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‘Big Brother 16′ Spoilers: Week 7 Veto Ceremony Results

| August 11, 2014 at 2:48 PM EDT

Ready to find out what happened in today’s Veto Ceremony for Big Brother 16? The Feeds have returned and the results are definitely going to shock the house, or at least its new target.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

Power of Veto on Big Brother – Source: CBS

After a very bumpy week coming off the Double Eviction the house has scrambled to settle on a target and the Veto competition didn’t help make that any easier for them. Not we’re looking to get an exciting few days as the final nominees will be fighting for votes to stay out of the Jury house.

Read on to find out the latest Big Brother spoilers and discover who is now on the block.

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Diary Room: Judd Daugherty Discusses Week 7 Of Big Brother 16

| August 11, 2014 at 12:20 PM EDT

Finally Big Brother 16 is getting interesting! I think this is around the time every season when I really decide who I want to root for. Unfortunately everyone I root for gets evicted so should I say I’m rooting for Caleb, Frankie, and Christine? I don’t think I can go that far…

Judd Daugherty on Big Brother

Judd Daugherty on Big Brother – Source: CBS

In all seriousness out of the people left I. The house I think I am rooting for Donny, Cody, Nicole, and Zach and I’m even starting to like Derrick again. I love Cody and Derricks alliance and I really hope that they stick together. I think that Cody can kind of hide behind Derrick’s big moves and stay in the game a little longer by not looking like a big threat to anyone’s game. I think that would be a really smart move for him at this point in the game and I have to admit I feel that Cody is a little underestimated.

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Big Brother 16 Week 7 – Veto Plans: A First For The Season

| August 11, 2014 at 10:00 AM EDT

Big Brother 16 is looking to achieve a first this season in its twist of the dual Heads of Household as this week’s remaining HoH may be about to target the other.

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 16

Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 16 – Source: CBS

All season long we’ve watched as the two HoH’s worked together in a friendly agreement to keep the other safe no matter what. Even going all the way back to week one where we saw Frankie and Caleb suddenly become best friends even after Frankie was dethroned. It set the standard for moving forward.

Now, as the twist is assumed to be winding down that precedent may finally be broken as one failed plan leads to the birth of a new one.

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Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 7 Sunday Highlights

| August 11, 2014 at 7:30 AM EDT

After a fantastic and fun Saturday the Big Brother 16 house slowed down on Sunday as three Houseguests left their summer home for a reward trip to the outside world. Things quieted down while they waited for the next seemingly inevitable Zach Attack, but instead we got a renom plan!

Caleb is ready to go play some football

Caleb is ready to go play some football – Source: CBS

Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds yesterday in the house.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 10, 2014:

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Big Brother 16 Episode 21 Recap: The House Turns On Frankie

| August 10, 2014 at 11:19 PM EDT


The Big Brother 16 house fuse was lit last week during the double eviction and it exploded on Sunday night, mostly maiming Frankie’s game.

The episode picked up right after the double eviction where we find Nicole going on a rampage. She’s asking Christine if this is what she had planned the whole time. Nicole breaks down in tears and Donny tries to comfort her. “My best friend in the house is gone,” she says. Nicole continues to blow everyone up, including Frankie, who denies it and then tries to flip it on Nicole. But it doesn’t quite work. Everyone is listening to what Nicole is saying and Frankie is starting to appear more and more guilty.

It’s time to get to the next Head of Household. The HGs have to go up two at a time and read clues from an eye chart and answer the questions. It’s Cody versus Nicole first. Nicole gets the point and eliminates Cody. Victoria and Derrick are up next. Victoria scores and Derrick is out. In the Donny versus Christine matchup, Christine wins. And then it’s Zach versus Frankie and Zach wins the round.

In round two, It’s Nicole versus Victoria and Nicole gets it right and is the first Head of Household. So that means Christine or Zach will be the second HOH. Zach doesn’t even read the question and just guesses. And is wrong. So Christine wins.

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Tonight On Big Brother 16: Week 7 Nominations & Battle of the Block

| August 10, 2014 at 5:00 PM EDT

Update: Tonight’s BB16 show is delayed in ET due to golf. Showtimes: 10PM ET / 8PM PT.

Big Brother 16 is back tonight on CBS with the Head of Household comp that followed Thursday’s Double Eviction, nominations, and the Battle of the Block.

Big Brother 16 on CBS

Big Brother 16 episodes – Source: CBS

While the Battle of the Block was suspended for the sake of the Double Eviction on Thursday it’s back in the mix for Week 7 of Big Brother. HGs are anxious for the elimination of this twist as nearly half the house ends up on the block this week with just nine players left.

This will be a very, very interesting episode to watch and here’s why. The house came up with a plan to target Frankie and it involved heavily throwing the Battle of the Block, but just as we know about Big Brother, not everything goes to plan. So what happened? We’ll have to watch to find out.

Can’t wait to find out who won HoH, who goes on the block, and who wins BotB? I have those Big Brother spoilers right now if you want to get ahead of tonight’s show.

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