‘Big Brother 18’ Recap: Episode 25 — The Tables Have Turned On Paulie

The Paulie Exposed Party continued on Big Brother 18 Sunday night as we got a closer look at the things Paulie has been saying about the women in the house, and as some members of his alliance started to realize he might not be the kind of guy they want to play the game with.


The episode picks up right after the double eviction. Michelle is in tears and she’s trying to explain herself to Nicole. But since we didn’t get to see everything that went down before Thursday’s episode, we have to see that all go down.

Normally I’d be annoyed by having to see such old footage, but I’m glad the TV-only watchers get to see this side of Paulie. Natalie explains to Zakiyah how Paulie has been playing her all while flirting secretly with Natalie. Zakiyah decides to go to Paulie about what Natalie told her, only she calls it being attacked. Does Zakiyah believe Natalie or not? Who knows, but what is for certain is that Paulie is not happy with Natalie and he tries to put the flirting all back on her.

Natalie decides to also tell James what Paulie has been up to. James also goes to Paulie to find out what he has to say about it all. Paulie plays it off as he flirts with all the girls in the house and that Natalie is just a typical Jersey girl. And he hates Jersey girls as he’s said about 5 times this episode and about 50 times on the Live Feeds.

And for the clencher, we get to see Paulie call Natalie as fake as the things on her chest. He’s such a charming guy, isn’t he? We get a lot more of the uncomfortable confrontation with Paulie and Natalie, showing us further that this guy has no idea how to act around women. Let’s just move on. I feel dirty and sad and can’t handle this any longer.


No let’s cut back to 90 minutes before live show. Nicole asks James if he’s voting to evict Michelle. James tells Paulie, Nicole and Corey that he’s voting out Zakiyah. Paulie wants to know who put this plan together. James said the girls did and Paulie asks if he’s doing this because the girls say so. James says yep. Paulie of course is heated and goes to grill Paul. And Paul isn’t having it. He’s so over Paulie.

Paulie goes back into ask James if this is actually a shot at him. James says no, but Paulie says it is and he’s clearly getting played by a Jersey girl. Paulie threatens James, telling him he better win the HOH. Let’s cut back to after the eviction, and Paulie is attempting to apologize to James.

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  1. Victor can’t play HOH and Paul has a good chance, but one never knows. If Victor wins the Care Package he could decide one of the nominees even if Corey or Nicole win. If Corey wins, then Victor could put up Nicole.

    No, Zakhya didn’t believe Natalie. She went right up to Paulie to snitch and she told Julie she is interested in getting with him after the show. Those tears were for him, not because she was evicted. She also went right to bed with him after Natalie spoke to her.

  2. I just finished a lovely frozen Watermelon Margarita – my own recipe with real watermelon – and for a second I thought I read ‘douche eviction’ instead of ‘double eviction’ lol.
    Obviously a Margarita-induced Freudian flash forward to this Thursday’s episode. Haha.

    • Oohh that sounds so good. Now I want one. Maybe I need to drink a few on Thursday before eviction.

  3. Evel Dick tweeted that Paulie refused to wear a punishment costume and production had him make pies instead (which he is still refusing to do.)

    Did anyone see/hear that?

  4. Once Paulie is evicted he should be sent straight home for refusing the punishment phase. I am voting Michelle as a co-HOH. After that I am voting for Paul to give away the money. I seriously hope that Nicole is sent to the jury after Paulie. This is getting very interesting for James, Victor and Paul to see if they can sway the remaing HG into an alliance.

    • From what I understand he didn’t refuse punishment yet. I don’t think it was a costume, kind of like Derrick had the 5,000 Hollas thing in BB16 and that didn’t have a costume. I guess his punishment was to make a pie every time a bell went off for the rest of the summer, but he’s going home so he told some of the other HG’s he was debating if making the pies was worth it. Evel Dick started the whole “he refused punishment” thing. Either way, I feel bad for Paulie. He’s obviously got some mental issues (a previous therapist told him he was entirely unfit for a game like Big Brother, and he lied to production during casting saying he had never gotten psychiatric help). He was also guaranteed the winner of BB18 until he told Paul that he didn’t want Z to go. If he had just let her go last week without fighting to keep her, he would still be guaranteed the win of BB18. Some of the comments he’s made have been awful, stupid, mysoginistic, and downright hurtful. But it’s still a little bit sad what’s happened to him the past week and a half.

      • His claustrophobia would’ve kicked into high gear being under the bed w/ Natalie, that’s probably the tightest location to be in the house.

      • Yep. Also the Paris tunnel. My daughter told me after we watched that episode that she knows I wouldn’t be able to go through the tunnel and that it’s a good thing none of the HGs have my problem.

      • I can’t say I don’t feel bad a little because mental illness is hell to live with. But on the other hand, if my doctor tells me I shouldn’t be on Big Brother then it’s my fault if I don’t listen to him. BB should remove him now if it was a lie. Breach of contract.

      • Too far into the game. Would cause one heck of a controversy to do anything now, especially when he’s on his way out, anyway.

      • I can see it just because he’s on his way out. Controversy shouldn’t matter if it’s truly someone’s well being, but I’m not naïve enough to believe that covering their butt wouldn’t be the show’s number one priority.

      • Agreed about it being his own fault he didn’t listen to his Doctor. But it’s not like he’s the only person who lied during casting. Nearly everyone tells a white lie or two to get on the show, but not normally in the big boxes like “Do you have mental illnesses?”

      • Right. I agree with you on that for sure. I’m sure quite a few hgs have fudged during casting. It’s just that it’s such a big thing to lie about as you said. And something too that could have long lasting effects on someone’s well being.

  5. I have really changed my mind about Paul. He is an OK guy. Paulie has been a jerk from the beginning and I am glad that America got to see what a creep he is. So glad he will be going home. Buh Bye, dirtwad crybaby.

    • I think Paul has had some sketchy moments too, but he’s certainly entertaining and far smarter than anyone thought he was. Paul making it this far was a total long shot but look at him now…

      • He’s entertaining for awhile but it gets old. And he’s the biggest floater. Just like what Victor said to him tonight about nominations when Paul said put up Paulie and Corey and Victor told him but I take all the heat. That’s Pauls game. He lets everyone else do the dirty work and he plays innocent to everyone.

