Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 6 Sunday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

There could have been a whole lot of excitement today on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds if they’d just let us hear the house guests talk about the alleged cheating during the Saturday’s Veto competition. Apparently Joe is claiming Boogie and Frank cheated and EVERY TIME someone mentions it on the Live Feeds, we get the Fish. So we’ve gotten bits and pieces and it dominated the talk in the house Sunday. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 19, 2012:

9:17 AM BBT — Frank talking to Boogie about his discussion with Britney last night. He says Britney told him that Shane is doing what he wants, not what she wants. Boogie says he needs to make Britney to feel like less of a target so they can work on getting her vote.

9:32 AM BBT — Frank and Boogie want Dan to go up in Frank’s place but will settle for Joe. They think they can work it to where he goes home instead of Boogie.

11:08 AM BBT — Ian tells Boogie that his best bet would be to sit next to Dan. The worst case would be against Jenn or Ashley. He says it would be easier to get the others to vote out Dan than it would be Ashley or Jenn.

11:43 AM BBT — Boogie tells Ian he is too close to Dan. Ian says he’s friends with Dan but they aren’t playing the game together.

1:05 PM BBTBoogie working on Shane again. He keeps suggesting putting up Dan in place of Frank. Boogie brings up how Dan was in Season 10 and since Shane has never seen that season, he can play it up. He also talks about not wanting angry people in jury because they could vote against Shane.

1:43 PM BBT — Boogie tells Frank that Ashley said Joe told her that she was going get the veto this week after production sees that Frank cheated during the game. Feeds cut. Production has been doing a good job of keeping whatever happened during that veto game under wraps.

2:05 PM BBT — Frank and Dan in the kitchen. Frank asks Dan if he moved too early on throwing them under the bus. Dan continues to take the blame. Frank tells Dan he probably won’t be getting his vote if he’s in jury and Dan is in the Final 2. Dan says likewise.

2:18 PM BBT — Boogie is being very confident that Dan will be going home Thursday. He says he won’t even walk him to the door to say goodbye. He’ll just remain in the nomination chair and smile.

2:36 PM BBT — Britney goes to talk to Shane to see if Boogie had any influence on him. He tells her that he is not putting up Dan. He made Boogie think it was an option, but he won’t be doing it. Britney tells Shane that Dan might have been working both sides but that’s no longer an option since Frank and Boogie are so mad at him. So they’ve got him on their side for sure. Shane says he is definitely putting up Jenn next to Boogie as the pawn.

2:48 PM BBT — Britney says Frank is going to win this game. They’ve tried to get him out over and over and he’s still there.

4:50 PM BBT — Frank is confronting Joe about what he said about him cheating, but they keep cutting the fish so we have no idea what’s going on. Joe says to get it out in the open and reveal who told him Joe was talking about it. Frank declines and  leaves.

5:00 PM BBT — Joe telling Shane he’s about to go blow up at Frank. Shane tells him not to pull a Willie.

5:44 PM BBT — Boogie talking with Britney again. He’s working her again, trying to appear vulnerable so she can help him stay in the house. He also tells her he’s not going after her. He says his targets are Dan and Joe.

5:55 PM BBT — Meanwhile, Frank is working on Shane. He keeps bring up Dan as the replacement.

6:45 PM BBT — Jenn is selling out Joe to Shane, trying to avoid getting herself put on the block. Might be the first game play she’s taken a shot at all season. Congrats, Jenn.

6:55 PM BBT — Joe and Ashley are in the arcade room. Ashley is “confronting” Joe about why he told people she “folded” during the Veto competition because Frank told her to.

6:58 PM BBT — Britney tells Ian that Boogie said he had no use for Ian and Jenn. Britney is trying to make sure Ian no longer feels guilty about Boogie going out this week.

7:07 PM BBT — Joe telling Britney that the Diary Room agreed with his cheating accusations but said it didn’t matter because Frank would have won anyway. True? Who knows.

8:33 PM BBT — Shane is questioning Dan’s trust. Ian tells him he really believes Dan is with them.

10:17 PM BBT — Joe and Frank talking about the accusations Joe has been making about the Veto. The appear to have patched things up.

10:44 PM BBTBritney and Danielle playing their nightly girl-fight game. Who needs showmance when you’ve got this?

11:27 PM BBT — Ian hurt his ankle during a game of badminton. A medic is called in.

So it sounds like Frank and Boogie may have been doing a little cheating but production has ignored it because Frank was going to win the game anyway. But who knows. It looks like it’s something that may never be addressed or they wouldn’t be cutting us out every time someone mentions it.

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  1. Who would want to see a cheater win this game now?  The show is now suspect for being 100% fake and manipulated and if a cheater wins it’s just like corporate america & the bankers cheating customers & employee’s and walking away with everything.  You suck Big Brother.  Total Sham.

    • You can’t really call Frank a cheater since production won’t let you hear any more than a few seconds of Joe’s accusations. I wouldn’t be surprised if production manipulates it so Joe leaves. We all know that production plays a role in decisions, but this season is ridiculous. This show is gonna suck without Boogie. I really hope that a Pandora’s box twist saves him.

    • Evel Dick cheated and won season 8. And calm down, Frank wont win  this game…he is in their for the ratings, he will get kicked out around final 5 or 4…the producers just don’t want five more weeks of Britney picking her nose and Joe screaming at the diary room.

    • Plus…production manipulates, suggests, and guides the houseguests from the diary room all the time and have done it every season.  This is nothing new.  I was kinda shocked too when it was made clear that this was going on, but now I’m used to it.  /shrug

    • A cheater almost won $500,000 just last season. Porsche put laxatives on someone’s food last season. If there was a reaction to that person, it would have killed that person yet, she remained in the game and came very close to winning the $500,000. She only lost to Rachel Reilly because the tie breaking vote went to Rachel. Jeff also last season deliberately threw a competition seen by millions to get Brendon booted out and was also allowed by management! In Shane’s HOH, Frank should have been evicted however, Shane should not also been allowed to play HOH and when the coaches came in, Shane would also have been evicted! Shane was also saved by production along with Frank. People yap on and obviously ignore when it involves their favorites but, if there is going to be a crackdown on the cheating which I am sure has been going on—–it should apply to each and every house guest “without exception”.

