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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH?

It was time for a new Head of Household in the Big Brother 19 house last night and we had a Hex’ing good time ahead of us with the final Den of Temptation set to be unleashed on the game before the night was over.

Paul, the outgoing HoH, had sent his targets Cody & Jessica to the Block and while he knew the Hex was out there he still did not quite know just how it would work. Sure, she’s explained it to him, but he’s expecting a few twists to follow that won’t be. Should she use her Halting Hex power, like I’m expecting, then there’s no vote here and we’ll move on to the next Head of Household competition.

Don’t miss this week’s eviction episode! You can stream it live on CBS’s All Access in most markets across the US so you don’t have to miss any of the fun even if you’re out tonight.

Before we can even get to all this craziness we’ve got to still get through the Veto Ceremony and Paul’s efforts to pitch Jessica a deal to not use her Hex power and let them vote out Cody.

No surprises here, but Paul used his Veto to save Jason. Since he was the 3rd nominee there was no renom. That leaves Jessica and Cody on the Block to face this eviction vote… if it happens at all.

There was a LOT of awful behavior in the house but CBS only scratches the surface of what happened. We’ve got the Highlights Report (Part 1 & Part 2) and even that is tough to get it all in. You’d need to watch the Live Feeds for the full story.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 5 Votes:

  • “Halting Hex rise, Eviction Night dies!” Jessica announces she’s using the Hex. There is no vote & NO eviction tonight.

With the vote/non-vote over we’ve got the Head of Household Competition. HGs will be putting their way to control of the nominations

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 6 HoH Comp – “Gravestone Golf”:

  • Round 1: Matthew – 6
  • Round 2: Alex – 2
  • Round 3: Mark – 15
  • Round 4: Jason – 15
  • Round 5: Cody – 21
  • Round 6: Christmas – 21
  • Round 7: Elena – 13
  • Round 8: Jessica – 2
  • Round 9: Josh – 23
  • Round 10: Raven – 13
  • Round 11: Kevin – 6

Josh wins HOH! Oh my. Well we know where this is going to go, right?

Gallery: HoH Competition ‘Gravestone Golf’

BUT, all hope isn’t lost for Jessica & Cody’s game. One can win the Temptation Comp to be safe then the other of the pair could be saved by the Veto. If that happens, well then watch out Mark.

Here’s the timeline so you’re ready: Friday has the Temptation Comp & Nominations. Saturday has the Veto Comp. Monday as the Veto Ceremony. Stick with us for all of those spoilers!

After the show we’ll be racing back to the Live Feeds for the eviction fallout and the next rounds of planning for this week’s target. Grab the Free Trial and join us there now!

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  • I swear I'm beginning to think this is all kind of scripted so we can, as a nation, have a discussion about bullying.
    That production told Paul to have his minions let loose on Jody and then when things went a bit far, they reeled him back in.
    It would be a great way to add drama to what would be an otherwise dull as dirt cast.
    It's the only way my mind can wrap around what is happening here.
    I know it's not even close to true, but it wouldn't really surprise me.

  • It is disgusting that BB allows the bullying by Paul and Josh. They should be not allowed to get in peoples face like that with rude behavior. Paul made himself look like Gepetto and Josh look like the monkey that beats symbols together with his turn this up to a 30 Josh.

    Shame on Julie Chen for encouraging this by asking Josh if he was going to celebrate with meatballs. Disgusting Julie!

    Im through with this show once Cody and Jessica are out. I came into this show with Christmas as my favorite but she is proven to be one of the 9 mind controlled by Paul.

  • BB may never be the same, the country has gotten so PC in a way that everyone is a snowflake and everyone is cautioned about triggers. that's all fine and good these days in real life but BB can be a little to harsh for most (at least the ones who can't get over the BULLY thing).

  • Josh is a punk lil boy; and as vile as they come! Paul is also a punk lil boy. Which says a lot about the sheep who are following him. So pathetic!!

  • did anyone else feel for Jason at joshs open house? he looked like he would cry when josh got his familia gifts and pics. he seemed so homesick. I love him!

  • None of the players can do anything that Paul doesn't tell them to do. Paul needs to go, and so does Josh. He called Mark a bully!! Well, Josh is the biggest bully I've seen in a LONG time. He is a child, a crybaby so he can get his way, and an idiot!!! Get rid of him!!

  • next episode since Josh won HOH I am expecting loads of drama and harassment to Jessica. At first I did not like her and I preferred Alex and Paul to win the game. However, when I saw the episode where she won HOH it made me slowly start to support her because I really liked that she never gave up and beat the odds, and to top it off she was giving no sh*ts about how the house was treating her in that competition (punishment, abuse, or houseguests being bystanders). Tonight's episode put the nail in Paul's coffin because he IS A PETTY person and must resort to abuse just to rattle Jessica. As for Alex, I don't care about her. I hope that Jessica survives and kick everyone's a$$ out the door!!

  • Hi! I just have a quick question. Do any of you know when this years Double Eviction will take place? Will it be live? I'm just wondering, I have been watching Big Brother for many seasons, and I was thinking that it should be happening soon, but, just don't know when! Any answers will help! Thank You in advance.

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