Big Brother 11 House Guests Revealed – Details & Pics

The wait is over. Here are your Big Brother 11 houseguest details! I’ll post more pictures and videos as they become available this morning, but for now here are the details and pics for this seasons HGs. Watch them 24/7 live & uncensored!

Big Brother 11 HouseGuests:

  • Braden” – “Eye candy” says Grodner. 25yr old surfer dude
  • Casey” – the “dad,” 41yr old 5th-grade teacher & DJ
  • Chima” – 32yr old freelance journalist
  • Jeff” – 30yr old advertising salesman from Chicago, single
  • Jordan” – 22yr-old waitress. Young blonde female
  • Kevin” – token homosexual male. 29yr old graphic designer
  • Laura” – Young brunette female that reminded me of BB8’s Jen
  • Lydia” – here’s a BB first: bisexual female. 24yr old make-up artist
  • Michele” – the “smart girl,” 27yr old neuroscientist (that’s kinda cool)
  • Natalie” – apparently the “tough girl,” 24 yr old Tae Kwon Do champion
  • Ronnie” – the “geek,” 30yr old, married, an obsessed gamer (apparently that’s a profession) with a photographic memory including in-depth details on BB history
  • Russell” – the “tough guy,” 24yr old MMA (mixed martial arts) fighter
  • “Jessie” – ohhh. It was revealed on the season premiere that Jessie from BB10 would be this season’s 13th HG after the Athletes won the first endurance competition.

Big Brother 11 houseguest photo gallery (click to enlarge):

The first quick glimpse we got early in the show had Lydia at a distance in, apparently, bad lighting. I thought she had short gray hair and therefore was the token older lady, but nope, she’s the young bisexual. Not a mix-up I’ll make again after that introduction!

The big news to take away is the “Mystery HG” that CBS shows as a 13th picture frame filled with just a person’s outline and a question mark inside. Very mysterious indeed! Looks like quick-eyed readers Hunter and Debbie were right on with their comments on 13 settings at the table and its implications.

So far I’m impressed and very excited for Big Brother 11 to start. The mix of HouseGuests seems well balanced and holds a lot of potential. But that’s my opinion. What’s yours? Let’s hear your first impression comments.

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  1. I was looking at their pictures on and idk if this is a good group or not, they dont look like the people to fight, such as Keesha, Libra, and April from last season…lets just hope they are!!

  2. Braden doesn’t seem very smart good thing he’s handsome! Ronnie will have it easy if they have a comp dealing with BB history! He may have it harder dealing with no technology. Michele may intimidate the other HGs with her intellect and it may make her and early target.

  3. I think the “mystery” houseguest could be a returning Big Brother alumni. Usually, returning players are usually booted out first thing. But if it is someone like Janelle or Evel Dick watch out!
    Can’t wait for the premiere! Only 1 week and counting!

  4. 3.Pat: The rumours say it could be Sheila from BB9 according to what she wrote on her MySpace profile (that she is leaving for three months etc.) ;-)

  5. And oh wow, im mentioned in the post, awesome! But i knew we were going to have a mystery one, with 13 plates, and 14 places on the memory wall minus the middle one that states “big brother” is 13! I just can’t wait to see who the mystery house guest is, hopefully someone from an old season, such as 8, 9, or 10! THat would be REALLY interesting!!

  6. @Hunter: Put 12 nice people in a small, constrained environment and apply pressure for 90 days and miraculous things can happen. Or at least let’s hope!

  7. @Matt: Ya i guess thats true, cuz at first glance last season’s HGs looked all nice too, but then they all turned out to be filled with drama, such as old man Jerry. So lets just hope that this season is filled with drama and fights

  8. heey, i was reading some of the comments and people were trying to find out who the other HG was. I’m pretty sure its jenn, from bb8.. like, bitchy jenn. there was some videos of the HGs in the house and she was there.. i think its going to be her..

  9. Jen from BB8 was there for press day.

    If the question mark houseguest is Shelia, im fine with that. But I swear if it’s Dick I will seriously not watch. They cant be that stupid to not only put the most hated player in BB history on this show, but to actually put a past winner? Now that’s just nuts.

    Based on pictures and bios alone, I’m pleased with this cast. They seem diverse enough.

  10. Dick was one of the most popular houseguests ever. Hated? Nope, not Dick. He is the Rupert of Big Brother. Hell if it weren’t for America in America’s Player, he wouldn’t have won.

  11. I think they’re pretty cool. My favorites are Chima and Laura. Chima because I read her bio and she seems like a nice person and Laura because…well…as superficial as it sounds she’s hot. But I do think Ronnie and Natalie may have the game in the bag, but you never know.

