Big Brother 11: Week 6 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

Twas the day before the live eviction and all was not calm in the Big Brother 11 house. As the remaining HGs looked down the barrel of the Thursday’s PoV and eviction there were more questions opened than answered. Not knowing who would be up on the block put everyone on edge as anyone could go home.

Through the day the new, unreliable alliance was reaffirmed with Jeff, Jordan, and Natalie, while the more stable and open agreement between Jeff, Jordan, Michele, and Russell was finally resolved. How long will that hold? Hopefully long enough to get through the week.

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Big Brother 11 Live Feed Highlights – August 19, 2009:

12:30 PM BBT – HGs slept in way late today. Russell and Michele are up first. They whisper about the game. Both agree they need a sit down with Jeff and Jordan to smooth the waves.

1:30 PM BBT – Natalie tells Kevin about her deal with Jeff and how she’ll betray him at the first chance she gets. She wants the PoV to force Jordan to put up Russell in her place.

3:45 PM BBT – Jeff, Jordan, and Michele talking game and wondering what Russell is really trying to do. Jeff doesn’t trust him now. Michele says she’d throw the HoH competition to Jeff, but I doubt that. They agree to target Lydia this week and Russell the next.

5:30 PM BBT – Russell talking with Jeff and Jordan and warns them against Natalie. Jeff asks Russell why he voted to keep Jessie. Russell says it was a pity vote and obviously a bad idea in retrospect. Jordan confronts Russell on the rumor that he’s coming after them. Russell denies this and says they’re still on for Final 4.

6:00 PM BBT – Russell and Michele talk game and agree it makes no sense for Russell to go against their alliance because the numbers aren’t there to do it.

6:30 PM BBT – Jeff, Jordan, Michele, and Russell argue it out in the backyard. They confront each other on the rumors. Finally Jeff says it is stupid for them to fight. They’ll be the Final 4 because if they stay they can win money and prizes over the next few weeks. He says it’s the most sensible way to go at it.

7:00 PM BBT – Post-argument they vote on who to evict this week. Jeff and Michele want Lydia out. Jordan and Russell want Natalie out. They seem to settle on evicting Lydia this week.

7:45 PM BBT – Jeff has a secret talk with Natalie and expresses his doubts. He thinks Russell and Michele are both lying to him.

9:40 PM BBT – Big Brother gives them arts and crafts with tie-dying shirt kits. This goes on for a long time.

11:45 PM BBT – Light game talk between Jordan and Michele. Jordan says she won’t be mad at Michele if she won the PoV and used it to save Natalie because the target is Lydia.

11:50 PM BBT – Natalie planting doubts in Jeff’s mind. She tells him Russell told her he thinks Michele is lying to Jeff.

1:00 AM BBT – Jordan tells Jeff she really wants to backdoor Russell because of the threat he poses to them for reaching the Final 2. They agree that it’s hard to decide.

So has the alliance of Jeff, Jordan, Michele, and Russell reconciled? Sometimes it seems like they have. Other times, not so much. If Jeff or Jordan wins the PoV tonight I’d definitely expect Lydia to go, but if Kevin wins it, saves Lydia, and forces Jordan to name a replacement nominee, then I really don’t know if we can expect a Russell backdoor event or not. Tonight is going to be awesome!

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  1. Why in the world would you want to send Lydia packing over Natalie? Natalie has shown she will fight it out. Lydia is a wreck and looks to care very little. I would keep her around b/c she would seem easier to beat than Natalie.
    Then again, neither of them ever win anything.
    How is Natalie considered an athlete? She looks lost in atheletic events.

  2. I just don’t understand Jeff and Jordan anymore. They are really getting on my nerves with the paranoia and trusting Nat. I believe Russ was sincere about going to final two and JJ is going to screw it up and back Natalie. Does not make any sense to me!! And Michelle, what a snake! I hope Russ wins HOH and sends her packing!!

  3. The 33-year-old freelance journalist is apologizing for calling a houseguest of Lebanese descent a terrorist.

    Chima has publically apologized for her racial comments about Russell.

    MSN==Last week, the show depicted Simone, who was kicked off the CBS reality series last Saturday for multiple rule violations that had nothing to do with the name calling, feuding with Lebanese-American mixed martial arts fighter Russell Kairouz.

    “I used a phrase that was insensitive given his Middle Eastern descent, and I apologize to all who are justifiably offended with my use of that racially charged term,” Simone wrote

    This doesn’t mean she’s apologizing to Kairouz.

