Big Brother 15 Episode 26 Recap: Judd Returns And Elissa Trumps Amanda


We were treated to our first power shift in weeks on Sunday’s episode of Big Brother 15. Judd won his way back into the house and Elissa won the Head of Household key, causing Aaryn, McCranda and Andy (also known as 3 AM) to do some nice squirming.

The episode opened with the Head of Household competition under way. Also under way is the returning jury member contest. And we get DRs from Amanda and Andy saying they are not happy about the jury member returning.

We then cut to right after Helen was evicted. The only person who cares is Elissa. Amanda is bragging about getting another one out and Spencer is bragging about escaping eviction after being on the block six times.

Back at the HOH competition, we’ve got McCrae now whining about the jury member returning. And of course we get to see Spencer and McCrae fall at exactly the same time. After only 20 minutes.

Helen does the best thing she’s done all season and feeds game information to Candice, Jessie and Judd. And then Andy falls out of the game.


Jessie is the first jury member to fall. So she takes the opportunity to let Amanda name how much she hates her. All Amanda can say is “What did I do?” I wonder, Amanda. Helen is the next juror out of the game. It’s not long until Candice follow Helen off the wall. So Judd is the juror member back in the game. Judd doesn’t last in the competition much longer, through. He falls and left in the game are Elissa, Amanda and GinaMarie.

Elissa catches her tenth ball and becomes the new Head of Household.

After Elissa’s win, Judd and Elissa patch up his untimely exit. He explains why he didn’t want to hug her when he was blindsided. He tells her that he knows Helen plotted it and he just presumed Elisa had a hand in it. She explains she didn’t and their slate is clean.

Meanwhile, Aaryn is already crying about the possibility of her going up. And Amanda tries to get to work on Elissa. But Elissa is already planning on putting McCrae and Aaryn up. So Amanda and McCrae start panicking hard. And no matter how hard they try, Elissa isn’t budging on her plan.

Amanda has a totally human moment for the first time in weeks and admits that she has no control over Elissa’s HOH and she feels defeated. One would almost feel sorry for Amanda. ALMOST.

Elissa continues to refuse to budge and Amanda and McCrae continue to fight. And Elissa admits that she wants everyone to be scared because that’s how she’s felt since week one.

Judd and Elissa realize that they’re both alone and they decide to team up. They shake on it but it’s not as official as alliances with stupid names.

Aaryn, after nearly poisoning herself with fingernail polish remover, decides to check in with Elissa. She tries to convince her to get Amanda out instead of herself. She tells her that she wants to be in the game so bad. Elissa’s response: “You want to be here so bad to play the game for Amanda?”

In the end, Elissa sticks to her original plan and nominates Aaryn and McCrae.



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  1. It’s funny how when Asryn swallowed the fingernail polish that she did not gag. I guess fingernail polish is one of her drinks of choice.

    • LOL, I had totally forgotten how hilarious that was. I mean, come on, how do you NOT notice something like that?

      • Not quite as hilarious as Elissa folding on the final round of a veto comp, or proclaiming she won’t go to jury if evicted before Helen, or not nominating Amanda and McCrae together. A total waste of an HOH.

    • I was looking at it and probably, she realized it early enough. She probably held it in her mouth because she spit it out on the bathroom sink. If she drank as much as people thought, she might really got very sick.
      My guess is she got it into her mouth and swallowed a small amount. Maybe, enough to give her a tummy ache but, not enough to really make her sick. She looked fine considering she swallowed acetone! Aaryn was not really thinking when she did it—-good for her not to have swallowed more of the acetone.

    • me too lol im going to straight to hell i also rewatched her drinking nail polish remover 4 times lmao

  2. The worst, most boring episode yet. Every time duck face comes on camera we want to hurl. Elissa, enjoy your one week of fame.

  3. I think elissa is having a pretty good hoh. Regardless how you look at it, she has the whole 3am alliance scrambling. Amanda won pov and andy will go up however elissa is making sure andy knows if he goes instead of aaryn that it was because amanda wanted it that way.. I think mccrea and aaryn threw the veto comp to amanda because that was their way of keeping all 3 of them safe. However if elissa can pull gm to her side who might not be the smartest hg but she figured out amanda and is not afraid of her along with spencer who seems to be floating that way aaryn will go, mcranda will be alone and will not have aaryn to win the comps for them and do their dirty work or have andy to tell them everything.

  4. I love Elissa’s response to Aaryn. How honest is that? Cut to latst night and there is Amanda telling Aaryn what to do. Get rid of GM! Don’t worry about Spencer! Next week Judd and Elissa go up on the block! Aaryn, Elissa gave you a wakeup call. Apparently, you didn’t answer it. Even now when Elissa can save Aaryn by putting Spencer up, Aaryn chooses to side with Amanda in teh hopes that Elissa falls for Amanda’s plan. In other words, she is letting Amanda control her destiny instead of taking matters into her own hands. Why are all of these people, except Elissa and Jessie so willing to give Amanda the game?

