‘Big Brother 18’ Eviction Prediction: Who Will Be Voted Out Tonight?

Tonight on Big Brother 18 the next eviction vote will play out live with just three votes being cast and that means it’ll only take two Houseguests to decide whether Victor Arroyo or Corey Brooks heads on out that door.

Victor and Corey face the eviction vote on BB18

While things were up in the air Friday and Saturday night the final choice appears to have been decided now for several days over who would be voted out next. Then in a last ditch effort the Sitting Ducks had a glimmer of hope overnight, but how long would that hold on?

Both Corey and Victor have a close ally in the voting ring tonight with Nicole and Paul, respectively, and there’s no doubt where their vote will go so it all comes down to James. Don’t hold your breath on a flip here though.

James has been hard against voting out Corey this week since Friday. He wants Victor and Paul split up just as he should. James has a better deal with Nicole and Corey plus the expectation that he could more easily defeat them in comps. He knows that Victor has to go and that’s how he’ll vote tonight.

Last night we did see a pretty decent effort by the Sitting Ducks duo where Paul worked on getting visibly close to Nicole and Corey while Victor faked being upset about Paul’s betrayal. It actually seemed to be working a bit on Michelle and Natalie, but we knew both wanted to keep Victor and get rid of Paul this week. James wasn’t swayed though and again promised Corey he’d be safe this round.

Live Endurance comp on Big Brother 18

I’m fully expecting a 2-1 vote against Victor with Nicole and James combing efforts to keep Nicole’s bedmate for at least another week. It’ll be game on from there though with the returning Juror twist that James has denied as even a possibility. He, Nicole, and Natalie are convinced that no one is coming back at this point in part because of something they misinterpreted from Julie Chen revealing the Round Trip tickets each week and saying those HGs wouldn’t be re-entering the house. Oops.

We should have a really exciting show ahead thanks to both a big twist and an even bigger endurance competition coming up live tonight on CBS and our Live Feeds. This should be awesome and you won’t want to miss it. Be sure to have your Free Trial running so you can watch it all play out.


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      • Didn’t Nat say at the beginning of the season that she would use flirting as part of her strategy? That seems to be working well for her.

      • She probably wouldn’t win BB. They’re too many female voters and she is prettier than all of them. You know how catty they can be.

      • I don’t know what to think about the jury consisting of mostly females…will they vote for a girl instead of a guy or be jealous of the girl and vote for the guy.
        Usually jealousy rules in this case so you’re probably right.

      • I agree she prolly won’t win. I don’t see her in F2 either. But I disagree about the female voters. Bridgette would probably vote for Natalie. If Natalie outplayed whoever she was up against in F2, I think Meech would vote for her and Da would, too.

        I don’t see Nic voting for her unless she hates the other person more. She might but don’t think so.

        Z – unsure about. Probably vote against Natalie but would depend on who was sitting beside her. Not that she is jealous of Natalie but because Nat made her cry. Never know though.

      • You do realize that there have been female jury members who have voted for a female to win the game before

      • I am just saying that your comment about the female jury not voting for Natalie (if she were to make it to F2) because she is “prettier” than them was ridiculous. You don’t just not vote for someone because of their looks. Besides, for all you know, Da’Vonne and the rest of the female jury could think they are prettier

      • A returning juror he should have known is coming back. I mean seriously when was the last season a juror didn’t return. Especially with the round trip ticket not being used it was guaranteed a juror would return. The unexpected would be no one returning.

      • Did you just start watching? Victor already battled his way back in. They are having a juror battle back and a second DE. Is that new? I dont remember two DEs before.

      • They generally have a double eviction returning juror and second double eviction. The earlier returnee was different, but with the round trip ticket not being used should let them know that CBS has planned on someone returning.

      • I agree that should have been a really big sign stamped out front and how James missed it is beyond me.

      • He probably missed it, as did Nicole, because someone already returned to the game…we never had two people return to the game like this, before

      • Why are they having not discussing this possibility? Vic has in his DRs, or did I miss the rest of them on live feeds discussing it?

      • I still think James is making the right decision. He will ask Natalie for forgiveness. Sending Victor out is the best option even if Paulie still gets back in, he is the one that might be able to stop Paulie from winning.

