Diary Room: Big Brother 16 Week 7 Player Rankings By Adam Poch

Big Brother HG - Adam Poch
Big Brother HG Adam Poch – Credit: Greg P Photo

This week sure has gotten the internet all sorts of crazy with Big Brother talk. I still do not understand however – how “fans” of a show can “HATE” so much about the show and the players. I have no problem making fun of the players games (or in some cases lack thereof) but personal attacks against the players &/or their families make me scratch my head… why do they watch in the first place? Like I said – I will never understand. The season is more than halfway over & everyone’s end game is crucial from here on out – lets see who gets Bacon & who gets Tofu this week.

Victoria – 4 strips of Tofu – if you open the Big Brother dictionary and look up clueless player, you will see a picture of me (hahah)… next to me, you will see a picture of Victoria. She really has no clue on what’s going on. Everyone plays her, and she seems ok with that. She narrowly escaped going up on the block again this week as a renom, but not because she did anything. I mean, did she even talk to Christine about trying to keep herself safe? The only question left about Victoria – is will people keep her around to take to the F2 to guarantee they win the $?

Nicole – 3 strips of Tofu – Nicole bounced back from a very emotional few hours to win HoH – and put the plan in place to get rid of Frankie. Unfortunately for her, she put her trust in the wrong people’s hands… AGAIN! Monday morning before the Veto meeting – she had an uneasy feeling that she may be going up on the block – so what does she do? Sits outside worrying instead of getting upstairs & talking to Christine. We always see the last person to talk to the HoH can sometimes have an influence on their decision. She just sat back and accepted her fate. Poor girl is just worn out from getting beat down the last week, and all but threw in the towel. If she is saved this week, it will not be because of what she does. I do not see her staying this week – but, you never know!

Christine – 2 strips of Tofu – its rare that I will give an HoH Tofu – since it is a very stressful position to be in. Especially this season with the BoB, your nominations could come back to bite you, and you are not truly safe even with that key around your neck early in the week. Christine, however, used her power to get back in Nicole’s good graces after an explosive double eviction. If you go back and see my week 7 preview from Friday, I did say that Christine could backdoor Nicole, and that’s exactly what she did. But the way she did it was not smart for her end game. After realizing how much she was being played, I thought she would turn the corner & work with Nicole to start sending the big boys home. Instead her “flirtmance” with Cody has blinded her to the bigger picture – and after putting Nicole up with the intent on getting her out – she realized that’s another Jury vote lost. The week is still not over & the guys can possibly save Nicole with the intent on using her to get rid of Christine down the road.

Cody – 1 strip of Tofu – I really like Cody (probably because he is a Jersey boy) but he has not really done much except talk a good game up to now. Yes he is protected by just about everyone, but he has not done anything except threaten to punch people when things are getting crazy inside the house. He’s got Derrick’s back until the end which will be good enough for 50K if the 2 of them make it. I cannot see how anyone will vote for him when his biggest move to date is flirting with all the girls. His game has been perfect if this was The Bachelor, but it’s Big Brother.

Donny – 2 strips of Bacon – This is the 5th time Donny has been on the block this season, but only his 2nd time on the block after the Veto meeting. He has been a target, a pawn, a competition beast, & still one of the most popular players in the house from the fans. While others have lovers & haters, I cannot find any tweets or posts where anyone bashes Donny. He may come off as clueless to some, but he is really aware of what is going on around him. The longer he stays around, the better the chance of him getting to F2 – and if so, he can win it all. He will need some luck along the way, which he keeps getting as anyone next to him on the block will be seen as a bigger threat despite 5 competition wins.