      • Me too, but even if she doesn’t, once GM is gone, Aaryn will be alone and easy prey for Amanda. You dance with the devil you get burned.

      • Prince, I guess you are right. My first choice is Asryn, but if GM goes, I can live with that. Also, if Elissa wins the coup d etat this week (I sure hope she does), she should not use it this week, unless it is only good for this week. She should keep it until she is in jeopardy of being evicted.

      • I like Elissa getting the Diamond veto or coup d’etat. btw, I want Aaryn out too or Andy. I hope Elissa sticks with her first instincts and puts up Andy. That puts Amanda in the spot of having to save Andy or Aaryn.

        I will enjoy either Aaryn or Andy going home and also watching Amanda cry because she could not control Elissa with her games.

      • The coup d” etat is very powerfull…lol…that is what she needs.. but only when she is not HOH

      • Yeah, but those kinds of twists usually last for 2 weeks, so she could save it for when she’s not HOH.

  5. At least the episode showed that Elissa DID NOT touch the ground and made a miraculous save. That was pretty incredible. Now, I can’t wait to see how the POV competition plays on Wednesday…

    P.S. Amanda is a egotistical, immature, psychopathic bully. That is all.

    • Yes, and to think people were saying that they saw Elissa’s foot/feet hit the ground. Wow, just amazing.

      • I think most of us said both her feet left the platform. She should of been out. If it was her and anyone else left and that other person did what she did production would of DQ’d them.

      • Her feet did not touch the ground, the same as Amanda’s so, both of them are not disqualified as a result! If her feet touched the ground then, it would have been a disqualification!

  6. Has anyone been watching the live feeds? Amanda is the most vile disgusting human being alive. She’s a disgrace to the human race. Kudos to Elissa for ignoring the pile of dog crap. Shes ten times classier than Amanda ever wishes she could be. She is nothing but trash

    • Been watching and you are 100% right. I wish Elissa had put up McRanda then she could have only saved herself and she would have lost her man.

    • Agreed, very sad. But then again Amanda is the one who walked into the house with a “lawyer” bf. So loyal, and classy. It’s obvious she envies Elissa’s place as of now in the house, and out. Elissa has a HUSBAND, a family. Amanda has by now roast beef between her legs, no job and a walk of shame ahead of her. And the prego talk is embarrassing, who has ever known they were THREE days prego? What a convenient “miscarriage” to have right before your debut on a reality show.

      • What was with that? Who goes to the dr because she is 2 days late for her period? And when did she make the appointment, the day before she got pregnant?

        That was a strange story and she missed the point of why Elissa brought it up. It wasn’t about her having pre-marital sex or getting pregnant. It was about how Amanda had a relationship with a guy just before she came into the house then after 2 days she was sacking up with McCrae. I think Elissa was pointing out her character for her disloyalty to her boyfriend!

        But frankly, Amanda certainly looks like a pig to me.

      • Exactly the point Elissa was making, that she jumps from bed to bed. She’s what we call white trash.

      • odd we call white trash those ignorant to comment on the personalities of people they don’t know

      • She’s the one who stated she had a boyfriend 2 weeks before coming in and was 2 days pregnant. Going strictly by Amanda’s own words.

      • I suppose then you’ve never stated anything disparaging? or perhaps that would be deemed inappropriate to anyone? Bet you’d love to be judged on that

      • Elissa did not confide in her. She openly talked about it. In fact, Elissa heard it second hand and thought everyone already knew.

      • Why? I don’t know her, only how she is portrayed on tv and the feeds. I certainly am not delusional enough to think this gives me any insight as to her personality. April and Ollie, Brendan and Rachel ect have done far worse on cam then anything Amanda and mcCray have done.

      • Yep I sure do think it’s wrong. There all wrong. Like I said it seems knowone is playing strategic and making everything personal.

      • how embarrassing to attack someone you don’t know personally. There are meds for your delusions, you should seek help.

      • lol chris buddy amanda will never read these comments please crawl out her butt also amanda is vile. see the thing is on a show like this we DO know their personalities they are filmed 24/7 the things she says on the live feeds are just vile. honestly i dont think anyone in that house has a shred of decency in them. elissa is catty and mean but if were putting them in order from the worst elissa is at the bottom and amanda is for sure at the top. i dont care who they are related to they all just suck.

      • they are filmed 24/7 but what you see is solely based upon production. I’m curious as to when your last real conversation was interrupted by fish. I’m cheering for neither Amanda or Elissa as I don’t gain personal attachments to characters I see on television. Do I think Amanda is playing best, I don’t see how that can be in doubt.

