Big Brother 17 Live Feeds Week 7: Thursday Night Highlights

The Sixth Sense have again found themselves not in power in the Big Brother 17 house following this week’s HOH competition and it looks like things aren’t looking good for a particular Sixth Sense puppeteer.

Becky gets her HoH room
Becky gets her HoH room – Source: CBS All Access

Becky, Meg, Jackie and James quickly hatched a plan around midnight BBT and that should be solid since we aren’t dealing with Vanessa who flip-flops every few minutes. Read on to find out the plan.

Big Brother 17 Live Feed Highlights – Thursday, August 6, 2015:

8:45 PM BBT – Feeds return from the comp. Becky won HoH.

8:45 PM BBT – Shelli is sobbing in to the arms of Meg. She’s very worked up over Clay being gone.

9:05 PM BBT – HGs receive pizza for dinner. They set some aside for the HNs.

9:15 PM BBT – Vanessa has found her new best friend: Becky!

9:25 PM BBT – John whispers game with Steve. He suggests maybe a 4-HG alliance with them, Jackie, and Becky. John says he’s ready to start calling some shots.

9:30 PM BBT – John says Vanessa is policing them so they will wait until she’s called to DR to talk again. Few mins later, Vanessa walks in, sits, and monitors.

9:35 PM BBT – After Vanessa leaves the room and Steve says that she’s clearly scared this week.

10:06 PM BBT – Now Vanessa telling Jackie about her fight with John and Clay earlier today. Meg later joins.

10:09 PM BBT –  Vanessa says that Clay was staying until that blow-up today (OK, girl).

10:29 PM BBT – When Vanessa finally leaves the room and Jackie and Meg give each other funny looks and start laughing. Jackie says she’s so over Vanessa’s stories and lies. They don’t understand why Vanessa never owns up to anything. They start laughing.

10:43 PM BBT – Vanessa slips up and tells Shelli that “Freaks and Geeks” have her back (that’s an alliance Shelli isn’t a part of). Vanessa covers.

10:49 PM BBT  – Vanessa tells Steve that she let Freaks and Geeks slip out. She tells him that she covered by saying that’s a name Steve made up and it includes Shelli.

11:15 PM BBT – HGs waiting around for Becky to get her HOH key.

11:42 PM BBT – Becky comes out of the DR: “Who wants to see my HOH room?”

12:02 AM BBT – Becky, Jackie, Meg and James finally get to talk. Becky’s plan is to tell Vanessa she’s sticking to the agreement they made: Shelli and Steve go on the block with John as a backdoor plan. BUT. Becky would never put John up. Vanessa will be the backdoor plan.

12:13 AM BBT – Becky says Vanessa is so self-absorbed that if they keep driving home the plan to get Shelli out, Vanessa won’t expect that she’s actually the target this week.

12:19 AM BBT – Becky telling them about when she was on the block next to Jason that Vanessa tried to pull her in and turn her against Jackie and James.

12:45 AM BBT – Austin and Becky talk about noms. Becky says she’ll nominate Shelli and a floater. She’s not telling him the real plan to go after Vanessa.

12:50 AM BBT – Vanessa is in the HoH room now. Becky explains her plan to put up Steve and Shelli, an adaptation of the original Shelli & JMac plan.

12:55 AM BBT – Vanessa pushes Becky to make a deal but Becky refuses saying she’s not doing any deals.

1:05 AM BBT – Becky updates John on the plan. She asks him not to retell any of this. They plan to not appear too close this week.

1:15 AM BBT – Becky tells Shelli that Vanessa is the target. Shelli promises not to tell Vanessa and admits Vanessa behavior earlier was questionable.

1:40 AM BBT – Twins arrive and Becky makes a deal to keep them safe this week. Becky reveals Steve will go up next to Shelli.

1:50 AM BBT – Steve’s turn as Becky explains her plan and wants him to act scared until Veto is over.

1:50 AM BBT – Downstairs Vanessa is worried and telling Austin how Becky wouldn’t make a deal. She’s worried she is a Backdoor target this week.

3:35 AM BBT – DR audio leak reveals James may have been made an “America’s Player” as he finds a card when he went in. No other details on that yet.

