Big Brother 17: Overnight Debate Emerges To Keep Vanessa

After spending the afternoon celebrating in their win of getting Vanessa Rousso on the Block the Goblins alliance spent the late night figuring how to save her. Oh yes, that just happened.

James has a new plan for Vanessa
James has a new plan for Vanessa – Source: CBS All Access

Huddling together in the Have-Not room, Jackie, James, and Meg began to debate the threat levels of Shelli and Vanessa and their chances of getting either of them on the Block again. Someone grab me the Tums.

Flashback to 1:39AM BBT 8/11 Cams 1/3 as the Goblins alliance starts running through how much smarter it’d be for them to keep Vanessa over Shelli. They excitedly consider how if they kept Vanessa the entire house would be after her while she would only be after Becky. As for Shelli, they think she’d be after all four of them, making it easier to protect one (Becky) instead of all four of them.

At 1:43 AM BBT James brings up the sweater incident. Earlier in the day Shelli had gone through James’s clothing to find some of Clay’s clothes that he had left behind. She was upset that James had those things which leads James to believe Shelli is “still real salty about Clay.” He worries she’d be gunning for them hard if she stayed.

Perhaps the biggest mistaken view they have comes up next. James says that Shelli has more loyalty to her in the house than Vanessa does. Not at all. Vanessa has the Austwins and Steve. If Shelli stayed, she’d kinda have the Austwins but not really since they don’t trust her after trying to get the target on Austin last week. Shelli would be much more isolated even if she has flimsy working arrangements.

James wonders how they can go against Becky, but he points out the whole house went against him last week when he could have taken cash and prizes instead. Sounds like he might be the salty one.

Now they start to work on figuring out the votes. Here you think they might start to notice how much easier it’d be to get support to keep Vanessa over Shelli, but nope, it goes right past them. They point out Steve likes Vanessa and then they’d need to get the twins. Actually they aren’t so sure they can get the Austwins to keep Vanessa. Yeah, they’re really reading this all wrong, aren’t they?

Jackie asks wouldn’t Vanessa just go after them again? Meg replies, “It’s more of a question mark though.” Is it? Hmm. Maybe she’d go after JMac and Becky noms instead of two of the Goblins, but even if that happens then they’d still be the plan B.

The Goblins are very concerned about Shelli because “she’s already won two HoHs!” Yes, yes she has. You know who else has also won two HoHs? Ya knuckleheads. If Vanessa ends up getting saved through no actions of her own then that’s going to be even funnier to watch.

They’ve agreed that they need to get Becky on board with this plan and think she’d be okay with it. Heh. Let’s see how that goes. We’ll watch for more talk about this on Tuesday as they say they want to keep thinking it over until Wednesday before telling others.

I think this is a terrible plan for them, but neither is really a “good” situation for them as both are big threats. Vanessa is hands down the bigger threat though as she exercises far more control on other HGs than Shelli could do. Of course this flip is also good for us because Vanessa is a lot more drama than Shelli. Hey, it’s not my chance at $500K, so you three Goblins go right ahead.


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  1. Vanessa is the Queen of big brother. This could likely be her last time on the block before final 4. Vanessa and Austwins f4 Vanessa and Austin final 2

    • Agreed! She is outplaying the entire house and has been all season. Vanessa, Austwins, and Steve f5, Vanessa and whoever final 2.

      • Let’s wait until the end of the week. She was playing a great game until she broke the plan to evict Austin. Then everything crashed on her and she is on the block now, right?

        The last two weeks she has been acting crazy and Audrey-like. The Goblins will pick off two of her alliance in two week, and one of them may be her.

        The Goblins are coming up with this new idea on their own and not because of anything Vanessa has done. In fact, it looks like s silly prank to steal a shirt from James is going to blow up James and his alliance.

      • Out playing by bullying does not make for a good player. Let’s not forget our anti- bullying campaigns. Hope children are not watching this.

      • LOL. Really? When she goes around hte room points a finger at everyone demanding to see their hand up in front of everyone else, that’s not bullying? Going after Clay and JMac the other day was not bullying?

        What makes it worse is she accused James of bullying people which was an outright lie.

      • When something is game related its not bullying its playing the game. Evel dick was a bully she is not a bully

      • there are far more reasons than ‘bullying’ that keep me from letting my child watch this show

      • I wouldn’t say she’s bullying them. talking down. definitely. but these are grown adults playing this game with her. I personally would not allow her to speak to me the way she speaks to steve especially.

      • I don’t think she is a bully but she is very controlling and manipulating and does it to people who let her ie..Austin and Steve and if she stays she will rally all the people she can control to get back on her side! Evil Dick was a major bully!

      • That’s the word I was looking for…controlling more than a bully. Although, bullies are pretty much controlling too! hahaha

      • LOL! Bullying now? Because she asked Becky for her word in front of everyone and put her on the spot? It’s a game. No personal attacks were made. You clearly don’t know what bullying is, go look it up and educate yourself.

      • Okay, here’s my education, read it and weap:

        Blustering, overbearing, quarrelsome, aggressive person who habitually baggers or intimate s a weaker or smaller person. What does Vanessa do when she gets in a bind?????????

        She runs throughout the house spouting lies and falsehoods to Cover Her Ass.

        Now, do you get it???????

      • So running throughout the house lying to people = bullying. Gotcha. Also, it’s spelled weep. I feel bad for you so I’ll just stop here.

      • If when you badger and intimidated with lying tongue you are bullying. How dense are you troll???????

      • Vanessa may be annoying but that doesn’t make her a bully. I feel I should draw you a picture since you have the reading comprehension & spelling abilities of a toddler, but in your case, clearly, ignorance is bliss. Have a nice day.

      • Again, dense. I know how to spell. This auto correct changes what you type. Idiot, so I didn’t proof read. Get a life why don’t you.

      • Are you lonely? I have been on this feed all day and no one has written crappie like you. Go somewhere else troll.

    • Vanessa is not taking Austin and the twins to final 4 That is way too risky for her. She knows if there is any chance the twins are in a position to choose each other over her they will choose each other. The twins have to go before it gets too far. At som e point Austwins have too many votes and Vanessa cannot stop them.

  2. Steve, JMac and Becky are in prime position to rule this house. If those 3 could put together an alliance (it seems JMac wants to, but Steve can’t think for himself while Vanessa is still in the house and Becky still wants to belong with the cool kids) and possibly recruit Shelli (if she stays), then there would be no stopping them. All of those players are great at comps and wouldn’t have to worry too much about others (Austin can’t win a comp, and the twins aren’t that much better. Meg is also pretty useless when it comes to comps) with the exception of possibly James and Jackie. Also Austin is love struck and won’t do anything except to further Liz along while James and Meg seem to be clueless. Those four would be great together, although admittedly it would leave the feeds pretty boring.

    • If you take out Shelli in the 1st evict and get Sithe Lord Crazy Train out on the 2nd then the house is split 3-3-3–better odds.

  3. Getting Queen Becky to go along with this plan will NEVER happen..she hates Vanessa..she tossed that “Hate” word around alot yesterday. But, I like it

    • Nobody needs Becky to go along with it though.. She and John can be the next two to go for all anyone cares!

      • Exactly..why in the heck do they need her permission..I hate when players do that in this game! Drives me nuts!

      • Because if they loose Becky and John, there are only 3 people left in their alliance (J/J/M) and there are Liz, Julia, Austin, Vanessa, Becky and John being pissed off and maybe going after them.

      • No, because if they do this nobody will be pissed at them except Becky and John. Everyone else wants Shelli out.

      • Austwins are already going after them. They’re the only other big alliance. Vanessa might go after Becky, but after that, James and the others will be the target.

      • James’s days are numbered no matter what. But this move will help Meg and Jackie because Becky and John will be targets before them as far as the Austwins go.

      • If Vanessa stays and wins HoH she puts up Becky and JMac. If one of them wins POV who does she put up? Its going to be James or Jackie for sure and that person will go home because Vanessa will have the votes.

        This is a stupid idea by the Goblins and it will be a fatal one if they go with it. Even raising it to Becky risks losing her loyalty to them.

      • Getting rid of Becky and Johnny Mac will only favor Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve. They are still the majority without Becky and Johnny Mac. James, Jackie and Meg will be easy pickings as those 5 roll on, taking them out one by one! This is still a game of numbers. Meg might survive as she is good for a Final 2 option.

      • They don;t want her out. They have no choice but to evict one of them. And if they want to keep Vanessa that is all the Goblins need to know.

        Doing this will shatter the alliance they had and show everyone else they cannot be trusted. They are doing what they accused Vanessa of doing.

      • They are not losing Becky. She is leaving them for Shelli. She never wanted Shelli out. Even when James put her up last week. She is working to save Shelli.

      • Exactly. But people don’t think ahead. And I seem to recall James, Meg and Jackie flipping out and looking for revenge because people flipped on them. Now they want to flip on Becky. Kind of hypocritical I’d say.

      • And pretty stupid actually. There is only 3 of them, James, Jackie and Meg and they want to antagonize Becky and John? Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve are solid. They will easily win without Becky and John in the game. And if they wind up on the block, Becky and John will vote them out if they betray them this time out!

