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Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 12: Monday Highlights

The most exciting thing to happen in the Big Brother 19 house today was an earthquake. That isn’t something that happens every season. Other than that, it was more of the same from the Final 3 as they’re getting closer and closer to finale night.

If you’ve got the Live Feeds (Free Trial) then you can watch all of these moments with the Flashback feature to go back and watch those important conversations or funny scenes you may have missed.

Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, September 18, 2017:

11:00 AM BBT – Lights are on for the day, but no one is stirring.

12:10 PM BBT – Cameras flipped over to outside to show what a beautiful day it is out there while HGs continue to hide under the covers with the lights on.

1:30 PM BBT – Josh is up wandering the house. He makes his way back to the rose bedroom and collapses on top of Paul and Christmas, who are still in bed. He tells them it’s a nice day out and they should go to the pool.

2:15 PM BBT – HGs having breakfast and chatting about life back home.

3:00 PM BBT – Breakfast was exhausting. Too much of being upright. Only cure is more sleep. HGs are back in bed.

4:30 PM BBT – Sleep continues.

5:10 PM BBT – Paul is up and practicing his F2 speech in the backyard.

5:20 PM BBT – Paul says if he doesn’t win he’s going to cry and doesn’t know what he else he can do.

5:25 PM BBT – Rehearsing continues for Paul. He talks about all his moves and how he didn’t go on the Block all season out of luck (Pendant of Protection…).

6:16 PM BBT – Paul and Christmas talking about Jason and Raven. They hope they’re not still upset over their blindside evictions. Paul thinks Raven isn’t mad.

6:25 PM BBT – Paul talking about winning Part 3 last year and having to make the decision on who to take to final 2.

7:30 PM BBT – Final 3 napping. Nothing going on.

9:20 PM BBT – Pop TV has sent the HGs games and candy. They also find beer in the storage room.

10:30 PM BBT – Josh, Christmas and Paul are playing cards and drinking the beer.

11:20 PM BBT – HGs just experienced an earthquake. Paul tells them to go to the backyard. They go and stand in the center of the yard until it’s clear. Feeds cut.

11:27 PM BBT – Feeds return. They’re back inside and OK after the earthquake.

11:50 PM BBT – Paul is practicing his F2 speech again and using the oven clock as his timer.

11:55 PM BBT – Christmas and Josh talk about F2. She tells him it’s okay for him to do what’s best for his game and to be strategic in his decision.

12:00 AM BBT – Paul is finished practicing his speech and joins the other two outside in the hammock.

12:30 AM BBT – HGs are still together and hanging out in the hammock chatting about life outside the Big Brother house.

1:45 AM BBT – F3 is up from the hammock and getting ready to call it a night. Christmas is getting ready for DR.

2:00 AM BBT – HGs are heading to bed but for now it’s just Paul and Josh in the bedroom whispering while Christmas is in the DR. They’re talking about leaving Christmas behind at F2. Paul says the Jury might give it to her since she tried so hard. He thinks Christmas has given up since she didn’t win either of the HoH rounds.

2:45 AM BBT – Christmas is back and takes over her spot in the bed with Paul as Josh heads back to his round bed. She can’t believe she was gone for an hour. There’s much squealing as Paul complains Christmas is cold as she cuddles up on him.

3:00 AM BBT – HGs are quiet and off to sleep.

Two more wake-up’s left, as Christmas pointed out late in the night. Kinda crazy, but I think they’re just as ready as we are to get on this finale. Christmas followed up on her idea of talking with the guys about F2 and Paul is using that as leverage on Josh in hopes of making it happen. Which way will Josh go with his choice if he gets to make it? We probably won’t know for sure until the if/when of Wednesday night.

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  • Christmas, Paul and Josh have the chemistry of parents and child. Lol Josh is so childlike, I haven't observed any adult behavior from him, the kid can't even stand still without gyrating or some kind of movement. Smh. Dude, you're a grown ( claim to be educated) man, behave like one sometimes. Smh Christmas goes behind him and clean all his little messes in the kitchen, smh he left raw chicken and juices all over the kitchen table the other day and skipped, danced and twirled right away from it. Lol smh. What business does he run, a lemonade stand?? I'm hardly convinced he runs anything but his mouth, I'm sure mommy and daddy are right over each shoulder hmph,! ....Yet people think he deserves a half million bucks second to Paul, hell, even hop-a-long Barbie deserves it more than he does. I can't gauge what's declining in quality more, the show or the viewers! Taking this season in consideration, (with the exception of Paul), they are BOTH in a precipitous decline. The players are horrible, the jury and the viewers don't see an obvious winner. Smh Not looking good. CBS, maybe it's time to pull the plug. As Judge Jeanine Pirro says, " And THAT'S my opening statement!" Good MORNING!:-)

    • Someone ate their Wheaties and had their 3 cups of coffee today!!! Great summary and I don't know about pulling the plug though. I still have hopes for an all new, no vet cast for next summer. And yes, please add some new comps next year. I only remember a couple of new ones this year, but they really should add more and they should list the comps for the viewers prior to the season starting so they can't tailor them to who they want to win/not win.

