Big Brother 16 Live Feeds: Week 8 Wednesday Highlights


It was a typical Big Brother 16 eviction eve: no campaigning, the evicted HG is ready to go and talk of next week and beyond dominated most conversations. Find out what else happened on the Big Brother Feeds in the house yesterday.

Big Brother 16 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, August 20, 2014:

3:00 PM BBT – Cody and Christine are talking about Donny and comparing notes. he’s approached them both about the same things over the past couple of days. They act like he’s doing some criminal act, but it’s really just him trying to no longer be alone in the game.

3:11 PM BBT – Cody and Christine talking to Derrick about the Donny stuff. Cody tells Derrick that Donny said Derrick is running the house. Derrick plays dumb. They’re afraid that Caleb is dumb enough to be swayed by Donny.

3:32 PM BBT – Cody, Christine and Derrick decide to grab Frankie and Caleb and go to the HOH room to discuss the Donny situation. Christine and Cody share their Donny stories. Frankie wonders why Zach would never put up Donny. He thinks they’ve been working together all along.

3:38 PM BBT – Donny makes a surprise move for Donny and actually comes into the HOH room and breaks up the talk. They’re all pretending to talk about and do other things.

4:07 PM BBT – Everyone agrees to target Donny.

4:32 PM BBT – Derrick says if Donny gets to the end, he’d vote for him because of all the competitions he won to stay in the game. Derrick also says Donny is the most manipulative player in the house (ha).

6:38 PM BBT – Zach accepting his fate. He says he won OTEV and got zinged by Kathy Griffin.

7:35 PM BBT – Victoria is upset because she feels like Derrick has been avoiding her. She tells Christine he’s her best friend in the house and he hasn’t talk to her in days.

7:39 PM BBT – Derrick and Christine rehashing the Donny stuff. They both agree the day has sucked.

7:50 PM BBT – Christine implies that Big Brother has been rigging competitions, or at least picking comps Donny can win.

8:17 PM BBT – Zach tells Donny that he didn’t even have a Skittle when they did the draw for who goes up. He says “they lied to you.” Donny said he expected as much.

9:05 PM BBT – Dinner time. Frankie has made fish. Again.

10:00 PM BBT – HGs sitting around talking about movies and music.

10:53 PM BBT – Zach is playing with his mic pac and finds that he has Spencer’s old mic pack. Other HGs start looking at theirs and discover who had their mic packs from the past two seasons. Frankies was once used by McCrae and Janelle. Cody has David’s from BB15. Derrick has Wil’s from BB14. Christine’s belonged to Candice from last season. Christine is not impressed with having Candice’s.

12:15 AM BBT – Zach wants to give some fake flowers to the audience and Julie after he’s evicted.

12:24 AM BBT – Zach is deciding what he’s going to wear to his eviction.

12:45 AM BBT – HGs talking about how Donny wants to head straight home and isn’t interested in any wrap parties. Victoria says no one wants him there anyway.

1:20 AM BBT – Christine says she hated Jocasta. She says she was angry at her for speaking in tongues.

1:30 AM BBT – Christine wasn’t too impressed with Brittany either and talks poorly about her for a bit. (I’m shocked that the all-girls alliance didn’t work. Shocked!)

2:30 AM BBT – Victoria and Derrick catch up. She’s still upset with Derrick, but won’t tell him why. Finally she admits she’s jealous of him hanging out with Christine. (Seriously, how did this all-girls alliance not work out this season? So strange.)

2:45 AM BBT – Victoria wants Derrick to say her name more and acknowledge her more. She’s still talking to him about these concerns.

3:45 AM BBT – Derrick, Christine, Victoria, and Cody are still up and discussing the name tags on the mic packs again. Going over past women HGs and who they thought was good looking. Cody unimpressed with this season’s women but thought BB15 was the season of hot women.

So Zach is prepared to go tonight, but no one is really expecting anyone to come back into the game this week. They think it will be next week if any. So we think you can expect some drama tonight  likely along with an endurance comp that will play out on the Live Feeds.

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  1. Everybody left in the house except for Donny are extremely shallow people. Talking about everyone behind their backs making fun of them just shallow sad and pathetic

    • Actually, Donny is guilty of this too, numerous times I’ve heard him badmouth Christine and Caleb.

      He’s said how he hates Christine’s cackle and I’ve seen mention on many occasion about how Caleb is “an idiot” and that he’s “stupid”.