      • As much as I want her gone, I think she might make it through this. But I am so disappointed anyone is even thinking about keeping her. Ugh you idiots!

      • If they get rid of Becky and Johnny Mac, it makes it easier for Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve to finish off James, Jackie and Meg in short order. The only reason James and Jackie are not on the block this week is Becky flipped to their side. This is a game of numbers. Once, Becky and John are gone, so are James, Jackie. Meg might survive as a good Final 2 option for whoever is left.

    • She would look like what she accused Vanessa of being someone who is bossy and forces their game play on others. If she shot it down

      • She will shoot it down..but, who cares..HG’s should vote they want. Becky is bossy..I don’t care for her at all.

      • Lynn, I agree with you. When I read that Jackie and Meg were thinking about going after Shelli instead of Vanessa, I was glad. I do not like groupthinking. And if they don’t get Shelli out now, it will be their last chance because if she win the second HOH in the DE, James will go. Shelli will never go after Vanessa.

      • I think it was Meg and Jackie who were talking about Shelli earlier and they said if she gets to finals, she deserves to win. They know what they are up against with Shelli.

      • Because there has been a lot of terrorizing going on…get outta here. They decided this on their own. Deal with it

      • No Mike, I am a fan of everyone thinking as an individual and not allowing themselves to be brainwashed by some fake-bully-cry baby.

      • Good I hope James does go. He thinks he’s the king of the house ever since he was HOH. I’m sick of his disgusting comments to all the girls. My dream scenario would be JMac gets HOH during DE and puts the twins up and if one comes down back doors Austin. Then Shelli wins HOH and puts James and Jackie up and James goes. I would love JMac, Shelli, Steve and Becky to be the final four. JMO

      • That visor James wears is so big on him and people want to talk about Vanessa’s beanie. James looks like a little boy playing dress up. James and Jackie need to leave. They are trying to change up Beckys game cause they can’t win their own HOH. Hope it back fires on them.

      • I hope it does too. Now James is mad because Shelli took back Clays shirt that James was wearing. He even said to Meg she’s just mad because I got rid of Clay and now I’m wearing his shirt. Grow up James. I can’t stand him!

      • i agree with you, but Shelli going through Jame’s things looking for Clay’s stuff is just as childish, she also needs to grow the heck up. reminds me of junior high.

      • I’m sorry. Becky told them about this plan right up front and they all agreed. The Goblins backed up her plan and have been talking all week about getting Vanessa out. Becky took sole responsibility for putting Vanessa on the block and kept and blame away from her team. And this is how they repay her? Changing the plan because Vanessa will target her instead of them? This is so low and despicable it makes anything Shelli and Vanessa have done look honest. in comparison.

        They are in an alliance of sorts. They are supposed to vote together our of loyalty.

        Only a Vanessa fans would think what Meg, Jackie and James are doing is okay. Its treachery.

      •’s Big Brother! Becky put Vanessa up because she doesn’t like her..that is putting her up for personal reasons..I don’t like that kind of gameplay. I don’t care who goes’s just that Vanessa would go after Becky if she stayed and I like that idea.

      • Becky might not like Van but it was def good strategy on gettig van out because she has been making herself a target for bd Jeff and Jason and for Becky’s game even though I’m not rooting for Becky at all!

      • It’s Becky the one who went right behind their back and told Shelli about the plan? Yes, Becky who is HOH told the plan to both Becky and Steve when she told them to keep it between the 4 of them. They need to think about what is best for their individual game and not someone else’s game.

      • Dumb move actually and they can force the votes and blindside Becky and John. Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve might vote to evict Shelli and James, Jackie, Meg can seal it. They seal their own fates as well! Becky and John will see their treachery. Even if one of them gets evicted, Becky or John whoever survives will go after James, Jackie and Meg in addition to Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve. Those 3 Goblins will not last for long and sent to the jury house and Vanessa will win it this season!

  4. The Knuckleheads is a far better name than Goblins for these three stogies… Bunch of Jamokes would also work.

    • Dumb sticks they are. Do they know how to count? Three of them against 5 on the other side assuming they get their wish and Becky and John get evicted ahead of them?

  5. I like how it’s all people with sense that are commenting on here for right now…quite a change from some of these forums. ; )

  6. Is anyone else actually trying to win the money? Because they’re all working for Vanessa again. Amazing….Unbelievable….All I can figure out is act like you’re mental mess and the house guests must be afraid of how they’re coming off to America. They don’t want to be the one to vote out a mentally ill person or something… Grasping at straws here…

    • They seriously don’t want Vanessa out so they don’t have to spend time with her in Jury. Like, seriously? That’s their goal? Having a nice time in Jury?
      I can’t stand Vanessa, but at this point I’d rather have her win this than J/J/M. If they save Vanessa, they don’t deserve to win.

      • I can’t stand Vanessa, either, but your last sentence is absolutely correct. If Jackie/James/Meg save Vanessa, they don’t deserve to win.

      • So that means that if they don’t want to spend time with Vanessa in jury, they would rather her win the game. Also, I never really understood why the house guests have kept on saying things like, “when I make it to jury” or “when I’m in jury.” They do realize that the object of the game is to win the money, not make it to jury, don’t they?

    • Me too! And those straws are getting shorter. All I can think is that they are overthinking this without enough info. We see all, so we have the advantage of knowledge, but seriously, even with their limited perspective on everything that is going on, can they not see the game Vanessa is playing, and if her mental mess-ness is real and she is completely paranoid, that makes her even more dangerous. They are making a really bad decision here.

    • Absolutely clueless!!! Can’t stand the Goblins! It’s one thing to just be clueless but to be clueless AND think you’re the smartest people in the house???? Oh words cannot describe my frustration and irritation with them.

  7. This is getting interesting! :) Both Shelli and Vanessa are both strong competitors and regardless of which one they get out, both will be trying hard for the next HOH. But I agree with Matt in that Vanessa is much more persuasive than Shelli and I think is the bigger threat. She seems to be able to sell these HG’s anything. It would be dumb for them not to vote her out now as who knows if they’ll ever get her on the block again. I’m still not liking anyone all that much in the house so it doesn’t matter to me which one leaves but I really can’t stand Becky. I’m not sure what it is about her but she just doesn’t sit well with me. So I’d be all for these “Goblins” going against what she really wants. And I think they’d have a much easier time getting Vanessa to stay then they seem to think. I’m very interested to see where all this goes!

  8. If the Goblins manage to flip the votes to keep Vanessa .. then either side of the DE would likely target Becky and JMc, perhaps (and/or surviving nominee currently on the block)? Since Becky can’t compete in the next HOH, neither side would be happy nor supportive to keep her, if she doesn’t win the POV ??
    Regardless, should be a fun week for the viewers .. Ha !!!
    Yes, it is quite funny, in that, although Vanessa is all in and cards showing deuces, at best … the River Card being played out now, may trump the Aces ?? Ha !!
    And, all this happening, while she hides in bed … So, perhaps, the more she lay low and keep her mouth shut the next few days, the better for her chances of survival ??

  9. I posted this in the previous thread, but it really makes sense here, given the context of this post.
    Kids, I think we might be in trouble if we are hoping for Vanessa to be
    Especially if people are thinking more about who they want to be with
    in the jury house rather than who they want to be with in the BB house.

    “3:43 AM
    Meg says she’d rather keep Vanessa and take the risk of Becky getting
    mad. Jackie says she’d rather be in jury house with Shelli rather than
    Vanessa.” (from Joker’s Update)

    Playing to win ….. yikes. If you’re not playing to win, but only to get into jury, why play at all?

  10. This is nothing short of treachery on the part of the Goblins. I am incredulous that these people who complain constantly about sticking to a plan would even think of something so underhanded.

    Jackie complained about how Vanessa left her hanging out with the Jason eviction and now she is plotting to do the same to Becky? Even raising this idea to Becky should raise huge questions about in her mind about her alliance. Watch her migrate back over to JMac leaving the the Goblins on their own against the whole house again. I mean they started out in this position and after two weeks they will put themselves right back into the same position – two weeks of good work down the drain.

    If the plan is to get rid of Vanessa next week is it really worth risking Becky’s loyalty for one week?

    And to think Vanessa will not put them on the block? Really? So she puts up JMac and Becky. One of them wins POV, who do they think Vanessa will put on the block next to Becky? James!

    They have made deals with Vanessa before and each time she has broken the deal in some way. Why do they believe they can work something out with her now?

    If I were Becky and I heard this, Jackie would be my new target – along with Meg.

    • That’s exactly what I said in a previous story. How stupid can the Goblins be….? Oh wait they are EXTREMELY stupid.

    • They are going to hand Vanessa an easy $500,000 and they will do most of the work to evict Becky and John and themselves in the process! Unbelievable!

  11. Loving the scenario and the thought of the shock on Shelli’s face when she realizes that she is being evicted and won’t have the opportunity to wear Clay’s shirt when she puts James on the block.

