Big Brother 13 Week 7: Who Has The Votes

Big Brother 13 Shelly and Adam

Thursday night is going to be nuts on Big Brother 13 with the Fast Forward episode featuring a double eviction and all the trimmings. Before we can get to the rushed competitions we’ll have to get through the first round of voting and eviction. Let’s take a look at the lay of the Big Brother land and see who is on her way out this week to become the second jury member.

Now that Daniele is on the Big Brother block against Kalia and we have our final voting scenario it’s time to look at where the votes stand. There will be only five votes this week with no chance of a tie-breaker. Three votes this week earns you a free vacation in the Jury House. Two votes earns you Dani-glares. Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.

The only obvious vote for either Daniele or Kalia would be from Porsche since she’s on their team, but since only one can get the vote it’s not that simple. Daniele has been working Porsche for her vote and it seems to be producing results. Unless Porsche catches wind that Daniele is a lost cause she’ll vote to keep her. If it’s obvious to her that Daniele is leaving then she’ll flop back to supporting Kalia.

Adam and Shelly are both on Team JeJo, or are they? Shelly surprised me on Monday when she started pushing for Porsche and Adam to keep Daniele this week. Seriously! Flashback to 8/22 @ 2:16PM BBT to hear Shelly trying to convince Adam and Porsche that they need to keep Daniele this week as a wedge between JeJo. Then later (Flashback 2:36PM BBT) Shelly approaches Adam again, but he lays out all his reasons against keeping Daniele. The main theme: trust issues. Shelly says she won’t be hung out to dry, so once she discovers Daniele is cooked, she’ll do the Porsche-flop and support Kalia.

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Adam has told Jeff repeatedly that his best move would be to get rid of Daniele. He doesn’t trust Daniele from back when he was on the block the second time against Dominic and Daniele promised him she’s get him votes. Adam was smart enough to discover Daniele was actually pushing to evict him. There won’t be any support for Daniele from Adam this week.

Unfortunately for Adam’s sanity, Daniele doesn’t take “no” for an answer. He’s been getting bombarded with pushes to keep Daniele from Porsche and Daniele. Daniele has offered to set up play dates between Adam and her dad, Evel Dick, if she votes to keep her. Porsche is offering the same for a chance to talk with Janelle. I’m not making this up. Adam does a great job of deflecting the onslaught and it’s leaving Daniele furious. She complains (“shocker,” in your best Daniele voice) that Adam is afraid to make a “big game move.” Wait, if Daniele is this Big Brother mastermind then wouldn’t a “big game move” also include being the pivotal vote to evict and then outlast her?

Two remaining votes belong to Jordan and Rachel. Jordan is a gimme. She’ll vote out Daniele hands down to keep Jeff’s wishes. Rachel? Do we even need to discuss. Have we learned nothing about coming between her and her man fiance?

By a vote of 5-0, Daniele will be evicted. That’s my prediction. What’s yours?


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  1. I’d pretty much agree with you. At the very least it’ll be 4-1. Porsche doesn’t even realize she’s on BB so it wouldn’t surprise me if she sided with Dani until Dani reaches her end tomorrow night.

    Also, I sure wish Adam would tell JJ what Shelly’s been doing, as far as pushing for Dani to stay. THAT would be good TV!! Haha!

      • Doesn’t anyone in the house realize that each vote has the same weight? The biggest threat is Jeff and that should be where the eviction should be down the road. If he gets to the finale he will win. It is time for the “newbies” to get together and take control of the house. If Adam and Shelley pledge their loyalty to JeJo they cannot win, so they should focus on eliminating him sooner and not later. Don’t these newbies realkize they are in a game and should focus on how they can win, as opposed to being tag-alongs to JeJo.

      • Adam is actually showing some game. He and Porsche have history and now he and Shelly have history. He may be a force yet before this is over. Judas is so sad…what a phony baloney she turns out to be….all time great? Not so much…All time over rated? Yeah that sounds about right. BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR ME!

      • I totally agree!! why isn’t Adam saying anything to JeJo??? I can’t stand Shelly! She needs to go!

      • Shelly needs to be exposed for the snake that she is and judas needs to get out of the house!!!

    • Yeah, it’s close. I was going to say 5-0 or 4-1, but decided I had to be decisive and pick one. Porsche learned her lesson on a sympathy vote.

      Heck, who am I kidding. I doubt Porsche has learned anything.

      • I think you are right Matt. Porsche is going to ask Adam how she should vote right before the live vote and she will evict Judas. Shelly has no intention of keeping Judas. She never did. It’s all smoke and mirrors whenever Shelly opens her mouth. I don’t think Shelly considers herself to be in an alliance with anyone. She sees herself as a lone wolf and above it all. BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HI TO BOOKIE!

      • Porsche has learned only to match her velour outfits.

        You could staple my head to the carpet and I wouldn’t be more surprised than if Porsche actually started playing this game and making smart moves other than floating back and forth to who has the most power at the moment.

        Jim Jones would have been thrilled to have someone like Porsche, who is so easily influenced, in his grip.

        Porsche: “Sure, I would LOVE some strawberry Kool-Aid, it matches my pants.”

    • why should porsche not vote for dani if that’s what she wanted. she was just on the chopping block because of jeff.. she already knows that regardless of whether she votes for kalia or dani, she’s up next

      • I do not think that is necessarily true. If Adam would tell J and J the truth on the lying Shelly then Adam, Porsche J and J and Rachel could team up and kick Shelly’s lying self out during double eviction if one of them would win, and then just let the five of the remaining contestants who have all been pretty honest fight it out to see who wins Big Brother. At least the two lying double crossing pieces of garbage would be out of the house, and then I would be okay with whoever would win BB. I have my favorites of course but could see any of the five winning.

      • but sheri, shelly has already planted the idea to JJ that adam is planning to flip… so they already suspect him of the possible ‘backstab’. so shelly’s sorta smart to plant lies ahead of lies.

  2. I predict Kalia with be evicted by a vote of 3-2. And Shelly is going to be trying to blame Rachel for flipping. I don’t know why, I just don’t think Daniele is going to be gone.

    • I disagree, billy bob. I think Adam really wants Dani gone.

      I wonder what’s kept Adam from filling JJ in on Shelly’s campaigning for Dani?

      Maybe Adam is playing more than we thought? Maybe the reason he hasn’t told JJ is because he’s actually on board to evict Kalia rather than Dani?

      • Exactly what I was thinking. He thinks if he votes kilia out, he” have Dani with a debt to repay..(Little does he know it isn’t true. She don’t care about anybody if she gets to stay)

      • Well he is in a kind of pickle right know
        he didn’t tell yet but there is still tomorrow
        He might keep it for later but then later JJ might question why he never said anything earlier
        Or he might said nothing at all ever

      • The only good move for any newbie is to keep Danielle. If jeff and Jordan aren’t split up they win. Two against one on every vote. Players should realize that after jeff goes it’s new alliances across the board. Maybe even three groups not newbie will win if Danny goes and jeff stays.

    • In your dreams billybob. Adam has been saying all along Dani had to go. I think he will wait until he thinks he’s going up and then spring it on JJ about what Shelly has been up to.

  3. thats what i’m waiting to here 5to0, Kalia u are safe Dani u have been evited from the big brother house.

  4. Wow, what a week. Shelly makes me so sick. Kalea is laying low…. smartest game move she has made. Dani is fighting to stay…. who could blame her? Once one of them is gone we will see the other hg’s true colors change again.
    AS much as I just can’t stomach Shelly, If noone breaks up JJ they could make F2 easily, so she is right. But to see the person who professes her undying love for JJ day and night to plot against them is unseemly. Damn, Man Face, just stop spouting your allegance and make amove.

  5. Honestly, if Adam flips it will increase his chances of winning substantially! He will have so many targets in front of him, and he’s doing it WITH Shelly so JeJo will be equally mad at BOTH of them. It would be the smartest game move for him, and I’m glad Shelly is finally seeing the light.
    Jeff has bullied his way throughout the season and I would love nothing more than to see him not get his way for once. I love Dani’s competitive nature and unlike JeJo, she will stick to her word when it comes to Adam. If Adam doesn’t keep Dani, he will regret it when he watches the season and sees Jeff talking about getting rid of him at the exact same time he’s refusing Dani’s offer. And that whole BS about Dani offering Adam to spend time with ED, it’s obviously a joke. I can’t believe it’s being twisted into this “desperate plea” when clearly she’s just jokingly trying to convince him.

    My prediction (more so “dying wish”) is a 3-2 vote for Kalia to evicted. It’s definitely possible and would truly be only Adam’s smartest move in this game.

    • The only reason Jeff is talking about getting rid of Adam is the doubts that Shelly put in his head…Adam does not know this..Jeff’s secret..Shelly is a true turncoat.. Adam’s u get it…unless they come together they both in deep crap…

    • Why call Jeff a bully just because he put Daniele up? PPl its a game and everyone in the BB house gets emotional at some point. Danielle is a spawn of evil dick… remember his bullying season? Jeff is not even close to a being a bully! Jeff may be guilty of only getting his biggest threat out of the BB house and well his mouth could use some cleaning up, but a bully? Not!

      • if it was the other way around Danny getting rid of Jeff then everybody would be saying what a great move that was

      • Jeff isn’t a bully because he put up Daniele. He’s a huge hypocrite, though. He completely lied to Daniele and put her up, but when Kalia told him she was nominating him as a PAWN, he got mad and started bullying her and threatening her. It’s sickening.
        Daniele hasn’t been bullying anyone. Every comment she says is the truth. Jordan and Jeff are liars, Rachel is annoying and is an idiot (this coming from a fan of her last year!), Adam is spineless and won’t make a big move… the list goes on forever. Daniele know what she’s talking about.

        I wasn’t a fan of her in Seasno 8 at all, but she’s turned out to be a great gameplayer. You can’t really call her catty without calling Jeff and Jordan catty as well. And Daniele’s cattiness is well-deserved! Daniele was completely honest with Jeff and did not betray him, but Jeff lied to her face.

      • OMG Daniisamazing are you kidding. Dani has been telling Jeff he is not her target and then turning around and going into the DR and saying Jeff is her target. She tried to get him backdoored in week 3. It’s ok to be a Dani fan but don’t try to make her sound like she doesn’t lie because she does.

    • Adam voting to save Daniele is signing his own eviction notice. He’s completely a pawn in this game and is now being used by Shelly and Daniele to suit their purpose. Once he has served his purpose, i.e., voting to keep Daniele in the house, he’ll be the next on the block to go, particularly if Daniele “happens” to win the next HOH.

      • Actually, Dani is on the hunt to get rid of Jeff and Rachel. I doubt Adam would be on top of her list. The only reason why she placed Adam as a nominee last week was to prove to both BrenChel that they she had given up getting both of them out of the house………. till the last minute. which is why she was dubbed Judas.

      • No, by keeping Dani he is guaranteeing himself a spot in the Final Four. Daniele will not nominate him, Porsche will not, Shelly will not, and with Daniele in the house Rachel, Jeff, and Jordan will not waste a nomination on him either. He will piss off Jeff yet earn his respect because Jeff said he would vote for someone in the end who made great game moves. And plus, for the next 2-3 weeks Adam against Rachel, Jeff, or Jordan on the block will guarantee him safety because he will have the votes.

        I’m 99% convinced the Judas nickname was a joke and a direct reference to when Jerry seriously called Dan Judas in Season 10. Brendon and Rachel may not like her but they understand her game move so I think the Judas comment was not to be taken seriously at all.

      • Dani is NOT amazing,Dani IS a liar.Dani is going BYEBYE I hope Brendan laughs in her stone face when she shows up at the jury house!

      • If Dani is lying, then who is telling the truth in the game? America’s Sweethearts Jeff and Jordan? If possible, they’re lying more than Dani. Dani pretty much stopped lying week three. Jeff and Jordan have only begun their lies, and what, it’s week 7? Yeah.

      • No way if Danny stays will Adam go up next. Jeff and Jordan will be next if either of them don’t win hoh. And rachael will be backdoored .
        Any other move will guarantee a newby doesn’t win

    • I totally agree. I love Danielle. She actually makes the show interesting to watch. I think Jeff is a hypocrite. He is constantly professing to be honest and to play with dignity and we all know that he DID promise to keep Dani off the block this week. He went back on his word. I understand its a game, but just call it like it is…(as Dani does)…and admit that you LIED to get a strong competitor out. Instead, J/J are now claiming that they never promised that they wouldn’t keep Dani off the block. Puh-leeeeez. Jeff is a big liar and a bully! I hope he goes and I hope Danielle who is actually PLAYING the game stays. I too have a “dying wish” Dani is Amazing a 3-2 vote to get Kalia out!!!!

      • Yes! It’s so shocking that some people actually buy JeJo’s crap. Honestly, I do really like Jordan and I feel as though she’s misguided by BIG BULLY Jeff. He thinks what he is doing and how he is acting is fair but it’s truly not. If Adam keeps Dani, he’s not even betraying Jeff but mark my word, Jeff will take it personally. Sorry buddy, but you’re not the only one going for 500,000 dollars.

        It’s so funny because when he even SUSPECTS that Adam and Porsche have an alliance, he wants to break them up. But if anyone tries to break up him and Jordan, he gets so angry. Ugh I can’t take this JeJo show anymore LOL. :(

        -so much frustration-

      • So die already Dani Stinks her own father said she was playing a bad game and now the loser is losing HA

      • For her dad to do that is just despicable in itself. No wonder Dani doesn’t have a relationship with her father. Who would want to talk to him? And he would’ve been gone around the same time his season if it wasn’t for America’s Player. I’m sure anyone can get farther than usual with the help of production.

      • Team JEJO did NOT lie to Dani. Jeff told her that he wouldn’t NOMINATE her. She wasn’t NOMINATED. She is a Veto REPLACEMENT. There’s a difference.

      • It’s a no brainer -Jeff wanted to weaken the Dani alliance at the start of his HOH-but now he has an opportunity to chop off it’s head .He may be a hypercrit but at least he’s not a fool.