    • Paul is TV Gold. I love his unscripted comments. He has really turned his game around after a poor showing at the beginning. He’s a smart guy.

    • I think you mixed up the names, lol.

      Paul was a jerk in the beginning. He threatened to punch people.

      Paulie was not a jerk until he hooked up with Paul.

      And now that Paulie’s out the door, Paul’s reverting.

  6. I think you meant James ruined every blindside attempt this season. I mean once this happened there are no other blindsides planned or that could happen this weekend. I do hope that Michelle gets some good screen time before the votes close if for no other reason than to assure she, Paul or Victor get it because otherwise Natalie is in trouble if Nicole or Corey wins.

  7. Paul sitting in the HOH bed eating Cheetos while Paulie was making an ass of himself and the DR dance was hysterical! I didn’t really care for Paul when the game was just starting..but, he has really grown on me since he has gotten out from under Paulie’s control.

    • The DR dance was obnoxious, which I’ve come to expect of Paul, so I’m not too surprised by it. Now, excuse me while I go vomit for just having to think about it again.

      • Paul was a jerk from Day One, and only became “Fun Paul” after losing all his people. Regaining power, he is regaining jerkhood. Will only get worse.

      • The problem is I really don’t like any of them. Nicole and James have both disappointed. Paulie is a jerk and Corey a sycophant to Paulie. Michelle is useless, Natalie passive agressive. For now, I am enjoying Vic and Paul turning the tables but both have displayed poor behaviour in the past. Yet I’m still watching and will watch to the finale!

      • Now, Im sorta starting to hope Vic and Paul just wreak havoc and let the others know how stupid it was to let them hang around. Still, total jerks, though, but sometimes funny jerks. Really hard to truly root for anyone. James is such a dupe.

      • My fate was sealed long ago. And tonight after she told Z and was hugging her she had a smile from ear to ear. Actually this entire blow up started because of her. Paulie would of never said anything if she didn’t start it. I’m not saying Paulie was right and I think he said some awful things but she really started it. Why would she bring up about hiding under the bed incident when that was over a month ago? She flirts with all the guys. Give me a break. Even today on the feeds Corey and James were talking and Corey said we’ll have to go out and party after the show. Just in general. Natalie got all pissed at James and then blamed Corey saying that’s very disrespectful to her. WTF. She continues on and on and on. She really needs to go.

      • But, did Nat start it when she walked through the back yard, and all the guys out there said FT to her? They were both wrong, but why shouldn’t she try to play the game a bit. She so wants him out that this may have been her contribution to that end

      • Maybe she smiles when she is in uncomfortable situations I mean she said she laughed at Pauline’s uncomfortable pick ups bc that’s just how she reacts. Some people r like that. I am. I even laugh at ugly criers I can’t help it. Doesn’t mean she had ill intentions. I’d wanna know too if a guy was being a certain way around my back.

      • Her intentions were not good. They were strictly game play. She conveniently told her the night before eviction hoping she would blow up at Paulie. Then if she had the return ticket she would go after him. She even told Michelle she wanted to blow up his game. Dirty playing using Z’s feelings and emotions IMO.

      • You’re right everyone does play dirty. The difference with her is she sits there crying to James, Michelle, Paul and Victor about how Nicole and Corey are dirty players when she’s the dirtiest. She calls Paulie out for being a flirt when she does the exact same thing. To me that’s being a hypocrite.

      • I just can’t stand when people stick up for z and hate on Natalie.. Natalie was trying to let z leave with a little bit of pride but instead she is going to be mortified when she discovers that everything Natalie told her was true.

      • I’m not sticking up for Z. In fact I’m glad she’s gone. But Natalie is a fake hypocrite.

      • Yep. People love him now but quickly forget all the racist, disgusting remarks that he, Victor and Jozea made in the beginning. Actually I think his remarks were worse than Paulie’s.

    • Paul has my vote for fav. player.. did not care for him at first and am ashamed to admit I was probably sterotyping and I hate that… :( But, to me, he has been the most entertaining. I read his full bio and he is the one who is staying true to himself. Actually I am torn between him and Nat because I know she has had a hard life and could use the money and paul has pretty much had a free ride in life so far.

  8. The skewed read on the game that I got rom these blogs and readers is amazing. I fully expected Paulie to have been a pure doosh in tonights episode, and, oh, poor Natalie. Wrongo. The truth is Natalie stirred the pot by going to Natalie then James, and dumping on Paulie. Not the other way around. Paulie then did the same (get into James and Natalies business) in reaction to Natalie going to Z. Meanwhile, BOTH Natalie and Paulie were under the bed giggling around, and Natalie has flirted with everyone (including crying for being rejected by Vic in the beginning)just like Paulie has. So, they are both young and both flirted around — OH NO, THE HORROR! Sorry, Paulie was reacting to Natalie causing trouble with Z and James. Why wouldn’t he? And Natalie acts innocent…yeah, OK. I think people here react because they don’t like Paulie (fair enough) by going rabidly after him for the cause of all evils (not fair).

    • Agreed. Both went too far. Paulie shouldn’t have said what he did, but if Nat had issues with him, she should have taken them up with Paulie herself, not gone tattling to Zak and James.

    • Agree that Natalie’s behaviour was sketchy. She is passive aggressive, Paulie is just aggressive. At least she doesn’t use denigrating terms when talking to people. Not really fond of either of them but detest Paulie. Natalie I just don’t care for.

      • I’d been liking her less and less with each passing day, but that last DR session of her gloating over Paulie losing the game? Yeah, no, sorry, you just lost any sympathy you might have had from me. You didn’t handle it yourself, you let your boyfriend and bff Bridgette fight your battles for you, and now you’re celebrating? What kind of example will that set for James’ daughter, Natalie?

      • Not so sure that James is setting a great example for his daughter. His lovesick behaviour 2 years in a row, come on. He needs to grow up

      • James is the male Nicole — two years in a row chasing a showmance (Meg and Nat). Meg said, “No thanks.”

      • She lies, though, telling Paulie “everything is fine and I think youre great” then turns to Michelle, James, or the DR to say the opposite. So, Paulie told her off, but Natalie lied that everything is fine and dandy, then said things behind his back — I guess it depends on what you think is more honorable.