      • its live feeds. production may control the aired episodes but not the live feeds….amanda is playing her best and elissa hers they are all playing some type of best minus the floaters but if you think about they are playing their best too. i get youre trying to troll. you know stir the pot defend the vile person put bees in everyones bonnets (for whatever reason i never really understood it)because while you may not gain personal attachment from (not characters on tv these people arent acting) people on tv you seem to have gained a weird attachment to your computer (they have help for that friend) all im stating is that while the games may possibly be rigged and the cast Favorited the HG control what they say and their own behavior and based on that amanda is vile aaryn is horrible and elissa is a snob i say again they all just suck. :) i hope you have a lovely evening “chris”

    • Amanda is stepped into her own poop and is tryin to feed it to Elissa..checkout Jokers’ feeds. Amanda has loss her mind. What a brutal, psychotic scumbag.

      • Like I said before when Evil Dick acted like that everyone said he was one of the best players in BB history so how is Amanda different? Because she’s a female. It’s a reality show just sit back and enjoy the drama and entertainment. If she wasn’t doing this everyone would be complaining this show is so boring.

      • Evel Dick acted that way when he was the target, if I am not mistaken and it was him against the house. He was trying to stir things up not cause people to self-evict. I think even Evel Dick would draw the line there. Most of the people in this house are just mean. Like they don’t want to just evict people, they want to blindside them. There is just a mean spirit to the game this year.

    • I don’t like Amanda and I don’t like Elissa either. In fact I don’t like any of them but when Evil Dick did the same things that Amanda is doing he won the game and to this day the majority of viewers think he’s the best player besides Dan in BB history. So how is that any different?

  7. why was duck face (butt phuck’n ugly elissa) slipping and putting her foot down not shown, they know she should have been dq’d,

  8. Imagine if Amanda is the “Bad Girls Club,” she’s not gonna last for a day.They’re going to throw her in the pool.

  9. Wow, nice job of soft toss to Elyssa, CBS, that was very obvious. I think GM should be HOH. She was solid.

    • Really….Did u hear Amanda telling McCrae that she knew one of the guys lobbing the balls?? Nice of production to let Amanda see an acquaintance… Don’t u think????

      • The whole “anonymous” note, stating that Amanda knows Allison, is from a troll on 4chan, there is a whole thread about it. Go look for yourself.

      • I said nothing about the “note.” I am well aware of the article. I did not post the comment due to the “note”. Amanda made the comment to McCrae. What part of that did u not understand???

      • LOL so if I know the guy selling peanuts at the ball park, I must know management? Your logic is odd. Why just today I saw someone I know getting on a bus, by your logic, I must know the management team of my city’s public transit? Or are the house guest not allowed to know others?

      • I’m curious if you heard Elissa state how as being the sister of Rachel, production would made sure she stayed? Kinda of a selective memory, Don’t u think????

      • I heard Elissa say that the reason she was kept in the house was because( they) HG’s were using her for MVP and being nice to her cause of the “BRENCHEL ARMY”. And please stop trying to “educate” me on the in & outs of BB.. I am very up on the show ( as much as it sucks right now)

      • odd then as elissa said to helen ” production will keep me here” go watch it on daily motion

      • I agree Elissa was telling Aaryn that when Helen was on the block. In fact her words were I’m Rachels sister and they’re (meaning production) not letting me go anywhere.

  10. Just watched the show. Pissed that the comments made when Amanda recovered on the wall (“that was badass” and “was like batman”) were edited out and then played for the TV audience after Elissa recovered. In actuality, nobody commented when Elissa recovered. I remember laughing about that when it happened. Once again, production “fixes” for Princess Elissa.

  11. Big Brother was an experiment/game” combining competitions and social game in an enclosed environment. This way we could watch “rats/humans” do whatever it takes to win $500,000. The comments on here degrading players they don’t like goes exactly how the house goes, that is the beauty of the game you all love. (which makes me laugh when I see people write here “never watching BB again” just because the house has flipped against their side). Relax people, enjoy it…Amanda’s social game is sort of like Evel Dick’s… And we all know how that worked for him.

    • You definitely make a good point. I mean, I can’t stand certain players and I root for others, but at the end of the day, it’s just a game.

      • Yes, but if we didn’t care, we wouldn’t watch and there would be no game. I see no problem with people celebrating when their side wins and showing disappointment when it loses.

        However, although it is a game those of us who were brought up to respect people and be respectful are naturally going to react to some of what we see. in the house. I personally wish CBS would not award the prize money to anyone in this house because I have witnessed some behavior that was just over the line. The racsim, sexism and personal attacks on people’s families are just not necessary in this game or any game that runs on TV in prime time. The same goes for the bullying like Jeremy wiping Elissa’s hat through his butt crack. What game is he playing? Too much of that stuff has gone on in this house and because Evel Dick did it does not make it okay this season.

    • you’re right, it is JUST a game… too bad though that the rules are not strictly enforced or laid out before the game starts. Production changes things up at their whim.

      • I actually don’t mind if production influences how the game goes, it would be boring if one side controlled things too many weeks in a row. Seeing McCranda’s side scrambling this week is fine…i enjoy seeing the constant house flipping and drama, deep down..everyone on this site thrives on it, it’s why we are all fans of the show and not necessarily the houseguests. I know i can’t find a fav to root for this year, so as odd as it sounds, i am rooting for “the game” if that makes sense.