    • With a vote.. of 7-1 (JMac votes for Van)… Van… you are safe, Shelli; you have been evicted. Got to admit, I would love to see that fake smile shatter

      • I don’t think that it will happen, but Shelli has been too smug during all of this. I’m afraid that if Shelli stays, Becky will not be loyal to James gang. Instead, I think it is very likely that Becky, JMac, Steve, and Shelli would have an alliance of four.

      • The way these HGs are playing, I’ll go with entertaining over smart. Smart won’t come until they are down to the final six and realize how close they are to the money.

      • lol yeah. I’m only watching for the entertainment potential right now. No one in that house is 100% likable and smart went out the window a long time ago.

  12. Just from watching the feeds the night before last I could tell that James wanted Vanessa to stay over Shelli. What he was telling her before she went up to talk to Becky seemed very genuine. I knew it was a matter of time before he talked with Meg and Jackie about this possibility. Don’t call it a comeback… :)

    • This started when Vanessa told James about Becky wanting to evict him earlier in the season. Jackie told James not to let her get into his head but its clear she did. Now the shirt stealing incident has got James over the edge.

      James is now a loose cannon and his actions this week could blow up his entire alliance. Its stupid because even if Vanessa stays she will go after James and Jackie no matter what she is saying now about Becky. This move will isolate Becky making James and Jackie the bigger targets.

      • Just a second ago you said that this possible move has nothing to do with anything Vanessa has done and now you’re saying it all started with what Vanessa told James and the fact that she got in his head…

        Aside from all that, I truly don’t think that when Vanessa stays and wins another HOH that she would put up James and Jackie. She will put up Becky and John and one of them will go no matter the veto winner.

    • He was also roaming around in the purple room like he was wanting to go in and talk to Vanessa in the clown room..but, I think at that time, he was not wanting anyone to see him go in.

    • I believe this is james way of sniffing out the enemy. I believe he has some thoughts to himself and feels people out.

  13. “Jackie asks wouldn’t Vanessa just go after them again” Of course she would. Vanessa goes after who most recently hurt her feelings, so it would be Becky and one of them. Assuming she would get HOH next. If she doesn’t, then who knows who will be the most recent to trample on her feelings then.

  14. If these idiots pull this, they deserve to lose. I knew they weren’t the brightest considering they allowed their friends to go home for a month straight before figuring out that there was an alliance taking them out, but this is a whole new level of imbecilic.

    • I’m inclined to agree. Last week, we were all about how great James is, sticking to his guns and making a big move, and now he is driving the train to keep Vanessa. Is it that he’s pissed that no one actually followed his plan last week and got rid of Shelli? Is this some kind of egoistic payback to the masses? I am really waivering on my feelings about James’ smarts in this game at the moment.

      • No he should get revenge since Becky did not respect him enough to evict Shelli so now he should derail her game. Its just karma

      • She was one of the few who was on his side about getting rid of Shelli. She was campaigning to Steve to keep Clay the night prior.

      • She told his plan to the other side and was ratting them out. she deserves to be ousted at the double eviction for such disrespect lol

      • So I guess we’ll just ignore the first point then, okay. Well regarding her ratting the plan out, yeah, at the she was playing both sides, later in the week she picked a side and has since told them the situation.

      • Then he should have spoken up when she told him the plan. He said it was her HoH and he would respect her decision. Its not like he was making a deal with the other side. Becky and James are supposed to be on the same side.

      • People change their minds. Targets change. Circumstances change. You shouldn’t stick to a plan even when it’s bad for you.

      • So, cut off your nose to spite your face? Let us look at this rationally. You have Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve all 5 of them united versus James, Jackie and Meg. That is assuming they get their wish and both Becky and John sent to the jury house ahead of those three. Do these fools, James, Jackie and Meg think that is a smart move? Probably a smart move for Vanessa and her allies. How long do you think all three of them will last. Meg will last only because she is a good Final 2 option for Vanessa. James and Jackie will be evicted soon enough!

      • I think they could actually last till final 7 if they just stay under the radar and don’t win anymore comps till then because it will be a war between the 4th sense and the floaters who won’t be able to float anymore.

      • I think he’s pissed that Shelli acted like a child in a 33 year old woman’s body and went through his things.

      • Because she’s a crybaby about Clay going home. Apparently James was wearing one of Clay’s shirts (this is common tradition in BB, everyone wears everyone’s clothes). So Shelli thought it’d be acceptable to go through James’ stuff and take any shirts she thought was Clay’s instead.

        As a mature adult, you’d think she’d be able to just ask him for them or better yet, let it go. But no, not Shelli.

      • You have completely misunderstood WHY Shelli did what she did with the shirt. And it’s why Shelli is the most dangerous player in the house.

        She enlisted a PARTNER in crime, Julia. It was a SOCIAL GAME move. Pull Julia a little closer, make James a little bigger target to Julia.

    • What get me is how Jackie and Meg were complaining that no one sticks to the plan. And her they are two-thirds of the way into a plan and they are now wanting to change it! That Meg is behind this does not surprise me. She is sleeping her way through the season and can;t possibly know what’s going on. But for Jackie to get involved in this treachery is very surprising.

      What they are doing, if they do it, is worse than anything Shelli or Vanessa did. So yes, they deserve to lose.

      • If Shelli stays, James is gone within two weeks. Probably at double eviction. Once he’s gone, Meg and Jackie are sitting ducks.

        What Meg will never understand is that she may well be pulled to the end, she is clearly the best choice to sit next the the eventual winner of Big Brother 17.

      • Please explain to me your logic on this. Why is it imminent that Shelli is going to win another HOH in the next 2 weeks? Couldn’t James win one just as easily and take out Shelli?

        By taking out Vanessa, you kill the brains of the Austwins. By taking out Shelli… you have a slightly less annoying person to deal with in the jury house. Seriously, Vanessa is a better strategist and has won more comps AND has better connections in the house.

      • Just saw your question.

        It’s not imminent that SHELLI is going to win HOH to take out James. The problem is that the only people that are going to take out Shelli are James, Jackie and Meg (and Meg doesn’t count).

        If Shelli stays in the house she will have INFLUENCE. She will have influence with Austwins, and the Becky Johnny Mac alliance. When they are discussing targets, who is Shelli going to suggest? If you guess James you win.

        By eliminating Shelli, as we have been witnessing over the past 24 hours, the Goblins are gaining trust with Austwins AND Vanessa.

        The Goblins are in such an unfortunate spot right now (mostly from the own making) that the best they can do is survive week to week and hope the chess pieces realign in to positions more favorable to them.

        If the Goblins evict Vanessa the ONLY person who they gain trust with is Becky and she can’t play in the next HOH. And Becky is NOT going to dissuade Shelli from going after James.

  15. I keep saying this. Becky is not part of their alliance. She is going to align with Shelli. JMac will go where Becky goes and Steve will have lost his mother figure in Vanessa, and latch on to Shelli. Shelli is playing smart….up on the block twice…back to back and a viable threat, yet nobody wants to get rid of her. Becky can’t play HOH, Shelli will be gone. Vanessa will not put James, Jackie or Meg up. James is right to push for Shelli to leave the game.

    • Why would Vanessa not put James, Jackie or Meg up? I can see that her main target would likely be Becky, but why are those three so safe from Vanessa?

      • And Vanessa’s word is gold? I see your point for sure, but it also assumes that Vanessa plays honourably. I see her going for J/J/M before the Austwins.

      • Well yeah she would go for them before the twins and Austin now I’m sure, but not before Becky and John are gone. It won’t matter who wins veto because there would be plenty of votes to get both of them out. And two or three weeks from now she may be in tighter with j/j/m, who knows

      • Two or three weeks from now she may suffer a stroke brought on by paranoia and dehydration from crying so much.

      • She needs one of their votes for to help take down Austin and the twins. I’m guessing Meg will be the last one standing if the power shifts because she’s not a comp threat. Assuming Vanessa survives this week and assuming the Goblins lose power, the shakeout will probably be Meg, Van, Steve and JMac taking out the twins and Austin.

      • I have no clue what’s going to happen. At this rate, it could be just about any combination of the group in the finale. We have no way of knowing. It’s all about comp wins now.

      • I think you’re assuming that Vanessa is a logical player… she’s not. Her targets flip like a coin, if she wins HOH, I guarantee that by the end of the week she’d change her mind on Johnny Mac. She can’t stick to a plan to save her life.

      • Vanessa needs someone from the other side to take out at least one of the Austwins. She can’t do it herself or she most likely will lose in final two.

        She would have reason to form a side alliance with James.

        The biggest losers if Vanessa stays are JMac and Becky.

      • What I’m guessing Vanessa has in mind is to honor her deal with James to not target him +1 until final 7, thereby taking the target off of her if the power shifts. If she stays good to her word, she’s not in as much danger if James or Jackie win HoH. Not to mention there’s a threesome, guys. Why have you allowed a threesome! Are you people for real?

      • Remember this is Vanessa. Austin and the twins will get in her ear and tell her to go after James. Julia in particular has said that’s who she would target.

        Once Vanessa can claim it is a “house” decision she will take James out.