      • And then she gets mad at Nicole for being upset for thinking she is flirting with Corey. During the fight with Paulie she admitted to being a flirt. If it isn’t okay for Paulie to flirt with her because she is with James then it isn’t okay for her to flirt with anyone either, especially Corey since he is with Nicole. I think Paulie was being a total ass but I do think he had a point about that.

      • It wasn’t the flirting she objected to, it was the derogatory statements he made about her behind her back. That was personal and it shows how he really feels about women.

      • The difference between Natalie’s meddling and Paulie’s aggression is that Natalie is in a platonic showmance, while Paulie was having ACTUAL sex with Zakiyah.

      • So what? Id say, to be honest, Natalie is FULLY playing James while Paulie has wanted to cut loose Z and has said so specifically. So, who is the worse one — the one who is totally playing James for all it is worth or the one who morally upsets you by fooling around with a girl when they are both single and in their 20s?

      • The worst part is that Paulie bragged about it. No need to tell the guys in the house. Typical of his denigrating behaviour to women

      • Z is a big girl — she did it on CBS in front of millions of people?! Did we forget that?! It takes two to tango, and Z should be wise enough that sex on a TV set would be found out! wow

      • It’s worse because Z thinks she’s Paulie’s one and only, while she’s not at all. As for Natalie and James, I think you are giving James less credit than he deserves. He’s a big boy, he knows what’s going on. Natalie probably isn’t going to end up marrying that boy, and James DEFINITELY knows this, but they’re still in a showmance and I think James 100% believes Natalie that she loves James, just maybe not in that way.

      • Natalie went searching, starting with Vic, for a boy to showmance/play with — only James took the bait. James thinks it is MUCH more than platonic, therefore she is PLAYING him like a fiddle.

      • She went from Vic, then tried Corey and got turned down. (I think that’s why she doesn’t like Nicole because she’s jealous) then onto Paulie and when she couldn’t have him she settled for Jamesy.

    • 100% agree. Natalie was trying to freaking evict Z and Paulie was trying to save her, so Natalie goes and decides “Hey, I’m evicting you, maybe I should piss you off at the person trying to save you.” And then she claims to Paulie she did it because he flirted with her and she didn’t like it. Paulie was visibly flirting with every single girl in the house. Natalie was flirting with every guy. The whole thing was sketchy as hell, and Natalie was 100% responsible for everybody in the world jumping on the Paulie hate train. I don’t know about any one else, but if I’m in Paulie’s position I’m doing the exact same thing he did (with less personal comments hopefully)

      • His biggest mistake was suggesting Zak as a target, he was trying to prove his fake loyalty to Paul & Victor, thinking he could be like Derrick and agree at first and then flip it his way.

        Didn’t work, and Paulie didn’t know how to adjust, or just take a back seat for a week.

      • Sorry Dolan but I dont agree. Paulie degraded Z and tore her to pieces for like a hour or more in the Paris room while she cried. He tore into the women all thru the house. He made remarks about them knowing their place etc. How the house needed to throw them out for thinking that they could talk up to him. where have you been? HE made america hate him, not Nat.

    • We reacted because of his FT comment about Natalie… there’s a difference between fighting about a game and demeaning someone for the way they look.

  9. So Paulie gets the boomerang card and comes back in the house or Paulie battles against Day, Zak, and Bridgette and comes back in the house. Cool CBS, cool.

  10. Didn’t bother reading this article (why bother when I know it’s a heavily biased editorial disguised as a factual retelling of events?), just jumped down here to the chat.

    • I was watching the whole Paulie vs Natalie thing happen on live feeds and the way it was described on here was from the defending Natalie standpoint. The writer acted like Paulie was some sort of towering unpenetrable Lion, and Natalie was the little kid who killed it with a single stone. In reality, Paulie’s game was at a point where he was a nearly defenseless kid, being chased by snakes through the woods, until Natalie the snake attacked him. From the completely unbiased standpoint (me liking both Nat and Paulie from Day 1) I can say Paulie could have used less offensive language, but Natalie could have not been a total snake and the whole situation would have been avoided entirely.

      • I think Natalie was sick and tired of Paulie teasing her with the whole “FT” crap..since almost Day 1..he has been calling her as fake as the boobs on her chest and he would get pissed at her for not owning up to having a boob job..which is none of his darn business. What was she supposed to do..sit and let him pick her off…which is exactly what he was going to do. Sometimes you gotta be the snake and strike first.

      • If she had a problem with him, she should have talked to him, not run around behind his back. Sometimes, the best way to deal with a problem is to face it head on.

      • I don’t think there was any reasoning with Paulie..he obviously had a problem with her from the beginning…being from Jersey and all..I think they knew a little about each other..maybe more than what we know and he wanted her gone for awhile.

      • In the beginning, before he hooked up with Paul, I’m sure he would have backed off, had she spoken up.

      • Yes, I agree she should have spoken up to him earlier. She definitely sent mixed messages. However, I don’t think that he would have backed off. He’s a bully and would have continued full force if he knew it bothered her

      • He wasn’t someone I would’ve classified as a bully until he started hanging out with Paul. Still, she could have at least tried. If he didn’t back off, then she’d have an argument for the others.

      • According to Twitter they have friends that run in the same circles outside the house who also know Paulue’s ex.

      • Yeah, I watch it all go down on the feeds, too (as much as I could, that is – was working during the day last week – thank God summer school is over), and I saw the episode. But I’ve come to find Branden’s articles way to heavy handed with the bias, so I decided the best thing I can do is just not read them and come straight to the comment section to keep up with the chat. This way, it’s a win-win, since I’m sure Matt is getting annoyed by my constant complaining about how these articles are written.

        And, yes, sorry about that, Matt. I figure this is the best way to keep the peace.

      • The whole enjoyment of the show depends on NOT avoiding these confrontations. It would be pretty boring otherwise.

      • I’m for confrontation as much as the next BB fan, but Natalie handled it poorly. It would’ve been better for her if she’d handled it herself rather than sending James in and letting him and Bridgette fight her battles for her. Because she chose to do this, it makes her look bad.

      • No, in Big Brother that makes her look smart. To get others to take the heat fighting your battles. The girl has caught on and she’s playing! It’s great! Stop being so sensitive.

      • No, it made her look like a snake and a rat, or worse, one of my kindergarteners. It’s just petty and childish. If she wants to be called a player? Then she needs to play with integrity.