      • Amanda’s going nuts! She’s basically hounding Elissa at every turn, putting stuff all over the house for Elissa to find later. It’s at the point where Elissa’s shut herself up in the HOH room. BB called Elissa to the DR, and Amanda stood outside the door, harrassing her. It got so bad, the feeds went to trivia!

      • And no one in the house is telling her to stop? What’s McCrae doing, hiding under the covers peeing his Avengers underpants?

      • I doubt McCrae would stop her, even if he disapproved. Andy and Judd kept moving from room to room, trying to stay out of it. GinaMarie has at least gotten Elissa’s laundry for her, lest Amanda start going after that too.

        Amanda DID say that someone talked to her about her behavior today, though. Maybe production is finally getting fed up?

    • Judd just told Elissa that Amanda is only hurting herself and her Real Estate business will suffer. ( not exact quote ) Elissa said” I know but I don’t want that for her.” (exact quote). I could not say that about Amanda if I was in Elissa’s position.
      What Amanda is doing has absolutely nothing to do with game and that is why it should be stopped. I ‘ll end the post on that sentence.

      • I don’t think that disclaimers or a PR rep is gonna be of much help to the HGs when they leave the show and their families are already suffering…

  12. I wish Amanda would put some damn clothes on. She wore a bathrobe all day. Finally took a shower around 7 now is walking around in her panties. No self respect.

    • She’s a class act, isn’t she? I cannot wait until she gets out of the house and finds out what a horrible person people think she is. She is going to fall apart. But she earned it with her behavior.

  13. Somebody on Tweeter posted Amandas “mothers” contact info. People all over are calling CBS and some are posting the sponsors contact info. This behavior (of fans) is as bad but actually not worse than the Shelly Moore revolt. Its sad that BB (after this season) won’t be able to go back to the show it once was. It will forever be tainted with the stigma form BB15.

    • I believe this will be the last season of BB unless the producers step in and take drastic action against the bad behavior. The executives at CBS do not want any negative blow back from a reality game show. The fact that they had to put up a disclaimer for the first time ever was probably a long and difficult discussion between CBS execs and the producers of the show.

      Honestly, this group is the most disrespectful I have seen on BB. Even GM talked about how people in the house treat the production guys, especially Amanda.

    • This season is setting a new precedent for future seasons : physical abuse will get you expelled from the house BUT mental abuse is A.O.K. Now, every season will be dominated by arrogant bullies who make the weaker hg’s cower in fear and any type of behavior is accepted as long as it furthers someone’s game. Soon we will see groups harass and insult HG’s until they self evict… it will be so cool to watch , I cant’ wait !!!!!!

  14. Elissa has been the only HOH who has actually done something to better herself and not Amanada and the only person who didn’t do what McCranda wanted. I give her mad props because she’s playing for herself!

  15. Now Amanda has the rule book to see how she can and cannot bully Elissa. Elissa is not coming out of her room because Amanda is verbally attacking her everytime she does. She says the next time she comes down it will be to go home, can’t say I really blame her. Andy is such a little weasel, this little “faux fight” he is having with Amanda is ridiculous and so obvious, he is still with them. Elissa better stick with renom him tomorrow, I do worry a little about GM voting out Aaryn.

    • I find it hard to tell with Andy sometimes. I usually go by his DR sessions on the show.

      Meanwhile, Amanda has finally crossed a line that only Daniele Donato and Aaryn have crossed with me. She’s been heading that way for quite some time, but tonight makes it official. If Aaryn’s the Wicked Witch of the East, then Amanda’s the Wicked Witch of the West.

    • Amanda is only making Elissa a more sympathetic character and herself a bigger villain. I was going to vote for Candice for AFP or Jessie, but now I may consider Elissa too. That would be a good way to show Amanda we do not condone her behavior and we stand up against bullies.

      • If that’s how you feel, PLEASE don’t vote. Elissa is an elitist who looks down on common folk. She doesn’t deserve that honor of AFP, for that matter , she shouldn’t have even been in the game at all…. none of the other houseguests had a relative who played before.

      • Sorry, these people are not common where I live. The average person around me will not fart in my face. Elissa is better than these people and that’s why they do not like her. I guess it a question of whether people should have some social etiquette o r whether they should act only a little bit better than caged monkeys.

      • Racists and bigots should be looked down upon.

        Everywhere has a right to their opinion, but the stupid opinions of Amanda and Aaryn should be judged for the crap they are, and Amanda/Aaryn should be judged accordingly.

    • Elissa hasn’t got a hope in hell of actually winning at the end so she might as well self evict herself right now… she thinks she’s so much better than all the other hg’s, it makes me puke.

  16. Amanda’s bullying of Elissa has gone too far! Amanda’s been harassing her whenever she leaves her HOH room to the point that Elissa is staying in her HOH room by herself. Amanda is a disgusting person, she thinks she’s being entertaining when she’s definitely not, she just looks like a big bully. Penalty nom soon?! I hope so!