4:45 AM BBT – James is back from the DR. HGs are all asleep.

Vanessa put herself in a bad, bad spot but Veto could decide the whole week’s plan. So many scenarios that we can dive in to later. Nominations will arrive on Friday then Power of Veto competition on Saturday. Get ready for a wild week!

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  1. James as America’s player. What ? Who voted for that ? Was there a vote on the live feeds ?

  2. Just watched the Clay/James fight on YouTube, which should really be titled Vanessa is crazy. Wow. How have they put up with her this long?

    • Vanessa is scary crazy. She set that whole James is a bully crap in motion and the minute she’s confronted she tries to talk her way out of it. If Shelli continues to believe that Vanessa has her back she’s a scary, crazy and foolish.

      • Shelli was looking a little bit concerned about Vanessa’s sanity during that whole thing, but I can see Shelli totally using Vanessa to her advantage.

    • Where do you find that? I’ve looked up every combo of clay/vanessa/james fight and can’t locate it. I have read it word for word on jokers a couple of times now and it doesn’t make any sense.

      • I think you just go to you of tubes and type in Clay and James fight — or James and Clay fight. It doesn’t start immediately as that fight, but switches to it quite quickly

  3. Well if Becky can keep her head fixed straight on her target with the help of Jackie, James and Meg helping her, this could be a real crazy yet humorous week for Vanessa! I just hope Shelli sticks to the plan and doesn’t spill anything to Vanessa because that could really hurt Becky’s plans

    • I’m not convinced about Becky as HOH. She has previously been so concerned with being accepted by the “cool kids” that I think Shelli and Vanessa could easily work her to their advantage.

      • Not my window. I’m thinking all positive thoughts about Becky’s HOH reign until I have reason not to.

      • Although, I do hope she reconsiders and puts Vanessa and Shelli up together. It seems she is trying to keep the agreement made prior to the vote, which means she will not reconsider. But I am hoping still.

      • That is the ONLY way to guarantee that one or the other will be evicted, unless of course one of those little twists pop up.

      • Lol yeah,but with the DE next week they have two chances to get rid of Vanessa. They might as well get her done now since she’d probably find a way out during DE

      • I’m hoping that Vicious & Snake are the final block duo. Also, wouldn’t it be great if both Vicious & Snake were both sent to jury on Thursday’s DE?

      • I think jury house is exactly what The Vicious Snake needs. Then all they will have is each other to spew that poisonous venom at for a week.

      • In jury Van would still think the couch is trying to vote her out….or at least the cousin of the couch, the lamp

      • I think that Becky will stick to the plan because she has seen the many faces of Vanessa and doesn’t trust her.

      • Hoping you’re right. Are Jackie, Meg, James at least staying close to Becky so that Vanessa/shelli don’t worm their way into her ear?

      • Ha-ha im pretty sure Jackie is trying to stay close to her at all times so Van won’t try to pull a fast one on them!

      • Becky pretty much shut Vanessa down on her own by telling V that she wasn’t making any deals with her. Now Shelli is a different beast. I’m not sure where Becky’s head is with Shelli, but it does concern me a little.

      • When Becky told JMac that she was tired of being a rat and was choosing to stick with J/J/M, I believed her. This is the week that will show if she was being true to that.

      • Yes, that is exactly what did it for me also, redroses. The fact that she told JMac, because I think she trusts him.

      • Yes they are. They realized the best time to have a real conversation is when Vanessa is in the DR.

      • They need to have Vanessa up with one of the twins if they want to guarantee she goes home. If she is up next to Shelli or Steve this week she really would only have to flip 1 vote to stay.

      • Becky doesn’t want to use Steve or Johnny Mac as pawns so I think that putting Vanessa up against one of the twins, I prefer Liz, is a great idea. It works as long as Vanessa doesn’t win the POV and Shelli doesn’t get to play and takes Vanessa down. Just like James, Becky needs to win the POV.