    • @Dani is Amazing I agree with you and wish it would happen. Adam has told Rachel that they need to stick together and shook on it. He told her that Dani has been talking to him and while she has made good points, he is sticking with the alliance. He said he needs to win HOH and not let Dani do all the dirty work for him as what would he be able to say at the end to get jury votes as he would basically be accused of sitting back and doing nothing. He better hope he wins because then he will have lost his chance. Shelly even asked him if he would have enough guts to put up J/J on his own and he couldn’t answer. Shelly then talked to Rachel and of course told Rachel that she thinks Adam has flipped and Rachel told her then he just lied to me. Shelly continued her lying to protect herself in every possible scenario. Rachel even brought up the fact of all the money that J/J has made so far. So of course Rachel is starting to throw J/J under the bus.

      What I cannot understand is why all the people who are not Dani fans can not see that the only person that has not done any lying would be Adam. Every single one of them in this game have backstabbed, lied, etc. That’s fine – that’s BB, but why are the Dani haters calling only her or Shelly out for it? Why are they forgetting Rachel, J/J, Kalia, Porche and Brendon when he was still in the game?

      Why do we have certain people commenting here that are just as mean as they claim Dani is?

      • Right Gail! And so many people that claim to hate Dani for being mean, nasty or whatever are doing the same thing on here that they dont like her for. If this offends you, then yea… I am talking about you.

      • b/c the dani fans do the same thing talking about RBJJ. It seems to me if your a fan of one team your talking trash about the other team. It gets kind of annoying reading all the nasty comments no matter who is being trashed. People take so much so personally especially when their fave is on the block.

  6. Evil Dani is closer to meeting Evil Daddy!
    Could they they just legally change their name to Evil? It would be very well fitting.

    • I actually liked Evil Dick and his gameplay during his season and I was happy that he won. However, I couldn’t stand his bratty daughter’s behavior then and I dislike it even more this season. She needs to go NOW.

      • I like Evil DIck too. Thought he was a great player and wanted him to win, but his daughter, Dani, cannot stand her. She is a backstabbing liar, and then acts like a two year old when she gets put on the block. She has some seriously growing up to do and she needs to go. SICK of her!!!

      • I didnt watch that season so i cant judge but from the little i have seen of him he does actually seem pretty cool. But Dani that kid is a evil brat and worse then that she is proud of it, argggh

    • Its hard to believe Daniele’s hypocritical behavior. So annoying having to listen to her complain non-stop about the unfairness that she’s on the block. Whatever happened to her assertions of not taking things personally, and just playing the game? She’s taken “taking it personally” to a whole new level. When she can’t get her way, she whines and pouts like a whiny baby. I always liked her before this season. She’s making Rachel look like a saint! Get her out now! If she’s so miserable, let her walk out now. Its painful to listen and watch her constant complaining and offensive behavior. Mean girl. Go home!

      • I guess you are forgetting when Rachel and Brendon were on the block. Rachel is calm now because she is safe. When she or Brendon were not safe what were the two of them doing? I think some people are starting to have selective memory on the site. Are you forgetting about Rachel and her behavior when Brendon left the first time? Everyone in the house thought she was going to have a nervous breakdown. They also were constantly whinning, backstabbing other people with their talk or fighting.

  7. Keeping Dani is dumb. She is a HUGE threat to win. You take her out when you can. She hates people saying her dad carried her.

    • lol aren’t jeff and rachel also a HUGE threat.. it would be a fun bloodbath to watch dani, jeff and rachel fight it out!

      • HER DAD did carry her, and loved EVIL DICK. DANI needs to go this week and not let the door hit her on the way out. She makes me want to gag!

      • I would agree if it wasn’t for the fact that Jeff acted the exact same way when he was nominated. But wait — he was nominated and knew he could potentially going home. Dani was backdoored. That’s quite a difference, and I think she has every right to take it personally as she spent both of her HOHs guaranteeing them safety.

      • Dani lied as much as anyone else , she made deals with Jeff,she was trying to get Rachel to backdoor him , so he did it befor she backdoor.him bacause he knew that she wasn’t going to keep her deal and go after him

      • cath, i didn’t say anywhere in my comment that dani is not a liar..? i think jeff and rachel are just a huge as a threat as dani being good comp players.. the newbies do not stand a chance at winning HOH

      • Dani WAS NOT BACKDOORED. You can only be backdoored if you didn’t get a chance toplay in the veto. She played and lost.

  8. Dani has got to go!! I cannot stand to hear her whining anymore. She is such a sore loser, & acting like all those mean girls who think they are all that! But watch out for Porsche, I think she’s playing the “dumb card”. Pretty effectively, I might add!

    • She is dumb for real didnt show a single indication of being smart, ummm and she is a cocktail waitress bimbo what else do we need? :)

      On a side note she is floating pretty well and she might make it far..

  9. I can’t stand the way dani is acting just like Rachel. And all she is doing is talking about Rachel. I didn’t see dani acting decent when she was in charge for the last three weeks. And what person would have a game play like she did and have Dom evicted. She has got to be the dumbest player I have ever watched! And she apparently was carried by her daddy Evil Dick! And she doesn’t hold a candle to him! She deserves to be voted out!

  10. Think Dani need to go big time, to me she played her cards to early in my opinion and even it Dicks opinion. Think the 2nd eviction will be the key to who might get to finals. If Dani stays and either Rachel or Jordon win HOH for 2nd eviction, I think Dani and Shelly might go up and there will not be enough time for Shelly to say Rachel flipped, even though it is a game, can not stand Shelly, as all she as done is lied in game.

    • Agree totally! Shelly wouldn’t know the truth if it slapped her in her face!! I know you can’t play BB without lying, but she takes it to a whole new level.

      • I wish somebody would slap her in the face,Adam can if he would just tell J?J what shes doing trying to save Dani.Jeff & Rachel need her out to make it to the end themselves Shelly only wants Dani there to take out Rachel,since shes good for nothing at gameplay

    • getting sick of folks saying dani played her cards too early, both her and kalia ended up putting up people jeff wanted them to, and it took them 3 weeks to get rid of brendan. they should have gone for the throats, and continued to place jeff and brendan on the block, and had they did that, they would have truly swung the house their way because the newbies would have known they were serious and played with dani and kalia

  11. I agree 100% I don’t think anyone is going to vote to keep Dani. On another note……MOST. EPIC LINE OF THE SEASON… Shelly to Rachel: “Dani is all over him, I have been trying all morning to convince him, she’s been trying to get me, but I’m not having it”!!!!!!!!!!! Wait what? Do we all agree that Shelly is one side of her/ mickey rourke is the other? I mean what the hell is with this lady, she’s gotta be skitzo…Adam really needs to tell Jeff now!

    • Yeah, that scares me why Adam hasn’t said anything to Jeff about her flipping. Maybe Adam is going to flip & wants to keep it to himself????

    • See shelly is just doing what I said she was doing all along; trying to get Adam to flop, knowing she will not so then she can have jejo to herself. And hey why not get. A F2 vote from Dani in the meantime?

  12. What’s really funny is how big of a brat dani is being. She was treating kalia like it was her fault come on your getting what you put out! I will be so glad to see dani booted! I hope Shelly or kalia goes next! I can’t wait to see what happens!

    • Well it’s not Daniele’s fault. It’s never Daniele’s fault.

      Yeah, the other night she told Kalia, “this never would have happened if you had voted out Jeff.” Nor would it be happening if she hadn’t tried to BD Jeff, but you know that doesn’t fit Victim Daniele’s profile.

      • Perhaps if Daniele hadn’t made her power move so early in the game and/or if she didn’t set her sights on relentlessly targeting Brendon, the game would have evolved a bit differently for her. She deserves to be voted out, as does Kalia and Shelly.

      • I’m so glad people are so fed up with Daniele! Maybe production will stop trying to help her stay, however they’re trying to do that! Evil Dick will probably disown her after having to watch her lame behavior. Spoiled, whiny, manipulative, offensive, mean spirited, yuk! I don’t have enough words to describe my disgust. And Shelly is right up there! Rachel is likable compared to them! I can’t believe I’m actually saying that! BB better do something to improve the BB show next season.

      • Jeff was never on the block long enough to be voted out, kalia. Did put jeff up he won. The veto. This would have never happened had dani realizeed there were more people playing than brenchal.

    • Yep Shelly or Kalia Shelly becaue I hate her, Kalia because she might accidentaly win HOH again, wonder who she’d put up?

  13. I sort of would like to see Jeff and Adam as the final two. Like Adam because up until this point he has not bee the lying piece of crap that Shelly has turned out to be, and I applaud his honesty in Big Brother. Shelly is an embarrassment to her daughter and that poor child will never be able to look up to her mother as a role model ever again. Feel sorry for her daughter. Evict Dani this week and then would really like to see Shelly kicked out next week. Still love Jeff, Jordan and Adam. Also, respect Adam when he said depending on who Rachel was in final two he would perhaps have to vote for Rachel to stay because of her gameplay. Have to give the man credit for his honesty!!!

    • I think Rachel deserves to be in the top three, along with Jeff and Adam. Everyone else can’t be out of there soon enough in mh humble opinion! I love Jordan, but she did not deserve to win her season, and definitely not this one. Too bad Brendon is gone! Although I wasn’t so much of a Brenchel fan, kinda neutral, I have to give them credit for being great competitors in all facets of the game, and honestly not too backstabbing, compared to Shelly, Porsche, and Daniele. THE MEAN GIRLS! As a woman, they epitomize the petty behavior I find so prevalent when a group of women congregate. Men are so much easier to hang around with. All that drama is so exhausting!

  14. IMHO… if I were Adam I would tell S&P I am voting to evict K and then tell Jeff to watch what happens in the votem that iit will be 3-2 and that S has been lying to them the whole time… and that will move him up on the food chain… just sayin’

      • I agree and I hope that is what Adam does so that Shelly gets kicked out the door next week. She is such a skank and a liar.

      • Shelly is not going to vote for Judas. She is playing Judas for her F2 vote. Shelly gains nothing by keeping Judas. It is all a smoke screen. BYE BYE JUDAS! SAY HELLO TO BOOKIE FOR ME!

      • But you don’t really know how Shelly is going to vote. She may go with JJ just to do what you recommend. Then she will tell more lies and say none of what they here is true.
        I love a person that can lie with a straight face. (In a game)

  15. No need to wait to see what happens next. This show has been engineered from the beginning for JeJo to win. The only reason I watched this season was because of Danielle. When she’s gone, so am I. I won’t be watching BB ever again because BB is fixed from the start. I hope this is the final season of BB. Please go away, BB. Or not. Either way, I won’t be watching you ever again.

    • You know I have heard so many things about BB being fixed, only I heard it was fixed in Dani’s favor. Guess she screwed up even though she floated for 4 weeks. Better watch.

      • Kay, if you are correct, then Danielle will win the whole thing. Yippee! But, that’s not going to happen. You watch. Personally, I am done. The show really is engineered. You don’t want to believe it; but, that is the full meaning of the term “big brother”; not just this tv program.

      • If you stop to think about it and I am correct, then Dani wouldn’t win necessarily, she would have to work for it with things in her favor. BUT, she messed it up….That is what I am saying. I don’t believe she will win the whole thing. I think it was set up for her to win and she screwed it up badly by being so arrogant.

      • i don’t think production is trying to help dani stay, instead, they need a show for thursday so they trotted out shelly to stir the pot a little just so folks will keep watching thinking there is a chance for her to stay. if you recall, last season regan came out of daily room saying “they need a show,’ we need to do something to create a show.”

    • I don’t believe it’s fixed for any particular person to win, but I do believe suggestions are made to keep the action going.

      • I agree I think production was definitely trying to rig it in Dani’s favor, and the only reason I am still watching it is because hopefully Dani is getting her rear thrown out on Thursday. I cannot stand that production was trying to rig it for Dani and it was so obvious that they were.

      • i agree with you bob, heck BB know that ppl arn’t gonna pay to watch ppl just hanging out by the pool.. so they probably throw in some comments to get them all paranoid and doing all sorts of crap

      • i’m a dani fan too, but i don’t think it was fixed for either dani or jeff.. if by some miracle, dani is given a second chance to stay then i may be thinking otherwise

  16. I hate to see Dani go. She’s been an awesome player against some unbelievably difficult odds. The way she knocked out the JeJo team and then the flip-floppers one by one on that “price is right” competition was unfreakingbelievable.

    It’s too bad that the house is not starting to realize that JEFF is the one who’s got to GO. They need to start regrouping to get rid of him. They have the votes to get rid of Jeff, should the opportunity ever come up. If they make the mistake of not getting rid of Jeff when they can, then they can’t complain about losing to him.

    • Dani is a liar and she backstabbed her alliance in the very beginning. She has whined and been nothing but a huge baby ever since she went up on the block. So sick of her whining and crying and tantrums like a 3 year old. B and B will be so much better once she is kicked out hopefully on Thursday night. BEST MOVE EVER getting rid of DANI!!!

      • Right, Dani is almost as bad as her dear old dad. He was as obnoxious as he could be and was very surprised the producers allowed his bullying. I can see where she gets it from, she didn’t seem to mind when he did it so she does it too. I think how he played the game that year was terrible. Don’t care if he won. All the people I know hated his antics. They should have gone in there an dragged him out. Just terrible. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

    • Jeff deserves to be in the final 2. Along with Rachel and or Adam. I will not ever watch again if somebody like Shelly or Porsche win. Kalia is annoying, but not as bad as the other 2. Daniele has turned out to be the biggest sore loser in BB history! Go home now! Please take yourself and us viewers our of our misery. Please! Julie should show her the door and tell her to go home like the host of Bachelor pad told Vienna on Monday! That was tv worth watching!

      • @ Lennie i agree! Dani is such a cry baby. I am not a big Kalia fan but i do not like how she is treating her. Kalia needs to give a sympathy vote to evict Dani, than Shelly the liar.

  17. I agree 150% and hope Danielle is outta there!!!! We need to then focus on getting Shelly out after this week.

  18. I still like Danie and I hope she stays what else is there.She is the best player and Jeff is going right after her what left punk Adam and geeez.

  19. Live feeds are a RIP OFF. Adam is ask to go to the HN room with the girls and they keep all 4 cameras on Jordan and Rachel so we won’t know what is said. Did they tell Adam that BB wants him to vote to keep Dani.

