Big Brother 17: Counting The Votes In Week 7 [POLL] – Updates: Vote Flip Debate Renewed

Just when you thought you could start to count up the votes on Big Brother 17 the Goblins go and start stirring up trouble. Well they are called goblins after all, aren’t they?

James Huling counting the votes on Big Brother 17
James Huling counting the votes on Big Brother 17 – Source: CBS All Access

The Have-Not room last night was the bedrock of mischief as James, Meg, and Jackie started to debate going against the week’s big plan of sending Vanessa off to the Jury House. While it’s tough to be sure which way things will go it does give us some new scenarios to investigate, as Vanessa likes to say.

There will be eight votes this week giving Becky, the current HoH, a chance at the tiebreaker. Now before last night the vote was a little easier. Becky had lined up James, Jackie, and Meg (Goblins) along with JMac to send the vote to her for Vanessa’s eviction. Becky had told Austin he and the twins could vote as they needed for their game. It didn’t really matter. Now, that might have all changed.

If Meg, Jackie, and James want to keep Shelli like they debated overnight then they’d need two more votes to keep the choice out of Becky’s hands. Doesn’t that alone seem like it’d be a troublesome choice for them to try and pull off? Anyway, they wondered if they could get the Austwins to join them in the vote. Clearly they don’t realize how close Vanessa and the Austwins are in this game.

Goblins’ three votes plus the Austwins’ three votes would push things over the edge and keep Vanessa in the game. If Steve caught wind of the plan then I’d expect him to jump on board since he wants to keep Vanessa as well. That’d be 7-1 with John voting to evict Vanessa as I’m sure he’ll do.

So what are the chances of this vote flip happening? Ehh, I’ll be surprised. James and company will have two more days to think about this and I’m not so sure they’ll be willing to do what it takes and that’s pissing off their new ally in Becky. If they do go through with it then it’ll be based on a lot of bad assumptions that they’re making like Vanessa being isolated in the house. Vanessa will have four allies while they only seem to be aware of the one in Steve. They’re misreading a lot of things here.

Now if we’re looking for the most drama and Feeds action then bring on the vote flip, but right now I’d say it’s still early to bet on it just yet. We’ll have to keep watching to see what happens next. What do you think will happen with this week’s vote leading to the Double Eviction Thursday? Vote now!

Update: Vanessa pulled Steve aside to ask for his vote. Flashback to 12:10PM BBT 8/11. Steve hesitated saying he doesn’t want to promise her something and then make it a lie by having to go back on her. Vanessa continues to press and says she’ll let him vote the other way if she can’t get the majority by two hours until the vote. Steve continues to withhold his promise and asks for her to let him work on it until tonight first.

Update 2: Goblins finally started discussing this again. Flashback to 12:55PM BBT Cams 1/2. James is certain that Becky won’t agree to change targets. They’re again trying to decide “who has more of a group” and they seem to think it’s Shelli and again I’d say they’re wrong.

They think it’ll be harder to get Shelli back in this vulnerable position again and now that Vanessa has been on the Block they think others will be willing to nom her again. They must be talking about Steve & Austwins because there is no one else (JMac not included since he’s obviously against Vanessa) and in that case they are gravely mistaken.

James and Meg reaffirm their new plan at 1:45PM BBT. Meg and James talk about how much they believe in what Vanessa was telling them yesterday about Becky’s previous alliances. Vanessa definitely got in James’s head during that talk.

Votes are now more strongly leaning to keep Vanessa and evict Shelli. Obviously subject to change.


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  1. My heart says it’s Vanessa’s time to go. But then again, Clay went home last week with 9-0, so it’s really up in the air.
    Perhaps Vampire Dentist could stage a big fight with Vanessa this time that leads her to be sent to the Jury house.

  2. Can’t wait to see Becky’s reaction when she learns what the Goblins have been up to in their spare time. If the Goblins follow through Becky needs to find yet another alliance.

    • Becky will go with the power next time..she just never wanted to be working with Van, so that’s why she chose to stick with J/J/M. But if Van’s gone, she’ll go back and work with Shelli and the Austwins, which will once again outnumber the James Gang…that is if JMac and Steve join that side.

      • Sounds like a smart move for Becky imo although the Goblins would be a lot easier to control if she decides to stay with them.

      • Well…seems the Goblins are now wanting to go against getting Van out…so I wouldn’t place my bets on them being controlled by Becky for too much longer! :-)

      • You missed my point Joni, I was saying that if Vanessa DOES leave, Becky would have an easier time controlling the Goblins than she would have controlling the former SS alliance who are playing the game at a higher level than the Goblins. I wouldn’t blame Becky wanting to stick with the less talented Goblins.

    • She did tell Austin and the twins yesterday in the HOH room that J/J/M is “her group.” However, if Shelli stays and should win that first HOH on Thursday..Becky will put that flip flop on her foot and flop on over to Shelli. Becky can’t find a true alliance..she is still looking!

      • I almost can’t blame Becky for still looking though since she will be at the bottom of whichever alliance she’s with for the week. I like the idea of a Becky,JMac,Shelli,Steve and eventually Julia alliance.

      • I don’t..I hope Becky goes very soon..JMac too. Becky showed a side of her yesterday that was very condescending and you don’t put someone on the block for personal reasons like she did Vanessa. That is not the way to play this game.

      • It’s just that I’ve hardly noticed Becky before she won HOH and I’m liking what I’m seeing this week.

      • I like Becky, but yesterday when she was talking about Vanessa, whom I don’t like, she was getting a bit too big for her britches. It rubbed me the wrong way.

      • Well, to be fair Vanessa has certainly been rubbing Becky the wrong way for several weeks now and since Becky isn’t a saint she’s naturally not very happy about that. But I haven’t caught up with the scene you’re describing so I might feel differently once I know what happened.

      • It happened a few times yesterday, but the one I’m referring to was on BBAD last night. I just wanted to shout, “shut up already!”

      • I didn’t watch all of BBAD so I missed that.
        I think the Goblins and Becky are enjoying finally having a little power in the house but I hope they aren’t overdoing it. Like I said, I still have to catch up on Jokers.

      • YES she will, Joni. That group has had the power for 2 weeks. I think they are ALL getting 2 big for their britches. Jackie and Meg need to go both are useless imo. Meg is a major floater and I can’t stand floaters. Jackie is a close second.

      • Bottom line is Shelli should have stay up and not given James the power. Then she wouldn’t be on the block.

      • As is Steve. I don’t like floaters either, but I also can’t stand an unfair fight, which is what the SS was targeting for and beginning to feel way too comfortable in doing!

      • Me too, redroses…I thought she was so rude and condescending to Vanessa outside yesterday. Too big for her britches is a good description..I don’t care for Becky at all. I can honestly say this is the first season I really don’t have a favorite and that is unusual for me..have watched since season one and I have always had a favorite..not this time!

      • It’s good to see a few Vanessa fans around :D
        She was playing such a good game until…well, Idk what happened but she still has a lot of potential.

      • I had actually picked Vanessa the first week to win. (My friends & I also pick who we think will win after they first go into the house and we always pick different people.) Her poker skills are what made me choose her.

      • Usually when I first start watching a season of BB I go with my gut feeling as to who will win. This year I got a strong vibe from Vanessa and Becky – before seeing them play the game. I also got a good vibe from Clay and Shelli.
        After reading Vanessa’s bio for the first time I decided she was probably the smartest person in the house this season so I had high hopes for her. And then I realized that Vanessa was taking the drug Adderall and realized it was very unlikely that Vanessa could win this season…

      • Who are we talking about here? I’m confused now since I’m not aware of anyone saying that any HG doesn’t need human contact?