Frankie – 3 strips of Bacon* – most of the uproar this week on the internet was about Frankie coming clean on who he really is. He knew his game was crumbling as people were figuring him out. Nicole & Hayden threw him so far under the bus he had to do something to get himself out. When he announced before the BoB he had something non-game related to tell everyone, I am sure no one even cared. After single-handedly winning the BoB to keep himself safe he dropped the Ariana bomb on the house. He went from public enemy #1, to most of their best friends again. It took a little while, but even Caleb & Zach are back on board the Frankie Express. His biggest downfall though, will be if he is in the F2 & people will not think he needs the money (despite saying he would use it for charitable purposes).
* – this rating can change once I get to see the Diary Room sessions from the HG’s to see how they REALLY feel about Frankie’s roller-coaster week.

Zach – 4 strips of Bacon – We saw every emotion from Zach this week, and he is fully aware of the game he is playing, and how it is working perfectly for him. After his meltdown in last week’s Veto – he came back strong & won the OTEV Veto comp this week. That is not an easy competition to win, since you have to be fast, smart, strong, and a little bit lucky. I cannot wait to see it play out because I heard we had an Enzo/Ragan Elissa/Andy moment leading to the victory. Zach Attack is here another week, and he is starting to build a resume that the jury could reward him 500K.

Derrick – 5 strips of Bacon – This really is Derrick’s game to lose. When the house blew up after the Double Eviction – not one person threw him under the bus – while he was doing most of the puppeteering. They are all blind to the fact that he was the one to get Frankie on board to vote Zach out – and then he was the one to realize it would be better to keep him. He covered his tracks with Nicole, he’s got his right hand man Cody agreeing with all his plans & schemes, he even found a way to get Victoria back in his back pocket when she started to doubt him. He “saved” Victoria from going bak up on the block as a renom & she thanked him and swore she would never doubt him again. We have not seen a player like this since S10 Dan. Until all of them compare notes, he is gliding to the finals.

That takes us to our Tofurkey of the Week. It’s been a while – but Caleb wins it again. This guy is almost as clueless to how to play the game as Victoria is – did he really volunteer to go up on the block.. AGAIN? And then planned on throwing the BoB AGAIN? The problem with that plan was by sitting out the competition, he actually helped Frankie win. And 3 days later is Frankie’s BFF AGAIN! He is by far the player most easily manipulated since BB14 Shane. I see the same outcome for him, getting cut around the F4 and going home wondering what the hell just happened? Perhaps Frankie will convince Ariana to do a duet with him on her next album (insert laugh track here!)

There we have it kids. Let me know what you think in the comments below. But please I urge you to stay classy. We can have differences of opinions – and that’s fine, but please keep the nasty comments to yourself.

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  1. Nice! I look forward to these rankings each week, so thanks, Adam. You nailed it on the head — it is Derrick’s game to lose. He’s the master of manipulation… pulling all of the strings and not getting caught up in them. Two houseguests have already said they’d vote for him in the end. Interesting to see if he’ll be able to keep it up.

  2. I just want to say THANK YOU for your articles and insight. Whether or not someone agrees with you is beside the point. You do a well thought out analysis in your posts.

  3. Since last weeks rankings Caleb began the process of flipping the house to vote out Jocasta (didnt do the heavy lifting, but it would have never happened without him starting it), he won an HoH, successfully got out who he wanted to get out, remained friends with everyone through the process (hes one of the few who did that this week), and remained friends with Frankie even after trying to throw the BotB. That all happened this week. Sure, he made a dumb move to go on the block, but I’m not sure he did nearly as bad as you think this week. Hes one of the least hated people in the house, and has one of the smallest targets on his back, while still being someone who wins competitions. That doesnt sound like the worst player to be right now. Just my thoughts.

    • Thank you for your comment. This is a week to week analysis. Sadly there was no rankings for the short week (1 hour) – he would have gotten 3 – 4 strips of Bacon for the DE. But from the end of the DE to today – he is the Tofurkey. His wishy washy ways & inability to follow through with throwing the comp led me to give him this award.