    • i don’t pay to watch feeds, i’d rather read them for free.. i’m not interested in watching ppl be @$$holes, i encounter enough in my life as is!

      • I know Showtime afterdark is 3 hours of them eating and playing games with M&Ms,shooting pool and trying to aim the cameras around amy useful information.I dont watch any more this site give more info than that whatever you would call it

      • I don’t get the live feeds or BBAD either….I was really considering it though. Maybe I will next season. I wonder if you can order showtime while big brother is going on, and then cancel it after the show’s over? I really wouldn’t watch it much besides BBAD…..but from what you guys are saying, it probably wouldn’t be worth getting anyway.

      • there’s a website where you can read minute by minute updates of the feeds… just google it.. not only is it informative but also unbiased… i don’t read updates contributed from commenters, i just like to add my input cuz it’s easier to comment on here

  20. WAIT,something to think about, what if a BB TWIST let Dani use the veto ticket a second time, will make great season.

    • They can let her use it a million times, but playing for the veto won’t mean much after she’s evicted tomorrow.

      • Dani could veto the nomination and take herself off the block as well as choose the person to take her place. They did it before with Matt who had the golden key remember.

    • Hi ziggy1. It 5 not 6. Judas can’t vote even though she promises she won’t be bad anymore! lol…

      • that’s right Jeff can’t vote. In that case Adam should vote to keep Dani for his game. He must realize his 4th in their group and can’t win with jj and r and they won’t take him to the finals. The newbes need to get together or they should just go home and end this game. Plus I reaaly can’t handle her and don’t want her to even get to the final 2.

      • It wouldn’t be that bad an idea for Adam if he can go to the final 4 with Rachel. Unless Sa/Po won HoHs. He actually can ally with Rachel to backdoor JJ afterwards. He can then convince Rachel she had no chance to go with JJ to the final 2 and JJ had backdoored BR twice and sent Brendon to the Jury house. Adam may consider himself a better chance winning the votes from the juries than Rachel.

  21. I’m not sure rachel is a complete vote to evict danielle. If she doesn’t get blinded by the fact that danielle got rid of her man (twice), then she might realize that if jordan is placed on the block the other person is guaranteed eviction. Having danielle as a secret partner isn’t such a bad idea.

  22. It’s hard to say this but I’m suprised at how different Rachel is being, kinda like her now. But Dani’s pity party is ridiculous at least Rachel had hers in the have not room and didn’t sit in the kitchen waiting on somebody to come to her rescue. She was nice to everybody but kalia. Kalia was in a good mood and then after talking to dani she went back to bashing people just to make dani happy. Yeah Jeff stuck it to her but she threw the first stone and wonders why JJ doesn’t trust her. It’s hard to watch her, I can’t believe Shelly doesn’t pick up on the fact that dani is throwing kalia under the bus and she will do it to them also. Dani has had a cake walk for 6 weeks and the first sign of trouble she turns into a 10 year old. Her dad basically gave her the first 3 weeks free, but dani always wants more and tries to hard sell everybody on what she wants…. Lol nobody’s buying! Shelly is a whole other topic, wow this woman has issues, why don’t they make a move on there own, they want dani and Jeff to take everybody out and they just coast to the finals. I feel for big Jeff, he never quits and everytime his back was against the wall he came out swinging like Rocky! Why do people not want him to win? They rather have Shelly or dani… I’d rather give the money to Rachel, atleast she will act like a fool and then get over it. Everybody else just denies the fact that they lie,cheat and steal. Nice move with the chess pieces…. Why do you think Jeff would give a damn about you hiding them, he doesn’t even play chess. Checkmate Dani!

    • Brandon Rachel is always better when she is on the winning end. Please don’t forget when she wasn’t. If a miracle happened and Dani stayed watch out for Rachel again. Or even if Kalia stayed and her or Porche won HOH and she was put on the block.

  23. I would like to see Jeff and Dani in the final two, because I think those are the only deserving people in the house based on guts and gameplay. It would suck to see Rachel or one of the newbie losers get money that they didn’t deserve.

    • That wouldve been fine with me but Dani has to cut somebodies throat on the second week, not to forget her golden key which she complained about having. I think everybody knows a Dani, one of those people who know everything but at the first sign of trouble the revert to blaming everyone else. I’m a huge BB fan and try to think in the way of gameplay and I understand the lying but when you lie for the sake of lying it ridiculous, Im from the south and just wasn’t raised that way not to say I haven’t ever lied but when you are on TV I would think you would clean it up a little, they throw the “it’s just a game” around to much and ” I wouldn’t act like that in the real world” it’s kinda disturbing when you think about. I think all of these people are who they are in the house, I know your in a rough situation but still wouldn’t be the way I would go about it. If Dani really respected the game she would applaud jeff for the game move but instead it’s “he’s a moron”. Her attitude is worse than rachels by far, I use to like her in season 8 but I can’t remember if she was this big of a Diva, can you guys fill me in?

      • Really. Daniele who sits around moping all day because the little brat doesn’t get her way? No one understand that if you send all four, JEJo and Brech to the jury, they’ll never vote for the person who sent them there. They have four of the seven votes. Even if Dani survives this week, she has zero shot of winning. Everyone hates her.

      • That’s right he better flip if he wants to even get near the 500,000 because the way thins are going he’ll come in 4th. Shelly may be a liar and a snake(not in my book)but she sure can sake-up the house.

    • I don’t agree bob, there are other ways to make it far without lying your way there. Dani had the right angle as far as building relationships with people but then she started to hard sell everybody and it blew up on her. Adam hasn’t played a bad game, I like how he with holds information that other houseguests would spill the beans on as soon as the heard it. Thy think to little of him and that might comeback and bite them. I’m not saying never lie but they will throw any lie out there, and get mad when no one bites! Lol

      • Agreed. Adams fate is in Adam’s hands. If he can win HOH’s or Vetos he can go to the end with no problem. I would love to see it.

  24. I would like to see Jeff, Adam, and Rachel in the end……………Jeff deserve’s to be where he is….Come on , Dani is a sore Looser right now….remember how she and her puppet’s acted when she was HOH???? Has everyone forgotten….She sure bragged and giggled and so on…until now, now she is all mad, and crying and so on…She must go…her dad will explain later what she did wrong which we all know she did TOO EARLY in the game…………….By By Dani…..Go Jeff…………….

  25. Regardless if Jeff lied to Dani or not he has the opprotunity to knock out a tuff player .He’d be crazy not to take advantage.Luv to see ‘know it all’ Kalia gone but hopefully she’ll follow Dani as the second evictee.Go BIG Jeff …

  26. Really. Daniele who sits around moping all day because the little brat doesn’t get her way? No one understand that if you send all four, JEJo and Brech to the jury, they’ll never vote for the person who sent them there. They have four of the seven votes. Even if Dani survives this week, she has zero shot of winning. Everyone hates her.

  27. Kalia talked to Adam at 4 in the mirning. GThey agreed to make a final 4 deal…. Adam says his closest ally is Shelly and it will stay like that…. Too bad Shelly doesn’t feel the same way about him when she throws him under the bus every chance she gets. Adam says Kalia and Porsha have each other.

  28. Hey People, remember it’s a game! Most of them lie. It’s a game move. I love Dani! Jeff & Jordan needs to be split up. Jordan has already won. It’s time for someone else to win.

    • If Jordan makes it to final 3 – which is very possible then she has a great shot at winning half a million, again.More power 2 her..

  29. Good for you Kalia….. Kalia is exposing Shelly to Porsha about how Lawon was Shelly’s idea only after Kalia refused to put up Porsha.

  30. I agree Dani will be out this week.. Sure wish some one would have told J/J what Shelly was doing all week. Would have made from some even better drama.

  31. Porsha complaining about Adam being a floater to Kalia? Porsha is the biggest floater in the house…. She was Rachel’s best friends when she was in power. Then she was Dani’s best friend while she was in power. Now she will be Kalia’s best friend when Dani is evicted unless Rachel wins the HOH and then she will be Rachel’s best friend again!

  32. Really if you think about it it would be smart for Racheal to vote to keep Dani. Think about it… no one would suspect that she would vote to keep Dani it would cast doubt in the mind of JeJo on Adam and Shelly and then then boom Dani would take out Jeff. I am in no means a Racheal supporter BUT if she would really pit the ‘newbies’ against the JEJO and then we would have some real fireworks!

    • And I am sorry but without the fireworks that Dani has provided this season it would have been one of the most boring seasons ever and the vets would have walked away with it. Sorry not what I signed up to watch… JEJO walking around acting innocent is just making me ill!

      • I agree too! I’m glad Dani made big moves….even though she’s probably getting evicted this week. The newbies will be picked off one by one. I would’ve liked to see dani go all the way, but if she goes, I’d want to see Jeff win I guess. I like them both even though they’re on completely different sides of the house. It would’ve been cool to see Jeff, dani, and Rachel fight it out in the end even though I’m not a fan of rachels at all!

  33. I don’t understand why everyone is calling Dani Judas. No one in this game has played a completely honest game. Everyone backstabs and lies. Danielle is the only one who had the balls to go against the power teams. The newbies have not realized that if you go up against Jeff or Jordan you will most likely lose but if you go up against Dani you’ll most likely win since she has made so many enemies. The newbies are not thinking ahead/final two or who they would win against. I want Adam to stop being a floater, join with the newbies to get Jeff, Jordan and Rachel out. And Shelly needs to stop lying about being a liar.

    • I would love to see them all watching all of this season to see what Shelly is really like. And with Racheal she knows that she is not really apart of the JEJO team after the whole JEJO voting with the house to evict boohoo brendan

    • Trish I so agree with you about all the Dani name calling. According to many of the posters on this site she is the only one. They are being just as mean as they claim her to be. Every person left in the game (except maybe Adam) all lie, backstab, cheat, etc. That’s BB. Don’t just accuse Dani of it.

      • amen! JEJO sitting there acting higher then mighty claiming that they have been honest just makes me ill!

  34. I’m just saying, Dani gets evicted and then if Racheal doesn’t win HOH, she gets evicted. A whole week secluded in a house with Brenchel. It’s gonna be pure torture for Dani and amazing karma. BOOM!!

  35. Shelly is still blowing smoke up Dani and Porsha’s a** even thhough she will not vote to keep Dani.

    I wonder is Porsha will tell Dani about her talk with Kalia and a final 4 newbie alliance?

  36. What is with all the name calling of Dani? If you don’t like her fine, but do certain posters have to be so mean? You are accusing her of doing the very same thing you are doing.

    • Go Gail,
      I love Dani and if she is evicted it will free up a few hours of summertime evenings for me because I do not care about any of the other players, they are beyond boring and stale.

  37. Jeff and Adam are solid and it is a 100% done deal Adam is voting out Dani….

    If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask ok? I am watching the live feeds now!

    • I’m so excited! Adam said he was getting so aggravated by dani..I knew. He would! She thinks the harder she pushes the better chance she has, but he’s gonna end blowing up on her!

  38. Adam and Rachel made a deal that Adam won’t nominate Rachel if he wins the HOH….

    Adam confirmed that with Jeff

    Adam is playing all the newbies!

  39. Adam says he can’t wait until he wins so he can prove himself to Jeff

    Jeff says he can’t wait to see Adam put Porsha and Kalia up!

  40. Jeff is digging into Adam and Adam is acting like a yes man…

    Jeff: Yo you need to shut them down and make them get to the point. Cut the f***ing string off and don’t give them hope!

  41. Adam called Dani out in front of Shelly…. Dani said Shelly was Dani’s backup plan in case the noms stayed the same last week. Dani is livid about Adam doing that but can’t do anything because she wants Adam’s vote…. LMAO!!!

  42. Why did I think of Shelly when I read this:

    Psychosis is a loss of contact with reality, usually including false ideas about what is taking place or who one is (delusions) and seeing or hearing things that aren’t there (hallucinations).

    • The convo between Adam, Shelly and Dani happened earlier…. Adam just told Jeff about that convo a couple minutes ago…

      Adam was in the purple room studying…

      • adam only mentioned that dani was campaigning to jeff, no mention of shelly… i think he didn’t mention shelley because he will need her down the line.. he knows he needs to break up the JJ team as shelley had asked him when he was planning to do that

  43. Porsche is like a barnacle on the bottom of a boat, clinging as hard as possible to whomever is in power at the moment. Get a life of your own girl.

  44. Hey Dani is amazing your out of your mind. Dani has backstab about everybody in the house. She has talked about backdooring Jeff, she has talked about Kalia, Porshe, Shelly the whole crowd. All Dani is concerned about is herself. She screwed up when she made her “big” move early in the game. That put the target on her back. She should’ve waited to do that later in the game. But she got excited when she was HOH and jumped through the hoops wanting to make a name for herself in BB. She made a name for herself alright a big DA. And let me inject something else here, back in BB8 her and her dad “evil dick” won that season. Now whether or not ED gave her any of the money, we will never know. But it seems as if Dani is trying to get revenge from what happened in her season. Even ED said on the show that when Dani done the big move that it was a mistake at the time she done it. And it was. That among all the back stabbing she is doing and selling everybody up a creek without a paddle is what put the target on her back. She deserves what she gets and I hope it is Bye Bye and Hello Bookie.

    • Well said Todd……Bye Bye Danielle. I hope we get to see the jury house feed when Brendon sees her in the Jury house…..lmao (keeping my fingers crossed).

  45. I agree with your is time for Dani to leave. Shelly should be right behind her. If Adam flip that would be it for him in the Big Brother house, cause he will be next out the door. GO JeJo. Dani is reaping what she sowed….lol

    • Ali Baba you got that right! Adam needs to tell JJ about Shelly in case they win HoH on Thursday. I would put up Shelly and Porshe and use Kalia for a pawn. Then lets get on with the game and see if JJ or Rachael/Adam wins. I am so sick of the nasty attitudes of the “wanna be bad girls” and am ready to watch a good big brother game. Let’s roll…

  46. Shelly will jump ship yet again, when she totally knows or expects how Adam will vote. She’ll play the coy game. Dani will be booted out, but will go to the jury house believing that Shelly had her back. Shelly will expect her jury vote at the end. She totally works all sides of the house. Nice game play, Ms Integrity.