      • It might be the right decision for his game, but as Gnat realized last night, it isn’t for her game, and James manipulated her into thinking it was while also telling her he would support her final decision. I assume that to b e good gameplay on his part. I was always a James fan before this week and I can no longer be so, because I liked him for his prankster side, his integrity and the way he respected women. I lost all respect for him this week with the integrity aspect of his game. Really disappointed he had me fooled.

      • I have more respect for James after this week. I always thought of him (although I did like him) as someone there for the ride not to play. This week he was able to play the game and do it in a respectful way.

      • Integrity in the game? James has a habit of breaking promises. Two of his HOHs were him promising safety to people in public then promptly turning around in nominating them a then sending them home. L0L I like James but he has always been one the least trustworthy players in BB history.

      • I believe and I may be wrong that KSJB means integrity as treating the game with respect. Lying is a part of the game and does not affect integrity in my opinion.

      • I do, yes, and thank you. Has any HG ever made it far in the game without a little lying, backstabbing, and manipulation? But the cheating part is another level of a lack of integrity that I find difficult to look past. Dingus and James had intentions of sharing gifts or money which they knew was breaking the rules. That’s the truth and there is no way to justify it.

      • I understand what your saying but them two promising each other anything is that really cheating or just game play to try and protect each other in the game. Stakes have gotten higher now that the group has dwindled down to 7. Now if one or the other is in F2 and this came out I would agree that cheating may have happened but with the chance for both of them being evicted, I do not see the cheating. KSJB, on this one sweet girl you and I just to agree to disagree. I respect your opinion too much to lose your attention to detail but I am not convinced (at this moment) that cheating has happened.

  1. Heads up to viewers. Due to pro football games being broadcast in many cities, CBS is moving BigBrother to their sister stations for tonights broadcast

    Make changes to DVR recording or Favorite channels displayed, as appropriate.

  2. Question now is: if Victor comes back in..will him and Paul carry thru with their plan to put up Nat and James? Lots of potential here for a very interesting week to follow.

  3. James in power was a snooooze fest and production need to stop trying to protect him! He cried a wall comp, and production will give him anything to help this spineless player! Leave them alone and let everyone play their own game w/out production interfering! Once Vic or Paulie comes back in to shake things up, OH! How sweet that will be!!

    • Either James Cheating….BB 18 Will Protect him…..May he pay less if he win the cheating game?

  4. Well if Victor manages to get back into this game AGAIN, all bets are off. Paul and Victor will make it to the final 2, no questions asked.

    • If Vic isn’t back tonight I guess we’ll just have to wait to see him on BB19:) No bashing please but we all know it.

      • Please NO. I want a cast of new people, who are actual fans, no recruits, no returnees and they must all be ADULTLS!

      • I think it was just a good mixture of personalities. That is when BB is the best, when they can find a cast that clicks with each other and the viewers.

      • What probably made it good is CBS chose their favorites from the first 6 seasons and then let viewers vote for who they want in the house. Made it so both CBS and viewers were getting who they want.

      • Since when do they listen to us? We have been asking for that for years. I think that would be great, but I would also like a cast of the best players. Not necessarily winners but players.

      • I agree, and I will keep making these kind of comments. Maybe one day BB will listen, right? LOL

      • As the age for contestants goes up and the economy gets tougher, older (even some in their 30s) Americans are just not in a position to leave their jobs and/or families for a stipend on BB. The younger folks are more flexible. I’d like to see a game where either the first person voted oput each season returned or all the runner up winners returned. But if there are new people, they should all be new. No mixing. Survivor let America vote it’s cast. If they are returning, BB should find all previous players willing and able to return and let fans pick the house.

      • I agree. Older people have more responsibilities, steadier higher paying jobs, families to support, and probably the biggest factor, want to spend time with their families more. It is unlikely to have a group of anyone in even their 30s. That’s why kids in their 20s are chosen because they are the ones who apply. The first person voted out is something I hear a lot, but I don’t think people understand how awful that would be. I would like to see Glenn play and Jodi play, but remember that the first players out are the first out for a reason. They are terrible. Jozea, Jace, David terrible players terrible to watch.