    “Russell constantly demoralized many of us on a consistent basis and his conduct was alarming, daunting and terrifying,” Simone wrote. “Fortunately, for me, I do not have to be subjected to those tirades anymore. I am going on with my life in the real world. I wish the remaining ‘Big Brother’ housemates the best of luck!”

  4. I watched BBAD and all it was was tie dying for 3 hours. Yuck. Why does BB give them fun things to do right when the Showtime AD is on? I had to sit through them playing with playdo. Oh I think Chima threw away the playdo model that Jeff made of “little Jeff”. Still glad she is gone.

    Why oh why are J&J believing Nat????? She started the show with her 18 year old lie and is continuing to lie. They need to see that SHE is still playing the game and Lydia is NOT. Why evict Lydia just bc you don’t like her bipolar-ness. She isn’t playing the game.
    I can only hope that Russell wins POV and HOH tonight so that he will show Jeff that he can keep his word and put up the last two K/N and if the POV is used then put up Michele.

  5. Someone in Chima’s camp is smart. Even if it’s just PR, she definately needed to issue an apology in order to work in the “real world”.

  6. You go Russell i want him to win the veto and i want Lydia gone!!!!!! And Russ to win the HOH THAT WOULD BE AWSOME!!!

  7. Ok Moderator i will say it cleaner her it goes…Nat thinks she is coverd but lets see tonight if she is voted off she is a little stinker!

  8. @steelyross

    I agree with you. Lydia is a wreck, she can’t compete-she’s shown that multiple times, she’s a weak link which is all the more reason to keep her around for a little longer. Natalie or Russell HAVE to go this week! No doubt about it!

  9. Jeff and Jordan make me tired. Their constant back and forth is getting old. I would love to see them in the F4 (possibly one of them in F2) but they keep shooting down good strategical decisions. Cant they pick an alliance and cling to it like a drowning man to a life preserver. I know they dont see all that we see and therefore are limited in their understanding of where loyalties lie. But Nat has NOT been loyal to them ONE DAY!!! It will not change my life if Nat wins (God dont let that happen). It will just confirm that there is no fairness in this world. Even in a game.

  10. OMG! Nat is brain washing them. (pulling my hair) Why cant they see past her LIES. :( Why would they believe her after all the crying they been doing over Jeff using that power?????????????? hello wake up

  11. get nasty nat out what a liar, cant stand to even look at her, she acts ;like a boy. whats wtong with jeff and jordan so easily influenced by the other side.. get a grip j/j remember what they did to yall…..

  12. ….Lydia is definitly getting very irritable.
    i watched the show time feed last night.
    did i under this correctly: Lydia and Jessie got together 5 times?? wow thats crazy.
    and Natalie doesn’t seem to be too happy about that. I was laughing this morning when i was watching the showtime feed. Its obvious they dont like each other but are in an alliance with each other with no Chima or Jessie as a buffer anymore. and i guess kevin is not Lydia’s little “sugarbear” anymore, he’s been getting on her nerves. thats funny!

  13. I want to YELL at Jeff and Jordan for being so gullable…..what are they thinking? Both of them need to take a breath and put everything in perspective and THEN maybe they’ll realize that GNAT is bull-dozing them with lies!

  14. I want Nat. to go but I hope they aren’t thinking about taking Lydia to the end, as a safe person to sit next to. Just our luck, if she was sitting at the end with whoever, the jury would do something crazy and give her the money. Wouldn’t want to take that chance. Yikes, nightmare city.

  15. I agree that they should not trust Nat. But I also think Russell is the one that could keep them from the final 2.
    Nat isn’t a threat. She is weak and never wins. Lydia is weak and never wins.
    We also forget that Russell has been mean and gone back on his word and other alliances.
    They have reason to not believe him regardless.
    I think Russell, then Kevin, then Mechelle should be evicted.

    That would leave Jordan and Jeff to easily pick off Natalie and Lydia.

    Piece of cake.

  16. I really hoped the J&J team (jeff) was smarter than that! Hes gonna get so screwed if nat or kevin slide by!
    Russell wears his heart on his sleeve (so to speak), remember hes dads letter an all, Those two N & K could really do a number if they get the chance.

  17. I really hope they decide to get rid of natalie & not lydia or russell this week. I think russell is the strongest competitor out of the three, so he is definitely a major threat. Natalie is just so annoying and does absolutely nothing. She never even comes close to winning anything. Lydia is absolutely no threat, she’s just crazy. They would not be smart to evict Lydia at this point. They could easily get her out another week. Natalie should go home this week, but I wouldn’t be mad if they sent Russell home. I would be able to understand why. I just can’t wait! I have no idea what is going to happen.