  47. Adam told Shelly tthat Farah can have whatever she wants. Adam said all the Adam she can handle…. Rachel said is that all? That isn’t much…. Zzzziiiinnnngggg!!!! Jeff and Shelly both laughed!

  48. @Leo I guess Adam has joined the backstabbing group. I bet you won’t say that about him or any of the others guilty of it.

    • Gail,

      I said Jeff and Jordan backstabbed brendon and Rachel when Jordan volunteered to go on the block to ensure Brendon went home

      I hate the fact that Adam is being wishy washy which is why I am glad Jeff confronted him about it this afternoon. Don’t give the other side hope.

      Dani, Kalia, Shelly and Porsha are beyond backstabbing with all the childish talking crap about Rachel behind her back…

      • Leo, thank you for a nice comment. I don’t mind that you are a Rachel fan. I respect others that have different favorites. It’s just my opinion that Rachel is every bit as guilty as all the others of talking crap. Maybe some of the rude comments I saw were made by the other person called Leo. If that is the case I apologize. There are a lot of people who make nasty, trashy comments. I don’t think those people need to accuse others of doing what they are guilty of doing themselves. Again, sorry if I have the wrong Leo.

  49. I am so disgusted with Shelly. A women her age to be so catty and be so mean. I also have never seen how much hatred the other ones (Porcha, Daniel, Kala) have towards Rachel. Although Rachel may have whined in the past, it doesn’t make it right for them to be so mean!I feel so bad for Rachel. if I ever hit the lottery I would pay for Rachels and Brendon’s wedding.

  50. Did anyone watch Dic at night on Sunday? Dick is saying he is the only past hg that will be allowed to do live backyard interviews this summer because last summer Chelsea from BB9 said something that made a hg from last summer refuse to come back to the house for interviews…. ED gets to do it because his show is so popular. I think Dick at night is better than last season of BB and this summer!

  51. I dont think no body is going to vote to keep Dani. cause they have a chance to get her out now and ther might not get a next time

  52. Like I’ve stated before…..Adam sticking to his alliance does not mean he is “in love with jeff” or up jeffs ass, like people keep saying. Do you people really expect him to just flip? Just cmon Adam flip for the fun of it, if you don’t, your a p***y…get real! Adam doesn’t just walk around listening to jeff, as we could see last week. Jeff tried to get Adam to vote out Shelly and keep Brendon and Adam said no. Also another thing, since Dani is “so strong” and “such a great player” then why the hell is it not a “bold” move for Adam to stand up to her and say “no”? To. Me, letting Dani punk him into a vote, would be him acting like a p***y. He is not a punk just because he won’t flip, he is loyal to his alliance, as. He shouled be, they have been loyal to him…what’s so bad about that, what’s so wrong with Adam wanting to stick with Jeff? It is his ALLIANCE..and I said I earlier, sticking with your alliance and being loyal will get you a lot further than all the conniving and backstabbing, and cocky bs…that is precisely why Dani is on the block, and WILL go to jury tomorrow.

    • Thank you. Everyone is dogging Adam because he won’t wilt to Dani. Loyalty goes far. She is a spoiled little b****. Don’t let the door hit your pretty little a** on the way out.

      • people are saying adam is a buttkiss because he actually is a buttkiss. “yeah, yeah, youre so right jeff.” and “see jeff? thats why i cooked you breakfast this morning cuz you know what youre doing.” and nodding at everything jeff says. haha! you dont have to be a servantly brown-noser to be an ally. shelly’s an ally and even SHE isnt saying all that.

  53. Anyone notice a different Rachel this week? She is not pining for Brendon as much and is talking nicely to everyone. I’m sure the 3 trash bags in the have-not room are miserable because even tho’ they dash her to pieces with every open mouth of theirs, she’s ahead of their game and is enjoying life. She IS safe this week. Good for her. GO RACHEL you show ’em girl. You’re a strong woman. You can win another HOH and disrupt the trash bag set.

    • Hell yeah!!! Go Rachel…. All the people saying they were for Dani because she was the underdog should be for Rachel because Rachel is the definition of an undergod.

      • I agree with you! Rachel has been slammed upside her head the entire season, yet she stands strong. I hope she makes it to final 2.

  54. Does anyone know if the longer they are in the game the more money they make?Meaning the ones in the jury house get less money than the ones that are currently in the house?

    • Once you get to Jury you earn as much as everyone else since you’re technically still part of the game and are stuck there.

      It’s about $8200 for the season (as was told to me by a former HG). Now the person who goes at the start gets 1 week stipend, second person gets 2 weeks stipend, and so forth up until the last person before jury.

  55. Dani is reaping what she sowed but what is gonna be the punishment for ole faithful(Shelly) come on it should not be just a slap as it was for Kalia from Big Jeff I hope they all turn on her but my guess is her and Dani’s yes lady(Porcshe) with join and I hope one of the two go with this double tomorrow night.Really doesn’t matter but after all Jordan done for her and her act this way I hope they neither one speak to her again. I want Adam to man up and tell Jeff Please for all humanity!!!!Go JEFF!!!

  56. If Adam or Shelly really want a chance to win they better flip.Cause all they’re doing is JeJo a walk to the finish line.They wpll never have a chance to win with those 2 pulling the strings.

  57. In the beginning I was also against Dani and thought J/J walked on water but I watch the live feeds and Jeff and Dani were talking and he asked her what would she do if she won the veto and she said what do you want me to do and it would be best if i threw the veto or Kali or Pors would expect me to take one of them off the block but if I do you want backdoor me will you and he said no and there were talking about working together and etc so Jeff is not being honest he may be playing the game but his integrity is going down a black hole of course money will do that to and for you, anyway just wanted to say Dani is not lying about the conversation in general do not know why she has not mentioned throwing and asking that question will not be much of game without her Jeff should have tossed Rach but he wanted the two votes in the end and he probably wont get them anyway because I think Adam or Shelly will even though they had not played a physcial game they have played a good social one hate to say that but my thoughts

    • Linda,
      Have you ever heard of a period. That has to be the longest run on sentence I have ever seen. Additionally, you made absolutely no sense. The whole point of Big Brother… is a “Game.” If everyone consistently spoke the truth and did not manipulate others for a favorable position, the game would die a slow and painful death. The lies and backstabbing is what keeps us all glued to the show. I am quite confident that anyone of us that was put into the house would act in the same manner as everyone in the previous 12 seasons have. On the outside world I presume to believe, that with a few exceptions, most of the HGs are decent people. I evaluate the participants on their strategic moves and analytical prowess. Therein lies the magic of BB.

    • How quickly people forget it was dani who turned on jejo first, and got caught….red handed…now its a big surprise if jejo don’t keep up their deals with her? I laughed when dani was saying she hoped jejo would uphold their side of the deal so she could screw them next week…. No dice dani

    • Yes and before the veto competition started Dani admitted she was not going to throw the veto so Jeff does not owe her anything.

  58. Has BB ever done something like give a surprise to safe a player after there in block.? TY Brandon came back maybe they could do something for Danie to stay would love to see the others face lol all not Porcha she has been real nice to her Kalia is just a hypocrite but Danie know Adam is so blind thinking about the money he cant think strait

  59. i hope dani’s parting shot at rachel it to tell her she’ll take good care of bookie in the jury house…… roflmfao

    • All Brendon has to say when Danielle walks in the jury house is—-Hi! Hon, I knew you missed me and cannot stay away. Here let me give you a kiss! LOL I hope they show it on TV. Looking forward to this! If Brendon even says something similar, Danielle will be so pissed because Brendon will remind her every week till the finals that, she has been outplayed and booted out! And she last just one week longer than Brendon! LOL

    • Exactly, have you noticed she has no eyebrows and has to draw them on, which she was doing last night, maybe she has some sort of medical condition, I love the way she always tries to be so threatening, I just hope this flip deal doesn’t happen or Jeff will be pissed and I don’t want to see Daniele gloat.

      • Nah, it’s nothing medical. She’s talked about it. Daniele is blonde, but dyes her hair black now. Kalia asked if she would dye her eyebrows to match. Daniele says she’s never done that and just paints in the color every few days.

        But yeah, looks weird after a few days.

  60. Like Dani or not This show will be the most boring show ever without her. All the remaining house guests will be kissing Jejo’s ass rather than try to win the money.

    • On the contrary, this game is just starting to get interesting. With 7 people remaining and the show is boring because Danielle got booted out? LOL Even that is so rich! No one is going to miss Danielle. There are a lot of twists and turns coming but, Danielle will not be part of it! Anyway, she can watch the rest of it in the jury house like everyone else. Her day of reckoning is almost here!

  61. With Dani probably gone, there’s no real reason to watch the show anymore as there is no one worthwhile to cheer for.Porsche,Adam,Shelley and Adam are just floaters.Jordan has already won.No one wants Rachel to win and Jeff is just a male version of Rachel.too bad Dick had to leave.He’s the best! Oh well maybe next season.

  62. At 4:23 PM BBT

    Dani told Porsha that she is going to call Shelly out…. Uh oh!!! How exciting will this be?

    • Yes! Let’s pray she does…Shelly deserves it after all the garbage she’s spread/ said about Rachel. That would truly make the season!

  63. Dani will win BB13 if she is not evicted tomorrow evening. Dani is very dangerous and angry to win comps. Will be interesting to see what happens..;)
    JeJo already have money from BB. And these two will pushes further in the game if the newbies are slacking.
    Rachel must win HoH to keep the Vets and if she wants to ensure her safety for further her game against Dani.
    Adam will not vote to keep Dani, after all that rumors, if he keeps’ Dani and Dani wins the quicktime HoH there’s a 50/50 for him or Jeff to be the second half evictee for double trouble double eviction.
    Kalia needs to relax, if not people will slide vote and get rid of her tomorrow.
    Porsche breathe gas…, she has been a pawn all along; one day she will finally ran out of gas too..
    NutShell we need her out that door, enough.. but ya we all know JeJo won’t get rid of her.
    Haha.. looks like things its’ going Shell’s way…

    • Mindy, that is until Dani call Shelly out in front of the house for campaiging for Dani and then telling Kalia to talk to Adam about his vote. Shelly is play both sides again…. Uh ok? LMAO!

  64. AS I was reading all these post.You would have though Dani has been this big witch in the house this week .I have just watched 5 min and Rachel looks like she was the witch.If I was Dani I get the last laugh on Rachel .When I got to the jury house I would be flirting with Brendon to make her mad.She has always telling people not to mess with her man.DANI go mess with him.Dani I really dont want you to break them up,but teach her a learn.

    • TV edits are much different from the Live Feeds. Rachel is no saint by any means, but Daniele and her crew say some pretty horrible, terrible things about Rachel. Both are rather guilty.

      • I agree, that editing really changes how some of the HG conversations really go down. Rachel does do some bashing behind Dani’s back (and to her face)…but she only bashes her game playing – Dani bashes Rachel on a more personal level and that’s just mean. I am not a huge Rachel fan, but noone deserves that. I’m happy Dani is going.

  65. Dani saying Rachel is giving her a hard time…. Every minute of the day, Dani, Kalia, Porsha and Shelly are talking crap about Rachel!

  66. Rachel: Why are you pissed off? Why aren’t you excited about turning 25?

    Dani: gets up and walks away…

    Karma is a b**** right Dani? You wanted people to aggravate Rachel, but she beat you to the punch and is aggravating you… LMAO!

  67. has anyone or am I the only one that thinks Jordan is the floater of all floaters? This is my 1st BB season.

    • Floating means moving from power to power as it shifts around the house. Jordan has been loyal to Vets alliance & mainly Jeff the whole time. Not being very “active” in the game is different from floating.

      It would make more sense to say Porsche is a floater. She was on Rachel’s side for the first 3 weeks when they had the power. Then she moved over to being Daniele’s best friend when she took power for 3 weeks.

      • okay, thanks for clearing. I guess I don’t care for her part in the game. She doesn’t do anything but stare into space. I think she feels she really doesn’t need to try to win. She is riding Jeff’s wave. I hope it is all a false security for her in the end.

      • i consider not being active in the game to be floating… i think jordan was active in the beginning, but now it seems she’s just making jeff do all the hard work… altho porshe has gone from one member to the next, i’d do that too to save my @$$ if i wasn’t good in comps…. so from the newbies that are left, i’d say adam was a floater

      • I actually think Jordan is a very good game player. People in the house like her so much that they won’t put her up or they just don’t see her as a threat and keep her in…this is exactly what won her the $ the first time. In the end of her first season she won when she needed too. Plus, if you listen to her conversation with Jeff and other HG, she seems to be a very logical thinker as to how each week could play out.

      • Jordon is a FLOATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        When you do nothing and hang on someone elses coattails, your a Floater.
        And she hasn’t done a dam thing.

      • Sorry, Bob & Essie, but that’s not correct. “Floating” refers to the movement between control/power in the game. It’s like the moth to the flame analogy. Sounds like you’re using it more like a “lazy river” type of floating.

        It certainly sounds reasonable to say “floating” applies to floating along that lazy river, but in BB it actually applies to following power.

    • Jordan less a charmed existence on this show. She doesn’t have to do anything because she is completely protected. She’s not a floater, but she might as well be. Must be nice to relax for 2 months. We need to see jeff and dani gone – then this will get interesting!

  68. Jeff and Jordan making fun of Dani and Porsha on the spy screen is hilarious. Especially when Jeff and Jordan start discussing how to pronounce mishevous in the kitchen!

    Jeff is right though…..

  69. I loved seeing Dani’s face when the Zingbot asked her if she owned a car or if she still preffered to ride her daddy’s coat tails? Her facial expression was priceless….. She was pissed….. LMAO!!!

    • Rachael laying in bed watching Dani pack!!!!
      Ms R has such a look, like she wants to be nasty but not sure …. I am waiting for the fireworks to go off.

  70. Cam 3 & 4 Dani just said something to shelly about”They think I can get myself out of this’.Think she is talking about DR again.

  71. Shelly threw the comp….. I give her credit for staying low….. I think Shelly will suprise everyone and win a comp……

    Everyone was throwing out zings

    Jordan is the bomb…. She is cute enough to Zing herself and laugh about it. L~O~L!!!