      • I hope so. I know there are penalty votes. Although quite frankly, she should lose the immunity granted by the POV.

      • For playing a friggin game??? Come on guys this is a show of entertainment. They are playing to win money. If there wasn’t all this drama what you be talking about? Nothing.

      • She’s not playing a game right now, she’s harassing a HG just because she can. This kind of behavior is just childish. I was on the receiving end of that kind of behavior in MIDDLE SCHOOL.

      • Nope, couldn’t stand him. And all for the same reasons I hate Amanda. I like players like Jeff and Jordan.

      • Jeff ? your referring to the homophobic bigot? I’d suggest you look at his Lawon comments.

      • Well you are one of the few people that didn’t like him. Even all the houseguests voted for him to win.

      • So because they are playing a game there are no rules of behavior? Why not punch each other or scratch each other’s eyes out? Bullying does not have to be physical. Tormenting someone until they have no choice but to self evict is not playing the game.

      • Of course you can’t physically attack someone but where does it say you can’t yell, annoy, pick on, lie, cheat to win the money. Well I take back cheat. But Evil Dick was 10 times worse and that was a man attacking the girls in the house and everyone (well 90%) loved him and he won the game. so tell me how this is different?

      • So who is defending Evel Dick? I thought he was a jackass and frankly, I thought he should have been removed from the show for his behavior. I get that this is a game but bullying should not be part of it.

      • There’s a huge difference between drama and downright bullying. It’s come to the point where you can barely watch the live feeds because all the house guests do is bash on one another.

      • Lets put you in the house and see how you like the way Amanda treats you. She treats people like animals. Every single post of yours here is always about how much you hate Elissa. You’ve got some unhealthy obsession with her and idk why that is. WTF has she done to make you dislike her? How the hell can someone like a person like Amanda? It’s like you have no empathy for others at all, just like Amanda. It’s just disgusting. I feel sorry for people that feel no empathy for others. Evel Dick never described in graphic detail how he was going to murder HGs he hated. Amanda has some serious issues, and they’ve removed sharp objects from the house earlier this evening because of her behavior. You keep saying nobody called out Dick for his bullying… this is f’ing different. I don’t recall them ever having to remove all the sharp objects out of the house when Dick was there. It concerns me when ppl just show zero empathy for others, and can stick up for the disgusting behavior of others. I don’t think you’d enjoy being in Elissa’s shoes, would you? Elissa thinks she’s better than the people there because she f’ing IS… half the HGs left are embarrassments to their families and they’re going to be shocked when they find out they have no job. At least Elissa will be able to go back to her life with no ill effects due to her behavior. Can’t say the same for lots of others, can you? Amanda has bi-polar or some kind of psychological issue… I work in the mental health field for my school district, and she displays MANY signs and red flags with her behavior. Taking uppers and downers everyday and night doesn’t help that imbalance.

      • I have yet to hear Elissa fart or belch in front of the other house guests. How disgusting is it when McCrae farts and a few second slater everyone around him goes “eeewwww”. Why does he think its okay for others to smell his body odor and waste gas? He’s 24 years old not 4.

      • Your qualified to make assessments as to peoples mental disorders? From your inane diatribe, it seems perhaps you might suffer from one or two ailments yourself.

      • So because you hate Amanda and I hate Elissa I have a problem? So you can feel how you want about someone but knowone else can? You sound like a hypocrite. And for your information before you accuse someone maybe you should read ALL of their posts. I don’t like anyone in the house and have made several posts about everyone. For awhile a lot of my posts were about Spencer, then Aaryn, then GM. It just so happens that Elissa is HOH so they’re about her. Elissa is a spoiled bitch and gets her digs in about everyone. She stirs the pot and she was the one that got Amanda started yesterday. And if you think Evil Dick was better than Amanda then your the sick one. Evil Dick behaved like that the entire season. Amanda did it for one day so far. (I haven’t watched the feeds yet today). Banging pots and pans in someones face in the early morning is okay. Burning Jen with his cigarette is okay. Yep your totally right Evil Dick was a saint. Also this is a friggin reality game show. It’s entertainment so maybe you need to take a pill, have a cocktail or just don’t watch if it bothers you so much. It’s ENTERTAINMENT!!!

      • a penalty for playing against a Riley, if you haven’t been following, from what I gather from most posters Elissa should just win because rachel’s twitter says so. A penalty for playing is inane

      • Oh he was a nasty piece of work also. Destroyed people’s personal property. Banged pots and pans so they couldn’t sleep. Blew smoke in their faces… sounds minor if it’s only a one-off event, but he did it solid for about 2-weeks if I’m not mistaken. I’m surprised people didn’t say ”The heck with the game!” and just nail him. Amanda is trying the same thing… so depending on how you view it (brilliant strategy or ultimate bullying) it’s been done before.

      • It’s been done before and will be done again but the rules should be re-written and it should be a violation of rules. These people are getting away with things that they would not be able to do outside of the house. It’s just wrong.