      • I think it Donny’s case it is more a case of retaliating to how they have treated them. I could be wrong but I suspect if Donny doesn’t know for sure he suspects what the rest have been doing. I am not saying that this makes it right but I think that’s what it is. Like I said though I could be wrong but that is just my opinion

      • I think its what Donny observes, he is very smart and sees what we see in the other players. He has it all correct, we see the actions on TV Donny sees them in person. I hope some way Donny is able to win the entire game. He deserves to win.. He has not played a dirty game..

      • Donny’s biggest fault is that he continues to think he can trust these guys, even though he is quite aware that they are in the BS Alliance, by discussing with them his thoughts (i.e. Cody, Christine, Zach, etc.) in hopes to sway them, but, in the end, they just end up going back to Master Jedi Derrick and snitch away ….

      • It does not help Donny’s game when he talks to the other Detonators on what he thinks because then, Derrick is able to take counter measures to whatever he thinks he can pull off. Just wait for the returning house guest and discuss your plans together without letting the other house guests who are Detonators know about it! That is the smart way to do it. Then, work hard and try to win HOH and POV and cover each other’s back. That is what I would like to see in this game then, the Detonators can be broken into pieces as it should be! Too much boring, floating from beginning to the Final 2,
        no thinking, no game moves but, evict all non Detonator. Enough of that nonsense!

      • Thais is the sad part. Donny has been alone most of the game, to bad he didn’t get Derricks part in this show, the entire game would have been played differently and possibly with intregrity But when you have a house full of kids with one adult and one cop who plays as if he is on an undercover mission, well we are seeing what happens.
        Maybe that as BB’s thought from the start. I will not stop wishing Donny wins.

      • I think its to cause doubt and mistrust among the alliance. He knows that they gonna share whatever he says. Hes not that stupid. .He needs to break up the click/circle.

      • So because Donny is the favorite, he can say nasty things, but when someone else does the same thing, they’re sad and pathetic?
        Am i the only one who sees how flawed that logic is?

      • Donny has called people stupid, but that’s about it. He hasn’t compared voting someone out to wanting to euthanize them like a dog. Or called any of the women the c word. But if you think its all in the same league, that’s your opinion.

      • I did say that it didn’t make it right. But also the things Donny said were pretty true and he wasn’t maliciously making fun of anybody he was stating his opinion of other players the others make stuff up to make fun of each other and they do it in a mean and malicious way

      • Calling Christine’s laugh a cackle? Calling another houseguest stupid? What do you consider malicious?
        Good lord you people treat Donny like he’s some kind of Jesus figure… Enough. He’s calling people names just like everyone else.

      • That is your opinion i don’t see that he was malicious he was stating his opinion of them not making fun of them and laughing. Plus his opinion was dead on. In my opinion anyway. We obviously have different definitions of malicious. To me malicious is doing so in a nasty way to try and get laughs and attention from other people while not caring how hurtful what you are saying is. I guess we will have to agree to disagree

      • Ok, so in your opinion being mean to others is bad unless your favorite is the guy doing it.
        Got it. Sound logic. You’re the man Doug.

      • He wasn’t being mean. You seem to fail to realize that like I said you have your opinion and I have mine. No need to insult me because I don’t agree with you

      • Again – Donny is alone in this. It’s just ONE person talking about Donny … it’s EVERYONE dogging him out together and saying things that are really just not true

      • Yea so that makes name calling OK…
        If name calling isn’t OK for one person, then it isn’t OK for anyone.

      • Oh get off it!!! You really think what Donny is saying is the same as 5 people mocking, lying, and saying they hate Donny? You’re ridiculous

      • Its not even the same — despite what you think? If you’re gonna defend those people LYING and MOCKING Donny then you’re just like them …

      • So because Donny is the favorite, he can say nasty things, but when someone else does the same thing, they’re sad and pathetic?
        Am i the only one who sees how flawed that logic is?

      • It’s funny how since Donny is everyone’s “favorite” it’s ok when HE does these things or there’s some justification for it. It’s like Zach: everyone hated him at first, then when Donny started going to him for help, Zach became America’s Sweetheart. Face it: America is fickle (and maybe just a little hypocritical).