  18. Yup lydia was the one handed out hj.She gave jessie 5 of them and I,m betting when she goes to the jh. 5 will just be another number for her.I would,nt be surpize if they took if futher then what they did.I thought I also heard that she try to give jeff a hj but could,nt fine his junk.

  19. I can’t believe Jeff and Jordan would trust Natalie, they should know by now they will say anything to stay in the game.Please evict natalie she needs to go.She is the one that always comes up with the lies to tell.

  20. I think they should get rid of nat.And that will make lydia crazy knowning she all alone with jessie.She call really crazy then.

  21. I wish we could all just yell at the tv screen and tell J/J to kick Nat out. She’s a liar and a trouble maker.

  22. @ Wolverine…yes you heard Lydia say that the final count was…five times! YUCK skanky! She also said “at least we know I can make someone ______ with my hand” ummmmm proud moment in her life! She accused Nat of _____ blocking & kniwing what Jessie “looks” like (if you know what I mean) I will be glad when both of them are gone 2 be with King Jessie! Natalie needs to go…then Lydia, then Kevin…once its the final four all bets are off

  23. @memy lol that funny she did act like she was so proud of what she did with jessie.I bet she can,t wait to tell all her friends at home.She just a nut out of her shell someone needs to stick her back in there and get her out.

  24. IF J/J were smart (hope so), they will keep Russ/Michelle to the final 4. Then all bets off. Understand Russ swore on his dad, Michelle on her dogs that they will remain true until the final 4. J/J wud really be stupid if after that they still trust scumbag Nat. Please pls, send her PACKING tonight.

  25. Agree that Lydia will go crazy if Nat goes to Jury house b4 her. I am sure her family must be embarassed with her horrible/proud actions. No Class. Like her b4, but no longer.

  26. At first I didn’t like russel but, due to current events he has showed he is loyal to his word which really showed when he got hoh. I think jeff and jordon would be making a big mistake to backdoor russel they need to get natalie out lydia and kevin are the weaker players if they get nat out jeff jordon russel and michelle will have a better chance of making it to the final 4. And if nat gets to go to the jury house lydia will prob go crazy making it easier to get her out the following week. Jordon has been good on reading people so far in this game I hope she doesn’t get blinded by natalies lies if the pov is used to take lydia off the block I think kevin needs to be put in her place seeing he hasn’t been put on the block once he’s been sailing threw this game

  27. kevin is the only one that has,nt been on the block. I like to see how he would act if he was put there.And are they having pov tonight and, they,ll be someone leaving tonight.This is going to be intersted. Can,t wait to see it

  28. I hope that Natalie or Kevein wins the pov tonight. Jeff and Jordan well Jordan is not even playing the game for herself she is playing for him and her. So wrong! I know she says she is broke but who paid for those implants?

  29. My man Jeff, and Jordan, are over thinking thing’s. Ratalie the original target, is the right target, I say send that beeatch packing!
    It would appear though, their trusting that little bleep, and Lydia is the one who’s going out the door.

  30. Malia how do you know Russell isn’t playing for the POV? I thought all that was going to be live on tonights show. Are they playing the POV now? If so who won?

  31. I know there supposed to be airing the pov tonight I do not know if it going to be live I know the feeds are down right know so. I think they might be playing pov right now

  32. I don’t want to read these updates anymore, cause I can’t tell you how annoying it is to hear about all this talking stuff. How the heck can Jeff even listen to Natalie about anything? She’s been against him since day 1, but now that she no longer has the numbers or power and is a sitting duck, she tries to kiss up to him. Doesn’t he realize it??? I want Jeff to go to the end more than anything, but he and Jordan are really playing it stupid right now. They need to stick with the alliance that is loyal to each other, for now. And that’s J/J/M/R. That’s it – you get rid of Natalie first, then Lydia, then Kevin and/or Russell, whichever makes the most sense at the time. But definitely the first 2 out need to be Natalie & Lydia, or they may make a bad mistake that will keep them from winning the money.

  33. They should evict Ratalie first and then think about anybody else. by leaving her Jeff and Jordon are digging hole for them self. One never know if Ratalie wins Jeff is the one going out.