      • Have you ever noticed that when you go to your Disqus notifications and click on the “view in discussion” option to answer a comment sent to you that Disqus doesn’t pull up the whole conversation?
        I think that’s what’s happening here because Disqus is not pulling up any conversation about Audrey that is apparently going on and I’m not able to see.
        So I’m still confused. As far as I know nobody ever said Audrey didn’t need human contact or Vanessa either.

      • They didn’t, I did. Vanessa won’t be able to isolate herself as long as Audrey did. But she’s trying to. Leaves her to think more too. So watch out when she comes back out, guns blazing!

      • Oh yes then, I agree that Vanessa is in a better place emotionally than Audrey was when she went on the block! Poor Audrey…I felt sorry for her.

      • I thought Clay would go far, too. He seemed nice enough not to be a a “threat” to the guys but cute enough to disarm the ladies early on (when their guards are down). And fit enough to do well in comps (ok, I was wrong – ha ha).
        Shelli surprised me. I didn’t expect her to get far. She seemed more focused on romance.

        I expected Austin to lay low (in his best interest) and then come alive in like Week 6 as a comp beast.

      • Why Clay? Why did he fall on his sword for Shelli *sob.
        There’s still slight hope for a Clay return though, I’m wanting to believe that he has been kept in sequester and will be eligible to return when that game changer arrives. I know, it’s ridiculous but I’m not ready to give up hope since I had such high hopes for him at the beginning.
        Austin is not getting near the applause he deserves for his gameplay so far, this guy could make it to the end yet. Not that I’m rooting for him, I’m just recognizing his talents.

      • And here I picked DaVonne the poker dealer…she could have dealt more crap to Van who has a problem taking that.

      • Even if she does go she will probably return from the jury when the time comes. The game won’t be the same without Vanessa, that’s for sure.

      • It wasn’t when Becky talked TO Van. It was later when she was with a bunch of HGs and was talking ABOUT Van.

      • Yes!! I agree completely. I would love for the Goblins to pull this off without telling Becky. The look on her face on Thursday would be priceless!

  3. Going by the voting above, it seems the BB audience wants Vanessa gone whether or not the Goblins want her gone or not.

    • And last week the BB audience was something like 90% for Shelli to go. Just goes to show you …

      • I do, too, but I don’t think there is a good chance they can evict Shelli in the second eviction; only if she is up against Liz. Anyone else and Shelli stays, I think.

      • I would hope the Goblins would be setting their sights on the Twins during the DE and that Shelli can survive a little longer.

      • I still say the smart move is Liz, if you can make it happen. Gotta get someone with 2 guaranteed jury votes out, ASAP.

      • That is beyond annoying. Aside from having a twin and a fauxmance I sometimes forget she’s in the house until I hear her.

      • Is it me, or has Shelli been doing just a little of that elongated vowel talk? I hope it doesn’t start rubbing off on everyone.

      • Shelli’s always kind of had that, you just didn’t notice it while Clay’s lips were so close to hers is all! hahaha

      • I don’t know what kind of accent the Twins have since I’ve never heard anything like it before.
        Reminds me of that dreadful Valley Girl accent from years ago.

      • I wonder if they realize just how much they draw out their vowels? If not, they will after the show.

      • I wonder if they picked that up while attending college in New Orleans? Now that they’re grownups they need to lose that affected speech if they want to be taken seriously in real life and the workplace.

      • That does tend to happen doesn’t it K.?
        I lived away from the south for several years and when I returned home nobody could understand a word I was saying while their Southern drawl suddenly became extremely obvious. In a month or 2 I was back drawling with the rest of them.

      • People still think I’m southern even though I spent most of my life in central Indiana! hahaha But hey, I can make southerners feel right at home that way too!

      • Did you grow up living in the south then? I imagine it would be impossible to lose the southern accent completely.

      • My mother was raised in WV and moved to IN when she married my father! She never quite lost her accent…I picked that up, but it’s just not as thick as with those in WV are!

      • Ha Joni! I’ll give you a little hint though, y’all is a contraction of “you all” so spelling it ya’ll will be a dead giveaways :D

      • Is Maryland even considered a southern state though? Just by hearing them on TV I’m not sure they even have a southern drawl.

      • Nope…they’re Yankees here, but you have a few with southern accents when you’re in the southern part of MD crossing over into Virginia!

      • That’s assuming that they can get Shelli back on the block and keep her there in the DE. I think it would be easier to get Van OTB, keep her there and vote her out, only because of her current mental state. I’ll stop saying that, if she pulls herself together.

      • Van will pull herself back together..she always does. She’s been working on Steve for now. He’s not promising anything, but will consider it a few minutes before eviction! hahaha

      • Oh yeah – 2nd eviction HoH is a must to see the plan through PLUS control the POV. Possible but not a slam dunk for sure. I agree with you :)

      • It would be easier to send both out during the DE because both already have their bags packed. Just my opinion and it would make it easier because Shelli or Vanessa can grab their bag on the way out of the house. Maybe both of them can get along in the Jury house LOL

    • The votes were cast prior to the new development if getting Shellie out first. Shellie’s votes have risen since then

      • Let’s see, although the majority wants Vanessa psycho, I believe James will influence his comrades and vote Shellie. After all, that was their original plan. Mind you, Becky played both sides and they know it. Would you want to give your enemy what they want or play your own game?

  4. Ughhhh, whyyy J/J/M. You literally have the easiest, most perfect week to send the biggest threat packing. Don’t mess it up.

    • Must be the slop making them talk this way :D
      I think I’d be more afraid of Vanessa’s wrath than Shelli’s

    • Shelli refuses to throw Vanessa under the bus. And she will probably not know if the vote changes unless Becky tells her. Maybe then Shelli will e willing to dish dirt on Vanessa or maybe make a deal not to put James on the block if she wins HoH.

      • This is not looking good at all for Shelli and she should know better than to play fair with Vanessa.

      • I kind of wonder if John and Becky are the only ones who really see through her antics?

        I really thought James, Jackie and Shelli were starting to get it. But now I just don’t know. I wish Shelli would take Clay’s advice and trust Johnny Mac.

      • I think Shelli should’ve been listening to Clay more, especially his idea to throw Vanessa UTB to James last week. Shelli is basically a nice person and I never expected her to be able to out- game Vanessa in the end.

      • Foxfire, I think YOU are a nice person, but I don’t see that part of Shelli. Maybe I just don’t want to, but I never have thought she was a nice girl. I hope Clay is smart enough to realize it before the show is over.

      • I’ve been around Shelli’s type a lot in my life and I don’t see her as evil – but I can understand why others not being used to the Shelli’s of the world thinking she’s fake and evil. We just have to agree to disagree about Shelli then.
        I think you’re nice too :D

      • You know, I kind of agree with you about her. I’ve never really hated Shelli. Yeah, she lied and could have been a little more tactful with the way she handled people in the house.

        But in regards to the ones who she truly befriended and made alliances with, she has been extremely loyal. I certainly don’t think she’s an evil person.

      • Shelli was able to be a trustworthy friend to Clay that’s for sure and it will be difficult for her to campaign to stay over Vanessa. Vanessa has absolutely no loyalty to anyone but Vanessa as we’ve seen in the past. I don’t think Shelli has a chance against her.

      • I always believed it was Van screwing Shelli’s game up and would if she could drop Van in a moment’s notice. I think it’s easier to put up with Van while she’s on the block next to her for sure!