      • We all have our favorites, so it’s natural to turn a blind eye to some questionable actions. It’s BB, there has to be some lying, dirty deeds done to further yourself and that is what this game is about. I think you still can look at how HG’s are doing it and see who can do it best without being a jerk or being hateful

      • I think people starting liking Zach before then. It was when he was in danger of being evicted over Jocosta that I started to see more people support him. And what Donny says isn’t nearly as bad as what some of them say.

      • Donny is a good person, and he believes what someone says until he finds out that they have lied to him. He’s not making things up. Christine has a terrible cackle, and Caleb bless his heart is stupid. Frankie is the silliest thing that’s been on there in a long time. I wish the gay community would tell him that he doesn’t have to act like that just because he’s gay. He just looks so stupid. Why is he trying so hard when he doesn’t even need the money, and I suppose that Donny does.

      • You are so right about Frankie. I have 2 friends who are gay and I really love them. Very intelligent, 1 is a landscape architect and the other is an eye doctor. They get embarrassed when people on TV act like that. Said it gives them a stereotype.

      • Stop acting like you’ve never heard the term ” gay community”!! Even Gay people use it ALL the time! SMH

      • That, and Donny is “as guilty” as Frankie and Derrick on all the TA stuff that they have blamed and pulled on Zach, in particular this week, just to earn an extra $5K per successful task … Not that Zach didn’t deserve his current predicament .. Just sayin’ ..

        Now, wouldn’t it be a hoot, if Donny was actually a former CIA employee teaching an Intelligence Course part time at Harvard University, while cohertly working under cover as a groundskeeper ?? Ha !!! :)

      • Donny May have been part of the TA missions but he never actually blamed zach he kept his mouth shut and let Derrick and Frankie blame him as he knew they would wether or not he wanted them to. I could be mistaken I don’t have the live feeds but as far as I know he didn’t actually blame zach

      • Kept his mouth shut and let him take the fall… Sometimes keeping your mouth shut is just as bad.
        He could have vouched for Zach, but didn’t.

      • Maybe, but it would have been at risk of exposing himself and/or Team America. This is a game, and speaking up – especially with Frankie being insistent that the culprit was Zach – may not have been the best move. You can’t tell me that you don’t see that!

        I don’t blame Donny for keeping his mouth shut. At least Derrick tried to keep things neutral by stating that anyone in the house could have done it and everyone is a suspect. The blame for how this mission negatively affect Zach lies mostly on Frankie’s shoulders. He went on for hours about how Zach was the “saboteur.” And even when conversations would die down, he would find a way to bring it back up again and direct it at Zach.

        Zach was going to be put on the block anyway and Frankie went out of his way to make sure he went home.

      • Zach did help to encourage the rumors by getting caught stealing the cue ball. They just didn’t show that on tv.

      • Zach didn’t help himself when he stole the cue ball off the pool table. Not defending Frankie (can’t stand him) but Zach has done a LOT of stuff the whole time in the house to make people think it was him.

      • Sure vouch for Zach and everyone accusing him or risk blowing the TA mission out of the water. How would that have been better gameplay on his part. There is such a thing as picking and choosing your battles

      • Well everyone’s talking like Derrick and Frankie are the devil because they went along with the accusation… What does that make Donny? He’s just as guilty.

      • No Derrick added his two cents to the accusation and Frankie after the accusation was made started leading the charge

      • And you have your double standards too. you defended Frankie for following Zach around and not letting him play his game as it would have been bad for Frankie’s game but yet you failed to see that if Donny had tried stopping it it would’ve been bad for his game. So you’re doing the same thing you’re accusing us of just for Frankie instead of Donny. I guess that’s where we have differing opinions that’s fine we don’t have to have the same opinion we don’t have to agree. But don’t be the pot calling the kettle black

      • No no, you’re all calling Donny a nice soul and a good guy when he was in on the America’s Team twist. He’s just as guilty as Derrick and Frankie for what happened to Zach.

      • Kept his mouth shut and let him take the fall… Sometimes keeping your mouth shut is just as bad.
        He could have vouched for Zach, but didn’t.

      • Donny is one person — this is group of people bashing someone for doing the SAME thing they are doing. Except he’s not doing it nearly as much

      • I guess I am not nice either because I said the same things about Christine and Caleb in my own home before Donny did. The reason we are giving Donny props is because he is stating things most of us outside feel and see happening. I watch Christine viciously pick apart other HGs and then when someone confronts her lie like a rug so sorry let Donny share his opinion. I hope he wins not because he is a favorite but because he is basically playing an honest game. or did you forget that botb where Christine tried to screw him?