      • Agreed. But then again that’s why a lot of people watch…. they want to see people pushing the limits of human decency. Personally I’d like to see the rules written that protects people from hate crimes & whatnot, but I can’t see that happening.

      • I would love that. I’m definitely not one of the people that watch to see people push the limits of human decency. I watch more so for the challenges tbh, same with Survivor! I’d love for that to happen but you’re right, it probably won’t happen.

      • Nothing wrong with having people who dream of a better society and hoping it becomes a reality… I’m right there with ya! :)

    • Go amanda go, i am cheering you on… this is what the game is all about… who is mentally strong enough to go the distance….. Go Amanda Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. I don’t like Elissa. She looked evil talking wtih Aaryn you could see how jealous she is. Anyway… I don’t care for her and look forward to her exit. She just rubs me the wrong way. Her fake lips and eyelashes drive me nuts. And the other thing that bothers me is her constant attitude that she’s better than anyone. Why would a mother leave her family and miss her son’s first day of school ever? I thought she has money so is this for fame? She’s seedy like a snake in the grass. She’s fooling everyone. She plays the victim card and all the men fall for it. She’s a snake.

    • Hi Rita. Yes, I agree that there are things about Elissa I don’t like also. I try to remember that character trait weaknesses are different than varying forms of ”hate speech/crime”. So with Elissa, while I dislike her ego (like her sister), I can actually accept that as a character weakness. However it’s her elitism that REALLY pushes me over the edge (Amanda is guilty of the same). The demonstrated belief that a person’s worth is only equal to their money & power isn’t just a character weakness, it’s a form of class-discrimination which is hate driven. The same goes for Racism (GM, Aaryn & Spencer), Sexism (Spencer) and Homophobia (Spencer).

  18. I understand why everyone is put off by Amanda’s verbal onslaught towards Elissa but I’ve watching and it has all been provoked by Elissa. Elissa attacked amanda first every time. She spoke about Amanda’s personal life in a demeaning manner (low blow) so Amanda’s handing it right back. Elissa had her groupies say they threw the veto on purpose to insult Amanda, and on and on. Elissa just does it in a way that no one really notices but she’s instigating. Falsely accused Amanda of messing with her stuff, so Amanda did since she was being verbally accused of it in front of everyone. Elissa is bringing this on herself this verbal attack so I don’t feel sorry for her one bit.

      • Lavendagirl…I know you don’t like Elissa…but what Amanda is doing is beyond the pale….and to say Elissa does the same thing? Come on….there is no comparison.

      • I don’t like any of them. You see that makes me Switzerland. I can be objective. And Elissa also stirs the pot. She is up in HOH telling people lies trying to get them to go against each other. She even admitted it to Helen let’s try to get so and so to fight then laugh about it.

      • Isn’t that playing the game? That’s a lot different than the in your face bullying of Amanda. And Amanda’s motives are different too. Its not about sowing paranoia or confusion, its about her been crazy about the fact that she cannot control Elissa even with all of her schemes.

        I get what people don’ t like about Elissa. She says things that just sound wrong at times.But then she also says things like, I don;t want that for Amanda, when Judd tells her Amanda is just herself. Elissa also stood up for Candice and Howard. She is far from perfect but she is way better as a person than Spencer, Amanda, Aaryn, GM, Jeremy, etc.

      • no no it seems if we don’t like like Elissa we must love Amanda, to see anything beyond that simplicity is to complicated for brenchel’s

      • Hey Lavendar (it’s been a while)… so I think people see you as a potential Amanda supporter because you’re mostly vocal about Elissa. But I can safely say seeing your comments over the long-haul does show you’ve also been against Amanda. I would put myself into the same boat but maybe with a reverse emphasis on Amanda. I don’t like either of them, but if forced to choose, I’d pick Amanda to leave first. I still haven’t forgotten others like Spencer (the child pedophile joker, homophobe & sexist), GM (the mouthy racist and low-blow artist). Those two plus Amanda & Elissa all need to be educated on how they have really hurt others.

      • Exactly. I would like Amanda to go before Elissa also. Like I said I really don’t care for any of them. It’s just one day I harp on one more than the other. Today it’s Spencer’s turn. LOL

    • Whoa. Amanda started this when Elissa refused to let Amanda tell her what to do. Amanda started the fight where Elissa made comments about Amanda. Amanda made ugly comments about Elissa’s husband.

    • That’s so true, Elissa is such a shiit disturber, always being soooo anoying… I hope she self evicts. the sooner she’s gone the better. I cant stand looking at her duck face any more. ugh

  19. McCrae said “I smell something” Judd and Spencer said it was him…hahaha…that boy needs to take a bath!!!

  20. What exactly happened with Elissa and Amanda today? I heard pieces of it and I know she now has a copy of the rules.

    • Amanda just decided after a few things that Elissa did like accusing them of touching her things and a couple other things that she was going to harass Elissa and hope she self evicts.