        See, THIS is why Jeff and Jordan are my favorite BB players ever.

      • You definitely wouldn’t want to play the game with me then.

        Everyone has their favorites and I personally love the villans, I dislike Paulie because he’s a straight up idiot douchebag though.

        I want to see players make wonky votes and blame it on others, I want to see players stir up trouble between the showmances, I want to see deception and lies, and entertainment.

      • LOL, yeah, we’d have issues if we were to play the game together, ha ha! Good thing this is just a fandom chat. ;)

      • Thing is, you wouldn’t know it was me stirring all the shyte because I’d be doing it with a smile on my face under the guise of ‘friendship’.

      • No I’m not stalking you. Lol. I just can’t find anyone else to agree with. I think we agree on just about everything this season. Including all the dirty game play. And they’re my favorites also. I know Jordan doesn’t want to do BB again but I wish they’d have another allstars and both of them would come back.

      • Since when do the houseguess play with integrity??? That is definitely not the way Paulie is playing, especially the way he treated Z and talked about her behind her back.

      • She’s been hiding behind Jamesy this entire season. Ok Jamesy whatever you want. She didn’t even know what a backdoor was. And if I have to hear her whine one more time about come on I want the HOH. Give it to me. She’s one of the fakest people in the house.

    • It’s not a retelling, it facts. Actually a watered down version cause what happened was way worse.
      He did not and does not consider anyone’s feelings but now he is soooo emotional and headed for a mental breakdown. Whatever!

      • Whatever you want to call it, it’s not appropriate. These are meant to be a factual play-by-play of the events of the episode. Save the personal bias for the editorials.

      • Whaaaaaat? This is a spoilers blog, it isn’t a state-sanctioned retelling of big brother. If you don’t like this one, go to one of the myriad others. Jeeze, or just read the CBS version for the “factual” play-by-play ROFL!!!

      • Joker’s, Morty’s… there are many fact based sites that follow the same formula as this… but with one major exception. They keep the opinions to the editorials and keep to the facts while doing the daily highlights and the episode recaps.

      • It can also be interesting to read the author’s view of what goes on in the house. As long as the facts are mentioned. That’s why there are so many different sites. If I just wanted to read all facts only I would find the site that gave me only that information.

      • Actually, I think these are meant to be opinionated editorials. If you want just the facts, go to Jokers.

      • As it’s called a “recap,” that tends to mean a restating of the facts and not an editorial bias, like Joker’s and Morty’s pages. If it didn’t have this word, then it would indicate this for what it is – an editorial.

    • Wow we are on the same page. Read my comment about this article. And I’ve never said anything about the writer before. I’ve been coming to this site for years and this year Branden is really biased.

    • I know what you mean. I did read the article. He basically called us Nicole fans idiots. By the way I am soley responsible for her reveiving the CP. I personally gave her 100 votes. ?

  11. Guess what, Paulie? I bet ya that NOW there isn’t a Jersey Girl on earth that would give you the time of day. You’re disgusting and NOTHING like your superior brother. Get over YOURself, Multiple Personality Disordered wuss… And go James!! Except be a little more committed to your side next time. ~ A Bama Girl

  12. I liked on the show tonight how they started out with Paulie showing his brutal AH side, and ended it with Paulie crying in the DR. The many sides of Paulie. When the going gets tough, the tough … run to the DR and cry?

      • He actually was pretty loyal to them. He’s been protecting him all this time. He was only talking about taking out Vic, not any of the others, not until James stabbed him in the back by choosing to evict Z.

      • Which is what anyone in the 8 Pack would have done during Week 2. And, read my comment a bit more carefully, because I DID mention him tossing Vic’s name during the DE and specifically stated that he wasn’t going after Paul, Corey, or James.

      • Yeah, I do remember … uh… ‘wgho” voted out Victor … “to.” (Pretty sure you meant WHO and TOO.)

        Let’s see, if I remember correctly, Tiffany and Bronte were on the block beside Victor, who was the BD target after Paul was pulled off the block. The vote was 9-1 against Victor, with Paul being the 1. So, who voted against Vic?

        Why, the 8 Pack members who weren’t on the block or reigning HOH, of course – Michelle, James, Da’Vonne, Frank, Zakiyah, Nicole, and Corey – as well as Bridgette and Natalie.

      • every1 wanrted paul ouy to!paul sitting grat look on the memory wall just like drek and ian!

      • Following Jozea’s eviction, the remaining HouseGuests competed in the Head of Household competition. Paulie was crowned the new HOH, so he and the rest of his team were immune from the next eviction. At the nomination ceremony, Paulie decided to nominate Paul and Bronte with hopes to fulfill a plan to backdoor Victor. Victor ended up winning the Roadkill competition for the week and decided to nominate Tiffany as his target. The other HouseGuests continued to play Victor, as he remained the house’s target even though he was convinced that it was Tiffany. At the Veto competition, Paulie won his second competition of the week and won the Golden Power of Veto. At the Veto ceremony, Paulie continued with his plan and used the Veto on Paul, putting Victor up in his place. At the eviction, Victor was evicted by a vote of 9–1–0, with Paul casting a sympathy vote against Bronte.

      • Um… okay… I’m guessing you’re either trolling me or I’m just not getting the point here, because this is the long version of my answer.

      • That was week 2. And by the way Paul was the first one to bring up sending Vic right back out the door.

      • I personally would like to see James stab him a few more times, not really but sorry I need Paulie to go and stay gone

      • It was not just James decision to evict Zakiyah.. Paul Victor Bridgett and Natalie were also in on it.. And actually it was Pauls mastermind to evict Zakiyah…for 2 reasons A conversation he had with Paulie concerning ‘his’ planned order of HGs evictions where Paulie did not name Zakiyah and Paul caught Paulies omission of “Z”. Move forward to Paul and Michelles conversation…Michelle is lecturing Paul about all of the reasons that Pauile is a threat and lets him know that Paulie is being handed $ 500,000 if hes not stopped…That is when Paul went to Victor with the evict Zakiyah plan.. Voting Zakiyah out was a decision made by several not just one..

      • True, but Paulie didn’t know about Paul’s part in the plan and trusted him. He only knew about James’ involvement. Therefore, he was ready to turn on James, but was still loyal to Paul and Corey, and Vic at that point in the game.