  12. Dick was a misogynistic prick. I personally dont know anyone who liked him. That whole season was rigged anyway. Go youtube some videos of him they never aired on TV. I was floored this guy wasn’t kicked out.

    Anyway, I doubt it’s him coming back. But in response to Maggies comment about Jerry coming back…please be kidding.

  13. These people look very different from previous seasons….. I’m not getting a great vibe from them, none REALLY jump out at me as my favorite (which I usually pick b4 the season even begins.

    I’d have to say I like Braden, Jordan, Laura, Lydia & Russel. Kevin doesn’t seem so bad either. As for the others – good luck to you, I think the people I mentioned above will give you a run for your money. Altho – I do think Michele is a “Kale type”. She MIGHT be able to hang in there, if she covers her “wits”.

    Good luck BB11!! =) Can’t wait for the season premiere!!

    Oh and can SOMEONE tell me the last day to subscribe to the feeds for the discount rate please??

  14. My pick for this season is Michele. Just because of how smart she is, and idk she just seemed to pop out at me. The rest didn’t really catch my interest. Though wants the show starts i’m sure I’ll change my mind

  15. Mystery HG? It’s got to be the pet of the BB House. Or, Sharon is returning for being burned on that question last season, cuz she would have made it to the final 2. Make sense?

  16. Maybe the 13th houseguest is symbolic and it not actually in the house. Maybe America is the 13th houseguest and we vote to evict every week along side the houseguest.

  17. Does anyone notice that there are FOURTEEN places for pictures on the memory wall!?!??!?!????

  18. Wouldn’t it be oh so awesome if the mystery guest was Evel Dick? That would make the best ratings ever!

  19. Christ Debbie, are you messing with me? Ill say it again. If Dick returns…I, along with everyone I know, will not watch. Period.

  20. I hope they bring back someone from Season 6, Either Janelle, Kayser, Howie, or James.

  21. A.G. admitted that there is something NEVER BEFORE in the HISTORY of B.B. that will occur on Premiere night…hmmmm How bout a contest between ALL 3rd place runnerups of the past 10 seasons go head to head for the final spot in Season 11’s house?
    Just brainstorming…churnchurn

  22. again alot of single young people, this show would be so much more interesting with all older people ,like golden girl ages, they pull no punches ,and we wouldn’t have to be subjected to bed scenes all the time, big brother has become same old same old.watching it since first season ,that was the best year.

  23. The 1st year was about 10th on my list of favorites. Maybe you should be watching Matlock or something…LOL

  24. Looks like a good varied group of people, not really sure who my favorite is this season none of them seem extremely intelligent/conniving from their interviews, which is what I like, but we’ll see how they are in the house.

  25. The first season was good only because it hadn’t been done before. It wasn’t supposed to be something that continued the way it has. They even said that. It was an experiment to put so many people in a house for a social experiment too see how they would live together. It just turned out to be a HUGE phanominam (sp?).
    This season looks like it might be boring at first. We wont have any “April’s” in the show or “Amber’s” by the looks of it. They all seem pretty smart by the bio’s. Can’t seem to find where the interviews are.
    Here’s too meeting up with BB friends online again for another few months. I still talk on msn to a few I have met in the rooms.

  26. Oh my ….. Season 1 was terrible, SO boring. They had no clue what they were doing.

    Season 4 “The X Factor” is still my absolute fave!! LOVED that season, I could watch it over and over. I think I liked it so much because they focused a lot on the growing and changing relationships of the house, seems like the last couple seasons, they haven’t.

    But again, did anyone notice or know why there are FOURTEEN frames on the memory wall??

  27. After a very long year, I so look forward to escaping in somebody elses reality for a few months! Being able to be a “fly on the wall”and observe the comings and goings in the BB11 house will be a welcome distraction to my otherwise mundane life!!!!

  28. On the BB website, when you roll over the mystery houseguest’s frame, it says the mystery hg will be revealed July 7th.

    I’ve been missing the show so much, I began watching BB UK… It’ll be nice to have it back on here at home!

    So far, none stick out to me as being a real game player who’s gonna run the rest straight out the door. Hopin one grabs my attention once they get inside the house!!

  29. @Hunter F., I agree, the smart ones always seem to go far.. but, you are also right: once the show starts, you might change your mind! lol ;)

  30. I doubt the mystery guest will be Evil D seeing that he won, Im up for anyone fun. Can’t wait for the season to start. Love the cast! 8 more glad I got the live feeds bc I am an insomniac so at least I will be entertained.

  31. I’m so glad that Big Brother is finally here. I really hope this season will be good like last season{full of drama}. I do wonder who the 13th houseguess will be. Can’t wait till Big Brother after dark either.