      • I think that is what will make it so enjoyable. It would really be messy. lol. Even a taste of being there and getting sent out first, then watching shows after that would help them a little. They all know their mistakes. I think it would be the funniest, messiest season we have ever seen.

      • The game play I think would be awful, but it could be funny and certainly exciting as the first ones out are generally ones with more aggressive less likeable personalities (jodie and glenn who were out by competition excluded)

      • And no one who knows previous guests or siblings or cousins. FRESH * NEW * FANS.

        Honestly, I think it would be interesting.

    • That’s my #2 reason for wanting Victor back (James). My #1 reason is because I think Victor deserves to win.

      • Just the opposite. Obviously that person has had to battle much opposition and fight hard to get back in the game. Seems to me he would deserve a lot of credit and recognition, even hopefully be able to go the distance.

      • The game is not a game of competitions it is a social game. He has been great in competitions no questions and I do like Victor I enjoy watching him play, but his social game has been lacking to be voted out twice.

      • Not staying in bed, but making it so you are not voted out twice. He clearly has not built the connections needed to survive.

      • I think it would help from the game aspect and the fans/feeders aspect to have them on a schedule where they can stay up as long as they want, but only allowed to sleep at certain times.

      • It’s not that he doesn’t have good connections needed to survive. They know he can beat and make it to the end and most likely he will get the majority of jury votes if he makes it to the F2 and win. That is the reason why he’s being evicted. James, Nic, Corey hardly have any good game skills to survive the game, but they are still in the game. Vic is likable and has great game. Personally this what I think.

      • you come here out of nowhere and start talking like you’ve been around the whole time. You haven’t. In fact I’ve already caught you not even getting up to speed by reading threads that are extremely valuable to your understanding of what’s even going on. I’m not trying to attack you, I’m trying to help you because you’re making a fool out of yourself and I’m hoping it doesn’t get any worse.

      • CBS should cut out like that….This is not Girls dating game or Girl stay with the guy at bed all the time without do any thing……..Please cut out, Kids been watching too since air on 8 PM……Nicole please stop…..You did everything bad for the young kids watching now a day……

      • The game is not purely a social game either. It’s a combination of social ties and competitions. Victor has both. But he’s been targeted because of his competition skills. That’s why Paulie put him up OTB the first time, and he was placed there this time as pawn. Once the pawn part fell through, he’s once again being targeted for his competition skills.

      • Dr. Will is the best to play and has never won a single comp in 2 seasons. Social is so much more important.

      • I don’t know who Dr. Will is and I don’t care to be honest with you. I’m just saying it’s a combination game. By your logic, Dr. Will won on pure social skills. Well, it’s time for someone to win based on competition skills then.

      • He now hosts the jury discussion at the end of the season, but was on seasons 2 and 7. He is so dominate it isn’t even funny. I would recommend watching the seasons especially 7 it is my favorite season or at least youtube clips of him. All social skills, crazy good social skills. He wouldn’t even try to win comps knowing that it is a social game. No one has ever won on competition skills and no one ever will. Competitions are there for viewers to enjoy watching. 1 comp win, 9 comp wins doesn’t matter social is what determines your chance to win.

      • ..and all the BB greats have said their strategy worked in their season but can’t be duplicated. They also said, BB had evolved in three stages..the Dr. Wills..then the Dan G,..Andy started the 3rd stage, that’s where we are now.

      • That would make the most sense to me. An evolving game, all different depending on HG’s personalities, competitions, behaviors, etc.

      • I haven’t enjoyed BB as much as I once did after the Andy 3rd stage began. I’m ready for the next evolution of BB and stage 4.

      • BB relies on four basic props: (1) the stripped-bare
        back-to-basics environment in which they live, (2) the evictions, (3) the weekly tasks and competitions (4) the “Diary or Confession Room” He’s targeted because he’s a physical threat not because of poor social game. I bet you he’s well liked by most of the Jury. (good social game, I’d say)

        If he’s able to return and make it to F2, he has the best argument and I’d say dramatic, to explain the Jury how he fought all the obstacles he had to face.