      • Ha! Freakishly, I don't drink coffee, Beyonce aint the only one that "Woke up like this!" Ha! But seriously regardless of my opinion, if the show continues down this path, it'll hang itself. The suicide letter has begun being written this season.

        • What? You don't drink coffee? I refuse to believe that! Just lie to me or I will think you're drinking/taking/smoking something else(SMH) lol. The show has been in a decline for a few years now. We need some completely new blood now. People who are not super fans or those who really don't know much about the show maybe. Just something different. Maybe an all girl cast. Just imagine the cat fights!!! YES...do that!!! That would all but eliminate the showmances, maybe?? What do you think??

    • I am sure he is a Mamas boy and still has mama make his bed each day. He stated he was asked to be on BB 18 but his mother told him not to because he needed to fi wish school.

    • Hop along Barbie. Lol! I don't think anyone can make a sensible argument for anyone else deserving to win besides Paul. It It would be horrible for someone, once again, who actually played the game to lose to someone who did nothing. At the same time, it would serve him right if he played such a "perfect" game and then lose because of a bitter jury.

        • I agree. I am still very aggravated, no mad, that Russell Hance didn't win Survivor because of a bitter jury when he clearly lived and played by the credo, to a tee!!! But I digress...Yes, I would also lose so much respect for the show if Paul makes it to the end and loses again because of a bitter jury. Christmas didn't "win" any comps, the wins were given to her(at Paul's direction). Josh did actually win some comps. But even Josh was handed some wins(also at Paul's direction). Paul dictated almost all of the action this season, I don't think anyone can argue with that. So, how can you not vote for him to win. He played the game, period. Agree with his methods., like him or not, he deserves to win.

        • If the majority of the jurors are super fans they know Paul played the best game. You need to put your personal feeling aside which is hard to do and vote for who played the best game.

          • Perfectly put, just as they would desire to be done to them. If you didn't figure out you got screwed till it was too late, you should know who the better player is between the two of you.

        • I also think he deserved it last summer. So losing 2 times because jury is stupid or bitter or vite fir femelle (Nathalie) just because, would make ma very mad at the show.

    • ^^^YES^^^ You hit the nail on the head & it's been bugging me this whole time how Josh acts like a child. Can you believe he and Paul are the same age?!?! I would never have guessed that if I didn't know. It's like they are all playing house or something.

    • As a Die hard fan of the show I must disagree with you on pulling the plug. But thats just the hopeful optimistic in me that hopes that CBS change the show for the better. You worded that perfectly, and its all so true.

  • Why is there so much time between the 2nd part of the Final 3 comp and the end of the show...it's like dragging on right now...

  • So boring. All season I've been waiting for someone to make a move. Everyone's talking about how Paul is so brilliant, but they didn't give him much competition. Not one HG went to any other to check out a single thing he said. He had four weeks of safety and who knows what the actual outcome of those competitions were because half of them they didn't show us the actual times as it was happening. Production does the same tired competitions each year it def gives an advantage to someone returning. I'm going to pass on watching the finale and Paul gloat, but the one thing I will miss are these fantastic fans that keep showing up hoping things will be better next time.

    • Lets not forget this game is not all about the competitions. I think the most important aspect about this game is Social Strategy. You cant win every single comp, let alone perform in them all, so you must depend and trust others to help you make it further in the game.

      Paul played the game he set out to play before even entering the house. Everything we have seen him do he predicted. He is the only one who truly played the game. Put your feelings aside and look at it as a competitor and a game player. Whether he played against sheep or not, the fact is hes in the finals for a second time in 2 years back to back makes him worthy of the win.

      True BB fans know how to separate personal emotions from game play, and like I have said before we cant change what has happened, and the person who is most deserving, like it or not, is Paul.

    • That's me. I always think it'll be better. I just found it suspicious that no one in the house other then Cody and Jess tried to get Paul out. That's one of the reasons why I think it is rigged for Paul. There is no way that so many people can be that stupid unless the are instructed to save paul. I really hope that Grodner decides to save Josh instead of Paul since he is not loved as much anymore.

    • "Not one HG went to any other to check out a single thing he said".

      Dominique did, but Alex ran back to the group and told them.

      She was immediately attacked and kicked out. That, and actions like attacking Mark for talking to Cody and Jessica made the others hesitant to talk for fear of the same.

      • Exactly. Paul kept his minions circling the wagons to make sure people weren't talking to each other. And if they were, the minions had to report those infractions back to him.

          • Thank you! Everytime I start reading a "Paul and his minions" comment I cant help but laugh. Yes people were afraid to talk against paul. Yes people shouldve got him out, or done their own thing. BUT THEY DIDNT. Dont blame Paul for master manipulating people to do what he needed to win this game. Blame them. My momma had this saying she loved to use on me whenever I asked her to do something someone else was doing, etc...... and it goes....
            "If "so and so" jumps off a bridge, will you jump too?"

