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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH?

We’ve wrapped up the latest live eviction as we waited to find out who was voted out last night on Big Brother 19 and which Houseguest would rise to power amid another round of the sides of the house facing off for control. This time around we had a new HoH by the end of the night.

We’ve got Josh and Ramses on the Block with one of them set to be voted out when the house reveals its week long plan to undermine Jessica’s goals and likely set Cody off on another round of death glare raging. Good times.

After the voting is over we’ll see the Houseguests compete to see who has the best memory from the images Big Brother showed them last night on the Memory Wall. Who do you want to see take control and pick this week’s noms?

Don’t miss tonight’s episode! You can stream it live on CBS’s All Access in most markets across the US so you don’t have to miss any of the fun even if you’re out tonight.

Big Brother 19 Results – Week 4 Votes:

  • Cody votes to evict: Josh
  • Jason votes to evict: Ramses
  • Alex votes to evict: Ramses
  • Mark votes to evict: Josh
  • Elena votes to evict: Josh
  • Kevin votes to evict: Ramses
  • Matthew votes to evict: Ramses
  • Raven votes to evict: Ramses
  • Christmas votes to evict: Ramses
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Paul votes to evict: Ramses

By a vote of 7-3, Ramses Soto has been evicted from Big Brother 19.

After the eviction the HGs will be set up in the backyard and we should be watching this competition play out to completion. Last night the HGs had to memorize images from the Memory Wall about evicted HGs with fake tattoos on them. Then the HGs had to answer questions about what was on each HGs.

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Big Brother 19 Results – Week 5 HoH Comp:

  • Round 1: Elena is eliminated.
  • Round 2: Mark, Alex, Cody, Kevin, & Josh are eliminated.
  • Round 3: Everyone stays.
  • Round 4: Everyone stays.
  • Round 5: Christmas and Jason are eliminated.
  • Round 6: Matthew and Raven are eliminated. Paul wins!

Paul wins HoH!

Back inside the house Jessica just dropped the news on the HGs that she got the last Temptation. That leads us to Julie revealing the “curse” portion of that Temptation. There’s a new weekly competition for the house for the next three weeks. It’s the Temptation Competition. HGs can opt to compete for safety, but no one has to play. Last place player each time will be the 3rd nominee on the Block. Hmm. We’ll have to see how this works, but it sounds like filler for the Sunday shows.

After the show we’ll be racing back to the Live Feeds for the eviction fallout and the next rounds of planning for this week’s target. Grab the Free Trial and join us there now!

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  • I can't believe you all don't see it's Paul Paul Paul ... all day long Paul. Paul will win because everyone else is an idiot

    • I agree he is a manipulative snake but hopefully he doesn't win because of that and the other HG will open their eyes and see through his controlling tactics.

    • He already mentioned he knows he's not going to win because he is a vet...but you can't blame the kid for trying...& taking advantage of being in a house full of morons

  • Not loving the "paul show" this BB season. All other HGs are mindless followers that Paul walks all over.

  • I am starting to not like vets returning to the game it’s makes it too predictable. And houseguest just sit and follow. That is why I like Jess and Cody they have their own minds and are not sheep.

  • What I'd like to see is Paul nominate Jessica and Cody. Then have one of them win the veto, or Paul, and remove one of them from the block. I would assume then that Jessica would use the Temptation to halt the eviction if she is on the block but I would be curious to see if she would use it if Cody was on the block with someone else. Either way I think it would be a win-win as you would either get rid of the Temptation or get rid of one of the Jodys. But I'm not sure how much the house guests will know about the Temptation since Jessica has been allowed to blatantly lie about it so my scenario may just be wishful thinking on my part.

    • i wonder if she'd use it on cody as well, or just herself. how deep does that showmance go. i actually see sparks of smart in jessica but cody is holding back her game. too bad for her.

      • I think she would use it on Cody because she thinks her game is done without him. I agree that there have been times when Jess has made some very astute observations...then in comes Cody.

    • don't forget Christmas has that ring, so she could halt jessica/cody for even trying for a veto at some point

  • Wow, I thought Paul was the most annoying houseguest (does he not have a decible other than yelling?) but MY GOD HOW DID THEY KEEP JOSH HE'S SO IRRITATING

  • No brainer , Paul is going to win everything while he leads. His followers will just sit and do whatever he says. No one thinks for themselves. You may not like Jessica or Cody -- but they are playing the game not following. Boring season ... no one does anything on this own.

    • As did Raven, Dominique, and Elena. Josh's pervasive immaturity is suggestive of family members, friends, and others indulging his bad behavior all his life.

  • I don't understand why people refuse to see the racisim and homophobic behavior in this country.

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