      • He is being targeted because of his strength in comps no doubt and I agree he is well liked by the jury. He seems to be a likable guy, but some social game is lacking to be voted out twice. Janelle was the most dominate competition player in big brother and made it to 3 twice without being voted out. Many people have been strong competitors and made it far. He has a part to his game that is lacking.

      • Oh I agree, he’s not a strategist. In fact Paul is better of a strategist than him, but look at all the players in the house right now…Christmas Corey?

      • I would agree the game is not full of strategists. Corey I still don’t think he understands what game he is playing.

      • Corey playing the game with Stay in bed with Nicole!
        I hope this kind the part will air by mid-night! Kids all watching……

      • Anybody who doesn’t want to study…. Good grief, Charlie Brown!

        How could he feel “safe”? I know he felt if he went up, they’d evict Victor or Paul but why let them win the POV at all??? Golly moses!

      • Corey didn’t even study for that VETO comp since he was so confident but somehow he came in 2nd place to Paul. Maybe this guy isn’t as dumb as I thought he was – that blank stare is throwing me off.

      • EXACTLY. social gaming is not the strongest part of all of this. Competitions do matter, very much so.

      • you have to remember back to how victor did get evicted. There was an alliance started by day and frank to keep all the vets in because jozea said the new people were coming after them. He was screwed because he was a new person.

    • Good, hopefully he will come back and pick up where he off with Paul and get the HOH and put up James and Nicole stat!

    • I think he is in trouble either way. If Paul wins HOH or if Paulie returns. Think Paul is the bigger threat to James though. Paulie, being alone at first, may lean on James a little for help, even at arm’s length. But I think he’d do that with all the boys.

  5. 10:24 am BB time. James is awake in HOH with Nat &Vic. Is this a good sign that Nic/Corey/James were NOT able to flip Nat/Meech back over to them late late last night? Or is Vic just trying to keep up appearances for Paul split strategy?

    • I don’t think it matters at this point. What will be interesting will be what happens after the buy back comes back into the house. What will happen then, especially if that person(Vic) or Paul win HOH is the real question.

  6. Frustrating. First James gets bashed for fans thinking he’s not playing the game and letting Natalie bat her eyes at him, then he gets bashed for playing the game cause he’s clearly “manipulating Nat (according to some on this board) as opposed to doing what he thinks is necessary for his game. I thought that was what BB was all about. He knows it’s best to get Victor out. I would also get out someone who was very likable and won all the competitions. Even though he is not thinking like the rest of them about someone returning, he’ll go for it and take his chances or suffer the consequence. I’m really not rooting for anyone at this point. I’m just making an observation. The players are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. None of them will leave unscathed by these fan boards. LOL It should be good episode tonight.

    • “James never plays the game why do they have him on” – commenters

      “James is playing the game get him off the show” – commenters

      • If you don’t want to, you won’t. Breaking rules is cheating. He and Dingus intentionally and with purpose did so. Maybe no money or gifts have passed hands(yet), but the intention was spoken. They are cheaters. What would you call a person who intentionally breaks the rules of a game and gets caught doing so?

      • Players talk about it all the time. If production thought it was an issue they would step in. They clearly did not find it serious enough to deal with.

      • If production does not find it cheating then I don’t. Bothers a little, but not enough to say he is cheating.

      • Some people just don’t get it because they don’t want to get it. You offer them all the proof and all the information and they ignore it and keep flapping their trap with gibberish. Some people think they already know everything so why would they let facts get in the way?

      • No, they don’t. Not like this. Again, you’re deliberately causing confusion here by not reading the entire thread that gives exquisite detail about all of this. Nobody cares about your opinion, nor do they care about mine. That’s why I try to post conclusions whenever possible instead of just my opinion. Why don’t you go look at the facts and share with us an actual conclusion. That would be a lot more productive.

      • I would call them Frankie Grande, Derrick, Vannessa etc. Some went on to do what they have said and were they called Cheater’s? I don’t see Nicole or James going to the end so what they have said is on deaf ears to me. What if Victor, Paulie or Paul made the same comment and got called out by production. Would the fan base call them cheater’s as well?