  32. I’m guessing it is going to be Jen from season 8. she was there during the media day and its shocking how much her and Laura look alike. Could they be sisters? Can’t wait!!! :)

  33. I am so happy they finally revealed the cast. I am thinking the mystery houseguest will be one of the 3rd runner ups from the past 10 seasons. I heard that the 3rd placers from the past got a chance to return. Anyway, I hope Shiela returns because I really liked her. Or even Ivette from, I think, season 5? Can’t wait!

  34. Ivette was second place from Season 6. Janelle was 3rd. If we ever see Ivette again. My TV will vomit all over the floor. Im sure of it.

  35. I am going on record now to predict a “Showmance” between Jeff and Jordan (if they’re there long enough to start one! haha).

  36. I just watched the Ross Matthews video again and he said we will get to start seeing the interview videos, Thurs a.m. starting with the girls. I didn’t catch that this a.m. when I watched it.

  37. CBS has new videos! One shows a little of the houseguests.

    There’s a great Julie Chen house tour. She showed the 3rd bedroom!! nothing but floor and mats. Also, in the bathroom, the right shower only has cold water. People who lose competitions and get banned to the bad bedroom have to shower in the cold shower. Sounds fun!

  38. It looks like it will be Brains against Brawn… I love it, absolutely love it… Both sides will have their advantages, physical challanges for the meat-heads and the manipulation, chess advantage, for the nerds… Braden looks like he needs to get the stick out his butt…uh, people like that make me want to bang my head against the wall. You know “special people”, over and over again. Great job Alison and Robyn, love it, just love it!!! The show is going to be awesome!!!
    P.S U have some sexy people my dears…

  39. Nancy can you tell me how to get the uk feeds?I watched it when I was over there but,havent had any sucess trying to get it now that I’m home.

  40. It’s Jen that’s coming back this season. Go to CBS on youtube and see the new clips.

  41. @Paul: That is media day when 12 people, that are not the houseguests, came in and got so see the house. People need to stop thinking they are the contestants, and that Jen is coming back in!!

  42. @Hunter: Thanks for the clarification. I just knew I stumbled upon something great when I found those videos :-). Can’t wait til thursday.

  43. I think Lydia is cool, laura reminds me of Jen, and braden reminds me of jessie (muscle but lacks brains). As for the mystery houseguest, I think it could be a previous houseguest, possibly sheila or jen (even though she was at media day they might try and throw us off). I also think it could be a principle. they dont have anyone like that and that could be a surprise to the houseguests. they might have to play alone though.

  44. It has already been confirmed they will initially be divided into four groups of 3. They’ll be broken up after a few weeks.

  45. Good luck JEFF!!! the entire old “NORDSTROM” crew is pulling for you!
    best of luck!

  46. Billie if you want UK u tube feeds just go to u tube and put in big brother uk and the feeds will appear..enjoy!

  47. I don’t think there are enough hot girls in the new cast. I think this is dissapointing since we will have Showtime after Dark again this year.
    I also was wondering if anybody else noticed that their were 14 spaces on the Big Brother wall.

  48. I hope Jen Diturno from big brother 9 is the mystery guest very hot and caused trouble.

  49. OMG i’m excited about bb11 but as always disappointed with cbs and their lack of diversity. It proved popular on Survivor and will be just as popular here. I don’t get it. Whatever, this comes from the network cancelling Guiding Light as it was picking up steam and VIEWERS>>>>>go figure. Next they will cancel the feed on show2 to make people buy their expensive feeds where nothing happens after a certain point. Corporate idiots and corporate greed. It’s our network so watch or don’t. WE’RE #1…WE’RE #1

  50. I just saw the 1st sneak peek of the BB men of the house and wasn’t really excited about them! I guess they will have to grow on me! I wanted someone like Evel Dick or someone outstanding like him in the house. Maybe one of the guys will be but they all look, well, just normal!

  51. I’m with you Linda. Dick was the best! I’m not too impressed at first look either but I hope they surprise us and make it a season worth my not sleeping for 2 months! ha ha

  52. I hope they don’t waste the mystry guest on Jen. She is soooooo useless. I vote for Sheila or Sharon

  53. I have no problem with a previous houseguest enters the house. Though it has to be one of these 3 girls; Sheila, Keesha, or Renny. Those were my favrotie people ever!! Though if they do bring in a previous houseguest i have a feeling they will be the first to leave since they have an advantage.

  54. ^ hated all those girls, hoping they bring back dr will or mike boogie but they have good lives now dr will having a show and mike running a bunch of clubs/restaurants so i doubt they would come back.