        If Vanessa wins HoH, she will put up Becky and JMac. If one of them wins POV, she will put up James or Jackie.

        We have to remember, if Vanessa is still in the house it means James, Jackie and Meg went against Becky. That means Becky is alone and not much of a threat. Plus Becky may be mad at her own alliance and Vanessa will see this as an advantage.

      • Vanessa and Becky will never play with each other at this point. That bridge is burned. She has a better chance of working with James and Meg.

      • Ehh, I have a feeling that Vanessa would end up targeting James. Her “reason” would be that James doesn’t keep his word (Shelli and Clay), so she has no reason to keep her word to him.

        I’m calling it, James will regret this.

    • Vanessa absolutely will put one of them up. Vanessa may be crazy and irrational at times, but she is also smart. If they keep her she will see the facture in the group and that Becky has been isolated. She will turn her attention to the core alliance of James, Jackie and Meg.

      Even if she puts up Becky and JMac, the most liekly scenario, she will put James or Jackie up if JMac or Becky wins POV. If Vanessa or her side wins HoH, they have the votes to evict whoever they want.

      The Goblins must stick with the plan and hope to win HoH no matter what. Either way they are in danger but at least sticking to the plan they do not piss of Becky.

      And Jackie, if Becky stays after you stab her in the back, who do you think she will go after?

      • Exactly, John or Becky will survive this treachery and if John or Becky wins HOH the following week, James and Jackie will be on the block. Actually, if there are any deals after that, Vanessa might make a deal with say Johnny Mac to take out Austin and the twins. However, that is after they finish off James and Jackie. Meg will be just be a trophy for Final 2. James and Jackie blew up their games for nothing!

    • Why wouldn’t Vanessa put up James and Jackie? They are expendable once, Vanessa is rescued. And if you have not noticed, Vanessa makes promises she does not keep. Remember the 8 person alliance she formed? How about backdooring Austin and instead, she backdoored Jason? Even if they get their stupid wish to backdoor Becky and John, what will James, Jackie and Meg do against Vanessa, Austin, Julia, Liz and Steve? They will be put on the block soon enough and evicted. Why would Vanessa trust any of them when they turned on Becky who could have stuck to Vanessa and put both Jackie and James on the block?

  16. There are 3 factions in the house (this is based off of Shelli leaving)
    The 4th sense Vanessa and the Austwins
    The Outsiders (whats their name) James Meg and Jacky
    The floaters Becky JM and Steve

    So by keeping Vanessa they know that if the largest alliance the 4th sense wins hoh they will go after the floaters. Since Vanessa will be gunning for Becky’s head. This move to flip will allow them to float by for 3 rounds at least until the 4th sense takes out the floaters then they can go after Vanessa with better odds only (Vanessa can really win physical comps in her alliance) so it would be potentially 2 vs 1 in a hoh (megs sucks at comps).

    • This is totally wrong!!!
      If you think Vanessa is the only member of 4th sense who can win physical comps for hoh then why not take her out rather than Shelli(by the way hoh comps wont be physical mostly from now on).

      And of course Van would not go after the floaters. She was going after threats now and will go again after good players. So we can assume Becky and Jackie/James on he block with other one BD option. So they lose a number and for the next hoh they are one person less so more likely Van team win the second hoh on Thursday.

      They have to go through with taking out Vanessa and then try to win the next hoh no matter what.

      • I think Vanessa and Shelli can both win physical comps. This is the 1st time all game she has been in any real danger so why would she not go after the people who nearly sent her to jury? If anyone she should go after Becky and JM because they were/are 1 step away fro ending her game. The Goblins will probably throw the next hoh anyway for a few rounds.

  17. Just a thought regardless which way they go its bad for James but since its DE the comps will probably be question answer. Shelli will study and could possibly win. Vanessa on the other hand thinks shes leaving and won’t be studying and could lose. They could possibly luck into getting them both out this week. Blindside Shelli and send her packing. Then one of them wins HOH and puts Vanessa up with a twin and hope the noms stay the same and send Vanessa packing. Its a long shot put could work.

    • I don’t know if you watch the feeds but 4 or 5 nights ago Vanessa was going over all the comps and who won and which days with the twins, so I would expect her to do just fine on the question HOH without studying the next couple days..

      • Missed that. I was basing my assumption on the past 24 hours. Shelli even though acting like a child right now, I thought might study and Vanessa was just hanging around crying feel sorry for me. But as I read what you said and typed about Shelli acting like a child the thought popped in my head maybe she won’t study. Right now she’s running around playing with her sorority sisters like shes back in college. She just might slip up. She seems to be the lead mean girl right now and shes loving it.

    • Vanessa has been studying constantly. Shelli has not. So I am not sure Shelli is really the favorite in this comp.

      I keep hearing Jackie and Meg talking about how they have to study, yet I have not seen them study at all.

  18. Now they’re over analyzing, just like Vanessa. Stick with with the plan. No one is less safer than the other one. They would just show their instability. The game is on. No one is safe.

  19. Smh…what are the Goblins thinking! Becky pulled through for you guys and now you want to flip votes. Could Shelli be coming after you guys if the opportunity presents itself? Probably so, but the way bigger threat right now is Vanessa who is a master manipulator and has control over Austin and the twins. If Vanessa stays then that alliance would stay together rather than if Shelli stayed, the Austwins would drift away from her. So it would basically be Shelli by herself.

    They aren’t going to get another shot like this to evict Vanessa and it would be a waste of a week. Vanessa has no loyalty to no one except herself and would probably try her favorite stunt of saving Becky and taking out James, Meg or Jackie so that Becky could feel like she “owes Vanessa” now. If this double eviction goes by and Vanessa is still in the game then the Goblins have no one to blame, but them themselves when they’re all in the Jury house saying how they should’ve took out Vanessa.

  20. Question: Why does Meg, Princess Valium, think that the Austwins would not align with Vanessa again if they vote Shelli out? That is a serious misread of the situation but I have no clue how she arrived at that thought.

    • So when ever someone changes their mind its production blackmail seems like your just mad that the 4th sense is still in control

    • No way, James has always wanted Shelli to go over Vanessa. He has displayed this on many occasions on the feeds.

    • James is overreacting to the shirt stealing thing. Honestly, I don’t thin khe should have been wearing Clay’s clothes either unless Clay gave him permission – and I am betting he didn’t.

      James should just let it go. It is not a game move. He is acting out of anger and emotion. He is going to blow up an possible strong alliance over a prank? Did he really think Shelli was not going after him? He is not making sense and he is not acting rational.

      • Shelli was being a teenager. She is a grown ass woman. Don’t go through James’ things. She is such a child.
        Also Becky is aligned with them temporarily, she really wants to be aligned with Shelli and JMac (smart, because she is #4 in the Goblins)

      • James & Jackie like Meg – Who wouldn’t want to take her to F2 but that’s a ways off and honestly for $500K, if I was them and had more housecleaning to do, I’d want Becky on my team because she can win and Meg can’t. So I would put Becky #3 as long as she’s 100%. Really, James/Jackie + Becky/Jmac would be great foursome, each with their own preferred partner (like JeJo and Brenchel).

      • Idk if you watch the feeds, did you see how Shelli was acting last night about that shirt. She was telling Vanessa how her blood was boiling, etc etc. She is NOT going to let it go and was not acting rational AT ALL. If Vanessa can stop sulking, she can use this to her advantage.

        If Clay left those clothes, he honestly doesn’t care about them. James is getting plump and needs bigger shirts, Shelli is being a child for no reason.

        Her man child is out chasing tail as we speak, and she’s getting mad at clothes.

      • I agree. Shellie is getting to comfortable with feeling safe ( because Becky told her).. shes not too smart acting like that..doesnt she realize james and co. Can vote her out.. vanessa is going to really be campaigning to them.. shellie needs to pay attention and not be so petty.. its just a shirt!

  21. I don’t know how it can be argued that it’s better for James’ game to keep Shelli over Vanessa.
    Shelli considers James target 1.
    Vanessa would consider Becky target 1 and maybe James target 2, if not JMac target 2.
    Why would you choose the person who will target you right off the bat rather than person who will get rid of you because they couldn’t get their original target. It gives you just a little more time.
    They both win comps, so if your risk is the same of them winning you go with the one who doesn’t hate you more…

    • Because by going against Becky James will lose somebody who can win competitions and would be on his side. Two, actually, John as well. If Shelli is gone, Becky and John pissed off, only Jackie and Meg are Team James. Even if Vanessa evicts them first, she’ll always have the numbers to get rid of James. And let’s be real, Meg is not gonna make a difference for the HOH comps and I don’t really think Jackie will either.

      • Becky can’t play this week. JMac is a floater and doesn’t win HOHs, same for Steve. The Austwins don’t win jack. So Vanessa versus Jacky & James. This still gives him a shot at winning HOH or having Jacky win, and even a shot at not being target 1 if Van wins.
        Becky as your enemy doesn’t hurt you during the DE.

      • JMac has won POV, more than once. He can win things. Austwins have won before as well.
        Meg has never won anything. Even Liz has won more stuff than Jackie.
        I wasn’t talking about DE, I was talking about the rest of the game.