    • pot calling the kettle black…What are we all doing on here? Talking crap about the house guest we don’t like a lot of the time. They are doing the same. By the way…. Frankie is disgusting!!

      • We might be talking crap about the people we don’t like but mostly we don’t make fun of them or most people don’t

      • I do. Mostly just to Frankie. I very rarely dislike a houseguest as much as i dislike Frankie. I just want to punch my TV every time I see him. I did like his rap last night though. Very clever. I live for great speeches.

        I feel like ppl are especially mean to Christine. I understand that she’s the one that is married, but Cody is no better. It’s typical that the stereotype is that she’s a sl^t and cheating wh#@* (when they haven’t even kissed) and blah blah blah. and no one smears Cody’s name. Except to say that he’s too good looking for her. Its sickening.

        **Not that you personally have done this. Just ppl in general

      • As for Cody, though he is wrong for cuddling with a married woman, Christine gets more flack because SHE is the one with the commitment, she is the one that is married. When Cody walks away from this, he owes no one an explanation. He goes home. Christine made vows to her husband and has to go home to him.

      • You could probably say I have done it once or twice but I try not to but I’m not perfect just like nobody else is. But that would be why I said mostly people here don’t make fun of people. I agree with you about Frankie 100%. I also agree that Christine is getting A bad rap on here about her and Cody whether or not she cheated on her husband is really between her and her husband. I just dislike her as a person especially when she makes fun of people and make stuff up about people when she must know what it is like on the receiving end

      • I have talked about Christine being married and doing wrong BUT I also said Cody should know better. It takes 2 to Tango. He’s just as guilty.

      • Great point by all of you Cody is part of it if he anything he should be held as accountable as Christine but I don’t think they deserve the hate they have been getting for their cuddling and such

      • I don’t hate either one of them..I am a married woman, I would not go into a house, game or no game, and put my hands all over another man. She rubs his chest,,shirt on, but, still,,,runs her fingers through his hair, rubs his arms and back, people have said they do things in the bed..I have not seen it..but I believe it..Cody instigates alot of it but she has no problem reciprocating.

      • They might not have kissed but they have done a little grinding in bed. In my opinion, Cody isn’t in a relationship with Tim and he didn’t take vows to anyone, but Christine did. Blaming Cody is like when a man cheats and the women is more upset at the other women than her husband.

      • She is more at fault. I have a feeling if the gender roles were reversed the woman would still catch hell. She’d be a home wrecker or something. A woman being sexual/flirty isn’t as excepted as a man. People have double standards is all I’m saying.

      • While that does happen a lot that the woman takes more heat than the man, I have seen people give Derrick a bit of crap for constantly hugging Victoria. Even Derrick was little concerned by this after Zingbot, he said he pulled back because he didn’t want to disrespect his wife like that.

      • This is how Christine should have handled it.
        She and Cody have disrespected Tim. There’s no denying that.

      • I agree. After Zingbot, she could have looked for comfort with anyone else and viewers wouldn’t have judged it, but the fact that she is hugging and snuggling with Cody means that she either doesn’t care or she doesn’t get how bad it looks.

      • I think she doesn’t get how bad it looks. She will be shocked when she gets out. That was the best Zing in BB history IMO.

        That being the only insight they have of what America is thinking, they should take note and change.

      • Not sure about the exact time, but it was during her HOH reign when she got Nicole out. They were in HOH bed, did a little grinding and the camera panned over to her wedding pic then back to the bed and after it was over, Christine and Cody both apologized to Tim.

      • I thought this was bs and ppl just running with something. If this is true..holy crap. They apologized to Tim? What a slap in the face to do that and then say oh sorry right after. They are not sorry.

      • I won’t put anything I haven’t seen on with my own eyes on here. Just like the other day one of the other sites said Frankie called Nicole a “c” but I didn’t see or hear it. I posted about it asking Matthew if it was true. Never heard if it was or not.

      • Me neither. I get that this is a game that involves lying and manipulation, but I will never understand when people get so vicious. Calling someone a liar to preserve your own game like Derrick is one thing, but to want to euthanize someone like a dog is a little extreme.

      • Exactly. However they don’t realize that they are hurting their chance at 25k because it shows viewers exactly the kind of person they are. For me it’s between Donny & Nicole. They both have played a pretty good game but it’s for favorite player and I vote for who is the most honest in they treat others fairly. Neither has viscously attacked another HG and they provided entertainment. Jocasta was kind but not entertaining.