  55. Not happy with the host of inside dish taking over housecalls, i loved gretchen , this guys voice is annoying, put a wig and a dress on him, and still his voice is annoying. not gonna be signing into this show to replace housecalls. thumbs down to this, bad start to new season.

  56. no one has really responded to the principle idea. has that already been squashed? I would also LOVE to se Renny from bb10 return she was quite the entertainment. she was my fav. houseguest of all time.

  57. not happy with inside dish either.. wasn’t impressed with host on house either!!

  58. i wouldnt mind it being sheila or jen(bb8) either because each of them had their own personality and added some excitement. but i think a principle would be fitting.

  59. i think its all the 3rd place winners from past seasons. return to compete to see who will enter the house. or maybe its sheila. those are my theories. and for the new houseguests. im rutting for jordan and jeff. they both really stuck out to me. i have a feeling i will like lydia also. braden i probably wont be able to stand to the point where i will stop watching the show. hopefully not. as long as he gets evicted before the jury begins being made. then i think i will be good

  60. noo..if its going to be all the third place winners that means Jerry is going to come back! nooo. please.

  61. I think it is going to be Sheila because if you notice there is no old gal. An old guy but no old gal, so that would make sense.

  62. Well I have watched big brother every season since it has started. I have audition twice and well I feel that they are there to entertain us I sure hope they do. Lord knows I would have I guess I have to lose some more weight and get a couple of more tattoos to fit in one thing I know for sure I would have entertain America.No sleeping here.and god use the pool. what is with these house guest who think they are too good to get there hair wet.come on lets see some pool action,this year.

  63. Idk i think Ronnie or Michelle will be the first to go. They are seem pretty bland so far.

    My fav Casey, Lydia and Jeff and maybe Chima if she doesn’t get too conceited!

  64. @Marrreve: Wow, you have the exact opposite opnions about me. My favorite are Michele and Lydia and I HATE JEFF!! But i guess we will find out what happens very soon!

  65. The only girl who is remotely doable is Natalie. . .. she’ll stay a long time if she has a brain. ..

    Clearly, this is the gay season for BB.. . .not good, not bad, just is.

  66. OMG!
    First of all…I LOVE LOVE LOVE Ross & know he will be great!! Hi Ross!!!:)
    Second, I couldn’t stand Sheila the 1st time around and pray it’s NOT her. I am hoping for Jedi Howie—he was a HOOT!
    And to all of you who are commenting on Michelle’s “beauty”—one question, are you BLIND??? Below average at best. YUCK! Good thing she’s smart!
    In general, NOT the most attractive bunch, but might be more fun to watch than the last bunch of total DUDS from last season.
    Would LOVE another season of crazies like James, Natalie, etc. Now they were fun!

  67. Maybe they would just pick people from past seasons who seem to fit in these categories. like jesse for athletes. renny or nakomis for the out one. geek/nerd i have no idea and maybe for popular they would bring back janelle ^^ i would be happy with janelle

  68. aand btw .. the 13th housguest is being revealed on the premiere the 9th… there was a typo on the site and got all our hopes up. then they announced it was actually the 9th/ premeire night. and borught them right back down.

  69. I wish they would go to some Meth clinic and take 15 users and put them in the BB house WITHOUT meth. . . . .IT would make for great TV.

  70. Why do people think past HGs may come back? There’s none I would like to see except maybe Evel Dick. Forget Jen, forget Natalie, forget Sheila, forget any of them.

  71. There’s a few in there who really know their BB stuff. Like one can recite the evictees and when they were evicted – in each season. That’s hardcore.

  72. You know, it seems like the same old pool of people that production chooses for this show. One old guy, one black person, one not-so-hot chick, one very hot chick, one punk or rocker person, one buff guy, on gay guy…. Why didn’t they try to mix it up a little this time around? It would make things more interesting also if it were a little more diversified! Oh well… :(

  73. I am sorry, that was central time.

    The show will air three times a week on CBS; Sundays at 8 p.m. (ET/PT), Tuesdays at 9 p.m. (ET/PT), and Thursdays at 8 p.m (live ET/delayed PT).[1] Hope this helps!

  74. if i were to pick anybody it would have to be will he was clearly the smartest player bb has ever seen i would also like to see how he does without boogey

  75. I hope that whoever the 13th guest is I hope its someone who is worth watching. I love bb after dark and well sometimes they we so boring that I even wondered why I watch but, I do and well give us some action. I don’t want to offend no one I love god and all but, leave the bibles at home.I got so sick of seeing them reading the bible.Then stabbing everyone in the back. Please lets stop the bullshit.for example Natalie.