      • Noooo if he was planning on voting Victor out again Paulie was not loyal to Victor.. And Paulie was telling Corey I believe that at some point he was gonna have to clip Paul..Paulie was not loyal to anybody but Paulie and maybe Corey..

      • By virtue of the phrase “at some point,” this simply means that he was still loyal to Paul and wasn’t planning on turning on him until they knew the time was right… like, when they didn’t have a choice BUT to do so? F3, anyone?

      • U ain’t final 3 with somebody u talking about “‘clipping”..there is no loyalty in that..Paulies final 3 was gonna be him Corey and evidently Zakiyah But Nicole thought it was gonna be Paulie Cody and her.. Paulie had a final 3 with James and Corey..He had deals all over the place and screwed hisself over..

      • Paul plays all sides that’s why nobody knows about his involvement in everything. He’s the biggest floater. That’s why he wears that stupid duck float all the time. Thankful he received a punishment so we don’t have to see that duck float on him for a week. Maybe he’ll sink this week.

      • No such luck as I’ve already seen him wearing the floater over the black suit, last night. What a ****

  13. Its the final care package:
    “BB BRIBE”
    WEEK 5 – August 21 to August 26th
    The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction

  14. I thought these articles are supposed to be facts and neutral which clearly this one is not. Did you ever think maybe America likes Nicole? Check out some of the other sites Branden. And Nicole clearly stated she thought it was suspicious. She didn’t whine. But you forgot to mention when Natalie went out she DID whine. Like most of the HOH’s when she whines to throw it to her. By the way I gave her all my votes which was more then 100.

    • OMG, is that what he insinuated? Yeah, definitely glad I skipped this article!

      For the record, anyone voting all 6 days casts a total of 120 votes. Now, I’m sure Branden was exaggerating, but still, that’s the facts.

    • I don’t think these are meant to be facts-only news articles; I thought they were Op-Ed pieces, so Branden’s point of view is just as valid as anyone else’s.

    • The thing is this writer keeps saying he feels so dirty about how bad those guys treat girls.
      Yet article after article he keeps on thrashing Nicole, wishes she is humiliated or bad things happen to her. And Nicole is a girl, right?

  15. Am I the only one more disgusted by how Paulie ridiculed James than the Natalie fight? He straight up disrespected James and was bullying like I’ve never seen before.

    • He was equally sh*tty to both. I cannot stand that boy & can’t believe these kids have let him run this game for so long!

      • No, James can handle himself. He stood up to Clay last year. He just knows its not worth getting into a verbal or physical battle.

      • I loved how James just took the high road and walked out of the room – holding the door for Natalie, BTW.

      • That was being an incredible pussy TBH. Since when did it become so difficult for people to tell someone they are being an asshat?

      • The government and/or political parties use fear all the time, to me fear is fair game.

        If the President can do it, why can’t I?

      • Paulie was berating James for simply making a decision that didn’t benefit Paulie, it was absolutely disgusting. This is a stupid game, they shouldn’t be allowed to scould people for making game decisions.

      • They should be allowed to do everything except physical/psychological violence. Which I want to see, I’m not watching to see a bunch of kids play house.

      • Nobody deserves to be ganged up on. Not even the fake Natalie. That’s one step below bullying.

      • Maybe Paulie deserves it. He hasn’t shown any redeeming qualities but we all have our own opinions where he is concerned.

      • And I liked that he let Nat make her own points. He was there to make sure Paulie didnt wig out and to support her not speak for her :)

    • That was un- called for, but Jame’s is being played by Natalie big time, like a all day sucker. It’s a shame i used to like the guy.

      • I still like James. It speaks volumes about her character more. Maybe he sees things we haven’t seen.

    • I was more dissapointed in James going up there to talk with Paulie about being disrespectful, then he doesn’t say anything at all? Come on, was this guy not in the military and a corrections officer? Why is he such a coward?

      • I believe they’re also trained to take a lot of verbal abuse from people. He was scared, so he was brave in a way. I just wish he had been more forceful.

      • Maybe he just has his priorities in the right order. The U.S. Military could be a question of life or death. Big Brother isn’t. James has said many times it’s just a game.

      • But if he truly likes Natalie, shouldn’t he at least be attempting to defend her honor? She probably wants a man, not a scared little boy. He’s not doing himself any favors if he’s trying to make an impression.

        I’m not saying he’s gotta punch Paulie square in the face, I’m just saying he could have called it out as Paulie being an asshole and stop being a disrespectful douchebag.

      • james using her just just like how frank used bridgette now paul using victor slide by this week

      • Perhaps you should be watching another program then?
        Bachelor Pad starts tonight where you can have love AND money. I think you’ll enjoy it.

      • I agree with you but he probably feels a guy like Paulie isn’t worth it. I don’t think Nat would want him to get into a full blown altercation with Paulie over her.

      • He should’ve stayed out of Nat’s problems instead of getting involved. If Nat needs help of any sort she can go to the DR not ruin James’s game by dragging him into her fights.

      • Whoever wins big brother will use another player to further their game. Many fights in this game happen between players using others for cover.

        It’s hilarious to me posters here get so upset with players tactics to achieve a goal. The people I tend to dislike are the generally bad people. I can like and root for the good humans even when they are pretty dumb (James).

      • Ok, I’m addressing the James and Nat situation and you’re apparently addressing another subject that doesn’t have anything to do with my comment.

      • I’m basically saying they are both using each other. And if someone expects to win big brother, they will have definitely have used someone to do so.

        So why is it such a big deal how Natalie uses James? If that is her strategy, then good for her.

      • Because he has feelings just like she is spouting about paulie belittling her. Moreover, she and james talked in detail what they liked in a person and now she’s flipping out over crap. He needs to leave her alone. It’s also kind of late for her to be making this move.

        She is still being flirtatious with that leg hanging out with Paul in the room.

      • No one said it was ‘a big deal’ that Nat was using James. I’m not even sure Nat is consciously using James in this matter. I’m saying it’s bad for James’s game to get involved in Nat’s petty problems in this manner.
        You think it’s ok for Nat to use james and that’s fine with me but I also have an opinion on this matter which you seem to think is inferior to your opinion with your condescending remarks.
        You’re not fun to talk to so farewell my lovely.