  34. Natalie giving out her medication to the other HG intentionally talking about mixing it with alcohol – is BB liable if something happens? They talk about it so openly that maybe it’s ok. Just wondering!

  35. I agree with you she should give out her meds.I don,t think bb will do much.Since the meds she has you can by over the conter.I know aleave is the same as naprizin.Its no where like vicoden.So in less the meds have her name on it then I don,t know if they can do anything with that.

  36. Naproxin is basically prescription ibuprofin, not at all like vicodin, vicodin is Acetaminophen, naproxin is not… I take it, it’s harmless

  37. @ Kelly & Jen: That explains it – they were talking as if it was a pain narcotic – I was going to start mixing tonight while I watch the midnight feed!

  38. Your right it is harmless you can get it right over the conter I beleave aleve is the same as well just like ibuprofin,That girl nat must get high on tylenol if she thinks her meds are like vicodin.

  39. i don’t know about anyone else, but i am finding it exhausting to keep track of these people anymore. i am hoping to see russ and jeff to make final 2. most by what i have read want to see j/j go to the end, but other than get an HOH handed to her, what has she done? tell a bunch of cornball stories and i know way more about her period than i want to, lol.

  40. I agree. I have noticed that Jordan’s apparent naiveness is wearing thin with Jeff. They have been curt to each other and Jordan is being hardheaded about Natalie. I think Jeff will not think twice about leaving her behind if she messes up His game. Natalie needs to go and I would love for Russel to be the one getting her out. I would keep Lydia just for fun!!!!!

  41. I know that all she talk about.She a very unspoken gal.And jeff told her to use her period and her being moody as and exuse to confront russ

  42. Okay, I just checked jokers update and the live feeds updates say the Jordan is talking to Jeff about who wins the POV, who to put up as replacements. Jeff tells Jordan that if Lydia wins POV she should put up Kevin and then Kevin should go home, if Kevin wins POV then they put up Russell and Russell will go home. Natalie walked into the storage room where Jeff/Jordan and Michelle were to ask if they were still okay with her today and they all nodded yes and Jordan said, “we have your back.” I have a bad feeling that Jeff and Jordan are going to screw this up and if they do, please forgive me for saying this, but they deserve whatever reprecussions come their way.

  43. They should get russell out. But not this week, they need to get either nat, or lydia out first, then play the game down to the final 4, and see what happens.

  44. I hope they did,nt fall in to her web of lies.And hoefully there just playing like they beleave her, I,m going to think postitive on this even though i,m probly wrong

  45. My head is swirming with all the possible scenarios, but it’s easy to do from the outside., I have to keep reminding myself that even though they are at the same house we know more than they do – regardless, J/J needs to lay low…because tonight they will know who is on their side. Again, if Russell wins and takes out Natalie then for sure Jeff will trust him; so…. tonight will tell all!!!!

  46. I hope jeff get this one anan maybe it best for michele to get it ten she,ll have to decide what she wants to do I think she would probley keep russ in.

  47. “Russell constantly demoralized many of us on a consistent basis and his conduct was alarming, daunting and terrifying,” Simone wrote. “Fortunately, for me, I do not have to be subjected to those tirades anymore.”

    Is that a WAAAAAAAAmbulance I hear?

  48. You think Chima’s watching? All my friends tell me NO… but I bet you she does not miss an evening – she probably has friends over (if she has any) and has a “bashing” parties @ midgnight – making her a “big fish a her little pond”. Weird, weird girl!

  49. ELLE I bet you she is wacthing and she probley on this site just to see what people are saying.I came across somebody on this site his name is ronnie and he had said what cbs did to chima is wrong.So I thought maybe this is ronnie from bb. knowning that ronnie was her bff in that house and this guy was all on chima side,


  51. @ Kelly: I know I would be watching if I was kicked out, just like Laura is watching, Branden is out getting drunk I don’t think he’s watching or cares. Ronnie for sure is watching. Chima can’t let her moment of “glory” pass her by, she will milk this situation until the cows come home. Trust me, she’s keeping herself involved and would probably request for BB to at some point bring her on to tell her side of the story. She is that delirious!!! Are you the one with the Spoiler update on Russ? If you find out more, do tell!!! This is fun – beats working…

  52. @ Dan: True. Maybe the feed is down but you can see a glimpse of something? Possibility. Pat, do tell!

  53. The one hour show tonight is not long enough for all of the events to be live. It does make sense that parts of tonight’s show be pre-taped and we’ll get highlights. Either way, if not true that Lydia got POV, it’s still a good scenario to contemplate.

