Big Brother 17: Counting The Votes In Week 7 [POLL] – Updates: Vote Flip Debate Renewed

Just when you thought you could start to count up the votes on Big Brother 17 the Goblins go and start stirring up trouble. Well they are called goblins after all, aren’t they?

James Huling counting the votes on Big Brother 17
James Huling counting the votes on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

The Have-Not room last night was the bedrock of mischief as James, Meg, and Jackie started to debate going against the week’s big plan of sending Vanessa off to the Jury House. While it’s tough to be sure which way things will go it does give us some new scenarios to investigate, as Vanessa likes to say.

There will be eight votes this week giving Becky, the current HoH, a chance at the tiebreaker. Now before last night the vote was a little easier. Becky had lined up James, Jackie, and Meg (Goblins) along with JMac to send the vote to her for Vanessa’s eviction. Becky had told Austin he and the twins could vote as they needed for their game. It didn’t really matter. Now, that might have all changed.

If Meg, Jackie, and James want to keep Shelli like they debated overnight then they’d need two more votes to keep the choice out of Becky’s hands. Doesn’t that alone seem like it’d be a troublesome choice for them to try and pull off? Anyway, they wondered if they could get the Austwins to join them in the vote. Clearly they don’t realize how close Vanessa and the Austwins are in this game.

Goblins’ three votes plus the Austwins’ three votes would push things over the edge and keep Vanessa in the game. If Steve caught wind of the plan then I’d expect him to jump on board since he wants to keep Vanessa as well. That’d be 7-1 with John voting to evict Vanessa as I’m sure he’ll do.

So what are the chances of this vote flip happening? Ehh, I’ll be surprised. James and company will have two more days to think about this and I’m not so sure they’ll be willing to do what it takes and that’s pissing off their new ally in Becky. If they do go through with it then it’ll be based on a lot of bad assumptions that they’re making like Vanessa being isolated in the house. Vanessa will have four allies while they only seem to be aware of the one in Steve. They’re misreading a lot of things here.

Now if we’re looking for the most drama and Feeds action then bring on the vote flip, but right now I’d say it’s still early to bet on it just yet. We’ll have to keep watching to see what happens next. What do you think will happen with this week’s vote leading to the Double Eviction Thursday? Vote now!

Update: Vanessa pulled Steve aside to ask for his vote. Flashback to 12:10PM BBT 8/11. Steve hesitated saying he doesn’t want to promise her something and then make it a lie by having to go back on her. Vanessa continues to press and says she’ll let him vote the other way if she can’t get the majority by two hours until the vote. Steve continues to withhold his promise and asks for her to let him work on it until tonight first.

Update 2: Goblins finally started discussing this again. Flashback to 12:55PM BBT Cams 1/2. James is certain that Becky won’t agree to change targets. They’re again trying to decide “who has more of a group” and they seem to think it’s Shelli and again I’d say they’re wrong.

They think it’ll be harder to get Shelli back in this vulnerable position again and now that Vanessa has been on the Block they think others will be willing to nom her again. They must be talking about Steve & Austwins because there is no one else (JMac not included since he’s obviously against Vanessa) and in that case they are gravely mistaken.

James and Meg reaffirm their new plan at 1:45PM BBT. Meg and James talk about how much they believe in what Vanessa was telling them yesterday about Becky’s previous alliances. Vanessa definitely got in James’s head during that talk.

Votes are now more strongly leaning to keep Vanessa and evict Shelli. Obviously subject to change.


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