    • I don’t think her plan is gonna work out she told to many people and most of the people she told are Vanessa’s people

  4. Ewwwww… Clay got sent home over Shelli, although I don’t blame James Gang for making it unanimous
    Ahhhhh… Shelli didn’t turn around and win HoH

    Becky won HoH. This could be an ew or an ah…
    Ahhhhh… Becky is rolling with the James Gang and targets Vanessa
    Ewwwww… Becky really is a rat and is just saying she’s targeting Vanessa

    (Branden: You’ve got a couple of name typos in the article)

  5. I’m also curious to see how America’s Player is brought back, and if true, how James would make a huge impact! Personally I’d prefer Jackie as AP but I’m fine with James also since he makes big moves

      • And if James has been named AP, I think it’s really unfortunate. Let the guy play his own game. Don’t ties his hands with America’s wishes.

      • Omg! I just had an idea! Maybe they are trying to make him the new Donnie!? 0_0 crazy and stupid idea I know >_> just trying to get some reasoning behind this

      • Just a side note, Matt, thanks for all the updates. I can’t get the live feeds up here, so it’s great. You really don’t get the whole picture from just the show itself.

      • I don’t ever recall an “America’s Player” on BB Canada :-) But seriously, did they have a Canada’s Player. I don’t remember.

      • They don’t have a name for it and it switches up a lot. BB Can picks various players to complete tasks, usually to win the house a party.

      • No but they have all of the Marsha the Moose challenges, the Sarah is dying thing, the “sneak into the vault” “someone is sneaking into the vault, stop them” tasks, etc. They do those a lot just for goofy little side stories and the prize is usually a party or something.

    • James would be a good choice, as he has already shown to be a prankster in the House and not afraid to making big moves that could/would affect his own game … especially, if there is a chance of winning $$$ for succeeding in the tasks ….

      • Oh absolutely! I think James would be excited to do this and win cash if successful, my only problem is we had no clue and did not get to vote -_-

  6. I think Becky is missing an opportunity here to almost guarantee that the PoV is played, and Vanessa goes on the block. If she nominates Shelli & Steve, the people who could win & NOT use the PoV are Vanessa, Austin, Liz, and Julia. If, however, she nominates Shelli & Liz, the people who might not use the PoV becomes only Vanessa and Steve, since Austin & Julia would use it to save Liz, without question. I know she doesn’t want to ruffle feathers with Austin’s harem, but sometimes you gotta go with the odds, since she’s not making any deals this week.

    • Wow! You hit the nail on that one! That actually could almost guarantee Vanessa and her eviction, however, considering Van and her ways, she’d likely be able to get everyone to evict Shelli with one of her staged fights

    • The odds are in Becky’s favor with her current plan. I understand why you’re saying Liz is a better plan, but it has bigger potential to blow up in her face. The odds being in Becky’s favor are not guarantee however. Vanessa had the odds in her favor a week ago, and she got a series of worst case scenarios dealt to her.

    • That is really interesting.

      I wouldn’t trust Austin & the twins, if one of those three or Vanessa won the veto and kept the noms the same and they convinced either John or Meg to flip, they would vote out Steve.

    • I think if Shelli is on the block and Van gets to play in the Veto comp, she might win and take Shelli off of the block. Austin may go up, but Van has already shown that she cares more about saving Shelli than she does Austin.

    • I posted almost the same thing before I saw your comment. You are spot on here. If she puts up Shelli and Steve then over 1/3 of the house would never use the veto this week if they win. Also, Vanessa has too many guaranteed votes. Austin, both twins, and either Steve or Shelli (whoever comes off the block). The best Becky can hope for is a 4-4 tie and then she breaks the tie on Thursday. All Vanessa has to do it flip 1 person to stay. If Vanessa is on the block next to Liz then her 3 most loyal votes are out the window.

  7. I am so over Vanessa and her paranoia.. The moment she leaves the HOH she is freaking out thinking she might be a back door target just because no deals were cut? Whatever girl.. yes, you are right, you ARE the back door target but Becky figured she would save the entire house a little less drama by keeping it simple.. Johnny Mac would be the Back Door if Shelli or Steve won POV and took themselves off the block. This is all the house needs to know–Shelli is even in the loop and quite ironically, she is hugging it out and thanking Becky (for putting her on the block).. quite hilarious when you think of how things were last week. So it should be a quiet week but then of course you know it won’t be, because Vanessa is still in the house. I swear she becomes more like Audrey every day.

