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Big Brother 19 Eviction Prediction: Who Will Make Final 3?

Well Final 4, we just met ya but now it’s time for you to go. The Big Brother 19 Houseguests are back tonight with the second to last live show of the season where we’ll see one of these few remaining Houseguests eliminated and sent off to Jury. Ready to find out who is going?

Last night we saw confirmation of Paul winning his coveted F4 HoH which means the man running the season won’t be going anywhere tonight and that leaves three options for us to consider. Either Christmas, Josh, or Kevin will be eliminated just shy of making it to finale night.

Aside from the HoH competition there was one more chance at safety with the Veto competition and when the Feeds returned late last night we soon discovered who had that privilege. Well wouldn’t you know it, Paul won the Veto. That means all three of the other HGs are still vulnerable and Paul will get to decide which one of the three stays off the Block and handles his dirty work again this week.

In a private conversation between Paul and Christmas, Flashback to 10:13 PM BBT 9/13, Paul confirms our expectations. He’ll be leaving his current nominations of Kevin and Josh as they are, giving Christmas the chance to be the sole deciding vote tonight. They also confirmed their plans to send Kevin out the door.

We know Christmas has been working on Josh for quite awhile now and expects him to drag her to the end, which we also know to be true for his plans, so there’s no surprise here that Christmas would want Kevin gone instead of Josh.

Given that we know Josh wants to take Christmas to the end and his recent suspicious behavior I would have expected Paul to at least consider wanting to keep Kevin, the easier win in these final rounds, but no Paul wants Josh to stay because he wants to take him to the end instead of either Christmas or Kevin. That was another tidbit Paul revealed last night.

With all that in mind it looks like a solid lock for Kevin Schlehuber to be evicted tonight from Big Brother 19 when Christmas casts the only vote of the F4 round.


  • Paul won Veto
  • Paul already nominated Kevin & Josh
  • Paul told Christmas she’d be the sole vote
  • Kevin expected to be evicted
  • F3: Christmas, Josh, & Paul

Join us here tonight at 9PM ET to watch, but while we wait share your thoughts on what you expect.

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    • Still hoping Christmas is the smart, independent self made businessperson she seems to be. Tricks Paul at the end. Wins the fina HOH and takes Kevin to the end.

      • In order for her to do that, which I hope not since I can't stand her is winning the last HOH on her own. Paul will never allow it or throw it to her. Christmas has never won any comps on her own.

          • She seems to be somewhat walking on it,but with a little limp. She was not able to participate in the Comics comps, so maybe they will make accommodations for her in the last ones. They have done it before.

  • I believe that Christmas jacked everyone's game when she stayed. She should have left the game as she couldn't compete in most challenges and the guilt trip she laid on Jason was wrong. She could have come back next season and had a chance to play a good game. But no she wanted to stay and that ruined everyone else's game. She was a tool for Paul and he would never have gotten so far either. I hope the next time he says the word "friendship" outside of the house, someone clocks him. If he does win BB19 I hope we never have to hear or see that tiny man again. What a douche!!!!! I hope Paul takes Kevin to the end because I think the house would vote for Kevin before they would vote for tiny man.

  • I like Kevin. Want Paul to win. But okay with Josh.
    So A Josh win 500,000 for meatball
    Paul 50,000 again. Kevin has 25,027. I'm glad. Wish kevin or Jason would win AFP. BUT fear the cheaters and haters will get Jody a vengence vote. You'd think they are playing. It's a game.

    • Last night on BBAD they asked who will get your vote for AFP and Jason got the most response. Kevin or Jason is fine by me.

      • I'd be happy with Jason winning. I'm sure he could use the money more than anyone. Could be a nice finale moment seeing him win AFP and hugging his family.

      • I'd rather Jason get it than Kevin. I think most of Kevin's behavior has been specifically geared for winning AFP instead of playing the game. I don't like or respect that.

        • Had I known people were voting for Jason I would've voted for him for sure! I thought because of his stupid BAD joke that people turned against him and would not vote for him.

