmannered jacka**.

  134. @Rico and Clare Ann did you get my poet about, Going to your search ehng; And typing in “The A$$hole song” And then click on “The A$$hole song: by jimmy buffett,

  135. @Chris the great > My 1st response, BB kicked me OFF!!! I was BAD! :) LOL So I did a little Rhyme thing back at him, It was GOOD! go check it out later ok

    • Clare Ann…. wow… you and your sister went off on Adam big time! Such potty mouths! :)
      Pick your favorite cliche: Going “postal” on him? Going “school-boy” on him? You were all over him “like a chicken on a june bug”? Take your pick – they all apply!

      Adam didn’t realize he shouldn’t get between Philly girls and their BBN men!

      • Don’t mess with the Philly Cops! The females are not layed back in our city, as Kathy was in the house. Kathy made us look like WIMPS!! :(

  136. Will I am going to bed it is 1:19 in good old Texas.
    Good night all, and let’s all hope Hayden dose the right thing and send Enzo home tomarrow.

    • The camera-man keeps on Zooming in on the Shirts they are making. The Camera starts to shake everytime when you see BRA- gade! That sounds & looks like they belong to a Women’s BRA club! It looks Stupid lol :) They need to change it to BRO sounds much more manly! Like BROTHERS in a Brigade! Well, they did talk Stupid Now they will look Stupid!! LOL

  137. Are you guys hearing the rumors about a Ragan/Rachel fight at the Jury House where the police were called???

    Any confirmation on that?

    • WOW! I knew it was much more EXCITING IN the Jury HOUSE!! I wish I was on Duty. LOL Hey Rico the Cops are there already, Where is Kathy? Rachel is KICKIN some A$$ in that house! She is hearing all the BAD talk about her, PI$$ed her off!! GO RACHEL :)

  138. She makes the show with out her the boys will bore us to death. Please give her a chance put enzo up with lane and make them beg for her vote

  139. Rico, LMAO, wait till Britney goes walking in OMG the SH*T will be really flying! Rachel will be locked up for murder! LOL

  140. Rico,who could we call to get the JURY SCOOP! :) Maybe we can call the Police station and ask if our son or daughter was locked-up for ASSAULT!! Yo Yo YO LOL

    • These are rumors coming from people out in California…. Don’t know if they are true.

      A poster on here named “Glockmeister” has a former partner in the LAPD and is going to check it out tomorrow.

  141. OK… gotta sign off.

    Got a bunch of thunderstorms going on and they’ve knocked out power twice…. don’t want to mess up my computer.

    Goodnight, all!

  142. ■Nice says:
    September 8, 2010 at 3:39 am
    Obviously this season is so lame, that people are actually rooting for a fake ass showmance with Britch and Lame. THANK YOU to all those that point out what a vile creature that albino, dark rooted bleach head Brit the Twit is. She obviously is part animal, because she picks and eats her own skin. She’s also not human, because in reality, she accepted another human beings love and proposal of marriage, came on television and humiliated him in front of millions of people. She keeps saying over and over that she doesn’t know if she’ll be engaged any longer. She knows she has done something wrong. She rides on Lane’s back and shares the same bed with Lane and Hayden, which is a very intimate thing to do, especially on live television. Bratney also mentioned that her mother is a vile creature and talks smack about everyone, so obviously she was raised to be the same. The fact that the mom supported the romantic relationship between Brittany and Lane was just appalling. AND, I like how Brittany never said anything when Ragan bagged on RAchel for her FAKE BOOOBS! BRITTANY has the fakest boobs I have ever seen! She was in pageants and she’s like 90 pounds. Have you seen how large and fake her boobs are? She is such a judgemental hypocrite. Thank goodness Ragan left the house, because she had no one else to constantly obsess over Rachel and Brendon. She was just jealous that Brendon didn’t pay any attention to her. She’s the type of girl that needs to have attention from every guy to feel good about herself. It’s been long over due. If Brittany does not get booted from BB tomorrow, I will drown a bottle of tequila and vomit all over my television.

    • I feel the same way about Britt. I’m from the old school, If I’m engaged,1 million dollars still wouldn’t make me do that to my Husband! I think the engagement thing is just a LIE, the ring is CUBIC-ZIRCONIA, LOL I just never believed she was engaged it’s a cover up!

    • I went to High School with Britney, and she really is engaged, I talked to her mom recently and she is very much engaged, but they got engaged right before she found out she was going to be on tv. I think he may have just proposed so she wouldn’t cheat on him. She isn’t fake either. She’s always looked like that. She’s pretty, accept it and get over it. She IS catty, but Rachel was the worst one in the house, at least Britney has a personality to go with it.

      • The thing bad about brit was what she said nothing was kind and when she would say nasty things about rach she was discribing her self did you ever see the pic that have been posted she showed off her private parts alot when she was on the couch in the back yard with her pants so up her tush and she would play with her bellbotten and yank on her pants it to me looked like she may have been really enjoying it alot. The girl just talked so much trash about others it made her out to be the worst person anyone may want to know I really hope that we all get a TV apparence by brit saying sorry with her head down

      • Glad to hear that you know Brit, but really high school graduation was 5 years ago. Sure she’s always looked like that in the face but she hasn’t had plastic surgery yet. Catttiness is one thing but she appears to be downright revolting. She is not amusing, nor is she pretty. Your only as pretty on the outside as you are on the inside. She is a self indulged, self absorbed, nasty, hateful meanspirited, classless bitch.
        I’m not sure how her mother could be proud of her unless she is a chip off the old block.
        When was the last time you really knew her or even saw her? Or did you find out she was on TV and look her up for old times sake?

