Big Brother 15: Amanda & McCrae Get Married – Again

McCranda wedding

The sole surviving showmance in Big Brother 15 stepped it up a notch last night on the Big Brother Feeds when McCranda put on a full-blown BB wedding ceremony.

Apparently production needed footage for an upcoming episode because McCranda already had a wedding in the house back on August 1st (Flashback to 1AM BBT 8/1 Cams 3/4). Perhaps their impromptu event in the Lounge just wasn’t exciting enough.

This time around the entire house dressed up in their finest competition gear, bed sheets, and anything else they could find laying around. Fun fact: Helen wore Spencer’s bed sheet which he admitted to McCrae he had never washed all season. Bonus!

Flashback on your Feeds to last night (8/13) at 10:22 PM BBT. A moment earlier and you can find Amanda yelling at the camera demanding more alcohol. The ceremony kicks off at 10:23PM BBT and lasts about ten minutes. It might have gone faster if not for Amanda stopping and making participants try again to her satisfaction. Oh what a joy!

The newlyweds even appear to have consummated their physical relationship in their private bedroom. Well how private is it with cameras zooming in on your bare bottom? Flashback to 2:24AM BBT as they kick that off and then 2:33AM BBT for Amanda flashing the cams. Sign-up now for the Big Brother live feeds to watch this and more.

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  1. I was actually playing two tracks from Youtube while this was going on. When Amanda was walking down the aisle, I played the BBUK theme. Then there’s wedding song that I played just as McCrae was saying his vows. Then when the reception began, I played the “Who wants to see my HOH room?” song.

    It’s one of those once in a lifetime things that you won’t see very often. Although I think I should have played a funeral piece indeed when Amanda made her grand entrance. :))

    • You can blame this nonsense on Amanda and Helen. All of this behavior just seems too childish. Its a turnoff.

  2. Yeah, that’s pretty nasty.. i guess he’s taken by her hude fake boobs, because he sure can’t be her horrid personality or her psycho out bursts… I sure hope that before jessie leaves she points out they plan to be the last two standing in the end..

    • you can totally tell McCrae does NOT want to be with Amanda anymore, he just realizes it’s impossible to break up with her in the house because she’ll literally go crazy. I feel bad for him, he’s just waiting for his freedom and trying to survive…

    • I fell asleep with my headphones on and woke up to them married, glad I woke up and went to bed then and didn’t see the rest, lol

  3. I’m laughing because I think everyone still secretly believes that McCrae isn’t actually a pizza boy, that he’s some secret millionaire, and I bet Amanda thinks she’s hit the jackpot, win or no win.

      • I think they deliberately picked this cast hoping to get he showmances and may have even encouraged them. This is an failed experiment, IMO. I bet if thee is a next BB, the cast will be more mature and more competitive.

      • I really hope so Prince. They have failed miserably more and more the past couple seasons (this being the worst) with choosing to get frat boys and part time models/actors. Time to actually let people on the show who actually applied to be on the show!

      • Yeah, probably. “McCranda” already had a fake wedding so I’m pretty sure production told them to re-do it for an episode. Ugh, we don’t want to see it!

        Let’s hope next season improves!

  4. I liked her more at the beginning of the season.But as it goes on I decided ..OK..not so much…

  5. I am ready to see Amanda and/or McCrae evicted from the house. On BBAD, all they do is hang out in their “private” room away from all of the other house guests. They act like royalty in the house. When McCrae does talk to the other guests, usually only Andy and Spencer, he talks about the girls in the house like a catty little mean girl. I used to like him, now I realize he is a pizza boy for a reason. He deserves Amanda and vice versa.

    I am also losing respect for Andy. I know BB is a game, but the way he plays nice to everyone, then mocks them behind their backs is really too natural for him. I get the part about having to deceive your opponents but that doesn’t have to include the nasty personal remarks he makes about them when they are not in the room. He is such a weasel.

    Frankly, I can’t stand the thought of any of these people winning BB. It would be an insult to the game, but right now I wish GM, Jessie or Elissa would win BB and put McCrae and Andy on the block sending one of them out the door. I cannot think of anything that would be more satisfying this season.

  6. Amanda definitely loves attention. She seems to always have to be the centre of attention or else she gets all whiny. Oh, and I heard her once telling some of the house guests that McCrae isn’t a pizza boy but that he owns a pizza shop… I was so confused.

    • Nah, McCrea doesn’t own She complained on BB after dark that he needs a better job if they were to marry on the outside world. Then made a snarky comment about she being his sugar momma to Jessie in the HOH room while chatting before the wedding. Btw, Ahhhh my eyes. This is what I vision a hell wedding would be. I went to bed hoping my bed sheet wouldn’t attack me!

      • I know he doesn’t but she said he did and I was like “she wishes” lol. She’s so controlling! She was demanding McCrae to stop biting his nails, and as a nail biter :$ I know it’s not that easy. Damn. My eyes were burning during the entire wedding ceremony.