      • He’s trying hard not to rock the boat anymore than he did. Furthermore, Paulie was looking for a real fight. He’s trained to spot the crazies.

  16. How long will they let Paulie ignore BB telling him to make another pie and to go to DR before they send his a** out the door

  17. Meech is winning the (unofficial) co-hoh vote? Only 30 min left (est) to get votes in for today.
    My 20 votes went to victor … Am I missing something here? I am just afraid that if Paulie has r/t ticket, comes back in and wins hoh, and Meechis co-hoh. Paulie will Try and play mind games with her

    • that i think someewlse big will happen like james nicole and corey money will come into play

    • I gave my votes to Paul today, but may alternate to Meech as well this week. I think she can be hilarious but she is also more easily swayed. So not sure. I respect the way Vic has played since returning and he will align with either Paul or Meech.

      • Deep down, he’s kind of a woman hater too, if that matters to you. He said he is using a diff strategy this time. I’d like to think this is his & Paul’s real personalities, but remember the first couple of weeks? :/ I really do hope they’re being real now b/c I like them both a lot.

      • I wonder about those two. Maybe they both have fathers who treat their mothers like trash, so they grew up thinking that’s normal and acceptable behavior towards women. Sad.

      • I agree about Victor, and do remember his behavior earlier in the game. …which is one reason I’m voting for Paul. I also think he’s really funny and us playing the best game right now.

      • Yeah she is, but I was thinking how much she gets under Paulie’s skin. However, since he’s out now I’m sticking with Paul, cause he’s playing a super smart and funny game.

  18. Paulie’s plan is to get kicked out by the producer, so then he could brag about not getting voted out. What a pathetic loser he is. Him leaving will make me so happy and I don’t care how is done.

      • Maybe, but when CBS brings former players back for interviews, they bring people like Mike, Dan or Dr. Will for their insights and opinions. I can’t for one second think CBS would *ever* bring Paulie back for anything.

      • then there is 20. Will Kirby – Big Brother 2, All-Stars
        Hero, villain, it is all the same to Dr. Evil and his fans. While he has a very strong and enthusiastic following, there are those who didn’t appreciate his tactics. As far as entertaining baddies, he would be at the top of the list but as a disliked villain, he sits at the bottom.

        19. Danielle Reyes – Big Brother 3, All-Stars
        Danielle is in the same boat as Will Kirby. Even though most die-hard fans appreciate and admire Danielle’s gameplay, there are those who felt her Diary Room sessions during Season 3 were arrogant and downright rude.

        18. Rachel Reilly – Big Brother 12, 13
        Like Alison, Rachel is another Big Brother redemption story. Her first appearance made her a very polarizing figure. You either loved her or you hated her. Her return the follow season showed a more tempered and determined Rachel who won over some fans she had lost.

        17. Jean Jordan – Big Brother 1
        Another HouseGuest who divided public opinion, Jean was admired for her honesty by some and disliked for her inflated ego by others.

        16. Shannon Dragoo – Big Brother 2
        The only female member of ChillTown, Shannon will always be remembered for her relationship with Will and scrubbing the toilet with Hardy’s toothbrush.

        15. Alison Irwin – Big Brother 4, All-Stars
        Although she redeemed her Big Brother reputation to a degree by appearing on the All-Stars season as a somewhat more mature woman, her spiteful behaviour towards fellow HouseGuest Robert Roman wasn’t entirely erased for people’s memories.

        14. Dick Donato – Big Brother 8, 13
        So much to love. Who could ever forget Dick’s absolutely riotous reign of terror? So much to hate. Who could ever forget Dick pouring ice tea over Jen’s head? Like him or hate him, he was entertainment gold for Big Brother. Photo by Getty

        13. Mike “Boogie” Malin – Big Brother 2, All-Stars
        While he does have his fans, Mike’s self-assured attitude and treatment of Erika during the All-Stars game made many into haters.

        12. Shelly Moore – Big Brother 13
        To say using deep personal bonds and her family to manipulate the other HouseGuests did not go over well with fans is an understatement.

        11. Ivette Corredero – Big Brother 6
        Some of the negative feelings towards Ivette were certainly derived from her association with Maggie and The Friendship Alliance but her clashes with Kaysar and others didn’t help her cause either.

        10. William Collins – Big Brother 1
        Although not a terrible guy, his constant bickering and inability to get his message across in a productive and progressive way really got on viewers’ nerves. If he had followed the advice of the wise Cassandra, he might not have been the first person ever voted out of Big Brother USA.

        9. Jun Song – Big Brother 4
        Like her partner in crime, Alison, Jun is viewed as one of the most detested Big Brother finalists. Her distasteful comments and conduct in the house had the jury threatening not to vote for either her or Alison.

        8. GinaMarie Zimmerman – Big Brother 15
        She said what she said. She did what she did. She lost her job. She lost fans. The fallout speaks for itself.

        7. Ronnie Talbott – Big Brother 11
        To most, he will always be The Rat.

        6. Willie Hantz – Big Brother 14
        Many were not surprised when he eventually received his walking papers.
        5. Amanda Zuckerman – Big Brother 15
        Unabashedly brash and quite malicious at times, Amanda was her own worst enemy in the house.

        4. Andy Herren – Big Brother 15
        Code Red’s sneaky ways were not looked upon very favourably.

        3. Maggie Ausburn – Big Brother 6
        Maggie played a truly brilliant game but being the leader of the infamous Friendship alliance sunk her popularity.

        2. Aaryn Gries – Big Brother 15
        Like Gina, her comments, actions on the series and the consequences pretty much says it all.

        1. Justin Sebik – Big Brother 2
        To this day, there isn’t much sympathy for Justin and his removal from the house over the notorious knife incident.

      • Oh come on those guys at least had GAME!
        Paulie is just a childish mess who wants to self-evict.
        Neither Boogie nor Will nor the odious ED would have sunk that low.

      • Can you imagine if BB put all the bad boys together for a season what it would be like???? Someone would be arrested.

      • I will watch that. I couldn’t stand those guys, but if they are in there with similar personalities, it will be a great show. Evil Dick was diagnosed with HIV so he was kicked out or according to him he chose to leave. I doubt he may be asked to come back. Boogie is really old and he won’t be that good in the comps. Will is a busy plastic surgeon who doe snot need to waste his time for that little bit of money. Paulie will definitely come back.