      • Oops, I didn’t mean to imply that YOU thought Shelli was evil :D I understand that some HG’s just get on your nerves for one reason or another and I’m the same way.
        No doubt Shelli has been spoiled and pampered when growing up but she does have her good points too.

      • Even Vanessa has her good points. It’s on the tip of my tongue, but for the life of me I can’t spit one out. lol

      • Shelli reminds me of my first college roommate and every other conceited cheerleader (not that all cheerleaders are conceited) out there. She was known in the dorm as “Chris the priss.” I think it’s why I can’t stand Shelli.

      • Reminds me of one of my dorm mates, not to be confused with college room mate, whom I sicced my pet hamster on under her door. She didn’t like mice of any sort at all! And she belonged to a snooty sorority to boot! They didn’t have sorority houses at my college.

      • Now now … Shelli could be a cheerleader when she was young tho, so Kristen Dunst in Bring It On. But she could also be sweet and toothy.

      • That’s pretty judgey. I’ve always thought priss was a ridiculous insult. It’s usually thrown at mature people with manners to mock them for that.

      • She judged everyone else without even getting to know them. Bad mouthed me severely my first day there. We got to know her before calling her that.

      • I said usually. I don’t know your roommate but I’d also maintain you don’t truly know Shelli.

      • True enough. But, if you’ve ever been tormented by someone and you see someone else that acts the same way, it’s hard to even want to get to know them.

      • How could any of us come to an opinion except by what we see in the BB house? What I see in the BB house, says to me that Shelli is a very self-centered, smug, vindictive person. Others may see her different, but that is my opinion.

      • Agreed. She is not exactly America’s sweetheart but she’s not evil definitely. I think in her daily life she could come across sweet while secretly she likes to do some spanking … or perhaps the last part is only my fantasy haha. I dunno where I got the idea from, I wonder …

      • Sorry, you’re being way too vague for me though so feel free to say what you really mean since we’re all friends here :D

      • You said Clay. I said more like his gay lover.
        Who’s the gay lover of Clay according to Evil Queen aka Mother Vanessa?
        Vampire Dentist himself aka Dr. Drill.

      • Vanessa has a lesbian partner and the last time I check Clay is still Shelli’s flavor of the month. So what do you mean by that?

      • Yes Foxfire!! I was having such a hard time understanding why people see her as fake and evil. I see her as genuine but just different from other people. My sister is SO much like her and my sister is the furthest thing from fake or evil. I just think people have an opinion about her based off of the fact that they like the Goblins so they hate everyone against them. IMO.

      • It could be Valerie but I do tend to notice a definite southern bias at most BB sites as they tend to think friendly southerners are really just fake and evil while I see them as pleasant people with manners for the most part. For some reason the southerners are held to a different standard when lying and cheating on reality shows.

      • Very very true. It’s so crazy they think that way especially when they say all that about her but yet there goes Jackie & Meg being all nice to Shelli and then turning around calling her names and saying they don’t like her. That is my definition of fake. And everyone has lied in the BB house I don’t see how she’s the only liar. Its just crazy.
        And as I typed that I’m sitting here listening to James say how “high school” it is of Shelli to take Clay’s shirt back but then turned around and said how he saw her slippers and kicked them under the couch just because…. yeah sure, he’s just soooo mature lol He’s a joke.

      • Exactly Valerie! Since Clay and Shelli are from the south it’s ok for the Goblins to behave in this manner but Clelli were awful for giving the others a run for the BB money. Singling out the Southerners and attacking their character and integrity for doing the same thing the other HG’s are doing is so hypocritical but I’m so used to seeing this now on any of the BB sites. Always good to find another southerner to commiserate with here…

      • YES!!!! Exactly!! I guess we’ll have to be the ones to represent lol! Texas pride over here =) I actually have friends that live in Dickenson, where Clay is from. I would say it’s not that that far from me but that would be the Texas distance guestimation talking lol Saying another small city isn’t too far away implies that its within an hour away lol

      • At another BB site where I comment a lot of northern urban dwellers took issue with Clay trying to intimidate the other guys – not realizing that Texas guys are much more masculine than the city boys and they are not attempting to intimidate anyone, this is just their normal demeanor. But no! Clay was evil and a bully by just standing there talking with someone not as masculine as Clay. So glad you’re here Valerie, and look forward to talking to you this season :D

      • Wait til you hear what the Dr ordered for him…he did this on purpose in addition to making that voovoo doll, when I thought it was Steve that did that.

      • Yeh, but entertaining too! I’m a practical jokester from time to time myself…keeps the crying instead at a minimum! :-)

      • I only like when he tries to scare people because of course that’s funny but that isn’t enough for me to want him to stay. He’s too annoying and way too dumb.

  5. Vanessa telling Steve she was the last one dragged into the room with that 8 person meeting. True, but it was Vanessa who came up with the idea for the meeting in the first place. She went to James and asked about making a DE plan. She she is lying to Steve, like she lies to everyone else. That’s fine but don;t cry when people lie to you.

  6. Off topic, so far only Audrey and Vampire Dentist had the family segments. It seems like Lil Stevie will be getting one soon. In the past seasons, did all contestants have the family segments or only a select few?
    Audrey clearly because of her transgender story.
    Vampire Dentist because of his sudden popularity.
    Lil Stevie? Because cameras love him???

    • Only a selected few will have family segments. Actually, this year, I expect BB to be done with all the family segments

    • They’re taping a family segment, but it doesn’t mean that they’ll use it. I always thought of family segments as fillers for when they don’t have enough footage to show.

  7. As some others have been saying this may be James’s America’s player task. I hope that is the reason and not his bad game play. Although neither would surprise me.

    • Actually, getting rid of Shelli is the best move for James’ game. She is the only one targeting him – or so he thinks. But he is in an alliance with Becky and keeping Vanessa is the worst move for her game. If James doesn’t want to do what’s best for his alliance than he should be a floater. His alliance backed him when he made a big more now he needs to back Becky

      Also, he needs to remember, Vanessa will not come after him directly. She uses other people for that. So Julia told her last night she wants James out of the house.

      James needs to calm down and honor Becky’s HoH like he said he would.

      • I think you put it very well. For James and James alone, getting Shelli out is the best move. But it is the repercussions that will bite him. They just don’t seem to have any type of realistic grasp on where alliances and loyalties stand.

      • James was stupid. If he took off Clay and put Vanessa on the block last week, Shelli or Vanessa would be gone and they would have Clay and Vanessa or Shelli (depending on who did not get evicted) on the block this week. With Becky, they would have had majority control and having to contend with Clay, Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve but, both Vanessa and Shelli gone. They would have James, Jackie, Meg, John and Becky and a more even chance to prevail. Now, if they turn on Becky, Vanessa and her alliance will pick them off one by one. She will have majority control once, they win HOH!

    • I know it has been discussed that America doesn’t necessarily choose America’s Player, but we would still vote on their chore, right?

      • Well, you would certainly think so. I mean unless they want to hear the cries about production tinkering with the game…

      • I agree, and there hasn’t been a vote to my knowledge so I can’t see this being part of AP, but I have been wrong once before. :)

      • I haven’t seen any sign of a vote either.
        Since someone will be returning from jury maybe it doesn’t even matter which one is evicted this week.
        I do hope the audience gets to decide but it’ll probably be a comp.