  76. DanG did you audition for bb this year. I audition with a man who worked at a meth clinic and thought you would have made a great house guest. However if this is not you. Well I do agree with you.. Anna

  77. ok i posted last nite that jen from bb-10 was going to be on this year….then someone posted it was wrong…ok so can someone please tell me what i was watching….it even showed her NOT crying over her pic this year

  78. i just want to make sure i have the feeds loaded right. can u only see videos from last year, or NASA on now playing??

  79. never auditioned. . . would be fun, though.

    Jen was part of a press junket that spend a mock day in the BB house a couple of weeks ago.

  80. If they put jenn back in the house I just may not watch could not stand her fake ass.she was so stuck on her self. what really did it was when she tore up dick’s cigs..she needed beat about the head for that one.

  81. all of the guys look ugly..and the one that looks cute, look like a jerk, not to be mean..but the first season i watched was 8, and none so far, have been better… i think it needs another dick. Or maybe another eric..cuz he was awesome. none of this contestants seem to match up. Hoping the mystery guest is awesome :)

  82. By chance, could the Mystery Guest be a previous guest??? someone who maybe cuased a big stir and they want the excitement back??? it has never been done… Maybe the homsexual guy from last season who had to leave early for family issues… Thinking out loud.. can’t wait tof ind out though!!!

  83. I hope it is a another gay man. you know a gay man has never made it very far in the bb house so, I think it is about time to have one go all the way. gay men seem to have the most fun and bring the most drama with them. If I was in the house that is who I would have loved being in the house with. A ton of gay

  84. Why do you find it necessary to cite “gay” man? What would you say if someone posted that they hope it is a “straight man”? The problem with this country is that people like YOU won’t let go of past bias, bigotry and failed thought. Thinking that was was pathetic 20 years ago and it is still pathetic.

    I just want a good player who will entertain me. I don’t give a rats arsssee of he/she is straight or not.

    You need to grab a clue.

  85. Well I have no problem with gay men or straight men. I love the way the gay man acts. Like Kevin I would love to see him go all the way. I do not know what I said that bugged you so much. I was not downing “gay” men at all. as a matter of fact I would love to be in the house with “gay” men. they make the best entertainment that I have ever seen on bb.They try and be friends with everyone.

    you maybe you need to not jump to conclusions so fast.if you want to talk about bigotry where are the fat girls. never in the history of bb has there been a fat girl. Thats what is sad….

  86. You didn’t read my post. I said, WHY do you have to expose your bias and bigotry with any “single’ or “gay” references? Why would YOU post, “I love the way the gay man acts”? If I posted “I love the way a straight man acts” you would berate me and call me a homophobe.

    Why can’t you just hope for great contestants? I don’t give a rats araseee if they are gay or straight, so long as they are ENTERTAINING. . . but YOU just want gay players. Bizarre. And bigoted.

    I suggest you READ the posts you respond to. Your last response was many things, but first and foremost it was clear you had not understood or read my post. Peace out

  87. you are so right I love great contestants,however in all the years that I have watched bb the none straight contestants were more fun to watch.They seem to bring so much more to the game.I am sorry for saying the word “gay” but when a man portrays himself in a certain way you would just know them to be “gay”.I was not trying to be bias or bigoted I love all people Just felt that contestants like Kevin are much funner to be around. there mannerism are great and that is what I love about the show.

    sorry for upsetting you I was not trying to at all.

  88. I do not like Jesse. His rediculas love for his own body is outrageous and sickening. He is the most cocky person i have ever seen on BB and its so obvious, he flexes when ever he possibly gets the chance!

  89. JMO, but this is the worst cast in BB history. But, they need to get rid of Jessie ASAP or I will not be watching much. . . sickening

  90. I have turned off BB until Jesse is gone. Absolutely the worst former house guest they could have brought back. I was hoping for Brian or Jessica.

  91. I am so glad that I am not the only one who thinks Jesse is a total where did they pick these house guest from? I wonder if Lydia knows Jesse is not going to give her a chance if I remember Jesse was a virgin and so he is not in to having sex on t.v.I already have my list of who would go first and on down..They are messing up by going by what Jesse says he wants to win. He would be the second to go…

  92. And these are people we’re told who know BB by memory! I think we were all duped. How long will Laura be wearing her false eyelashes?

  93. I just wish there were a couple of “old” people since I’m “old” too. 56 years old. It’s turning into a young stud show anymore. Not that I don’t like young studs. lol But there’s enough of that on other reality shows. I still love the first Big Brother episodes the best.

  94. @Martie: Honestly, this was always a young stud show. Other than 1, maybe 2 people over 40 each season the show has been stacked with young people since season 1.