      • Fair point. One other thing I’d argue is that he doesn’t appear to be getting manipulated much anymore, but rather tries to be ballsy to the point of being kind of dumb. When Frankie tried everything he could to try to convince him not to throw the BotB but he woud not give in. Can you say Victoria would of had the same kind of will power in that situation. I sure don’t think so. Classifying those two as similar players was very odd to me. Caleb loves to start and make big movs, Victoria wouldnt even consider it. Caleb is fairly good at competitions, Victoris just a floater.

      • He is the most manipulated by Frankie’s reveal. He went from throwing a BOB to get Frankie out, to being best friends with Frankie because his sister is famous. He thinks that he can sing a duet with Ariana Grande and maybe even date her, Frankie is really playing this up, as if he has any control over his sister’s career.

      • If Caleb wanted to lose the comp – he would have thrown it – not sat there letting Frankie win it.

      • You gotta admit: Frankie winning the BoB comp all by himself was an impressive feat. I’m not so sure Caleb is smart enough to realize that he could have ensured that Frankie and he lost – never realizing that Frankie could have (and did) win it by himself. BTW: I grew up around the corner from Fara. :)

      • From watching BBAD and reading updates here, via live feeds, it appears that Caleb’s sudden shift of focus still continues to be of veangance for his decision to evict Amber …
        Nicole received Caleb’s support against Frankie, once she suggested that she was told/forced to say that Amber did say ” …. ” or whatever …. but, then again, she was the HOH, at the time …
        Then, after the BOTB, Derrick, Frankie and Zach (??) manipulated Caleb to believe that Nicole had played him and lied …
        And, now, Caleb and Frankie are BFF’s and Nicole likely the one to be evicted ….

        eta: Waiting for next week or following, when someone else goes and tells Caleb that Nicole was indeed telling the truth about Amber telling the truth …. Ha !!!!

      • He does, but it never pans out because then he’d have to consider other players in the game, which he keeps forgetting about! :-)

  4. Hi Adam, in your ratings, I personally would swap Caleb and Nicole. Her game over the last two weeks has been a train wreck! Very small, petty and personal.

    I’ve shared this before but I would be interested in your take.

    For the last several weeks, I couldn’t figure out why Derrick is not on anyone’s radar. Then I remembered a quote by Maya Angelou…

    “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

    It’s easy to see how he makes Cody feel important. It’s also easy to see how he makes Victoria feel important. But look at his interactions with Nicole, after bad stuff happens to her, he’s there consoling and giving advice. Same with Jacosta. That’s his “mist” so to speak.

    The Angelou quote may also explain why Zach was more upset with Frankie than anyone else. Frankie made Zach feel special, and then from Zach’s perspective, Frankie treated him like any other house guest.

    What do you think?

    • That is a perfect quote for BB! Derrick is always there to smooth things over. He is so good at talking & listening – which makes everyone feel like he’s got their back.

      • Derrick is the ultimate, well trained undercover cop. Shut up, sit back and listen,assess the situation, and, and, and READ the personality of the person you’re dealing with, after assessing, identify the threats and act accordingly. He must do quite well at his job.

  5. I’m sure your rankings are based on gameplay and you are right on and as usual, I very much enjoyed the read. For the heck of it, I would like for Donny to have at least one more strip of bacon for just being a good guy. He has kept his cool in the face of much adversary. Adversary for him comes in many forms and he has kept his dignity with each he has faced. He reassured Nicole when she was so down even though he was feeling sad and lonely himself. He was in no way affected by Frankie’s reveal. He is alone; he has had to accept that no one wants to play the game with him and knows he doesn’t fit in. He doesn’t conform to their way of staying up all night and sleeping all day or join in on their disgusting obscenity. Some people would say not being willing to conform is his downfall, but it takes more gumpton to stand on your own and retain your self-respect than it takes to be like everyone else. For that, Donny deserves some bacon. Come on, Adam, grease him up.

    • You are s right which is why Donny is my fav. Don’t think he will win 500k but he will go far. He has been the most honest and he is the POV champ. He’s hurt now and that could be his downfall. If Derrick makes it to F2 the game is his even against Frankie.