      • Shane should not have been allowed to play HOH after his week was a sham, he showed his hand, and made enemies of people? Really?? I admit I have my favorites in the house, but holy cow Richie, you wouldn’t care how messed up everything was, and how much production interfered in the show, so long as it helps Frank and Boogie.

        Personally, can’t stand either one, and think Frank has over stayed  his welcome. Boogie was alright, but I’m tired of the cocky attitude he is putting out there, like he is better than everyone, personally, not just on a game level.

        That being said, I’m sure you think it would be fair to give them both two weeks immunity because their alliance members broke away from them, and that shouldn’t be allowed, right?

    • Steve you are so right !!!! I for one, am so glad that we now know that the production has it all rigged. GOOD for Shane for letting it slip when he put Boogie and Frank up on the block..I hope for G– sake  that Frank is not the one too win it all !!!!  After we all know that production has the say on who wins, this may be the last B.B. 

    •  I’ve been saying this too!! This really pisses me off!!  I posted on the BB fan site ” BB why don’t you tell us who is going to win because this is the worst season ever.  I asked how much do they pay extra to the HG’s to change their vote, who to put up for eviction etc……

  2. Shane should put up Dan. All coaches need to go.  They had their chance.

    And, quite frankly, I am sick of the regurgitated house guests… overexposure is not a good thing.

    I had to stop watching last year when Brendon and Rachel were on.  Talk about a rigged game.

    When is the veto ceremony?

    • veto cermony is this afternoon. If production really wants Boogie to stay they need to pull a hail mary.

      • Sound like they did if they let Frank cheat! How sad is that? If that happens, I’m done.  I can not believe that production would jepordize  good ratings by being deceitful to  their fans.

      • @ Gidget: Production can only do so much from behind the scenes. In season 11 they tried hard to keep Jeff in the game. They tried to tell Kevin not to nominate him, they tried to tell Natalie not to vote to evict him. However he was nominated and evicted. So it all comes down to, do the houseguests have the balls to do what is best for them, not ratings and production.

    • I believe the veto ceremony is today because last night on the after dark feed Mike(hard calling a 44 year old man boogie) and Fark were talking and they said they wanted to be the last to get into Shanes ear before the veto. They were surmizing it to take place today around 11am. They said that Dan is not an early riser so that should not be a problem talking to Shane about putting Dan up as the replacement for Frank pulling himself off. Like fark better, fruedeing(sp) slip since EVERYONE talks about how rude he is with is FLATUENCE! Some say that is why Dan is no longer sharing a bed with Frank!!! Not sure on Mike’s true age,that is what I heard)

  3. It doesn’t look good for boogie but I still have faith! ><

    He will get through this! Or production will help him along the way :3 

  4. I think Boogie will be heading out the door Thursday and if Frank doesn’t win HoH he’ll be right behind him. Just like last season when Dani and Jeff left on the same night. I really don’t have a player I’m rooting for like last season when I wanted Rachel to win, yeah she was painful to watch at times, but she’s a competitor and you can’t knock that.

    • I agree, I am not a fan of Rachel, but talk of people that deserve to win this game. She’s top of the list. Faught every week to be there, saved her friends along the way, and then won. Out of all the winners, she is one of the most deserving.

    •  Because Joe is either being a big sore loser, and production doesn’t want the alligation against Frank out there (hey now, its possible). or because they are still reviewing and trying to decide what they are going to do about it. or they are going to ignore it and dont want the public to really know anything about it.

  5. If there was cheating involved, both players should not win the power of veto. I am sure Big Brother knows who they want to keep in the house and they will make sure they stay in the house.

  6. anyone else see Danielle cooter last night when she had her legs up in the air on BBAD? Right before the dirty toe comment by Frank?

  7. Production should not have influence in this game….if anyone else had cheated I’m sure something would have been done…I think Frank and Boogie should both go…Dan is the best player who played this game anyway…If Frank did cheat they should do something rather than try to cover it up…and who knows if they had not had players choice who is to say Frank would have won it could have been Dan Danielle or Britney…This game is getting really unfair…I love Big Brother but this is ridiculous…

    • Evel Dick cheated in his season. His HOH letters were coded by his son to tell him information. Production didn’t know it at the time, but once they saw hin and Dani sit down and start to decode, they should have/ could have stopped it.

    • I guess it’s time for all of us to know that the production has it ALL planned too the very end…not too smart on their part.!!!!! 

    • I agree 100% but they do and ALWAYS have. ALL they care about is/are RATINGS!!! They hand pick people that are going to clash in the house. Some of the players have been trying for years to get on the show, others have NEVER even seen it before, they are handing the seasons(DVD’s) when they are sequestered and told it would be in their best interest to watch a few if not all of the seasons.AND then there are fans/players like Ian who has been watching since he was 9 years old with his Mom. He probably knows more than “some” in production!!! No NAME CALLING for me…

      Joe himself is not without a cheating strike or two. While on slop Joe was still cooking for the house (he was of trying to get the other players to keep him in the house longer) and as all chefs do he was tasting the food! Not once not twice but several times. Not sure of how mant housemates caught him but I KNOW production caught him. They let it slip because it is the nature of the beast! Maybe once or even twice but come on…………….!!!

  8. frank was on his way to ez win anyway,but that said he should get a penalty…….how about he can’t compete in hot thurs or not be allowed out back for 1 week.

    • Disclaimer: I did not see Frank “cheat” – I don’t get the live feeds.
      IMHO, it’s kinda tough to toss someone if – based on what I’m hearing about a chip being palmed – Production is the party that gave him the chip. How do you kick him out if you told him to do it?  (Or am I wrong? It sounds like Prod might have given him an extra chip or is that not true?  That is what I’m basing this on – Waste of time to wish for an expulsion if their hand is also in the cookie jar.  That’s all.)

  9. This is at least the 3rd time the live feed summary has included a reference to Jenn in the nature of “Might be the first game play she’s taken a shot at all season.” How many “firsts” until you start saying “second”?

  10. Wait….what?   This was the “cheating” everybody was talking about. Frank telling Ashley to do something during Veto….Chicken George was pleading to Kaysar in season 7 to bow out of the Veto and no one accused him of cheating…people need to get a grip. Stop getting upset because your fav isn’t winning this year.