      • If she really thought that, Amanda is even more stupid than I thought. Why would anyone self evict as HOH? Especially Elissa now that she’ll be getting rid of one of Amanda’s allies. I believe she’s doing this because Elissa didn’t bend to her will. For one second she thought Elissa was Aaryn.

      • I wish I could see the diary room sessions with Aaryn. I think she really does not trust Amanda but she isn’t in a position to do anything about it. You could see it in her face when Amanda was telling her what to do next week and bossing her around again. I think Aaryn has had enough of that. What is she so afraind of? She can win comps and Amanda and McCrae can imitate Jabba the Hut.

      • Then she deserves to go home for playing such a stupid game. At least she could have gone with the deal until after this week’s evictions!

  21. When Spencer and Andy were talking outside a few minuets ago, was GM there when they said they are getting rid of Aaryn and will get Amanda out soon too?

      • Well it looks like Elissa is still talking about putting him on the block so he may be going home this week. But I think Judd, McCrae and Spencer are going to save him. I wasn’t sure if they were telling Elissa the truth lat night but I guess they were. She doesn’t seem to think so.

      • Don’t you really think Amanda will make McCrae vote Andy out? You know McCrae has a leash and collar on.

      • True and that collar is around his pressure points! But he told either Spencer or Judd he would vote to save Andy no matter what Amanda says. McCrae is not as fond of Aaryn as Amanda is.

  22. After watching the live feeds today I am absolutely disgusted with Amanda. I was before but now I’m just amazed that there are really people like that out there. She is a really horrible person and some of the others are not much better. I don’t personally like Elissa that much but I feel so sorry for her right now. Amanda is such a filthy disgusting bully and everyone else is just as bad for egging her on or just sitting back and watching her treat someone else like that. I know it’s a game and part of it is getting under people’s skin and playing with their mind but Amanda is taking it to far and it needs to stop. I wonder how her parents feel about her behavior.

    • I think the producers told her to stop. But I agree with you. She is harming herself more than hurting Elissa. Plus, its not working! Elissa is still going to put up Andy. Amanda needs to learn to deal with the fact that she cannot make all the moves in the house all the time

    • Amanda and her minions spent all of that time playing games, manipulating and lying and in the end, Elissa is going to make them look foolish when Andy goes up on the block. Stupid Andy thinks he is going home but GM is going to vote out Aaryn and so will Spencer and Judd. uh-oh. Amanda is going to have to deal with the fact that she did not control the house this week! And how funny is it that Andy has to trust Elissa has the votes to save him!

      I just hope the rest of the house starts playing their own game after this. Its too bad Aaryn, who I do not like, didn’t stick to the deal with Elissa. That could have been a fun twist too. I always imagined them in kind of a Will – Boogey thing only they would fake hating each other while slapping hands up in the HOH room after making a big move successfully.

      • There’s also a possibility that McCrae will vote Aaryn out, since he’s stated that he doesn’t want to lose Andy. So as long as GM sticks to the plan and Amanda doesn’t get to McCrae, we could be looking at a another 4-1 vote.

  23. McCrae has been wearing shorts now,. During a lock down today, Production took all of McCrae’s pajamas, because it was already growing mushrooms.

    • Did they really? And for what reason? (I have my guesses, but I didn’t think they took things from hgs unless they violated rules)

      • It was so dirty, they had to place it on one of those (red hazardous material bag) it was growing fungus lol…Deb, do I sound serious? haha

    • He is the only one in the house who has never been on the block. Did he think he could go the whole season without ever getting nominated?

      Personally, I don’t care if its Aaryn or Andy going home.

  24. LOL – LIstening to Andy tell Judd and Spencer that Elissa was never his target, but two minutes later he said he was the one who wanted to make Elissa the target not Helen! Andy is losing his mind.

    BUt I disagree with him that Elisa is being illogical. He may not like what she is doing but it makes perfect sense if she is determined to get Aaryn out. That was the same thing when she put up McCrae and Aaryn. The idea was to make sure they voted out Aaryn to save McCrae. Now she is putting up Andy to so they have to save him and vote out Aaryn. I guess they are missing the part where she want Aaryn to go this week. I mean this has been her mission since the second week in the house!

    • Plus, putting GM on the block next to Aaryn, Elissa would not get the result she is wanting Aaryn out. GM would be voted out, then Aaryn says. Boring.

      • Exactly. She can put up only Andy, Spencer and GM. If she puts up GM or Spencer, they go home. If she puts up Andy, there is a very good chance McCrae will vote to keep him. But Andy should be asking why he i worried? Why isn’t he after Amanda and McCrae to save him. He took there side to get Helen out and he has been her loyal minion all along. Bit instead of going to the people who can help him he is busy ranting about Elissa who he has trashed talked about for weeks.

      • Andy hasn’t even nominated yet, a he is riding the looney tune train already? I do hope Elissa knows GM is lying to her face. She can not believe for a second that GM would send Aaryn packing, after one decent conversation.

      • GM has, like, the best poker face I’ve ever seen. There’s really no way to tell what this girl is gonna do come Thursday night.