  8. Pretty sure this plan will get back to Vanessa, everyone in the house already knows. Why would she trust Shelli to not tell her? It’s funny that she wants to be pretty Shelli’s friend oh so bad. Doesn’t Shelli feel like she owes Vanessa for helping her stay over Clay?

    • So true, although I was happy to see yesterday that Da was cheering Jackie on for the win!

    • Yep! Vicious & Snakes first mistake was sending Da home. Their second mistake was sending Jason home. It brought out the fight in the former backyard partiers.

  9. Van is crazy!! That “fight” showed an gallimaufry of Van’s feelings. She’s beyond uncontrollable

  10. I am so over Vanessa and her paranoia.. The moment she leaves the HOH she is freaking out thinking she might be a back door target just because no deals were cut? Whatever girl.. yes, you are right, you ARE the back door target but Becky figured she would save the entire house a little less drama by keeping it simple.. Johnny Mac would be the Back Door if Shelli or Steve won POV and took themselves off the block. This is all the house needs to know–Shelli is even in the loop and quite ironically, she is hugging it out and thanking Becky (for putting her on the block).. quite hilarious when you think of how things were last week. So it should be a quiet week but then of course you know it won’t be, because Vanessa is still in the house. I swear she becomes more like Audrey every day.

  11. 1:15 AM BBT – Becky tells Shelli that Vanessa is the target. Shelli promises not to tell Vanessa and admits Vanessa behavior earlier was questionable.

    We will see what happens. Does Becky expect Shelli not to tell Vanessa? Shelli knows Vanessa saved her ass this past week and owes her. In addition, there is still the Sixth Sense alliance and they all voted unanimously in evicting Clay. More than likely, Shelli will tell Vanessa so that, if Vanessa or any of her allies win, they take Shelli off the block and two floaters, Steve and whoever gets put as the replacement nominee, one of them gets evicted. The smarter way to target Vanessa is nominate Vanessa and Shelli both, together on the block. Tell the alliance members if they win POV and take either Vanessa or Shelli off the block, you will put one of them in as replacement nominee. So, if Liz, Julia or Austin get POV, the remaining alliance members gets put on the hot seat. And if Shelli or Vanessa get off thru winning POV, then, put Austin or one of the twins in as replacement nominee.

    • I think that might not be a good idea. Shelli knows that if she passes the information off to Vanessa then she’ll probably be blamed for being Vanessa’ closest ally and might become the target if the Vanessa plan fails. I think the minority group here should avoid ticking off the three headed dragon of the Austwins, because they might be the only members of the Sixth Sense that could start working with them depending on how the season progresses.

      • Becky can avoid the alliance trying to save one of their own if she just outright nominates Shelli and Vanessa together.
        Only one can go off the block. If one gets off, put Austin, Liz or Julia as the replacement nominee. Preference should be to keep nominations the same and you are guaranteed to evict either Shelli or Vanessa, two good competitors and big threats in the game. That probably will also, break the alliance because it would be that much weaker.

      • You forget though, Becky actually likes Shelli (and Clay). Not so much the rest of that SS alliance. She doesn’t want Shelli to go home, but she wants to keep the house happy.

      • J/J/M would talk Becky into getting out Shelli, if she and Steve remain on the block and the vote is tied. Becky wants to keep her new alliance happy over keeping Shelli.

      • Nobody knows what Becky will actually do until she puts up the nominations. For all we know, it could be Jackie and James on the block. The Clay eviction vote speaks volumes that Vanessa controls the Big Brother House. Maybe, that is about to change but, remains to be seen. And if Becky really likes Shelli, why put her on the block? Why not put Austin in the block with Vanessa? Why put Shelli at risk of being evicted? That does not even make sense.

      • I think we would have seen some indication of it if Becky had any intentions of putting anyone on the block other than who she has stated. I believe what she tells JMac. She trusts him.