    • Jeff last season threw a POV and Brendon got evicted as a result of it. Yet, it was allowed by production so, that is not cheating? How about Porsche also last season who put laxatives in someone’s food. That would have been enough to boot her out yet, she continued on. She finished 2nd behind Rachel and almost won that $500,000 if not for Shelley voting for Rachel. I am sure there are more.
      Frank should be booted out in Shane’s HOH and I agree because that would have meant Shane cannot play in the next HOH and the coaches coming in would have evicted Shane for sure! Both Frank and Shane should have been out!

      • Throwing comps is not cheating, it’s strategy. Jeff didn’t want blood on his hands but he needed to get Brendon out so he threw the comp. How can you compare that to the Porsche thing? That was just mean and potentially dangerous and I agree that she should have been sent packing. I’m not a Jeff fan, but what he did wasn’t cheating.

      • Guest…… And if you still cannot see that playing to lose is cheating. At Los
        Alamitos race course, they caught a group of jockeys and trainers who
        made their horses lose so that, they can fix the trifecta and superfecta
        in a race! So, if it is not cheating, why were these guys arrested,
        charged and sent to jail?

      • @Richie—A lot of people has not seen the past seasons , so they have no idea what goes on in the house with all the H.G. I have watched from season 1 through 13, and I cannot remember what went on in most of them. I tried to get them at the viedo store, and I was imformed the C.B.S. has not released any of the seasons..don’t know why….I even tried Netfix, but was put on a waiting list, and for what ????? No luck that way either..

    • No, that’s not the “cheating” incident most people are referring to.

      There’s 2 parts: first up was the token draw which is still a mystery & we only know what Frank & Boogie whispered excitedly about, second was Boogie and Frank coordinating through the Veto comp. According to Joe, the DR confirmed the second part happened, but they say it didn’t influence the outcome.

      The Ashley thing is separate. HGs think she threw it to Frank in the last round so he’d win. She denies that.

  11. If Frank did cheat and evidently he did then he should be removed from the game. A cheater is cheater no matter how u look at it…And if Production is saying that it was ok because he would have won anyway simply does not make sense. Whatever Frank did to cheat gave him an unfair advantage over the other players….Note to Production  “Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to decieve”.  The truth about how Big Brother Production is constantly intervening and trying to change the true course of the game is becoming too much of a hot topic.  Does BB and Grodner think that letting Frank cheat (evidently it’s true) and stay in the game is gonna set well with the viewers they better think again….It’s bad when we the viewers suspect a player of cheating but to have another player confront Production about it and Production tells him that it happened but it made no difference…Hey Production and Grodner do u really think the viewers are gonna take this one laying down?????

    • maybe some of the viewers. but most people weather they admit it or not want to keep Frank and Boogie in the game. again great for tv. Joe, Jenn, Ashley, Ian…not good for tv.

    • At the end of the day, BB is a television show and they have to get the ratings. If production has to TRY and manipulate things along the way to put the best possible TV program on the air then that is what they will do. They can try and convince Shane to put up Dan so Boogie can stay but Shane is the one who makes the final decision. Production is and always has been a part of this game since season 1. It’s just a little more obvious now than it ever has been before because of the live feeds and BBAD. They may lose a few fans because of it but I really doubt their ratings are going to slip all that much. Most people just want to watch a game that is entertaining. As much as I dislike Boogie, he makes for good TV. That being said, I hope he leaves on Thursday.

    • How well you view this..I am with you 100% !!!!!! Maybe we all will see that cheating is not  exceptable in ANY game.

  12. Can’t stand Joe, Dan, Ian, Britney, Shane, Danielle….their arrogance in this game is ridiculous..I really hope Shane goes out soon followed by slithery snake, Dan, followed by instigator Britney, then loud mouth and liar, Joe, then by jealous Danielle, any other female who looks in Shane’s direction, she looks at them like she could slit their throat, then by devious spy, Ian…which leaves us with Frank, Boogie, Jenn and Ashley..if Frank and Boogie cheated, don’t want them to win, even though Frank up until then, if it’s true, which it probably is, played a pretty honest game, then by Boogie, well, because he’s Mike Boogie, my final two choices, Jenn and Ashley..winner, Ashley. I think she has played this ditzy character perfectly and I hope it pays off for her.

    • Boogie is nothing but a bully and big cry baby.  If things don’t go his way he runs to another room and pouts.  Frank comes in and the 2 of them sit there and rip on all the other players.  How childish.

  13. Totally seem’s like the game is being manipulated so that Frank stays in the game.  BB wants the Frank & Boogie team to be the next Will & Boogie…isn’t going to happen people,Will was Will and Frank is no where near Will!  When they brought the coaches into the game, they should have done it AFTER the vote, giving Shane’s HOH nominations a chance to go through as he already stuck his neck out on the line.  And if there was cheating during the Veto competition, Frank & Boogie should have both been disqualified immediately! 

    • I agree. Frank should have gone out. The coaches gone in. Shane did not play for HOH and the coaches would have voted him out! People forget that production also saved Shane. He should have been gone right after Frank because the coaches would have evicted him next! 

      • Guest…….Pay attention. Shane was HOH before the coaches went in. You say Frank should have been evicted. Fine. However, per the rules, Shane cannot play HOH the following week. Now, the coaches come in. Production saves Frank but, also Shane because he played for HOH as well! If Frank was booted out and Shane was not allowed to play HOH per the rules, the coaches would have booted out Shane after Frank so, that is not saving Shane?

      • @ Richie: Yes Shane was HOH that week, and had everything gone as per usual, yes he should not have played in the following HOH. Production didn’t “save” him by letting him play, they took his whole week away, AFTER he exposed his hand and made enemies of people, so it was only fair to let him into the HOH. They did however straight up, no point denying it, save Frank from walking out that door. Frank was done, sitting duck and all that, until production voided the nominations and “reset”. They shouldn’t have done that, they have enough people that they should have went ahead with the eviction. After that one you can’t deny that production is pulling stings to keep him alive.

  14. It’s so obvious that production favors Frank for some reason. From the very first week we’ve been seeing Diary Room manipulation in order to save the guy from going home, the worst of which was week three when they canceled the live eviction when he was definitely going to walk out the door. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that one of the new executive producers is a former WWE producer and Frank’s father is a famous wrestler. 