  54. @ elle I explained in post #57 what I read on jokers update. But wouldn’t it be funny if Lydia decided not to use the power and keep herself on the block so that she can go to the jury house and be with Jessie since Kevin told her last night that Natalie said that Jeff and Jordan said that she was safe because she said that if she stayed that she would not put them up next week if she won?

  55. What I thought would happen was that Nat would go to J/J and Russ and tell them that Kevin invented the whole Russ backstabbing story, throwing Kevin under the bus. I’m surprised she did not go that route. As far as Lydia goes, hard to tell what she’ll do. If she has the vito and don’t play it – they should make her stay anyway. I hope tonight lives up to our expectations.

  56. Russell was not picked of POV. Oh Happy Day!!! I so hope he goes out, weaken Lydia even more cause she is not with Jesse, Kevin gets HOH.

  57. BB should be on every night of the week. If we had to sit and watch the Costa Rica Survivor show with “stars wannabes”….. why can’t we watch one hour or 1/2 every night from M-F of BB – there is definitely enough material to fill up those hours. Who has clout to make this happen???? Certainly not me – just wishful thinking.

  58. i hope it’s just rumor that lydia won pov if so it will be the beginning of the end for jeff @jordan, i am so nervous over tonights show.

  59. i hope the rumor isn’t true that lydia won the pov. if it is true it is the begining of the end for jeff @ jordan.

  60. Gnataliar needs to go tonite, if not then Kevin is next. This shake up the house. Go Jeff & Jordan, be smart

  61. I CANNOT understand why everyone wants J/J to win. Jordan hasn’t done anything other than ride Jeff’s coat tails and constantly pull on the front of her scraggly hair. UTTERLY ANNOYING!!! She could have used the money she used on her lop-sided boobs and afforded an apartment for a couple of months instead of sharing a room with her mother. I just don’t get it. I would absolutely LOVE to see Kevin take it all. I also wouldn’t mind if Jeff won.

  62. @ Sheila everybody has a heart an someone waiting for them at home, and if they have to used the stupid story of my BF to win the BB game, they will. Bottom line all of them are great humans that are playing a Game with such rules. Now what will be smart for everybody to do is another thing. And honestly, if Jeff and Jordan wants to be in the finals two they need to backdoor Russell because it is smart to get the strongest players as soon as possible. the rest of the house players are weaker than Jeff. and Jeff can win the coming HoH which endurance.

  63. Comment #88, Gnat has done nothing & won nothing. All she did was climb up Jessie’s backside. Then she picks her nose(really gross) & chews with her mouth wide, just like a cow. Gnat needs to go tonite,next is Kevin. J/J/R/M TO THE FINAL FOUR

  64. I am wacthing live feeds and I did,nt here any body saying that they won veto.I do here them talking about which veto game there going to play and what ouick and fast one they had on the show before

  65. I like Jordan and Jeff but I sure hope they don’t believe Natalies lies. They are two smart people in this game. I think people have underestimated them. I think Natalie should go home first, because she is a tougher competitor then Lydia, plus she is a lyer. Then Kevin because he is real smart. Then Lydia because she wants to go. Then get Michelle out because she is manipulating both Jeff and Jordan. Then the final three should be Jeff, Jordan, and Russell. With it eather coming down to Jeff or Russell. (I like Jordan and I think she is smarter then people think, but I think Jeff is a better player and person).Not saying Jordan isn’t nice but she gives way to much away as far as game play.

  66. Sorry to write again so soon but I forgot to write who I think people should nominate. If Jordon gets POV she should keep the nominations the same. If Jeff wins he should also keep the nominations the same, so that him and Jordon will be on the same page. If Kevin wins he will probably take Natalie off the block, since lately he has been talking with her more, which means that Jordon will have no choice but to eather pick Michelle or Russell. Russell will probably go home. If Lydia wins she will take herself off the block. With Russell or Michell going on the block. I think more Russell and he probably will go home. (which sucks). Natalie will also take herself off the block. Eather way I don’t think Michelle will go on the block. The hope is that Russell gets the POV and keeps the nominations the same. That way he will be safe.

  67. OMG!!!! So excited Jeff won HOH..I absoulety love him!!! I want him to go all the way and win..I hope he gets so much out of this show he totally deserves it..he’s such a cutie!!!!

  68. I am still reeling from the fact they kept Natalie over Lydia. I can’t believe that. So glad Jeff won HOH.

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