      • That did happen (use of the “c” word). And if u think that people are making up lies about C&C think again. The dry humping action did take place. Derrick told Cody to hang with Christine and keep her in check as he does with Victoria.

      • I don’t think that was Derricks idea of hanging with her because weeks back he called somebody down for saying something. He said he wouldn’t want something insinuated would hurt her marriage. That was before them two started acting like that.

      • It was when she was HOH, that’s all I can tell you. The camera showed them then zoomed on the pic of her and her husband then when back to them.

      • Christine could care less what her husband thinks Its her pastor and church friends that she is concerned about.

      • Christine is a rat faced floozy – Christine is married Cody is not – She has humiliated her husband in front of the entire country

  2. It’s a shame everyone’s so blind to Derricks mist. He plays a great game but the game is boring to watch.

  3. At the beginning of the game both Donny and Derrick were doing the same thing, staying quiet and observing the house guests. As a groundskeeper at an elementary school, Donny saw that he may be in a bad predicament because he was in a house with a bunch of adult elementary school children. For Derrick, a undercover police officer, he is used to working with all types, the house guests made it easy for him as they are not too bright.

    Derrick knew Donny was his biggest competition because he wasn’t easily persuaded and was paying attention. Donny’s game would have been better had he had adult grown-ups to work with. Derrick’s game would have been more challenging if the house guests were a tad bit smarter.

    Girls alliance, puh-leeeze, just like middle school girls.

  4. Anyone else notice that, since they completed their first two challenges, that TA have failed to accomplish everyone since ???
    Hopefully, next Season, they will drop this TA thing, as it was a bust .. and, go with more of a random, as in the past, or similar to that in the BBCAN where Marsha the Moosehead assigned tasks .. a Reward to them (or House) or a Punishment, likewise to them (or House) for success / failure …
    That way, it will avoid a repeat of this year, where an individual was consistently targetted / blamed ….

    • Yea but we still don’t know if big brother is calling this week’s mission success or not. Did the neighborhood watch last 24 hours?

      • Wasn’t it 2 epic fails I don’t remember what the missions were. or I guess it depends on how you look at it one was an epic fail and one was refused if I am not mistaken

      • I would say epic fail for getting a houseguest to start a fight and they declined the casting votes against the house mission.

      • They thought because Zach talked for a min that they got it, but they didn’t because she laughed. They had 2 chances on that one and missed both times.

      • They didn’t last year. They came back and competed along side the current houseguests and had a chance at winning HOH, but no guaranteed safety for the week. But its BB, they can change that this year.

      • I thought it was posted on this site that it may not have been a success, as one of the terms of this task was “they’ll leave a message in the mirror … “, which I do not recall happening …
        Anyways, I guess we will find out tonight if it was, indeed, a success and/or failure ….

      • I think the mirror idea was Derrick’s but not necessarily part of the mission. The part I think they failed at was the neighborhood watch for 24 hours, I don’t think they kept it up the next day except for TA and that won’t complete the challenge. If they give them the money I would almost think its more because they want Donny to win more money, knowing he has very little chance to win the game.

      • Perhaps, Production will end up giving all the $$$ they saved from failed TA tasks to Zach, considering he was the “butt” of most of these failed tasks .. Ha !!!

    • I hope they drop TA. two HOH’s and BotB..didn’t care for any of them. Bring back Diamond Power of Veto, Coup ‘d tat, Pandora’s Box. Those were fun twists.

      • I’m glad this season didn’t have any special powers the “viewers” would vote for. Only for the reason that Frankie’s sister would get her 17+million twitter followers to vote for Frankie to get it. Considering most of them are probably teenagers who don’t watch the show but would be willing to do anything their favorite pop singer asked them to.

      • Couldn’t agree more! I feel like, if BB & CBS really wanted to show some appreciation for longtime fans, they’d make the important votes (TA, etc) available ONLY to feedsters. Let “America” (i.e. Ariana fans, tv-onlies, etc) vote on silly stuff like Have Not foods. Anything that truly impacts the game should NOT be left to casual viewers who only know what CBS chooses to show them through edits. But, that’s just me.

      • I’m even okay with casual viewers getting to vote, what I don’t like is people who don’t even watch a minute of the show voting just because someone posts a link on their twitter and the mindless teenagers of today just do what someone mildly famous tells them to do.