  143. awwwh i missed you guys! u were on dis board! oh well nifties, poets & bb post-ers see yaz tomorrow! lol.

  144. Nice says:”She is such a judgemental hypocrite.” But I have to point out …. what is that trype is not judgement! Look at yourself before you criticize others.

  145. Ok, here is my opinion, and it’s just MINE..You all have yours…Brit isn’t worth all the camera time they have given her…When she’s on camera, she is either (physically) Picking her face and then sticking her fingers in her mouth after picking! (no wonder why you rarely see her eating, she’s full from eating either sloughed off skin cells, or pimples! Yum ) or she’s counting her split ends, or looking for something to pick and eat, or just sitting and admiring her self perceived beauty ..or she’s (verbally) talking smack about Rachel and Brendan or any one of the other jury HG’s…Not to mention, that if everyone would rewind the season, and go back and see that Brittany had a ‘crush’ of sorts on Brendan at the beginning of the season and basically Brendan wanted NO PART of that, so therefore it is my belief that all this anger and hatred she feels toward Rachel is misdirected or out of JEALOUSY that Rachel has Brendan and she doesn’t..(Hmm..I wonder why Brit the twit keeps saying that she’s ‘probably not engaged anymore after this’ Could it be that Nick ha gotten to see just what kind of a SMUT she really is? That girl is SEVERLY hooked on herself, to the point of making a person wonder if there is some type of ‘Rehab’ she could possibly go into to get over her addiction to what I believe and I’m sure others do as well, is (yes, I’m repeating myself) her self perceived beauty that she is SEVERLY addicted to…I’ve seen people ordered into Rehab for far less severe addictions to serious stuff…Although, I wonder if she is WAY beyond help and the world who willingly knows her will have to live with her ‘problem’ forever ( I say willingly only because she is not the sort of person I would pay attention to or befriend on my own, but we’ve been forced to during BB12, because of our love for the show, unlike her real life “friends” who have actually chosen to be friends with her….As for BBfan and the comment about Enzo representing the East Coast..Trust me, Enzo, although not alone, is in a class that is NOT indicative of the type of person who is from the East Coast, he is among a small population of people who feel that this is the “Act” they have to put on within their world in order to be recognized…BUT…I feel that Enzo is far better than we have all given him credit for…Maybe this is the ‘Persona’ he chose to use as a strategy for the game, and if so…He chose a damn good persona…Most people, no matter where they are from are weary, leary and even afraid of or uncomfortable with… As for Hayden and Lane, well, if I think about it, none of them should win, but IF and only IF a winner must be chosen out of those 2, which it seems that that’s how its going to play out, then I would actually choose Lane..Not because I feel he has played a superior game, in fact, I think it was actually detremental for him to make it known that he has a thing for Brit the Twit, and that most of the jury will hold that against him, but out of all of them, he was basically the ONLY one to keep the “target off his back” by not getting involved in all the bulls#@t that went on..He steered himself completely away from all the house drama, and never picked sides unless he had to choose the ‘bro-gade’ over others and I also feel that he was the handsdown best at completely devoting himself to the brigade..If we all remember everyone in the brigade had ‘side’ alliances right out of the gate…Lane didn’t make a side alliance with Brit until much later in the game..He also did a really good job at keeping his side alliance and ‘crush’ on Brit the MEGA-Twit a secret unlike Hayden and Kristen, and their “showmance”…So, Does Lane NEED it or DESERVE the half-million…NO!! but he did earn it..and again…that’s just MY OPINION…No one needs to agree or disagree…

  146. just to let you all know, the eonline! poll that was the topic of this article, Big Brother is now #1 on that poll, ahead of the Kardashians! Great job BB fans!

  147. there are some INCREDIBLE poems on a thread at BBU under the thread name TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE EVICTION if you want to read some funny awesome stuff check it out-like 7 or 8 of them and a great poem called ode to a jersey douchebag i mean laugh out loud funny sh*t no joke.

  148. hayden should take britney off the block,put enzo in her place & send him three, britney, lane & hayden, final three.

  149. Which is worse to watch? Brittany constantly counting split end,picking her fingers, pimples etc. then putting her fingers in her mouth OR Enzo consistently putting his hand down his pants.

  150. Enzo besides Hayden are by far favorites. Enzo has stayed true and loyal to the Bra-gade. Hayden 2nd. Lane and Mattie “NO”. Enzo & Hayden will see the reruns and see that they(Enzo & Hayden) are loyal to the Bra-gade. Enzo made this season “exciting”. Many nights we stayed up from ll-2. Tireless days, but they kept us on our toes. Good Luck Enzo & Hayden

  151. Brit is best and smartest player of any of them,and being sexy as she is made it great to watch this summer

    go britt

  152. Wow! What a season. What an ideal the Bra-gade. Mattie the brains, Hayden the animal, Lane the beast and the person that engineered all this last, but not least Enzo the “Meow Meow”. There are 3finalist from the bra-gade. Mattie messed up and Hayden & especially Lane almost messed up and chose women over the Bra-gad, but Enzo kept his integrity and remained loyal to the Bra-gade. Enzo says on After Dark that no one is watching, Not true Enzo our eyes are on the top 3 players. Good Luck!:)

  153. hayden & lane said from the start of the game,they would both take each other to the final 2. bye enzo.

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