‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Eviction Prediction: Who Will Be Voted Out Tonight?

Tonight the Big Brother Over The Top Houseguests will face their second eviction of the season when either Kryssie, Danielle, or Monte will be sent out the door in what’s looking to be a very tight race on the vote that could all come down to the viewers’ pick. Are you ready?

BBOTT Week 02 Final Nominees

Hopefully you got in your own eviction votes because with the way this house is divided that could be what decides who goes home this week. It’s crazy but this is clearly no regular season of Big Brother. Here’s how things are looking for tonight’s BBOTT eviction.

There are eight votes and things look to be divided down the middle for Danielle versus Monte. Danielle’s voting allies are Shane, Jason, Justin, and Neeley. Those four will be voting out Monte as they’ve promised each other and I don’t doubt their commitments.

On the other side of things Monte has Morgan, Scott, Shelby, and Whitney in his corner with four solid votes to keep him. Scott made quite a commotion earlier this week when he declared his support for Alex’s side before considering the vote count to include the viewers. He should be strongly stuck there now.

That one America’s Eviction Vote looks to be the deciding factor tonight. Alex and the Plastics had an idea to thwart the Misfits by either convincing Neeley to throw a pity vote Monte’s way while claiming the other women were voting him our or to try and draw Shane’s vote off to Kryssie so Alex could split a tie. That latter plan going with the assumption that America will vote out Monte. Considering viewers made him a HN and put him on the Block I’ll be surprised if they don’t also vote against him. Either way I can’t say I’ll be disappointed though gamewise as both have their advantages for the game to eliminate. Personal preferences, however, may vary.

Now for our polling which has been accurate so far this season for the various America’s Votes suggests Danielle will earn the VTE from viewers which would send her out the door. Out of thousands of votes in our AV-VTE poll there is a division of several hundred submissions and about a 5% split. Maybe it will be Danielle but I’ll actually be surprised if that’s how things turn out based on viewer voting so far this season, which has yet to favor Monte. We’ll soon see.

Note: Due to confusion between our AV-VTE poll & our “who do you think will be evicted?” poll I’ve included the AV poll here. The poll at the bottom is a parallel poll asking who you expect to be evicted. I am discussing the America’s Vote possibilities here.

Tonight when the votes are revealed I am expecting a split inside the house with four votes against Danielle, four votes against Monte, and zero votes against Kryssie. If for any reason Monte gets one less vote than Danielle then Alex will break any further tie and he’ll be safe with Danielle out the door. If we do get 4-4 it’ll be America’s choice. Our poll says “goodbye Danielle” so we’ll have to see if that’s right or if I’m right to expect Monte walking out the door. What do you think we’ll see happen?

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Who do you think will be voted out tonight? Cast your prediction vote in the poll below:


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  1. Monte needs to go, this would be good for the house to give it an even playing ground! Monte is exhausting!

    • How would it be an even playing ground? The mean night crew will have the numbers and with America up Jason’s butt the mean night crew will just sit on the couch, smoke, talk nasty and let America play the game for them. Boring!

  2. Honestly, I suspect that Matt’s right and Monte will be leaving tonight (and while I won’t really lose sleep over that, I will be angry that Alex’s HOH was a total waste – seriously, if things keep going like this, production might as well let America have total power and eliminate the role of HOH every week). BUT I do think that this vote is going to be extremely close. I can actually imagine production fretting this one out behind the cameras.

    • While I would prefer to see Monte evicted, I agree with you about the waste of Alex’s HoH. To think that both Monte’s and Alex’s HoH reigns could benefit the opposite side of the house!

      I really, really like Alex as a player and would like to see her get further in the game. Just wish she wasn’t aligned with Monte. But if he’s evicted tonight that will all change. I’m pretty torn this season, normally I have my fav HGs and side of the house. But, this OTT cast is so solid that I have favs on both sides and would like to see both alliances move forward equally (minus Monte?) and the divided house continue to duel it out.

    • That’s exactly what I’ve been saying. We have too much power as far as evictions. So far HOH has no control over their own HOH. That’s why I didn’t like season one.

      • America has WAY too much control. If we get to pick a nom, we shouldn’t get to vote too or vice versa. It’s awful that the hohs are vertually losing all their power. If Jasons side keeps getting out who they want when the other side is HoH, then Alex’s side doesn’t stand a chance. If it continues to go like this, I may have to throw in the towel this season. Hard to keep watching when there’s no hope…

      • That is exactly how I feel. I have watched so much less in the last few days because I just cannot stand how this season is going. I hate that some in the chat are talking about “we have to make big moves”. I really don’t think that is what America’s vote should be used for. I totally agree that we either put up a nom or do a vote but do not get to do both. It is totally unfair to the person that wins HOH.