      • Weren’t the house guests including Becky flipping back and forth on who to vote out, whether Shelli or Clay? Actually, 72% believed Shelli will be evicted, 28% believed it was Clay getting evicted in the survey. I said then, that Vanessa controlled the votes and the alliance members selfish self-interest will make them vote to evict Clay. What the house guests say and what they actually do are two different things. I am still skeptical of Becky as she is a snitch for the Sixth Sense alliance unless, proven otherwise. Maybe, she has changed but, until I see the nominations for myself, I will stay skeptical.

      • You’re definitely right. Let’s just assume that Steve is up against Vanessa or Shelli come Thursday. The four other Sixth Sense members vote to evict Steve. John, James, Meg and Jackie all vote to keep Steve. Assuming no one falters, that leaves a tie vote. I doubt that will happen, but the Sixth Sense will still control only half of the vote.

    • Not quite that simple Richie. If one of Shelli’s allies (Austwins or Vanessa) win and take Shelli off the block, the other three are in danger of being nominated. Becky controls 4 votes (James, Jackie, Meg, Johnny Mac) and will be able to cast the tie breaking vote. Unless Vanessa wins veto, she is in real danger of being evicted.

      • Shelli is already in peril if she is nominated. Obviously, her alliance meaning Vanessa, Austin, Liz and Julia have to know as well. That is 4 sure votes there. And do not count out Vanessa’s control over the snitches. Remember the last vote on Clay was unanimous. Even Jackie and Meg voted to evict Clay. Someone suggested that if the alliance won POV to leave the nominations the same. That makes sense because they can use votes to save Shelli. All they would need is one more vote. That could be Johnny Mac or maybe, even Meg. The best way for Becky if she really wants to have a good chance to take out Vanessa is nominate Vanessa and Shelli outright and fight to keep the POV the same. That guarantees either Shelli or Vanessa to go home. It would be easier to lobby against Vanessa because even Shelli would be lobbying the others to stay.

  12. The best move for the 5th sense is to keep Shelli on the block if they win veto. Im sure she would be kept in the case of a tie over steve

    • Why are you sure of that? I believed Becky when she said that she is rolling with the James Gang. I’m more sure that Becky would vote out Shelli over Steve.

  13. I don’t want to waste a good eviction on Steve, but is there anyway we could just toss him out the back door?

    And it pains me to see only one man has been playing the game, James, the rest are the equivalen of tboom mic operator at a porn shoot; they’re there, but nobody really notices

    • It would be nice to see a woman win for a change, but not just any woman. As of at this minute, I would cheer for Jackie or Becky to win. Now that is subject to change on a daily, if not hourly basis.

      • I’ve been rooting for Jackie. She’s been winning a few comps and playing the game, don’t think she’ll win though. I do like that Jackie started calling Van out. Seems like that helped the house see through her manipulation much quicker. Meg called her out last night over her story on the vote flipping because of that “fight”

        Random but has Meg, James, Jackie (and I guess Becky for sure now?) named their alliance?

      • I’ve heard people on here call them the James Gang, but I don’t think I have heard them officially naming their alliance.

      • I haven’t heard an official name, yet, either. On here they’ve been J/J/M & Becky, James Gang, Backyard Crew, and ADC (After Dark Crew.)

      • He’ll just side with me. We have a ‘thing’ going on. Didn’t you know that? (oh wait…I forgot to tell him about our ‘thing’…)

      • Sorry, Sharona, I wasn’t avoiding you and your “Me and Mrs. Jones” thing. My husband just called from Wyoming. All the ladies love Cyril!

      • Oh, K…I didn’t even notice! I had a doctor’s appointment, and I’m just now checking sites. But thank you for the apology anyway! :)

    • Have to disagree that James is the only one playing the game. Maybe playing well (as he got major blood on his hands last week and now is likely to make it thru DE) – but it is precisely van, shelli and to a lesser extent clay playing and actually overplaying the game that has woken up the other side and exposed themselves.

      • The only male. The females are running the house, hands down. Austin is controlled by the twins (sounds like GoT talk ha) and Van. JMac is and Clay was being controlled by Shelli. Steve is being controlled by Van. Just my opinion though

      • Oops… Missed that. Yeah, he is the only one obviously playing,

        But I have to give a shout out to Jmac. He made a statement last nite about coming out to play now. We will see if this is just idle bravado.