  8. So what would be the Goblins’ best move?
    They know Shelli is gunning for them as soon as she gets power, with DE coming up that can be very worrying.
    But Vanessa is a smart player and has many allies in the house, in the long run the Goblins might be picked off one by one.
    Personally I prefer Vanessa to be evicted, cuz I like Shelli WAY better (Shelli, of all people!), and I don’t want my boy Jmac to be in trouble.

    • I don;t think it matters. Everyone except JMac is gunning for them in the DE. But if they cross Becky JMac will gun for them too.

      At this point in the game there is a clear line drawn so all that matters is winning HoH.

      • This is a game of numbers because you vote people off. They forget that and do not look ahead. When you do not have the numbers—-you lose. The bigger alliance will pick you off one by one! It is not rocket science but, just common sense.

      • James is really frustrating since he’s still not over Shelli not going home last week. His one track mind can not grasp that the numbers situation will work against him by keeping Vanessa since he will be making new enemies out of Becky and JMac.
        His HOH was a total bust since he not only was unable to remove Shelli but he wasn’t able to capitalize on making a new alliance with Becky and JMac. Doesn’t he even know Vanessa was behind keeping Shelli over Clay?
        I know James has a lot of fans but this is just pitiful gameplay imo.

  9. I like that they’re weighing their options (James, Jackie, Meg). While Shelli is a stronger competitor than Vanessa, Vanessa is more of a social threat because she can get into the other players’ heads (namely Austin, Steve, Liz/Julia). If they were to keep Vanessa and go against Becky, I don’t think Becky would turn around and go against them since she’ll have Vanessa still gunning after her. Also, I think Vanessa will probably target J-Mac and Becky over the Goblins (maybe James) since they’re fiercer competitors (and she’ll probably manipulate her allies to do what she wants). That being said, I don’t think Shelli can rally that support. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that if she stays, she might very will win DE HOH, which very well could mean saying bye to James. Lots of ifs and maybes, but I don’t think it’s a clear-cut decision for the Goblins. A damned if you do/don’t situation. They should’ve wised up sooner rather than later.

    • The DE is fast & furious so the second eviction won’t allow alot of time for head games. Really you should play out each scenario with the second eviction in mind before the first one. No time to think later.

    • If James put up Vanessa and Shelli lat week, there would be no problem this week. So James should not be questioning Becky’s decision now.

      • James attitude might be that since he wasn’t able to get Shelli out last week instead of Clay he doesn’t have to follow Becky’s wishes now that she’s HOH.

      • That is his attitude but it wasn;t his alliances fault. Its the people he thinks will keep him safe who did that, namely Vanessa.

      • Too bad James still doesn’t realize that Vanessa was the one behind keeping Shelli in the game over Clay.
        Without Becky and JMac on his side his Goblins will not have the numbers.

      • Ooooh… excellent point. I’m sure James would feel differently about her if he realized she was so integral in making that about face happen.

      • I thought James understood that Vanessa staged the whole fight before eviction on Thursday that doomed Clay. I hope the DR hasn’t been getting into James’s mind since Vanessa is probably more entertaining to watch than Shelli and Vanessa has what it takes to be the first female winner in a long time.

      • He obviously knows she started the fight. But as for whether she was leading the charge to flip the vote… I don’t know that he picked up on that.

        I’ve got less faith in his cognitive abilities right now than I did 2 days ago.

      • I’m afraid I’ll have to agree with you about James even though I do like him as a person. He kinda has a one track mind unfortunately.

      • I know. I like him, honestly and I want to jump on his band wagon. But every time he redeems himself he turns around and makes me scratch my head.

      • I’ve been reading some of the updates at Jokers and James is still playing last weeks game and can’t move on from the evict Shelli POV. This is so mule headed and stubborn to not realize Vanessa needs to go first because she’s also after him. Now he’s making an unnecessary enemy out of Becky and JMac – who might put him up during the DE for not going along with Becky’s HOH. smh

      • So why does he want to go against Becky’s HOH then if he’s aware that Vanessa wanted Clay to stay and got her way.

      • Then James has let the paranoia get to him, because Vanessa would be ten times more dangerous for his game than Shelli.

      • James still believes the BS Vanessa fed him that she is all alone by her lonesome in the game. Did he also forget that she was HOH when Jason was sent home and Austin was not put on the block? Vanessa put Jason on the block.

      • How in the world is James suddenly a fan favorite and being hailed as the second coming of Dan when he still refuses to believe what is so obvious to Becky about Vanessa? James is acting like such a know-it-all right now and it’s pure stupidity controlling his game if he decides to keep Vanessa over Shelli. I cannot root for the Goblins for this reason, it’s pure emotion with them and no logic.

      • Whether Shelli or Vanessa goes home I’ll be glad when one of them returns to the game and gets rid of the Goblins. They’re nice people and all but they are so out of their league and have been from the beginning. I hate to watch when the dumb people vote out the smart HG’s.

      • James can let his ego decide his game move for him or use his head to get further in the game. Obviously, he is not using his head and easy pickings for Vanessa and her alliance.

      • It would’ve been smarter to put up Shelli with Vanessa last week, but Becky didn’t honor James’ HOH wishes (or any other HG for that matter) by voting out Shelli over Clay, so now they’re in this scenario—choosing between two evils. Could have been easy pickin’ had Shelli been out last week and Vanessa on the block this week.

      • Exactly. James wasted his POV last week. All he had to do is take off Clay and put Vanessa on the hot seat. Either Vanessa or Shelli gone and whoever survived would be in the hot seat with Clay this week and sent packing as well!
        The fact that the votes were unanimous should have told James, that there is a large alliance against him. That is just common sense. He still is clueless even now. Thinking Vanessa is all alone? Seriously, dude. Use your brain.

  10. Everyone but Vanessa and James is outside taking pictures. I think its a bad sign that James is sleeping/hiding out in the Have Not room. He is acting rebellious which means he is definitely thinking about keeping Vanessa over Shelli and turning on his alliance. I liked James but that would not look good if he does that.

  11. Vanessa could still get out of this. She should start discarding Shelli. Throw her under the bus. Keep it simple and not make it such a spectacle…there’s always a way out. Both of them are dangerous. I don’t mind them going one after the other.

    • I’d be fine is Shelli exited in DE. Imagine the House of Joy the jury would be! But, I def want Van out first. Evicting someone in BB is like strangling a victim. You have to keep at it til they stop struggling. Here’s to the Vaudrey poutfest which will only earn her a month of jury duty!

  12. It really doesn’t matter since they are both good players and could win the next HOH. Whoever leaves is fine, but vanessa has a better chance to convince othes to be on her side over shelli.

    • Plus, if its a memory comp, Vanessa has been studying while Shelli has been attending to Clay – and now trying to find an alliance.

      • I know that Liz and Austin have been practicing that so one of them may have a good chance of winning.

  13. Vaudrey’s extended pouting fit is revealing a lot about her character. She desperately craves attention. By hiding she signals to others that she wants to be alone. When they leave her alone, she whines that nobody visits her. In other words Van is only happy when she is the center of attention and has complete manipulative control over others. Vaudrey has been unleashed. Too bad she made it to jury. She will be terrorizing everyone in that house for the rest of the season.

    • The HGs shouldn’t allow her to monopolize their time and attention while in the jury house, even if they have to be rude to her to get her to shut up. Someone needs to tell HER the truth for a change, the real truth.

  14. I would love it for the JCrew (or Goblins) to vote against Shelli + Lil Stevie while Judases joins force with Vampire Dentist in voting against Vanessa. That should be a riot!