        Haha, when Andy was talking about Aaryn and David being the best showmance and McCrae and Amanda being the 2nd best during the wedding you should have seen GM’s face with her fake smile!

      • I hope your eyes are recovered. LOL McCrae is lapping up her being controlling. If this were actually love nail biting would not be an issue. Especially, this early on in the faux relationship. He got laid last night. That is it. I really want to know how McCrea’s family is doing? Did you hear, Amanda let slip been here before, with McCrea’s hands were shaking from nerves. The Aaryn and David comment was cute. Yeah, GM was probably tuned out and planning a Nick wedding. Yikes!

      • Amanduh and McC have done the dirty deed many times. It was funny how Andy wouldn’t let them use the hoh room. I wouldn’t either…yuck and yikes! Btw, that wedding and all the bs that went along with burnt my eyes too. I fast forwarded through most if bbad.

      • I know the boinking can not be all that? I got sucked into a Freddie Kruger style nightmare. Help. Yep, for once Andy, I imagine as Amanduh and McC suggorgate child, did not let his parents use his HOH room.

      • Haha, barely recovered! Exactly, Amanda seems like the person that has to control every aspect of her significant other’s life, I feel bad for McCrae! Aha, even if McCrae doesn’t really love Amanda he’s stuck with her anyway because he’s way too scared to say anything. Aha, I thought the Aaryn/David comment was cute too!

        I’m scared for Nick on finale night and every night after that. GM recently said “I’ll be married to Nick in a year and then I’ll have a baby by 35”. RUN, NICK, RUN.

      • I don’t feel bad for McCrae. He could say no. He is choosing to get that snapper in bed. When he should have said, I got some, later. He is making the choice not to have 500k in his pocket. He can not see, because he is insecure, he could get the pick of the litter and girl of his dreams.

      • You’re right to be honest! He’s a guy though so he’ll string her along just for the sexy time in bed. Aha, ew.

      • LOL…McCrae was wearing the teleport jump suit. It would have been ironic, if he wasn’t willing.

    • Before I could throw up in my mouth, I fast forwarded through all that. I swear I only watched 20 minutes out of 2 hrs of bbad. I turned it to something else after only watching 10 minutes (or less). It was a waste even recording bbad. What an awful waste of programming. I took a little break from BB, only to come back to that wedding…yikes!

      • I am still trying to recover my eye sight site from last night. I am having nightmares??? I thought I was being attached by my bed sheet.. Nope( pardon me while I hurl again…okay) ahhh… the Wedding from hell!

      • I haven’t been watching the feeds lately. I would check this site first and see if there’s anything interesting to watch…….and the HG thinks it’s the best

    • ROFL. That made my day! I didn’t even stay up long enough to watch that fake wedding. Who wears old nasty dirty sheets to their wedding? They look pretty stupid.

  7. I don’t care for any of the HG. I would find humor if Amanda and McCrae were final 2. Helen and the other HG had a chance to get her out and believed the time was not right. I only hope if that happens that McCrae says during is speech, that his best play of the game was playing Demanda and that in reality he does not even like her. That would be great!! imo

    • I don’t care for any of the house guests either, but imagine how boring it will be if either Amanda or McCray doesn’t get evicted soon and all we get to see then is more bed time yuk

    • I would even find it humorous if on the F3, he takes Spencer instead of her……just dump her big time in front of the live audience. lol

  8. McCrae seems to hate Elissa for no reason. He keeps saying she doesn’t need the money. Um, his “BB Wife” is a real estate agent I don’t think she needs the money either. Then Helen said Jessie thinks she doesn’t need the money and Spencer and McCrae said “it’s not in the rules” (as in who cares if you have money you can still win). Are they serious?! They’re so hypocritical. Plus, McCrae said “sorry we don’t have servants here” talking about Elissa when I’ve seen her clean other people’s messes and all McCrae does is lay around with Amanda and eat. I used to like McCrae but he’s acting like a catty little girl.

    • McCrea is showing his true colors and is a toxic guy. The Elissa bashing just coincides with McCrae’s insecurity. I was so P.O’d at Andy bashing Elissa too. Andy needs to be called out too. I have now compassion for Andy, McCrea or Spencer.
      Eliisa has cooked for ppl and is cleaning all the time. She does not come off as entitled.

      • Oh man, you have ”now compassion”, that’s like a super amount of compassion for them right?!! …seems we’re both changing our style Emma. lol.

        …no no, but seriously I don’t know if Elissa playing it ‘low key’ makes her less entitled (she still strikes me as being a spoiled little brat at the core of her character), but she IS doing a great job of keeping to herself and letting these house guests make themselves the target day after day.