  6. Awesome Rankings, I know this is off topic but I would definitely like to see Derrick return. Even if he doesn’t win, he has proven he is an amazing game player.

  7. Adam, I love your great analysis. Being a bacon living Jew myself helps, but the main thing is you are real and love BB for what it is. Thanks for taking your time.

    Brett Schackman
    Dallas, Texas

  8. Would’ve been funny as hell if Caleb ran up there and grabbed one of the ropes from Frankie after he had 9 of the balls in and started screwing him up then. Is that even allowed? XD

  9. whas up Adam
    I see you still love bacon! what about torri spelling? you look as if you lost a ton of weight looking good.
    my last name is Henderson and I think you know my son!
    personally I think anyone sitting next to derrick will come in as #2
    take care

  10. Victoria reminds me of a watered down,non-competition winning,non racist version of Gina Marie even though she’s clueless if She’s taken to the final 2 by Derrick people might compare notes and say hey Derricks been playing us the whole time and vote for Victoria out of bitterness
    Even though she doesn’t do much the object of big brother is to get by each week and set yourself up for safety for the next week and get to the end and I must say even if she doesn’t see it that is what’s she’s doing so I think she deserves some credit for not being on anybody’s radar

      • If she walks away with at least 50 grand at the end of this then yes she does deserve credit for being “clueless” the object isn’t to be looked at as a strategic mastermind it’s to win the money and she just might do that

  11. I look forward to your rankings every week! I agree that it’s Derrick’s game to lose unless someone isn’t too chicken to make a big move.

  12. Enjoy this every week. Very seldom disagree. Derricks game to lose and Donny should win Fan Fav. That is unless Derrick keeps him too long. He (Derr) always says Donny and Victoria go next but he doesn’t plan on losing them soon. Watch him work his magic.

  13. Seeing Caleb and Victoria in the F2 would be a kick in the gut. Everyone keeps overlooking them.

    • Seriously, between the 2 of them … Caleb has won 2x HOH and 2x BOTB, while Victoria has won 2x BOTB and 1x POV … Those two would have made a huge Power Comp Couple … Ha !!!!
      Having said that, according to Victoria last Friday talking to Zach, she told him that she has been throwing the comps and is aware and smart of what was happening in the game, and just been playing dumb … Apparently, everyone has fallen into her strategy …
      Once Nicole leaves this week, she can also claim to be the prettiest girl (remaining) in the House this Season …. unless, you want to count Frankie … Ha !!!
      She may be the Dark Horse this season, and she makes it to the F2, either dragged along and/or go on a Comp Winning Streak … A long shot at this point … but, Who knows?
      And, as for Caleb, i have a feeling that the longer he sticks around the better his chances, as he is the Best Mode Cowboy, afterall, and should be able to win at least the remaining HOH and/or POVs….. :)

  14. I agree too with your assessment of the internet hate. Production has always tried to lead players to different ideas by asking questions in DR. They also have had comps that favored certain players. mean the chicken wire? Who would have thought 2 guys with big fingers would win over girls. If you don’t like don’t watch.

  15. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if say Derrick, Victoria and Cody wound up in last 3.
    Victoria wins the competitions, evicts Derrick and winds up in the Final 2 with Cody? Then, she can say, she was playing along and acting like she was not a threat which would make sense. That she made the big move when she had to which is evict Derrick! Of course, who would vote for Cody when he has not done much except hang on and float on Derrick’s back? I will be laughing if that happens but, more so, Victoria will deserve to win that $500,000 too over Cody. That would be a huge shocker! lol

    • I still don’t think she would win. There is no way real way Victoria comes out with more than $50k in this game. Unless she somehow manages to win every competition from now to the last HOH, and even then it seems doubtful.

