McCranda wedding

The sole surviving showmance in Big Brother 15 stepped it up a notch last night on the Big Brother Feeds when McCranda put on a full-blown BB wedding ceremony.

Apparently production needed footage for an upcoming episode because McCranda already had a wedding in the house back on August 1st (Flashback to 1AM BBT 8/1 Cams 3/4). Perhaps their impromptu event in the Lounge just wasn’t exciting enough.

This time around the entire house dressed up in their finest competition gear, bed sheets, and anything else they could find laying around. Fun fact: Helen wore Spencer’s bed sheet which he admitted to McCrae he had never washed all season. Bonus!

Flashback on your Feeds to last night (8/13) at 10:22 PM BBT. A moment earlier and you can find Amanda yelling at the camera demanding more alcohol. The ceremony kicks off at 10:23PM BBT and lasts about ten minutes. It might have gone faster if not for Amanda stopping and making participants try again to her satisfaction. Oh what a joy!

The newlyweds even appear to have consummated their physical relationship in their private bedroom. Well how private is it with cameras zooming in on your bare bottom? Flashback to 2:24AM BBT as they kick that off and then 2:33AM BBT for Amanda flashing the cams. Sign-up now for the Big Brother live feeds to watch this and more.

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