        Perhaps with all the early overplaying, he saw his best chance as coasting for a while, not making himself a target then making moves later on in the game. He had started this week with telling clay his plans to target Van which got leaked and was the ammo for Van’s blowup yesterday. Van (who I think is pretty observant) was also already starting to turn on Jmac – perhaps she recognized his rope-a-dope and understood his potential. Jmac has won comps. He is a dentist – so at least well-educated – but for sure has a critical-thinking mind. He could become a force.

        if this is true, he may become a person I root for and it then also means he has been very stealthily and astutely playing the game

  14. I want Shelli gone! & if Vanessa doesn’t straighten herself up soon, she will be going home too pretty quickly. I’m all for James and his allies.

    • Get the Vicious Snake (Van/Shelli) out during DE! Let both of them stew in the jury house about what happened. :D

  15. If Vanessa could just “chill” for a minute or two, she’d be a great player. But she can’t and this is why there is a real possibility that she is going home this week.

    I quite like Vanessa and the way she strategizes and plays the game so far, especially how she can persuade people to do what she wants. So I hope she finds a way to stay this week. She and Shelli together can be quite a formidable duo.

    • Agree completely. For the long term excitement, having strong players on both sides is better TV.

      But she (Van) has really just overplayed EVERYTHING. Clay was going home. No need for the farce yesterday. Or all the other times she has to “make plans”. She doesn’t realize how doing this has brought attention to herself and helped the other side figure out that she is the head of her side.

      I hope Van finds a way to stay this week, since it will be better for lively game play going forward. If she goes, many fans will be happy that their personal faves are still there. But if this happens, the gameplay will not be as exciting or unpredictable.

      • Totally agreed. She overplayed with that fight between James and Clay, and this is coming back to bite her in the ass.

        The rest of the HGs haven’t been playing much at all (looking at you Meg!). Except for maybe James but he totally wasted his power with the end outcome being evicting Clay… A lot of talking and no real results. This is why I like Vanessa and Shelli; they get things done. Hope Vanessa gets through this week.

  16. As long as Shelli or Vanessa goes next, Pennypacker wll be a happy man. I may even build another rollercoaster.

    • NO! That is the one thing that Becky should not have done. If she had to tell Shelli anything, it should have been “I’m putting you up, but you’re not the target.”

      • Agree completely. She is putting her up, so she should tell her & assure her she’s not the target. But she knows how the 6th sense works, and must know that she will tell Van. Very dumb.

    • That’s why I said in an earlier post that I had concerns about the Becky/Shelli relationship. Not to the point of thinking she would turn on the James Gang, but it concerns me that she seems inclined to believe there might be a chance of working with Shelli later on.

      • I feel like I don’t know Becky at all. Since I don’t watch the feeds or BBAD, I have barely seen the girl.

      • I wasn’t fond of her at all because she was Shelli’s rat for a while. It seems like a switch turned on and she has seen the light, as far as Vanessa’s dirty dealings. It’s still a little iffy about where she stands on Shelli.

      • I think– and this is a huge change for me — that I’d rather have Vanessa out before Shelli. But this is a DE week, right? So maybe both of those girls will go. Honestly, things change so much (even with me) that I almost don’t care who leaves. They’ll all be on Jury anyway.

    • No…suicidal….she thinks she’s tight with Shelli…Shelli will give her up for food stamps!

    • I’m still unsure of that. I don’t think she needed to tell her about her plan to BD Vanessa, but I do think it was smart for her to tell Shelli that Vanessa knows Shelli will be nominated. If Vanessa doesn’t share this information, it will cause serious doubt.

    • Actually, Becky put Shelli in the same situation Shelli was in with Jason. With Shelli being on the block and Becky having enough votes to evict whoever she chooses, Shelli has to be very careful. If she tells Vanessa the BD plan and Becky finds out, the group could make Shelli their target again.

      before he left Clay told Shelli not to work with Vanessa because she is too emotional (I think he meant unstable). Shelli has to be aware that if she tells Vanessa there is no way Vanessa will be able to fake like she doesn’t know.