      • Idk…..I think they should throw it out to Becky, but they don’t necessarily need her to buy into it. There is no way to recover from the way she acted towards vanessa, nor can she deny all the gloating she’s been doing about it.

        She would never even entertain the thought. IF they consult her at all, it needs to be last minute.

  22. Which ever way they choose to go, I hope it’s with Becky’s support. J/J/M have her loyalty right now and they need her for the numbers. I want to see both Shelli & Van go to jury this week. I think the easier route would be Shelli and then Van, only because Van is such a mess and won’t be rested for the DE comps. If it’s Van, and then Shelli, that would be fine, too.

    I like the fact that J/J/M all agreed that they need to talk to Becky before making a decision.

    • It’s really stupid for JJM to do that. They need to get V out first, and it also broadcasts to Becky that the three have an agenda separate from hers. She’s already feeling like she’s not in their inner circle, and that would confirm it. Really bad move for them if they do vote out Shelli.

      • Honestly Becky yes would be upset (maybe even run into the DR crying lol) But she would be stuck with the floaters JM and possibly Steve so her options for leaving are little to non

    • I agree with you, red. You HAVE to consider the 2nd eviction this week. Even though there’s no “time” to campaign, run through each scenario.
      This week, Becky is the tie-breaking vote. The 2nd DE will NOT be a tie. It has to be a majority (4 votes):
      1st scenario: James wins 2nd HoH (or sub Jackie/Meg since Becky can’t) and puts up Shelli (assuming V goes the 1st round) against Liz –
      Austin, Julia, Jackie, Meg evict Shelli. No brainer.
      2nd: BUT if Julia saves Liz with POV, Austin goes up and I’m not sure the twins would save him over Shelli. I THINK Shelli stays with twins, Jmac & Becky’s votes. JJM have to show Becky that Shelli is only with her when it’s convenient, as she’s shown.
      3rd: (If Austin saves Liz with POV then Julia goes up against Shelli. Julia gets Liz’s vote along with Jackie, Meg. But would Jmac, Becky, Austin and Steve keep Shelli? I think so. I’d be concerned.)
      Same scenario with James putting up Liz vs Vanessa:
      1st: Vanessa goes home easily with Austin, Julia, Jackie, Meg.
      2nd: If Austin saves Liz with POV, Julia goes up and has Liz’s vote along with Jackie, Meg, Jmac so Van goes home in this scenario, too.
      3rd scenario: If Julia saves Liz with POV, Austin goes up vs Van and I think Vanessa is evicted with Jackie, Meg, Jmac & Becky votes. Those 4 are solid to evict Vanessa no matter what – no brainer.
      So – Evict Shelli this week and Vanessa (the sure thing) next.

      • But bbadboy, if they wait to evict Van FIRST, she’ll find some way to weasel her way out of the second eviction. You have to remember the IDIOTS she’s playing with. SMH.

      • I just don’t think so. I think she has a hard 4 votes to evict her in Jackie, Meg, Jmac & Becky regardless of who she’s up against. I think she’s a lock to go home in the second DE. There will be no one more dangerous than her in the second one.
        Also, I think Shelli has a better chance to win the 2nd HoH than Vanessa if the “other side” doesn’t win it.
        I just think Shelli may not go in the 2nd eviction. I’m afraid SHE is the one who could find a way to stay. Besides the twins (her against Austin) and Austin (her against Julia), she has Jmac, Becky and Steve (against Austin and either twin).
        In fact, the only way Shelli goes in the 2nd eviction, is if she is up OTB vs Liz. That is the ONLY way I see her being evicted in the 2nd HoH and that will be tough. That means “the other side” has to win HoH and control the POV. That’s a slim chance to get her. It can be done. But I don’t like those odds.
        I want Vanessa out, too, but I think Shelli has to go first. She is the biggest threat to stay in the 2nd DE, I think. Those “4” will evict Vanessa in 2nd DE no matter what: Jackie, Meg, Jmac & Becky. They only need 4 votes to evict (no tie) and they will never keep Vanessa in the 2nd DE. Besides Vanessa won’t have time to do much damage. It happens too quickly. JMO.

      • bbad… I think she just wanted to know WHO’S ON FIRST? lol. Can anyone think how much chit will hit the fan if Shelli is evicted & V wins HOH. I’ll say this if Shelli goes I pray V wins HOH, not b/c I’m for her but I don’t want to listen to her crying, whining & arguing when she goes back on the Block.

      • I don’t know…Shelli really wants to go to jury…she talks about how much fun it would be there than in the BB house! So if that’s the case, that’s she already given up, I say evict her next to spend all the time she wants with Van! :-)

  23. After Vanessa stays if her alliance wins hoh they need to send a strong message that if you come after them you will fail and be send to jury. Lay down the law of the house. Then you know people will be fearful of her and the Austwins

  24. This is a “BAD IDEA” plain and simple! James, Jackie, and Meg should stick to “THE PLAN”. Nobody 4 LESS!!!

    • So TRUE… a Shelli eviction favors James; a Vanessa eviction favors everyone; especially US the viewers. I may skip Wed/Thurs so I don’t have to listen to V whine & cry & argue.

  25. If you don’t like the weather, wait a bit–it will change.
    Double eviction week, hopefully both Vanessa and Shelli leave. Failing that Austin, though I can’t stand the way Liz speaks.

  26. I hope this is what happens on double eviction.
    1.By a vote of 7-1 Shelly you are evicted from the big brother house.
    2. Congratulations Vanessa you are the new HOH.
    3. I have decided to nominate Becky and JM because you guys went behind my back and if it was not for J/J/M I would be out but they came through so they are safe this round.
    4. They both lose Veto. If one of them wins James goes up as a pawn.
    5. By a vote of 4-3 or whatever Becky/JM you have been evicted from the big brother house.

  27. WTF? Is there some kind of ‘stupid gas’ being pumped into the house that Vanessa is immune to?! And James, take off that stupid cat hat…maybe that thing is keeping you from thinking straight. You fruit-loop-dinguses deserve to lose. Just give Vanessa-the-snake the $500,000 now. End the season and just give her the money. Honestly, stop playing your non-game and give her the freaking money.

  28. James, Meg, Jakie are in a trouble regardless of what direction they take.

    They woke up way too late and let those twins get too far. It would be in James’ personal best interest to get rid of Shelli. Shelli would go after him hard and will recruit others to do the same. He could work with Vanessa, even if it’s only temporary.

    It’s better for Jakie and Meg to get rid of Vanessa. The goblins may have to split up from here on out.

    • That would be a top 5 Big Brother moment for sure lol. I don’t like Vanessa, but I’m willing to sacrifice her staying just to see that drama unfold.

    • Don’t hold your breath. I think there is no chance the goblins blindside Becky wit ha vote like they. They will talk to her first and Becky will tell them she doesn’t like the move. Something tells me this is the usual confusion the house goes through on Tuesday and Wednesday. By Thursday they will all be on the same page to evict whoever they agree to and I have a feeling it will be Vanessa going home. Becky has too strong of a case to keep her – and so does JMac.

      Also, JMac was talking about targeting Austin after this week. If the Goblins keep Vanessa he may change his mind – and Steve’s too.

  29. OMG If the vote flips and they don’t get Vanessa I won’t watch Big Brother any more and won’t watch the rest of this season cuz This season is the worst as far as I am concerned and Wow Steve Is The Biggest Floater he will make it to the end and he didn’t have to even anything!!!!!!!!!

  30. Now, J/J/M brain cells are clicking, get rid of Shelli first, then go after the weaker in challenges second. No doubt it would be best for James, since Shelli has calm vengeance in her eyes toward getting him

    If D.E, Vanessa will not have time to campaign against the ones who saved her, which she should show some kind of gratitude if it was at all possible.

    • I agree. Vanessa is a goner in the second DE regardless. Only need 4 votes to evict her (no tie possible) and those are: Jackie, Meg, Jmac & Becky REGARDLESS. Plus it’s so fast, she wouldn’t have time to put out that voodoo anyway.

      • I am, thank you. I was just talking strategy for “the other side”…not running through all possible scenarios, given the article we are commenting on above. But I think you knew that, right? ;>
        (At least I THINK you were being sarcastic? Maybe not. Lol)

      • James winning? No. I said in a different post on here where I laid out all scenarios (for “the other side”) IF James won second HoH of the DE (but substitute Jackie or Meg – ha ha), here are the scenarios if they evict Shelli first and save Van for second – and vice versa. Like I said in it, that would require “the other side” to not only win the second HoH but also require that they control the POV, too. Tall order. I don’t like those odds.

        But yeah if he wins 2nd HoH, and Vanessa is left, I am sure she would be evicted against any of them, having Jackie, Meg, Jmac & Becky voting to evict her (whether she’s up OTB against Liz, Julia or Austin). I think she’s a lock to go home. In that case.