  72. i can’t beleive it :( i’m on vacation and my favourite player of all time is going home this week :( i’m so upset, i love dani and i think she’s an awesome player, she made great moves BUT her worst move was gunning for brendon and not jeff! i’ve said this for weeks jeff has the votes and controls everyone, dani could have made a deal with brendon and rachel but she didn’t she just wasted her hoh’s on brendon… twice. i hope by some sort of miracle she stays in and the producers hook her up and give her a coup d’etat or something but unfortunately i think she’s screwed this week :(

    • Yeah, I never understood how Jeff was her biggest threat in the game so early on but then suddenly the very next week she wasn’t worried about him anymore.

      No room for errors like that. She should have finished what she started before he had the chance to do it first.

      • I like Dani’s game too. But that’s because I like underdogs. I believe she will be gone tomorrow. Like her dad said, she broke from the alliance too early. The newbies are like sheep being led to the slaughter. So far, none of them have made any bold moves. Kalia has made terrible decisions when she or her alliance has held power. Jeff has them eating out of his hand at the moment. I think if he makes final three, he wins.

  73. Dani is smart and hot. She deserves to win. You are all upset because she is playing to win. I hope slacker Rachel is evicted on Thursday along with the worst HOH in BB history…Kahlia.

    • Anyone evicted 2nd will be joining Brendon and Dani in the jury…. Rachel will be safe because Team Dani’s puppets will target Jeff and Tead JJ / R will target Kalia and Porsha!

      • The game becomes boring and unattractive without Dani. CBS would be stupid to let that happen. Ratings will tank, even worse than the hideous BB wedding that is coming soon. Gag!!!!!

  74. How nice od Dani to throw Kalia under the bus by saying Dani had nothing to do with Jeff being nominated.

  75. How ugly did Rachel look in tonight’s episode? And I don’t mean her character thats always ugly!

  76. has anyone noticed jeff’s head is getting bigger by the day? What happened to the guy america loved? pz someone help me understand

    • Jeff’s head is getting bigger as he realizes that he’s playing with a group of newbies that are apparently trying to get 3rd, 4th, or 5th place and have no strategy to actually win the game…


      • Oh come’on he’s human. Do you expect him to be this perfect guy in the game? He’s playing the game the way he is. I mean what good does it get him to be loved by america? Will he gain the half million? No. He’s still the same Jeff, he’s jsut playing strategically, considering the newbies are just there chilling and have no clue how to go about.

    • jeff has realized the dani has to go she tried to backdoor himwhile she had the golden key that was crazy

  77. Jeff is the man….

    He reminded Dani about her answer to Julie Chen’s question about if she regretted trying to backdoor jeff and Dani said no. Jeff says when Dani is asked again, he hopes she has a different answer this time.

    ******* Zing…..Zing…… ZZZZ Iiii Nnnn Gggg *******

  78. Jeff is not the man, he is nothing more than a disappointing slug who lost the amazing race!!! Ziiinnnngggg!!!

  79. even Dick said on his show he cant stand Jeff this season and that he is just a big bully

    i Used to be jeff’s biggest fan but looks like he has lost lots of fans

    • Right on, I agree. I used to like that guy. He whines more than any woman ever could and talk about a misplaced sense of entitlement.

    • jeff was the good guy in bb11 its coz everybody hates jesse, he is the only one who talks sense in the house though

    • I’m still a Jeff Fan. I personally think he’s playing this game. If Dick can’t handle Jeff this season, well, it doesn’t matter Dick isn’t playing this season. Explain how jeff is a bully? Because he went behind his word to get dani out? Dani went against her alliance, tried to stab Jeff in the back? Everyone very much still loves him.

    • I am still Jeff’s fan and know about a lot of ppl of either liked him before and this season, or were not fans before and are fans now…I hope he wins this time :) I like Jordan too :) I’m glad she has won once ;)

    • It takes one to know one. Didn’t this same Evil Dick pour a glass of water on Jenny’s head in their season? That is what a bully is! He is in no position to judge Jeff considering he did not in any way, shape or form threaten Danielle. All he did was nominate her! Obviously, he just cannot stand that his daughter is being evicted but, whose dumb moves is it anyways?

    • Nah. I think we have more people watching the show and therefore more people doing this sort of thing (commenting). New viewers and it seems some know very little about the game.

      Typical character trait of some reality tv addicts. They enjoy living vicariously through others (HGs) more than the show itself.

      Funny really. Newbies vs. Vets here on the boards!

    • Evil Dick calling someone a big bully? Thats the pot calling the kettel black. Dick was the biggest bully in the history of Big Brother and he won. Jeff is playing a smart game so far,Unlike Dannelle who is going to see Brendon this week.LOL Best move Jeff could have made. She could never be trusted I.e. she has thrown both her allies under the bus to try and stay she wants that money so bad she will do anything to win it.She just does not have her Daddy to bully everyone and save her ass like last time.All of America does not have to like Jeff he will have enough fans without all the Dani fans,plus he will have a much better chance to win the money without her. Go Jeff!!!!

  80. I am so tired of the J&J show. His head is so big he isn’t going to be able to get through the door! He talked about Danielle lying well he does it too only doesn’t admit it! He has won enough money already and his girlfirend Jordan won the big bucks already! How stupid are these people to keep them in the game!Last time he was a classy guy this year he is annoying! His attttitude and the ridulous things he says about Danielle he is no better than Rachel and even now she is looking better! Please Jeff go home!!! Take your girl Jordan with you ! You two are already rich.

    • I agree Jeff has lost alot of fans, but he probably doesn’t care as he has a girl with money and he himself as won 15,000, already! newbies better get some strategy going and quit hanging on J&J coatails and believe everything they say!!!! They aren’t taking you to the end!

    • omg !!! u are sooo right….why didn they get them out…it’s fixed …all for ratings..that would be soooo funny if dani doesn get booted out..

    • DISAGREE. Yeah Jo and Jeff has won, but they are playing the game. You do know that they’re only back in this because they wanted to spend the summer together. I mean if you were them, would you decline the offer of going back to big brother? No you wouldn’t. Even tho they wanted to spend the summer, they want to compete as being part of the game. Did you also forget that Dani went AGAINST her alliance? Jeff has to do what’s best for him to get further. He has the alliance, and not to mention Dani also has money runner up in her season.

    • What has jeff done so horrible u talk like that about him and so what his girlfriend won he didnt did she give him the money no I highly doubt it jeff should win hes been more honest than anyone in that house. Gosh yall get a grip

    • What has jeff done so horrible? so what his girlfriend won he didnt. did she give him the money? no I highly doubt it jeff should win hes been more honest than anyone in that house. Gosh yall get a grip

    • What has jeff done so horrible? so what his girlfriend won he didnt. did she give him the money? no I highly doubt it jeff should win hes been more honest than anyone in that house. geez

  81. Can someone plz tell me why Adam is being such a kiss a** to Jeff? There is no way that Jeff will ever take him to the final 3….Adam will be remembered as ” that player that had is head up Jeff’s a**”. I’m not saying that I dont’ like Jeff, I’m just saying that Adam is scared to make a move unless Jeff says it is ok. Does he seriously think he has a chance to win if he doesn’t make a move against JeJo?

    • Do you really think Danelle would take him ?Adam knows She is a snake in the grass and she would drop him in a heart beat when the time cone. Vote the bitch out Adam

  82. Jeff is f***ing hilarious… Especially when he mocked Dani…. He said, “Dani, I don’t know if you seen this coming, but things in the house are going to be aawwwwkward…. And if you walk out that door, Shhoooccckerrr!!!!” he then yawned and waved while saying later!!!


    ******* ZZZZ IIII NNNN GGGG *******

    • you are what they call an easy audience, it was juvenile. Thanks for the play by play “I never seen it” Duh….ZZZZIIIIIIINNNNGGGG!

      • I thought it was hilarious! Why is everyone coming down on Jeff now and Rachel before? I have never heard more cattiness and lies come out of dani, and Kalia, they gave when they were in power but now that their not everyone is suppose to smile and be polite and then just hand over their votes, pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee maybe someone should explain karma to them, so glad she is leaving!

    • You have an weird sense of humor. U mean u actually find what jeff said and did funny?

      He is a big time bore…I tell you

      • loved it and i love jeff i just wonder if jordan does there is no affection i think its all for the show. There is no relationship.

      • @Leo
        I’m not saying it is right or wrong. Im just saying it wasn’t funny period and I find it strange you this it’s amusing.

      • I agree with terri, I do not think Jeff and Jordan are an item. They act like brother and sister. I believe it is all an act. He has no affection for Jordan, and i am sure he is Mr. Playboy.

      • Jeff is hilarious! Jeff is always funny! Don’t be jealous cause. He’s also gorgeous…….dani is just mad cause she’s not used to being backdoored in public…..


      • Geez, here comes the Political Correctness Police!! Unfortunately, this country is filled with so many thin skinned people….”that hurts my feelings”, you can’t say retarded, it might offend someone. Additionally, our society has become illiterate and incapable of using proper grammar and sentence compilation. It saddens me that people do not realize that when you write like a second grader, it makes you look like an idiot and takes away any point to your comment.
        BB is all about strategy and manipulation. How can anyone actually get upset that someone is playing the game with their own interests in the forefront of their mind. I cannot wrap my head around individuals who get upset that someone “lied” or back-doored a HG to further advance their standing and chances of winning. Oh wait, now I remember, our society has turned into an “everyone gets a trophy” culture. I am so tired of hearing “it is not fair”, I deserve a trophy too.
        BB is a game….period. The best strategic player should win, regardless of their methods. Look at the tactics not the emotional knee jerk reactions. I feel sorry for our future as a country. The illiteracy atrocities displayed on this blog is a horrible reflection of just how uneducated our society has become. I guess I should stop now because I am being mean by pointing out the obvious. I patiently await the “your being mean Pain” comments.
        BB is a game people. Strategy, manipulation, and vying for what is best for the individual is the whole point of the experience. Use logic not emotion to evaluate each HG. Finally, please people, for the sake of our country’s image, learn how to spell and construct a proper sentence. America looks like a bunch of idiots to other countries who read our posts. It is embarrassing. Let the flaming begin.

    • Haha Leo I couldn’t stop laughing and still every time I remember it hihi
      He wad kinda funny regardless of his big Jeff attitude

  83. OMG Jeff’s message at the end of tonight’s episode wad priceless, couldn’t stop laughing, he’s kinda funny regardless of his big Jeff attitude and that I’m no fan of anyone but I loved his message haha can’t stop laughing
    Priceless hihi

      • You are right Spencer, anyone who finds that boring dummy funny need to go out more and have a like. Lame best describes the message

      • How can u assume I don’t have a life?
        Well just so u know, I do and because I do I found it funny and what dani does low as to bullying and making fun of people, he did not offend het or belittle her person unlike what she does
        I say it again, I am no fan of anyone in this game but truth should be told when we see it and sorry if u didn’t like my comment, I think it’ s just because ur favorite might be going tomorrow but no need to be on the defensive mode
        I just found his message funny and it’s my opinion

      • Anonomous,

        Isn’t it funny how people are telling you to get a life when they are on a BBN fan site complaining and crying because their favorite HG is being evicted? Ironic huh?

      • @Leo
        There is no irony here, I have a life rich with exciting experiences to know when something is funny or not and that wasn’t funny in any shape or form.
        Also, I have no problem with Dani leaving, I just have issues with ppl calling her names. It is just senseless

    • It is one of the funniest moments of the season. He did a spot on impersonation of Dani….



      With the yawn for Kalia and Porsha in before he says later…

      • I still find it funny
        Why the attitude from the rest Leo
        I think they are Dani’ fans
        Even though I am not no one fan but I say it again I just looooooved his message hihi
        What goes around comes around
        Why is she (dani) allowed and applauded fir saying whatsoever and the rest not, at least they are funny not mean and bullies like her

      • When Dani says awkward and shocker it is funny…. Not so funny when Jeff uses her humor against her I guess…. LMAO!!!

  84. Rachel is bbbaaaccckkk…..

    Danielle needs to learn a lesson…. Nobody comes between me and my alliance….

    Thats right Rachel…. Put Dani in her place ok? LMAO!!!

      • Yes but that loser lasted in the game longer than Dani though right? I am going to enjoy watching Rachel play while Dani is evicted…. Shhoocker!!!

      • When Dani leaves the show Thursday,I hope she tells Rachel.”Don’t worry, I’ll take care of your man for you while we are in the jury house”. lol

      • FUNNY!!! Who says “D” is going??? We all thought slob Racheal was leaving 3 weeks ago??? You all know something I don’t. CBS calls the shots folks.

      • Nikki I thought the same thing! How is Rachael going to feel that Dani will be with her man for quite some time HMMMMM interesting! Anyone that thought Jeff’s comments were funny are as lame as him!

      • CBS will be trying to keep Jeff after Dani is evicted because to quote Evel Dick, James from BB6 and BB7 and Ronnie from BB11, CBS will have nightmares if Dani and Jeff are evicted the same way… Then Dani fans can cry about producers helping Jeff when they don;t mind them helping Dani… LMAO!

      • Love Rachel, so she says whats on her mind, dani is just plain mean and rude with her comments, I will enjoy seeing her in the final 2 with one of the J’s!

      • Deela……

        Actually, The only people repeating the same thing would be Team Dani fans….. LMAO!!! I understand you will need time to cry and get over Dani being evicted ok?

    • O…M…G…you sound so silly…is Jeff really paying you..??! Cause you really have people believing that he is going to split the check with you…you so after DANI it’s a shame…get off of her…you startin to sound like a broken record, cause you’re repeating yourself “yeah, and Jeff said…blah blah…” and “It was hilarious when Jeff told Dani…”…i’m like please already…say somethin different for a change…lol…and then you have the nerve to say “LMAO” after everything you say…nothing you said has been a BIT of funny…
      now thats a laugh…

  85. jeff is not funny he is arrogant …. all the sudden he start winner after all the player are gone…asshole bully

    • Actually jeff didn’t bully anyone this week usually he does lol this week all the bullying came from dani, porche and shelly. I don’t know if i would use the words funny to explain his speach fitting but not really funny. I can’t say dani didn’t get what she deserved she did try to backdoor him first.