      • What about those who don’t have live feeds but keep up to date through here (big brother network) I get most of the details of the big stuff from the feeds here

      • Fair enough, Doug. I guess I’m with FL in that I hate when people who have NO idea of what’s really going on in the BB house are able to have SUCH an impact on the game. Cases in point: Elissa getting SO much love last year from Brenchel Army for simply being Rachel’s sister (yes, at least there was a BB connection, but they were blinded to how she acted in the house & played the game because she was Elissa) and Frankie potentially winning AFP just for being Arianna’s brother.

    • i am wondering if Ta would have been more successful and more fun to watch if anyone other than Frankie was a member.

    • that would be a waste, you want to dived the group not do dreick’s dirty work… you put frankie and cody up and if anyone gets pov you kick derick out the back door or if you win the pov you do it yourself… you want to get rid of the one who’s running the house not the minions… always take out the leader

  5. Zach has really grown on me – he has handled this week a whole lot better than i thought he would. I think he is absolutely adorable! Please, please, please let him return to the game tonight!!!

    • That is because Frankie, Caleb and Derrick have been following him around the house making sure he wasn’t planning a blg blow up on the way out..he would mention it, and they would talk him out of it.

  6. Derrick knows that Donny is his biggest threat which is why he wants him out! Even when he talks BS, he can see that Donny is not buying it and he himself said it to Frankie and the others! Just hoping Nicole or Hayden is able to return tonight and hopefully, they use their heads and not trust any of the other house guests. Just think of living in a house with zombies. Only you and Donny are the humans left. The object of the game is exterminate the zombies. Now, if they can stick to that plan and win HOH then, they may have a chance. Trusting anyone in the house other than Donny is a ticket to eviction to the jury house. This late in the game, you just have to try and win HOH and POV as many times and put up Derrick and Cody with Frankie as a backdoor option. Go Nicole and Hayden! I hope one of you guys come back and win HOH tonight.

    • I think I would rather Zach come back in. Nicole seems to let peer pressure get to her. Other than Donny or the returning houseguest winning HOH tonight, I don’t think it will matter what happens. The alliance will target the returning houseguest and Donny and put them both on the block, so even if Veto is used they will just vote out whoever is left on the block of the two.

      • Their only chance is really the HOH and POV if only one of them is on the block, say the Detonators make the mistake of trying to backdoor Nicole or Hayden for instance. Of course, if they can win HOH, then, they can protect each other for that week atleast, and get rid of a Detonator. Rinse and repeat and maybe, they can get rid of a couple of Detonators and change the dynamic in the house. Who knows, they may even have a chance to go much farther in the game than most people give them including me! If Caleb was not too stupid, he could be part of a new three person alliance with Donny and Hayden or Nicole for instance. Then, they can turn the house upside down!

      • I think that if Donny or returning houseguest can win HOH, the Detonators will turn on each other. If any two Detonators are put up, it will make the others choose between them and at least one of them will feel betrayed, and possibly split the groups vote between the two and you could see them self destruct.

    • Whomever returns tonight, I’m sure Derrick will be blowing smoke up their a*s as soon as humanly possible – Hayden/Nicole won’t fall for it but I’m afraid that Zach would fall right back in with weasel Derrick and his crew of mindless nimrods – I would like to see Derrick nominated this week – He sucks at challenges so we don’t have to worry about him winning the POV

      • I don’t think Derrick will work on whoever comes back, unless they win HOH. He will just tell everyone else in the house that anything that person says is a lie, and the house will believe him. That’s what he did with Nicole and is now doing with Donny.

  7. Cody was unimpressed with the crop of ladies this year, huh? Well he is cuddling up with what would universally be considered one of the more homely female houseguests of all time and he has worked hard to evict every hot girl in the house….he’s an idiot…

    • I didn’t think Cody has “worked hard” to do anything. He just seems to sit by and do what he’s told. He is a very good and cute little lap dog.

      • In Cody’s own mind he is a Big Brother legend – To hear the way that he talks about himself and his gameplay in the DR is laughable – He is nothing more than Derrick’s puppet

      • It’s even worse that he thinks he has done so much, and Donny has done nothing. I guess following orders is doing a lot, and winning comps to keep yourself safe, is doing nothing.