  15. Okay, I am done with the Goblins. They are talking now about going to Austin to drum up votes before talking to Becky. They are basically disregarding Becky’s feelings. Becky stuck her neck out and took full responsibility for Vanessa on the block and now they are turning against her!! Meg asks Jackie if Becky will hold a grudge and Jackie says “No”. What??? Hey Jackie, would you hold a grudge if your alliance did that to you without telling you?

    James says, “we may be underestimating the relationship between Austin and Vanessa”. Finally, I wise remark. But then Princess Valium steps in and says they are not close with Vanessa! OMG! Just last week you figured out they are all in an alliance!. What is wrong with these idiots?

    Right now I am hoping they keep Vanessa and she wins HoH and puts Meg and Jackie on the block with James as a back door plan.

    • That’s upsetting! They really need to keep Becky in their alliance. I want them to vote out Shelli first, but only if all FOUR agree. 3 musketeers aren’t going to get the job done, but 4 will.

      • Of course, but instead these morons are going to go to Austin and ask him who he prefers to keep. That’s right. They are going to ask Austin what they should do!!! And before they talk to Becky! They think they can get all the votes and either go to Becky at the last minute and tell her the vote has flipped or they won;t tell her at all. And Jackie thinks Becky will not hold a grudge against them!!!

        Did the forget that they had a deal with Austin and the twins last week to vote out Shelli? And as soon as James did not use the POV they starting breaking the news to James that they could not vote Shelli out!!! And yet, here is James saying, let’s go to Austin and get his take on this decision!!!

        Its not upsetting it is astonishing for its stupidity.

      • This is a mistake. They can’t afford to lose Becky. If Vanessa goes as Becky planned, The Gremlins are a part of the biggest alliance in the house. If Shelli goes and they piss off Becky, it will probably turn back to everyone in the house against James, Jackie, and Meg.

      • At this point Audrey seems to have had more common sense that Meg, Jackie and James.

        But this is a product of being in bed all day instead of being out in the yard with the rest of the house. They are not seeing what’s going on and picking up on the little things that tell where a person is at.

    • It is almost over for James and Jackie. Once, they lose control over the votes and it will happen once, Vanessa and her alliance win HOH, they will be picking off the others starting with James and Becky. This is a numbers game which is why I find it strange that they are okay with Becky and John being targeted by Vanessa’s alliance. Do these guys know how to count? James, Jackie and Meg will have no chance against Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve. All they need is to win one HOH to put on the block James and Jackie and it is all over!

  16. If they’re stupid enough to keep Vanessa around this week, she’s going to win the game. I hope they realize that.

    • They are three of the dumbest players in history. Seriously. They are making a huge mistake and they will be very fortunate of they get away with it. Even if they do, what is Becky going to think about them? They will be alone in the house again.

      • Agreed. Becky is the fool, though, for not sticking around with them and staying in their convo.

      • That wold be hard to do since they are basically locking themselves up in the Have Not room away from everyone. And ths is the problem. Had they been out and about they may have noticed Austin and the twins going in to console Vanessa several times. They would know that contrary to Princess Valium’s thinking they are close with Vanessa.

  17. Then again, depending on who wins HOH during the second part of the DE, they might be able to knock both of them out on Thursday. (That’s my hope, anyway.)

    • Shelli will be hard to get out in the second eviction. I only see her getting evicted if she is on the block vs Liz. Anyone else and I see her staying.

    • Austwins will align with whomever is left after the 1st eviction, I think. I would if I was them. May not trust them 100% but def align with who will then be the biggest target in the house – yes! Whether it’s Shelli or Vanessa. They will line up like soldiers.

  18. I wonder if Vanessa finally gets evicted … would Lil Stevie keep on singing that Moron song? This Summer Is Going To Hurt Like A Mother Vanessa?

  19. They need to sit down with Becky and voice their concerns…I don’t understand why that is sooooo hard for a HG to do

      • They are talking about going to Austin Wednesday night late. They are going to ask him who he wants to keep and they will go along with him. Yes, they are that stupid. Once they know where the votes are they are going to go to Becky and tell her where the votes are hoping to get her to agree to keep Vanessa, But they know Becky will never agree to that. But they seem to be willing to vote out Shelli anyway and let Becky deal with their treachery. Jackie thinks Becky will not hold a grudge!

        It has to be the slop and sleeping in the dental chair because that conversation seemed to be taking place among 3 people with a collective IQ of about 7.

    • Yes, they are in the same alliance. Why would they go to Austin before going to Becky and gauging her reaction? Does slop make people stupid or something?

  20. Ok, I must have missed something. How did the name “Goblins” come about? That has to be the worst alliance name ever. Well, next to “The Friendship” or “The Rationale”.

    • I thought it was Jason who dubbed himself and Meg as the Goblins or Gremlins. So JMac started calling all of them the Goblins. I don;t think they call themselves that. I have not heard them refer to themselves as the goblins ever.

    • The official name of the James, Jackie, Meg, and Becky alliance is the “Blind Squirrel Aliance”. James said it last week when he was HoH. Nobody 4 NOW!!!

    • Lol. I just started reading that today, I thought they were calling them that because of something evil they were plotting.

  21. I’m rooting for this new Shelli – Steve – John alliance.

    A house without Vanessa will be split like:
    Austin – Liz – Julia
    Shelli – Steve – John
    James – Jackie – Meg – Becky

    Steve & John especially are perfectly positioned in the house. There is no reason for them to be the target any time soon.

    • After this week, you can subtract Shelli from teh John, Steve camp and add Becky. Add Vanessa back to Austin and the twins. Subtract Becky and any semblance of a brain from James, Jackie, Meg group.

      • Correct. James/Jackie/Meg can stick to the plan and be a part of the biggest alliance in the house (not by much but that’s a start) or they can go back to being completely alone against the entire house. They are about to royally screw themselves over.

      • I disagree. I think Becky, Jmac and Steve will align with Shelli. I don’t think JJM will have Becky, Jmac or Steve if Shelli stays.

      • I agree and have stated the exact same elsewhere, bbadboy. If Shelli is still in the house, the biggest alliance will be her, Becky, JMac, and Steve.

      • If Shelli stays then Steve and John will be with her, yes. Becky is not included in that alliance because A) John and Becky are trying to down play how close they are and B) Steve wants Becky out – BAD. Becky will be on the outside looking in with that alliance and she will continue to work with James, Jackie, and Meg. I expect those 7 to all target Austin & The Twins at first anyway.

        If Jackie, James, and Meg send home Shelli they might as well go out the door with her unless they plan on winning every single HOH. It would be Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia, and Steve all targeting them and at that point there’s no reason for John and Becky to stick their necks out for them.

        James, Jackie, and Meg have a shot at regaining numbers and going deep in this game if they send home Vanessa. If they don’t do that, they will continue to be alone against the entire house.

      • Exactly!! Becky was a freaking rat!!! she wasn’t in an alliance with J/J/M until James won. When V is gone, she’s going right back to Shelli!!! She ratted out who James was going after….after she supposedly joined James’ gang. Why should they trust her?

      • To be fair, she stopped ratting after she told JMac that she was choosing J/J/M. Before that, she was still ratting.

      • She didn’t go back to ratting once she put Shelli on the block too to keep her from the Austwins! hahaha

      • Because they need to. Because that’s their only choice unless they want to hand the game over to Vanessa, Austin, and the Twins. Because she had the power to do whatever she wanted this week and chose to work with them. Why shouldn’t they trust her?

      • If u r referring to me, I much prefer you calling me James or Jackie because I utterly dislike Vanessa and want her gone.