        I thought for a minute you were being sarcastic about the Austwins winning. I wasn’t going to bite on that. They may not be the comp threats Shelli & Van are but Liz and Austin have won before. :)

      • I was actually serious about the possibility of Austwins winning because Liz has won twice before (HOH once and BOB once) and Julia did really good in the last HOH comp :P

    • If history repeats … Vanessa will win either HOH and/or POV, should she somehow get saved from eviction this Thursday …
      Not that Production will have anything to do with it, of course … Though, if I recall, wasn’t there a blackjack / poker / craps casino theme in the past ??
      Perhaps, the Goblins have been named as Team America and their task was to save Vanessa this week ?? :) :P

    • I am not going to argue that getting out Shelli is a better move than getting out Vanessa. I think its 6 of one, half dozen of the other. The real issue is what damage they do to their alliance with Becky. Becky stuck her neck out for them by taking all the blame for Vanessa. So now they are thinking, wow, the target is not on us so why not get Shelli out while Vanessa is after Becky. That is the definition of ungrateful, selfish and treacherous. What they are saying to Becky is James is more important to us than Becky.

      If they were going to take exception with going after Vanessa the time to do it was right in the beginning. After all, isn;t it Jackie and Meg who always complain about sticking to a plan?

      If I was Becky, I would wonder if these three have my back at all and if I can trust them going forward – or are they just using me because I am HoH this week?

      • The thing is, that Becky was never really committed to either side of the House … and, even though she had nominated Shelli, they became more BFF’s this week, imo .. so, not sure how loyal Becky would be to the Goblins, anyways ??

      • She’s more loyal than Vanessa or Shelli. She did keep their hands clean with this weeks nominations.

      • Right, we are now moving into the cutthroat part of the game, so flipping will become what is best for individuals first. And Becky is very sly and may evaluate it. I can’t stand Vanessa, so this is about game not personal

      • Eh, If it were someone else besides Becky, you’d be right. Becky is NOT really loyal to those three. She’s a flip flopping snitch and she has been DESPERATE to work with Shelli from the get go.

      • Exactly, and J/J/M has to awaken to what Vanessa said about Becky being a double agent against them in the earlier days

      • Becky already told them about that, didn’t she. Jackie even said to Vanessa that Becky has come clean.

      • Of course she did to blow it up before Vanessa snitches, but nonetheless it’s true, just because she admits it, doesn’t mean she is still not capable of flipping again.

        J/J/M should stay on alert about it and keep Becky at arms-length in trusting her

      • Regardless, she is at this point more trustworthy than Vanessa and Shelli, isn’t she? She is trying to evict one of their arch-enemies. Its not like Becky is evicting one of them. to think saving Vanessa means they are out of trouble is nonsense. This week only confirmed in Vanessa’s mind they she needs to strike before they do. Giving her a second chance is suicide.

      • They have to have Becky’s buy-in or they will be scumbagging her. I don’t think they want to do that. They’re over confident if they think they don’t need her to win HoHs, POVs and for votes. They’re lost without her vote, much less her comp winning ability. Sounds like in the article they are going to bring it up to her to discuss. I don’t think they’re going to scumbag her, based on the article.

      • Yes Becky needs to be told the new plan, but Becky hates Vanessa too much to see straight about it. They still need two more votes then

      • Meg’s remark that “she will get over it” is what bothers me. Get over what? That sounds like she is thinking of getting the votes first then approaching Becky which is a scumbag move.

      • Right, its not a risk-free move, but I think more risk-less. I have a suspicion that Becky may flip with Shelli, she has that quality, could be wrong. I hate to betray Becky and why I think the group should not blind side Becky but argue their case and hope Becky sees the odds

  31. I was so happy. So. Happy.
    There have been many times when I wish I could shake some of these players awake…this is one of those times. I want to smack “the Goblins” over the head and yell that they are not seeing the bigger picture! Vanessa has a hand in almost everyone’s cookie jar, Shellie is practically flying solo.
    Goodness gracious people!!

  32. If they save Vanessa they derive everything that will be coming to them and I might even want Vanessa to win and I do not like her at all, but if these fools vote to keep her then they are playing to dumbest game ever…

  33. From a HG point of view, wouldn’t Vanessa be the best “goat” to bring to the F2/F3 ? If she was the last Sixth Sense Alliance standing .. would she get the Jury votes, I wonder ?? And, if she was sitting next to another Sixth Sense Alliance Member, would the votes change?
    It would be interesting to see her BS the Jury Questions with her response …

  34. Meg makes no sense, if the whole house is after Vanessa, wound’t they vote her out this week? What if the Austwins and Steve vote out Vanessa along with JMac while the Goblins vote to keep Vanessa. Vanessa would still go and the goblins would have demonstrated their disloyalty to Becky. Its a way the Austwins and Shelli could win while losing Vanessa. Now they have a wedge in the Becky, James, Jackie, Meg alliance.

    And I think Austin would love to vote out Vanessa thinking it would prove to Shelli he is ready to move forward with her.

    The Goblins are suffering from slop paranoia and sleep deprivation. The risk of their plan are so numerous it would take a miracle for it to work they way they think.

  35. Did James bring up the idea to save Vanessa? Is this an America’s player ploy?

    I can’t believe the goblins actually think Vanessa might target austwins if she were to stay.

  36. Just when I was starting to give the Goblins, Gremlins or whatever they call themselves a little bit of credit they do this. How stupid. Saving Vanessa and saying she will go after Becky. Well someone has to go on the block next to her you idiots. Do you really think you’re safe if anyone from the other side wins? Stupid move if they follow through. One of those three will go and then the entire house including JMac and Steve will be after the remaining two.

    • They are not safe either way, no matter who stays or goes if anyone from the other side wins, so it’s a toss up. Get out whoever they want. Doesn’t really matter if they can’t hold on to the power. That’s BB. Object is to vote people out until there are 2 standing.

      • Let’s also remember that Shelli is better in comps than Vanessa, so if Shelli wins, she’ll go straight after them in a heartbeat whereas Vanessa will go for Becky first, and if following their deal, probably JMac.

  37. Here’s a question….I missed it along the way….did the “Goblins” volunteer to be havenots or did their new “bestie” appoint them as havenots? If she did…they have got to realize she is not concerned about their best interests….

  38. Just get one of the two out period, either one is still a cancer in the house, take one step at a time, evict one and then go after the other one if any one of them fights hard to win HOH for the DE

  39. Really REALLY hoping this is just something production made them contemplate and discuss on camera for TV drama and not an actual idea of theirs. Vanessa needs to go this week!

    • I can see Meg and James coming up with this plan. But Jackie giving it serious consideration is a real surprise to me. First, she is going against Becky who she claims she is the closest to in the house. Its also goes against her complaint about no one sticking to the plan. Third, she really does not like Vanessa.

      Usually Jackie is the one to interject some common sense into Meg’s nonsense. I cannot imagine why she would go along with this stupidity. Wasn’t it Jackie who told James yesterday not to let Vanessa get into his head?

  40. Does anyone notice that Julia is so flirting with JohnnyMac? Especially when she bent over to place the kale in the oven with her shorty shorts.

      • Yeah, she actually expressed some weird kind of jealousy over seeing austin and liz together last night. I can’t remember her exact wording, but she was telling vanessa she wants that kind of attention/affection

      • To be expected really after so many days in the house, especially if she’s a regular chick who lets her hair down every Friday night.

      • Which is sad considering the guy giving the said affection is a full blown cheater with a (now-ex) girlfriend back at home.

    • I thought that Steve wanted to make his movie on Julia, only when they got to Jury House?
      Better hurry up, Steve … Do Your Thing !!! Quick !!!

    • Yeah I kinda notice that. I always want to see Vampire Dentist’s feeds but I keep passing the ones with Julia. And there are many!

  41. Well if Vanessa stays it is full proof that this game is scripted !!! Really let’s give up our chances to get rid of the best player !!!! Either all these people are dumber than a sack of hammers or here is your script and this is what is going to happen today

  42. Voting either or has its pros and cons. As long as one goes, I don’t really care. That said, if someone went through my stuff without asking me first I’d vote that person out. I really don’t like people touching my stuff.

    • That was such a violation. I’m not sure why James’ has Clay’s stuff in the first place unless it was production owned, but Shelli had no right to go in his personal belongings regardless. She’s acting really shady, and salty. If she has doubts that Clay’s stuff wasn’t all with him, she should have asked him first.

  43. Wow! I’m sure I’ll be lambasted for this post, but I don’t care. But this assement of what’s going on in the game is very bias against the “Goblins”.

    Actually, I think James, Jackke and Meg make a very good point for getting rid of Shelli. Vanessa has no real beef against James or Meg, though she has discussed back footings Jackie many times. But keep in mind Jackie doesn’t know this because you know neither she or James to Meg get to see everything we see going on in the house.

    Also, John, Steve and Shelli have discussed an alliance that includes Becky and doesn’t include Becky, James and Meg. Now of course they don’t know this but they do realize and have discussed how close Shelli and Becky are and they suspect that she wants to work her: Fact.

