Big Brother 14 Live Feeds: Week 6 Sunday Highlights

Big Brother 14 Live Feeds

There could have been a whole lot of excitement today on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds if they’d just let us hear the house guests talk about the alleged cheating during the Saturday’s Veto competition. Apparently Joe is claiming Boogie and Frank cheated and EVERY TIME someone mentions it on the Live Feeds, we get the Fish. So we’ve gotten bits and pieces and it dominated the talk in the house Sunday. Read on to find out what we saw and heard yesterday on the Big Brother Live Feeds.

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Big Brother 14 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, August 19, 2012:

9:17 AM BBT — Frank talking to Boogie about his discussion with Britney last night. He says Britney told him that Shane is doing what he wants, not what she wants. Boogie says he needs to make Britney to feel like less of a target so they can work on getting her vote.

9:32 AM BBT — Frank and Boogie want Dan to go up in Frank’s place but will settle for Joe. They think they can work it to where he goes home instead of Boogie.

11:08 AM BBT — Ian tells Boogie that his best bet would be to sit next to Dan. The worst case would be against Jenn or Ashley. He says it would be easier to get the others to vote out Dan than it would be Ashley or Jenn.

11:43 AM BBT — Boogie tells Ian he is too close to Dan. Ian says he’s friends with Dan but they aren’t playing the game together.

1:05 PM BBTBoogie working on Shane again. He keeps suggesting putting up Dan in place of Frank. Boogie brings up how Dan was in Season 10 and since Shane has never seen that season, he can play it up. He also talks about not wanting angry people in jury because they could vote against Shane.

1:43 PM BBT — Boogie tells Frank that Ashley said Joe told her that she was going get the veto this week after production sees that Frank cheated during the game. Feeds cut. Production has been doing a good job of keeping whatever happened during that veto game under wraps.

2:05 PM BBT — Frank and Dan in the kitchen. Frank asks Dan if he moved too early on throwing them under the bus. Dan continues to take the blame. Frank tells Dan he probably won’t be getting his vote if he’s in jury and Dan is in the Final 2. Dan says likewise.

2:18 PM BBT — Boogie is being very confident that Dan will be going home Thursday. He says he won’t even walk him to the door to say goodbye. He’ll just remain in the nomination chair and smile.

2:36 PM BBT — Britney goes to talk to Shane to see if Boogie had any influence on him. He tells her that he is not putting up Dan. He made Boogie think it was an option, but he won’t be doing it. Britney tells Shane that Dan might have been working both sides but that’s no longer an option since Frank and Boogie are so mad at him. So they’ve got him on their side for sure. Shane says he is definitely putting up Jenn next to Boogie as the pawn.

2:48 PM BBT — Britney says Frank is going to win this game. They’ve tried to get him out over and over and he’s still there.

4:50 PM BBT — Frank is confronting Joe about what he said about him cheating, but they keep cutting the fish so we have no idea what’s going on. Joe says to get it out in the open and reveal who told him Joe was talking about it. Frank declines and  leaves.

5:00 PM BBT — Joe telling Shane he’s about to go blow up at Frank. Shane tells him not to pull a Willie.

5:44 PM BBT — Boogie talking with Britney again. He’s working her again, trying to appear vulnerable so she can help him stay in the house. He also tells her he’s not going after her. He says his targets are Dan and Joe.

5:55 PM BBT — Meanwhile, Frank is working on Shane. He keeps bring up Dan as the replacement.

6:45 PM BBT — Jenn is selling out Joe to Shane, trying to avoid getting herself put on the block. Might be the first game play she’s taken a shot at all season. Congrats, Jenn.

6:55 PM BBT — Joe and Ashley are in the arcade room. Ashley is “confronting” Joe about why he told people she “folded” during the Veto competition because Frank told her to.

6:58 PM BBT — Britney tells Ian that Boogie said he had no use for Ian and Jenn. Britney is trying to make sure Ian no longer feels guilty about Boogie going out this week.

7:07 PM BBT — Joe telling Britney that the Diary Room agreed with his cheating accusations but said it didn’t matter because Frank would have won anyway. True? Who knows.

8:33 PM BBT — Shane is questioning Dan’s trust. Ian tells him he really believes Dan is with them.

10:17 PM BBT — Joe and Frank talking about the accusations Joe has been making about the Veto. The appear to have patched things up.

10:44 PM BBTBritney and Danielle playing their nightly girl-fight game. Who needs showmance when you’ve got this?

11:27 PM BBT — Ian hurt his ankle during a game of badminton. A medic is called in.

So it sounds like Frank and Boogie may have been doing a little cheating but production has ignored it because Frank was going to win the game anyway. But who knows. It looks like it’s something that may never be addressed or they wouldn’t be cutting us out every time someone mentions it.

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