    • there is no need to be rude u have the right to support who u like we have the right to support who we like Right now your are sounding exactly like the person u are bashing

      • ellablue

        How is that being rude? He is simply stating a fact, adam can’t seem to make a decision with seeking jeff blessing and approval.

      • :'( I shall surrender my freedom of speech if that helps. I am awful…Thanks for that helpful intervention….sob sob

      • Ellablue
        Too bad but some people can’t help it
        I don’t have a favorite but we are entitled to our opinions without offending others or vice versa
        Too bad that some take it very personnal!!!!!

    • Didn’t ryme, but nice try

      Dani is out the door door door

      Team Dani will exist no more more more

      When she leaves, I will be laughing and rolling on the floor floor floor

      While Team JJ and R work their way to the final four four four!!!

      ******* That is for all the team JJ and team BR fans *******

      ******* Zzzz Iiii Nnnn Gggg *******

      • Nice… sounds like a rap song.
        BTW, the not rhyming a “Roses are red” poem is what (supposedly) makes it humorous.

      • Rico, I was kidding…. I liked your poem… I just used that as a reason to make a song / zinger to throw at Dani!!! LMAO!!!

      • Oh… cool.
        Here’s one for me….

        Roses are red
        Violets are blue
        Rico isn’t very perceptive
        And doesn’t have a clue!

      • Rico,

        Don’t go out like Jordan on me and zing yourself bro….. I see you posting great rymes all the time…

      • Leo, you are taking this game way to personal…WAYYYYY tooo personal…even coming up with a song…wow…i know you have other hobbies…lol…im sorry…it just is too funny how people bash others in this game…team JJ and team BR must got some loot for you somewhere…or some cut, cause you is over the TOP for REAL for them!lol…

        (ps…seriously, are they splittin the cash with you??)…you can tell a sista…*wink*lol

      • Leo u are such a funny guy
        keep it going and keep us updated with all the news but please just the good ones lol

  86. Bottom line – no other player can win unless Jeff/Jordan are eliminated. At the end, I would rather be the player left with either Dani or Racheal, rather than one of the two J’s. ( IMO Jeff’s arrogance is nauseating – Jordan’d dumb blonde routine, old tired and insincere.) Right now, no Newbie can win without Racheal and Dani to send J/J packing. Shelly and Adam fake throwing comps to save embarrassment of their lack of real ability to win – nothing more. Best game move would be for Racheal and Dani to form unholy alliance, the house to send Kalia to J-house,then one of them to win HOH on double eviction and send either J or J home and go from there – period. Otherwise, it’s just the J/J puppet show – Domonic’s prophecy foretold – sad & boring.

  87. LEO ???? Are u here???? WHY does Jeff think that Adam is playing both side??? I BEEN AWAY TODAY AND AM A LITTLE BEHIND…help me out..

    • Flyonthewall…. Shelly has been planting seeds of doubt about Adam the last couple days….. She is throwing Adam under the bus, so if she votes to keep Dani and it is 3-2, she can blame it on Adam…

      If Shelly makes it to the Final 2, she can tell Dani she voted to keep her…

  88. Quoting Josie’s comment of “She kind of got to stop lying and pick a side.”

    Honestly when will they catch on to Shelly and her doings? ._. how long has it been? *sigh*

    I find it a bit comical that she’s going to most likely vote with the house in evicting Dani while trying to campaign for her. I would think 5-0 with Dani going home cause, porche doesn’t want to go against the house, considering Khalia would be on her back if she leaves. Adam isn’t budging, and Shelly wouldn’t go against JJ.

    • I’m not sure she even knows she is lying. I think she is crazy and has multiple personalities….of course they all lie too…

    • I like Adam now
      Danny was all over him to make a big move
      and he is doing just that getting rid of a threat
      Danny is his threat if he voted for her going against Jeff then all of Dannys fan would say great move
      But for whom? Danny just her

      • Agreed. I mean why keep another vet in the house? There may be a point to getting JJ out. but then again if they were up against Dani Same shit. She’s a threat. They wouldn’t win if they were up against rachel, if they were up against JJ or Dani.

  89. Big Jeff I’m so disappointed of what a cocky douche you’ve become. Jay Cutler called and said you’re an embarrassment to Chicago!!! lmao!!!

  90. is jordan really that dumb….BDJEFF is not any better…UGHH … I CANT WAIT FOR SURVIOR TO COME ON.DISAPPOINTING SEASON BB13

    • LOL…me two After tommorow if jeff don’t go home after the double eviction im done watching this charade of a season

    • Yeah this season was a bit eh. Considering Vets vs Newbies. But Big Jeff. Dude, it’s gunna be boring either way. He’s a good competitor. If he leaves, viewers gunna be lost. It’s just gunna be Rachel, Jordan Shelley Adam Porche Khalia. How boring is that? 4 Girls, 2 of them are aligned. Other 2 aligned. Adam swing vote = vets. The only brains in will be Jordan, and Rachel. Easy thing to do get the rest of the newbies out. Rachel and Jordan stick together since Jeff goes. Jeff keeps this game up.

  91. I’m blown away by all the Rachel fans. You don’t like Dani, I get it. But Rachel is so annoying. She wines. She cries. She pouts. She thinks she is supposed to win everything. if not it’s so unfair. Give me a break. I honestly think she has emotional issues. She is also very very fake. Her laugh is so NOT genuine. But that’s just my opinion I guess. Prediction…Jordan Wins It All.

  92. lets face it this season is soooooo boring and soooo predictable i need a SHOCKER moment…

    CBS knew this was going to happen because they choose people that were fans of the vet just go to youtube and see the pre show interviews they did.

    cbs nice try to boring

    • True. Thank you Shocker. I am so ready to not watch BB. It is my guilty pleasure but lately there has been no pleasure, only guilt for watching such a dud of a show. When Dani goes, so does Spency.

  93. Daniele is an arrogant byatch who can’t do anything without her minions, Rachel is crazy as a loon. At least jeff and Jordan don’t try to be anything but someone who wants to win the game!

      • I dont think those 2 will last long…. they are so fake they know this is good for TV but for real life

      • Not much closeness between those two. When they kiss goodnight, it’s just a quick peck. Jeff probably just keeps her around for eye candy.

    • Dani is cool and the only person in the house with any brains. If being a byatch means being smart, sassy and hot well then yes she is a BYATCH. I believe it’s spelled biotch…jsyk ;)

  94. Adam needs to really think about who he votes for during first eviction. If he keeps J/J/R and votes out Dani he will not have any strong players with him except maybe Porsche who has placed second 4 times.If Adam choices to vote and keep Dani, Dani in the second eviction would probably go after J/J/R first hopefully buying Adam some time. But we will see.

    • He’ll vote how they want him to vote. He’ll leave when they decide it’s time to leave. No guts — so far.

    • I wish I could find a million dollars in the ttrash can… I have a better shhot at that happpening than Dani does to stay in the BB house… That is why Dani and Shelly are packing Dani’s bags and she is preparing a mean good bye speech!!! Classy huh? LMAO!

  95. Well when Dani goes to the jury house, her and Brenden will get close. So when Rachel gets evicted, Dani will be in Brenden’s arm laying back in the pool. Would’nt that go over good? Hope Jeff wins. The only one with in sense.

  96. Hey you guys !!! When it was the Dani, Kalia and Porsche show you were jumping up and down with joy. Now that Jeff & Co. have the power, he’s the bad guy. There’s an old saying ‘ “don’t pitch if you can’t catch” and none of you can catch. What goes around, comes around.

  97. I would love it if Jeff is the one that is evicted in the double eviction… wouldn’t that be funny he has to hold his bad temper since its live tv

  98. Iwould like to see Jeff out Adam and SHelly but of course Danielle also after that fai game Shelly do not like at all I would love Jeff Jordon catch Shelly doing her back lying

  99. Adam has a chance to make big moves in this game…. the big power is in his hands but he is not …you know why people ….yep you guessed right because

    he is Jeff’s Bitch

    • Yeah, the power is in his hands alright, when he is holding Jeff’s **** while he has pees…lol That’s probably the only power he’ll ever hold….

      • He’s gotta be someone’s bitch…he certainly doesn’t have any balls of his own…OH, I just figured it out. he wants to be Jeff’s bitch because he thinks Jeff might let him play with his once in a while..OK makes sense to me now.

      • Adam isn’t going anywhere… That is why he told Rachel, and Jeff everything Dani said to him… Adam won’t even nominate JJ or R is he wins the HOH… He will nominate K & P and Shelly as a replacement! Rachel is JJ’s golden egg and he won’t want to piss Jeff off by nominating her as a pawn…

    • honestly exactly how is keeping dani a big move more like a stupid move. This isn’t keep dani jeff goes if they keep dani then they have three strong players and dani will go after adam as soon as she can. Adam may have to get rid of jeff at some point but he will go further in the game with jeff then dani






  101. If Danny leaves- the show won’t be worth watching. Shelly, Porsche, Adam and jordon are such slackers. Rachel is just plain annoying!!!!! And Jeff is a traitor!

  102. to all the JJ Haters:

    Get over it. They are the only reason why this season has its viewers. Fake relationship? Come on, sounds like someone is jealous. GO JJ

  103. Shelly has gotta go…and Jeff was so funny tonight it will be even funnier Thursday watching Dani leave …byby miss big move game changer

  104. Im only going to post alittle this time not a half of page.Jeff is a big LOSER If it havent been for Dami taking him water when he was choking on the bubbles he never won HOH.When he got them bubbles in his throat he started slowly down til Dani ran out there to give him water.She has started trustinmg J/J.Nobody can trust Jeff. Jordan watch out.He throw you under the bus if you get in his way.Im sorry I wrote more than I planned too.

    • Dani was only doing that because she wanted to kiss Jeff’s a** because she knew he was going to win… Dani was even bringing Rachel water in case she won…

  105. I have a few things to say:
    1. People on here need to stop with the obsessive and immature comments (i.e. Rachel is ugly, Jeff is a bully, Danielle is evil, Shelly is a horrible person, etc) because some people come on here to actually talk about the game and not look at obviously trolling comments.
    2. Who is a better player? Rachel or Danielle? Rachel fans are saying she’s better because she’s going to have outlasted Dani and Dani fans say she played better over two seasons. Statistically, Danielle has (so far) won more competitions and regardless of how far Rachel lasts this season, Dani will have lasted more days. That being said, I think it’s fair to say Rachel played a better game this season but Dani is the better player over both.
    3. Adam is in a bad position right now. Either way he goes he’ll be targeted by the opposing group and will be at the bottom of his alliance. He NEEDS to get the attention off of him and on Shelly and he’ll have the best position in the house. Also, he needs to decide who he’d rather go against toward the end. D,K,P or J,J,R? No answer seems right.
    4. Vote for Keith to come back into the Big Brother house!

      • By the way Leo, I didn’t catch tonight’s episode and when you posted what Jeff said in Danielle’s voice before was hysterical even if I didn’t see it. I could picture it. I’m a big fan of Dani and that was still just hysterical. I’m gonna have to watch it tomorrow on my DVR just to see it. Lol.

      • Spencer is being such an obvious troll. Sorry if I didn’t watch one episode of the tri-weekly megathon that is Big Brother. I still think that I can comment regardless considering I have watched EVERY OTHER episode. Also, isn’t is against the rules here to comment just to annoy another commenter? Where is the admin on this Spencer character? People like you ruin this site.

      • Lurker,

        Spencer needs attention…. He is living vicariously through Dani…. He will be back to a sad existance when she is evicted…. I like the troll comment you made! It seems like people who like to start sh** always come on and badger other BBN users huh?

  106. You hate what you cannot understand. It’s normal, you are ordinary and we all love you for it. There are no losers in this race ;)

  107. Getting out Dani and reuniting her with her biggest threat is sweet victory on Jeff’s part. Plus I want to see Rachel squirm with jealousy thinking about those 2 left alone in the jury house. Chances are they (Dani and Brendon) make up and Dani becomes a sister wife LMAO

      • It was actually a good show especially since the HG’s got into the zingers with each other… Too bad it didn’t show Adam’s zinger about Shelly being the worst at comps… I like how Kalia said Adam should be good at the Veto because he gets his girlfriends out of boxes to assemble them… Adam said Kalia would be good at the Veto because her boyfriend is battery ooerated or something like that… Jordan threw a zinger at herself….

  108. Adam is really stupid i really liked him now i think his a moron if he believes the king and queen of Alice off with there heads ,if they don’t do what i say. lol they act so nice in front of TV but they forgot the web is bigger now so they get fried lol the phonies but Jordan more than Jeff ,Jeff is Gustavo

  109. If you don’t like the Jeff & Jordan show turn your TV or computer off it isn’t that hard. I think it so funny when dani was going to back door Jeff it was a great move. But when Jeff did it oh its terrible.

    • I said that 2 when it was Dennys show Yea Great but know she is going home I do understand dissapointment but this game is a 2 way street

  110. JJ are becoming big brother Whores… this is their 3time in the show

    go find a real job

    you have won enough money…

    • Actually, this is Jeff and jordan’s second time on the show just like Dani, Evel Dick, Brendon and Rachel…

  111. I dont think no one that is left in the house if Dani leaves win have the balls to put Jeff on the block ……….

  112. I am not a huge Rachel, Jeff, or Jordan fan but I am really sick and tired of Daniel, Kalia, Porshe, and Shelley. All that comes out of their mouths are rude remarks about Rachel. They sound like high school children. The more they talk, the more I like Rachel. Sure she talks but not like the other girls. I mean honestly, every little thing she does, they have something negative to say. And all the other stuff (adding benefibre to slop, hiding other peoples stuff, hiding the chess pieces, putting a noose around the Rachel creation) is stupid, immature and down right mean.

    I think my least favourite is Shelley. She is delusional. I would love to see her reaction when she watches the episode where she says (in the diary room yet) she never tried to make a deal with Brenchel and then they show a clip of her sitting on the couch with Brenchel doing just that.
    One thing that bothers me is why anyone who is financially comfortable (which Shelley appears to be) would leave her young daughter for 3 months to play a reality show and be on tv? It seems rather selfish to me. Did you see her daughter crying? Why put her through that?