    Now there is all of this talk about Frank not only cheating in the Veto Competition, but also him “palming” the Housegest Choice chip before the comp was even played and production is turning a blind eye to all of this. It makes me sick. I’m also pretty sure that production will pull something out of their asses to save Mike Boogie from going home this week to ensure that Frank still has his closest ally around. If something goes down today with a Pandora’s Box and Boogie winds up being safe this week, I am officially done with Big Brother. They’re not even trying to hide the rigging anymore, it’s so blatant that I can’t stand it anymore.

    •  ” I don’t think it’s a coincidence that one of the new executive
      producers is a former WWE producer and Frank’s father is a famous
      wrestler. ” 

      Nice observation/research!  If you recall in season 12, Enzo was caught eating food when was a HN and nothing was done.  Also, Pandora’s Box that unleashed Rachel on the house…production let her leave messages to Brendon when they (production) should have not allowed that either.  I don’t have a stake in this game, but when somebody gains an unfair advantage it ruins it!  To come back and say the Frank would have won anyways, I ask production to provide me with the winning lottery numbers as they claim to have magical powers now too!!!

      • Yes, I remember Enzo getting away with murder not only for eating food while being a HN, but also for not wearing his penguin suit right for the entire week. Same thing with Frank and his Spirit Tard this season, he got an extra day added on but in the past if you didn’t take your punishments correctly you either got a penalty nomination or a penalty vote if you were already on the block. Neither of those things happened to either Enzo or Frank. What a bunch of crap!

  15. If there is a way for the cbs folks to save their backside on this then Boogie needs to go and thern have Frank fight for himself and not be a puppet. Continue with the double eviction hopefully get Frank out then go for the next one on the list. Cheating sucks and when your caught by so many and cover it up that is bad. Talk about bad playing

    • For sure cheating has been happening but, it did not happen just this season. Jeff last season threw a POV and Brendon got evicted as a result of it.
      Yet, it was allowed by production so, that is not cheating? How about
      Porsche also last season who put laxatives in someone’s food. That would
      have been enough to boot her out yet, she continued on. She finished
      2nd behind Rachel and almost won that $500,000 if not for Shelley voting
      for Rachel. I am sure there are more.
      Frank should be booted out in
      Shane’s HOH and I agree because that would have meant Shane cannot play
      in the next HOH and the coaches coming in would have evicted Shane for
      sure! Both Frank and Shane should have been out!

      • There is a difference in “game stragety” and cheating…..Throwing a POV is or agreeing to safety during an HOH comp  is game stragety….Big Difference….

      • flyonthewall……It is still cheating when you have an alliance and so that, that person cannot be saved, you throw the Veto. How is throwing the HOH or Veto not cheating when you are deliberately playing to lose? That is cheating no matter how you slice it and covering it under the guise of strategy is utter nonsense!

  16. I hope Boogie leaves.. Shane is too gullible he needs to stick with the quack pack. Dont buy Frank & Boogie’s crap. They are just saving their asses and they will come after Shane no matter what.

  17. What do you think about the production telling Shane not to vote Frank and Boogie out isn`t that cheating,Ithink so

    • And production did not do that for Janelle or Dan the other week? Please.
      This is geting old. Production has been doing that for 13 seasons now. If Shane or Dan or Brittney is on the block, are you also going to complain about it being unfair and cheating? The ultimate decision is still on the house guest. Wasn’t Boogie and Frank on the block? So, what are you complaining about? 

  18. I am so hot!  If Frank cheated in the Veto, there should be a punishment.  Something should be done.  It is not fair to all the other players as well as the millions that watch.  If production is letting it go, it will change the rating of the show big time.  We expect honesty from production and the network. Do not do us wrong.

    •  I know right. The producers needs to stop rigging. They are obviously favoring Frank & Boogie. They should atleast redo the veto competition or punish Frank if he was “going to win”.

    •  Frank already admitted to cheating by palming the hg choice chip.  He told this to Boogie who told Frank to never repeat this to anyone again.  Pure and simple Frank cheated and should either be placed back on the nomination block or booted from the game entirely.  BB is hard enough, but when someone cheats that’s just bad sportsmanship.

  19. I never realized the similarity between Jenn from this season and Porsche from last season!

    They both started playing the game around day 40 or so, and they both did nothing but float the entire game until the very end. Will Jenn win a competition or so, and take the second place spot? :O

    And I cannot stand the obvious interference between production in the game. Obviously, Pandora’s box will come and save boogie, and then we will watch Dan walk out the door. Ugh. Big Brother, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.

  20. I have thought a lot about the alleged cheating issue –   I hate to say it – but is this game not about the art of who is the best cheater – CBS is in a pickle – this is the nature of the game – now if they take it away from Frank and Frank is evicted Frank could have a very good lawsuit – why? – because no one who was left out of the comp has any history of winning.  Shane his biggest challenger played and lost.  there is no claim he won POV based on cheating.  In other words there is no direct nexus – thereby exposing CBS to a lawsuit if Frank to be evicted.

    •  Frank has no grounds for a lawsuit.  He cheated.  That alone disqualifies him to play in the competition.  
      He stacked the players in HIS favor, insuring a win for himself. 

      • I get everyone’s frustration – and maybe Dan would have played to win – who knows – but here is the def of cheating

        cheatingpresent participle of cheat (Verb)
        Verb:Act dishonestly or unfairly in order to gain an advantage, esp. in a game or examination: “she cheats at cards”.
        Deceive or trick.No one wants Boogie to go more than me – but can you say Ian is not acting dishonostly by playing in two alliances?  When he went to Frank to save Dan – was he being honest?I want Ian to win.For the first time in 14 years I realize we are celebrating a game based on the best cheater – I do not think any of us have clean hands.

      • BobbyWC58…..See people say things that are self serving. Like it is not cheating when they deliberately lose the HOH and Veto? How is that not cheating when you deliberately lose because it affects the integrity of the game! In Los Alamitos, they caught a group of jockeys and trainers fixing the race and deliberately making their horses lose so that, they can make a killing in the trifecta and superfecta. They got busted and arrested and this is in real life mind you. It is cheating and those who say otherwise are hypocritical assholes!