      • I would. I can’t speak for others. I understand it is just a game, WW, and because of the nature of the game, I can overlook, even expect the lying and all, but to purposefully set out to cheat, that calls into play another form of lack of integrity that is unacceptable to me no matter who it is. You are very aware of how big of a James fan I have been and it kills me that he was involved in this. We all have different things that take us over the edge with a game and in real life. This is just a deal breaker for me.

      • Paulie was in on this cheat scam. He just got evicted by victor even with production telling victor not to do these nominations.

      • Yes, and I believe it’s one of the reasons he was so artificially confident and why he acted out the way he did. He truly thought he was untouchable.

      • Remind me how Frankie cheated, I’m not remembering. My BB memory span is one past season at most lol

      • By saying he was gonna open schools in Africa, we all know he was never gonna do that but he used it to make other player’s feel sorry for him. Even his Best Bud Zach was crying about it in the DR.

      • Ah yes I remember him crying. I’ve been watching reruns of The Soup and recently saw that scene again on there. It’s pretty hilarious when someone asked him if he’s actually gay and he responded “I’m very gay”. Priceless.

      • You came on here a few minutes ago and asked how? What cheating? We told you exactly where to go read the details and since you’re posting this garbage mere minutes later– you couldn’t have possibly read it. You’re full of it and you’re very close to getting blocked by me.

      • Oh Please! James and Nicole knew they were on camera talking about giving money to each other if they won. This is what happens when you have old, returning players that are there for a paycheck coming back into the game. They didn’t have that conversation with any of the other HG. I know they didn’t take them out and shoot them at sunrise, but you should be more outraged that our dear Paulie emptied body fluids in the hot tub and didn’t try to hide it. Let’s see, which thing is more harmful to the house as a whole. J and N talking to each other about swapping funds or the body fluid incident. J and N will never make it to the end anyway. Lock yourself up in a house all that time and see if you don’t go a little bonkers. It’s just a game. I understand your outrage as a fan, but in the end, it’s just a reality show game. Social experiment.

      • If production isn’t bothered by it I’m not. If it was going to have a real negative effect on the game production would step in. Paulie peeing in the hot tub was not a huge deal. More them him have done it probably most if not all of them.

      • Amazing and I’m honestly lmbo at how you could associate peeing in the hot tub with blatant cheating?

      • I didn’t think it was a huge deal. I was pointing out as far as harming HG, a person’s body fluids can be more harmful than 2 people having a private conversation no one else heard. And it was the way Paulie did it that was the issue with me. I’m sure they drained and cleaned the hot tub. As nasty as that house is, it probably tops the body fluid incident. I’m saying, it’s all relevant, but in the end it’s a game that is suppose to entertain us. D you know how many people come to the boards so emotional that they are “quitting” the show, and “never gonna watch again” and “CBS is cheating” and “production is rigged”. I think we as fans are more emotional than the players. I’m a huge fan.

      • For harming house guests agree. The quitting never gonna watch again, I have to be honest I have said a few times (season 15 really tested me), but next summer I was always back and so are everyone else. Production is rigged. Like you said it is entertainment. They create an environment for who they want to do well. They don’t have a person in mind and say they are going to win I’ll make sure of it. But they will create comps that favor certain people and have certain twists to give advantages. Care packages knowing that returnees will likely get packages for example. But, fans are certainly more emotional than the players (except for the Roussos)

      • Breaking the law as a form of entertainment is not ok. You’re allowed to think what you like but it doesn’t mean you’re not wrong.

      • What the hell is wrong with you. I have a discussion with the other people on this board and then after I leave you come in telling me to read things and get mad when I don’t listen to your response. Well I didn’t see your response because it was after I left. Yes James and Nicole talked about giving money. That is against the rules. But as I said if production doesn’t take action against them I do not find it a big deal. Production knows what is going on far more than any of us. You are now being blocked by me so don’t get mad when I don’t see your response again.

      • There’s a reason that this sort of financial collusion is against the law. Stop making excuses. Paragraph 43 of the contract is quite clear on this.

    • You need to go back and read the thread about James and Nicole cheating which contains all of the evidence and even a link to the Big Brother contract to prove it.

  7. If i have to listen to Natalie, and big leech, go back and forth on who to send out the door for another minute i think i will go nuts!

