Big Brother 15 Live Feeds: Week 7 Sunday Highlights


The Big Brother 15 houseguests are still having Judd issues. One minute they miss him and the next they’re trash talking him. So there’s that. But what’s really fun is watching Helen and Amanda slowly turn each other. We got a few looks at that today.

Read about those moments and others on our Live Feed highlights below. And remember to sign-up now for the Big Brother Feeds so you can watch any of these moments by using the Flashback archive feature.

Big Brother 15 Live Feed Highlights –  Sunday, Aug. 11, 2013

10:30 AM BBT – HGs slowly starting to get up and move about the house.

11:10 AM BBT – Jessie and Aaryn discussing life after Big Brother. Aaryn isn’t worried about the haters or anything that’s being said about her.

12:00 PM BBT – Andy and Helen talking game. Andy is more worried about Spencer’s performance in the game than Jessie’s. Helen think they can get Spencer to put up Aaryn and GM next week. Helen says McCrae has given them the go-ahead to target Amanda.

12:15 PM BBT – Andy promising Jessie she’ll be safe this week. She won’t.

12:45 PM BBT – HGs discussing Judd and his lies and mischief. Jessie wants to talk about kissing him. Helen says again that Judd is really smart and was fooling them. She also says the only person he didn’t talk bad about was McCrae.

1:08 PM BBT – Andy tells Helen that loyalty pays off, noting that the people who were schemers are gone.

2:05 PM BBT – GinaMarie and Andy are talking game. He tells her he hopes Jessie gets evicted this week.

3:15 PM BBT – Andy tells Jessie that McCranda and Helen/Elissa will eventually go after each other. Jessie doesn’t think so because she thinks they have a final four deal. Wrong.

3:40 PM BBT – Andy tells McCrae that Jessie wants Amanda backdoored. They decide Jessie is definitely going this week.

4:15 PM BBT – Aaryn says she’s no longer playing a personal game because it almost got her evicted early.

4:26 PM BBT – Amanda tells Aaryn none of them can throw any competitions from now on. They all need to try to win everything, she said.

5:10 PM BBT – Photobooth is open.

5:47 PM BBT – Helen says they need to get Aaryn out because she won’t let them get McCrae or Amanda out. Yes, Helen, we know. You want everyone out. Someone different every five minutes.

6:00 PM BBT – McCrae is talking to Andy about his ex-girlfriend back home. He’s starting to sound unsure of things with Amanda. He even calls her a man-eater.

6:39 PM BBT – HGs are talking about missing Judd.

7:05 PM BBT – Jessie is trying to plant doubt about Spencer with Andy. She expects him to use the veto on her.

7:21 PM BBT – Andy, Helen and Elissa all agree that Jessie is dangerous and needs to go.

7:26 PM BBT – Helen says the second MVP made a bad choice. Yeah, well America thinks you make bad choices, too, Helen.

7:45 PM BBT – Aaryn has been bashing Spencer a lot today. She calls him sketchy.

8:35 PM BBT – Amanda says if she wins HOH she would nominate Spencer and GinaMarie and try to backdoor Helen.

10:35 PM BBT – HGs playing hot potato.

10:55 PM BBT – People are starting to think Aaryn is wanting to keep Jessie because of all her Spencer bashing and that she doesn’t want to be “paired” with GinaMarie any longer.

11:15 PM BBT – The 3AM alliance (Aaryn, Amanda, Andy, & McCrae) are meeting to discuss next steps. They’re worried about who GM would nominate. Amanda discussing ways to get Helen evicted.

11:40 PM BBT – Helen and Amanda notice Jessie is too confident this week despite being on the block. Jessie thinks she’s staying, but they know she’s not.

1:45 AM BBT – Andy tells McCranda that Aaryn said being gay is disgusting. He thinks she is more insensitive than intentionally hurtful. Amanda says she was just joking when she called Andy gay slurs before.

2:30 AM BBT – HGs sleeping the night away.

Jessie is doing what she can to save herself, and while Andy acts like he’s considering using the veto on her today, don’t expect it to happen. I think this week will be a predictable one with Jessie walking out the door Friday.

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      • However, on further consideration, her beginning game is helping her current game. bad girl turned good is what everyone roots for. Plus, I am sure HGs think they could definitely beat her in F2

    • Amanda and Helen do not know it yet but, the biggest threat to them is Aaryn! Why Aaryn? Well, she is a beast in competitions so far and she has bided her time not making any waves at all! However, if the situation presented itself—-she might just move to take out Helen or Amanda herself! That would be a huge shock to both Amanda and Helen! And you cannot vote Aaryn out if she continues to win HOH and POV! Helen and Amanda would be at her mercy!

      • I think Aaryn wins comps because they evicted all of the other good comp players already. Having said that, she is the best of what’s left. So it would be smart for her to let Amanda take out Helen and then Aaryn can take out Amanda and/or McCrae down the road.
        But While Aaryn is a big threat, to Amanda and Helen, Andy is a big threat to Aaryn.

      • According to what I read, no one will be able to vote out Amanda, because she was pre-picked to win this year. If this is not fair and the winner is picked before the game even starts, why watch it? And more importantly, why play?

  1. The HG’s strategies are too weak right now. I’m going to take a few weeks off until all the pawns are gone. I have lots of other shows to watch on my dvr. When only the powerful HG’s remain, I’ll return to watch the end.

    • I am still rooting that they use their heads for a minute and take out one of the major threats this week! Such a shame when a backdoor situation presents itself but, Andy is too timid to act on it! Judd’s eviction atleast, gave us a bit of excitement but, now it is back to the boring, predictable evictions! Ugh!

