Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 17 – Week 3

It’s week 3 inside the Big Brother house – and we are setup to have the 2nd backdoor of the season. Despite heavy campaigning by Jeff, it looks like his “Amazing” adventure is coming to an end. More on him later – MUCH later…

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13
Adam Poch on Big Brother 13 – Source: CBS

BUT FIRST, take a look at what I tweeted right after Austin & Vanessa won HoH last week. If you win an HoH at the early stages of the game – it’s important to make relationships that will help you stay longer – but I think Austin & more so Vanessa have hurt themselves. Let’s see how each player’s week has gone.

John McGuire – 5 strips of Bacon – OK, I will admit, my man-crush on Johnny Mac is getting a little bit out of control. He won his 2nd straight PoV to ensure his safety again. I should knock him down a little for staying loyal to Jeff – and other HG’s may see that as a negative – but the fact that he is not letting other people influence his votes shows that despite “throwing” the BoB the last 2 weeks – he is still playing HIS game.

Audrey Middleton – 4 strips of Bacon – I don’t know what kind of Jedi Mind Tricks this girl is using, but she survived another week despite everyone in the house wanting her gone. Well, everyone except for Vanessa. As soon as the Veto Meeting was over and she was safe, it was right back to her old tricks of stirring the pot. By keeping herself as a huge target, she is also keeping herself safe. Despite no one trusting her, people still talk to her & tell her everything she needs to know (when not eavesdropping on conversations)

Jackie Ibarra – 3 strips of Bacon – last week’s Tofurkey of the Week is getting bacon this week because – well, I dunno – maybe by giving her bacon, she will come out of hiding and start playing. The interesting thing about Jackie will be to see how hard people will try to get her to work with them after Jeff leaves this week.

Steve Moses – 2 strips of Bacon – somehow he avoided going on the block for a 3rd time this week because Austin & Vanessa felt like he had paid his dues (umm then why did John go up again?). His awkwardness is breaking as he gets more comfortable with his fellow HGs – and we can see him maturing in front of our eyes. While still seen as a threat to some because of his knowledge of the game & his Ian Terry-like qualities – he is not on anyone’s immediate radar.

Jason Roy – 2 strips of Bacon – Jason was nominated for the 2nd straight week, and won his 2nd straight BoB competition. He has done a great job of keeping his emotions in check despite all the madness around him. Jason’s unfiltered take on the game & HGs is fun to watch & listen to – and the fact that he is always socializing will help him for weeks to come.

Meg Maley – 1 strip of Bacon – surviving the vote last week was easy for Meg because of who she was up against, and then getting nominated 24 hours later she did not freak out. Instead her and Jason went out there and crushed the BoB. That may have been helped by the fact that James was so bad at it – but nonetheless – earning your own safety will just about always get you bacon.

Austin Matelson – 1/2 strip of Bacon & 1/2 strip of Tofu – the “Twin Twist” this season has 2 people playing as one – but we see another phenomenon – one player playing as 2. Austin & his alter ego Judas are all over the place. At times they seem like they have great ideas on what to do & how to do it, and other times they are completely clueless. I really wish this superfan would talk to us on the feeds to let us know what he is really thinking. Jeff is finally catching on to him stirring the pot as well, but no one else realizes this.

Liz Nolan / Julia – 1 strips of Tofu – at this point just about everyone knows that there are 2 sisters playing as one – and how they are not a target has more to do with their flirtatious behavior and less to do with their game play. But.. this is Big Brother – and sometimes being flirty helps your game. I still do not understand these people wanting to work with her & her sister. That’s basically saying – “yes, we want your numbers and we will probably go home before one of you.”

Clay Honeycutt – 2 strips of Tofu – after successfully completing his goal as HoH last week by getting out Da’Vonne he worked his way back in with the rest of the HG’s and kept the target off himself for another week by solidifying his 12 alliances. Wait – he wasn’t HoH last week?

Shelli Poole – 2 strips of Tofu – the closer her & Clay get the bigger the target will grow on them moving forward. They are both in so many alliances – that it’s only a matter of time before they forget who they say what to. Yes – I have not said one thing about Shelli as an individual because she has no individual game. It seems at this point in the game, it’s all about the showmance and not the 500K for her.

James Huling – 3 strips of Tofu – the main reason he was put up this week was because he was close with Vanessa & Austin’s main target Jeff. He totally tanked the BoB. His team would have probably lost anyway cause Johnny Mac was trying to throw it – but he showed no sense of urgency. He also gave us a WTF moment when he started to complain about Jeff trying to campaign for votes to stay. Did he really think Jeff was just going to let his chance at 500K slip away?

Becky Burgess – 4 strips of Tofu – I loved how Becky understands that she was a non-factor when she realized she had not been called to the Diary Room in almost a week. But then she went back to being wallpaper. Her greatest moment of the week was telling a story about her 51 year old ex-boyfriend. That does not deserve bacon. No no no!