  19. The Friendship Blindside Dance! It makes me laugh so hard. Thank you so much Branden for putting it up here!

  20. I will love for Paulie to get kicked out, because the idiot doesn’t realize that he could have that golden ticket.

    • I fear for the women in the jury house if he goes there.. He appears to be such a female hating racist. His relationship with Z was so like the master/slave thing. Him saying he had her programmed, etc. I just wish cbs would send him on home without pay…I’m sure they can find some legal excuse. Doesn’t cali have the rule where you can be fired for no reason? he is basically an employee of cbs.

      • haha girlfriend is gonna suffer!
        It’s gonna be like Jack Nicholson in the Witches of Eastwick!

      • Glad someone other than me is thinking the same thing. He was pretty much treating her like she was his property. I don’t think it’s a racial thing though. I’m guess he treats all his girlfriends that way. It’s the way a lot of guys have been raised.

      • ….AND now he keeps talking about his ex-gf. According to twitter he cheated on her after Cody was on BB and blamed it on all the attention he got. He got? Cody was there not you Paulie. Narcissistic Misogynist!

  21. O.M.G.! He was PAULIE SQUALLIE after noms!!! Good grief, I am a progressive woman and love ALL people who are kind, but Paulie, do you need to come out of the closet, honey? Your pent up rage might dissipate if you felt free to express your true self. You wouldn’t have to run around bro-coding, back-stabbing, lie-telling, self-congratulating, and woman-hating anymore. Help us help you!!!

  22. Most people would consider it a privilege to play a game on national TV that they wanted to play. It would be super funny if he gets himself kicked out and later finds out he had the RT.

  23. After seeing Paulie’s blubbering DR at the end the end of the episode I believe he is genuinely heart broken that the guys didn’t let him win this season as he thought he so richly deserved.

      • Well I wish they would. I’m not too sure Nat had Zak’s best interests in mind when spilling all that info about Paulie to her.

      • Does it matter? Why are the girls being held to a diff standard and expected to play nice but the guys act badly and it’s okay cos it’s a game!

      • yet t5hey hardly show how women how thry acted badly but pauloe acted badly double standard!

      • yet why not they show how bridgette was bully against but they shows paulies bullying people?

      • It’s a total double standard that reflects how the game is structured. What’s interesting to me is that on Survivor where conditions are WAAY worse, the alliances are much less predictable.

      • Maybe not 100% but remember that Day warned Z about Paulie, too. It just wasn’t as detailed. I think Nat was being a real girlfriend, she just didn’t express it the way I would have. Also, ppl should’ve told Z earlier (she was obvi not getting it on her own, bless her heart!).

      • Day did it the right way I thought while Nat didn’t.
        Too bad Nat wasn’t concerned about Zak until she was trying to bring down Paulie.

    • If it wasn’t for Paul, Paulie would be picking them off one by one. B tables have turned. Time for Paulie to get a taste of his own medicine. He needs to just man up and stop acting like a wuss.

  24. Paulie on BBAD waving that flag and preaching to nic and meech about all his scenerios on how vic can use the veto on him!!!! meech ask him a question and he can.t even give her a straight answer

  25. What in the heck did Corey do to get James in such hot water with Nat? She’s normally more level headed but right now she’s pretty upset.

  26. Think about it. Every week 2 HOH has been the most hated houseguest at the time since Grodner took the reigns.
    BB17: Shelli Edit: Ok guys i get it. Geez
    BB16: Devin
    BB15: Aaryn
    BB14: Frank
    BB13: Jordan (and by proxy, the vets alliance. Jordan was probably hated the least out of those 4)
    BB12: Rachel
    BB11: Ronnie
    BB10: Jessie
    BB9: Chelsia & James
    BB8: Jen
    (Remember that I emphasized “at the time.” A few people on this list are quite loved now, like Shelli, Devin, Rachel, and Jen. And I guess Frank now too because he is a lot better this season than he was in BB14 when he was with Boogie.)
    Paul winning HOH just makes so much sense. It’s as if it’s destined to happen. I mean, I still can’t believe Julie announced to the house Devin was actually the winner of the HOH comp and not Cody. It’s destiny.

  27. Comparing Natalie vs Paulie to Da’ vs Frank (self.BigBrother)

    Both confrontations turned the house against the presumptive power player in the house
    Both confrontations stemmed from the guy thinking that the way he was communicating was okay. 3 Both confrontations ended up flipping the power in the house (the end of the 8 Pack and the end of the Executives)
    However, Frank handled his defence much better than Paulie The allegations against Frank were more serious. Natalie ‘s argument seems much flimsier than Da’s (“everyone in the house knows I’m a flirtatious person”?)
    Am I crazy for seeing a similarity here?

  28. I wish to God the DR would allow Michelle to take her microphone off EVERY night as she cracked down on those chips or sun flower seeds. I fast forward wish she was gone … She needs to go home to eat

  29. I don’t want to give the care package to Michelle really bc she is such a flipper I feel like she could possibly get swayed by Cory or rathole. So hopefully Paul or Vic get it

  30. James is so dumb the minute he is out of the house Natalie will probably hook up with Paul. I don’t think Paulie is worse than Paul he is using everyone to do his dirty work.

      • Sounds like you have some issues yourself and if someone doesn’t agree with your opinion you have to insult them.

    • She kept telling James she wanted to be alone, but when Paul entered the room, suddenly she perked up. I don’t like that she is intentionally hurting james.

      • Yah but James isn’t dumb, I can’t agree with that part of their statement.
        I think he’s playing her more than she’s playing him. The showmance thing is part of his game… it gives him an advantage when it comes to voting, they vote as a couple basically, and also…. they can pull each other off the block if one wins POV. It’s always good to have a “partner” in the house.

  31. I love Paul Vic and Natalie. I hope they are the F3. As much as Paul has grown on me and I like him, I just don’t think he should get the money. He’s a rich kid from Hollywood hills and lives in a big ass mansion. Vic on the other hand has fought hard shed blood made ballsy moves and deserves to be F2 Imo with Natalie hopefully but that’s wishful thinking. It will probs me Vic and Paul.