    Shelli has also been acting as if she is 100% safe this week and Vanessa knows that Shelli knew she (Vanessa) was going up because she told one of the twins this. How long before James and co. Plus Vanessa compare notes and find out all that Shelli has been planning? This could also open the door for an temporary alliance/deal with Vanessa. The three of them have a better chance getting something good out of Vanessa then they do Shelli who James knows for a fact is coming after him.

    Also, Vanessa doesn’t have the Austwins 100%. Shelli and the twins are pretty close and often discuss their sorority bond. And I suspect where Liz and Julia vote so will Austin who has expressed he has grown tired of Vanessa messing with him.

    Which brings me to my last point, this update mentions that it’s James who’s the salty one? I beg to differ. It’s Shelli who has made this game personal and is still upset with James and is seeking revenge for him nominating Clay and for wearing his shirts.

    In closing, it’s in James, Meg and Jackies best interest if Shelli goes home because they know that Shelli if she won HoH (bc she’s good at comps) there’s no doubt who shed put up. But there is a little room for doubt with Vanessa. She might nominate Becky and John. The only way this is a bad deal for James and co is Going against John and Becky who might not want to work with them anymore.

    • *back footings: back dooring
      *and doesn’t include Becky: and doesn’t include Jackie….

      (Sorry, autocorrect got me.)

    • Of course you have a very valid point there. Sorry I didn’t read all coz it’s too long. But yeah Shelli’s the biggest threat for James and crew, that’s a given. So it does make sense to evict her first, but with Van in power, she’s more ruthless than Shelli for sure.

  44. What has Vanessa done that was worse than anyone else who is actually playing the game? For dishonorable, James is one of the worst ever by lying to win a comp. I missed a few seasons but don’t remember such a blatant lie and his rational was ridiculous.

    She talks in circles so the perception is there must be a lie in there somewhere but I think she has been basically honorable

    • Vanessa has bullied people into voting her way, she made Austin verbal attack Jeff in order to give her a reason to evict him the she lied and said that she had to put him up because she couldn’t trust him, then she said she couldn’t never cause Audrey to be nominated because of the LGBT rules (her words not mine) and she didn’t use the veto on her and voted her out. She made a deal with James, Meg, Jason and Jackie to back door Austen and not come after them then she went back on her word and blindsided Jason (yet you talk about James deal), she also told Austin that Liz liked him when Liz specifically told Vanessa she didn’t like Austen in that way. During that week many people on this forum speculated why she would do something like this because it seemed more a personal/mean motive than a game move. She also lied to Shelli and told her Clay was camp baking against her when he wasn’t. Again another needless move that seemed rather personal. She has also stated how she hates liars and doesn’t back out of deals yet she’s done it many many times. Oh and before the last hoh comp she went out into the backyard and filled the round tank with crisco (James pointed out) in order for her to better reach the ball. But BB have her a time penalty. She and Shelli also are able to tell which Pov chips have house guests choice on it and they make sure to pull it.

      As for James move, Shelli and Clay were discussing with Vanessa a day Before his hoh win who they wanted to see gone next. In order it was Jackie, then James followed by John, Becky and Meg. Yet you think James owed them something?

      Even Derrick who won BB last season and was on Thursdays show said the deal James made and took back was a classic BB move.

      • I was just going to say I don’t see it that way but I think I can argue some of your points
        1. Audrey went the next week
        2 Made or manipulated?? Looks like game play to me
        3 Bullied? How about talking on an endless loop until she got her way? Game Play
        4 Lied to Shelli? ambiguous at worst and “at the end of the day” “bottom line” she single handedly saved Shelli’s butt
        5 Putting Crisco in the tank? She’s a poker player, it’s called angle shooting – she technically broke no rules
        6 Hates liars? who doesn’t? Backs out of deals? who doesn’t
        7 Braille POV chips? You were smiling when you typed that
        8 Jason? you are correct but she had the approval of 6th sense and I could argue it was Clellli’s ideas to begin with
        9 Derrick surprised me since I thought he was honorable last year. I disagree with him

        If I missed any I’ll cede them to you

      • Audrey went the week Vanessa had veto she shares the blame on her being evicted. Yes it was part of the game but why should Vanessa say she would never throw someone of the LGBT community under the bus when she did it twice!

        Vanessa has bullied people one example is the way she stomped around the house and looked for Becky after she was nominated and demanded that she give her a reason she nominated her then she called her mean and not a nice person. Then she went around trying to expose Beckys game.

        And yea she did save Shelli but only to a point. Clay already volunteered to be voted out so Shelli and Clay really didn’t need Vans input. At the same time van sought to drive a wedge between Clay and Shelli.

        And actually yes putting Cisco in the bowl is cheating and that’s why BB penalized her. If it wasn’t cheating then why penalize her?

        vanessa is a hypocrite for hating liars because she is one.

        Shelli said that she could feel which chips were which and that Vanessa knew too. Fact. Sounds like not only a BB discrepancy but also dishonesty on Shelli and Vanessa’s part.

        And she may have had the 6th sense approval but Vanessa is the only one to have made the deal to keep Jason safe and she broke it.

        You may disagree with Derrick but his statement is still true all the same. It’s a classic Bb move. I remember when Kaysar came back in the house and he made a deal with Jennifer during an endurance Hoh, not to put him up and Jennifer put him up anyway.

      • I agree he’s not the first to go back on a deal but if Shelli really was about to drop off anyway, he really didn’t need to agree to the deal. He could just have said, I’d like to play this out or something about not wanting to do deals and just let her fall. I’m not a fan of people going back on their word though I know it’s just part of the game and it happens all the time. In some cases it can help you further in the game but I think it was unnecessary in this instance.

    • She makes rash decisions and thinks everyone owes her something. she’s convinced Austin that he owes her his life in the game when she was the one that was going to BD him. not like she convinced anyone else not to do it. She convinced herself. LMAO. and hes supposed to owe her something. haha She nominated Becky and now Becky should owe her something for ensuring Jason went home and not Becky. CRAZY.

    • I hope not. I mean i’m fine with him being AP but not with switching up votes. If this is true I will be upset with production stepping in. We haven’t voted on anything like that.

      • I had to laugh at Austin. On last weeks episode, he said something like he couldn’t begin to understand Shelli and Clays pain because they wouldn’t be able to spend time in he jury house unlike he and Liz. l

        Lol. That’s Austins main goal. To get to the jury house with Liz not to win 500k

    • The highlights always give me a giggle. But this is the first time that I don’t 100% agree with the assessment. A good debate makes things a lot more interesting though.

      • I’m with you. I respectfully disagree with the assessment on this one. I do think it will be a super hard sell to get Becky to go along with the evict Shelli plan they have. That is Mt Everest.

      • Mt Everest for sure. No way would she go along with this, and she shouldn’t for her own game sake. They would be wise to tell her right before the vote though. Don’t want her to be completely blindsided.

      • To be honest, I really want Vanessa gone so bad … but also (can I talk to you in the other room and let’s whisper?)

        I don’t want Shelli to go just yet. I don’t mind Shelli really. After Lady Van, the Judases need to go!

      • Maybe I missed it but where did he say it wouldn’t be hard for them to convince Becky to go with the evict Shelli plan? I’m pretty sure he said it wouldn’t be hard to convince the Austwins & Steve but I didn’t see where he said it would be easy to convince Becky. I thought he even said “heh” like he was saying “good luck with that” and that she wouldn’t agree with it.

      • No one is saying that he said that. We are saying that the plan to evict Shelli COULD actually be a good one, where as the highlight is saying that it’s a bad one.

        But even if we think the plan COULD be a good one, we realize they would have a hard time convincing Becky of that.

      • Ok, Thanks. I completely misunderstood what you disagreed with him on. I don’t think either is really a good option for them considering they are both good competitors but I have to agree with Matt and I think getting Vanessa out is probably the better option. Vanessa has a way of talking others into/out of things and I think would be a bigger threat going forward, not to mention if they did vote out Vanessa it would probably anger Becky.

  45. Just when i start to like them they get a stupid idea like this and then im like no you deserve to get screwed over by vanessa 2 or 3 weeks from now.

      • No its not. They can get screwed with an alliance of 4 or they can get screwed with an alliance of 3. To me the better choice is to back Becky and if Shelli wins, she wins.

        Also, Shelli has been preoccupied with Clay last week and being on the block and tending to Vanessa this week. She has not been studying. Vanessa has been studying feverishly. That makes her more likely to win the memory comp.

  46. Becky campaigning hard to evict Vanessa, can be viewed as her campaigning hard to keep Shelli in.

    Kind of like when Vanessa was campaigning hard to evict Clay, was really about keeping Shelli in.

    • Jackie caught on to V doing that, too. Even though Shelli picked Vanessa to play POV, I worry that Becky is still holding out hope that she and Shelli can be BFFs and play together. Until Shelli leaves, I will worry about that. I’d feel better if Becky said, heck no – She picked Vanessa to play POV after I TOLD her that Vanessa was the target – and she gives Vanessa a chance to WIN POV???? NO WAY! But I haven’t read where Becky is ranting about that. I heard she was angry about her doing that but nothing about her being mad enough to send her home this week. IDK. We shall see.