      • I don’t know Richie….Surely would spruce up the entertainment for us….but would a ‘big move’ right now benefit Andy? He thinks he’s aligned on both sides but Helen is getting wise. Of course Helen has no one at this point except Elyssa. All the others have shown they will ‘go with the house’ then cry about it. Helen could talk him into taking down Jessie, putting up GM then Helen could form an alliance with Jess/Spencer/Elyssa and have at least a fighting chance. But…I don’t think he will.

  2. I wish Spencer would tell Andy about GinaMarie telling him how she told Andy that Judd said to put Andy up as a replacement nom and that it was a lie.

  3. I’d like to know what their definition of “dangerous” is. No-alliance Jessie is not dangerous. Helen, McCranda, and even Aaryn are.

  4. Aaryn still trashes people. She is just “acting” she knows what she has gotten into. Smart gameplay or not shes still a you know what. And doesn’t deserve to win.

    • This is a game dufuss, I’m sure you have friends that are worse people than Aaryn. She says a few bad words and people like you think she is terrible. Well I think YOU are weak, stop being so weak and know that people are people and you shouldn’t be judging because YOU can watch someone’s life 24 hrs a day. I bet we would see some unwanted things by YOU if we watched YOU 24 hrs a day.

      • THANK YOU! Why is everyone here so self righteous? It’s like every bb fan in history thinks they’ve never made an off-the-cuff racist or offensive comment before. She’s come to her senses and toned her offensiveness wayyyy down, what more do people want from her?

        Haters gon’ hate I guess.

      • Maybe some people here made some “off-the-cuff racist or offensive” comment in their life, BUT NOT ON A LIVE FEEDS for all the world to see.

  5. As little of a threat that Jessie seems to be, this is the smartest move for Andy. He can sit in the middle of the two most powerful alliances and watch them destroy each other, pick up the pieces and use them to get to the finals. He could still make a big move later in the game. With a couple wins and one big move, you can be the winner in this game.

  6. I still can’t figure out why Helen trusts Andy. He seems to have deals with McCranda and Spencer and Helen!

    Amanda is too forgiving of some of the things Aaryn and GM say. It makes me think Amanda is like-minded. Elissa is the worst player in the game but I respect the fact that she finds the behavior of some of the people in the house unacceptable. The comment GM made to Candice about her mother not wanting her was so far out of bounds it is indefensible. But there was Amanda, defending GM.

    Aaryn claims she is not playing a personal game anymore, but she is still looking to evict Elissa. I would take Elissa to the final 3 because she stinks at competitions and she won’t get anyone’s vote in the jury because she is such a bad player. I think the only chance Aaryn has to win is to take Elissa with her.

  7. I’m not okay with Aaryn’s hate talk, but I think it’s important for those who don’t have live feeds but who read this site to know the context of the things Aaryn is saying. To say that “Andy said that Aaryn said being gay is disgusting” is pretty misleading. What ACTUALLY happened (according to Andy’s retelling) is that they were talking about the possibility of production having brought David and/or Nick into the house hoping they might start a gay showmance (possibly with Andy?) due to both men having stated they are bi-curious. Aaryn responded with “that’s disgusting”. To say that Aaryn said being gay is disgusting is quite a stretch and very misleading, considering she had a showmance with David and could easily have just been reacting to the idea of a former flame being homosexual. Obviously, I don’t think that “that’s disgusting” is a proper reaction to the conversation either way, but I *do* think it’s very different from her making the statement “being gay is disgusting”.

      • She said David being gay would be disgusting because she was showmancing him. Not being gay as a whole is disgusting. You’re taking it out of context. Just so oversensitive.

      • Gellie, I have noticed here that you always defend Aaryn when ever she says anything offensive, or you just don’t see or hear things that majority of other people see or hear, are you related to her or are you by chance a racist/bigot in disguise? Stop it because, you are becoming very offensive too.

      • Right buddy. I’m a racist bigot because I share a different opinion than you? get off your high horse. You’re just some over-sensitive chump blind to how the average person acts in the real world. Just so you’re aware, I’m not a racist bigot, and I’m not related to Aaryn. I do believe she has said some pretty bad things in the house, but I believe it has come to the point that she cant even comment on the colour of inanimate objects without people here throwing a complete freak-out. It appears that the majority of users here are using this site to try to parade around with this “perfection” mask. Someone that feels so insecure in their real life that they have to take phony steps in appearing morally superior in some way. Everyone here has said something offensive at one point in their lives – more than likely multiple times. To deny that is to deny humanity, and it defines ignorance.

      • If you can’t see the difference between saying it’s disgusting if someone you dated was intended (by production) to date a guy versus saying that being gay in itself is disgusting… well, I just don’t know what to tell you.

    • Wow where did you get that? On live feeds ? I saw Andy stated two gay men in a loving relationship in which Aaryn replied that’s disgusting.

      • At 1:45am last night (Aug 12th) Andy/Spencer explained the situation that way to McCrae/Amanda. Amanda then went on a small rant about how the live feeders couldnt possibly find what she says as offensive because she’s “obviously joking”.

        To be fair, I didn’t hear the original conversation between Andy/Aaryn, but in this article Branden referenced the Andy/McCranda discussion about it, so that’s what I was referring to.

  8. I love Elissa but I wish rachel could tell her to START PLAYING THE DAM GAME ALREADY

  9. Does any one know if the HG’s in the jury can unanimously vote for no one to win the 500K, by just voting “NO” . Just asking!

  10. I want Amamda out of the house so bad I can taste it!! I hate all thebhouseguest, but my feelings for Amanda have festered slowly, until I am ready to go in the house myself and throw her out!!! Andy the whimp, has let a perfectly grand week as HOH, go down the tubes! He is so afraid he will.make someone mad–he wasted his HOH! It’s time some real moves were made. Andy thinks he has a ticket to the final three with everyone in the house– WRONG! He needs to go just for stupid game play!!

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