  95. Hi Matt.
    You didn’t forget Jerry, did you? lol He was on last season and he was a whopping 75 years old!! And there was Jack, 58, on season 4. And Gerry a 51 year old teacher on season 3, and I’m sure there were more but I can’t remember them right now. I also remember an older divorced woman who was very attractive…can’t remember her name or which season she was on. So there were “older” people in just about every season…some didn’t make it far but others did.Oh yeh, and we can’t forget Chicken George! lol Not exactly “old” but not young either.I know there’s always been mostly young people but there were always at least one or two older ones…I don’t see any this time. Not fair, lol.

  96. @Matt, but during most seasons TPTB at least sprinkled in some ADULTS. . .this cast is filled with a bunch of juvenile delinquents. The 3 “Popular” people, are just unlikeable-there is no way they were in any popular crowd I can imagine, and the 4 “Athletes” are narcissists-and while the stereotype was typed, the reality is that none of the 4 is likable.

    At the core of every successful season is that the cast members were likable. . .. this is a very unlikeable cast. . . .a bunch of 14 year olds developmentally.

  97. @Martie: Nope, I sure didn’t forget them. Jerry would be the 1 old person over 40. Same with the other people you mentioned. They’re all the 1 old person while the other 12 or 13 HGs have been younger people. (The older divorced woman was Tonya, I do believe.) That’s my point, that it’s about 7% Old and 93% Young.

    @DanG: BB9 was full of delinquents and that definitely did not work out well. Hopefully this younger crowd will work out better than they did, but I can see your same concerns here.

  98. Omg is anyone feeling that this group is boring as hell. Lord, are they going to earn their money or are we just going to keep waiting for something to happen. I was wondering something. with them going in the house on the 5th of July I bet they have no ideal that Michael Jackson has died,once they are with the show they are sequestered so I bet they do not know.I hope tonight after dark is better than the first two night.

  99. @Matt you are right there is always only one older in each season. and there has never been a heavy set female on the show either,however they have had heavier males.I just wish they would change it up. from time to time. with a different crowd, not just going by looks..

  100. They claim they give them a pysch test, but based on Natalie and Russell’s behavior, their test must be bogus.

    Russell has an anger problem and if anyone attempts to stand up to him, I imagine he will assault them. A bit like that nutter Ollie last year.

    Natalie is just a thug. A very very stupid thug.

  101. One more thought, based on watching the live feeds for a while today, I would say there is going to be a huge blow up very soon in that house. The are all backstabbing and gossiping about each other and I am not sure they all won’t be enemies very soon.

    I should be interesting to see how long the “you can’t nominate someone in your own click” rule lasts. Also, it was really unfair having such a physical challenge be the ticket for that lunkhead Jessie to get back in. Off course an “athlete” had a huge advantage in that hanging challenge. . .THE producers absolutely wanted Jesssie back . . . ..

    Off hand I’d say someone at CBS doesn’t want there to be a BB12. . .I won’t watch much longer if all it is is petty gossip and snarky behavior by a bunch of arrested adolescents.

  102. I so agree with you Dan, do you feel that Ronnie is playing really stupid at this point. I mean he is suppose to be the smart one but, come on he can not think that playing that many sides is going to keep him in the house,at least not very long. I really don’t know how long I can keep looking at Chima her head is so big and see seems so phony.You would think that house guest have watched they way bb is but yet, they keep doing stuff that is going to get them kicked right out of the house. I really could just scream..I would play that game so much different. But, I am sure that is what we all say the ones who did not get call backs….

  103. Hi all, well its starting..everyone is stabbing everyone in the back, name calling, and getting on each others nerves, i do like they brought Jessie back this season, hes making them all run around crazy, i have my favs already, i had a great idea, heres it:
    One week they BB should have all the names on the board in the voting room, and each one picks one name off the board, and tally those votes, for that person to go home, instead of the two on the block, give the house a twist, making them wonder who will be next, thats america game, i hope you find my thought intriging, send me to all

  104. Ronnie is like one of those kids in high school who was picked on by all the popular kids. And now he’s still trying to get all the popular kids (in this case the athletes who happen to have the power this week) to be his friend. Did you hear tonight when he was in the hot tube with them and Natalie said she wants to get wax so they can wax Ronnie’s stomach??!!!! And he was going along with them! They are using him and laughing at him and he is apparently telling them everything he hears. On the other hand, he got caught lying to Russell a couple of times.

    It seems to me, Ronnie is trying to be everyone’s friend and lying/gossiping to everyone, but, IMO he is going to end up being no one’s friend and just a joke. He may be smart, but his social skills are very lacking and I don’t think he is particularly honest or trustworthy.