      • It doesn’t matter. If she votes Andy out, it will be the only vote for him. Aaryn is going home. They are not going to send Andy home over Aaryn who that have been having doubts about for the last couple of weeks.

      • Oh give me a break !. I heard that conversation. He said, she’s illogical for nominating him. Yeah right ! It’s logical to nominate Helen?..Andy is full of sh*t !

  25. Andy is being a huge baby. Seriously, you think Elissa is not logical? His saying he never did anything? Come on you voted out Helen. You were warned bad move and you will be on that block. Yet, he says Elissa is bullying/ threatening him.? Ha ha Andy you showed your true colors that you are aligned with McCranda. Andy in panic mode is watching insanity talk and expecting different results.

    • I know. He is the one who is not using logic. He says she “threatened” him that he would be a target so he voted against Helen and now he is her target. Seems like she is just keeping her word. But what’s really funny is that he made this deal with Amanda and now when the chips are down he can;t trust her. Would he feel the same way if he stayed aligned with Helen? Nope.

      • All I was to know is why is Amanda terrorist evil tonight to Elissa?. Geezz put a sock in it Amanda. So, what HGS if Elissa is in her HOH room. No one is choosing to be friendly to her and has zero in common. What do they expect from her? too bash on herself with them?Seriously, that seems to be the HGS favorite and only subject week after week.

      • She is staying in her HOH room because she is afraid to be around Amanda who was stalking and harassing her all day just to be a bully.

  26. Ha ha Andy your stupid maybe next time dont flip flop so much and have Alliance with everyine and be someone lacky

    • Andy is so full of it. He claims he hasn;t been after Elissa ever yet how many times did we hear him talking to McCrae and Spencer about getting her out because he didn’t want to go home at her hands.

  27. Amanda has been told not to go to hoh room. Is this the first time someone has been banned from there?

      • You were aware Amanda harassed her today right?. Followed her around, saying nasty things, banging on her door…DR warned her.

      • What in the world is going on? Is Elissa alone up in the HOH or is everyone else up there without Amandass? Did she really put her things in the toilet? This can not keep continuing. I feel for Elissa. Amanda shouldn’t even be aloud to go to the jury house

      • If Amanda makes her way to the jury house, it’ll be brutal for her as it is. Can you imagine how she’ll be eating crow and having to live with Candice, Helen Jessie (and now Aaryn)? Oh my, that girl is in for a huge payback session (not that I endorse vengeance, but it’s gonna happen no matter what so I hope she’s prepared for it).

  28. I heard Elissa say that she was going to put up Aaron and McCray, she told everybody she wanted Aaron to go, which was a lie. She really wanted to back door Amanda and talked to others about voting Amanda out. They agreed. If they don’t, Amanda will win. Later–Now that Amanda has won power of veto, she’ll take McCray off and Elissa will put up Amanda, her true target. And Amanda said Elissa is dumb and doesn’t know how to play this game. HA

  29. Okay. I know I am right. . But Isnt it if someone thats not on the block that wins veto If they use it to save someone on the block. Doesnt that mean they are safe too? Or can they go on the block?

    • you are right amanda cannot go up since she won veto even if she uses it on someone else although with all this going on right now i am not sure how it works but a penalty for her might be she could be automatically put up on the block IF THAT IS A PENALTY FROM PRODUCTION i am not sure if that is something that they would do but it might be so do not take my comment too seriously as alot of people on here see one post and take it all the way to the extreme like they did with spencer being investigated by the police for his comment a couple weeks ago which never happened

  30. Oh, major darn. I didn’t know Amanda would be safe even if she used it to take off McCray. I was so happy that we would finally get rid of Amanda. So who will she put up against Aaron? Not Judd, as she’s working with him and I believe that. Gina Marie? If so, who will go home?

  31. I am SO confused about who was/is Elyssa’s target. Originally i thought it was Aaryn. So she put up Aaryn/Spencer, if one came down, up Amanda would go as 2nd TARGET. But then called to DR for an hour…and when she came out….all she talked about was BACKDOORING Amanda. That was not the original plan. And now….so much lying going on…Who will McCranda save if Andy goes up? HELP

      • Pam I don’t know if you will see this or not, but this season confuses me more by the day. I have never seen so many deals that it’s a wonder that they can keep them straight. How is it that Andy the rat has flown under the radar for so long with all his stories. JMO, but think Elissa received some very strong suggestions from DR and then it got more confusing when Aaryn and her agreed to work together to backdoor Amanda. After the comp Aaryn went to see Elissa and asked her what now since Elissa had promised her she would not be going home. Then all at once Elissa just stood there and said nothing. It appeared the DR didn’t prepare her for that. Next thing you know Aaryn returns to the Amanda crew.
        To answer your question Amanda/McCrae and just about everyone still trusts Andy so they will be voting Aaryn out. That is for this minute. Who knows what will happen next. Elissa even said to Judd that Andy is not trust worthy and wondered why Judd was talking more about Andy than wanting to talk to her about anything else. Strangest season ever.

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