      • Becky is Steve’s (archenemy sort of). If he has to work with JMac, chances are, he’s gonna have to work with Becky.

    • For the record, if James/Jackie/Meg screw this up I think it will look more like this:

      A house without Shelli will be split like:
      Vanessa – Austin – Liz – Julia – Steve
      Becky – John (playing the middle)
      James – Jackie – Meg

      • She hasn’t been included in the alliance yet but I’m sure she will in the future. Steve wants Becky out so John has to be careful about how much Steve sees him work with her. I imagine John will protect Becky from Steve/Shelli and Becky will protect John from the Goblins for a while before they rejoin forces.

    • I think John will side with Becky and Steve will probably follow. If Becky works with Shelli , then Johnny will follow.

      • Becky is kind of on the outside looking in. It’s almost like Becky and John are each apart of the a different alliance and protecting each other. This is mainly in part to Steve wanting Becky’s head on a stick.

      • But don’t you think IF Shelli stays and agrees to align with Jmac and Becky, that Steve will bury the hatchet (with Becky) for the sake of that alliance? I think he might. May not forget it but will go to work with the alliance for the time being.

      • I do. In fact I don’t believe Steve ever had a real problem with Becky. I think it was just Vanessa in his head…

    • I think Becky would go with Shelli, Steve, John. I also think that Shelli would be faking an alliance with Steve, John & Becky, but still actually be with Austwins.

  22. “LIVE FEED” – update! The “Clay T – shirt” drama has officially begun! This week’s eviction is getting very complicated……………..Becky had better do something, before DJ ‘Nessa pulls another “fast one”! Nobody 4 MORE!!!

  23. It’s best for James’ and Jackie’s game to evict Shelli first. Why the hell would I even want to keep someone who isn’t speaking to me or come ask for my vote? really?… she’s that entitled? Her big mistake was taking back Clay’s shirt from James without asking or telling him. So he knows he’s her #1 target and she’s taking it personal. Shelli even got Austwins and Steve to say James will be their #1 target from now on. She’s friends with everyone in the house. Vanessa will at least have John and the Goblins gunning for her. Shelli has only J/J/M. So vote Shelli’s ass out!!!. Becky can’t protect them, she’s not even playing for HOH. She’ll have four people fighting for her in next HOH..J/J/M/J.

    • Shelli will have the Austwins and Becky along with JMac if they’re not careful! And Van will have J/J/M because JMac hates Van, and possibly Steve who’s on the fence with Van. So who knows at this point how it will turn out?

      • Listening to James and Meg talking it is apparent they are clueless about what is going on in the house. Even Steve has a much better read on all the alliances and relationships. Meg and James seem to think they can get somewhere by themselves. Now they are in full flip against Becky.

        It is painful to watch. James is way overreacting to Shelli taking Clay’s shirt back from him. He is so fixated on that he is being completely irrational.

        At this point it looks like Vanessa is staying and Shelli is going. The goblins better hope they win the next two POVs because after this week, its going to be Jackie, Meg, James against the rest of the house. They will be the bloodless targets for everyone else to take out.

    • If James/Jackie/Meg evict Shelli, it’s the entire house versus them unless the win every single HOH.

      If they vote out Vanessa, they become a part of the largest alliance in the house for the first time since week 1. The house would be split 4-3-3 and Austin & The Twins will be the number one targets by most.

      • Not if they vote out Vanessa.

        If they vote out Vanessa the house is split 4-3-3 with 4+3 targeting Austin & The Twins.

        If they vote out Shelli the house is split 5-3-2 with at least the 5 targeting James, Jackie, and Meg.

      • Why are we assuming that Shelli won’t have the Austwins? She will still have them, they might not be solid with her but they are more solid with her than they are with the Goblins.

  24. James just said Becky has no blood on her hands!! Yes, he said that! Becky took full responsibility for putting Vanessa on the block even to the point of saying the 3 idiots had nothing to do with it! And James says she has no blood on her hands?!?

    Meg saying She doesn’t mind of Becky goes first out of their group. James is complaining about Becky winning $10,000. Now they are both asking how Becky got to roll with them and being protected by them. Um, she won HoH. YOU are rolling with HER!

    I swear they are saying this stuff. Do they have any idea what an alliance is and how it works? James has clearly been influenced by Vanessa’s tirade yesterday.

    • If I was James, I wouldn’t SAY it but I’d be thinking it: I’d hope 1st one out of the alliance would be Meg because Becky can win comps.
      Going to F2, sure take Meg for a slam dunk. But until they finish cleaning house – better take Becky.

      • James is out of his mind. He is even questioning if Jackie is with he and Meg. It is bizarre. At this point he is only thinking about Shelli going through his clothes and taking his shirt – or Clay’s shirt.

        Its clear Meg and James have no interest in working with Becky. What they have not discussed is how alienating Becky helps their game.

        But they think they can turn Steve and Austin to work with them. Bad assumptions and a huge mistake.

      • You’re too harsh on them. J/J/M are the underdogs of this game and they always have been since a group of six loud mouth bullies formed a now crumbled alliance.

        And actually when J/J/M talk the things they say are pretty right about what’s happening, which impresses me since the other house guests work very hard to keep them out of the loop.

        j/j/m game is in trouble regardless of Vanevil or SmellyShelli stays. However, Beckys game will be in trouble in Vanevil stays and SmellyShelli goes but Becky has worked it in such a way that Vanevil will go and she’s on good terms w/ SmellyShelli and the rest of the house.

        But there best bet is for SmellyShelli to go as they know for sure SS is coming after them and with Vanevil there’s a pretty good chance she’ll work to get Becky or JohnnyWack out.

        Only problem is they would go against the house and it would make them look bad but they realize this.

  25. If Vanessa survives this week she will rally what will probably be the last power alliance of the season in Austin, Liz, Julia, and Steven, which will spell “DOOM” for James, Jackie, Meg, and Becky……………………Vanessa is smart, crazy, and ruthless enough not to provide her “enemies” with second chances. Nobody 4 REAL!!!

    • My goodness. Meg and James are thinking they have a right to demand who Becky put up on the block! Now Meg is talking about her and James winning as final 2!!!

      • Becky even told them, not the others, with the exclusion of Shelli that she was planning to bd Van and they were in agreement with that.

      • So I;m not the only watching the :LIVE FEED” and hearing this “nonsense crazy talk”! Nobody 4 EVER!!!

      • I am listening while I work on other stuff but its so amazing now that I am total distracted.

        Meg is as bad at this game as I suspected. She is better of sleeping all day.

      • Meg was in a “secret co – alliance” with Jeff, until Vanessa sent him packing. I haven’t liked Meg since week 2, she was even more apart of the “Underground Alliance” than Becky ever was, and I do believe this Vanessa over Shelli “talk” is Meg’s way of sabotaging the “Blind Squirrel Alliance” from the inside. Meg knows she can’t beat any of her current alliance memebers in the final 2…………her telling James that Becky has to go “sooner rather than later” confirms it IMO. Nobody 4 LATER!!!

      • I don’t have an opinion about Meg one way or another, so she doesn’t bother me when it comes to being in the BB house. She has a good rapport with J/J and they need that.

      • They all went there to win. So to think that they can be final 2 together is normal, what’s wrong with that?

  26. Van needs to go…hear that J/J/M? You will only be smacking your heads against every solid surface if you vote for her to stay! Geesh! So what if Becky was working on the other side, she’s working with you now…she was only working with Shelli..not the others. Just ask her. She also knows Shelli would be good working with the Austwins…they need her more than Van!