    This is a very very troubled cast. Not particularly entertaining, Societal waste for the most part. I just hope Jessie, Nat and Rus are out very quickly. . . I really hate stupid people. . ..Jessie was just pathetic when he was talking to Jordan, trying to use big words and not using them in the proper context. And Lydia, is just pathetic. . . crying and whining. .. . .and she got put on the block by Jessie and now she acts like it wasn’t his fault that she is on block?????

    If this is the kind of cast they are going to put out for us, I’d just as soon they end the show. There are more losers in this cast than in a recent Real World cast. . .and that is saying a lot.

  105. couldnt agree more… i had live feeds and canceled it !! not worth my time to see idiots talk to each other …this season is an insult to our intelligence…boring ,boring,boring

  106. @Bob: Really? Boring is definitely not a word that had come to my mind regarding this season on the live feeds. The house was exploding non-stop yesterday. People are actually going to use the PoV and backdoor in the first week. That’s nuts compared to previous seasons.

    So far I’d say this season is awesome, but certainly to each his/her own.

  107. @Bob, I have to disagree as well! This is week ONE!! We have not even had a CBS NOM ceremony and we have ALREADY had a shouting match and a supposed backdoor. Usually by this point everyone is still friendly. This season is going to be HIGHLY volatile!!

  108. Russell & Casey were in the bathroom and Russell told him that he was taking Lydia off the block but didn’t say who was going up.

  109. @Martie: Now I’m impressed if you were recalling season 1 of Big Brother. And where was the pug they were looking for hidden?

  110. OMG…I can’t remember. lol I remember it being hidden, but can’t remember where. I’m too lazy to look it up. So tell!


  112. okay so this seasons been, good so far. lots of drama. but idk about the house guests. like laura the total jen, haha. and i rlly was hoping that jessy wasnt back havent we seen enough of the “hulk” i like buff guys in all but when ur the hulk buff its gross. idk. and i like cassey i wish when i was in 5th grade he was my teacher haha. and jeeze these pple eat alot. and i love the drama. wow ronney wat a dork. this season needs to spice up some mre bc im kinda bored so far. but y jesse. haha. isnt my fav season yet. they should bring bac dr.will he would spice it up in there.

  113. Ijust watched for the first time, a big brother episode. This has to be the most disgusting form of television I have ever watched. Ooooooh I just LOVE how the meat head with the muscles just ADORES staring at himself in the mirror and tries to act SOOOO cool. What a douchebag. I dont understand…..How pathetic do people have to be to think this is good television? A bunch of morons with inflated egos stuck in a house together. And the poor gamer nerd. Them people would NEVER talk to him outside of the house, but they pretend to be nice to him. A bunch of two faced losers on television trying to be special. Give me a break!

  114. sho.after dark needs to stop filming laura eat, spotlight someone else. didnt that girls mother teach her to chew with her mouth closed,& not to talk with food in your mouth.its sooo not attractive & sure theres better juice going on in the house than her eating .cmon .i love the show.

  115. reading the comments is almost as juicey as watching the show.heck its good entertainment watching a house filled with people & a couple of ignorant rats eating eachother alive.

  116. @Martie: In the storage closet. Josh figured it out that their pug wasn’t even in the backyard with the dozens of other pugs.

    What a bizarre season that was. A vegetable garden? Yeah, that worked out great.

  117. does Bradon remind anyone of a young John Travolta? I’m waiting for him to get down and disco! lol
    Jesse is the most annoying person I’ve ever watched on tv. I really hope he’s not going to be on much longer.
    @Matt. Does anyone cut the grass anymore?lol I actually liked it better when the houseguest were shown doing chores…now it’s all strategy.

  118. The need to do an “America’s Choice” where the question would be,

    “Should ALL the House Guests be evicted at once and the show recast IMMEDIATELY?”




    But IMO, CBS has exactly the cast they wanted. Thye wanted Jessie back or they wouldn’t have given the “Athletes” such an advantage in the HOH competetion. This was not an even competition, because CBS wanted the meathead back in the game. It is only a matter of time before he roid rages out of control. . . .and if you don’t think he’s not on steroids, YOU are WRONG.

  119. k, Braden the “eyecandy” is defenitly my favourite
    hes just the hottest guy i think in this season,
    like if he gets kicked out, im gonna go after the people that voted him off! LOL
    hes just soo, amazingly beautiful! LOL
    aaaahhhhh! i cant get over it, and the words he uses! LMAO soooooo hott! lol
    and i really dislike Jesse this season, just cause he was there last season he thinks he controls the house and all, like him and Russell, i dont like.