    •  I have to disagree. This game is not about the best cheater, it’s about the best lair & best manipulator. If Frank hadn’t palmed the “house guest choice” chip and lets say he picked Dan, who’s to say that Dan wouldn’t have thrown the comp and beat Frank.  We’ll never know because Frank cheated by holding on to that chip.  That’s where I have the biggest issue.  By definition, what the guest do in playing BB is not about cheating – they lie manipulate to see who can win the big prize.  Throwing a comp in my opinion is not cheating, but keeping a chip that you might not have picked other wise is and that’s where the integrity of the game comes into play because CBS allowed it to happen.  We don’t know what’s in their contract, so it could be a clause about cheating & if it is then CBS couldn’t be sued.

    • Oh how we all forget. While I have never personally seen them, all the houseguests sign contracts before entering the house. I’d be willing to bet that Frank wouldn’t have a leg to stand on if they just up and decided to send him out “just because”. Not that they would.

      I’m betting those contracts are bible thick and cover EVERYTHING. I don’t doubt that none of those houseguests would have any way to get one over on CBS (via lawsuit, or other) after they sign on the dotted line, CBS kinda owns them.

  21. Palming a chip is cheating…plain and simple.  He should be evicted from the game on that basis alone.  
    I am sick of BB manipulating the game this season.  I am a rabid fan of BB, but I will turn it off if they do not address the cheating violation.  Frank would NOT have won, because if the cheating had been addressed, he would not have be allowed to play in the competition.
    They are not gaining viewers, they are losing them at break neck speed by allowing this type of thing. 

    •  I agree.  That’s where I’m having an issue because it’s one thing to throw a comp, but it’s another to keep a chip to change the outcome of who is picked.  He should not have been allowed to play and made to stay on the block. 

      • What I don’t get is how he “palmed” the chip. Wouldn’t he have had to draw that chip to begin with in order to palm it? I don’t get the feeds so I only read what is on here. Can someone explain?

    • I am with u all the way GVC! The lying and manipulating are to be expected, have been part of the game from beginning. But, palming a chip in POV completely tarnishes integrity of the game. And everyone involved in that, CBS, BB executives, Grodner and even Julie Chen have lost respect in my eyes. It brings ratings up for the moment, but in the end they are losing viewers. The downfall of their own show. Very trashy characters.

  22. Since when is it cheating to throw a POV comp? To deliberately palm a token so you can get a choice of a crappy player is for sure CHEATING!!!!Frank and Boogie both need to go. The only time Boogie even talks to anyone else is when things aren’t going his controlling way.Those 2 think they are above all the others,but let me tell ya,they wipe their a–es the same as us.

    • It is cheating because you are deliberately playing to lose! Someone used the term integrity and how it affects the integrity of the game. Playing to lose is cheating because it affects the integrity of the game!

      • Clearly, you don’t understand what “cheating” means. Throwing competitions is standard Big Brother strategy and has been a part of the game since the beginning.

      • I completely agree with you…Intentionally losing is apart of strategy in BB. Players in the game use this strategy as a way seem weak or to not get blood on their hands. I feel like the comparison of professional sports to the throwing HOH or POV comps is irrelevant because with professional sports you’re affecting a system as a whole and in Big Brother you’re actually suppose to manipulate peoples thoughts..its the point of the game. For instance Will in season two made sure to never win anything so that he would not seem like a threat or have a target on his back and he was in many alliances at the time. It was a good move on his part because he flew under the radar and manipulated everyone.. WHICH IS THE POINT OF THE SHOW! I think palming POV chips is 100% cheating but how you choose to play the competitions aren’t.

      • Matt B…….Just because they being doing and getting away with it does not make it right! The subject only came up because someone mentioned the need to have integrity in the game. If that is so, then, all forms of cheating including deliberately losing HOH and POV should not be allowed. It is sheer hypocrisy to allow one form of cheating over another. And cheating has also happened in past seasons so, why is raking Frank over the coals assuming the palming accusation is true fair when others are allowed to go scott free?

    • And if you still cannot see that playing to lose is cheating. At Los Alamitos race course, they caught a group of jockeys and trainers who made their horses lose so that, they can fix the trifecta and superfecta in a race! So, if it is not cheating, why were these guys arrested, charged and sent to jail?

      • I agree. Athletes were expelled from the Olympics for “losing” games so they could play weaker teams down the road.

      • Because what you are talking about is a race where money is wagered. It is a professional sport with a lot of money attached to it for a lot of people. BB is a television show and a game that only affects the people playing it. So if one of your favorite players “cheats” by losing the HOH or POV on purpose should we toss them out of the game or does that just apply to the players you don’t like?

      • Guest…..You are obviously taking BS. A lot of other posters raised the term integrity. Deliberately losing affect the integrity of this game and is cheating!
        And you are wrong again on the money because there is a $500,000 prize to a winner which is why people are saying that cheaters should not win that $500,000 so, why is deliberately losing HOH or POV to be excused because it may affect your favorites? To be fair, get rid of the cheaters, all of them in which case, Boogie, Dan, Brittney, Ian all need to be evicted for deliberately losing HOH and Veto. I will also accept Frank being evicted as well if the palming allegation is proved. Now can you accept that or your bias stop you from being fair?

  23. It really sickens me to hear that CBS is condoning cheating.  A lot of people are saying they will no longer watch Big Brother and others are saying it wouldn’t matter because BB would still make a lot of money from everyone else who decides to continue to watch.  The way to really hit CBS in the pockets is to not pay for the live feeds, while I know a lot of people live for the live feeds, that is where CBS is making millions if not billions of dollars also.  Also, the managers of these different BB discussion sites should & could stop promoting and advertising the live feeds and telling people to purchase it.  While I appreciate this site because it provides me with info I wouldn’t have by just watching what’s shown on TV, I think these sites do a big job in advertising the live feeds for CBS and CBS rakes in all of the proceeds.  Not sure, if people would take this stand, but it’s something I’ve been thinking about and thought I’d post to see what others think.  As the saying goes “There’s more than one way to skin a cat” – Author Unknown

    • You and I know that is not going to happen. People say a lot of BS things and do the exact opposite. Take this site. How many said that they were going to leave in protest? How many of those are still in this message board posting? How many said they will not watch Big Brother anymore? I will bet you the same guys are still watching Big Brother and the ratings going even much higher! Like it or not, there are millions of Big Brother fans watching and I will continue to watch knowing full well this is entertainment like watching a movie! It is not real life although, it is termed a reality show and
      how many really believes that what goes on in the Bachelor, Bachelorette,
      Amazing Race, Survivor is real? It isn’t and producers will manipulate a show because it is a business! If this was not a business with profits, there would be no Big Brother, no Survivor, no Bachelor or Bachelorette for that matter! As in any business, if you do not like the product then, don’t pay for it! Your choice is always a vote but, for it to matter, there must be a lot of it in the millions to matter otherwise, why would CBS care as long as the advertising dollars continue to roll in?