      Also, Becky, Meg and Jackie think that if this plan works they can bring Shelli into their group and it may work because with Vanessa gone Shelli has nowhere else to go.

  17. I like Vanessa and I think that getting rid of her would be a great move. But I don’t want Vanessa to go just yet. She is crazy and acts paranoid but she makes great feeds in my opinion, I don’t get the Vanessa hate.

    • You just mentioned she’s crazy and paranoid but didn’t get the hate.
      I am not sure if she makes great feeds since I couldn’t stand any more of her trademark why why why why and why.

  18. Having a plan and following through with the plan are 2 different things in the BB house. Becky’s the lightweight of this group until proven otherwise. Vanessa can out think, out maneuver and out talk Becky in her sleep. Vanessa has Steve in her back pocket. Austin, and by extension the twins, is terrified of Vanessa. Shelli will do what’s in her best interest and right now that is sticking with Vanessa, who just saved her butt, is better than aligning with Becky. I wish Becky luck but I think grabbing some low hanging fruit and making it through the DE is in her best interest.

    • Yes…Becky doesn’t realize how far Van’s tentacles have reached.
      She’s committing suicide talking game with them…they don’t have her back on keeping secrets…and like you said Van will eat her for lunch…no as an appetizer.

    • Steve is on the block so he is really powerless to do much. Also, Steve seems to be working with JMac. JMac told Steve yesterday that he wants Vanessa gone but Steve never relayed that info back to Vanessa.

      At this point there is not much Vanessa can do. Most of the house distrusts her, some people really dislike her. Let’s be honest. She is doing what Audrey did. Vanessa is spinning lies and schemes that are totally unnecessary. Like her plan to throw Becky under the bus when Clay and Shelli were on the block. How did that help Clay and Shelli? Even dumbo Clay asked, “How does that help us?”

      Vanessa has lost it in the house. People who go too far with stories and lies usually do go home home right away.

    • I think that Vanessa has finally pissed off enough people to get her in trouble. That blow up with Johnny did not improve her standing in the house. Jackie was on to her last week. Both of them are Becky’s two closest allies in the house. Vanessa way over played her hand last week, for apparently not reason.

      • Agreed. And there is very little Vanessa can do now because like Audrey no one will trust her no matter what she says. Her only shot is to win POV or for Austin and the twins to win POV.

      • Actually, I think she may be on her own here. If the Austwins win POV, they aren’t likely to use it for fear one of them would go up.

      • True. Didn’t think of that at first. Could be the achilles heel of becky’s plan if they really want van out.

      • Jackie has good instincts and can figure stuff out. She’s not good at doing stuff though. Failed to save Jason and failed to boot Shelli

    • Van THINKS she has Steve in her back pocket. Hard to tell where his loyalties really lie. I think he’s more loyal to JMac, than to Van.

      • Johnny told Steve that Vanessa was in on a plan to nominate both of them this week (that’s what the DE plan was). Since then it seems like Steve has been leery of Vanessa. Johnny also proposed a final four with Steve that included Becky and Jackie.

      • Steve has me baffled in more ways than one. I’m not sure what his strategy is, and I’m not sure if he is “socially awkward” as many people aver, or if he is a little bit out there, if you know what I mean.

  19. I still love this game but, I don’t even care who goes next week—just as long as someone steps up, gets blood on their hands, and at the end of the day refuses to vote like everyone else. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

    • This season actually hasn’t had a unanimous vote until last week. I don’t think these guys are afraid to do what’s necessary for their games.

  20. This plan of Becky’s could work to get Vanessa out but there are a lot of risks.

    What if the noms stay the same?

    What if Vanessa wins POV and taks Shelli off, who does Becky put up next to her and who gets evicted?

    Why not put Vanessa straight up on the block and just say the deal was for DE not for a regular week?

    The advantage is Vanessa may not get picked to play POV this way so the chances are slimmer that she will win it. With Austin and the twins being 3 out of 11 people she may have to make a deal to get them to use the veto but the twins are even more loyal to Vanessa than Shelli.