          Well shoot! I just wasted a bunch of votes! I've been voting for Kevin. No one has been playing to win, so in my opinion Kevin is one of the nicest people in the house & has been the entire season unlike 95% of all the HGs so I gave him my votes.
          But again, I like Jason more but I just didn't think he was an option.

          • Oh, I don't know that many people are voting for Jason. I'm just not fond of someone coming into the house and playing for AFP the entire game instead of playing the game. I don't care how charming they are. For someone to be my favorite, they need to actually play, too.

          • Yeah that's true and someone else just pointed out that Kevin has been playing for Paul. I never really looked at that angle so now my votes are going for Cody. That said I don't even know if my votes are working because I can vote and vote and vote without it telling me I have "reached my maximum votes" like it has other years. And two people now have told me you can only vote if you have all access!? I'm so confused LOL

  • I finally got to vote for Kevin CBS was not counting votes last night or this morning now they are I think that gave a huge advantage to nut case Cody

    • I was able to vote over 50 votes before I lost track and gave up. I didn't know if the votes were actually registering because it didn't stop me at 20!?
      I tried again a couple hours ago and it still let me repeatedly vote.

  • They need to get rid of the AFH. People are more concerned with that, than the actual game. Bitter ass people.

    • What game? LOL
      Who's bitter? Fans/viewers? People who do not like Paul's game play?

      I think he played a good (VERY EASY) game, but he could not have asked for a better group of morons to control!
      CLEARLY most of these HGs are just looking for their "15 minutes of fame" and think if they jump on the "Paul train" their 15 minutes will be extended! Paul himself is even promising them that! (What a loser! It's pathetic!) But that's on each HG that followed him around, not Paul! Paul simply played like a coward all season!
      Like I said, I think he has played a good (very easy) game but at the same time I have ZERO respect for the guy as a person! Rallying up the troops & declaring psychological warfare…… What a whimp!
      Trying to get people like Cody to self evict instead of beating him fair and square is a cowardly act! Paul has acted like a little baby all season when it comes to Cody and Jessica & he STILL talks about them!
      It's hilarious watching Paul make himself look like a complete DIPSH*T the ENTIRE Season!!
      I was a fan of Paul's last season but he has destroyed his reputation! I thought he was one of the good ones but clearly I was very wrong! I'm glad his true colours have come shining through and everyone can now see the true Paul or at least the "Fame whore he has become!
      Paul should've stayed home and kept the fans he had!

      So for me personally, I am WAYYYYYYY more interested to see who receives AFP then who wins the game, clearly Paul wins the game! Everyone knew Paul was going to win this game by week 2-ish..... It's no surprise.
      It's NOT hard to win a game when 97% of the HGs were/are playing for "second place, maybe AFP & their 15 minutes of fame!" A lot of them even said it out loud! LMAO UNREAL!!

      Paul should've never been brought back, he destroyed this season! Paul and his showmance with BB!
      Sure, the guy is going to win the game and rightfully so but he has absolutely NOTHING whatsoever to brag about! Paul thinks he is some mastermind and has played the best game in history LOL he's in for a BIG surprise next week when the game is over! Paul could not have asked for an easier group of circus clowns 🤡 to control!
      If Paul was up against people like Dan, Dr. Will, Mike Boogie, Janelle, Britney, Danielle, Cody, Jessica etc. (or just people like them) he would've been DESTROYED, laugh at and been gone a very long time ago! !
      So, sure he got people to throw HOH comps etc. but paul's "big moves" were ONLY achievable because again he was playing with a bunch of "Mindless Moron" who were/are just excited about their 15 minutes of fame! & hoping Paul will grant them 15 minutes more!

      So, yeah I am more "concerned about who receives AFP!" Because it will be the first (of MANY) slaps in Paul's face for playing like a COWARD ALL season! The kid "THINKS" he is a Genius and a Superstar! And I'm loving every minute of this!
      That's all! To each their own.

  • I'm not of fan of bringing in vets, I feel they already had their chance. I am surprised that all the HG believe what Paul says. Even in the end he votes for Kevin and washes all the blood from his hands and lets Josh do the dirty work.

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