  24. if they throw away ANOTHER HOH..i will catch this show in the blogs! I dont care WHOSE HOH reign it bs..on an already bs sad ..(by throw away,of course, i mean voiding the noms for something contrived and even more bs-y) 

  25. I really hope that Wednesday night’s Veto Competition/meeting show addresses all of the controversay once and for all. I like to think that Big Brother isn’t trying to control everything and instead letting the game play out. And that if there was cheating, they would fix the problem. Also why the delay in the feed for so many hours.

  26. Almost my entire family have been watching BB since season 2. This year is probably going to be the last year now for most of us. Now that we know it isn’t honest. The fact that they tried to manipulate Shane’s vote and also let Frank palm a chip then let Frank Cheat in the POV Comp. just adds credence to the fact that Production makes it go the way they want it to. It was such a big disappointment. I learned that Survivor contestants have to redo some scenes and that was bad enough but they are suppose to lie and cheat. Lying in a reality game is a must BUT NOT CHEATING or FIGHTING. I don’t understand what it is about Frank that Allison G. and the rest of Production like. If everyone could see him online or on after dark he would be really hated. He is so SCUZZY, DIRTY and can’t seem to control his farting. Or he just doesn’t want to. I really think them letting Frank get away with all of this without punishment will really give BB a Black Eye. Or maybe that is just what I want to happen.

    •  i agree about fighting and cheating… but i also feel that  production should step in and warn Danielle to stop touching shane… shes doing something the other person doesnt feel right about.. and thats wrong too…she goes too far.. so there should be no fighting no cheating and no harrassing either…

  27. OMG enough about the cheating. Just sit back and watch the entertainment. It is a reality show. Your favorites are not always going to win.

    • I wish I could “like” this post about 100 times. People are such cry babies. You would think it was their own $500,000 on the line. Sheesh!

    •  Yes, it is a reality show and NOT a scripted sitcom.  In this reality show, they play games to determine position/rankings/standing/power.  If production wants to manipulate the non-game playing moments (and they do) that’s fine, but when a competitor cheats, that is completely different.  OMG

  28. I agree Karen the game is hard enough to play but to let someone cheat in the game without penalty is WRONG.  It is unfair to the other players and unfair to the public that may want that person gone as well.  It doesn’t matter if the player would have won anyway.  The fact of the matter is I have seen players be penalized for far less and that is fine, but where is FRANK’s penalty. And Shane should be able to make his own decision as the HOH, without the influence of production.  I clearly don’t know if I can continue to watch this, if the game is going to be unfairly played.  BB step up and take action against the cheaters and let players play THEIR game.

  29. Enough with the watching the guys workout and sweat…I fast forward through that every time….thank goodness for DVR, otherwise I don’t think I could watch after dark. Don’t even get me started with the Frank “cheating” discussion…..I do have to say I agree; throwing a comp and cheating are 2 different things.  Cheating shouldn’t be allowed, and should have consequences, no matter who it is.

    • Cheating is cheating in whatever form. It should not be condoned. Have they not disqualified some athletes who deliberately lost games so that, they have favorable draws down the road? And that is not cheating? How about the race fixing in Los Alamitos where they busted a group of jockeys and trainers conspiring to make their horses lose so that, they can bet and win huge on the trifecta and superfecta? As to the lame defense that it is not cheating, there is $500,000 involved and someone against cheating talked about integrity of the game. So, if you want integrity, cheating in any form including deliberately losing HOH and POV should not be tolerated! In this case, Boogie, Dan, Ian and Brittney deserve to be booted out for deliberately losing POV and HOH. And if Frank is proven to have palmed the chip then, he needs to get evicted too! However, to be fair, all the other players I mentioned as deliberately losing should also be evicted for cheating!

      • We can all have our opinions…but I think a lot of people would disagree…in the sense that it’s BB..not a horse race, etc.  Throwing a comp is a form of strategizing, game play in BB….happens every season.  Out right cheating…different story completely.  Just not cool….

      • Laura C……My examples of the Olympics and Horse Racing are used only to illustrate why deliberately losing is a form of cheating. Has it been going on in Big Brother sure. Does that make it right? Also, last season, Porsche put laxatives in a house guests food. That is obviously cheating yet, she was allowed to compete and got $50,000 for 2nd narrowly missing winnng that $500,000. The point being if one form of cheating is allowed, all forms of cheating should be allowed. If cheating is to be penalized, all forms of cheating should be penalized! For this to be fair, it should be applied equally to everyone regardless of who your favorites are!

      • Richie…You’re weird.  I think you’re arguing with yourself.  Your last comment is just an extended rant from previous comments.  If you read my last comment, you would see that I said we all have our opinions…but I’m sure you’re going to comment on this too…and probably write the same comments again and again.  I agree, Porsche should have not been allowed to continue in the game, what she did was wrong…that’s different than cheating and throwing comps, that was playing with someone elses health, and shouldn’t be tolerated, period.  Do you think you know who my favorites are? I doubt it!  I think penalities should be applied equally….so all “most of us are saying” is that it should apply to Frank in this instance if he did actually cheat.  Oh well, have a good day..I’m done responding.

  30. It seems like most people here are a little too eager to grab their pitchforks. No one will know what happened during the veto until Wednesday’s show, so why don’t you guys just relax for a bit before you swear off Big Brother forever.

  31. @ Richie: Playing to lose ISN”T cheating. It is strategy. Brit didn’t “play to lose: when she jumped of the boat and gave HOH to Danielle did she? How about when she decided against filling her HOH jug last Thrusday and instead went for Safety, she threw HOH away? or Boggie and the money for that matter? Or Season 6 when James won the POV for Sarah by helping her in the comp instead of himself? Throwing comps isn’t cheating.