    • I hate that America has any say or vote. Ridiculous. Also Neeley and Danielle are racists. Very obvious. Neeley is playing a horrible game and people are letting her get by with it. She is such a blatant racist. Justin is a dirty mouth waste of time. Shade is nothing but a liar. He and Danielle hooking up on day 2 is really ridiculous to me. Where does Big Brother find these trash people.

  3. I am hoping that Monte goes tonight, but Danielle has gotten a lot of viewers votes on the polls, so it is good not knowing for sure.
    Scott could side with Jason and Danielle and vote his Monte out in order to keep himself safe next week.
    If he is smart he’ll vote with America or his fate will be doomed.
    I don’t see Alex being in danger unless she chooses to stay with her all one side of girls alliance.
    I just want to see the house spread and an extra secret alliance between some HGs will be fun.
    My goal for this season is for all of the girls to stick together until the boys are out.

    • If Monte goes, then I’m 100% going to put Danielle up as an HN and nominee on the block. She just looks way too comfortable up there next to Monte. Making her a HN will separate her from Shane more than otherwise. That is if America doesn’t nominate him as a HN. Need to shake her up more by putting her up for a 3rd time. Third time will be a charm! LOL

      • I want Danielle to stay and get evicted next week. I do wish for her to get HN to wake her up and see that America doesn’t like her as much as she thinks. Monte is a silent killer.

      • If she stays and wins HOH then she’s safe again. I voted Danielle out and I’m praying she goes. This HOH will probably be Q&A and Monte would never win it. If America was playing strategic they would vote Danielle out and go after Monte next.

      • I am still holding out hope that we can’t even put Danielle up for anything..because she leaves tonight! lol

      • Next week I want Dani up or the Sisters, both needs to be broken up. Will be a hoot to put the sisters on the block together.

      • That’s what I suggested too, but several didn’t think that was a wise choice. I’ve been my own person anyway and vote who I want without needing permission..LOLOL

    • Danielle doesn’t consider herself as “one of the girls”. She said she likes hanging with guys. So let’s get her out next so that the girls can stick together..LOL

    • She’s in big danger. The other side is already targeting her. They’ve all talked about putting her up.

    • Then you haven’t been watching enough. Alex is in danger. She’s the target for Kryssie, Jason, Danielle, Shane, and probably Justin and Neeley, as well, since they’re part of that alliance. The only way she stays safe is if Monte stays tonight, but I honestly don’t think that will be the case tonight, so she’s gonna be top of the list. Expect one of them to put up Alex and Scott/Shelby should they win HOH tonight.

      • I think Alex will find a way to align herself with Justin and Jason. She only needs two people to be on her side. The HOH winner will determine Alex’s fate this upcoming week, she could always try winning Veto.

  4. I don’t think people believe this was a new poll. Because no way Monte would be in the lead that much! I still think it is Danielle leaving!

      • I forgot which day was it, but he did mention something about Danielle being mixed and that just because she’s half white and half black she thinks she can play both sides. Not sure what that means though.

      • “She (Danielle) thinks she can play both sides because she half white, half black.”

        This tells me that Monte views people through a racial filter, not just on character as he often claims. This comment also indicates Monte sees his side of the house as “white” and her side as “black.”

        I don’t know if Monte is racist, but he’s made multiple racist comments in the BB house. These comments were wrong and personally I have no tolerance for them.

      • Exactly! I mean I don’t like Danielle much neither, but I’d rather see Monte walk out that door this week and we can target Danielle next week. Yes he can be a vote for Alex, but as of now I think she can do without him since he is actually hurting her game rather than helping it. Alex has a good stabled relationship with the people on her side and with her growing fanbase she can go very far with all the viewer twists regardless if she’s being targeted by the other side. So Monte has to go.

      • Monte has said racist things. Jason and Justin have not said racist things. If you dispute this, you need to educate yourself about racism and privilege.

        HOWEVER: Racism is not always an act of hate, sometimes it’s an act of ignorance, and I don’t think we can conclusively say whether or not Monte was acting out of hate or hostility with the remarks he has made.

        Jason, on the other hand, though never racist, has been intentionally hateful and cruel, especially towards Shelby, with no provocation whatsoever other than waking up one day and deciding that he didn’t like her. He has called her the c-word, slut shamed her, and behaved like the petty child he is, and very few people have condemned him for it, let alone his allies, whereas with Monte, viewers are all too happy to blame his allies for his actions whether they condone them or not. But if we’re being honest, we all know that viewers of BB don’t actually judge people based on actions, they judge actions based on people. People like Jason, so they’ll excuse him, people don’t like Mote, so they’ll condemn him. The actual situation is inconsequential to the BB fan. Rarely is there ever a correlation between the opinions of a Big Brother fan and reality.