  27. James is not a target of Vanessa, he is a target of Shelli. He needs to think with his head instead of trying to get in good with Meg and Jackie. ~ Vanessa needs to keep calm, quietly plant some seeds and smile when she sees the look on Becky’s face when she is not evicted.

    • Of course he is a target for Vanessa. Becky might be her number 1 now, but she must be stupid if she doesn’t know that he is the leader of the other alliance!

  28. Did James just ask Meg “why do I feel like I am going to get f’d again this week”, while conspiring to flip the vote on Becky? Seriously. I heard him say that!

    I wonder if Shelli realizes how much she screwed up her own game by taking the Clay shirt away from James? She is going to go home over that shirt. Again, when you are on the block. don’t do anything provocative.

  29. When did J/J/M become the BB bad guys? So far the worst thing they’ve done is that James may or not be wearing Shelli’s sons’ shirts, and James nominated two people who wouldn’t have kept their word to him, who wanted him gone next after Jackie and who broke deals left and right.

    James is getting critizied for doing the same thing Vanessa did to Jason. But at least James had a good reason.

  30. The assumption is that Shelli doesn’t have allies with her sorority sister twins and Austin as a tag along, either way the golbins will have to scramble for HOH and Shelli has a better chance to win it then Vanessa, now that Shelli has recovered from her 2400 in 24hr punishment. It’s best Shelli goes first.

    Becky is a wild card who can easily flip on the goblins once Vanessa is gone.

  31. As a Goblins fan, I hope Shelli goes. I don’t think Vanessa is gunning for them whereas Shelli is gunning for them. So James should look out for himself and find a way to get out Shelli.
    Yeah Vanessa might still put him up but he won’t be her main target. Becky can’t play and I doubt Johnny Mac wins HOH and puts up James in a DE since even in anger he has to know Vanessa/Austwins need to go.

    • If you’re rooting for the Goblins then you should be praying Vanessa goes. Their games are done if they evict Shelli.

      • To be fair…. aren’t their games done either way if they don’t win HOH? So does it really matters which goes out first on Thursday?

      • If Vanessa goes home, Austin & The Twins will be the biggest targets. Yes, if AJL (maaaaybe Shelli) win HOH then the Goblins are likely losing a meber but if anyone else does then they’ll be okay. Evicting Vanessa buys the Goblins time.

      • Nope…Austwins are also going after them because they broke the deal. Although I know they would’ve gone after them deal or no deal.

      • If Johnny Mac wins his targets will be the Austwins, even if J/J/M vote out Van. He’s not going to leave the trio even if he is pissed. Becky can’t play. Van will put up Becky and someone else and gun for Becky.
        The Goblins hurt less from Van being there than Shelli.

      • Keeping Shelli whose number one target is James is in no way better than keeping Van whose number one target is Becky. Both women have won equal comps.

      • Their games are for sure done if they keep SmellyShelli. I want Vanevil gone too but if we’re looking at it from Jamegckie’s (new name for them as I hate goblins) Pov then it’s better if SS goes. Keeping Vanevil is a risk but it’s a better risk then keeping someone who they know hates them.

  32. What if the Goblins go to Austin and ask him what he wants to do and he tells them keep Vanessa. Then Austin and the twins vote out Vanessa along with JMac while Steve, James, Meg and Jackie vote against Shelli. Then Becky has the deciding vote and votes to keep Shelli. Austin will have driven a wedge between Becky and the Goblins while Shelli stays in the house knowing the Goblins voted to evict her.

    Then entire house would be against the Goblins. How stupid would the Goblins look? All because James can;t get over Shelli taking Clay’s shirt away from James.

    • Do you really believe it’s just over Clay’s shirt? It may be the catalyst, but Shelli isn’t even speaking to James and not even asking for J/J/M votes. Would you vote for someone like that to stay, if you weren’t on the outside looking in?

      • This seemed to start last night when James foudn the shirt missing. He made a remark that Shelli is still feeling “salty”.

        Why else would they change after going along with Becky this long? James is afraid Shelli is going t own HoH and send him packing and he got Jackie and Meg thinking the same way. Just my opinion, but to turn on Becky like that for what?

      • Meg was the one who started the convo about voting out Shelli,and James was thinking of getting rid of Shelli, but didn’t want to disrespect Becky as HOH.

    • How ironic it would be, though, for Shelli to go home because of Clay’s shirt which Julia(I think) got for her. I guess stupid would then be defined entirely different.

  33. I cannot believe that Shellie invited Steve to hang out with her. She’s trying really hard to work and win his support. He’s soooooooo stupid.

    • She’s not in power he feels he’s allowed to be stupid. Once she is in power, watch him spy for her! LOLOL

    • Well steve seems to be in desperate need of a motherly figure. So she will definitely have his support when/if Vanessa goes.

  34. All the “goblins” can do is buy time. If Shelli stays, one of them or Jmac HAS to win the DE HOH comp(I’m assuming John is going after the twins). If Vanessa stays they have a little more time on their hands. They are in a tight spot either way. So I say let the votes flip and let the chaos ensue.

  35. Let’s not forget that when James was HOH he made it very clear he wanted Shelli out, but did not bully anyone to evict her including Becky. James has no obligation to follow what Becky wants

      • Right, it’s BB contracts which are constantly broken by everyone. Beside what contract did James make with Becky, probably the same one Becky made with James, it’s as good as the paper it was written on

  36. It should be an easy Vanessa eviction. James, Jackie and Meg still clueless this late in the game. Vanessa has 4 sure votes in Steve, Austin, Liz and Julia. All she needs to survive is one more vote. That said, if their alliance wins HOH next time out, who are going to be the targets? Obviously, Becky, John, James, Jackie, Meg. Meg is probably safe only because she is a good one to put beside you in Final 2. There is a good chance that Becky and James would be the top targets for Vanessa’s alliance as they are the strongest competitors on the other side. We will have to wait and see. Even if Vanessa targets Becky and John, one of them will survive and might win HOH next time out. Now, James, Jackie and Meg have no allies left and Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve and Becky or John (whoever survives) will all be gunning for James and Jackie. Meg will probably be safe because of the Final 2 option she could be part of. That is how dumb this move by James and Jackie is. Well, they will find out soon enough but, it will be too late. I remember a similar situation in Amanda’s season where Helen targeted all those on her side. Incredible, but, true. By the time she was put on the block, there was no one left to save her!

    • No he won’t. Vanessa will evict him faster than he expects and he would still be clueless what happened! This is a game of numbers and Vanessa’s alliance will have the majority once, Becky and John are evicted. There is James, Jackie and Meg versus Vanessa, Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve. And whoever, survives be it John or Becky will also, be going after James and Jackie. Meg will be save because she would be a Final 2 option for a lot of players.

  37. I’ve said all along I did not think this was a sure thing. Vanessa does her ninja jedi mind tricks and bam, she’s staying. It’s better for James if he gets rid of Shelli since she hates him for getting out Clay. Plus James wanted Shelli out and it didn’t happen so I feel like he doesn’t owe them. I like Becky but she has been pretty cocky about her plan and so if it fails it just reinforces that you can nominate whoever you like but you don’t really control how the votes go.

    • That’s in Becky’s case and James as well…if Vanevil was in that situation it would happen the way she wanted…plan a or plan b…no waiting for the river card.

    • Oh yes, Becky has been unbearable since winning HOH. She should have acted like putting vanessa up wasn’t that big of a deal, simply a game move.