      • I just do not get the entitled, or her striking you as a spoiled brat. Elissa cooks and cleans all the time. Spoiled, come on…When their are other HGS to refer to as spoiled. IMO

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, her more consistent nature the past few weeks has been mild-mannered, meek, and not mean. But the first 3 weeks she was mean spirited, harsh, self-entitled and all that (from my observations of what she said, did, and how those were communicated). Back when Amanda was considered a ”victim” of Elissa’s cruel & cutting words, you can see on this site how many people felt she wasn’t anything less than a celeb-wannabe… But I’ll concede this much, given that she’s been ”good natured” the past few weeks, maybe her first couple weeks were just an act she was trying to put on?

      • Exactly. She does so much! She’s always cooking for the havenots, even when she’s not a have-not. She did all the dishes, then Amanda comes with a bunch more and just puts it on the counter and leaves.

        People seem to think Andy is this lovely guy but he says horrible things. He seems like best friends with Elissa but when she’s not around he goes crazy. He was even encouraging GM’s Candice bashing session.

      • He is always encouraging that bashing he is like a 13 year old little girl with the petty bullshit and drama starting

      • I have been watching Andy do just that all season. He pounces, says nasty hateful things, especially behind everyone’s back. I hope the school where he teaches, gives him a pink slip.

      • We are on the same page. I too, was going to make my point about being humble, when you are cooking for a wedding on day 6 of being a havenot, has to be unbearable. After, ( pardon me I have to barf again. okay) the wedding, back in the kitchen Elissa. making muffins for GM. Andy, is a piece of work, talking to Spencer and McCrae about the havenot’s and wanting them to suffer more? They still have 24 hours! So mad, when they were all humble enough to volunteer.

      • We seem to have the same thoughts about everything in the house! She’s literally the nicest house guest in the house. Wow, Andy said that?! He’s the one who was a havenot for 2 weeks straight he should feel sorry for them!

      • Ah, but she has said pretty nasty things. Remember her comments to Amanda about the outfit she wore for McCrae’s birthday. Now I don’t like Amanda, but Elissa was off base that time.

      • It was her opinion though. She didn’t say it in a malicious tone plus it’s way better saying it to her face than behind her back like everyone else.

      • Yes, we do. He did say, that on the couch outside with Spenser and McCrae.They flipping volunteered….Andy…hello? and you said that you want them to suffer more. Argh.

      • I agree. The HGS according to Helen, Spencer, McCrae, and Andy’s convo, last night, the HGS have to per contract, make appearance’s for one year. I dun know, how it works. Hope it is true.

      • I hope so too! I’m just not into how they’re all going to make these fake apologies just to look better when in reality they could care less.

  9. What 28 year old woman has a FAKE WEDDING?! It’s so childish! McCrae at least seemed a little embarassed about it and said he didn’t want to do it, Amanda was full-blown into the whole thing! How embarassing.

    • I do not feel bad for McCrae. If he didn’t want to do it, he she have said no. He seemed quite happen getting laid last night. Amanda was way childish about wanting more alcohol and yelling at the camera saying we give a wedding, the HGs are coming together, it’s my wedding, we just want to get tipsy, I am giving you this, Thanks CBS…They had one bottle of Wine ( and the on camera “whiner” Demada) and Champagne. The only HGS drinking Amanda, McCrea, Jessie, and Andy. Spencer could but doesn’t. The rest of the house were have not’s, Helen, Elissa, Aaryn and GM. Talk about a greed and sloth Amanda.

  10. Helen inspires a slightly modified remake of an old song. 50 Days in a Hole.

    Spencer’s bung hole in the same sheets for that long has to contain some kind of a biological fecal hazard.

    It’s the only time all season I actually like Spencer for any reason.

    Kudos to production for allowing this to happen even if Helen is hospitalized & he is to blamed in a major lawsuit involving her diminished mental capacity in real life.

    They both deserve no less.

  11. That is the dumbest thing I have ever seen! That is something that little 7 and 8 year olds would do while playing house. They all are a bunch of immature idiots!!

  12. i don’t think they realize it’s fake not real…. this season is a real joke… mccrea needs 2 b back doored….bring evil dick or racheal on stir up the pot

  13. At least ‘something’ was happening for the live feeders other than lying around; eating & sleeping….. Although it was still somewhat ‘kumbaya’ it was better than zitch that we’re beginning to get used to……… Yep, I watched & afterwards when it reverted back to the usual whereas everyone was kumbaya, I turned them off….. IMO, Jessie made for one evening & last night’s BB wedding helped as well thanx to Amanda’s Bridezilla attitude….lol

  14. I wonder if Amanda isn’t trying to be like Rachel. You know how Rachel was brash and in your face and now with the whole wedding thing like Rachel. Just a thought.

  15. I fully admit that I’m a romantic…but even I can’t see McCrae staying with Amanda outside of the house. You can just tell he’s liking her less and less as time goes on, while also constantly having a, “What have I gotten myself into…” look on his face. His diary sessions are also filled with hints; subtle and not so subtle. I mean he called Amanda a “man eater” on day one for goodness sake!

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