  21. I really hope whoever wins POV uses it on Steve. I really want to see a Shelli and Vanessa showdown. I was hoping for it last week, this week it might happen.

  22. Just a thought – but if Shelli throws Vanessa under the bus this week to save herself what does that say when she would not throw Vanessa under the bus to James last week to save Clay?

  23. First of all James is the man he’s been going after big targets from day one and has never let other people get in his ear and sway him…Becky is a flip flop I’m not sure about how I feel about her being HOH this week…

  24. How does DE works btw? 2 are going to be nominated, then veto is played and will/will not be used, and then 1 of the 2 final nominees will be voted out? After that, the entire process repeats?

    • Usually the first vote is at the beginning of the show, instead of in the middle. It’s like a normal week. Then the HGs are told to scramble to the backyard for HoH comp & that it is a DE. HoH comp is very quick A/B question elimination. Hgs have 5 minutes to discuss. New HoH names their noms. HGs rush back outside for PoV comp. Quick PoV ceremony. Final voting. 2nd Hg leaves. Neither HG is interviewed and there are no good-bye messages shown.

  25. I am just watching the live feeds from last night. I don’t think anyone has declined Vanessa for a deal this season. Vanessa clearly doesn’t know how to respond to the word ‘no’.

  26. Update: 1:09 AM BBT – Downstairs Vanessa is worried and telling Austin how Becky wouldn’t make a deal. She’s worried she is a Backdoor target this week.

  27. If Vanessa is up next to Steve or Shelli at the end of the week then she probably has Austin, both twins, and whoever comes down between Steve/Shelli to vote to save her. At that point she only has to flip one other vote to stay. If you want to guarantee that Vanessa goes home then you have to have her up next one of the twins (preferably Liz) on Thursday night so that you guarantee Austin and Julia vote to evict Vanessa.

    • If Vanessa is on the block she is going home. JMac, Becky, Jackie and Meg despise her. James will never change his mind to save Vanessa. At worst they get a tie vote and Becky becomes the deciding vote.

      To me the only real problem is if Vanessa wins POV and takes Shelli off the block. Shelli will be grateful to Van for saving her and Vanessa will be safe. Then Becky needs to decide who to put up and whether that person goes home or Steve goes home.

      They have to hope Vanessa is not picked to play POV. If she isn;t picked then the worst that can happen is the noms stay the same and maybe Shelli goes home – although it sounds like Steve may be the one to go.

      • I agree the most likely scenario is she goes home if she is on the block but it is SO close. Things change day-to-day in that house, especially this season. All the sixth sense has to do is flip 1 person?! That can be easily done.
        Also, if Shelli/Steve are on the block then if Vanessa, Austin, Liz or Julia win veto then Vanessa is staying because neither Austin nor the Twins would use it. Throw both twins up and essentially Vanessa has to win the veto herself to guarantee she stays.

  28. How many “secret” alliances does Vanessa belong too?? I just read about the Freaks & Geeks.

  29. what just kick James out he is on my nerve sorry to fans of James but i don’t like him at all and Van will win Pov no mater what if she is choose to play and now that peeps are less in house she have a chance to pic and Double eviction i just hope if James survive this one so then my girl Shelli win next hoh on eviction night and send that old country boy back to home he is on my last nerve grrrrrrrrr

    • Let’s see, you have bad grammar, severely lacking sentence structure, no punctuation, capitalization issues, and I detect a little bigotry for good old country boys. Were you picked up by a crow on the beach and dropped? Just kidding with ya. No one is perfect, but it is hard to take you serious with that post.

      • No, I haven’t, Paula. And I normally wouldn’t say anything akin to what I posted, but there are a few people on this site who speak of country people like it is a curse or ignorance and that is no different than being a racist. I live around very intelligent hard-working country folk. Donny, from last year, was one of the nicest people that has ever been on BB, and he was treated with the same disrespect just because he was a little countrified.

    • You may not like James, but at least he is entertaining by changing its projected course into some treacherous waters. It is going to be a bit harder to stay under the raider and play both sides. It is a lot better for excitement compared to last years.

  30. Why does everyone talk bad about vanessa. Shes the best player in tbe whole house. By far. Stop talking bad about her

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