    • "So boring"

      Gina Marie from S15 vs Ravens Mom on finale night brawling in the studio audience. Might be entertaining.

  • "Lights are on for the day, but no one is stirring"

    Not Meatball, Pauly or that one with a funny name. They shall slumber deep in their beds. 500,000 dollar bills dancing in their heads.

  • I just read a good article on why CODY sucks as a BB house guest. Part of the article is as follows:

    America likes to root for the underdog and lots of sympathies went out to Jody. Suddenly the ex-Marine and Jessica were victims. The pots and pans, the arguments, the near physical altercations and Jody fans screaming victim. Get real, America. Cody got the treatment that comes with the game he played. He wanted to play as a brute that ran over everyone and that is the game that got turned around on him to send him out for a second and final time.

    Cody Nickson is arguably the worst houseguest to have ever entered the "Big Brother" house. He failed. Miserably. And more than once. And now, that lousy attitude is in the jury house and he walks away rather than discussing the game as the jury members always do before the finale. It will be interesting to see what Dr. Will Kirby has to say about the over-inflated ego of Cody Nickson. #BB19 #CodyNickson

  • 1 ‘Twas the night before finale, when all thro’ the house,
    2 Not a creature was stirring, not even that rat;
    3 The houseguests were hung over from drinking that beer
    4 Josh would be soon shedding a tear ...
    5 The houseguests were nestled all snug in their beds,
    6 While visions of $500,000 danced in their heads,
    7 And viewers in their nightclothes watching BBAD
    8 Had just settled our brains for what we would see
    9 On Wednesday night - when we're wide awake
    10 Watching the houseguests react to a quake!
    11 Out to the backyard they flew like a flash
    12 Forgetting - just briefly - about all that cash!
    13 The moon on the turf of the BB backyard
    14 Helped the houseguests remember the game being hard
    15 And soon the call came - it was all clear
    16 To go back in the house and grab one more beer.
    17 One quick little gnome, so lively and small
    18 Everyone knew - this must be St. Paul.
    19 And slowly behind him two more figures came
    20 One looked like a meatball - one and the same.
    21 The other one limping - a holiday, her name
    22 Who didn't win anything while playing the game.
    23 "To the top of the stairs! To the HOH room!
    24 “To primp by myself in the only clean bathroom!
    25 As dry leaves before the wild hurricane fly,
    26 They meet with an obstacle, and wonder why
    27 Someone in the jury house might not be happy
    28 With the game play by one, who was really crappy
    29 To everyone, by telling them, "friend ...
    30 Do this for me, and you'll get to the end."
    31 But when it came down to what was really true
    32 They'd be out telling Julie they never knew
    33 The gnome had been playing them all season long,
    34 And he'd now have to pay for treating them wrong.
    35 These three final players were having their say
    36 About how to greet jurors on that final day.
    37 Their eyes - how they drooped! their bodies so slow,
    38 Their cheeks were like roses, their faces like dough
    39 (Drinking too much beer can do that, you know.)
    40 And the beard of the gnome was as black as the tar
    41 You can never get off the side of your car.
    42 His tattoos encircled his body, for sure
    43 Meatball and holiday found him so pure -
    44 A fun-loving, gnome who wanted the best
    45 For their games and his game - the heck with the rest
    46 The houseguests there in the jury house
    47 Would soon figure out there had been a louse
    48 Who used them for dirty work, threw them away
    49 To live in the jury house until the day
    50 They would meet again, and then they would see
    51 Exactly who would vote for which F2 with glee
    52 So the final three houseguests went back to beds
    53 With visions of winning stuck in their heads
    54 "I'll cry if I don't win," we heard the gnome say,
    55 "I don't know of another way I could play!"
    56 And so the three wait for R3 - one more day.

  • I have to agree Paul did play the game. And ok ok ok..... ugh..... he played the best game!! Frick!
    But I account much of his playing or "win" (cuz we all know the end of this story) to the editing, houseguests that refused to play & bitter fans from last year.
    But.....If paul doesn't win does that mean we have to watch him in another season? If so, please advise & i'll make a point NOT to PVR when I'm up at the lake.
    This game show could be so good!! I think they need fresh writers, editors & production staff with better questions or sceneries to choose from.

    I hope to have good conversations over the season with you all when survivor starts next week!
    Moving on from this BB season will feel sooooo good! Thanks for all the deep thoughts! What a swell group of TV maniacs! Lol

  • Paul doesn't deserve to win, he won $50K last season and it was his own fault he didn't win big. He had no business being in the house this year either. I just hate when the bring back vets....they had their chance once and they should have all new guests and no repeaters. It's only fair.

  • This season will go down in history as the worst. Bringing back Paul was the worst., and giving him the free pass on not being able to be on the block for 3 times was the icing on the cake. Sounds to me like it was a fix for him to win from day one.l I'll take 10- Cody players over one Paul.

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