  38. Though I want Shelli to stay, it’s best for the Goblins to evict her this week. Will they lose an ally in Becky? Yes, but she can’t compete in next week’s HOH. If Shelli stays, she is ABSOLUTELY coming after all three of them. Vanessa on the other hand, is going after Becky and probably Johnny Mac.

    So though Vanessa has more pull with Austwins, it buys the Goblins a week or so if Vanessa stays and immediately wins HOH. So with Vanessa staying, Austwins, Steve, and Vanessa will not initially target the Goblins. This is where they buy themselves a week or so of safety. If Shelli stays, she will more than likely be able to convince Austwins to target the Goblins and she is obviously coming after them.

    Vanessa is a more dangerous long term player, but the fear of Shelli going straight after em is what they’re hung up on. And as for Becky, she could be in serious trouble with Vanessa staying. Because Vanessa targeting you is really like having Austwins, Steve, and Vanessa coming after you. And the Goblins have no intention of keeping her around. They used her this week for safety but really don’t care to work with her.

    If, and it looks unlikely right now, but if Shelli stays, Becky is sitting pretty. Because Shelli won’t be coming after her, Jmac won’t, Jmac will probably be able to convince Steve not to since Vanessa isn’t around, the Goblins aren’t, and Austwins won’t have anyone in their ear telling them to go after her. So Becky can be looking seriously good moving forward or could be following Shelli out the door on Thursday.

  39. Thursday, please hurry up and get here so we can get a better view than we’re having now! hahaha

  40. What would be stupid to me as a house-guest is having my #1 target on the block twice and letting them walk. I might not get a third time. Who would look stupid then when Shelli wins in double eviction and sends James home. When all is said and done, Vanessa might be out the door Thursday and James right behind her. I’m just saying.

    • I’m w/ you Andy. But I think a lot of people want to see Vanevil go (me included) so badly that maybe some don’t see it’s not a good game move J/J/M so now the latters are now being somewhat vilified for thinking of their own game and going against Queen Choo Choo’s wishes.

    • That could happen, yep! But if Van stays, she won’t keep her word with any deal she makes. He and Becky will be on the block, if not at first, then she’ll want to bd either Becky or James if they don’t win Veto.

      • U R right…. I want them both gone, but I believe JAMEG has a higher percentage chance of staying if Shelli leaves first. A little higher…but stil higher…lol

      • I declare I saw a photo which showed evicted house guests that included james, Shellie, Austin and Becky. It appeared on the thread for a hot minute then disappeared. I believe that this game has already played out through final eight — James, JohnnyMac, Jackie, becky, austwins, and Vanessa.

      • I don’t know about that…if James and Becky are in the picture how can they be in the final to speak.

      • She especially won’t keep her word to James on any deal she makes with him – she’ll throw back at him that he gave his word to Shelli and broke it.

    • Very good possibility…and that’s why the flip flop…repeating what was said on another post…Becky the sacrificial lamb!

  41. This season is upsetting my digestive system like no other! I can only peek in once in a while. I still say there’s some kind of ‘stupid gas’ being pumped into the house that Vanessa has an immunity to…
    Of course, it wouldn’t be the game I loved if there weren’t changes a-plenty. Now I must go hide from these comments again. ;) See y’all on Wednesday!

    • You might of stumble on to something Sharona….yes instead of pumping oxygen into the house like Vegas does in the casinos …they are pumping this “stupid gas”…even the dentist doesn’t realize it.

  42. 3:35 They talk about how hard it is for Shelli. Nominated, Clay’s gone. James: “And she has to look at the guy who sent him out wearing his T-shirt.” “It’s just a freaking shirt,” James mutters. Meg coaching him on how to get it back.

    Maybe James is having some twangs of his conscience?

  43. Well, a few weeks ago I said James was dumb. He changed my mind the last few weeks. BUT, this will put him back in the dumb category. They have Becky and numbers…why lose Becky over a silly plan?

    • Paranoia is getting the best of them. Van’s not stirring up trouble right now and distracting them, so it leaves them preoccupied with awry plans.

    • No..he has concern…Shelli, if left in the house is goin gunning for some Texas armadillo….like James said…there is no fury like a woman’s scone…sorry scorn…it’s best for him SS gets evicted first.

  44. Wow the goblins are crazy ! Why keep Vanessa over Shelli ? Wow are they dumb to think Van has there best interest to stay ! If she does. She will not keep them safe !

  45. Keep Vanessa – vote out Shelli. I’m liking the way James is thinking. I this Shelli is the greater threat.

  46. Steve has to be the dumbest player in BB history believing everything Van says. Why is it those that know BB the most make the worst players? They can’t evaluate people’s motives. They just believe them at face value.

  47. Anybody know where you can rent a banner plane to fly over Hollywood?

    “3 Goblins: Becky is right”

  48. Here’s a thought–maybe James is “America’s Player” and his task this week is to change the evictee! Hmmmm very interesting.

  49. Seeing Vanessa in a new light. Since she was recruited by production, I’d be willing to bet that she negotiated a double payout if she could make it to the end. Betcha!

  50. Whatever praise one might heap upon Vanessa for being a master strategist, she has played an undisciplined game which has seen her become paranoid and unhinged. She is expending lots of game capital just to survive this week and I wouldn’t say that she’s done herself any favors with the jury if she gets that far. She hasn’t done herself any favors with her mental and physical health, either, nor that of her fellow house guests.

    Consider BB16 winner Derrick. He was composed, played smart and played to win while not being afraid to lose. Vanessa walks around like getting voted out will be the end of the world. You can’t play that way. I mean, you play hard, but you play knowing that your chances of victory are maximized when you play loose and are not afraid of defeat. Look what a basket case Audrey became. Vanessa is not unlike Audrey in this regard.

    So, ‘master strategist’? She’s having to work overtime to save herself from a position she shouldn’t be in, so she doesn’t earn that label from me. She was my early odds-on favorite based on her resume as a poker player and she seemed in control of herself and had navigated the first few weeks as well as anyone.

    If she does save her bacon, she emerges as a weakened competitor, having had to talk way too much this week and demonstrating a desperation to do anything to claw out of the grave which would seem to place an even bigger target on her.

    I like the idea of a banner-toting airplane to communicate to the house guests. More economical would be a banner-hanging drone that conveyed the message ‘Stick With Becky.’

    • The Big Brother Book of Strategy (BBBS) calls for breaking up obvious power couples, so James acted according to good strategy in splitting up Clelli. The next strategically sound move would be to break up Austwins, and, yes, breaking up Clelli before Austwins was good because Shelli is a greater individual threat than any member of Austwins. Of course, if you have a power couple in your alliance, then you want to save them.

      But since Becky is not allied with Austwins, one might question why she didn’t target them. Obviously, she saw Vanessa as a bigger threat to advancing her game. I raise all this because I think it reveals what a less-than-stellar game Vanessa is playing. The BBBS also calls for keeping targets off oneself. To be viewed as a greater threat than a power triplet, to my mind, is a commentary on the unhinged, undisciplined game Vanessa is playing. She has overplayed her hand and made herself toxic, and I don’t see how she can find favor amongst the jury.

      The die is cast for this week, so going forward the smart move would be to take out Liz. You take out Liz and you conceivably dismantle any allegiance Julia might have toward Austin.

  51. Why do these people overthink everything? If they don’t get rid of Vanessa now, they’re making a HUGE mistake!

  52. Hey RhondaK! Just now checking the comments…I know I shouldn’t get so worked up; and I’m not really! BUT, it is nerve-wracking, isn’t it?!

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