  8. BB is a game where all HG will lie or backstab. That being said, there are a few HGs over the years who have shown their horrible character in and out of the game. This years award for this season is Frankie. I’m not impressed with his very personal trash talking, like calling Nicole the c word and before even coming into the house saying horrible things about a disabled woman. I’ll be glad to see him evicted- I just feel bad that those in the jury house will have to deal with him then. It’s a pity really because I was a big Frankie fan at the beginning.

  9. I don’t think it matters who comes back into the house. Derrick has convinced everyone that anything that Nicole, Donny or Zach has said is a complete lie, even though most of them were telling the truth. Derrick has branded them liars, so anything they say will be seen as a lie.

  10. I was watching the feed when Donny went to HOH room. They scattered like roaches when you turn a light on. I was rolling laughing. It is no wonder Derrick is running the house because they are stupid if they think he didn’t know what was going on.

      • The only way Jocasta is coming back is if her alliance with Jesus and God starts paying off and a miracle occurs tonight on live TV as she’s speaking in tounges

      • I’m thinking lighting strikes all returning houseguests and she is the last one standing. But I wouldn’t bet on it, God is more of a Survivor fan the BB.

      • I’m actually hoping for Donny to win HOH and Zach or Hayden coming back and expecting the worst in seeing another Detonator+Caleb winning HOH and a weak juror reentering the game.

  11. One of the many things I am really not understanding about this season is that none of these houseguests, aside from Derrick (and maybe Donny), seem to understand that you need jury votes to win.

    Both Frankie and Christine have made enemies out of the jury members. And these two are supposedly “superfans.”

    What are these people thinking?

    • Cody & Christine both believe that they are going to final 3 with Derrick…Cody & Christine are both on the “pecking list” but neither is aware of it..

    • I agree. What was the point of either of them making spiteful speeches to Nicole and Zach? They could have just chalked it up to game play and they love and respect them, but its best for their game to get them out.

  12. Donny is creating doubt within the alliance members circle which is what Derrick does not want. Donny has talked to Christine Frankie Caleb and Cody. Except for Cody they have all expressed concerns as to what Donny said.

    • Donny needs to bring this up in a group setting without Derrick there. Openly ask Victoria, Christine, Frankie and Caleb if they have final 2/3 deals with Derrick. I think his cover would be blown then.

      • The problem is, other than possibly Victoria and Donny, everyone else likely has a F2/F3 with everyone else .. Ha !!!

      • noooo If they call Donny out on it ( which they (mainly Derrick) don’t have the guts to do while Zach is still there cause he will back Donny up) Derrick needs to be in the room to deny all that Donny says

  13. I feel for Donny. His head is finally in the game, but unfortunately he waited until there was just one alliance left. Now he’s enemy #1. What a shame. I have rooted for the “underdogs” most of this season, but seriously…if these people continue to be completely blinded by Derrick’s seemingly flawless game, they all deserve to lose to him!
    P.S.~ Oh, Victoria. Donny’s hardly the HG who wouldn’t be missed at the wrap party..bless her heart ;)

  14. Ok. We make the choices for team America. F and D are making money off this and doing everything they can to get donnie out of the game. If it’s up to me, I say no more Donnie, no more team America. Why are we giving Frankie and Derek money to backstab and trying get Donnie out of the game. No more missions no more money if there’s no more Donny. Donny is team America

  15. Okay I literally hate everyone in this house now except for Donny. How STUPID are these people to not realize that Derrick is running this game??

    I want to punch Derrick in the face for dogging Donny – saying he’s the most manipulative person in the house. I read through the convos from their big pow-wow and it made me sick how horribly they talk about Donny. Christine – really? You think they rigged comps for a 40 year old man? You’re just jealous because you can’t win jack-squat!!! And maybe he doesn’t want to go to the wrap party because he’s sees the HGs for who they really are – a bunch of narcissistic, egotistals jerks who don’t deserve ANYTHING!! I cannot WAIT for Frankie, Cody, etc. to see how much people actually can’t stand them!!!

  16. I wonder just how stupid Cody and Christine are going to feel when they find out Donny told the truth about Derrick? I can also think of 500,000 reasons for Christines husband to dump her shallow ignorant butt!

  17. After Victorias sad tale of woe to Derrick as to how she feels he is ignoring her and she misses their talks and she is jealous of his friendship with Christine DONNY may (HOPEFULLY) be off Derricks radar for another week. He needs to cut ties with Victoria before his marriage is put in jeporady.

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