        (And now that that’s out of my system, I can continue on rant free for a while, hopefully! Sorry for inflicting my opinions on the good people of BBN, some of the discourse around this has just been very frustrating for me and I needed to vent)

      • I agree with most of your rant. Lol. Maybe wrong choice about Jason. You described it perfectly. But with that said Monte did not say anything racist. When he was talking about Justin stealing it was because of Justin saying he’s been in prison several times. He was joking. And Monte even said when they brought that up he didn’t even know Justin was black.

      • Yeah, I think the clothes stealing joke was blown out of proportion (maybe even intentionally as a game move by Danielle) but comments about Danielle playing both sides because she’s mixed race, and his pushing that whole “they’re racist for calling me racist” garbage makes me think he has some learning to do. I do think he’s well-intentioned, so I wouldn’t say that he’s a racist, or that racism is part of his character, but I do often find his attitude distasteful. Besides that, he’s just not a good Big Brother player, but he acts like he knows everything about the game, which is cringeworthy to watch sometimes.

      • I agree with you there. I don’t care for him at all. I don’t think he’s a mean person I just think he talks too much. He does think he’s good at everything and tries to talk over everyone and that bugs me. I’m still hoping Danielle goes first then he goes next.

  5. But from what I can see, Monte is leading the polls in America’s eviction, I just voted here and it says he has a 57% chance of getting the eviction vote from us.

      • Which neither are the real poll anyways…plus you can continuously vote on this sites poll as many times as you want. The real bbott poll is through cbs access and you must be a subscriber. ….so although these polls kinda give you an idea they are not accurate.

      • When I clicked on who do I want to vote to evict more than once, it gives me a message, your vote has already been counted. But then, I’m logged in at the time too. I didn’t know you could vote several times without being logged in..LOL

      • Again wrong because I use a vpn which I can change my ip address many many times.

        Your spreading false info here.

      • Listen Jackass, you say there’s no way to log and prevent repeat votes. I clearly explain how it does and you bend your statement to now make a different point and say my accurate statement is now false by moving the goalposts. You’re out.

      • Neither are a “real poll”? What?

        No, you can’t continuously vote. Try it. It says your vote has already been counted and subsequent votes are not counted.

        This is most definitely a “real poll.” As for being accurate, all of our America’s Vote polls have been spot on all season. Not to say they all will be, but yet again another false claim you’re making.

      • Wrong…and wrong
        It’s not the real vote…cbs all access is the only real vote….please read next time , thank you and enjoy your day. ?

  6. Why do they all dress up for a ceremony which doesn’t even last 15 minutes? There is no live audience or Julie? Does production tell them to dress up for it? Does anybody know? Just curious.

    • They don’t seem to know this is all internet based. Jason and alex have made comments about getting good tv edits. They think they are on live.

      • You think so? Because they do know there is no audience out there when you get voted out and leave. I heard Monte talking about that.

    • It’s more or less BB tradition to get dressed up once a week for live eviction. Even if there’s no TV show and audience, what else better do they have to do.

  7. Aargh! I want to support Alex but after the injustice that was done to Danielle Reyes, we finally have another powerful black mastermind mom named Danielle with a real knack for BB strategy, and even if this one does have some maturity/sportsmanship issues, I’m not ready to let her go just yet. I really want to see the struggle between Danielle and Alex continue to play out, and Monte is boring to watch, ignorant about the game and about being a decent human, and so unintelligent as to be a liability rather than an asset to whatever side he’s on.

    BUT! If Monte goes home, not only does the game risk becoming completely pointless until final seven or so (if America never votes with Alex and co. they don’t have the numbers to do anything about it whether they win HoH or not) but we’ll also have to suffer through at least another week of Kryssie and Jason’s self-righteous hate-filled tirades, and pathetic pandering to the viewers. I swear if Kryssie brags about how much America loves her one more time, I’ll lose it.

    Man this season is good! I feel like Big Brother hasn’t been this tense and fun in years.

    • But we also have Neeley that seems to be a strong black woman without all the immaturity and sportmanship issues. So that is not an excuse to keep Dani in the game.

      • Good point, I’m just focusing more on the name Danielle and the Mom status because I think it’s a fun coincidence. Neely is one of my strong favorites this year.

        But the real reason I want Dani to stay is that I think the conflict between her and Alex is a lot of fun: two incredibly smart players are duking it out and I don’t want it to end here.

      • I like Neely. Only issue with her is that she’s not an exciting player. Danielle is a fan of the game and she brings the drama that makes the game fun to watch.

  8. On another note, i feel like Shane is actually considering voting Kryssie out. Oh man if this plan works and Danielle goes out the door tonight that dude is gonna be p i s s e d. With a capital P. Not only does he loses his girl, his side of the house loses and he got played like a violin. I am really hoping this happens. The house will blow up!

  9. Itz no need to vote anymore…Look at the poll up above and look at america’s nomination poll(smaller margin between krissie and monty 1%difference) And now he actually ahead in polls with with almost 4% lead and he still goes home ….Either rigged or more voting was done after closing, either way you guys just boshed up the game

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