    Braden IS SOOOOO HOTT! I LOVEE YOU! <3333

  120. well I wish they would start making them do something. Omg all they do is sleep,I think they should make them do something we are paying good money to watch these people.Season one was better than that. Does anyone remember them hanging onto a car? Poor Ronnie he does not have a clue at all they are going to use him and when they are done using him evict him.I want Jesse and Russel gone. Russel is as bad as Jesse and Laura come on eat with you mouth closed.I love bb always have but, this is the best they can come up with. Did anyone see Ronnie dogging Casey to Chima.

    Don’t know if it is just me but they all seem well traveled and rich. lets gets some poor people in there who could use the money..I would give my right arm to be in that house. and Jesse,Russel, and Nat would be the first to go…

  121. Oh yea you could sure tell that Jessie is on Roids when he was wearing his tight spandex pants. Like come on where was the package, it is shriveled up cause of the roids he takes. My 13 year old daughter noticed that he has no package. LOL

  122. I hear ya, ANNA! They used to have chores they had to do everyday. Is that not a thing any more? I also wish they would do more during the day. There used to be a rule, that they could not go to sleep before a certain time. I remember Danielle whining because she wanted to go to sleep!

  123. I know I hate the way they are. Why was Jeff not eating when they all did? I would have fixed enough food for all that was not on slop. if I was in that house I would make slop good. I am a chef so they would have been eating great..

  124. First of all, I enjoy this program and watch every episode and after dark. I record after dark and I think Casey needs to stop picking his nose. Russell, Jesse, and Casey need to stop swearing and using improper language. They need to set an example and be more mature.

  125. @Judith,I agree about Casey picking his nose all the time.But, come on the language did you not watch the season with Evil Dick,they are cupcakes compared to him.I do hope that Jesse,Russell,and Nat need to go, for other reason not for bad language..

  126. Thanks bb for giving them beer and wine, tonight was much better. does anyone think that Ronnie looks like waldo? I so dislike Russell he sucks big ones he is more stuck on himself than Jesse.

  127. does anyone think that ronnie is a douchebag?
    does anyone wish laura’s top falls off by accident?
    does anyone and i mean anyone dislike chima as much as i do? all that whining and no cheese. all that hair, her face looks like it was hit with a paintball gun.

  128. She said that Bradon called Kevin a beaner and a faggot and he called Julie a whore. She said if they voted for him they were voting for a biggot and they deserved to go home.

  129. Jessie is a meathead and has the worst taste in chicks. Natalie looks like a man. Bringing that dork back ruined BB this year.

  130. Does everyone just want to jump in the t.v. and beat natalie’s ass. If they do not figured out that she is 24 I am going to be so mad. If they do not get Ronnie out of that house then he should win. omg they are so stupid..Only time will tell.

  131. Next season if you would like some casting help,I’d offer my services for free, just to make sure that the show continues. I’d like to see the show on twice a year. You’ll never make it if you don’t get some casting help. Seriously. If you want to improve this years ratings, have a couple double eliminations, and I could come up with a couple characters that would make people chg their work schedules, just so they wouldn’t miss an episode. I mean you have this Golden Show, and I haven’t missed one, from the first season, but your loosing me, and a lot of other people, with these people you are casting. Take me up on my offer, if ratings mean anything to you. The same thing is happening with Survivor. Shake things up a little, and put some people in there with personalities, senses of humor, would hurt either. I can think of four people right off the top of my head, that would be equals to some of your best characters, like Evil Dick, Dr Will & Mike. Your killing the show, I wait all year for it, and it is just getting worse, and it doesn’t have to be. Why are you doing this to us?

  132. Nancy,
    I could not agree more with you. All they seem to do is sleep, they have about as much personality as a fly. I would give anything to be in the house just to make America keep watching. but they bb continue to let the cast do nothing all night they should save some of the events for us at night I have always said that if I was ever lucky enough to be in the house I would find tons of things to do during the show. We pay good money and for what? To watch them sleep or just sit around doing nothing. We need real people in the house not people who are already known. Real people…

  133. my favorites r jessie,jeff and jorden i like jessie and jeff cuz they r really cute and i like jorden cuz she seams really nice and knows how to playy the game

  134. Does anyone love Jeff and jordan as much as me?
    I think they are great together.

    And im pretty much in LOVE with Jeff.

    As for Ronnie& Natillie, I WISH i could jump through the screen and then just Punch them.
    Did anyone watch the after dark where they were playing Truth or dare… Classic lol. I loved Kevins dare :)

  135. It is sweet that you posted about this. I found you on google and I had been searching for information about this. Nice website, thanks for the info. I will check back to check for new entries

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