    • I’m starting to agree. I can’t think of anyone else that even deserves to be F3 other than those 3

    • Someone’s background should not prohibit them from winning. It’s whomever can outsmart and outwit to the end. It’s unfair if it is to become a popularity or beauty contest. Please, I personally do not wish to watch this type of show.

      • I just feel like if someone is already rich they don’t deserve the money. If he ends up winning he ends up winning but I hope Vic takes it.

      • These Children are not rich their parents maybe, but not them. My parents never supported me as an adult and there’s most like don’t either.

      • Yeah but you can’t say for sure they didn’t help set him for a good life being a clothing designer or whatever business he runs can you? Vic lives with his family he needs the money to start his own life. AGAIN IMO

      • Vic is growing on me after his HOH. I didn’t think I’d like him because he’s too like Rico Suave or like Fabio-ish…. lol…. but I did like how he handled his HOH and didn’t let it go to his head like a lot of people do.

      • Totally agree I didn’t like him that much either at first but he totally handled his hoh perfectly even when he questioned nicole in the safari room that was where I really started to like him! He seems to stay humble about it too. I dunno imo he was the real underdog and he fought hard to battle back I didn’t want him back at first but now I’m glad he did.

      • So what if they did give a start in life. If he is playing a good game and wins he deserves the money.

      • Look I like Paul I hope it comes down to Paul and Vic and Natalie bc Paul and Vic both played really well. But between Paul and Vic I hope it’s vic bc he needs the money more than Paul

      • Funny you should mention beauty contest. I think this is the first season they actually casted people that understand the game instead of models/wannabe actors/actresses as they have in the past. It makes it much more interesting with the different mix of personalities and people that understand how to play BB. (well most of them)….. I think it was last season that girl they had on there that was hit by a train or something? She knew NOTHING about Big Brother. And like almost every season they have someone on there that’s just there for looks that has no clue what they’re doing, it’s way annoying.

      • Yes Becky! lol Thank you.
        I just remember when she was giving pep talks to people that were like about to get voted out of the house and she was all… this isn’t like the Hunger Games, it’s not like you’re going to die. lol And they were looking at her like…. uhhhh yah well MOST of us have dreamed about coming on this show and WINNING?!! Like duhhhh lol

      • I do have to give her credit, tho, for getting hit in the face by a train and surviving….. I feel bad when I criticize someone, so now I feel better giving that compliment lol

    • Paulie is much worse. Audrey just checked out but Paulie has created a negative legacy for himself that he will never live down ever.

  32. I think it would be awesome and hilarious if production would find a tie and sunglasses for Pablo (the duck) to wear!

  33. I really don’t trust Meech with the care package. My vote is going to Vic since he can’t play for the HOH. Maybe Paul can win it and they both can be HOH.

    • Me too, I like Meech, but Big Meech is a little too Wishy Washy, with coming to decisions! I’m gonna vote between Victor & Paul….Please just don’t allow Corey to get the Care Package

  34. Nat does seem fake to me. She tries to come across like a sweetheart and so far most people are buying it, but I think she’s quite cutthroat. Sooner or later her claws will come out and hope she will cut James to pieces with them hehe.
    I hope Paulie throws those five under the house, the bridge, the Jersey shore or whatever on his way to Neverland. He would be happier there I guess playing with boys all the time.

    • I don’t think Natalie will be very cruel to James but I do think she’s very capable of being cut throat to anyone else.

  35. Natalie, is Meg all over again for James, the guy really is delusional when it comes to women, all they want is to be his friend.

    • But Natalie did say in front of James and everyone that she loves James and cares about him more than anyone except her family. She might not be completely honest in saying that, but that’s not really delusion on his part. Meg was a delusion since she said repeatedly she only liked him as a friend.

  36. Late night note here…OMG.. If you did not watch BBAD, find a way to watch it….Literally the funniest tv I have seen in months… Agent Paul on his mission and Paulie is trying to talk game with him…Paul was so funny with his attempt to secure the house!!!!

  37. If you are anti-Nicole/Paulie/Corey, you should vote for Vic to get the care package. He can’t play HoH and Paul would be better served to get it the following week. Vote Vic!

  38. I cannot believe there is a Big Brother channel on Disqus and I’m just now finding this out? lol This is the first season I haven’t watched the feeds too… so out of the loop.

    But I’m guessing Paulie overplayed a little…. or a lot… based on the CBS edited version of the show? So what’s up? He’s about to be ousted? They’ll have to back door him if that’s the case, he’s good at comps… POV’s especially.

    James is a friend of mine… I love that he’s back this season. And also that he’s not acting like a huge simp over someone that doesn’t return his affection. lol

    If someone could clue me in on what’s up with the Paulie situation, tho, I’d appreciate it – I’ve considered buying the feeds but it’s a little late to do that now, imo….. and quit frankly, I’m not that into watching BB 24/7 this season. lol TIA to anyone that knows what’s up. Up until recently I thought Paulie was playing a pretty stellar game…. too bad he had he let things go to his head a little too much recently. smh

    • I don’t understand why you expect us to do all the heavy lifting and re-explain all this to you when all you have to do is read.

      No offense, but you’re basically telling us that you’re lazy, cheap, unmotivated and yet you expect us to take all of our time out to do your thinking and research and reading and explaining for you.

      It’s a bit much to ask.

      How about you go to Big Brother Network and read it yourself? Or go to Jokers. Or to any one of the plethora of other websites that aren’t as good but do exist if you simply Google it.

      Thank you. :)

      • And btw… if I were you, I would learn to be a little nicer to the people you speak with on here. You have NO IDEA who they might be. Myself, for instance.

        Enjoy the rest of your day …. hope your attitude changes at some point.

  39. AND… I cannot believe they brought back Frank as a returning HG this season, of all people, really? I would rather they brought back Dan Gheesling again… yah he’s been on the show two times too many but at least he knows how to play the game.

  40. As much as the producers tamper with BB for ratings you would think they would have kept Paulie’s love interest in rather than let her get voted out Thursday. JMO…. but it’s all about the ratings, which Allison Grodner obviously understands since she’s rigged most of the seasons thus far.

  41. Everyone has a possible pick for co-HOH what happens if Michelle gets the package. My take is Nicole goes up on the block. Nicole needs to be on the jury. James and Michelle as the HOH’s. Corey and Nicole on the block. If one of them come off I believe we have a blindside coming for Paul or Victor. My 2 cents.

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