    • It is cheating because you are deliberately playing to lose. Just recently, they disqualified athletes in the Olympics because they deliberately lost to have a favorable draw. You can call that strategy but, it is cheating and the athletes was busted! In a race in Los Alamitos, a group of jockeys and trainers made their horses lose so that, they can fix the trifecta and superfecta and were busted and arrested? Is that strategy? And Brittney played to lose against Danielle because she jumped off while, she could have won HOH! The other situation where Brittney filled the safety jar was fine as it was strategy. Boogie threw Veto and HOH, same with Dan and Ian threw atleast, one where he deliberately lost saying he did not want to deal with HOH. The term someone used is integrity. For this game to have integrity, Frank has to be evicted as he palmed the chip. If that is the case, I agree. However, all those who deliberately lost their HOH and Vetos like Boogie, Dan, Brittney and Ian should also be evicted from the game because cheating is cheating and it does not matter what form it takes, it is still cheating!

      • Agree to Disagree. I don’t feel it is cheating to throw the comps.

        As for your comparisons to professional jockey racing and the olympics. Apples and Oranges. People bet on racing, so yeah, they need to actually race.

      • Bowmancanada…….It is Big Brother so, what is your position? Allow the cheating? If you allow the cheating for one, you have to allow the cheating for everyone to be fair. And if you say no cheating for anyone and it is not right, no one is allowed to cheat including your favorite! So, which is it?

      • Nick……You can believe what you wish too believe. That is your right but, playing to lose is cheating plain and simple. You can sugar coat it anyway you want and my example on the Olympics and Horse Racing is apt!
        Cheating has been happening in this game and if you want to make it fair to everyone then, everyone needs to be treated the same! Even your favorites should be subject to the same rules without exception! Otherwise, it is hypocritical to nail Frank to the wall while, other house guests get off without even being made to pay for it! That is utter rubbish!

      • @ Richie: You equate horse racing to Big Brother, ok. BUT you have to equate it right. A single horse race would be the same as one WHOLE SEASON of Big Brother. Reasoning; The first place prize is awarded to the first place horse and jockey at the end of the race, same as Big Brother, the prize is handed out at the end of the season. Therefore throwing a comp would be the same as taking a turn on the outside of the track, it may seem like a bad move at the time, but it allows the jockey to pull away later because he is not pinned down in the middle of the pack, so to say. Throwing a comp now helps them get ahead and try to finish first. It’s all about finishing.

        So, the way I see it, a single comp is a very small part of the overall race, if you will, and executioning it differently is not cheating.

        However, kicking a rival horse on the way out of the gate, a little more like cheating to me (Frank plaming his chip)

      • Nick…….What happened is not one horse but, a group of owners and jockeys are conspired to lose the race so that, the longshots will all win and they can make a killing in the trifecta and superfecta raking in tens of thousands of dollars.You are way off base. When a house guest deliberately loses and HOH and POV, he is able to last longer in the house because nobody hates him yet. That is cheating because he could have won and yet, deliberately lost! Others playing to win are at a disadvantage because they are targets because of it. It is cheating as it was determined in the Olympics because those out to lose derive a benefit out of it at the expense of someone playing to win! No matter how you sugar coat it, it is cheating and does not change that fact!

      • Richie, I truly respect that you are so strong and outspoken in your point of view regarding integrity and cheating. Truly. Kudos.

        However, I think the forest you are missing for the trees here is that *cheating* in a game is only considered cheating if it violates the official rules of the game. CBS (not BB viewers) writes the BB “rules” (contracts the players sign before starting the game/show) and, be assured, many of the “allowed game behaviors/strategies” are based on what will *win CBS ratings*. NOT on what will be considered honest or ethical or fair gameplay to all the millions of viewers.

        And the thing is, it is so OBVIOUSLY NOT against CBS’s rules to “throw” competitions. Players have used comp-throwing as *strategy* for the majority of BB’s lifespan. CBS is okay with it and probably likes what it adds to the drama of the competition (again, RATINGS). No matter if some viewers think it calls someone’s character, or the show’s fairness, into question. No matter how it makes you feel.

        Silly analogy for you: Maybe I don’t think it’s right or fair that the only way to be sent to jail in Monopoly is to draw the unlucky Chance card. Maybe I think if you land on the Jail space, you should have to “go to jail”–and not “Just Visiting,” but that’s not how Milton Bradley wrote the rules. No matter how it makes me feel.

        The other weakness with your argument is, if we start banning BB comp-throwing, who exactly gets to decide how to define “throwing.” How would it even be possible for CBS to “police” comp throwing? It doesn’t all look the same, you know. Is it only considered “throwing” the comp if it is OBVIOUS that someone didn’t answer a question they knew the answer to? Or didn’t pick up a game piece they obviously saw and needed? Is it throwing a comp if a player jumps down in an endurance comp after 30 minutes when everyone else stays up for 3 hours? Do we say, “Hey! He is young and in good shape, and he only lasted 30 minutes–he must have thrown the comp! Give him a penalty!” Lot of gray area here, see Richie?

        See, some players try to win BB by winning as many comps as possible. And as a result, they are often voted out fairly early, seen as “A HUGE THREAT.” Other players lie low, run a little slower, answer questions wrong, jump down earlier. They don’t WANT to be HOH/POV. They don’t want the target. But then, sometimes that causes them to be deemed “floaters,” or maybe they aren’t asked into alliances because they are viewed as weak players. There are costs for both types of strategies.

        Perhaps most important to remember: Big Brother is a TV reality competition. It isn’t the Olympics. It isn’t Triple Crown horse racing. Its only value is as entertainment to those who enjoy it. Try and enjoy it as such, and don’t let the ups and down of the game get to you. We will never know the lengths to which production, and even the players, go to up the watchability of BB. Reality TV–even reality competitions–aren’t as *real* as they try and make them seem….

  32. One good thing could come from this , if Frank wins this season I will have my whole summer next year to do what I want…hahaha!