      • That’s the thing about this game of shifting loyalties. Who is the new HOH

        I believe that Becky is hoping to power up with Shelli quickly and not look to target her after because she does like Shelli as a friend and do the girl power thing. Becky plays straight-face poker better then Vanessa ever could

      • Well, if the Goblins do turn on Becky then she will surely look for a new group to work with. Then the goblims will have Vanessa, Austwins and Becky/JMac after them.

      • The goblins will have Shelli to contend with then, they are in a precarious position either way. I just believe that this vital HOH win for them is better with Shelli gone. Then they can put up Vanessa and a twin to break that power up.

  47. Question – Do people really think Becky is “loyal” to the Goblins?
    I think she is not. She wants to work with JMac and Shelli. The Goblins are a necessary evil in separating Shelli from 6S.

    • Well she can be royal to both sides tho until all their enemies gone and by then she has to pick a side.

    • I think she is loyal to Jackie and more loyal to James and Meg than anyone in the house except maybe JMac. James putting his trust in Vanessa is irrational.

      Jackie needs to come to her sense and talk James off the ledge because once his jumps they will all go down.

  48. “If Vanessa ends up getting saved through no actions of her own then that’s going to be even funnier to watch.”

    Well said, Matthew.

  49. No it isn’t a terrible plan cause jmac is already planning ahead to get Becky on his and Steve’s side with Shelli against austwins and James Meg Jackie and have 3 way battle. Shelli is more dangerous overall this week going into DE. One she wins HOH Thursday James or Jackie goes. If sh e don’t makes it through by winning veto she wins the next HOH and same result asmone the two HOH willnfall to her strong suits. And more likely the veto does. Where as Vanessa is only stronger in the mental things and she for sure is for sure going target Becky if they just talk to her she will at least get em through first half of DE maybe 2nd week as jmac and Becky be more on her mind if you point her that way. Where as all Shelli has her sights on is 1. James 2. Jackie 3. Meg 4. Becky last. So for those 3 they need forget about worrying about what Becky wants and see who staying benefits there game.

    • Putting up Vanessa was drawing a line in the sand. No matter what they think, Vanessa’s alliance is angry and coming after them.

      Changing their minds is a sign of weakness that Vanessa will exploit. She will go after Becky using this flip-flop as a reason not to trust the goblins.

      • That’s why I thinks it’s best for J/J/M to keep Vanevil. She’ll be coming after Becky and probably JohnnyWack.

        Technically, J/J/M don’t owe Becky and certainly they don’t owe JohnnyWack anything. Yes Becky didn’t put them up but neither did James or Jackie put Becky up when they were HOH either.

        I want Vanevil to be evicted too but I’m fine with SmellyShelli leaving as well. :-)

  50. When people say “favorite houseguest,” does that mean the person they like the most or the person they enjoy watching the most? If it’s the former, my favorite is JMac. If it’s the latter, my favorite is Vanessa. She is batsh*t crazy, and I’ll miss that quite a bit!

    Keep Vanessa!

    Besides, this’ll teach Shelli that she’s not a queen, she’s not entitled to anything and that going through people’s stuff is not okay.

    • My favorite will be the most entertaining to watch and is also good in the comps. That will be Johnny for me since he is funny and doesn’t fall for anything anyone says. He hasn’t been HOH, but he has won the veto and comes close in other comps.

  51. So much about commenting on how the floaters do nothing in this game .. then, BAM … they put their minds together can come up with this double-blindside that may or may not be in their long term interest … and everyone gets all wound up ….

    Regardless, of what happens, this is sure making the feeds/forums go wild, eh !! And, I am sure that Production is salivating on the viewers shock/dismay on Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes … As I suspect that, what is transpiring now will be only shown on Thursday …
    What a roller coaster ride we are being led on right now this Season …
    If it is excitement that you all wanted .. At least we are getting it this season … unlike the predictability of last year and first part of this Season .. :)

    • I don’t understand how an alliance that fails at competitions…4 weeks in a row…can be called floaters. They’re just bad at comps!

      The biggest floater is Steve, but that’s kind of because he’s an oddball, it’s not on purpose. Next up would be JMac, but even though he may be “floating” he’s still playing a great game.

      • I consider a floater someone who is just going with what others say and don’t do good at challenges. That will be Meg. She listens and then goes from there, but never strategizing with her own thoughts.

  52. These HG’s have too much time on their hands…After watching V cry and self implode on BBAD last night she needs to go, Shelli is arrogant and manipulative but V is worse.

    • I would love to see Shelli go this week on a blindside but at the same time I want Vanessa out of the house. She is no fun to watch and she brings the entire house down. I cannot watch constant paranoid game talk for too long. Sometimes watching Jame and Austin playing bros or the twins together is more fun than watching game talk – especially Vanessa’s game talk.

      • I agree…get Van out, then Shelli, then work on Austin and twins, followed by Meg, Steve and Jackie. Would love to see Becky and James or Becky and JMac in final 2.

      • I want Shelli out too but V first for her antics, paranoia and game talk, agree that it is more enjoyable to watch the HG’s doing something other than game talk but the twins voices are annooooooooooyyyying, to me anyway.

  53. Off topic: Is anyone watching the feeds. It keeps skipping and repeating a second or two.. I am wondering if that’s the feeds or my laptop.

  54. Too much time on their hands to overthink and assume, still their best bet is to get Vanessa out now, Shelli will always be gunning for James, but they are starting to get the numbers to maintain control, I honestly cannot stand Shelli nor Vanessa, but they need to realize that Vanessa has more control over Austin and the twins than Shelli ever will, at this point Vanessa should be the first jury member, I won’t miss Shelli either but keeping V is just downright stupid for the all members of the ‘Goblins’.

      • Let the two witches work their manipulative spells on each other and get rid of the bigger evil. lol works for me.

      • She really does. Jmac told her yesterday I believe to just lay low because there’s no chance she gets evicted… welp, looks like there’s been a change of plans.
        Hopefully Jmac, Steve, or Becky get word of the Goblins wanting to keep Vanessa. That would cause some serious drama this week.

      • I’m hoping Steve will play the snitch and will enlighten his new friends JMac and Becky about the latest trend.

    • They really need to get VAn out first, she is the main head on the snake and can control more people than Shelli with her crying and whining! Shelli whining and crying**

    • Could not agree more!!! Do V first while you have her, she’s more conniving then Shelli. With the numbers getting down there you have to be thinking Austwins equal 3, the twins are floating, time to bust them up… Liz would be my choice to oust first of the 3 b/c she’s a double-duo 1 w/Julia & again w/Austin. I can’t believe Austin isn’t dreaming of a 3some here, not that either of the twins would… LOL!!! Sorry about that, couldn’t help myself.

  55. Can’t wait to find out what Becky thinks about the get Shelli out instead of Vanessa talk. I hope the Goblins aren’t pushing Becky and JMac and maybe even Steve into the former 6th Sense alliance as a result.
    I’m hoping the Goblins will come to their senses and vote out Vanessa on Thursday.

    • I don’t see Becky budging on wanting Shelli out first…she likes working with Shelli more than Van.

      • I’m beginning to think this was all some trick of Becky’s to not just get revenge on Vanevil, but to isolate Shelli from the Austwins and mainly from Vanevil so she can work with her. I have a feeling after this week if Van goes Becky will work to get rid of J/J/M. Yet pretend that she had nothing to do with it. Then at then end of the season if she makes final two she can say she made a big game move removing Van and her hands are clean.

      • I can see this!!! But Jackie could prove to be a force to reckon with and will be no match to Becky if she bests her in puzzle comps and joins forces with JMac and company (whoever is left to work with him)! :-)

      • They were be a better fit than Shelli with the Austwins would! But she really, really likes the twins! hahaha

  56. James is scared of Becky because he knows she will go after him if she wins HOH. He needs to count on his friends not to vote him out.

  57. I just want to say, when I saw the headline above it took me over 15 minutes to decide if I even wanted to read it! (Yes, I caved.) When Matt mentioned about “grabbing him some Tums”, I thought-” TUMS??!! Screw that! This calls for alcohol….A LOT OF ALCOHOL!” :)

  58. I think that the producers tell some of the guests to say certain things to keep the viewers guessing and wanting to see more. I don’t believe that James, Meg and Jackie actually want Vanessa to stay. I think that they were told to do that since everyone is already saying who is leaving and they prefer things to be a bit of a mystery. I guess I will find out on Thursday if I’m right.

  59. Whichever one stays is the one I’m rooting for to win the game. I have no love for either Shelli or Vanessa mind you – I just don’t see anyone else making it to the end at this point.

  60. Oh my aching head. As bad as it might sound and I am 100% for getting Vanessa out this week but I think the James Gang may be right to send Shelli home before Vanessa. Here is why, James has already told Vanessa he doesn’t have anything against her and Shelli is going to gun for him if she stays and wins HOH. I think James would be safer with Vanessa than he ever would be with Shelli.

  61. James knows Shelli is going after him big time if she gets HOH. Especially after the shirtgate. Why would she call attention to herself like that? It was a TERRIBLE BB move.

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