      • Even if she evicts Derrick which nobody in the house even has the cojones to try? I think just because she dared do what the others wouldn’t do—-she deserves that $500,000 and compared to Cody, what has he done in the game? He was just riding Derrick’s back pretty much and floating. I do not think given the choice of Cody and Victoria, if Victoria were to evict Derrick that they will still give it to Cody. The assumption is she wins 2 out of 3 of the last 3 competition to determine Final 2. So, she would have that under her belt in addition to evicting Derrick. I think it is real possible the 3 of them could win up playing for the right to be Final 2.

  16. Hi Adam I really liked reading your analysis. I have mostly been getting my daily reports from another website with what appears to be a smallish community of commenters and they have worked themselves into a crowd frenzy of hate towards so many house guests (frankie, Christine, derrick, cody epsecially). It reminds me of Lord if the Flies when the kids gang beat/kill Simon. I appreciate your request to keep the comments classy and I really respect your rankings being based on game and not personal preferences/beliefs.

    My favorite players are Zach (though he scares me) and Frankie, but I really respect Derrick and even patient Donny’ s games.

    Big brother has always been frustrating to watch season after season because it always seems like if 3 people go to the HOH (or anyone), it’ll be whatever the last person said that sticks, and that person is usually the puppet master. This season has had some of that too but I really LIKE that there was a solid team dynamic this year, I like to see an alliance go the distance, constant chaos doesn’t always make the best tv, it can be tiresome.

    Sorry, long post. I just wanted to say that I don’t find this a boring season at all, I love the way it’s played out and can’t wait to see where it goes!

    And I don’t get all the hate towards the house guests. .. this is not last year’s cast full of racists and bigots, I’m sure if any of us were filmed for 60 days some of the things we said would come out sounding bad/mean. Even the nicest people. As long as the meanness is about a person’s actions and not their sexual preferences/skin colour/socio economic status

  17. It is hard to beat Victoria at being clueless and your dead on naming Caleb as the tofurkey, he is easily manipulated!

  18. Derrick is very good at keeping under the radar with all the blood on his hands. He has covered his tracks well up to this point and is poised for victory! I would say your analysis is spot on!!

  19. Well said you man…By the way… my fellow BB Fans. Evil Dick is going
    to be on the VH 1 show, Couples Therapy. It’s the shows 5th season, and
    will begin September 10th, on a Wednesday. Just thought I’d let you all
    know that.

  20. I wouldn’t call this bashing, it’s actually criticism, but IMO, Donny’s social game reeks. He hasn’t built a single meaningful alliance with a power player, which speaks poorly of his abilities. Giving him any bacon seems generous–he’s hanging on by a thread and desperately needs a big win to stick around past next week.

  21. Derrick is playing a great game and definitely deserves a place in the F2, but I hope he gets rumbled and, maybe not evicted, but at least feel in danger and have to work his way back into favour just because it’s getting a little predictable where the game is going to go.

  22. I am having my first actual concern about Derrick this week (I am a huge Derrick fan) when I keep thinking keeping Nicole will be more useful to defend against what I have to think is the inevitable Hayden return. Now, I have no doubt Nicole will leave and continue to be Derrick’s biggest cheerleader and maybe when she and Hayden compare notes they are more convinced Cody and his dynamic with Christine played more of a role, but….And then there is the fact that while Donny keeps shifting his opinion who the mastermind is, he keeps coming back to Derrick and I just suspect Donny won’t have the same TA justification which I think is Derrick’s real motive this week for discouraging his minions from really considering keeping Nicole.

  23. So Nicole basically is HOH and is going to Derrick for ideas. And you think Victoria and Caleb are clueless. I think you made up your mind about Caleb, and just don’t want to give credit where credit is due. As a player who can win comps he has a small target on his back. Basically both sides of the alliance would fight to keep him. Also this is his 3rd week on slop, he is actually on antibiotics and is still managing to keep up in the fitness tracker. Not a fair assessment but I guess Cody repeating what Derrick said is playing the game.

  24. I agree that it’s Derrick’s game to lose. I think he is playing a great game but his multiple alliances may come back to bite him. Adam what are your thoughts about hearing that Julie Chen may leave the show?

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