  33. I guess I am confused.  I thought that I heard that all chips are removed before hand and then put back when they do the filming for the show.  Something about there were two HG choice and Ian was already picked to play so this palming thing was done to avoid that happening during the filming and would not have ended up with anyone else being picked regardless.  In other words who was picked was already picked and would not have given anyone else a chance to be drawn.  Something to that effect.  Anyone else hear that?   I agree that if it was intentional cheating Frank should be removed.

    I also agree this would not be the first time as we have seen things happen before that were out and out wrong.  Porsche and the laxatives.  Brendon coming back on the vote last year and this year the coaches coming in the game vote.  Pandora’s box that worked in Jordan/Rachel’s favor last year.  Who knows what will happen this year.

    BB to me use to be brand new players entering the game for a chance to win.  Regular people who really tried to get in throughout whatever the process was.  It seems like this year some of these people were just hand picked for whatever reason so the original concept is even different.

    I am pretty sure we have all thought Production has been involved in the past and it looks like it just continues on.

    • Yeah, Porsche could have literally poisoned and killed someone last season but, they did not even expel her! She ended up winning $50,000 for 2nd and was that close to winning the $500,000. Just one vote separated her and Rachel. The point I want to make is cheating in any form should not be condoned and if condoned for one house guest, they should condone it for everyone! 

    • I agree that Porche should have been talked to, or whatever, but she didn’t actually hurt anyone, and had she, I’m sure something would have been done.

      As for the Brendon vote. I feel it was legit. There were groups of people last year. The “like Rachel” and the “hate Rachel” all the likes voted him back in, however the hates split their votes between Dom and Cassi. So yeah, I find it bellieveable that he won the vote. (and people like me that voted for him b/c I thought he would be battling Rachel to get back in)

      The Jordan/Rachel Pandoras Box. Yeah that felt like a setup, BUT no one said the Kalia HAD to open it. It’s always a choice, and if you see money in their for you, you are getting the “good” so think about what could be “bad” for ya, because it’s coming to.

      • She could have killed someone if they had a reaction to the laxatives and your excuse is she did not in fact hurt anyone. Give me a break. When it is your favorite doing the cheating it is fine yet, Frank is nailed to the wall?
        Seriously, which one is worst, trying to poison someone or palming a chip?

      • @ Richie: I was not a Porche fan, at all. I don’t think she deseved to even make it to jury, let alone 2nd place with a 3 to 4 vote. However, laxatives are a very common thing in this world, the odds that she would have actually caused any injury to someone are tiny, people take them every day. Honesly the worst thing that would have happened would have been for someone to be stuck in the can for a while and MAYBE have to take something to counteract that laxative. Production was aware of it and had it been an issue I’m sure they would have stepped in, I don’t think they would let anyone become seriously injured during the show.

      • I thought Porsche was the one who opened Pandora’s Box that allowed Jordan/Rachel to stay.  Regarding the vote to bring Brendon back I was one that wanted Dom back in.  It was what it was.  Can’t change it now.  

  34. What people fail to understand is this is a entertainment show
    not a game show. Game shows have rules, this show dose not because it is not a game show which means Produces can do what ever they want with the show 
    Produces can do what ever they want with the show 

    • It’s actually both. Aren’t the players are playing for $500,000 dollars?
      I dont agree with the producers stepping in; it makes the game less entertaining even if they are keeping great players.
      Americas will see this  show more fake, and will decide to turn it off.

      • This show is now on its 14th season. It is a show produced to generate profits for CBS. People need to realize that is the main reason why we have this show. All the manipulations and twists are done to suit the producers
        desires to maximize revenue. House guests still have the final say on who gets nominated and evicted for the most part. However, producers will step in if they feel the show is turning dull and no drama is happening. Obviously, people continue to watch just the same so why would the producers stop
        what is working for them? There are millions of Big Brother fans worldwide and even if some “really” stop watching, it would not be enough to dent their revenues one bit! That is the reality of it. Enjoy it for its entertainment value like watching a movie. None of this is real.

  35. The producers should bring all new people next year.
    Big Brother 12 had higher ratings than both BB13 & 14, and that season featured all new players.
    Isn’t there other entertaining people in the world?

    • All they need to do is bring back all winners from previous seasons. If you include this seasons winner, whoever it may be, that would make it 14 people. And all of them know how to play as they have won it before. Make the prize $1,000,000 and 2nd place $500,000 and you guarantee all house guests play to win right from the bat! They can add twists but, there should be enough drama each week up to the very end!

  36. No one has even seen the veto so how can you say he’s a cheater? 

    Some of you fools trusting Joe is telling the truth? Lol He’s the biggest liar in there.

    Anyways, Dan is going to win this game. 

  37. I’ve been watching BigBrother since season 1… It seems this year over any others there are soo many things to question the authenticity f this game which makes me sad,,, unfortunately if they dont do a rematch for the veto and give people a fair chance to take it what trust should we have in this show… The reason why i have enjoyed this show for the last 13 years is becuase of the authenticity that i believed it possessed… I am truly hoping bb makes the cheating public and rectifies it somehow

  38. This really pisses me off!!  I posted on
    the BB fan site ” BB why don’t you tell us who is going to win because
    this is the worst season ever.  I asked how much do they pay extra to
    the HG’s to change their vote, who to put up for eviction etc……

  39. Should be a fair game, even if that means somewhat boring. I hope that Boogie does leave. Maybe Frank will play his own game and not play for Boogie.  Ian seems to be the best player so far.

  40. I know it is heresy here to criticize the feeds since apparently CBS requires all BB blogs to constantly promote them and say how great they are but it seems to be with all the cutting away and turning off the feeds that CBS is extremely guilty of false advertising when the say the feeds are 24/7, more like 20/6 is what they are.
    From reading the various blogs (this one is my favorite) it becomes clear how incredibly frequently that CBS cuts the feeds, if you read the blog that is a minute by minutes coverage of the feeds you can see just how often they go out.  I lost any interest in getting feeds myself after I realized just how bad they are.

    Now I understand them cutting out the competitions and ceremonies and comments that give out production secrets but they shouldn’t be advertising that feeds are 24/7 when they aren’t.

    However the discussion about Frank cheating is not about production, it’s about a house guest’s behavior.  It seems to be a huge coverup because CBS apparently has refused to deal with this, they just are hiding it.  They are hiding what is really going on, the feeds are a waste on money.

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