  113. I really do not understand what shelly is trying to do here. She needs to be outed for her attempts to keep dani safe. I guess she thinks she needs the bigger target to let her float by but at such a cost! She gets outed…she’s rite out the door. If Jeff gets wind, that will b Rachel, Jeff, Adam & Jordan against her! No one other than Rachel & Jeff r a threat in that house if dani leaves. This double eviction is going to b crazy!

    • Yeah, I hope Rachel wins HOH next and puts Kalia and Porsche on the block. That would be classic! It would be a very good week if it happens because then, Danielle and Kalia or Porsche can have their vacation! LOL

  114. Shelly is throwing Adam under the bus again…. This time to Kalia….. Adam is with JJ 1 billion percent…. Shelly, you aren’t? LMAO!

    • why on earth doesn’t he tell on her???
      he”=s gonna go down because of her OMG what a human being this shelly is

    • I think Shelly is more star struck than Adam. Remember week one when he still was for the newbies and Shelly voted with the vets? But really I think Shelly is possessive and does not like anyone getting close or even talking to JJ especially Jordon.

  115. I’m so tired of Rachel and Shelly. Shelly is a sneaky chick. Always going back and forth between alliances. People are aware but they tend to forget the drama that she causes. I really wish that dude…excuse me…that Geico caveman would be the on the block. Rachel is just a ignorant woman that needs to go the jury house to be with her lame excuse for a man. Kalia and Porshe are too lame and lazy for me. Dani back stabs everyone Jeff is too confident this season for me. The only person that I really want to win is Jordan.

    • by the way, i posted a comment on one of your posts earlier, u are so funny, keep it going :-)
      and thanks for keeping us updated with all the news, hope you only give us the good news lol

    • And what does Shelly do for an encore when they nominate her the following week after? Hasn’t she learned anything about Danielle’s bad moves?

    • @Leo…Shelley has been mentioning several weeks what she would do if she wins, and, since she hasn’t won yet. Sounds like Natalie from a few seasons ago talking about what a great competitor she was, and falling on her face. At least Enzo admitted he sucked in the comps…

  116. Shelly is throwing Jeff under the bus now….

    I promise and put my hand on a bible, Jeff saisd if Rachel gets to the final 2, Jeff will vote for Rachel to win…

    Yet another lie from Shelly!

    • to whom is she throwing him?
      OMG can’t beleive this woman, did she fell from bed the other day and become another person? weird how people can switch their on/off buttons

    • Good! I’m glad she is throwing Jeff under the bus. He really is a jerk. I loved him on season 11 but I didnt have the feeds that yera though. Jeff and Jordan equal 2 votes and how Adumb doesn’t see this I don’t know. He isn’t going to flip though. He is starstruck by Jeff and is going to the jury very soon.

    • Shelly is just playing the game. If Dani is evicted Shelly is playing to get votes in the jury house and wants Dani’s.

  117. Shelly just said on the feeds that when she wins HOH she is going to put up Jordan and Adam and backdoor Porsche!!! This wo-MAN doesn’t know what she’s doing!

    • Shelly also just told kalia shes going to nominate jeff and rachel…she’s a mess, Adam really needs to oust her, and NOW! LOL

      • All I can say is Shelly is an embarrassment to mothers everywhere. I mean this woman is teaching her young daughter that lying is totally acceptable. She has not morals whatsoever and feel sorry for her child.

      • What don’t you get?

        She is playing them (K/P) like a fiddle. Mind you they will still be in the house and Shel needs to pacify those two in the event they win HOH.

        Mark this post, save it, whatever cause many of you will see in the end who Shel is really aligned with.

        Quite simple really.

        This so-called !@$#% is playing an incredible game. Shit, she’s playing many of you supposed fans to the point where you guys are more dramatic than this house.

      • SMH(scratching my head). After Jeff it is a level playing field for HOH.

        What? You got K or P for the next HOH?

        Quite laughable really.

  118. Haven’t had a chance to watch the feeds yet today but the past few days all the HGs keep talking about the double eviction NEXT week. So is this just going to be a major surprise to them when it happens tomorrow?

    • Excites the hell out of me and scares me at the same time!

      Love BB accept for when I have to watch P, K, or Ra eat. Not picking on them from the standpoint of alliances just an observation. Quite disturbing really.

  119. I like Jeff back on his first season of BB and I like him even more now. Cut the head of the dragon!!!!

    • I really like Jeff as well, however, he is going against everything he has been saying…. “I want people here that want to compete and play the game”; “I am all about my word” what has Shelly won? Adam won when Dani threw it. Jordan won when they threw it (i understand why he would never vote against Jordan) Kalia thinks she is a great competitor…which is it Jeff…. you want to play with people that can play the game, or you want an easy win? When will you see Shelly for who she really is??

  120. They are all playing a game to win alot of money. They are all lying. But I do like Jeff and jordan. I like the way they play. They are not as mean as some of the others. Rachel is a ?. I can’t stand that ?. She is a really bad person. She can make everyones life hell. I hope Brandon doesn’t marry her, It will not last.

    • Rachel strikes me as a selfish, spoiled brat which may or may not be the case, that is just how i see it. Brendon was just mean this season and if i had to hear one more time about his phd i was going to pull my hair out. There is no need to say everyone in this house is nothing and stupid so who cares what they think – only to make your fiance feel better about herself?. Clearly they weren’t as stupid as you thought seeing your out and they are in

    • @Ellen are we watching the same game? They way jeff yells and calls house meeting when he or jordan is on the block threatening others and you say they aint mean? give me a break

  121. even JJ think it is best for adam to flip to the other size now but they know he is stupid enough to work with Kiaia

    • Neither one can win anything for themselves so they are trying to stay on everyones side which will eventually blow up in their face, i hope sooner rather than later
      , they make sick.

  122. I’m really starting to hate Shelly more and more as the days go by in the BB house. She has become a compulsive liar and not in a classy way. Such as Dr. Will. At least he manned up and said he was gonna lie to your face. She’s been throwing my bro Jeff under the bus this whole season and she needs to be the next to go. Daniele IS the biggest cancer in the house but Shelly is not to far behind her. You know it’s bad when her own daughter calls her a liar.

    • I agree I hate Shelly and Dani both. Shelly should be ashamed for being such a liar and such a horrible role model for her young daughter, and Dani is just a lying crybaby. Hope they are both gone on Thursday. I do love Jeff and Jordan and am only watching this year because I really hope Jeff wins Big Brother. He really is the only one that I can say I think deserves the money.

  123. Shelly may have turned Jeff on Adam… Adam said he is fed with with Adam and Shelly replied, I am too…

    • I think Shelly is tryin to set Adam up..When it comes to votes 2morrow, she will probably vote to keep Daniele and blame it on Adam. Yikes, she is playin a dangerous game. Hope they call a house meeting and it all gets out. Gotta happen sometime, right?

      • I am sure that is her plan. Shelly told JJ she was worried about Adam voting to keep Dani…. She has already planted that seed with JJ

      • I expect Shelly to now go to Adam tonight and tell him Jeff is now after him (which is kinda true now) and hope she can use that to convince Adam to vote to keep Dani. She may be able to pull it off if Adam doesn’t go to Jeff about it. The numbers would then be turned against the vets and would be a great move if she can pull it off, assuming that is her plan of course. However, she is also playing very risky so this may also be the beginning of the end for Sheldon (oh sorry… Shelly).


      • I hope Jeff and Adam figure out that Shelly is the huge liar in the house, and Adam wins HOH and puts Kalia and Shelly up and Shelly goes home right after Dani on Thursday night. Then let the best player win.

      • Relax Leo, I’m not a Shelly fan either. I’m just speculating on what I think her plan may be. Yell and disagree all you want but it is a possibility.

  124. hate her or not Shelly has played the best game so far. think about it most of the people that left the bb house is because of her

    1 Keith
    2 dominic
    3 and most importantly Lewan

    …with all her bs she be telling people ..She is more playing similar game as DR. Will she doesnt win nothing but her mouth is the magic

    • Shelly isn’t even on the same Planet as Dr. Will Dr. Will is the greatest BB player ever… Even Evel Dick and Julie CXhen have said that in interviews…. Dr. Will told people he would lie to them and even had the balls to come to BB all-stars advertising his alliance on his shirt and still made the final 4 even though he won BB before!

      • And that isn’t even an opinion, that is Fact!
        Couldn’t agree more Leo. No one on this season is even close to Dr. Will.

  125. All those who said the show will become boring after Dani leaves are so correct. You don’t have to be a Dani fan but she does make the show interesting. The rest of the players are lost sheep looking for a leader. The only thing I can see to keep the show going is if Porsh takes on a Dani role and steps up her game. Pull A,K,S into her fold and go after vets. If not let me see whats on the food network Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday.

      • I enjoy watching with Dani playing and I hope by some miracle she gets to stay…. her and Rachel make me laugh and I like that she is a competitor and not afraid to vote against the house

    • That maybe true but let me think didn’t Jordan win a couple of seasons ago. I think Porsh may be a little smarter than Jordan but not liked as well. I think she can win comps and oust the vets and ADAM SHAMLER

    • To say the show will be boring is a huge overstatement! Big Brother does not revolve around Danielle. She created a lot of waves because she was ruthless and merciless in going after her target but, that is about it! You have to play a social game too! What matters in the end are the jury votes. And there are still 7 people in the Big Brother house and anything can happen! You and I do not know what is going to happen and even the newbies have a shot at it if they decide to make their move! Losing Danielle actually increases the chances of the other house guests to win that $500,000! All of the remaining house guests still have a shot at that money although, it is not apparent at this time! If the newbies make their move, anything can happen!

      • LMAO! Sorry, your whole post made me laugh out loud. The newbies haven’t had the guts to make a single move all game, aside from kissing ass, so I don’t see any of them pulling it together any time soon. This game is Jeff’s to lose once Dani is gone.

      • Oh, I meant another reality show…. Road Rukes vs Real World is on MTV… I love reality tv which has player competing for money… Survivor will always be the best followed by The Amazing Race. Real World vs Road RUles is a hybrid between The Amazing Race / Survivopr and it is like Big Brother because they live in a house and vote people to compete to stay in the game.

      • oh man, please don’t get me addicted yet on another show
        i’m gonna pretend i didn’t see ur reply lol
        but thanks anyway :-)

  126. this show is so geared for jeff and jordan they were to stupid to win amazing race so bb is forcing a win for them if danielle leaves im so done with bb

      • @lamar I agree and J/J lies just as much as all of them. On Monday or Tuesday night of BBAD Jordan said if Jeff were out of the game she would take Shelly to the final 2. When she relayed it to Jeff she talks in the way that she does leaving a lot out and never let Jeff in on the complete deal. Jeff also did tell Danielle that he would not put her up and he did. Danielle told everyone that he talks like his integrity means so much to him and yet he did just that. Jordan was telling Jeff that Dani was basically telling everyone and now people are thinking that their word isn’t what it is suppose to be. All I am saying is that everyone lies like crazy in BB including sweet J/J. I watched Amazing Race and you are right they did really bad. When I saw tonight’s live show I saw that yet again another comp. was thrown by Adam and Shelly. Makes me wonder where they found these cast of characters. Nobody wants blood on there hands. Jeff’s speech to Dani at the end was just as mean as people have said about Dani.

  127. has anyone noticed how fixated shelly is with jordan? and speaking of her, she is such a liar,
    she swore on her mother and sister that she didnt make a deal with dani, i cant wait till jeff shows his disrespectful side to her like he does with all other females

  128. Shelley is right! BB game is about lies and backstabbing!! Has been and will always be!! Why is everyone so upset with her??

  129. @LEO..Why is Shelly turning on Adam?? Or is Shelly afraid of getting caught and Adam is the scapegoat??? Has Dani decided to out Shelly yet??

    • Shelly is worried Adam will out her with Jeff and Jordan for trying to keep Dani

      Shelly is also probably worried Ada could win a true or false comp in the final 4 and evict her.

      Shelly told JJ that she is worried Adam may give Dani a mercy vote even though it will be her and she will blame it on Adam.

      • I don’t get why Adam just don’t tell Jeff?? Why should he continue to be loyal to Shelly ..He knows shes playing both sides…Why not tell it??

      • Adam trusts Shelly…. He told Shelly about Jeff considering keeping Brendon over Shelly…. He won’t tell Jeff about Shelly’s betrayal.

  130. I think Porsh may be a little smarter than Jordan but not liked as well. I think she can win comps and oust the vets and ADAM SHAMLER. I don’t care for Racheal but she needs to make a move, right she is taking up hotub space and breaking pool sticks.

  131. jeff and jordan are such liars and why is jordan still working so hard what did she do with her money and if she keeps hand combing her hair im going to scream so so fake and dumb

    • I think Jordan bought her Mom a house. Of course they don’t really get $500K. I think they had been living in a trailer with her aunt. Jordan didn’t even buy herself a new car. She said the driver’s door is broken and she has to crawl across the passenger seat to get in.

  132. That a girl Rachel…. You found Mr. Quackers…. Rachel took Dani’s unicorn since someone took her stiffed dog…

  133. Shelly told Kalia to convince Adam to vote to keep Daniele.? please can any one confirm this i just read it and highly doubt that

    • Shelly did and Porsha told Dani…. Dani plans on calling Shelly out about it…. I posted that info earlier ok?

      • let’s hope so, cos JJ won’t ever believe anyone saying anything about Shelly even though and it just came to my mind while writing this that even if dani calls her out, they won’t buy it and think that she is just trying to break their alliance before leaving
        oh Adam why haven’t you said something alreadyyyyyyyyyyyy
        or it might work if everyone let it out and she can’t defend herself like she did when she was confronted with Rachel
        fingers crossed

  134. Poor Dani first she loses her boyfriend PT then Daddy Evil Dick bashes her gameplay now she’s off to the jury house to hang out with Brendan.Sucks to be her… Oh well maybe her Big Brother BFF Kalia will join her after double eviction.

  135. I’m really hoping Kalia goes, she tried to make the same move that Dani made when she became HOH, which says that she has no clue about anything, and while Jordan is a very sweet person, it seems to me that she has been tailgating off of Jeff, I have yet to see any effort on her part, she gives up easily in competitions. I’ve been team Dani, since the first time she played, loved her then, love her now, she’s not afraid to play the game and put out good players, which is the smartest move u can make. As for Rachel, I’d like to reach in the tv and slap her, I’m just glad she isn’t walking around acting like a baby, crying about everything anymore.