Jeff Weldon – 5 strips of Tofu & a Kleenex to wipe of his… the beginning of the week for Jeff started with rumors that he pleasured himself while laying next to Liz or Julia or whoever it was. Later in the week, after he was nominated as a replacement when John took himself off the block – he told stories of having, what doctors call, a nocturnal emission. This alone shows he has no idea that there are people watching everything he says and does. But that’s not why he is getting 5 strips of Tofu. In between his pervy moments he was shady as hell. How did he not expect all his talking and lying would catch up to him?

That brings us to our Tofurkey of the Week – Vanessa Rousso. As I mentioned in the opening, Vanessa let her power this week go to her head. This is what we call HoHitis. After the replacement nominee was picked all of her power went out the window – and instead of trying to secure her spot when she returns to the peasants next week – all she did was tell the same story over and over about why she put up Jeff. And not just tell the same story – but each time it got longer and longer.

In all honesty – the reason she put him up was because she could not pull the trigger on putting up Audrey because of their LGBT connection. For a poker player she is sure overselling this bluff and I see this as the beginning of the end for her. Yeah, she does have some solid people working with her, but she has also upset plenty of people and put a target on herself.

I am also going to give CBS some Tofu this week for the Gronk Party takeover which made absolutely no sense. They did just enough with making the HG’s have to do silly party games so that it will fill one segment of the CBS show – but it would have been better if there would have been more games and at more random times. Last year Team America had to keep the HGs awake for 24 hours looking for a mouse in the house. A 48 hour party to really get these HG’s sleep deprived would have been so much more fun & cause even more drama. Then again, Audrey seems to do that on her own.

OK- another week in the books – and Thursday cannot come fast enough. I think we have seen enough of the Battle of the Block but we will probably have it for a few more weeks. This means no endurance comps as the Sunday show is already jammed pack with the nominations & BoB. Endurance comps always spark more strategic gameplay as it lets the HGs see who is working with who (by who they root for), who feels confident (by not giving it their all), and makes unlikely people strike deals with each other at the end of the comp. Oh wait, I forgot – the Battle of the Block is a fan favorite. Let me know what you think of my rankings by leaving comments below. Who do you think deserved bacon?

From outside the Big Brother House – I am Adam Poch… have a great day!!!

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  1. Agree with you, Adam. Someone from the James Gang BETTER win HoH this week (James/Jason/Meg) or they will find themselves down another member. I would think that Steve/Jason with all their knowledge would be sounding the alarm about targeting the twins & the showmance, if for no other reason (like logic), then to deflect the target off their backs for being “too smart/knowledgeable”.

  2. Showmances, bromance, couples, duos, and yes twins. Sorry, but In this game, you have to take one out and cripple that partnership….that’s a given.

  3. Who actually likes the Battle of the Block? I can’t stand having two allies as the HOHs, and the constant nomination of pawns since putting up tough players guarantees you’re out of the HOH room. This twist sucks, and I never want to see it again!

  4. I would like to know where CBS got that BOB was a fan favorite? Every fan I talk to hates it. Even the ones who don’t get online. We prefer the endurance comps and the old food comps. Great report Adam!

  5. I kind of want Liz/Julia be HoH just to see how that would play out.. not to mention they have literally made no game decisions without Vanessa,Austin, or even Chelli dictating it.

  6. You get one enthusiastic death metal growl Adam…your assessment seems spot-on. Johnny Mac is doing a great job of playing the game he is given, and moony-eyed, gloop-head Vanessa is setting herself up for an “all-in” failure. Watch her be all offended and tearful next week when she goes on the block, yeah I think that’s coming. I’m glad Audrey is hanging in there. She keeps things excellently stirred the F up…

  7. Spot on rankings this week! I don’t care for Audrey and think she’s got a few screws loose, but she earned her bacon this week. Last night she had fun for the first time in the house and actually fit in with the rest of the HGs! She might have bought herself a complete reprieve (until she screws it up again) as the house accepted her being part of the group and larger targets made their way to the top of the hit list. She may make jury.

  8. I honestly hate BoB comps. It always ends up with a pawn…or 3, and a backdoor. Yeah sure backdoors are fun…but when they happen EVERY week it loses its luster fast. Here is to hoping it doesn’t last as long into the year as the previous season…

  9. TBH, the whole BB Takeover has been a bust so far. This week’s was stupid and made little-to-no sense. Last week’s was a good concept, but came WAY too early in the game to make a difference. The only purpose the Takeover has served is to make CBS’ cross-promotion more blatant than ever.

  10. After voting against Rachel during his season Adam has lost my respect forever… I dont really read his posts

    • Thank you for holding a grudge for 4 years. How is that making your life better?

    • I’ve watched every season and loved them all. But I must be getting old or did too many drugs in the day (j/k) because I think Adam does an awesome job with his post and I don’t really care what he did on his season:)

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