  8. Funny how Natalie becomes best friends with everybody in 5 minutes time? Bronte,Bridgette,Michelle…..etc.

    • I think Nat just doesn’t like confrontation or conflict. That’s why she cried and ‘flt bad’ quickly when Paul confronted her but then went back to plotting against him once she calmed down.

      • I would say, “Why do you need my permission?” That way if he does it, he can’t pin it on you as “telling” him to do it.

      • I mean, he could still pin it on her. Nicole told Natalie that Paul said he’s coming after James. But we saw that that what really happened was Paulie telling Paul and Nicole to go after James. It worked to get Natalie to turn on Paul. The truth isn’t what matters. What people believe to be the truth is what matters.

      • I think that is partly acting on her part. She said pre-season she was going to fool everyone by acting sweet and innocent and laying low initially. I think the crying and hiding behind the covers was her way of getting them out of her face and feeling bad for her – without having to talk game.

        No one enjoys conflict (most don’t, I guess ha ha) but it is part of the game. Paul can be intimidating. But he isn’t going to hit her. She has to talk game to him or play along with him and let him speak his peace and get out.

      • NIcole, Natalie and James don’t like confrontation and are always nervous when Paul or Paulie talked loudly to them. One reason I miss Da’vonne because she will eat them all alive.
        I did love when Paul was talking to Natalie and James tried to intervene, but Paul stopped him.

  9. It will be Victor eliminated tonight, because James and NIcole clearly have some sort of f2 alliance I can’t find on the live feeds, but it’s there, and I’m sure that 10k bonus to make it to the end doesn’t hurt.

    • I’m starting to wonder if they’ve spent time together before this season. That’s how strong their loyalty and bond is.

      • they did have a pre show alliance. Paulie was inside this alliance. They all have been with derrick. Nicole told Corey about her being coached by Derrick. James telling Natalie that Nicole’s family likes him. Pauliie stated he was coached by Derrick. Derrick being interviewed and he states he knew James very good.

      • They should not be allowed to have a pre show alliance. How did they see each other and know that each other would be on the show? It should have been stated they can’t talk to the other before the show. It’s not fair and it makes it very boring to know they already made an alliance.

  10. Later Vic and good riddance! Good luck with that movie career.. On your resume you could start out by telling them how you got cut from the “Ridiculous 6”

  11. Will the endurance comp be on the live feeds…Oh I hope so. James, Victor and Paulie are all good at endurance comps when their butts are on the line. This is gonna be good, break out the coffee.

  12. James better have on a Depends. He will poop in his pants when he realizes someone is coming back. I am cheering for Victor or Paulie.

  13. Just remember, Da and Bridgette are great at endurance comps too. This is a lot more equal than we might think, so it’s not just the comp beasts of Paulie and Victor having a shot of coming back in the house. Also if it’s some sort of wall, we know that men are a little more “top-heavy” with that extra torso and arm muscle and seem to struggle with wall comps.

    • I wouldn’t say they’re good at endurance comps. I’d say they both had one solid performance during one endurance comp.

  14. When the next ACP is delivered, like in the past, everyone knew what it was. When this one is dropped in the back yard, will everyone know the person has $5000 for the bribe? If so, that will make it crazy. James will take it.if he is at all in a power position. He ain’t no fool.

  15. The only person I like that is still around is Paul. I hope he wins HOH. Nobody else is playing the game. They are all on the same raft floating the game away. I would put up James and Nicole. The only way they would win is if it was given to them.

  16. I just posted this is an earlier thread, but since everyone has probably moved on to more recent topics, I will re-post here:

    Pre-game alliance? Fine. Whatever. But why does James feel so certain
    that Nicole will honor that and cut Corey if the three of them get to F3? Nicole has
    no reason to think James would cut her, but I can absolutely see Nicole
    cutting James.

  17. Go to Jokers. Mech and Nat are really working on James to vote Corey to cripple Nicole. Victor and Paul are really successful in convincing the tworld sides they are not partners anymore. They have created a paranoia in the hiuse. Poor James are telling the girls the whole thing may be a ploy. Girls are convinced the split is real and begging James to vote out Corey. Then we get BBC fish. Tonight is shaping up to be a good one. I wonder if James will follow his gut about voting out Victor, or have the girls convinced him Corey?

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