    • @Mommyof2, honestly I’d rather see rachel (Can’t stand her by the way) win than jeff the self righteous, im entitled, bully win or his lap dog jordan.

  136. Shelly continues to spin her yarn of lies to everyone. WHY oh WHY doesn’t someone figure her out? She’s just too obvious. I guess they’re all blinded by her “kindness”.

  137. Dani really needs to go. This is way too boring. If Dani goes no one left will have a firm aliance and everyone will have to scramble. It would be so much fun to watch. GOOOOOOD TV YES!

  138. Every dog has it’s day, today it’s Dani leaving; jeff might be next. I can’t wait to see what all you blind jeff fans have to say then, but mark my words you aint gonna here the last of it from us (Team Dani) when it happens. We are patiently waiting…lol

      • lol…Kalia n Porsha the mirror image of what adam is to jeff Hence it’s Team Dani all the way with or without her in there. She thought them and mite I say thought them well.

      • Thought or taught…Since you obviously intelligent enuff to kno what I mean I makes no difference…lol

      • THought is the ideas that process through your brain

        Taught is the process of a learning or b teaching….

        I thought I had taught people on this site that backdooring only happened when a person doesn’t play in the Veto comp and is renomed and evicted. See the difference between thought and taught?

      • Oh…Thanks im quite enlightened. Im very glad you just thought me that…you deserve an award…called “lil jeff” lmao

    • You mean Kalia and Porsche? Without the puppet master pulling the strings—-the puppets have decided they want to make their own decisions! The newbies have the opening so, go for it! I would hazard a guess that you still need an alliance to win at this game. If you don’t then, you will not win! I am not ruling out Kalia or Porsche winning HOH and putting Jeff or maybe, Rachel on the block! When one of the veterans get off the block—-next week is payback time so, who is going to be the brave one? The brave one will be on the chopping block while, the floaters will benefit and have a chance at that $500,000. Danielle made that pretty dumb early move and any early move by the newbies could be very bad for them! A newbie alliance might make sense at this point but, does every newbie trust the other newbies?

    • Oh…Thanks im quite enlightened. Im very glad you just thought me that…you deserve an award…called “lil jeff” lmao

  139. can someone please tell me why rachel jeff and jordan aren’t using their brains? Ok to KEEP Dani…Dani needs Adam AND Shelly to flip. Haven’t they even givin any though to Shelly telling them that Dani hasn’t campaigned to her? Wouldn’t they figure out, now that they know about Dani harassing Adam, that shelly is lying? Why wouldnt they be like “wait, dani needs shelly and adam, if they’re only harassing adam, they must have shelly already”? Cmon jejo and rachel….read between the lines!

    • They blind I guess and it would be priceless to see the look on their faces when shelly nominates one of them

    • I am sure they ran thru the scenarios and they see atleast, three votes in favor of evicting Danielle—-that is enough to send Danielle to the jury house. That would be Rachel, Jordan and maybe, Adam or Shelly or Porsche. Porsche got off the block so, you never know what she is thinking and may still vote to evict Danielle. Danielle is not only a threat to Jeff and Jordan but, to the other remaining house guests as well! Keeping her in will not help anyone win! Evicting Danielle, increases your chances as there is one good player out of the game with no chance of winning it at the end!

  140. I am so sick of Shelly. I will admit that I am a J/J fan, more Jeff than Jordan, because he does all the work,but Shelly is playing a disgusting game. I wish she would just pick a side. If she wants to be with Dani, and lazy Kalia and Porshe, that’s fine, but she won’t take a side. It would be different if she actually won sh**, but she hasn’t and won’t. If she would just win something, then maybe I wouldn’t care so much. Tony and Josie should be ashamed.

  141. At 9:20 PM BBT on Cameras 3 & 4 You see Rachel taking Dani’s Unicorn and hiding it in her belongings. I don’t condone this ( Stealing) from Rachel or Dani….. Dani, Porsha, Shelly and Kalia should give Rachel her property back and Rachel should return Dani’s property…. I don’t feel bad for Danu because she doesn;t feel bad about taking Rachel’s stuffed dog and other property


  143. Dani no longer wants to hang out with Kalia…. Porsha is telling her not to be so mean to Kalia and hang out with Kalia….. Dani is a little snobby b****

    • There’s no need to lie dude stop it she going 2 da jury we’ve come to terms with that but slandering Dani isn’t worth it

      • He’s not lying. Dani was only friends with Kalia cause she needed her. I said it before and I will say it again I think she is a little racist.

      • Dudan, are you watching the feeds or BBAD?

        Porsha is trying to convince Dani to talk to Kalia so Prosha won’t be alone in the game….. Dani doesn’t feel like talking to Kalia because she said Kalia hates her….

        Don’t get mad because you don’t like the facts!!!

      • Come on…thats too much “racist?”
        see that ma issue with you jj fans you making Dani look like a demon by with all the name calling and unwarranted slanderous comments. That why I find it hard to believe what you guys say. Honestly if Dani leaves I wouldn’t care, but the way you guy are stripping of her humanity is just wrong and unnecessary. That what I don’t like

      • She made racist comment to Keith when he was there…she did something similar with Kalia last night. She even called Beyonce ugly! Nobody is that ignorant that they constantly make “ignorant” comments…she is racist!

      • I am not making the girl out to be anything. She does that herself on the feeds on her own. I don’t think she is a demon. SHe is a brat and and a little racist…thats it.

      • Well they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and she might truly find Beyonce unattractive. Plus what did she say that sounded racist to keith? I can’t seem to recall

      • Dani is racist now?! Terri and Leo, you sicken me. I despise BR, but I would never call them racist or demonize them like you do to Dani. It’s a game, when it’s over she has a life she’d like to carry on with. People like you make that harder since your insane rhetoric drowns out sane people.

        So what if she doesn’t want to talk to Kalia, they’re both on the block this week and thus RIVALS! Think, or is that too much to ask of either of you.

      • I cant remember exactly but I think it was something about food. I cant give u the exact quote but I definitely remember him “sarcastically” calling her out on it and Kalia just did the same thing last night with something she said.

      • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…and she is entitled to her opinion I am just saying the reasons I feel she is racist.

  144. Jeff at this point is playing the game by intimidating people He is not that smart… if the camp is answering question he would get on answer right… that is why he is not going to win .

    he is now the biggest tarter in the house

  145. Kalia actually has the best plan that has come from the newbies this season…… Kalia suggested that everyone should get the Vets out.

  146. Yuk! I can not stand Dani! She is such a hypocrite! She is so worse than Rachel ever dared to be! OmG! I would be so embarrassed if I was friends with her! Acting like she is in junior high school!

  147. Jeff is killing this comp. I hope it is the Veto comp and not the HOH…. Jeff will win it if it is the Veto

  148. Jordan and Rachel are going to practice all night until they are locked down… Jeff will ensure Team Dani doesn’t mess with his alliance…

  149. Well, been watching the feeds, Daniele and Porsche are two of the most immature little brats, they are as Porsche says a million times a day “redunkulous.”
    So irritating. Now, they think the reason that Rachel is running around the house holding onto her big furry boots is because she was called into the DR and came out with something hidden in her boots, they think it was a pregnancy test. Shelly has told about 45 more lies within the last hour, Jeff is killing this comp, sure hope it is veto and not HOH. Jordan doing well, too. Interesting night in the BB house!

  150. Dani is saying Kalia hates her now……. I wonder why? Have you thrown Kalia under the bus enough Dani? Porsha is worrying Kalia might not like her anymore because of Dani…. LMAO!!!

  151. Dani is pathetic…. She is treating her most loyal friend Kalia like crap even though Kalia has been there for her all summer…. Especially more than the floater Porsha!

    • You are on the chopping block with a friend and you fight for your life…you are bound to ruffle some feathers…it’s human nature dude no big deal there

      • Kalia is still being a friend an dtalking to Dani…. Even Porsha is saying Dani should at least be nice to Kalia since Kalia is her friend…. Like Dani said, it is just a game right?

      • She is right it is just a game. Anyone who goes in there to make friends is delusional. It is better to make connections and acquaintances there, friendship can be built outside the house

    • She only became Kalia’s so called friend so she could do her dirty work for her, she doesn’t need her anymore, so she has tossed her aside. Daniele is an arrogant little snot.

      • You are abosulutely right…. Too bad Porsha isn’t bright enough to realize Dani would treat her the same way

    • I’m for jordan and jeff….hope they walk in on shelly talking her crap that would be good to get some action going on. Hope dani gets voted out tired of all her rachel this and rachel that like she is much better. cheering for jordan to get the next hoh!!!

  152. i am so disappointed on how JJ are acting. They look down on the other house guest even their friends

    • they will not be friends after bb because its just a game they act like that to further thom selves in the game

      • jeff and jordan act are you for real have you not been watching….. dani and porsha have done nothing but rag on everyone dani just got mad cause her bad attitude im all that caught up with her even kalia was getting tried of it…porsha there is no words for her but y is she still in the house hope jordan wins next hoh and gets rid of her and double eviction get rid of shelly

  153. I think it is the veto that comp looks more like a veto comp then a hoh comp but the veto will be very important. As for shelly i am not sure what to make of her she is playing every side that i am not sure which side she really wants to be on lol I really hope she gets caught i think she realises that she can’t win comps so the only way she has a chance is to play all sides and hope no one compares notes

  154. Wah wah wah…cry me a river Dani. Still having your pity party…many of us are glad you’re leaving. You’re just too stuck up. Throw a supposed friend under a fuel tanker car because she’s staying. Boo hoo hoo. You are the loser.

    • Some of you guy are happy, but no most (I and many others are not in your group). So you want her to just rollover and get evicted without fighting? There is no friendship in the BB house jus so you know, “friendship n trusting = getting voted out”.

    • Dani does remind me of a little brat, acting the way she does. And now that she can’t bully Kahlia, and use her, she doesn’t want anything to do with her. What a sore loser Dani is!! Glad to see her go!

  155. Dani and porsche remind me of the lil geeks from school they want to do cool stuff but in reality the crap there doing is just plain ole stupid and shelly I think she’s a dude I’ve never seen a woman walk like that

    • I doubt Jeff knows it’s a double eviction—He is doing it giving Jordan and Rachel pointers on what works.

      I also agree with the above post, it looks like a veto comp more then the HoH.

      Porsche? WOW such a B***h. Shelly has not been a good influence on these younger girls. Not like anyone could be an influence on Dani

      I can’t believe Dani is all but promising her first born for Adams vote. WoW, take your own advice, go out with SOME class. Be a woman/ young lady (cough) and remember “It’s JUST a game”…and how you wanted others to make BIG Moves in BB and get their hands dirty. Jeff did, and if it was reversed she would do the same thing. Oh wait, she did with getting Brendon out Twice and patting herslef on the back for it

      Get a Grip

      Jeff is a Cutie ;o)

  156. Oh Kalia, you’re not “that kind of girl”. What kind are you then? You backbite, ridicule, make fun of and cuss like a sailor like the others…who are you kidding? You ARE that kind of girl!

  157. I’m just home from work watching tonights episode…I love how CBS tries to make Dani look like the victim and rachel the bad guy.. cmon now let’s come off Danis n*** already please.

  158. Porsha is pissed at Dani because Kalia won’t help her practice….. Dani said she will talk to Kalia for Porsha…

  159. I just read were Rachel was called into the DR and when she came out she put the unicorn back. But what is funny the 3 mean girls going thru the trash looking for a pregnancy test.

  160. Daniele is giving Porsh pointers for the final 4 or 3 competition. Somehow she believes she will make it that far.

    • Porsha will be out before final 5 especially if she takes out Jeff or Rachel…. She will make it easy for Adam, Shelly and Kalia to make funal 5 because she will have the biggest target on her back from whomever she doesn’t evict be it Jeff or Rachel and Jordan

  161. I swear Dani needs to quit saying things like people has aids and stuff! I happen to work with “those” people and it is not right! And the community itself is a BB watcher! Dani claims to love the game so, but she doesn’t see what Jeff did was a great game move! All she can do is call people names!

    • It was great for her to take out her biggest competition Brendon but not for Jeff to take out his competition Dani…. At least Dani got to play for the Veto…. Brendon didn’t!

  162. Adam guessed it. Adam told Kalia this could be a double eviction week…… Adam is more thinking the second eviction will happen on Sunday. He is close but not cigar.

  163. This is my first post ever and I am glad I saved it for now. Shelly makes me sick with all her butt kissing to Dani and then running back to J/J. Everytime I hear her or see her just makes me nauseated. Dani is acting like she is God’s gift to BB. Her plan did not work out to backdoor Jeff and now she is all crying and whining about Adam and Jeff making a big power move. She is big piece of crap who deserves to be evicted. I think she is completely out of line stooping so low as to accuse Rachel of being pregnant. Looking through trash cans, bedrooms and everywhere else looking for a pregnancy test. Talk about someone who is being a stalker!

    • I like your style…. Tahnks for sharing your thoughts with us on here k? Go Team JJ and Team BR!!!

      You know the only thing that will leave the BB house faster than Dani tomorrow? Dani’s credibility and self respect…. ZING!!!

      • Nita,

        Unless you also think Evel Dick, James from BB6 & BB7, and Ronnie from BB11 are stupid as well, I would have to say the only stupid person is Dani and anyone not bright enough she played a dumb game…. Watch the Dick at night show on RTV Zone . com

      • Nita Bia,

        Do you give Dani credit for backdooring Brendon last week because he was her toughest competition?

        Well if you said yes, you should give Jeff credit for taking Dani out for that same reason. Dani wasn’t backdoored by the way because at least she got to play for the Veto…

  164. And why does CBS try to make Dani out to be this little orphan Annie and she has turned out to be the worst game player ever! Yes she knows the game but when she looses you would think that CBS is gonna have to hire a whole new crew for production! Gees, I would love to see what Evil Dick would say now!

    • You know you can watch Evel Dicks weekly tv show right? It is called Dick at Night at RTBZone . com ok?